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it's to desperate measures it's 101 the streets the waters of corruption. to 0. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you the. viewer. at least 3000000 people have now died of covered 19 worldwide with south asia fast becoming the global epicenter of the pandemic. but despite surging deaths in infections festivals and state elections are continuing to draw crowds in india.
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and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program hundreds of children still separated from their families 3 weeks after rebels attacked palma in northern mozambique the city's former interior minister mattel's selvin is ordered to stand trial on kidnapping charges leaving michael and stranded at sea. oh no no . and queen elizabeth bids farewell to prince philip the husband of 73 years at a scaled back funeral attended by just 30 casts. a low welcome to the program our top story south asia becoming a global epicenter of the coven 1000 pandemic now with a new deadly and more infectious wave of the virus overwhelming hospitals 3000000 people are now known to have died of covered $1000.00 around the world though
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experts say the actual number of deaths is likely much higher brazil currently has the highest aids. in the world with 3305 people dying in the last 24 hour porting period but confirmed code related deaths are also beginning to surge in india a record 1341 deaths were reported on friday and it's just recorded more than 200000 new cases for the 3rd day in a row that's just 14 days after it reached more than 100000 daily infections for the 1st time. as our report. 2 on the outskirts of new delhi's ancient walled city a young man buries his father. a few meters away a steady stream of mourners carry bodies of their loved ones in the capital's largest school for muslims it's now on wistful families speak of their anger and despair as
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a day to keep piling up in the city's mortuaries. people are being made to run around but they're not letting anyone meet patients people are desperate even for drinking water over there doctors are not meeting the patients they are keeping their distance and if someone's oxygen finishes when that person is simply lying there an attendant. you dearly has imposed a week in curfew and there are restrictions in one of india's most populous states my rashtriya to slow infection rates in the worst hit regions but reports of shortages of hospital beds medicine and oxygen have led to more fears or i'm very very scared the situation is terrifying if i wasn't in essential work or i wouldn't have left my house at all no one should go out but this new social distancing here polling booths in some of the most politically charged regional elections are prompt. to pick what can we do unless people try to protect themselves how much can we do that's why i stood behind the lines because i would try to manage and
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control the crowd but nobody listened. some are blaming petitions for. holding large election rallies. on one hand over 1000 cases are rising and leaders are doing rallies where they and their supporters are not even wearing masks this is something to think about how people vote if they're not allowed to do it. for days hundreds of thousands of hindus have been gathering at camilla an important religious festival increasing concerns of more infections now prime minister in the movie is urging worshipers to keep the festival symbolic i mean criticism of the government's handling of the operate there calls to scale up vaccinations and impose tougher restrictions for a 2nd wave of the virus in the world's 2nd worst affected nation gets even worse. well thailand has also seen a record rise in new cases of cholera 19 with more than 1500 new infections
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reported on saturday but the thai government appears reluctant to order a lockdown wary of the economic impact it could possibly have tony chang has our report from bangkok. mass covert testing at a basketball stadium in bangkok thailand on saturday recorded the highest rise in new cases for the 4th day in a row despite being the 1st country outside china to record infections thailand has kept the deaths within double figures but there are now real concerns the kingdom could be in the grip of a 3rd wave of the virus he might not say here i think this outbreak in thailand would be long because do you care very in spreads. new restrictions have been placed on entertainment venues and restaurants banning the sale of alcohol 24 hour markets and gyms have had their opening hours limited but thailand's government appears to be doing everything in its power not to go into complete lockdown by
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young made up now there is no lock down ok i sympathise with you but we would need to reduce the operating hours i don't want to close everything down closing is easy but who are those who are suffering. stopping the spread of covert 19 has come at a huge economic price closing thailand's borders to shut down the lucrative tourist trade and those businesses that have survived the pandemic so far would probably be finished if a 3rd wave extends the shutdown for much longer here in bangkok things are now noticeably quieter but business is being kept alive by the urban middle class outside the capital however many communities have seen incomes drop by more than 50 percent and that's not going to improve until the borders are reopened. the slow rate of vaccinations however means this won't happen for some time thailand has vaccinated fewer than one percent of the population despite attempts to focus
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on tourist destinations like who cares the local producer of the astra zeneca jab said this week they won't be in full production till june for many time businesses that will be far too late tony ching al-jazeera bangkok. meanwhile forty's in brazil of want women to delay pregnancy until the country passes the worst of the pandemic saying the virus variants have had a greater effect on pregnant women their condition. because each of the other of these moments of the pandemic to be looked at when we see there is a difficult situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards issue be evaluators like what happened in 2006 seeing if possible we recommend delaying pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in a more peaceful way. has come one hour from alessandro patty's following the story
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from bogota actually i was on a summer there's been increasing concern about the effect that covert is having on babies and young children in brazil but tell us more about that as well reaction to women delaying their pregnancies. it's these are all very worrying developments in brazil one of the worst affected countries in the world and one in which people are increasingly critical of the response of the national government their president here are both so narrow the lack of a centralized effort to contain these new surges of infections that seem to be in particularly due to the fact that there are new variants inside the country one in particular called p u one that was originally found in brazil and now increasingly found across
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latin america. is that health officials are still studying the effects of this berry and so all they can really do is try to convince people to in this case a pregnancy and still they are studying the effects on younger people they believe that this variant is affecting them more now official figures say that in brazil so far since the beginning of the pandemic $800.00 children have died of which $500.00 were babies the new study that was presented just a couple of days ago says that that number might be much higher 2600 children aged 9 or younger have died due to cope with 19. of which 1300 were babies numbers that are way higher but this is still being studied based on excessive deaths that have happened in children due to respect this is since the
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beginning of the pandemic a very worrying situation and one in which a lot of brazilians believe the government is not doing enough to try to contain the situation right so we're seeing a lessening situation in brazil and then. and colombia where you are now seeing protests against the latest code restrictions. yes that has been the case in the last couple of days in colombia where i am street vendors shop owners taking to the streets friday again saturday morning they blocked main. avenues and transportation have hubs because they're saying they cannot deal with further restrictions were under a complete lockdown during the weekend here in bogota in another 5 cities main
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cities in colombia they say that the economic fallout is way too harsh on them and that they simply cannot sustain more closures but i also used to say they don't really have an alternative when these new variants that they have now been confirmed that are in colombia both the one that originated in brazil and the other one from the u.k. or now here in bogota for example and also it is believed are responsible for this major surge that we're going through the fact that i.c.u. unit are practically completely full in a number of cities. is going through something that's quite similar is with the hospitals they're also on the brink of collapse what really sparked the protests on friday when was that is that was the fact that the national government has decided once again to close the schools there until april to
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a lot of families took to the streets saying that they want the schools open even if the government here believes that the fact that the schools have reopened have pushed infections at a higher rate in the city of situs thank you so much from the guitar lesson from bring us all the latest and making latin america. kyrgyzstan's government is pushing its faith in tonic the concoction is being used to treat coated after the president himself endorsed it the health minister drank the tonic to show that it's safe as well but medical experts say the plant being used is poisonous and can even be lethal form of government viruses said the country was falling back into the middle ages.
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well hundreds of parents in mozambique are still searching for their missing children after rebels raided the town of palma last month and u.n. workers say they're horrified by the stories they're hearing from survivors many of whom are very young children they've been arriving in pember from where has this report. when an armed group attacked the town of palma in mozambique to kabul delgado province some of these women got separated from their children their plan was to reach pemba the provincial capital hoping this sons and daughters had also managed to get here as well on the border until the final in this water and i can't take it anymore people are left with nothing people are suffering a lot of children are without their parents you know how many pregnant women a hair without their husbands here by themselves i just want to live in peace i want this war to be over please let this will be over. after
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a few phone calls told her children are still stuck in parma hungry and afraid but right now she can't get to them the united nations says thousands of people fled palmer last month many of them are children traveling on their own some saw their parents speak so we have very very graphic and reports from callers that shouldn't even said some of the words telling us i saw my father being beheaded i saw my mother being killed and somehow we see other children bringing the younger brothers and they kept it was as tiny adults would say it's quite shocking the armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind the attacks that began in 2017 some. some of the mothers if the children are being kidnapped by the army the boys are forced to become fighters and the girls forced into marriage and 16. and accompanied minors will eventually be pace with host
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families in mozambique that's if the parents all relatives can't be found but as attacks in kabul guarded province grow in size and frequency humanitarian workers warn more children could once again be on the move how do al-jazeera him the most and now every train has admitted that its troops are fighting in ethiopia's northern to gray region but has vowed to pull them out it's the 1st one of the african nation is explicitly knowledged its role in the conflict our train forces are reportedly dressing as members of the ethiopian military both governments have previously denied their presence there contradicting testimony from aid workers refugees and residents united nations says the eritrean forces have committed atrocities william davidson is the senior ethiopian alice an international crisis group and says soldiers from both countries could be found guilty of the pieces there's a joint investigation that's supposed to be getting underway between united nations
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human rights investigators and its european investigators so we will have to see what the mandate is what level of access they have got on the ground they get on the ground what types of accountability processes. at this stage it's very hard to say but given the scale of the trust is i imagine that at some point. both ethiopia and eritrea and military personnel will probably be held accountable so loud for you on the program. another cry for justice after another police shooting u.s. communities. and man was running genter announces a mass prisoner release but if any afford to be anti could protest is.
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how we've got some pleasant spring wald's across many parts of europe over the next couple of days not particularly high temperatures for many but a fair bit of sunshine coming through nevertheless a little more cloud spilling in from the atlantic towards the british isles little more cloud to where it was that eastern side of europe calls a cloud here producing some outbreaks of sherry rape absa little bit of snow still in place there just around the balkans but not too much to speak of still a warm side for moscow 14 celsius average for this time vs around 10 degrees civil war side down towards the southeast ankara could touch $24.00 celsius but again notice a few showers coming across parts of greece and into further west this is what we have more in the way of sunshine than showers some pleasant sunshine 18 celsius in madrid but we not see far off that 88 all slow some warped there into scandinavia over the next couple of days the cloud right will try to push in across western parts of scotland as we go through monday showers down across the pasta germany
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southern areas of potent pushing down towards austria was the balkans towards the black sea want to see showers to want to see showers just moving across the fall north of algeria and the impulse of tunisia national in africa is of course lottery draw but heavy showers around the gulf of guinea. came from the countryside to cairo and became hard to deny it. see this is different from the in the form of al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. with the free for movie the wall street gorman but he's no managed by the security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera. the in.
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the room. look at main stories now 3000000 people are now known to have died of covert 19 around the world experts say the actual number of deaths is likely much higher brazil cartney has the highest daily death toll south asia is fast becoming the global at the center of the pandemic with a more infectious wave of the virus overwhelming hospitals india has now recorded more than 200000 new daily cases for 3 days in a row and hundreds of parents in mozambique are still searching for their missing children 3 weeks after on trade at the town of palma u.n. workers say they're horrified by the stories they've been hearing from survivors many of them very young children. now and other stories we're following an italian
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court has ordered former interior minister need to stand trial on kidnapping charges for refusing to let a migrant ship dock in sicily 2 years ago but salvini who's the leader of a great party still insists he did the right thing for a chalons has more. for several weeks in 2019 the open arms bob done to the hot sun of a sicilian summer on board around 100 mostly african migrants italy didn't want them but nor did any other european states then italian interior minister. wouldn't let the rescue ship dock in till european leaders relented and took the migrants in to his dismay an italian judge has just ruled salvini must stand trial for the migrants kidnapping. to be taken for a kidnapper absolutely not the idea is simply ridiculous it's simply ridiculous i'm
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sorry for my children who have to explain to them that their dad doesn't risk going to prison to morrow morning that next week saturday god willing i'll be at the playground with them i'm sorry about this salvini and his anti immigration league party had prevented several migrant boat landings clashing with italy's court system n.g.o.s like open arms and the e.u. another similar 2nd case is still awaiting a judge's decision on whether it will go to trial recently selvi any and right wing populist politicians from hungary and poland have been setting up a new nationalist political force within the e.u. . conviction could see salvia jailed for 15 years and barred from holding office at the open arms trial begins in sicily's capital palermo on september the 50 rory chalons al-jazeera. here in the u.k. prince philip de lay has been to of queen elizabeth has been laid to rest in the royal vault at windsor castle died last week at the age of 99 but his funeral was
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a relatively just 13 in attendance because at 19 restrictions from windsor. it's. a moment of pared back pageantry within the confines of windsor castle prince philip 70 years of royal spanned the globe but his final journey was short on the back of a specially modified land rover the prince him self had a role in designing his naval cap and offices sort placed on top. behind the coffin is for children prince charles princess son prince is andrew and edward together with his grandsons prince william and prince harry with their cousin peter phillips between them. it is the brother's 1st meeting since the dispute about harry and megan models decision to step back from royal juicy and the couple's tell
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all interview with oprah winfrey. lining the route senior members of britain's armed forces cornering prince philip's career in the royal navy where he commanded a ship. the funeral service began with a minute's silence queen elizabeth cutting a lonely figure in the pews of st george's chapel far apart from the rest of her family wearing a mask throughout. before the pandemic there were plans for 800 guests but only 30 carefully chosen was and representatives were allowed to attend no grand eulogies or big speeches the duke of edinburgh regarded buckingham palace in central london as his office and windsor castle as his home there's a long standing tension between members of the royal family his public and private lives as representatives of the 1000 year old british monarchy ironically it was
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prince philip who 1st invited cameras into the royal household in the 1960 s. the family has remained under immense media scrutiny ever since even during times of personal grief. or our. as the prince's body was moved to the royal vault memories of years of public duty and charitable work a legacy muddied by a catalogue of jarring remarks some saw as racist and sexist the put him in olds with modern britain at a time when the royal family has been struggling to retain relevance but for many prince philip has remained for more than 70 years is a symbol of stability loyalty to his wife queen elizabeth and continuity in changing times part of the very fabric of british identity leave barca al-jazeera windsor russia's expelled
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a top ukrainian diplomat after accusing him of attaining classified information from a law enforcement agency russian security services arrested alexander sausan head of the consular instant petersburg on 5 day a crane has responded by expelling a russian diplomat it's a further escalation of tension between the 2 nations with ongoing reports of a major buildup of russian forces along the ukrainian border this month. well in all the stories we're following russian opposition figure alexina valley is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in prison and close to death according to his personal doctor the volly who is president vladimir putin's most prominent critic has been refusing food in protest against his treatment in jail his doctor is not allowed to see him but after receiving test results says he could die any moment of ali was jailed in february for violating parole conditions as a result of traveling to germany for treatment after being poisoned. large crowds
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are violent in the u.s. city of chicago after the release of a video showing the fatal shooting of a 13 year old boy by a police officer tensions are still high over the shooting by police of a young black man in minnesota chairing a traffic stop on sunday highlighting the issues around policing and racial injustice a chaper tense here reports. hundreds gathered in chicago a day after police released video from the march 29th killing of 13 year old adam toledo by a police officer. in the off tomorrow if the police had said that the boy had died then all md confrontation the video shows to later complying with an instruction to put his hands up he's been shot dead and investigation is underway for help the video about him to later his death was released as the police officer. in minneapolis i was protests continue here in brooklyn following the killing of a right. the protesters here have long argued that the disproportionate
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killing of people of color by the police is a systemic issue not the result of a few bad apples and the mother of dumb to rights again despair of a system that may finally be putting police officers on trial but that remains fundamentally the group of justice yes justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my son driving to the car wash to come you know i'm after that i'm not going to get fat but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come home. so you get the 3rd on a police pension right now why my son is going to be buried in a few days and that's not ok but the protests in brooklyn center on just about
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police killings now they're also about the police response to protests about police killings on friday many of the protestors were bathrobes in solidarity with samir or her son she lives opposite the police station where night after night tear gas and smoke grenades have been fired with abandon. on wednesday she left her apartment in her bathroom to look for her brother she was tackled to the ground. she was then jailed for presidents of an unlawful assembly all week the irony has not been lost on those here but the response to these demonstrations against unnecessary violence and the over policing of black communities. is a beam unnecessary violence and over policing shihab rattansi al-jazeera brooklyn's and. iran says it's identify the suspect i need tack on one of its nuclear facilities state t.v. is reporting a man fled the country before the attack on the natanz plant happened on sunday
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that wrong has blamed israel for sabotaging its electrical grid calling it an act of nuclear terrorism. well when 23000 prisoners have been pardoned and released by me and mas military leaders it's a traditional element of the nation's new year's celebrations but few if any of them are thought to be for democracy activists arrested during protests against the coup this is the 2nd time the gender is issued mass pardon since it seized power in at the recent military takeover and thailand's foreign ministry is confirming min hung will attend next week's regional summit 10 members of the association of southeast asian nations come together annually to discuss regional issues this year it's being held in indonesia assy and has already called for our city to unsung see cheese release from prison. brazil is asking for millions of dollars in exchange for stopping the deforestation of the amazon days before world leaders
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hold a climate summit brazil's president has repeated his call for a to protect the crucial ecosystem charitable scenario has infuriated environmentalists with policies which have led to mass transit to many trees being cut down an area 14 times the size of new york city has been destroyed during his tenure the amazon rainforest is home to millions of plants and animals. on a recount the headline stories this hour now on 3000000 people are known to have died of covert 19 around the world though experts say the true number of deaths is likely much higher south asia is fast becoming the global center of the pandemic with a deadlier.


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