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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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it's written communist party since the 1959 revolution and its power is handed over to miguel diaz can l. we look at the situation in the country today this is the end of the need but continuation of the legacy of the beginning of real change in cuba special coverage has rolled past 2 steps down on al-jazeera 'd. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for they get this is that he was live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes pro-democracy media tycoon jimmy ly is among several people jailed in hong kong for their roles in 29000 anti-government protests. distressing video showing an officer shooting dead a 13 year old latino boy adds to u.s.
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outrage over racism and police. figures from the outlaws and he cood movement join us to politicians and others and what they're calling a national unity government. and how the corona virus pandemic has created big supply problems for the small chips that keep us connected and i'm leah hearty in with sports hockey is crisis team is hit with more problems the vancouver canucks reached return to action has been delayed indefinitely after more than 20 players tested positive for corona virus. 9 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in anti-government protests in 2019 among them is veteran campaigner martin lee it was given a suspended sentence of 11 months on media tycoon jimmy lai was sentenced to 12 months in this case of more. a separate matter $2900.00 mass protests where
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opposition to a bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china it was shelved but beijing later imposed a contentious national security law on kong let's go live now to rob hong kong how serious adrian brown is outside the courthouse there adrian we can hear some disturbance going on behind you you'll tell us about that no doubt you were in court for those hearings tell us about these verdicts and the reaction to them. well you can hear some of the reaction at the moment day 3 of these are supporters of the activists who were sentenced on friday was for them of course it is a mix through so for received suspended sentences but 5 others have been jailed for terms rating from 8 to 18 months and at the moment actually they're chanting some of the slogans you heard during those protests in 2019 that technically of course
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break the new national security law at the moment the police are standing back they haven't moved in yet but i would imagine if the supporters carry on chanting their way they are the police may well be forced to take action but the real story today adrian has i think been what happened to jimmy die he has received 3 sentences he has been jailed for 12 months but then he received an additional 2 months just a short time ago for taking part in a protest in july the main protest the focus of today's sentencing happened of course in august and we've also learned today adrian that jimmy law is going to face additional charges under the new national security law remember he's already in jail having been arrested under that legislation now he's going to be charged once more so he faces 3 charges under the new national security law which means of course. that he's if convicted going to spend very likely the rest of his life in
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jail the other activists today adrian people like martin lee margaret i'm represented in many ways the core of the campaign for democracy that began in hong kong just before i arrived here back in 1988 when i often used to go to interview martin lee at the time he was campaigning for hong kong to have you know more directly elected seats in the mini parliament it's a sad irony because in many ways that campaign is back to where it began because of course the recent political oval hole by china means that in the new enlarged legislature only 20 of those seats will be directly elected a lot of foreign observers here today from representing 7 countries and that's a reflection i think of the international concern over this case and of course china will also be watching this very carefully indeed remember there's been calls
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on the mainland the jimmy lie to actually stand trial there of course. and how will today's verdict impact upon hong kong's pro-democracy movement. well you know it's still there but it doesn't have the firepower that it did back in 2019 i spoke to emily lau a short time ago she's a former chairman of the democratic party she said you know the fight will go on but the fight will go on peacefully emily lau is actually quite an interesting case because she is an outspoken opposition figure who's yet to be arrested and she says i'm not sure whether that's going to happen but she has i think that sort of damocles still hanging over. i was is adrian brown reporting live from hong kong for the moment adrian many thanks indeed. police in the united sates of facing more furious protests this time over the fatal shooting of a 13 year old latino boy it happened last month but video of the incident has any
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just been released the distressing pictures appear to show adam toledo turn to offices hands raised before being shot at his jocasta reports the video you're about to see is incredibly disturbing it's 2 30 am and an officer wearing a body camera arrives at a black and latino neighborhood of chicago a police are valences some had detected gunshots nearby and the investigating officer runs after a person down an alley way. but . that person was 13 year old adam 2 lido she called the police had at 1st called this an armed confrontation with the police claiming the boy had been holding a gun the video released 17 days later appears to tell
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a different story as to lead allays crumpled his empty hands still raised in the hands of position fall next to his body with an earth they would face they waste their way. at him during his last seconds of life did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer. it had taken intense public pressure to convince chicago police to release the video toledo's mother had spoken to her son in early april. good students. are up in the air. the civilian office of police accountability is investigating and the officer
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identified as eric stillman and obviously shaken immediately after the shooting is now on administrative duties the chicago police department was cited by the us justice department in 2017 for civil rights violations aimed at minorities and a white officer who shot a black man 16 times in 2014 was convicted of murder we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct so while we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling it all too familiar surge of outrage and pain chicago's mayor and the toledo family have issued a joint call for calm in the city acknowledging the painful footage will elicit an emotional response from all who view it the last moments of a 13 year old who according to his mother had dreamed of becoming
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a police officer himself now dead at the hands of one heidi jo castro al-jazeera. in that we'll hear from a witness to another fatal us police shooting who says the victim wasn't offered immediate mental medical care. groups opposed to the military have joined forces to form a national unity government outside the country as part of the ongoing resistance to military rule they include ousted members of parliament ethnic leaders and protest leaders hundreds of civilian protesters have been killed since the coup at the start of february the unity government is made up of ethnic minority leaders it's promising to end people's suffering politician dr sassa has been appointed the ousted government's envoy to the u.n. he says this new move will help to show the world who are the rightful leaders. it's the time for international community to recognize another side is very bad
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mother us they are the killers so to today i am not see any international community recognized military generals as government of me among so now we are given a very good chance which and has no community tonight. of course there will be some challenge but we weaned that challenge ready to mind to go moment don't want the for more or less let's bring in scott hyla who is live in bangkok in neighboring thailand scott what does this mean for protesters on the ground right now. agent well it's not going to mean anything really that different to them right now obviously this is a good move it's a move to recognize this body this parallel government if you will
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that's against the justice so that is good news for the protestors but what it means actually on the ground probably not that much different quite honestly they're still going to face this intensified crackdown by the security forces on the streets across myanmar as they go out so that won't change but what they're hoping to do this new government this new unity government including leaders from ethnic groups they are looking for recognition we heard dr sauce out there kind of explain it but a little bit more to it is that what they're trying to do is really participate in the dialogue that everyone is hoping will eventually come everyone in the region everyone fighting against the inside myanmar and that is hopefully through the un hopefully through some regional bodies where there will be some type of dialogue to try to find a political solution so this unity government is trying to do in their effort now as they've officially named officers in this in this unity government and that
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officials in this unity government and that is they want a seat at that table they want to participate if the job to sends a representative if there are other representatives from other nations it's a tall order that this will actually be recognized as a government of myanmar any time soon but what it does do is it pushes forward this organization this this government in exile if you will even though some of the members are still in myanmar it pushes that forward to so they can have a seat at that table so they can speak with a more unified voice those who oppose the germans and who working against the inside myanmar the protesters will still continue along with what they have been doing most likely this will be more of the political track the 2nd track of dialogue and pushing for with the international community to try to. find a political solution to what's happening in the m.r. right now it's got many thanks i was it was called hydra that live in bangkok let's bring in our own connelly who's research fellow in southeast asian politics and foreign policy with the international institute for strategic studies he's in
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singapore right now good to have you with this are and what are your thoughts then on this government in exile its makeup and what it can achieve with us here he is the committee representative done salut glutes committee representing the national suddenly which is this kind of alternative government that is being created from members who are left to the parliament in november they really have 2 goals here the 1st goal is to try and bring in some of the ethnic minority groups that populate mostly the periphery of the country and also some of the ethnic armed organizations that control territory in that area it's your ph doesn't have arms it doesn't control territory but the armed organizations do and so they can align themselves with some of these those then they can claim that they will territory and help them as they go around the world claiming that they are the legitimate government of me and maher not the state administrative council and to think created by the military as you know brutalized population over the last 2 months
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and this is a much wider group of people than the bab's the the n l d the that the ousted governing party would have assembled isn't it. it is they've reached out to for instance the vice chairman of the chin national pride and the chin are an ethnic minority group in western me and maher and so this is a group that is spot for more autonomy from the center than the n l d a sense the chief party has traditionally believed is appropriate so they are reaching out to some ethnic minority communities in a bid to try to be more inclusive it's also notable that the national unity government was announced by i mean kona who are really is 2nd only taniguchi in terms of the prominence of the leaders who came out of the 988 failed revolution and it's of the fact that he was there and he and his crew had really been pushed aside by oncet she you know you know the over the past 10 years the fact that he
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was there announcing this national unity government is particularly resonant inside me and not ok what about to talk to sauces role in this unity government what will he be doing. because it will probably be as ubiquitous as ever he has been the face of the c.r.t. age the committee representing natural some believe it or miss national unity government today he's received a kind of promotions been appointed minister for international cooperation so no longer just a special envoy federal minister but i don't anticipate that you know is activities will really change in their character at all over the next several several weeks or months and he talks about this group reaching out to ethnic groups and man ma. of course said it has no army but of course these armed groups could represented on the ground couldn't. they couldn't there been a lot of conversations over the last 4 weeks or so about a federal democratic aren't most of these ethnic are organizations traditionally
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their goal has been to hold territory they gauge and i'm quite a bit of illicit trade in terms of jed and timber people drugs some of them and they tend to try to control territory so that they can engage in that illicit trade and create some autonomy in those areas and also defend be used i think minority languages and ethnic minority rights in those areas other complicated groups but they have not traditionally sought to take the center of the country and if they were all cooperate in this federal democratic party that has been proposed to cooperate against and to try to take land often in a systematic way they could pose a really significant threat to the disability to maintain control of central nehemiah good to talk to many thanks data and probably that in singapore. it with the news out from out 0 still to come on the program figures showing
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china's economy is surging back from a pandemic and what it could mean for the global recovery. that in sports manchester united have given themselves another chance of ending them losing one in cup semifinals. iran says that it's successfully enrich the uranium to 60 percent fall beyond the limits set under the terms of the 2050 nuclear deal it comes a day after more talks were held in vienna aimed at reviving the accord discussions have progressed that were affected by an attack on iran's main nuclear facility last sunday u.s. president joe biden says that he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must 1st reverse its violations tehran wants u.s. sanctions lifted for us to iran to serious as i said begg is is with us what are we to make of this claim that iran has enriched uranium to 60 percent should we be at
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all skeptical. well the head of iran's atomic organizations. that he's spoken to local media here he said that iran is now collecting dust bin rich 60 percent around 9 grams per hour whether we should be skeptical not i don't think we should i think iran has been very open and transparent about what it's doing it's invited i.a.e.a. inspectors to the main nuclear facility natanz we understand they visited on wednesday and iran's leadership has said that they are able to enrich to 60 percent in fact president hassan rouhani yesterday said that iran is able to enrich to 90 percent which is weapons grade which i did that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and iran doesn't want a nuclear weapon and iran would return to those levels of 3.67 percent permitted by the 2015 nuclear deal if the united states rejoined and lifted all those sanctions
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but it is important to note this is the highest level of enrichment iran has ever done and it seems response to the incident to the act of sabotage as iran has called the nuclear terrorism as well at their main nuclear facility in the 10s so why does iran want to enrich uranium as high as 60 percent what is it going to do with it. well iran's line is that it's for medical use but the europeans have said that there's no need for iran to enrich to 60 percent in reality it could be as leverage in those negotiations because after iran the nuclear plant was attacked iran has always had some sort of response so if you look at the 20 percent enrichment which again is above the levels permitted by the 2015 nuclear deal that was a response to the assassination of iran's leader nuclear scientist must in fact result in november after this incident there's again demand within the country from politicians to have
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a response and that response seems to be 60 percent whether iran actually needs it for medical purposes or not is a different question but it's definitely leverage in those talks taking place in vienna. reporting live from tehran i said many thanks indeed china has released record growth figures as it rebounds from the pandemic it says the economy grew by 18.3 percent during the 1st quarter of the year as compared to the same period last year 0 as katrina year reports from shanghai. 18.3000000 incredible think of course especially given that we're in the middle of a pandemic not the biggest quarterly growth figure that china has posted since records began in 1993 so we counter remember that is it is a somewhat skewed figure because we're coming off a very low base this time last year china posted a historic contraction of almost 7 percent that really did set the stage for a dramatic rebound that we've seen so this 18.3 percent very large figure was in
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line with what many economists were expecting now we have to look at this in terms of the context of china getting back to normal life last year we had some quite draconian measures to control 19 and because of that we saw this outbreak controlled relatively early compared to other countries last year it started to make up for those losses economically and from september it had kind of made up for those losses and continue to grow and so we actually saw in 2020 china's economy grew by 2.3 percent and it was the only major economy to do so so that's important but what. economic growth has been robust it has been on even the last of it is thanks in large part to a strong industrial sector a lot of these exports going to other countries especially those still affected by lockdowns and also this state led infrastructure building in some moderates. is to thank for that. when
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a week ago the international monetary fund for cost of the global economy will expand this year at its fastest pace in $4.00 decades led by china the i.m.f. predicts the chinese economy will grow by 8.4 percent the us the world's largest economy will be the other powerhouse expanding by a full cost 6.4 percent while the world economy overall is expected to grow by 6 percent this year let's bring in. a regional economist with c i m b private banking he joins us now live via skype from singapore good to have you with us impressive numbers that out of china good news for china what about for the rest of us what do they mean. for all of us i suppose when you're talking about a recovery in the stone age of man coupled with the message that manrico didn't china we are seeing imports in english football are us the rest of the world will exports it to china for the rest of us will consume it's basically reflecting that recovery in next along that mine so yes as the op earlier pointed out i am maps
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a strain hourly that girl looks over today's big we may see it but there are great to it i mean biggest come october is this the sort of the asian led global economy how long before china overtakes the u.s. to become the biggest economy in the world good question i suppose the real day will be somewhat bumpy given the trade has become a weapon. increasingly over the last couple of years but nonetheless with the kind of repression joe we're talking about with the kind of investment in do that you see in the modern modern manufacturing modern services he loves les i think china will be showing who would growth in the coming year momentum over the last couple quarters has slowed down somewhat and headline as you pointed out very strong roles on the onion money according to the board slightly slower growth in forward but nonetheless i think the moment pushing the ball more balanced growth
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coming through but obviously there's the risk you know you're talking about let me be pretty soon as far as china being the largest economy and what are the risks for the rest of us you talk about it being good news for the global economy but as china china's economy continues to grow in power ahead like illness does that mean that the jobs will be lost elsewhere in the world that industries will close this business moves towards china where things could be done cheaper. well i think it's very simple we're looking at it all would rather look at it from economy standpoint would say the county is growing so we are now there are growing the chinese consumption salaries strengthen imports also rules so job creation we've been china job creation even with. as we continue to also capitalize on middle income rising rate of consumption income rising and strengthening. economies in the
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region quite a meter from the share the biggest growth year on year quarter on quarter in the subsequent quarters and obviously what that one of the economies you're supporting about the brands up out by new investment opening with a bump up it's for spending with not infrastructure spending coming through so i'll say there will be definitely jobs lost because of that there is ation of the real goods and services around the war including within china it's up a net net margin will be created then loss and you talked about the road ahead being potentially bumpy what are some of the potential bumps. what simply from ipanema standpoint it could be something like the shot the increases that he has see possibly all the recovery in the man as well as supplying the structure and import prices which over many businesses. he puts and services and to what extent they can pass on the consumer to you when i so we're watching that closely where
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watching well also closely quickly interest rate possible rolling recovers especially if the at the market recovery of the economy recovery continues to be somewhat an event that he needs to restriction in place obviously those industries providing those services are still being affected as long as in person and consumer facing the speech the biggest challenges obviously uneven recovery and obviously behind job political reasons you're talking about that too because. china and the u.s. . do the. relationship and not improving is still there we are hopeful that it can but obviously not a straight forward these days really cuts to many thanks indeed for bank balance thank you. a weather update next here on the news then we'll look at why pakistan has blocked social media we'll have
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a live update from islamabad also. the attack on hama began on the 24th how much weeks later some families have played the violence i feel trying to revive areas i'm adamant half a northern might be telling you some of the story. that is for look at this a perfect moment for a goal for in hawaii. really it will be here to explain what all this is about a little later. however it remains disappointingly cold across much of europe with members signs of slightly warmer weather coming into western parts as we go into the early part of next week it's cool because we got this area of high pressure drawing in the cool moldea northeasterly winds down across much of europe at present we got some rather
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wet weather added times wintry weather over tools as eastern areas into ukraine into western parts of russia just around belarus the rash of shower some of them wintry in nature in the slot a little further south let's as we go through the remainder of friday we still got some showers across western side of the mediterranean of right of course there is still a little bit of snow there just around the alps catch a snow flurry here well said weather will gradually make its way into the northwest of here up across a good part of olland and scotland as we go on through the next couple of days as signs of that what's where the starting to push its way is that the western areas the scot is saying that some of that western weather by the end of saturday a little further ace much of eastern scotland down across the british isles should be fine and dry dry too by this stage into a good parts of france more showers just around that western side of the mediterranean more wet weather there coming in across the balkans and that's some snow that's in our accounts.
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from. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been employing it was made into a lot of really nice. reveal secrets you want to put resiting out there will be people outraged you know. and connections some don't want to expose many in legacy media love the last shoot. duck next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk but little action it's all about distraction create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate
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do you think that's a bad thing to do it was fears of the same absolutely. 0. it is heavy with us hello adrian forgot to hear it though how with the news hour from al-jazeera the headlines pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in anti-government protests and $29.00 teams among them veteran campaign of martin lee he was given a suspended sentence of 11 months of media tycoon jimmy lai received 2 separate jail terms members of me on last hours to political parties and anti kook protest leaders a phone call they're calling a national unity government is an operation exile is part of the resistance to the
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ruling us and u.s. officials have released 40 camera video of the chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month adam toledo appeared to raise his hand it's just before shots were fired. at a former u.s. police officer who shot dead a black motorist in minnesota has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter al-jazeera spoken to a witness who says the police didn't give him immediate medical care for tons of reports. brooklyn's some to police have only released a few seconds of body comfort. from just one of the officers involved in the shooting of 20 year old dante writes the criminal complaint against officer kim says she fired one rounds into the left side of the victim the victim then stated that he shot me and the vehicle sped away for a short distance before crashing into another vehicle and coming to a stop the victim was pronounced dead at the scene off to medical intervention was
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unsuccessful. carolyn hanson lives opposite the crime scene she rushed out of the house when she heard what was happening and she was quoted in media accounts discussing the oft amount for example in this article in the minneapolis star tribune carolyn hansen said she saw offices out of a car and perform c.p.r. a passenger who got out of the vehicle was covered in blood she said. hanson told al jazeera that she was misquoted she alleges that the official account does not report that a significant amount of time passed between the call coming to arrest and dante wright being given any medical care. for minutes. they got her out of you. right away if. you shot him. in a why is it your number one priority. and. why are you doing hanson
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began filming minutes after she arrived you can see rights white car between the police vehicles no one is attempting to help right she says only a minute and a half off the she began filming the right being given c.p.r. having been pulled from his car hanson also says office a post did not immediately attend to right off to having shot him only to back up anything down that 1st person they're dragging part and. it was a mistake. the lawyer writes family says this is another odd. meant for more transparency from the police this proves we need to see how the body cam video from all the offices to see the police officers round it ada mediately for doubt a right there could a possibly save his life we asked brooklyn center police to speak to us but they've yet to respond main question why does it appear it took so long for them to give
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dante right any medical assistance she had the al-jazeera brooklyn center. the head of russia's foreign intelligence service says that new u.s. sanctions against the kremlin are poorly considered and when a road international stability washington's in post several sanctions in response to what it says is moscow's election meddling and cyber attacks the criminals tonight all the accusations and says that a response is inevitable but it's methe reports now from moscow. the u.s. has a long list of complaints against russia from interference in presidential elections cyber hacking bullying the occupation of ukraine the jailing of opposition politician alexei in a valley and other malign acts russia of course denies involvement in any of these it's yet to lay out the exact steps it's going to take in response to the imposition of these sanctions from the u.s.
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but you can imagine that for example u.s. expelled 10 russian diplomats well russia in previous instances when this has happened is very likely to do the same maria as a hair over the foreign ministry spokeswoman says she says that the american sanctions contradict president biden's desire in a phone call made on tuesday night to vladimir putin to normalize tiny's the u.s. ambassador was summoned to the kremlin on thursday to get be given what essentially was a dressing down mazak or over said it was not going to be a pleasant meeting for him and he says the u.s. behavior is aggressive and will receive divine decisive rebuff russia's ruble has actually recovered a lot of the ground it lost before the sanctions were announced this is thought to be partly because russia's central bank may now have to increase interest rates because of the sanctions but also because the restrictions on dealing in the russian ruble were not as severe and as strict as they could be perhaps the
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americans holding some other further tighter sanction options in reserve. pakistan has imposed a temporary ban on all social media after violent protests earlier this week on wednesday security forces fired tear gas to disperse a sit in following the arrest of the leader of the technique logic pakistan policy the religious group wants the government to expel the french ambassador its also demanding that of a ban on french products off the publication of costumes depicting the prophet muhammad in france let's go live thought it was all about serious come on honduras there what's the thinking behind the social media about. to fall 'd of him poured into remember that for the last 3 days that country brought. that. i need words of
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caution a day after he announced that it bordered. on the french embassy there defend him back today should be removed from that country and sent out now study government decided to ban the all going to ideation. day saying that they. kept a budget and because friday congregation of bread that brought the country the fear was dead these people would be able to reorganize some sort of a net gain and try to block growth because. of the fact that day you didn't get social media platform to communicate to the government. to be pretty tight that decided to take the internet connection and all for at least a few hours 4 to $5.00 all would know what that 6 no faith. no internet in order to disrupt communication between that that you could not back but get on
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the board that bad enough god did not need to be lifted and then take. and once the reaction to the government doing this sort of thing it doesn't just affect those who might want to protest of course it affects everyone. i've lost connection. where we go not only the people of pakistan having problems with internet connection we're having them to come out on heris. to reporting live there from as i'm about now the un envoy for yemen as one of dangerous signs of escalation in the ongoing conflict mohsin griffiths was speaking during a virtual meeting of the un security council he urged yemen's warring parties to accept a proposed peace plan the progress towards a peaceful settlement makes the continued violence on the ground so that we will hear from are almost certainly moderate as we have endlessly discussed
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in this council remains the major center of gravity in this politics it is as true today as it was last year through those many months the fighting in merit and goodness knows we see this spike in the fall in spite of all. dangerous times of escalating once again the u.n. security council is voting on whether to war the rise the deployment of cease fire monitors to libya the draft resolution all foreign forces must now risk to leave the country as agreed in october the cease fire deal diplomatic at it's a james pace reports. this is the draft security council resolution that's currently being voted on what the u.n. is proposing is a nimble force of unarmed more misses i'm told by the un their job will be to place the cease far rather than to supervise the withdrawal of foreign forces what the
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secretary general is proposing is a phased display phase deployment for and will. cease fire monitoring component and that would be about a maximum of about 60 monitors they would be deployed to syria it wants all of the requirements for a permanent presence have been met including obviously security logistical medical and operational aspects and in the meantime move forward presence would be established in tripoli as soon as conditions permit because the security council is currently meeting virtually resolutions like this a put up for a vote over a 24 hour period so it will take some time before we know whether these monitors will be deployed to libya the 1st stage in the u.n. has plans to prepare the country for elections this december the un's world food program says that almost a 1000000 people are facing severe hunger in northern mozambique nearly 700000 people have been displaced by fighting between government forces and armed groups linked eisel around 2600 people have died since the conflict began 4 years ago
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al-jazeera reports now from a camp in colorado gado province. zubayr these 3 months ago dragged him into the forest saying they were going to chop off his head when he tried to escape they shot him i don't. need. they kept shooting at me and i kept running in the bush for 3 days and 3 nights i was weak and i lost a lot of blood somebody fund me and carried me to a place where it is killing other people from my village that is how i survived. an armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind this attack in fact they've been wreaking havoc in the region since 2017 their attacks have
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left at least 2600 people dead and uprooted nearly 700000 people. is one of them he now lives in a camp for internally displaced people is one of several in mozambique daugaard a province thousands of people now have no source of income and rely on humanitarian aid but many of them they have seen directly their relatives being killed. either by shooting or vertica potations. many of them they don't know where there are thieves are and they don't know if they are alive and there's no way for them to know because they don't have communication voices know that you can call by cell what are you are still alive so it's just they don't know. another thing is sort of the living conditions like you can see here it's very very small houses were sometimes you have 8 to 10 people living. a few kilometers down the road there is another even bigger camp this one will sit up only
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a few months ago. the last census tied up by the government in december last year counted nearly 50000 people living in this camp since then attacks in towns and villages have grown in size and frequency humanitarian workers say many more people are now living here as well as an other camp in the problem was. the most recent attack was in parma in march weeks later families are still arriving at reception centers desperately looking for food and shelter some of them could end up joining thousands of others already living in camps not sure if it will ever be safe enough for them to go back home. province mozambique. the u.s. is calling for the immediate withdrawal of eritrean fighters from ethiopia is to grow. a region that been reports that eritrean forces addressing as members of the ethiopian military in order to stay that the un's humanitarian chief says been many reports of systematic rape by men in military uniform 4 and
1:44 pm
a half 1000000 people in need humanitarian aid. brazil's supreme court has confirmed its decision to a no criminal convictions against former president lula da silva last month the court ruled that lula was not treated fairly in a series of corruption investigations justice common assia reversed earlier position tipping the court's 5 judge panel in lula's favor who is now eligible to run in next year's election against the current president jaya bowles and are one of the key have reports from rio. it all started with one justice from the supreme court saying that i had been tried convicted and imprisoned. by a court that had no jurisdiction over his case a court in the south of brazil and the judge there was judges more to the judge that was in charge of investigating the carwash scandal. what this justice
1:45 pm
said was that move should have been tried in brasilia of brazil's capital that does not go to say that rule is innocent it just says that he was tried in the wrong place so it's a technicality and today the supreme court ratified this decision said that it's true he was tried in the wrong place so what this means is that he can still be tried in brasilia but it also means that he is no longer a felon therefore he can run in the 2022 presidential election and people from his party have said that. he's been vindicated it's what he have been saying all along that he was tried unfairly and also that the next year's elections conferee to $28.00 team elections will be fair elections because in 20 team he was
1:46 pm
banned from running although he was the person that was leading all the election polls he was the favorite candidate and. was elected partly because rule was not running for the election because he was unable to do so u.s. president joe biden will hold his 1st meeting with a world leader in pakistan since taking office prime minister yoshihiko suga as arrives in washington for talks china is expected to dominate the discussion the u.s. and japan are concerned about chinese military exercises near taiwan and human rights abuses and shanghai and hong kong. the global economy is another focus of the talks between biden and suga the 2 leaders are concerned about a wode wide shortage of semiconductor chips as well brunell's reports. semiconductors are at the heart of the devices many of us use every day from phones to game console household electronics and medical diagnostics to name just
1:47 pm
a few but now there are a shortage of the vital silicon chips in my 30 year career i've never seen a. demand exceeding supply to the extent that we have supplies were tight before the pandemic hit but during the global lockdowns demand for more networking and more devices has skyrocketed now we're in a multi-year cycle where the demand is really outstripping the supply the crunch is crushing the u.s. auto industry at the beginning of the pandemic demand plummeted and automakers cut back production drastically but they underestimated how quickly demand would rebound when they raced to put in more orders late last year they were turned down by chip makers committed to supplying other industries when those workers that cancelled it immediately got back filled by other areas of the market that actually stayed very robust recovery things like you know p.c.'s in person electronics all
1:48 pm
these anything work from home starting from home play from home demanded an incredibly resilient so that that immediately got back on the name of the auto guys came up at a go back to why recently general motors the largest u.s. auto maker announced it would cut production even though demand is high if you look across the board i mean a shot a lot of factories are closed down shots for a lot of their popular crossovers as well so it's definitely hitting you know hitting the market the u.s. leads the world in semiconductor design but manufacturing is heavily concentrated in taiwan south korea and japan recently president joe biden called for strengthening u.s. manufacturing compact. city as a matter of national economic security top administration officials are meeting with leading chip manufacturers in the meantime are reaching out to our allies semiconductor companies and others in the supply chain to ramp up production to help us resolve the bomb mix we face now increasing ship capacity will take time and it won't be cheap
1:49 pm
a single semiconductor plant can cost $20000000000.00 to construct robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles a strenuous federal court has found that google misled consumers about the possible data but it collected the case had to do with settings on android smartphones google was found to have misrepresented what options were necessary for people's dates and not to be collected the online giant says that it may appeal a study as consumer watchdog who brought the case says it's an important victory to take companies particularly those providing services for free are in the end in the business the business they are in is to collect as much data from you as possible therefore there's always that incentive to not perhaps be upfront with you in terms of walked out of they are collecting in case you object to it and they they feel have lists and they feel like less money. coming up next in the sports more
1:50 pm
problems for the vancouver canucks hockey team as the as coach at 19 keeps the keeps them off the ice.
1:51 pm
just ahead of sports scientists have revealed just how many tire on a saurus rex dinosaurs once roamed the earth i think there were 2500000000 of them mostly in western north america they came up with that figure by assessing t.-rex is likely metabolism life expectancy and body size they say the robot 20000 of them
1:52 pm
on the planet at any one time. there is only one harding on the planet right now and she's a lot more friendly than a c. right now he reckons thanks adrian all such to hockey and the vancouver canucks have been hit with more pandemic problems their return to play has been delayed indefinitely after more than 20 players tested positive with coronavirus the team has been out of action for more than 3 weeks with similar outbreaks the league said the decision to postpone play was made as to give staff and athletes additional time to recover now one of the few players to not get sick is j.t. miller he says his team isn't ready to play. it's hard for me and guys that haven't been affected by the. automatic guys you guys are struggling to get up and down steps to try to come back and form well we've got to go through this more worried about you. but we're players in there and with him that's our number my own number
1:53 pm
one priority and father goes you might have the database of at least 21 players and 4 members of vancouver's coaching staff have tested positive for the virus since the end of march the canucks have been due to return to action later this friday against the edmonton oilers but that game as we now know has been postponed the canucks have 19 games left to play with the season set to end on may 16th that date may now have changed its as well now we've been talking to hockey writer tom thomas duran's about the wider implications of what the canucks are actually going through . multiple teams have at one point or another lost at least 5 or at least 7 players to the covert protocol of the philadelphia flyers the dallas stars the new jersey devils and the buffalo sabers among them with the canucks however this is the biggest outbreak not just in the n.h.l. this season but in all of north american professional sports since the pandemic began you know the additional thing that's made this outbreak complicated is that
1:54 pm
it's widely presumed to be the p one variant which is obviously running you know rampant in terms of it's community spread in the vancouver community that's created a level of transmissibility that i think certainly has kept the n.h.l. up at night since this outbreak occurred and when you look at the players that got sick you know we're talking about a majority of the players who are on the ice for sessions on ice sessions on tuesday march 30th you're going to and wednesday march 31st majority of players and coaches who are competing on the ice in an masted athletic activity contracted the virus from you know an origin or an index case of one issue to me that suggests some really difficult questions for the n.h.l. particularly these of either you threat posed to on ice athletic activity and asked as as hockey is played at the moment in the face of the p one which is spreading in western canada at the moment world 100 meter champion christian coleman will miss
1:55 pm
the tokyo games due to a doping ban coleman had taken his appeal against a 2 year suspension to the court of arbitration for sport the court did reduce the penalty by 6 months but the american will still miss the olympics the 25 year old was banned for missing 3 drug tests. manchester united have given themselves another chance to end their losing run in cup semifinals affordable aggregate win over spanish side granada has moved united into the last 4 of the europa league during his time as manager ole gunnar sol shire has led the team to 4 previous semifinals united have lost all of them we relish the chance again to go to a final i think the sea the termination. in every player that we want to go one 3rd of the disappointment of the defeats that we've odds they give us the motivation to go one step further and hopefully finish and the season on the high
1:56 pm
united will next face roma while villareal take on arsenal arsenal forward pierre emerick obame young missed their win against slava prague he's just come out of hospital after catching malaria while on international duty with. he's completely fine at the moment he had 2 days in the hospital to get the right treatment but he's feeling good now and feeling good and will be back training soon but when i see how he recovers i think he would need a few days to recover from that but he wants to be biased and i suppose it does when it's. rough on the doll is still on course for a record extending 12th title at the monic carlo masters the world number 31 straight sets against grigor dimitrov on thursday dimitroff struggle to contain his frustration during that match the da will play all 3 of russia in the quarter finals on a little later his main title rival novak djokovic has already been knocked out
1:57 pm
think i did the right thing by the day just to stay very focused every single ball and even had to score was in my favor the concentration the lows the intensity and that's the goal today in all scores with matches but at the same time when i want to play and while i just don't lose it now i just keep going 6 time moto g.p. world champion mark marquez is making his return from engine marquez's out on the track for friday's practice sessions ahead of sunday's portuguese grand prix the spaniard fractured his arm during last season's opening race and did not complete all year and take a look at this shot by a south korean golfer amy yang yang pulling off a hole in one at the lodge a championship in hawaii that helped move her to 7 under par at the halfway stage in the tournament but she's still 9 shots behind over a leader you've got us aso of the philippines all right back over to adrian live any thanks david that's it from. qatar with the day's top stories in just
1:58 pm
a few moments i'll see you again thanks for watching live from. frank assessments of poison but the government is the one that you have and one major never taking what a situation like i'm not that you could ever get informed opinions is the us with thinking the military positioning of the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry assets this is a message to the region that the united states years are rethinking its military
1:59 pm
posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story on al-jazeera. a stall striking at the top the top in the what devoted to the working class of his home town and its clock. bowling legend eric cantona produces display on the lakotah. one of the can see the stuff. he could adored by his fans for its socialist values of his many goals against italy's football elite football brother on how dizzy. busy lights made you look like a city from the sky but their fishing vessels just outside of argentina as exclusive economic zone the united states launched operation southern cross to combat illegal and regulated fishing in the southern atlantic argentina's coast guard say their main task is to control their movements so they do not cross into arjan time
2:00 pm
territory from this form are gentile forty's can monitor what's happening in its economical set zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is talk regulate what's happening in international waters. pro-democracy media tycoon jimmy law is among several people jailed in hong kong for their balls 2970 protests. all of them how the markets you know this is al-jazeera my from doha also coming out now cut out what else. to stress and video showing an officer shooting dads a 13 year old latino boys.


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