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at al-jazeera is news let out the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox must the analysis and opinions that have the world to subscribe and be part of the conversation. the curfew is being imposed as the us city of minneapolis braces for more violence after police shoot dead an unarmed black man. he is how to make people feel better. and in minneapolis the trial into the killing of george floyd well his brother talks of a community minded. the
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whole romney watching al-jazeera life the headquarters here in doha also coming up iran is an attack on its main nuclear facility won't go unpunished while israel issues its own warning. and the excitement of being back beside the seaside dining and shopping resumes as england coronavirus restrictions. welcome to the program a curfew has been set to come into force in less than an hour in the u.s. city of minneapolis following the police shooting of an unarmed black man the man's declared a state of emergency after protests against the killing york which happened so pardon me 20 right which happened just 20 kilometers from where george floyd died almost a year ago shortly we'll go to john hendren with the latest from the trial of the officer accused of killing mr floyd the 1st television reports on what police chief is calling a tragic error. it started as a routine traffic stop and ended in
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a fetal shooting of another black man by police 20 right killed on the streets of brooklyn center near minneapolis a tragedy says the police chief is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i view in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge this all coming as a former police officer stands trial in minneapolis for the murder of another black man george floyd just a year ago the media expressing his shock at such a twist we recognize that this is happening at a time when our community when all of america indeed all of the world is watching. our community from the white house president joe biden also made clear his frustration we will watch tonight as soon as i did the film which is
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truly the body cam which is fairly. truly graphic question is was in an accident or was it intentional every man is to be determined. by whom on investigation don't you right called his mother as it was all happening the call ended when she dialed his number again his girlfriend answered and said he was dead in the driver seat like a minute later i called in his girlfriend answered with the passenger in the car and that even started shooting acted like tender on an already volatile situation hundreds took to the streets to protest overnight but some of those protests turned violent it's been reported 20 local businesses were looted what's been described as a chemical attitude was used to disperse the crowd which was growing in numbers and frustration police here guarding the local station have a to face off against angry protesters they've brought in state troopers in the
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national guard to bolster the numbers they've even brought in concrete blocks to secure the area the local police chief believes that if he's open and transparent that might diffuse some of the younger but that might not be enough for african-american boys so every day as a father raising boys in america how do you think that makes me feel terrified but it's not a shocking i mean it was a shock we this is what happened for over 400 years for us a state level investigation is now underway the local community wants answers especially to the question are things ever going to change alan fischer al-jazeera brooklyn center minnesota. and also in minneapolis george floyd's brother has testified in the trial of barry chairman on the 11th day of testimony jurors 1st heard from a cardiologist who said that floyd's death was preventable then a what's known in minnesota as the spark of life testimony felonies floyd described
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his brother as a family man who loved his siblings and had a one of a kind relationship with his mother. he was so hurt over. the house he will always make sure we had our clothes on he may. we all were going to be to school on time. like a toad joyce could hear make sure you have a sled is certainly good no more the way he. was one of the people in the community there when they hear church. people. in church just because he was there no wild go out there until they see him and. he did was like a person there everybody in the run community he does know how to make people feel better. let's cross over to john hendren he's outside the courthouse a judge it was obviously
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a very difficult day for the floyd family but it's not over as testimony which will be difficult to hear continues. that's right so held the 11 of the murder trial of derek chauvin gaveled to a close with those moving words from the brother of george floyd felonious floyd and we didn't hear from the representative of the state of minnesota those famous words the prosecution rests but we do expect that to happen in the next 24 hours and we expect the defense to begin to present its case starting on tuesday and it's apparently going to be a short case the judge has said he expects those arguments to be over as early as thursday possibly even allowing the jury to take friday off and then going to closing arguments on monday and he denied a defense motion to sequester the jury that is to isolate them in a hotel or in
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a place entirely by them sounds where they can have access to outside media that was because of the shooting that you just heard alan fischer report about which is only 16 kilometers from here the judge said that's an entirely different case but he did say when this jury is going to start its deliberations as soon as this monday he will require them to sue questor or isolate so he warned them ahead of time that was going to happen the day began with the cardiologist it ended with seth stoughton an expert on the use of force but the cardiologist testimony jonathan rich from northwestern university unequivocally bat's the prosecution's story that it was derrick children's name on the neck of george floyd that caused him to lose breath and stop his heart this is what he had to say. well the 1st of course was to not subject him to that initial that initial prone restraint.
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positioning that he was subjected to i mean that is 1st and foremost so if that was not the case i don't think he would have died. the 2nd though was when he was in that. sort of duel and restraint positioning and he was stating repeatedly that he can't breathe. and he was getting a little weaker in his speech there was one moment in the video where i heard one of the officer saying. i think he's passing out well obviously john you know we know what's going to happen in the next couple of days and obviously we've seen what the floyd family are going through right now you've been following. court proceedings for us jury in this trial so far what are your general impressions of the prosecution's case what are the highlights for you at this present moment in
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time. well the prosecution has presented one powerful metal bowl expert after another and each of them as agreed on the main outline of this story that story is that george floyd died of asphyxiation the lack of oxygen that the cause of the lack of oxygen was derrik show on his neck and that eventually the lack of that oxygen shut down george floyd's heart and then the rest of his body followed and there was even a point at which one expert said this is where the life runs out of jordan full body and then you had a series of police experts and what was extraordinary about that is that we often hear about this blue wall of silence that police officers don't tend to testify against each other well they threw out they threw that out of the window in this case even the chief of police who fired derrick show the day after george lloyd's
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death testified against him he said there was absolutely no cause for the force that was used and then the force that was used violated police policies it was a powerful testimony the defense is going to have to come up with police to refute that and medical experts to suggest that george flied george floyd died of something other than derek children's knee on his neck children so the very latest in minneapolis thanks very much now israel's prime minister has declared iran the greatest threat to the middle east not to let it get a nuclear capability is coming to the apparent subatomic of their own family nuclear facility has written to the u.n. secretary general describing it as a reckless sent to terrorism which would go unpunished full 6 ripples from west jerusalem. iran says its main uranium enrichment facility was the victim on sunday of nuclear terrorism the perpetrator it says was israel the spokesperson for iran's
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nuclear agency was injured when he inspected the damage there will the incident happened in a place that is used for power distribution as it was a small explosion it caused part of the ceiling to collapse and to some melamine iyam scattered over the floor there was a hole there covered by these parts and it was about 7 to 8 meters deep i didn't see that and when i stepped on it i fell down citing unidentified intelligence sources the new york times reported an explosion took out the power supply setting the uranium enrichment program back but at least 9 months in my view without a doubt this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember well it is. israelis the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful that there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself iran
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is now urging the international atomic energy agency to take action saying it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators there's been no official comment from the israeli government but the media here are widely reporting this as an israeli attack it comes as the u.s. and iran are preparing to resume power low talks in vienna aimed at resuscitating the 2015 nuclear deal a deal that the israeli prime minister persuaded president trump to withdraw from and which he still vehemently opposes. a tense backdrop then the benjamin netanyahu 1st face to face meeting with a senior member of the biden administration u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin and we both agree that iran must never possess nuclear weapons my policy as prime minister of israel is clear i will never allow iran to obtain the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating israel earlier austin to an israeli air force space with defense minister benny gantz who unlike netanyahu talks of working with the americans to
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revive the iran nuclear deal on the incident at natanz austin didn't say much i'm aware of the reports i really don't have anything to add on. in terms of. you know our efforts to. engage iran in the promising on the day she. will continue and i'm very obviously supportive of the president's efforts but those negotiations are now further complicated by the natanz incident the e.u. warning against any efforts to derail diplomacy it may also have undermined iran's leverage by setting back its efforts to accelerate uranium enrichment for its part iran is insisting the damage can be quickly repaired harry falls that al-jazeera west jerusalem well white house correspondent kimberly helka tells law the by the administration's response. as
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a ron accuses israel of being behind the attacks on its nuclear facilities i asked the white house press secretary john psaki about whether the white house is concerned the alleged actions of a u.s. ally could do rail the discussions to limit iran's nuclear program and bring the united states and iran into compliance under that agreement the white house press secretary fused to comment on whether israel was involved only to say that this was in her view a speculation on causes take a listen we've seen the reports we don't have anything more to speak to as it relates to the causes or who is responsible our focus of is of course on the diplomatic path forward we've not been given any indication that attendance at the discussions and that will proceed on wednesday has changed now the white house press secretary did confirm that the united states was not involved in the attack asked for the impact the attack could have on the diplomatic discussions jen psaki
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saying that she will focus on the diplomatic path forward at the terms of how she expects that these talks will perceive she says the united states expects them to be difficult and long well still ahead here on al-jazeera how several ations in central america are trying to reduce the time to fit a gracious to the u.s. border. extension to the presidential term in somalia will tell you what back means for a political stalemate straight up to the break you want to say. the violent weather has gone from florida bay you can see it going it's this mass of thunderstorms in the tail end of a cold front which is wrapped around this system here see the arcs of cloud as the back end of a low which is drawing cold arctic air in fact across central kandor down into the
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northern plains states minnesota and back to montana the cold will spread for size but it will be warmed by the sunshine never less because the difference in the cold war in the cold brings more snow to the rockies we will get development of showers further south mostly i think the biggest ones are going to be near the gulf coast not quite the same area as before however they could still be pretty vicious but that's the picture for wednesday that has jumped south once again we're going to see a repeat of potentially big showers drifting through the bahamas towards his banier including cuba jamaica parts of rico and of course the smaller islands quite a few showers slow moving at the moment and with the upper winds being west and east that means the ash cloud france and vincent does indeed bring ash to barbados we've seen pictures that are no doubt but the trade winds mean it'll be wettest in panama costa rica and some of the great further west as well most of mexico looks fine but the far south east could be a few big storms here. in
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pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some residents to desperate measure it's 101 east meet the water is of corruption funneled to 0. al jazeera where every.
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book about your child is there with me so whole rahman a reminder of our top stories george floyd's brother has testified in the trial of former police officer derek chauvin in minneapolis felonies floyd described his brother as a family band who loved his siblings and had a one of a kind relationship with his mother a state of emergency has been declared in minneapolis as anger grows over the police shooting of another black man during a traffic stop the police chief says the officer who shot dunn to the right mistakenly drew her gun instead of her taser israel's prime minister has declared iran of the greatest threat to the middle east by not to let it gain nuclear capability his comments come after the apparent supper taj of iran's main nuclear facility. mexico honduras and guatemala have agreed to increase the number of troops on their border as a growing number of migrants trying to make their way to the u.s. that's according to a white house official the number of people seeking asylum in the u.s.
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has increased in recent months and that's despite mexico deploying more soldiers in march and honduras doing the same in january she have written see more of this joins me now from washington d.c. and she i mean the u.s. has made these agreements with central american nations i mean should there be surprise at the numbers being deployed by those nation states. i think it shows once again how much continuity there is between the by did ministrations policies on migration and the trumpet ministrations policy on migration it's true as you mentioned there have been a spike in numbers at least of encounters at the border and these could be repeat repeat attempts at seeking asylum in the us but joe biden has retained the most draconian of the trump era policies notably title $42.00 which prevents the vast majority of asylum seekers and refugees from seeking due process in complete violation of international and domestic law only biden is allowing in unaccompanied children and rather reluctantly allowing in families with young children or those
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trying to pressure mexico to to keep those families with young children in mexico but the numbers that we got today from the white house no confirmation from any of the countries involved that mexico now has 10000 troops on the southern border that's notable because the numbers we got from mexico itself at the end of last month were far less than that mexico it sort of had $8850.00 national guard a both border so this is a huge number compared to that guatemala 1500 police and military personnel honduras 700 police and military as a result at least as far as mexico is concerned jen psaki the white house press spokesman person said twice as many migrant interdictions were occurring on a daily on a daily level of the mexico border so this is all very well but it's rather worrying for migrant rights groups who hear the rhetoric of the biden ministration of such concern about unaccompanied children and families with young young children but what they seem to be doing in effect right now is is encouraging very strongly
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mexico and central american nations to crack down hard on migrants heading to the u.s. and of course many of these forces have terrible human rights record in fact this is a tweet from quote a quote a noted immigrant right person in the u.s. a key objective is to outsource the abuse of migrants to other governments to push the abuses off u.s. soil so that the u.s. government can escape accountability and. terribly impressed well president biden as you say was hoping you were practical to tear into him and he will be thinking of coming to the u.s. from south of the border i mean this news will help him count to perhaps his detractors back to specially with the sort of recent nominees to his sort of migration policy. well that's what i discovered i was reporting from the border just a few weeks ago and it was shocking to see how the mainstream narrative so in the u.s. and elsewhere it's completely all it's have as i said biden has retained the most draconian trump policy is not letting in asylum seekers against international and domestic law so he is being tough he's even talking about restarting the border
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wall so i mean there isn't that much of a change in who is up to remember that shouldn't be much of a surprise when we consider that president obama remains the deporter in chief he deported way more migrants than donald trump did so you know the democrats don't exactly have a terribly welcoming image as far as migrant rights activists are concerned but you're right he has no no wait a couple of other interesting people for senior positions in the immigration infrastructure in the u.s. who will at least give those who are decrying the biden ministration some hope perhaps chris magnus who is the current police chief in tucson arizona was noted as a big critic of trumpet ministration era policies he's seen as a as a liberal as someone who is something more open to a less punitive approach to migration although all of these terms got relatively new talking about law enforcement officials and then also interestingly. who bit u.s. citizenship and immigration services she's also someone who wants to take on asylum it's the asylum the asylum system is very pretty broken in the united states right now in fact as i said biden isn't even allowing most asylum seekers to claim asylum
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out in fact just on friday we got this very quickly this report that said biden is on track to accept the fewest refugees this year of any modern president including trump according to the international rescue committee so we'll be looking at those appointees very carefully to see how things are going to change indeed for the update that sort of she had 3 times the force in washington d.c. . at least $34.00 moderates including children have died after a boat capsized off the coast of djibouti the international organization for migration says around 60 people were on board the vessel which departed from yemen now thousands of migrants and refugees try to reach gulf countries from the horn of africa each year in search of better economic opportunities well somalia's senate says it rejects an earlier decision by the lower house to extend the president's term for another 2 years the lower house speaker said the extension would give the country more time to prepare for elections but the senate called it a violation of the constitution president mohamed abdullahi home it has faced
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growing pressure to resign for failing to stand when his term ended in february catherine sawyer has more from the kenyan capital nairobi. the election in somalia has been contentious for many months. in office expired in february and since then there's been calls for him to step down. from the streets organized by opposition leaders and also be in talks with key players in the election about electoral process that has stalled these talks have not yielded much so today the what chamber off parliament 149 m.p.'s voted to extend the time of the president the government by another 2 years and for the government to organize a popular vote a one man one vote election in 2 years now this is going to be problematic to many people what supposed to happen now is that this motion by the lower house is supposed to be forwarded to the upper house the senate for approval or rejection
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but already we've seen the statement by the senate say that they reject these decision by the m.p.'s because it's unconstitutional so it's going to be also interesting to hear from the other opposition presidential candidates who have said that to have accused president being a stumbling block in this electoral process thing that he wants to clean law into power and saying that they do not want an election to be held in a couple of years they won the election to be held now in the one the president to step down so that the electoral process can go once move the. russian prison staff are threatening to pull cvs jailed kremlin critic alexina valley amid an ongoing hunger strike the rallies he's protesting because staff are refusing to treat him properly acute back and leg pay he's lost 15 kilograms since arriving at the facility last month he was sentenced to 2 and
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a half years jail in siberia on charges he says are politically motivated. people in england and wales are enjoying a taste of freedom normality as the united kingdom slowly steps out of lockdown restaurants restaurants hairdressers and gyms have reopened and so we challenge reports from brighton it's a relief to many. the english have a reputation for liking a good q well on monday with non-essential shops opening for the 1st time since early january there was enough queuing to satisfy the country's most ardent fans this was the brighton city center branch of prime uk a budget fashion chain popular with teenagers and their parents a lot of pocket money has been saved up over the last few months and it's nice to hear so what you spent a lot of time signed waiting for this might have been living in tracksuits and
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trainers for. the best part of a year working from home so you get some gladrags on some dresses and i get ready for the summer but tell me about the frenzy right in the queue if we just want to divert from the station about what we think change or not down and nasty peter t. it's time to be nice man sees clearly what. the country's head dresses nail salons and beauty parlors are really going to people who rush to shed their lock down locks and cover up those gray day extra. just to not see to cope with the demands because you don't see. the queue outside this part go england's hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit by 3 nationwide lockdowns for the 2 in 5 cafes pubs and restaurants with outdoor space they can now open up to seated customers business is one of the lucky ones but he feels for those in the industry who aren't it's very difficult i know
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a lot of colleagues of ours restaurants yeah. yeah difficult situation and some of them have. anyway they go out of business because they can't stay in business anymore. this is the 2nd in the government's incremental 4 stage road map out of lockdown in march schools reopened and some outdoor socializing was allowed if all goes well more restrictions will end in may and in june the government is aware that this is easing. restrictions is likely to lead to a rise in infections but its feeling is that with 32000000 people vaccinated the country's in a pretty good position to handle this still boris johnson is urging people to behave responsibly. there are still many who haven't been infected or vaccinated yet a big spike in infections could throw the tentative easing of lockdown off course but this is a major and generally welcome step back towards normality rory talents now to 0 bright and 0 in sweden the number of patients being treated in intensive care units
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is now higher than jury in their 2nd outbreak almost 400 people are currently being treated as case numbers surge but there hasn't been a similar rise in the number of deaths health officials put that down to the rollout of vaccines amongst high risk people and infections in germany have passed the 3000000 mark a growing number of people or young people event are being hospitalized with respect to infections and intensive care units are rapidly filling up chancellor angela merkel says it could be the country's worst outbreak yet parliament will meet to discuss imposing stricter measures on choose day muslims across the world are preparing for their 2nd ramadan of the covert 19 pandemic many will fast from sunrise to sunset as part of the holy month but the usual festive atmosphere in many countries is being disrupted in turkey a surge in cases has led to weaken lockdowns while in pakistan there's markets and shopping centers a closed. people in russia have been celebrating 60 years since cause not to eureka
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guarin became the 1st person to go to space president vladimir putin visited the side for garlanded after spending 108 minutes in orbit his successful mission in 1961 was a historic achievement for the then soviet union which beat the u.s. in a tight race to send the 1st human into war bit. because there would be cell rob a reminder of our top stories a state of emergency has been declared in minneapolis as anger grows over the police shooting of another black man during a traffic stop the police chief says the officer who shot dante wright mistakenly drew her gun instead of her taser is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single.


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