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london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. iran says an attack on a nuclear facility will strengthen its position during talks to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up anger over japan's decision to release treated radioactive water from the fukushima nuclear plant south korea summons the japanese ambassador. protests in minnesota are off the police shooting of a black man police say the officer took a gun for 2 mistook her gun for a taser. and morgues and hospitals overwhelmed in india as covert 19 infections.
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iran's foreign minister says an attack on the country's main nuclear facility will strengthen as position during talks to revive the nuclear deal about the reef that made the comments whilst meeting his russian counterpart sergey lavrov is visiting tehran a day before negotiations resume in vienna between the parties of the 2015 deal ron is dealing with what it's calling an act of sabotage and its nuclear plant in the talents. of gold we took in vienna to restore the rights of our people and in sanctions but these talks have a limited time europeans and americans time to return to their commitments and tracy puree is very limited and if he loses appear to not he will face an favorable
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conditions. is enter on with more on what was being discussed. there was a warning from foreign minister divides the reef he said that time is running out for the united states now the reason for that is that there is a great deal of pressure here inside iran on jihads raef and the reformist government of president hassan rouhani reformist government and when incidents like natanz take place that pressure increases now if you read some of the headlines today one of them said the diplomacy of power over the diplomacy of the last that's because there have been images circulating of foreign minster divides the rift talking to foreign ministers and other diplomats where he's laughing and smiling and he's been criticized for that the conservatives who dominate parliament to believe that iran needs to be take a tougher stance needs to be tougher with the europeans and the united states but forming to drugs and he did say that this attack by israel would give a chance for iran to expand its nuclear program and centrifuges in fact he said i
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promise that we will improve our centrifuges and from all the rhetoric that we do hear coming out of the wrong one think that iran tends to follow up on falling incidents like this is their promise to expand their program or install advanced centrifuges last year when the same plant was attacked iran said that they would expand the production of centrifuges they did that after the assassination of iran's lead scientist and for his other november iran issued a bill in parliament that said that they should increase enrichment to 20 percent and restrict inspectors they did that and now this is another warning coming from iran japan's decision to release more than a 1000000 tons of contaminated water into the sea from its ruined fukushima nuclear plant has been met with criticism by china and south korea says it's extremely irresponsible while south korea has promised to take the necessary steps to ensure
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the health of its citizens bride reports from seoul. for years this has been the only solution to the increasing volumes of contaminated water build ever more tanks at the plant site to store it crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 water has been used to cool the damaged reactors becoming radioactive and now totaling one and a quarter 1000000 tonnes the japanese government says once treated it's safe enough to be released. you know danny. we will attain a level of safety far above the regulation standards and the government will take a course of measures against harmful rumors we have judged that release into the ocean is a realistic option and decided it is the policy to follow. supporters of the plan say this kind of water release is common practice in the nuclear industry and that there's only a minimal risk to health but it's bound to hurt businesses in fukushima like
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tourism and fishing that have taken years to rebuild and opposition to it extends to japan's neighbors in south korea protesters gathered outside the japanese embassy with some claiming it's an act of nuclear terrorism fears about the impact on industries like fisheries with the government calling the move totally unacceptable. the decision poses a threat to the safety and marine environment of neighboring countries it is a unilateral action taken without you consultation. there's also been condemnation from china which is called the decision extremely irresponsible and it comes as japan is about to mark a $100.00 day countdown to its summer olympics delayed by the pandemic already mired in controversy the issue of fukushima's contaminated water has cast a further shadow over the event tokyo will hope the decision to release the water
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will be one less problem to overcome but the political and diplomatic fallout from it might make that wishful thinking rob mcbride al jazeera so nigel lawson associate professor of physics that cousin university he says japan's decision to release the water is not dangerous as bad as the optics look it actually is a very reasonable thing to do and if other countries are in the same situation they probably would do as well. they're in that terrible situation where they have this radioactive material they've removed everything they can with very advanced technologies and what they have lived they have to do something with they can't just wait around for say 60 years for this water with this radioactive partition in it to turn into regular water that we normally drink this is really no other other option it's it takes
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a long time for these radioactive hydrogen which it has to be said is is very moderately radioactive compared to other forms of credit to be it's late you can only build so many tanks and they still have water which is being accumulated all the time and they're making these predictions are a couple of years from now so they really other alternative would be to upset that paraded into the air but that's not very controlled so. controlled don't lucian into the ocean as bad as it sounds actually is very site humans of live with this kind of radiation forever so it's it's not as though the japanese authorities are planning to do something that's out of the ordinary. is ready ation everywhere and it's just a question of diluting an insufficiency in water until it's interesting visual from everything that we encounter in every dive off protests is m.s.a. to have ignored a few to demonstrate for a 2nd ice over the shooting of
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a black man and he sees tega some pappas place this bus the crowds gather them but consent to a suburb of minneapolis don't tell wright was killed on sunday helen fisher reports on what a police chief is calling a tragic era. it started as a routine traffic stop and ended in a fetal shooting of another black man by police 20 year old aunty right killed on the streets of brooklyn center near minneapolis a tragic error says the police chief is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i viewed in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge this all coming as a former police officer stands trial in minneapolis for the murder of another black man george floyd just a year ago the media expressing his shock at such a twist we recognize that this is happening at a time when our community when all of america indeed all of the world
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is watching. our community from the white house president joe biden also made clear his frustration we will watch tonight as soon as i did the film which is fairly the body cam which is fairly. thrilling graphic question is was in an accident or was it intentional every man is to be determined. by whom on an icy nation don't you right called his mother as it was all happening the call ended when she dialed his number again his girlfriend answered and said he was dead in the driver seat like a minute later i called in his girlfriend answered with the passenger in the car and that even started shooting acted like tender on an already volatile situation hundreds took to the streets to protest overnight but some of those protests turned violent it's been reported 20 local businesses were looted what's been described as
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a chemical attitude was used to disperse the crowd which was growing in numbers and frustration police here guarding the local station have a to face off against angry protesters they've brought in state troopers and the national guard to bolster the numbers have even brought in concrete blocks to secure the area the local police chief believes that if he's open and transparent that might diffuse some of the younger but that might not be enough for african-american boys so every day as a father raising boys in america how do they do it makes me feel terrified but it's not a shocking i mean it was a shock we this is what happened for over 400 years for us a state level investigation is now under way the local community wants answers especially to the question are things ever going to change alan fischer al-jazeera brooklyn center minnesota. so there has had on out as there.
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was a horse shows and fox celebrates ringing them takes a step out of lockdown. a volcano on the cabin on the sun vincent explodes and its biggest eruption and yes. the focus of rain in the form of thunderstorms that sometimes circulate has moved it's in the western pacific and we're just starting to see the start of typhoon season this might develop into something give 139 meters of rain in yap a small islands a lot of rain even the western pacific it is keeps developing although it's staying where it is it will eventually move and it will probably move towards the philippines for that these days ahead the time being is taken much of the energy from further south or east indians here it is indonesia remains drawing the rush
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hours for the door through sort of borneo particularly in sumatra on the western side of targets on the west and thailand still seem fairly wet now you know straight you can no longer see things from haines of that tropical cycle is gone is gone is the southern ocean is being sort of absorbed by that big low which is a fairly windy one will probably take gale force winds on a gales through tasmania and certainly catch the edge of victoria this front itself is also quite a windy one going up through south australia could even produce a bit of wind damage on that otherwise things are fairly settled in australia the onshore breeze in tropical quezon will bring a few shows maybe up to cairns down the hall is dry and warm even in the west. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories.
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providing a glimpse into someone else's was. we work hard we thread we still believe you fight good dollars inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the voice witnesses on al-jazeera. again you what you want to there is a reminder of our top stories this hour iran's foreign minister says an attack on the country's main nuclear facility will strengthen its position during wednesday's talks in vienna to revive the nuclear deal serif by the comments was missing his
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russian account. they were protesting in japan and south korea against a decision to release treated radioactive water into the sea it's coming from japan's destroyed for seem a nuclear plant beijing and seoul have criticized the decision. police and minnesota have made arrests of protesters angry over the shooting of a black man defied a curfew dante wright was shot by a police officer in a minneapolis suburb on sunday department says the officer mistook her gun for a taser. all rights were sought around 20 kilometers from where george floyd was killed almost a year ago the trial of the former minneapolis of a police officer accused of murder is a week for his brother testified in a court he described floyd as a family man who loved his siblings. take your life but now he is also
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a nato secretary. of foreign minister of ukraine closely in recent weeks russia has moved thousands saw over come back the troops into ukraine borders the largest massing of russian troops since the illegal acts of crummy yar in 2040 all the law states several ukrainian soldiers have been killed in eastern ukraine i want to express my condolences. for the recent losses suffered by the trade in armed forces. russia's sir considerable military buildup to it is unjustified unexplained the plea concerning russia must end this military buildup in and around ukraine stop its provocations on the escalate immediately we regret
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russia's decision not to participate in the recent meeting always see to dispel concerns about its unusual military activities russia must respect its international commitments nato supports nato support of for ukraine sovereignty and territorial and territorial integrity. of avery we do not and will not recognize russia's illegal and illegitimate annex ation of crimea we continue to call on earth short to end its support for the militants in eastern ukraine and withdraw its forces from ukrainian territory nato stands with ukraine allies continue to provide significant practical support so that ukraine come back to provide for its own security ukraine's new status as an
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enhanced opportunity partner demonstrates how both sides benefit from our longstanding partnership we are helping to strengthen capabilities including with training for ukraine on forces and ours also participate in joint exercises we have stepped up our cooperation in the black sea region with more exercises and port visits and we support ukraine's wide ranging reform agenda which will make ukraine more resilient and help advance ukraine's your atlantic aspirations. allies stand by the decisions taken at the bucharest summits reforms will bring your crane closer to nato we want to see ukraine succeed and we are committed to helping you to do so so a minister calabro once again welcome to nato it's great to see you here please
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thank you secretary general it's good to be here today at the need to head to borders in brussels i'm grateful to you and all elyse for their prompt reply to president zilinskas initiative of convening today's extraordinary nato ukraine council to exchange views on the security situation in temporarily or confide territories of ukraine as well as along our border with russia. russia continues its military buildup along the ukraine russia border in our occupied territories and on the seas. it gathers troops in 3 directions in the north east of ukraine in crimea in the south and dumbass in the east. over the past 2 weeks russia has dressed to go intensified its beleaguered propaganda which dish human eyes is ukrainians and incites hatred towards ukraine it is it is even more
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worrying to see russian officials joining this campaign by openly threatening ukraine with war and destruction of our statehood. it is against this background that the need to ukraine commission will convene under article 15 of the need to ukraine charter on distinctive partnership this article says that nato and ukraine can use a crisis consultative mechanism to consult together whenever ukraine perceives at the erect threat to its territorial integrity political independence or security and the moment has come. i thank secretary general for a very clear message of support of ukraine by gathering today we try to avoid the mistake that was made in 2014 when russia was ready to act swiftly and pursue its military goals in crimea and gone bust
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while our western partners were considering their reactions to what was happening on the ground russia will not be able to catch anyone by surprise anymore ukraine and our friends remains remain vigilant we do not and will not loose time and should moscow take any reckless move or start a new spirit of while and it will be costly in all census i would like to reassure you that ukraine does not want war we do not plan any offensive or escalation ukraine is devoted to diplomatic and political means of settling the conflict. today at the meeting with the secretary general we discussed how nato and. elyse can support
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ukraine under these circumstances every word of support matters and we appreciated however we also need some very practical support and i appreciate the readiness of the secretary general to work with us on this matter i will also be raising these points with elyse at the meeting of the at the forthcoming meeting of the need to ukraine council. as for the ongoing practical cooperation with nato i would like to express my sincere gratitude to nato and elyse for their substantial assistance within the trust funds and comprehensive assistance package as well as of that for their help to efficiently develop a new national programs under the auspices of the nato ukraine commission ukraine nato and allies can do a lot to prevent moscow from eskil for the escalating the situation and
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to ensure security in the black sea region and in the year atlantic space as a whole thank you thank you very much hard time for a few questions virtually will 1st go to john official of the b.b.c. . thanks for taking questions for me tonight the nato secretary general what would you say to people who say they're all this talk of support and warnings and serious concern just words and like hundreds of be ignored and to ukraine's minister what sort of thing do you think russia needs to see from nato countries because you made it pretty big clear there you'd like to see more than just words. well give scene since 2014 these start the nato allies and they to house or provide that significant support to ukraine in
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many different ways we express strong political support for a ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty but the nato allies and it also provides practical support will help them to build their defense and security situations well done to modernize their own forces so with the reforms and nato allies also provide. training and support with feigning exercises participating in joint exercises. and also support in different in other different ways so what we have seen is that the nato and ukraine have developed. a partnership which is strong which which has been strengthened of the last years also by granting. ukraine the special status us and hans topper to department or. we are also increased presence in the black sea region in the black sea with more
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naval presence and more ships more puerto visits and we are constantly looking into how we can continue to step up and provide more practical support to to ukraine to help them defend themselves let me also add that off to the illegal annex ational coming back in 2014 and the continued destabilization of eastern ukraine by russian backed separatists nato allies also responded by increasing the redness of forces by for the 1st time after years of cutting defense spending all hours on how investing more in the fence increased those will our presence military presence in the eastern part of the alliance in the black sea region but also in the baltic region all of this was done sponsored to. russia or russia so aggressive actions against ukraine and of toppled up of course the nato allies have in different ways those imposed economic sanctions. against russia or in russia so
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this is. this is a support which is demonstrated not only words but also in deeds during the meeting today rule of course discuss how we can further strengthen our partnership and our conferred to demonstrate the strong support of nato allies on a top to ukraine. he's been listening to nato secretary general against sultan but he's speaking alongside the foreign minister of ukraine been holding talks against a backdrop of a big build up of russian military along the border between ukraine and russia let's turn to our correspondent in paris and tasha butler has also been listening in to a very strong words for russia from yemen stoltenberg. yes yes stoltenberg the secretary general of nato calling russia's buildup of troops
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along ukraine's eastern border and in crimea calling them unjustified unexplained and deeply concerning that what jens stoltenberg said is that there are more troops being deployed in those areas there's been a greater number than there were back in 2014 when russia illegally and excrete mayor stoltenberg called on russia to stop the buildup of troops and explained he said that russia had been asked to explain why it's building up this troops perhaps has not yet received an answer we also heard from the foreign minister there of ukraine who had come to this meeting in order to talk about the rising tensions in the region and the build up of these troops that he said were clearly to the ukrainian people he called them a threat of war from russia we know that the russian president of the to miss lewinsky has said that he has called on the kremlin to set up
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a phone call between selenski and vladimir putin in order for russia to explain why it's building up those troops but they have yet to receive an answer the foreign minister of ukraine also called on nato and its allies not to make the mistakes he said of the past when russia was able to legally and crimea in 2014 in a way under the nose of nato and its allies he said that he was very grateful for nato support but what we know is ukraine wants nato to try and speed up the process by which ukraine could become a member because the cranium president has said being a member of nato would be one way to resolve this issue of lect and in a way force russia to stand down yeah i was going to bring that up natasha because you got some details there of how nato is practically supporting ukraine but how far can the board go given that ukraine isn't actually a nato member yet. yes ian still
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timberg went into great detail about how ukraine is being given support in terms of joint exercises military training and that kind of thing but it is clear from the words of the foreign minister that that simply doesn't go far enough because. it because as far as ukraine is concerned the message isn't strong enough to russia what ukraine wants is the full backing of nato and it would get that as a nato member and in that way it would feel that russia would have to stand down and stop what it calls threats to its sovereignty ok matushka bring us the analysis from that press conference that we see in brussels and paris thanks very much now india has again reported the world's highest daily tally of new covert 19
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infections conferred more than 161000 new cases on tuesday and 879 deaths but the actual number is expected to be higher because test results were delayed over the weekend the more people in england are enjoying a taste of freedom and normality as it steps out of one of the world's longest lock downs restaurants hairdressers and gyms have reopened and avoid challenge reports from brighton on the south coast it's come as a relief to many. the english have a reputation for liking a good q well on monday with enormous central shops opening for the 1st time since early january there was enough queuing to satisfy the country's most ardent fans this was the brighton city center branch apply mark a budget fashion chain popular with teenagers and their parents a lot of pocket money has been saved up over the last few months and it's nice. so what you spent a lot of time signed waiting for this might have been living in tracksuits and
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trainers for all the best part of a year working from home so you get some graduates on some dresses and i get ready for the summer but tell me about the frenzy right in the queue we just pulled over from the station about what we think danger a knock down i never did see it's time to be nice my 6 kids. the country's head dresses nail salons and beauty parlors are really going to people have rushed to shed their lock down locks and cover up those graced today extra stuff that's just did not see to cope with the demands because you don't see. the queue outside this is part of the england's hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit by 3 nationwide lockdowns for the 2 in 5 cafes.


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