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the. the. the. the. iraq with tithe and now it is time to bring our forces home. after war straight to 2 decades american and nato forces are expected to leave afghanistan together but they won't meet a crucial deadline. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out of south africa finds new safety concerns in johnson and johnson's covert 1000 vaccine but joins other countries and pausing its rollouts. defense witness in derek
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a show of ins trial testifies the use of force against george ford or was justified the trial is set to resume the 13th day. readymade of the american finance yeah convicted of running the largest ponzi scheme in history has died in prison. so plans for the u.s. to withdraw its troops from afghanistan by next month are being delayed the next few hours president joe biden is expected to announce those forces will now leave by september 11th under a deal signed with the taliban they were set to pull out by may the 1st at the peak of the war in 2001 there are more than 100000 americans and nearly 10000 foreign troops from 36 countries are still serving as part of a nato mission the u.s. contributes the most followed by germany its defense minister says she'll meet with
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officials from the u.s. u.k. and france to coordinate their exit a delay in the withdrawal raises questions about talks with the taliban and afghan government which are set to resume in turkey the taliban has said it will not take part until all foreign troops leave all right let's say can we help it he joins us from washington d.c. and tell us more about this decision and how it will impact coalition forces also in afghanistan. an advance of the president's announcement that the united states will be withdrawing from afghanistan come september we are also hearing about the future of kolisch and forces working alongside u.s. soldiers the secretary of state has been a russell's meeting with the nato secretary general and in a readout of that meeting he said that the coalition forces went in together and they should leave together together we have achieved the
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goals that we we set out to achieve and now it is time to bring our forces home we will work very closely together in the weeks and months ahead on a safe deliberate and coordinated withdrawal of our forces from afghanistan but even as we do that. our commitment to afghanistan to its future will remain so it can be back in the day when joe biden was vice president to barack obama he seems to favor the keeping some forces so why this shift now as president. yeah as president he came in and promised to review the policies of his predecessor hugo remember that donald trump identified a may 1st deadline which of course is imminent there's been real questions about whether or not the biden administration was going to meet or even respect that deadline well it's become clear that there is
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a deadline in mind of course it is being pushed ahead by a number of months the reason that this is happening is because as a result of a review that was conducted over the last 3 months it was really the conclusion of the commander in chief joe biden that there never will be sort of the conditions based sort of situation on the ground that will allow u.s. forces to leave in other words if they wait for that day it may never come and the appetite of the american public for this now one generation of war has really waned it had a lot of support of the beginning but 2 trillion dollars later $2400.00 u.s. lives later many americans want to see the end of this so that is what we expect to hear from the u.s. president we know that this goes against the guidance of some pentagon officials and it's being highly criticized by republicans on capitol hill that say this is not the right time and could lead to an afghan civil war could be things about so
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it could be her reporting there from washington d.c. . but across to the german company in his stephanie. the u.s. secretary with the defense minister was here talking to germany's secretary of defense and they said the same thing we went in together and we will leave the bottom line because this is nato troops is around 10000 of them in the country are very much dependent on the americans in terms of logistics and in terms of just operating in a country which still remains very dangerous on the ground that we have had this language you know for over a year now with the taliban and americans negotiating this some form of the peace deal and part of that was always going to be the removal of u.s. and you know by association foreign troops from the country now for germany's the biggest force off of the americans around a $1300.00 it's been germany's bloodiest military presence since the 2nd world war even though they're not there in a combat but of course it is the nature of the ground in afghanistan there in
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a training capacity but of course have lost soldiers $59.00 soldiers it's cost taxpayers over $16000000000.00 and just recently parliament extended the mandate of german troops of the army on the ground to certainly now i think hard to say you turn because of course the language of the peace talks that started in doha now being talked about in turkey have always said the removal of foreign forces from afghanistan it seems now that joe biden is putting. his backing fully behind that just as you said a longer time frame. it is the shaven trial in minneapolis in the united states has a scene right now just going through one of 2 legal matters before the main business of the day gets under way the former policeman remembers accused of murdering george floyd by meeting on his neck for more than 9 minutes in a case that triggered worldwide protests demanding racial justice the defense has
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been questioning its witnesses legal issues as is being discussed at the moment between attorneys and the judge before the trial resumes. well as i say the defense testimony in the trial included a full police officer who said that show vans a use of force show evans use of force was justified he's accused of nearly on george floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes during his arrest 100 days in minneapolis. the state of minnesota rests thank you the defense opened its case by putting george floyd on trial turning the court's attention from former police officer derek show to the man he's accused of murder. on. 'd the defense theory is that floyd died of heart trouble in a drug overdose to support that show vns lawyers called a police officer and a paramedic who testified that floyd took opioid pills when he was arrested in a separate 2019 encounter prosecutor aaron eldridge fired back mr flying dr denbigh
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you were interacting with him cracked. no thank you for. the floyd family calls the attacks on him character assassination of a dead man police solved with of killing us and we have been murdered at a rate that out nobody could imagine if the time but say and that time is now maybe apple you are ok sweep this under the rug anymore. and we will fight but just as put is family hoping to link the 2 arrests the defense then showed police body camera footage from the fateful day of may 25th want to hill was in the car with floyd when police 1st arrived is. a side piece. much of day 12 was spent on the defense's star witness of the day a police expert who said that only one george floyd's neck for 9 and
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a half minutes there and show did absolutely nothing wrong. in your opinion was this the use of deadly force it was not. i film to show his interactions of mr floyd were following his training. following current practices in policing and where objective a reasonable prosecutor steve slice your push back noting children held floyd down long after he had not only stopped resisting but was apparently dead did you hear some point in your review officer king say that he couldn't find a poss yes. all of this would have been known to a reasonable officer in the defendant's this ish. yes and the defendant's position is and was and remains as we see here at this moment at this time in this clip on top of mr floyd on the street isn't that right yes. i have nothing further with the defense expected to wrap up its testimony this week one big unanswered
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question is whether chauvelin himself will take the stand john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. somalia's president has extended his term in office for 2 more years president he signed a bill into law despite opposition from some members of parliament his mandate ended in february sparking protests and calls for him to step down presidential and parliamentary elections will take place this year the leaders of 5 semi autonomous states if fail to agree on how voting should be conducted catherine sawyer has this update now from nairobi kenya a lot of somalis are saying that what the president has done is problematic on so many levels so he signed this motion into the last night but ideally what's supposed to happen according to the law is that once the lower house passes such a motion they have to forward it to the upper house the senate for approval or rejection so that stage has been skipped we also have had from the speaker of the
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senate of the upper house who said that they would have rejected this motion anyway because it was unconstitutional there's also a lot of reactions from different quarters we've had from a coalition of opposition presidential candidates and some leaders of the federal states particularly jubilant the end point land all of them saying that they reject this decision they reject any extension of the presidential term saying that president from joe just wants to cling onto power we've also had from somalia's key donors the e.u. the u.s. and the u.k. all of them speaking on this in the same tone very strongly worded statements basically saying mr president if you continue with this we are going to rethink how we do business with you it will be business as usual talking about perhaps get it set targeted sanctions on some individual states to be stumbling blocks.
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katherine sawyer that still ahead here on al-jazeera millions denied bodily autonomy women and girls freedoms come under the spotlight across the world. and $100.00 days together until the opening ceremony will the top kill it became to go ahead as planned with rising coronavirus. in an interruption to the smooth process of generating spring rains we have this thing developing in mongolia which should be windy dusty and even snowy for some will certainly produce thunderstorms in beijing that eventually the korean peninsula always time the sun is out over japan and the rain prophetess bring rain is developing once again in southern china is but studies are grandaunt for jen and taiwan beijing is back in the sunshine the air quality will be good it's colder and
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it's still quite breezy it will also snowed in seoul but it will get briefly sherry and cooler. old reaction weather wise further south is just more us in the philippines see a tropical cyclone has formed it will be around for a few days it's slow moving so already affected yeah with the amount of rain but it's mostly over the water it does mean there will be very few showers in west papua eastern indonesia that's much drier than it might do this time the year of the big showers further west particularly sumatra that are says truth the next couple of days and what's happening in sumatra indicates what is coming north up through the bay of bengal into southern india it's the start of the rainy season where they always start rather fit for the but in the north the still snow in northern pakistan and showers need to. jump into the story there is
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a lot going on in this show and join our global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are nowhere to be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who live love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. move. so again you're watching the mind of our top stories this hour and the u.s. sector state says that nato allies will coordinate a withdrawal of forces from afghanistan president joe biden is set to announce that
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he will pull out all of american troops by september 11th about means he misses a may deadline set by his predecessor. day 13 of the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvinism about to get underway defense is called the witnesses to the stand but it is expected to wrap up before the end of the week chauvinist accused of murdering told followed by kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes. somalia's president mohammed a life has extended his time in office for 2 more years his mandate ran out in february sparking protests money at least there's been no agreement about how to hold elections. in south africa says a local study on the johnson and johnson covert $1000.00 vaccine showed no major safety concerns and yet it's decided to suspend its use over concerns raised in the united states that it could be linked to blood clots the single dose vaccine was
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the only one be ministered it does have other doses on the order from pfizer professor helen reese is a member of south africa's ministerial advisory committee on covert 19 and its vaccines and she says the pause is done out of an abundance of caution. in the south african setting where we have administered nearly 300000 doses we haven't seen this rare condition but because this has been seen in the united states and they're evaluating it now it was thought wise that we just put a temporary hold while the u.s. has more investigation we don't know globally nobody can say at the moment whether this is what's called causal i.e. is it the vaccine that's causing this rare condition or is it other factors that pertain to the individual that might have contributed to this condition such as smoking for example now we're going to be rolling it up to millions of people and if you see a rare side effect it might be real it might be associated with vaccine but it
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might just be that once you roll things up to millions of people such conditions will occur that's life and that's nature and that's people's health so you need to be able to differentiate whether this is just a coincidence and not causal or whether it really is associated with the vaccine so so that's what's being looked at at the moment but i think that what the f.d.a. has said is that they're being ultra cautious i think many regulators i'm i'm i chair the regulator for richie here in south africa as well we're being very cautious about safety signals and evaluating them that's good news that's reassuring for the public on the other hand as you say it's confusing for the public because they say go go go no go that is confusing we need to be able to be a short one. india has announced another record daily high of new cases of cave 19 just short of 185000 registered in the past day that's around twice as many as
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brazil and the united states the 2 of the worst hit countries that they have the center has been maharastra where restrictions are coming into effect now the western state includes the financial capital of mumbai accounts for about a quarter of new infections just with problem is more. so from wednesday evening until the rest of the month not be allowed to go out on this to go to work or to get essential supplies groceries medicines are going to the bank and only essential services will be allowed to operate the state. has said that this is the cause he said cases growing at what he called a horrifying pace it does account for the daily rise in cases they account for about a 3rd of all the cases in the country there are at least 60000 cases there on tuesday they tried to stem the rise of weekend. nights but that hasn't made
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a difference. struggling because of those cases with a lack of hospital beds with a shortage of health care workers and also critically a shortage of oxygen supply we have. seen the worst affected but over the past week we are seeing a similar situation to what's happening in maharashtra worryingly being played out now in other parts of the country as well most recently in the state of videos of a very long line of and waiting outside the mine hospital carrying patients a lot of them supply waiting for beds reports of the official death toll in the state and mother. adding to the number of bodies which are being carried out. being. convicted bernie madoff has died aged 82 in the u.s. federal prison. he pleaded guilty to orchestrating the largest ponzi scheme in
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american history. $1000000000.00 he was handed a 150 year sentence defrauding tens of thousands of people for the 1970 s. he died of natural causes according to an associated press source. that's point to the researcher at the london school of economics joins us live from london in the scale of his crimes was just extraordinary remind us what he did and how he did it you know it wasn't a massive he was offering a scheme taking money from investors and promising good rates of return but when the financial crash in the late 1980 s. apparently what happened is he could no longer generate the returns and then what happened is he created what you referred to in your introduction as a ponzi scheme which is you take money from new investors and repay the old investors with the new money you've taken in now that naturally in the end has to
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crash because unless the new money keeps coming in a sufficient rate you gradually run out of resources and he admitted when he was confronted that this was indeed a ponzi scheme and therefore a massive fraud and if maybe it allows him to flee you know this is investors that . yes it's thousands of individual investors but also some very high profile ones hollywood stars famous hollywood director in steven spielberg but also many from the jewish community who were large on him particularly one notable case was any of these children a holocaust survivor a nobel prize winner who who is fleeced by madoff i think the lesson that many of them should take from this case if this if it investment looks too good to be true it probably isn't true that's the aphorism it's often used in financial markets what is in place now to prevent this happening again. what
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regulation should catch this regulators expect books to shoot identify whether there is sufficient separation between the individual's own accounts and the proper accounts but clearly what bernie madoff was able to do was to hoodwink the regulators by not showing them the right books or disguising the way he was recording things regulators have got smarter but it's a it's a kind of arms race the regulator identifies things that were not done properly in the past and asked for changes then the innovators in particular fear of criminal intent find new ways of doing it and in bernie's case the running joke was that he made off with the money in data and then he lost their savings in many cases it was their entire life savings did they have any kind of recourse to recoup. what on the massive scale that he did it was a long term effort by u.s. authorities to try to recoup it both from from bernie's accounts which weren't
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ready to do it from those heat employed including his children one of them committed suicide others were pursued in the end some of the assets were returned to those who invested but the significant majority of them simply lost large amounts of their savings. all right appreciate that thanks very much indeed for giving us that info about bernie bernie madoff died aged 82 in a u.s. federal prison thanks very much impact. china has described recent military exercises near taiwan as combat drills just as an unofficial u.s. delegation arrives in taipei president joe biden sent a former senator and 2 former deputy secretaries of state to taiwan to meet its leaders the visit comes a day after taiwan launched a new watch and while monday $25.00 chinese fighter jets and bombers entered taiwan says space in what type 8 says is the biggest incursion yet. the chinese government has condemned the visit has warned washington to stop sending what it calls wrong signals about taiwanese independence. china firmly
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opposes any type of official contacts between the us and taiwan this is china's clear and consistent position we urge the u.s. to truly observe the one china principle cautiously deal with issues related to taiwan and not send any wrong signals to taiwan separatist forces that's in order to avoid further damaging u.s. china relations and to preserve the peace and stability of the taiwan strait harvell practices against women undermining gender equality in developing countries detailed in the u.n. population fund's flagship report found almost half of the women in nearly 60 countries are denied the right to decide whether to have sex with their partners use contraception or access health care 20 countries or territories have laws that allow alleged rapist to escape prosecution if they marry their victims more than 40 countries have no legislation addressing the issue of marital rape or more than 30 countries restrict women's or freedom of movement outside the home. with them as
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executive director of the un population fund and she says there are many policies and practices around the world that are mental to the wellbeing of women what we see is that sometimes. and sometimes i practice. there are a wide spectrum of practices that are really harmful to women and girls let me give you the example of female genital mutilation done without the consent of over. the aspect of so-called marry your rapist laws this is a total annihilation of the woman's right to be able to find justice when she is harmed more over what we see that noxious practices for example. virginity testing what is this this is a way of subjugating the woman's ability to get in these tests are not real they
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really don't work but it's a way of trying to take power from women the one that brings a lot of sorrow to me it's the aspect of child marriage every single day more than 30000 girls under the age of 18 we've got to start questioning why the report gives the evidence that shows. the consequences of this type of attitude haiti's foreign minister claude joseph has been appointed as a new prime minister has produced joseph druce resigned after an increase in unrest including mass protests kidnappings and killings 2 days ago the gang kidnapped 10 people including clergy members and french citizens president as you know noise has promised to do more to stop the abductions is roiled in a political standoff over his term limits protest as angry at the security health and economic crises have been calling for his resignation. greason libya's internationally recognized government have agreed to hold talks
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a very contentious maritime agreement between libya and turkey greece says the deal isn't legal and must be canceled but libya and turkey this week renewed to commitment to it as part of a wide to disputed territory and a g. exploration rights between greece and turkey in the mediterranean. egyptian authorities have impounded the container ship to block these 2 is canal last month the ever given was stuck for nearly a week disrupting billions of dollars in global trade the head of the suez canal says the vessel won't be released until its japanese settles a claim for compensation reported to be around $900000000.00 so. with $100.00 days to go until the opening ceremony the international olympic committee say they have no doubt that the tokyo games will take place that's despite a rise in the coronavirus cases in the country and poll suggesting the vast majority of japanese people want the olympics to be cancelled and richardson has this.
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events to mark the $100.00 day countdown to the start of the tokyo games were necessarily low key the city has just raised its alert level and government experts say japan is heading into a full thwaite even infections organizers though all resolute in their commitment to the event going ahead. and i had no hesitation in saying that a judge would try place and they'll be the safest guides possible. all of the counter measures have been put in place to deal with that to ensure that the public face in all of the other bitches and society we can expect that emotions will run even higher because of the significance of the world being together for the 1st time in a pandemic situation there are so much expectations from the world community $11000.00 athletes will compete at the games the international olympic committee said being vaccinated isn't supreme requisite for taking parts but many countries are hoping
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they will be able to offer their athletes the option of getting vaccinated the athletes and the officials are going to tell the world is going to take you oh so in terms of looking after the health and well being of the athletes and also giving him that confidence that they have been vaccinated going to be very important before. the thoughts relay is an event designed to raise awareness and interest levels in the games that the most recent poll of japanese public opinion suggested that more than 70 percent on the event canceled or postponed and matsuyama city has just called off its like of the relay jutes arising coronavirus cases we have medical professionals here questioning why the games are going on saying it's a too big a risk despite all that it is going on it's going on because the international olympic committee lives after elevation revenue it must get these games on television secondly the japanese state has invested perhaps $15000000000.00 in
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these games prime minister suga i think is staking his claim to perhaps extending his prime ministership are making these games successful so the japanese public cannot back off and so the games go on tokyo sold itself as a safe pair of hands when it won the right to host the games in 2013 back claim is now being tested. in a way few would have thought possible and the richardson al jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.s. sector state says nato allies will coordinate to withdrawal of forces from afghanistan president joe biden is set to announce that he will pull out all american troops by september 11th means he misses a may deadline set by his predecessor. together we have achieved the goals that we we set out to achieve.


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