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solutions on people but how it affects their every day but. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know that all odious is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go on the reported. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and i'm terry navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes western nations tell russia to stop threatening ukraine and warning against a moscow's plans to close parts of the black sea to foreign ships thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm the country and the jury's out
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in the murder trial of derek chosen the former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing george floyd pakistan's parliament is expected to vote on whether to expel the french ambassador under a deal with the band's conservative party but on people similar the sport the european super league continues to provoke an angry response but the president of the new competition real madrid florentino perez insists that it will be the savior of. hello welcome to the news hour more than 20 russian warships have begun military drills in the black sea that's according to russian state media well the move comes as the u.s. pushes back against moscow's plan to block foreign ships from parts of the black sea for 6 months washington says the move is an unprovoked escalation and it fears
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russia will restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of as of and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country conflict between forces and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalate. the u.s top diplomat says russia has deployed 100000 troops along the border charles stratford has been to the front line in eastern ukraine and has this reports. ukrainian soldiers reinforcing their trench the military is dug in alone approximately 300 kilometer front line stretches across the donbass region of eastern ukraine. a recent escalation of fighting against pro russia separatists and a military build up of around 100000 russian troops close to the border is a reminder that this 7 year long so-called frozen conflict is not over yet.
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a new generation is growing up with this war it's important we finish it there are comrades being killed and injured all the time the same as me or younger this is the defense of the motherland. separatist positions are around 130 meters from here both sides accusing each other repetitively violating a cease fire agreement that has failed when it was signed in 2014 but ukrainian soldiers here say that russian separatists in recent weeks i think recently been using snipers mortars and genies and especially since the russian troop buildup on the border the bombed out shell of a coal mine an industry that provided jobs and income for communities here since soviet times shows how indiscriminate the fighting has been the ruins of a village a reminder of the more than 13000 people killed and the 1000000 forced to flee their homes this is gallium milk over and
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a sunroof when we met them sheltering in their cellar from a mortar attack 4 years ago and this is them now who has never known life without war. ghalia says things have got bad again in recent weeks most of those a lot of those when you get a new each year in new zealand happens in the morning and evening but who should 1st we don't know it has been quiet especially the last 2 years but the past 2 weeks it started again i worry when he goes to school he calls me when he gets there and before he leaves to come home we don't watch news anymore because it makes us nervous i don't even like go into the shops anymore because you worry about what may happen ghalia like many others who live close to the front line says she can't leave the village because she and ruslan have nowhere else to go after al jazeera. eastern ukraine well let's bring in bernard semester moscow bernard not as
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the report suggests there's a flurry of activity by russia what more can you tell us about what action russia has been taking. so we know that it seems today they have hired a naval air force exercises in and around crimea russia has restricted airspace around parts of crime in the black sea until the 24th of this month a few days from now and after the 24th until the end of october it's restricting access through the carriage straight now why this matters is because this strait separates eastern crimea from parts of western russia and it gives access to ukrainian and russian ports there's a treaty between russia and ukraine the grants both sides free and equal use of these waters and says they can invite 3rd nations through if they want for example
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if ukraine wants to invite a foreign navy what russia is doing is it saying until the 31st of october they'll be no access for any foreign navies any navies or through that strait ukraine included but it will not restrict. maritime trade but the point is the russian is not supposed to be doing this it's stopping effectively ukraine from its navy from accessing ukrainian ports on the eastern side of ukraine and why is all of this happening now. it's clearly an assertion of russian power in that area crimea is internationally recognized as being ukrainian and of being or and he's being occupied by russia russia is saying we will continue to have whatever activities they want may call them exercises around the black sea around crimea and around along the border with
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ukraine they are just that military exercises but as we know the e.u. says there are 100000 troops massed along the border that's an enormous number of troops even if they were just military military exercises now while the view here is since joe biden's phone phone calls are vladimir putin last week offering a stark summit the view here seems to be that the threat of invasion immediate threat of invasion of ukraine has gone away if there was a threat of that happening however russia continues to show that it exercises its freely in that area around ukraine and it's almost daring the navy or the ukraine or foreign power to challenge russia's decision to close particularly back straight ok thank you so much bernard smith for that update from moscow. bus and train stations in new delhi have been
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overwhelmed by thousands of migrant workers fleeing the city as a weeklong cove in 1000 lock down goes into effect it's a reminder of a similar exodus during a nationwide lockdown last year india has reported more than 200000 new cases for a 6th consecutive day and on tuesday it reported a record number of deaths from the virus more than 17 hundreds. i'm leaving because a lot down has been imposed nobody house is in lockdown not the government and definitely not the rented house owner but we have to pay everyone we are far from home and we are here to work hard and earn for our family back home and this situation will end up doing the opposite so we have to go home elizabeth purana ms in new delhi and she says the government is being urged to provide welfare for migrant workers. delhi's government announced on monday that from monday night for one week that it was imposing what it called a curfew but one of the restrictions are the same as doing the knock down the
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nationwide lockdown even last year with people on their homes on this they work and what are considered essential services and they're not allowed to leave their homes on this it's to get essential supplies in just hours after those restrictions were announced we have seen thousands of migrant workers people who were who live rather in different states to where they work crowding the streets off the capital crowding and train terminals because they have many of them who are dating wages and those who once again as they did last year they've lost their jobs they can't afford to pay rent and they want to return home now dellys that tenant has pleaded with migrant worker is not to leave and try to assure them that they will be looked off to high court has asked both the central and state government why we are seeing the kinds of pictures we did last year and why they haven't learnt anything in the past year it's also asking the local government here in
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delhi to spend around $400000000.00 to make sure that all of these people these modern flu because the fed now that they have no way to feed themselves as well as the scenes that we are seeing at bus and train terminals we are also seeing migrant workers on the leaving delhi by foot on the border with the station all. again because they feel that they have no option the democratic republic of congo has launched its vaccination campaign after a month long delay health care workers and people above the age of 60 will be among the 1st to receive a job the country's secured one and a hoss 1000000 astra zeneca under the kovacs scheme its rollout was postponed last month because of concerns about rare blood clots reported in other countries. the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin
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begins its 1st full day of deliberations in a few hours time he's accused of killing george floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than 9 and a half minutes john hendren has been following the trial in minneapolis. otherwise we are in recess until we hear from the jury in their final words on the most highly charged us civil rights case in decades prosecutors told jurors to trust their eyes but for the defendant's actions pushing him down. george later died that day. drugs he just miraculously dr di a drug overdose in that time. maybe it was the tail pipe maybe it was in large part maybe not use your common sense. use your common sense believe your eyes what you saw you saw what the jury saw it was the same 9 and a half minutes the world saw of them minneapolis police officer derrick show been
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kneeling on george floyd's neck until paramedics carried off his lifeless body in a case that started with an allegedly fake $20.00 bill and ended with protests and riots across the united states prosecutors said the evidence proved children used excessive force choke the life out of floyd and refused to render medical care even after he showed no pulse or want to write. and at the time of causing the death the defendant committed or was attempting an assault in the 3rd degree. and that's been proved beyond a reasonable doubt with those being proved and the venue a 2nd degree felony murder the defendant is guilty. i don't like the defense. argued that show ven held floyd face down just as he was trained to put in mr floyd eminently dangerous we've got
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a lot about the prone position. consider just the basic proposition people sleep in the prone position people. position. the problem position the problem position in and of itself is not an inherently dangerous. proposition during restraint is not an inherently dangerous and. it is routinely trained in the use by the minneapolis police the park defense lawyer eric nelson blamed bystanders for show vince failure to administer lifesaving c.p.r. saying he felt unsafe and hoping to give jurors enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal he offered a broad array of alternative theories for floyd's death heart trouble drugs even car exhaust we have to analyze this case from the perspective of a reasonable police officer at the precise moment with the talent of the circumstances when it comes to the use of force children's fate now lies in the
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hands of the jury which is in isolation until they can render a unanimous verdict one reason for sequestering them is to make sure they don't hear news of protesters demanding chauvinist conviction but with demonstrations across the country it's not clear they won't be able to hear protests from where they're deliberating. deliberations can range dramatically in length in 1902 it took 7 days for jurors in the police beating of rodney king to find 4 officers not guilty 3 years later jurors took less than 4 hours to declare o.j. simpson not guilty of murder for show of an end for residents of minneapolis in cities across the u.s. that wait will be filled with anxiety and fear for what comes next john hendren al jazeera minneapolis and dozens of protesters have been outside that courthouse demanding show conviction the peaceful demonstrations have been taking place as minnesota governor and the mayor of minneapolis call for calm. to go which to
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troops. we cannot allow civil unrest to descend into chaos we must protect life and property but we also must understand very clearly if we don't listen to those communities in pain and those people on the streets many of whom were arrested for speaking a fundamental truth that we must change we will be right back here again a u.s. judge has ordered 2 leaders of the far right proud boys group to be arrested and jailed on charges related to the january attack on capitol hill joseph beggs and ethan already and have been free since they were 1st charged in march but a judge now says they pose a grave danger to the community and there are no release conditions that would be adequate they'll be kept in jail until their trial or medical examiner has ruled a us police officer injured in the capitol hill riots in january suffered a stroke and died of natural causes as investigators had thought brian may have
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died from a serious head injury or from inhaling chemicals 2 men are charged with using bear spray on sick night during the riot but monday's findings mean prosecutors are less likely to bring murder charges. here with the news hour on al-jazeera plenty more ahead including this one have more on the multi-billion dollar dispute between the congolese government and uganda that has spanned decades we speak to palestinians in gaza ahead of the 1st legislative vote there in 15 years and in sports the l.a. lakers struggle without lebron james the best of the n.b.a. action coming up with peter a little later. but 1st pakistan's government has agreed to ask for a parliamentary vote on whether to expel the french ambassador it's part of the deal it reached with the band's political party to head it in the bake in an effort
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to end the week long anti france demonstrations there have been nationwide strikes and that he has been blocking routes into major cities and protest against french cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad's at least 6 people have been killed. a lot of them best to my question is will cutting ties and sending the french ambassador back stop this is there a guarantee that no one will insult the prophet after. a home from school when we expelled the french ambassador and cut ties with france means we'll cut ties with the european union half of our textile exports go to europe this means half of our textile exports will be reduced it means unemployment and the closure of the factories let's get an update from all haidar he's joining us from islamabad so why is parliament taking this vote on kemal and how do we expect it to vote. really. important to understand that it was back in november last year that the
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government agreed to do it that day and that day. for the expulsion of the french. that day. the agreement reached between imran khan's government and the day. however earlier this month the leader of the. march. for the expulsion of the french. roared blog bringing life to a word. the country of the interior minister decided that d.l.p. would be a. dated organized religion the organization. decided that they would continue their their lead. we're told the idea being
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released and the government how. it did holding that discussion in parliament right behind me the blog it's on people taking part in it. but. i know it's going to be important to see what kind of conclusion comes out of date it should not be forgotten the budget done teddy can solve the party led by a con that simple majority in parliament very. difficult to get through ok come on thank you so much for that update from islamabad. the international court of justice has begun a public hearing on the democratic republic of congo's long running attempt to win repaired 3 ations from uganda so in 1980 ugandan forces occupied a congolese north eastern region for 5 years then in 2005 the court ruled uganda did violate international sovereignty finding it guilty for the killing on torture
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of civilians destroying villages on plundering natural resources but uganda says it acted in self-defense and accuse the kong of these governments of providing support to anti ugandan rebel groups the democratic republic of congo has demanded $10000000000.00 let's talk about this with phil clark who's a professor of international politics at the school of oriental and african studies at the university in london so joining us from there thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera so why is it that the d r c is bringing the case back to the i.c.j. at the hague when as we've been saying there was a previous ruling in 2005 in the c.r.c. is favor. the d r c government has basically gone to the i.c.j. to alert the court that uganda hasn't followed through on backstairs judgment in 2005 congo is basically saying to the i.c.j. you founded in 2005 day uganda was guilty of the invasion the occupation of the
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plunder of congolese territory but uganda since then has refused to pay the reparations that the court itself demanded there was a 10 year negotiation between congo and uganda to try to determine the amounts of those reparations those negotiations have gone nowhere and now congo has gone back to the court to say you have to force uganda to coyotes reparations and you need to tell your gender exactly how much reparations it needs to pay rates and how likely is it that uganda does pay. if the i.c.j. i saw ends that that uganda is in breach of that judgment in 2005 that it's likely to put my egypt pressure on uganda this is a very high profile case it's been much anticipated in central africa it will be difficult for uganda to wriggle out of a judgment by the court if the court says that uganda needs to pay quite substantial reparations and i think that that is the likely judgment here i think
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the court will cite uganda perhaps you don't have to pay the $10000000000.00 that the sea is asking will but when likely to see it reparations requirement somewhere in the vicinity of the 1000000000 dollars and and uganda will be under severe pressure so why is it that this is so reparations though has remained unresolved all these years you were mentioning that there were negotiations why did they fail . i think the biggest sticking point really has been that uganda hoped that this case would go why i think uganda caught the 2005 decision on the chin and then hope that that would be the end of the matter and it was then up to come going to keep reminding you dan did that the court in 2005 said that it had to pay reparations not think uganda was hoping that enough time would a lapse in the reparations issue would simply disappear well several years ago congo to sit about had enough of that and decided to get the i.c.j. involved again and that's why the reparations issue has been decided by the court
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this week and for some of our international viewers who may not be aware of this particular story and for some context just remind us once again what they do you are seeing how to keane's uganda off during. congo's accusation was that do you gannon had invited congolese territory at the end of the $990.00 s. and then that uganda basically occupied a lot of swiping of of congo lee soil and in the process committed serious violations including mass murder i dance congolese civilians and then also used that occupation to pillage natural resources out of congo which then which i can back to uganda much to the benefit of the ugandan economy so called i took the case to the i.c.j. to show that the human toll particularly the death toll of uganda's occupation but also to put a spotlight on the economic crimes that uganda had committed and and the court in 2005 agreed with we come to one goal of that and said that that is exactly what
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uganda had done at the end of the ninety's leading into the early 2000 ok fell clark thank you so much for speaking to us from london you're welcome. now early results show chards president idriss deby has won re-election for his 6th term and office supporters went to celebrate after he secured more than 79 percent of the vote 7 years one of africa's longest serving leaders he was due to give a victory speech but his campaign director said he's visiting soldiers on the front lines to lessen the threat of regional violence next month holds the promise for resumption of a national unity government for palestinians one instead of 2 governments representing the west bank and the gaza strip or this will be the 1st time in 15 years palestinians head to the polls to vote in legislative elections but as the toss of a name reports from gaza there are already doubts that the election will even take place. the last time palestinians voted in
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a legislative election facebook and twitter were months away from being launched globally the year was 2006 they couldn't have known then they would spend the next 15 years with a divided government and no chance to elect a new one didn't look that into about 15 years without an election and we're facing a miserable situation as a mother i wish it will happen and things change for the better. an election for the palestinian legislative council is scheduled for may but already there is widespread expectation palestinians won't be rushing to a polling station headed in to have acted not that they'd have one of these elections only for a new in the legitimacy of palestinian leaders and to continue to rely on foreign aid but in the long term it will not serve the palestinian people israel has yet to approve voting in east jerusalem but how has splintered and both fatah and hamas
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are worried about losses in their own bases due to disaffected voters. professor a high morale boost says recent polls show hamas would be lucky to get 25 percent of the vote in gaza but it might be able to get a bigger share in the west bank where people are fed up with the palestinian authority but maybe after the elections we might see a new or different kind of coalitions but that would probably be against the will of the international community which is still a classifying hamas as a terrorist organization and also israel and which doesn't want to see a mass in any form of a palestinian government so united or unified government between hamas and fatah is unlikely how must spokesman. says the organization is pushing for the election to take place as scheduled and that palestinians are primarily frustrated by the
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israeli occupation not their leaders is about and on them the world and the international community should help us choose our leader and to take our rights back we should be living in a good situation like all the human beings in this region. a generation of palestinians has come of age living with a divided government and no way of changing it at the ballot box the question people are asking is will this year marc. long overdue change which. al-jazeera. still had on the news hour cuba gets its 1st non castro party leader in 6 decades but is the transfer of power likely to be more symbolic than revolutionary the mozambican town of pemba struggles to support thousands of people who've arrived after fleeing violence further annoyance and a landmark day in the n.h.l. as one player breaks the record for all time appearances stories coming up with
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peter in sport it's. now we have cut off the cold supply the arctic air is no longer blowing having done its damage in the videos of france and there's no obvious movement of of cloud in from the north that has been for days and days if not weeks but as a massive cloud here in eastern europe that's where rain is coming up snow possibly a little bit in western side of russia and snow up in norway and this is a telling when so far was most places were up in the teens now which is a pleasant change was widespread showers and significant rain coming into portugal the temperatures come up but it won't stay that way look at copenhagen marked the calm the cold side you are right to think that we're now just 12 was staying down by 86 degrees by thursday that's more or less
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a night time tension jury in the day and the cold keeps spreading down through germany and poland reaches this line stretches through austria and up to the baltic states this is the cold air and they will make some progress down to vienna not surprisingly cold but colder than you might like however it's still better than it was a week ago in north africa the pictures now a dry run though for some a windy one that's particularly true i think through egypt where color is down down to 30 degrees. from. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been imploring it was me and just got a really wonderful. revealed secret cd one of the best sitting out there will be people outraged you know bad connection some don't want exponents many in legacy
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media love the mass shooting. duck next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. when the news breaks here in windsor with to see if maybe this is the main breach completely underwater when people who need to be hurt 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told i felt like the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to the house of abraham to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news.
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and we got the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. has described russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months is an unprovoked escalation washington says it would be another attempt by moscow to destabilize ukraine bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of workers leaving the city after a weeklong lockdown went into effect india's reported more than 200000 new cases for a 6th straight day after 3 weeks of testimony the jury in the trial of the former me apple is police officer derek jovan has begun its deliberations he's accused of killing george floyd and faces 2 murder and manslaughter charges. now the u.s. state department is changing the way it puts together travel advisories for american citizens it once it's warnings to match recommendations from the centers for disease control more closely the result is that another 130 nations are now
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being added to washington's do not travel list but the new advice doesn't actually prevent american citizens from going to those countries and some countries have approved covert 1000 vaccination certificates as the new travel passports but here's the thing airlines are dealing with passengers presenting fake 1000 health certificates the problem is affecting international flights more than domestic ones airlines are saying their staff are not trained to detect fake certificates and are calling on all thor to used to issue digital health passes let's discuss this with matthew driscoll who's the editor of asian aviation he's joining us from singapore thanks for your time with us on the news hour how widespread is this problem of fake covert certificates. thanks for having me during fake certificates are like fake driver's licenses when you're 15 years old in the us and you're trying to buy beer or something. fake documents have been around forever
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from world war 2 world war one so this is not something that is new people have been forging things like this forever the problem is we've got a global pandemic and. then again the problem is that i think as you mentioned airlines border agents people like that are not trained to deal with this simply because there are no standard droit now you've got a whole host of countries and governments that are out i just got my 1st vaccine from here in singapore and i'm looking at my certificate and i could fake this very easily if i wanted to please don't you know i hope nobody from the singapore government is listening but there's no q.r. code there's no bar code or anything like that. there's no standards so we need to come up with a set of standards to prevent this right so it seems that governments have shifted
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the burden of this of checking certificates to the airlines the airlines are saying well they're having a hard time with this and as you're saying they're not trained to do so so whose responsibility is it. well i think it's the government's because it's just like you know if we're going to talk about vaccine passports or testing passports call it whatever you will but if you're going to cross a border then the government needs to be responsible just like we have standards for your passport whether you have a u.s. passport or a japanese passport or a chinese passport or a qatari passport that passport has to add here to certain standards that is recognized that by every single government every border you cross you know when you cross the border and they slip into the little scanner and so all the all the digital. codes that it's reading we can have the same thing when
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it comes to code vaccinations or code testing it just needs to be standardized and alexander's junia who is the former he just left as director general of the international air transport association and i'm reading from a story from something he said the other day he said only with global standards and governments accepting them can we get things back to normal right and that is the key. has been pushing for this digital health prospered but as you're saying it's up to governments to to actually accept that but then you have the whole issue of sort of sensitive health related data that comes into play and concerns that any digital service will you know there are questions surrounding privacy and data protection. listen if you're on the internet right now you have no privacy i mean come on let's face it there is no privacy in anywhere but let me getting back to
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what you originally said i understand people are concerned about their health that in all of this this. developing something like that we've done this before previously when i started traveling when i was a lot younger i'm not going to tell you how old i am now but in the eighty's. you know you had that yellow card with the vaccines licit and all of that it's the same kind of thing that card did not give people my entire health information the same thing now you can restrict it to only ok i got this test or i got this vaccine on this date from this clinic and that's all you need we've done it before we can do it again we need people like the world health organization and . the international civil aviation organization to come together and to say these
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are the standards it's not a difficult thing to do it just needs to be done that's the thing i mean how likely is it that you actually get a global standard because what we've seen so far and since the breakout of this pandemic is that each country has gone at things alone in terms of coren c.n.n. rules and restrictions so is that a tall order coming up with a global standard. we've done it before and we have standards now for passports why why can we not do the same thing if we're going to require people if we're going to mandate that people have a so-called vaccine passport or something like that why can we not do the same thing that we've done for regular passports the passport that you carry the passport that i carry we can do the same thing it's not rocket science it's science but it's not rocket science we're not trying to land on mars or jupiter or anything
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like that we're trying to get people to travel from country a to country b. and we can do that we've done it before we can do it now matthew driscoll got to talk to you thanks so much for speaking to us from singapore thank you. schools in argentina's capital have reopened after a court rejected the government's order of online classes for a further 2 weeks new coronavirus restrictions have created tension between the federal administration and city or thorny is as well as parents and teachers there is about reports from. a gathering outside their school in the province of one of scientists they came to ask the governmental prioritize education during the pandemic. if they buy it in what indeed all sports in this country has poverty rates of 42 percent and over 50 percent of the children have no computer no internet so i'm here for the children who do not have access to education because education is the only thing that will change this country. last week precedent
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a lot of the for the man this increased risk traditions in one aside is to prevent the spread of call that 1000 argentine ace in the 2nd wave of its held break and more than 20000 infections are confirmed every day among the measures taken where the suspension of in person to ask is for 2 weeks parents with their children here in front of the president's message if we go down there we go we're doing ok i can clean up there and the person classes last year in one of the bikers got down and that was that i made from crazy when you guys were the ruling coalition came here today i'm going to turn something similar may have been they fear that you are going here to demand a categorical should be the last recourse. in the city of one side is for example a court rejected a federal order suspending classes for 2 weeks the city of one of scientists is run by a center right opposition figure or. who says statistics show the infection rate in
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schools is minimal. we know the pandemic continues the virus circulates but we cannot choose between educate. and in health the challenge is to find the common good and to learn how to live with this and do it with care and responsibility parents and teachers a respect to the protocols some here believe disagreement about how to handle the pandemic between the government and the opposition is hurting argentina's fight against over $1000.00 hospitals are struggling to cope with a rise in infections so far only 11 percent of the nearly $45000000.00 population has been inoculated and that's one of the reasons why anger against the handling of the pandemic has been on the rice. at the beginning of the pandemic when the president was like a protective father public opinion took care of him and supported him he had a 68 percent approval rating but now he's dropped over 40 points because he's
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disconnected from the problems people are facing every day aside from the pandemic president out of the farm and this is trying to convince the public about the risks of covert 19 and the challenges ahead. the problem is that many seem to have lost faith in their governments have billeted to protect them experts here say fighting the virus without consensus will not succeed. and one of scientists cuban president miguel diaz can now has taken over as the head of the governing communist party he replaces rowel castro who is stepping down but the us can l. says castro will remain influential on important decisions the cinnamon as us reports . the. roll castro passing on his post as 1st secretary of the all powerful communist party the 60 year old president will give. an image that is supposed to
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signal the end of the castro era though not quite. one year ago that camaraderie all for legitimacy and because cuba needs him will be consulted on the most important strategic decisions for the destiny of the nation. while billboard's hailed the communist party as the soul of the revolution its 8 congress transpired behind closed doors cubans waited to hear if a much promised generational change would finally take place. we expect positive changes because the younger generation is more modern in accordance with our times and open to changes that we need especially in the economy. but when the names of the new politburo were finally announced on state media 4 of the 14 members were 77 years old and the rest between 50 and 60 fidel castro was 33 and the old 29 when they took power more than 6 decades ago by neural like
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troll castile the us can and will also hold the position of president of cuba at a challenging time was. to me is collapsing and dissent increasing opponent medea fiat says that hominess party will change the most barbecue and families are struggling in a human diary an escape crisis and the answer of the regime has been more repression more violence in their case you have to this light is open in millions for dan it will their absolute power at trees and that isn't that they don't want you to this communist party is one of only 4 in the world that remains in power and describes its future as one of continuity guaranteeing that continuity with a more in bold and younger generation of cubans may no longer be so easy to see in
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human al-jazeera. floorman the scots has won the support of germany's conservatives in his bid to succeed angela merkel is chancellor in september will be the joint candidate for the governing christian democrat party and the christian social union in federal elections later this year angela merkel is stepping down after more than 15 years in power marcus soder had also been vying to lead the center right blog but has now conceded the race. ok so levon 1000 people were forced to flee during last month's attack on palmer in northern mozambique humanitarian workers say most are now being looked after by their relatives in nearby pemba it's putting even more pressure on local communities that are already struggling as heroin tosser reports from. susanna felix's she was preparing food for her children when she heard gunshots then she saw her neighbors running confused and frightened she grabbed her kids and also ran it was the middle of the afternoon on the 24th of
1:45 pm
march the day of the attack on parma by an eyesore backed armed group began to say off i grabbed my children and we started running my husband was at work on the other side of town i haven't heard from him since march and his phone is switched off. the family is now staying with a relative in the provincial capital. but my dad is so who could barely support his own wife and children now he has even more mouths to feed. more than just this one we shared a little with each other i am the only one working hours if i can find food to bring home i tried to do just that sometimes you have nothing to eat it will sometimes eat one meal once a day aid agencies estimated by 90 percent of those who reached been back from parma are staying with relatives in recent months. in northern rows and it has been overwhelmed as thousands arrive on foot and on both the population has grown or
1:46 pm
some people say it's doubled many people are choosing to stay with relatives who are already struggling economically. humanitarian workers do regular follow up visits offering psychological support and other assistance to those affected by the violence but the needs are great last month's attack on the gas rich town of parma killed dozens of people and displaced thousands small this is a crisis to which the world needs to pay attention this is a crisis that desperately needs for us as humanitarians more funding we've got a lot more to do here we've got rising needs and while there are many competing crises around the world it is vital that this one gets attention these people have been through so much they've been through conflict they've been through sightlines and they have urgent needs that we have to help them meet got a problems with most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years has seen violence and instability since 2017 many families are constantly on the
1:47 pm
move every time a town or village is attacked they say go back to parma and any of the other conflict zones is no longer an option for them how do we toss al-jazeera mozambique . or just bringing you some breaking news from chad and this is according to the child he and the army they are reporting that the president that his child's president idriss deby has died of injuries suffered while he was on the front line once again this is according to the army that the president idriss deby has died off his injuries while visiting the frontline in just a reminder the early provincial results have been telling us that the president has indeed he had won a reelection for his 6th term in office he is one of africa's longest serving leaders and he was due to give a victory speech after the election results the provincial results but his campaign
1:48 pm
director had said that he was visiting soldiers on the frontline and now we're getting reports from the army that he has been has died of injuries let's get more information on this one morgan is joining us from chards capital. what more can you tell us about this breaking news story. well gary what we do know that is up to up until last night president was set to address his supporters and celebration of his victory for a 2nd term now this morning the army announced that the president who's been running the country for more than 30 years has passed away from injuries which he sustained when he went to the front lines over the weekend to to need the battles against the logical concord and change which has entered from libya on the day of the election on april 11th now we don't know exactly how bad the injuries were what we do know is that he did die from it asked for the army and we know that for the
1:49 pm
next 40 days the parliament has been dissolved and the speaker of the parliament will be the one that would be leading the country right now the state is in shock there has been tensions over the past couple of days especially because of the advance advancement of the army or the announcement that there are advancing towards the capital they were very concerned people were running around a lot of people a lot of shops were closed over the past couple of days this morning there was a little bit more ease around around the capital people were a little bit reassured after hearing that president that you will be leaving the country for another 5 years now this morning the army has announced that this is not going to be the case and that for the next 40 days the speaker of the parliament will be the one leading and a transition is in place. i know the information is just coming in and you're trying to bring us all the latest of course but tell us about that particular area where the president was visiting and what we know about any rebel groups over there
1:50 pm
obviously there's been no claim of responsibility yet and we don't know exactly what happened. what we do know that we do know is that on april 11th the floor so the front for change and concord and not them part of the country region honesty bestie from the libyan border maybe obviously neighbors chad and the front for a change and concorde has a non-aggression pact with the world loaded with the libyan war a lot and if i have to or and launch attacks from libya at a government station at the border region of the bestie they advance coming up to nearly 300 kilometers away from the capital in german or in the northern region and that we know from the military that as tribes were launched for a period of a week trying to deter the rebels from advancing towards the capital we also know that on saturday and sunday that the himself went forward after assuring people
1:51 pm
that the army is in control we know that the diplomatic missions had announced previously that they wanted their non-essentials staff and their nationals to leave the country on commercial flights because they were concerned about the security situation so all that was happening up in the north had created tensions between the diplomatic missions here in the capital and german as well as between civilians so we heard from the army yesterday and the day before that at least 300 people have been close 300 soldiers from the plant for change and concrete were killed as well as more than $140.00 captured and that they were continuing to pursue those rebels it's a very tense situation and the situation in the north is holding with more battles going on between the 2 sides the government and the rebels up until yesterday evening and hope but i'm just seeing reports as well debbie was injured in fighting as we've been saying and also he was leading a brigade along with his son do we know any more about his son and
1:52 pm
also who else would debbie have been traveling with to the area. what we don't know much information the army did not release information about the status of his son and whether he was injured in the battles between the government and the rebels what we do know is that the army chief of staff was also a lieutenant general a but there was also leading in the front lines and has taken some journalists to show them that they have managed to control 'd areas that the rebels have previously said that they had liberated we also saw statements from the rebel side saying that they were retreating tactfully because they wanted to reassess the situation before advancing once more so situation is still unfolding in the north when we're still to get more information from the army with regards to who else was injured in the battles but we do know that when you look at the number of when you
1:53 pm
look at 3 or more than 300 killed more than 140 injured and the government is saying that they are still pursuing more of the rebels and some of them saying that they have received it for the north you can imagine the size of the force that was advancing. and coming towards the capital it obviously was a very big battle but while it was happening no there was no access to media what we got and the access that we got came mostly after the battles and kind of was over by the government side and we only only have statements from the rebels saying that they had. that they had retreated to be able to reorganize once again before they launch further attacks ok we'll let you go for an hour thank you so much for coming up and giving us the update on the child and president just a reminder this is now confirmed by the army in charge that the president addressed debbie has died and he succumbed to his rooms. we will have more information as and when we get it right here on al-jazeera and he was just to let you know he
1:54 pm
was leading a brigade along with his son on the front lines so more on al-jazeera we. we'll take a break and right after the break we'll have the sports news we'll have the latest on the super league shockwave that's hit european football at stories coming up but peter.
1:55 pm
pan i got here is peter with the sports news story thank you very much we've heard a lot of negative reaction to the proposed european super league but now one of the main instigator israel madrid's club president florentine apere says it has been
1:56 pm
created to save football. one of 12 top teams to sign up to the new midweek. tournament which has been met with a furious response europe's governing body you a for along with the premier league league and city are have all threatened to kick the teams out of their competitions if they proceed but pet is seems that will never happen he's the chairman of the new super league and insists change is necessary and also warner said although they're not going to kick us out of the champions league not madrid none of us are not from the league either i'm sure of it and we want to say football at this critical moment the sport has to evolve like life like companies social media has changed behavior and football has to adapt why a 40 percent of young people between 16 and 24 no longer interested in our game because there are too many matches of poor quality they have other platforms to entertain themselves that is the reality interest in viewership are down the rights
1:57 pm
are also declining so something has to be done and the pandemic makes it more urgent we are all broke. ok just one of the lines to bring you there's a new record in the n.h.l. that it belongs to veteran patrick miller from the center is a shocks the 41 year old has broken the mark for most games played 1768 appearances across 23 seasons he's also played a remarkable 899 consecutive games with initial debut in 9097 all but current teammates were either not born or still in primary school the canadian also has to live because medals that's what the school thing is for the 3 ok peter thank you so much and before we go over once again let's remind you of the breaking news we have at al-jazeera it's out of china that's where the army has announced that president idriss deby has been killed this happened whilst he was leading soldiers on the front lines and debbie had just won reelection and was one of africa's
1:58 pm
longest serving leaders he was due to give a victory speech but his campaign director said that he was visiting soldiers on the front lines to lessen the threat of regional violence in that particular area and hence he did not give that victory speech and now we're hearing we have confirmation rather that the president's the newly reelected president idriss therapy and power are ready for 3 decades has died off his injuries once again just a reminder while fighting rebels in the north of the country according to the army rob matheson will be with you in just a moment right here on al-jazeera we'll bring you all the latest information on that story and the other stories we're covering for you thanks for watching bye bye for now.
1:59 pm
we know what's happening i rejoined we know how to get there they feel that others cannot fire they're still going on the way they held the story is what can make a difference frank assessments of poison but the government needs to watch what exactly happened and what measures now taking for a situation might not be you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing ministry us that this is a message to the region that the united states is rethinking its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story on.
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al-jazeera is news one of the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox. now assists and opinions that half the world. subscribe if the conversation. chad's army says president's deputy has died of injuries suffered while leading soldiers on the frontline. come about this and this is all to 0 live from doha also coming up western nations tell russia to stop threatening ukraine now and the warn against moscow's plans to close parts of the black sea to foreign ships. dozens of law.


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