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india reports a global record of more than 314000 new coronavirus infections as patients struggle to get hospital beds and oxygen. i'm about this and this is all just 0 live from doha also coming up the search for a missing indonesian submarine focuses on an oil slick north of bali. a bloody war between 2 drug cartels intensifies in southern mexico we've got an exclusive report
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from ground 0 in the conflict. i mean a close hawk in senegal on the edge of what is known as the great green wall an ambitious project to plant trees from west to east africa in an attempt to stop the desert from expanding. india is reporting a global record of more than 314000 new coronavirus cases and more than 2000 deaths it's the highest daily case count in a single country since the virus so 1st more than a year ago several states are struggling with severe shortages of oxygen the delhi high court has strongly criticized the government's response to the shortage saying and i quote beg borrow or steal it is a national emergency the health ministry says it's increased oxygen quarters for the worst hit regions. we have at least $350.00 patients and all of them probably
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all of them require oxygen oxygen varying from finally does to 15 meters to even more so that is the kind of demand that is there at the moment and because of which the supplies that are coming in we showed video. uncertain there is a lot of you know tension in the system we are not able to fully focus our energies on. on the clinical board offered and we are sadly distracted but not stately nor measurably distracted by the. their supply chain problems or one region which has been affected is my heart astra where authorities have now added further restrictions to its partial lockdown the prime minister states to avoid total lot titan's despite soaring cases and in the face of sharp criticism politicians continue to hold campaign rallies in west bengal's ongoing elections polling is also under way elizabeth cohen is in new delhi and she describes the crisis that
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hospitals are facing. we're outside one of daddy's biggest public hospitals they have a capacity of 1500 beds for close to 1000 patients they are completely full we are seeing patients arriving spring for the district family members trying to get the message saying other patients arriving already on oxygen supply use and oxygen cylinders and lying in their cars health minister has said has described this as a grave crisis with many of the capital's hospitals only having a few hours of oxygen supply left with so many thousands of patients on ventilators that's why one of india's biggest private hospitals took the matter to the delhi high court which directed the central government to urgently send off that into delhi it also said that the lives of thousands of people were at stake and said to the government that it was going to be responsible for the lives of these people if
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it didn't wake up to this situation now we also have a similar situation it's not as bad but people are dying elsewhere in the country because they can't get to hospital beds or to vent today says it's why the government is now importing 50000 metric tons of oxygen to send to 12 of the states that are the worst affected. health care workers in a lot of wise say they're struggling as the country faces a major surgeon kovan 1000 infections and deaths this fight to nearly a 3rd of the population getting vaccinated critics say the government has failed to build in its early success in containing the virus in america at a tennessee and newman reports. normally sedate or appliance protest by banging pots and pans they blame the government for allowing it to transit from the success story to the country with the highest per capita infection rate in the world and in just a few weeks the small south american country which is sandwiched between argentina
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and brazil had been hailed as the exception in a region of pandemic turmoil. but now the bubble has burst all with. we must take care of ourselves those who don't get back the need to die simple they're going to die if they get infected they die. with a population of only $3500000.00 or seeing more than $3000.00 infections per day by far the highest per capita in the world and also the 5th highest death rate the government has never ordered lockdowns or in forced other measures calling it a matter of principle but this has led to a blahs a attitude among citizens even though health experts warned that the more contagious variant of the virus from neighboring brazil wouldn't thank them quickly a bucket of water. until the dead are your dead he will think whatever you want
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until it happens in your family it's difficult for people to become aware. of the latest wave of cold it is breaking new records every day in latin america in colombia deaths are surpassing more than 420 daily. hopes his wife won't be one of them as she waits for an i.c.u. bed at this maybe you know hospital and but there's a good on them a great sense of helplessness because what can you do as a human being you can't do anything the pan american health organization says no region has been harder hit more than 3000000 people. and really. happened right here in the americans back in europe why hospitals are running out of sedatives needed for using respirators in critical care units a painful reminder that in this pandemic overconfidence it's
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a dangerous thing. to see a new man out 0. indonesia's navy chief is warning that oxygen supplies in a missing submarine will run out by saturday 53 crew members on board the k r i got a 42 went missing during a military exercise on wednesday and there's been no contact since an oil spill has been spotted in the area and a sun was detected around the time the vessel disappeared jessica washington has the latest from jakarta. we did hear from indonesia military authorities discussing their investigation into k r r 4 o 2 and they did confirm that the deadline is getting tighter and that by early saturday morning the crew on board this vessel will run out of oxygen there was enough oxygen for around 72 hours but of course there are variables and we can't exactly confirm when the crew would run out of oxygen already say that they are still looking at this area around north coast and they're looking in particular at
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an oil slick now there are 2 possibilities according to the engine asian military chief chief either there was some sort of fuel leak or potentially the crew on board the vessel deliberately released some of the fuel perhaps to lighten the load of the vessel or perhaps to send some sort of signal but some of the experts that we've spoken to say that the 2nd alternative does seem quite unlikely we know that there are 21 indonesian ships involved in this search effort as well as 3 into the submarines indonesia only has 5 submarines and it doesn't have the sophisticated maritime technology that its neighbors a strangely and singapore have in terms of rescue efforts so government has called on assistance from singapore and australia we understand that a vessel from singapore a submarine rescue vessel is already on the way and would arrive in belize waters in around 2 days assistance from australia we don't have any confirmation as to what that will look like but due to distance they may be limited to assistance that
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they can send by. hong kong investigative journalist has been convicted and fined for charges linked to a documentary exposing police misconduct june the $29000.00 protests crowds gathered outside court in support of bok choy and called for an end to the crackdown on press freedom choi produced a program showing police officers delaying their response to a mob attack against protesters nearly 2 years ago if you go pollens in hong kong she says both choice case spawns concerns over the city's press freedom. the fact that this case got this far in the process has been of huge concern now about troy is a prolific journalist here she's known for investigative work what's being questioned is her methods during a documentary she was investigating and reporting on where she looked up to license plates numbers on a public archive and a public set of data set
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a database that anyone should be able to access but according to the police she use false pretenses for it now this is a very common method used across the world and investigative journalism on accessing public databases so there are now many questions although this case has closed what this now will lead to particularly for journalism here in hong kong and also there are questions about the station that she works with that's a broadcaster call r t h k it's funded by the government it was once very open and critical of punk songs government acted with independence complete editorial independence has been modeled on the b.b.c. but that also is now coming under scrutiny. the minneapolis police force is under investigation by the u.s. justice department it's part of
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a push to root out systemic abuse in the force following children's conviction for murdering george floyd there's also a move in congress to pass laws to reform policing across the united states john hendren has more from minneapolis george floyd square has transformed from crime scene to memorial to his some ber's site of celebration there's a feeling of hope that there was a big turn yesterday. you know the murder verdict came back to celebrate. take some time. to grasp. with. this. relief really what it is as many who've been demonstrating for 11 months felt buoyed further by the announcement on wednesday that the u.s. justice department has launched a sweeping investigation into whether the minneapolis police department engages in discriminatory or unconstitutional practices building trust between community and
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law enforcement will take time and effort by all of us but we undertake this task with the terminations and urgency knowing that change cannot wait on capitol hill a bill named after george floyd would ban racial profiling in police chokeholds we must remain diligent in our efforts to bring meaningful change to police departments across the country to reform practices and training and the legal protections that grant too great a shield to police officers guilty of misconduct here were floyd spent his last moments of life many said the verdict against former minneapolis police officer derrick show is a start the people we've talked to here at the site of george floyd's murder say this isn't over with the conviction of. the other officers involved. when they no longer have to say that black lives matter for the floyd family knowing the
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children won't get away with using his badge to justify murder brings a long awaited release a feel better feel relieved actually went to sleep for like 5. that was great and that offers hope and perhaps change to the next generation of black americans john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. still ahead an al-jazeera nation divided why chad's opposition is calling the formation of a military council a coup. and warnings of severe food shortages in afghanistan after one of its worst droughts in decades. of. major typhoon has moved away from the philippines remember it started near yap
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well there it is over open water and it's left behind quite weather from most of the philippines as a line of showers you with out of the central philippines back through cambodia bit to thailand since you're malaysia and sumatra and that's the main rain belt at the moment the south is that we got a good scratch on your share as you always will do in the tropics but you can't really call it rainy season for indonesia anymore it's a dry spell now there's been significant wetness in tropical queens in these showers are still wandering around quite slowly having had some flooding overland near cairns it could well be we see a bit more because this is whole area that could see the slow move again persistently repeating sunder storms otherwise a straight is quite fine reasonably warm for most and dried it perswade heading up towards the certain mark where you have got a change of seasonal type whether it's this breezy stuff across tasmania for the bass strait just catching victoria really in here you still have about 18 degrees in the south of australia as to new zealand well now what would you expect with
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a breeze coming in from the west the northwest is going to the western side of south island that gets way out. but. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious production goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time to actually get to and we can go it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry so it's ending missions souls people in power finland's planet warriors on a. but
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you know it is either a reminder of our top stories this hour india has reported the world's largest daily increase in corona virus infections since the start of the pandemic more than 314000 new cases were registered in the hospitals of one that dangerously low on oxygen. indonesia's navy chief is warning that all surgeons supplies in a missing submarine will run out by saturday 53 crew members on board went missing during a military exercise on wednesday an oil spill has been spotted in the area. a hong kong investigative journalist has been convicted and fined for charges linked to a documentary exposing police misconduct during the 2019 protests crowd had gathered outside court in support of by choice and it called for an end to the crackdown on
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press freedom has been given a press conference outside the court at the moment. it's earth day and the u.s. is returning to center stage later on thursday in the fight against climate change president joe biden begins hosting a virtual 2 day summit of world leaders and it speeding up global efforts mcluckie explains what's at stake. this virtual summit is a u.s. administration saying we're back in the fight after 4 years of donald trump ignoring the climate crisis for the world leaders have been invited including those nations responsible for 80 percent of global emissions and as you can see the top of that list is china and then the united states itself the 2 world's biggest polluters and together they account for nearly half of the world's emissions and that's why i j. biden special envoy for climate change john kerry was recently in china seeking an apparently getting a commitment to cooperate from chinese leaders but he knows much more is required
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at a moment ago no one nation no one nation can can make the difference here if try to went to 0 tomorrow we still have a problem unless the other nations are also reducing but the point of the paris agreement was everybody accepted the goal so the summits aim is to delve in eyes nations much greater ambition ahead of a crucial un climate conference in glasgow in november to limit warming to one and a half degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels remember right now we're already at 1.2 degrees celsius and the effects of even that have been catastrophic from ice melt to wildfires to droughts and to floods to local swarms and super storms costing billions displacing millions up until this week national commitments to cut c o 2 have pointed to a reduction in global emissions of just one percent by 2030 the experts say we need a reduction of at least 40 percent by that time the world is banking once again on
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u.s. leadership the great green wall initiative aims to plant trees from west to east africa to slow the expansion of the sahara desert but the communities affected by the desert say the project is failing nicholas hack reports from. deep in senegal's somehow region. no rains for months because once lush vegetable garden has turned to dust gone are the navy beans to feed her family the hibiscus she uses it to cook and to make juice for her children she says it's as if the land has given up on her but she has not given up on the land then you. need in this land you could grow not just to biscuits but carrots potatoes onion cauliflower if only we had water. water in the sun hell is as precious
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as gold yes seen in jari travel west for hours on a rumor that there is a functioning well in what some here describe as a godforsaken land during the rainy season it's another story of the land springs to life the state pays in others to plant trees as part of the great green wall project an initiative to stop desert if occasion from east to west africa france the world bank and the e.u. have pledged $14000000000.00 to the project it's hoped the completed wall would be a new wonder of the world over taking the great barrier reef to be the largest living structure on earth look at the great green wall now because of rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall most of the trees planted are either dying or already dead and while polluting countries have recently pledged billions of dollars more in funds for those projects people here say they're throwing money into the desert they say they don't need more trees but more access to water.
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these fall on the herders are moving further south away from arid climates encroaching on farmland. we will never stop hurting why should we abandon our ways it is so difficult to grow food kill has value if something goes wrong we can sell them even if the climate is changing i am not ready to change my ways in this conflict over land the state is largely absent armed groups in this i'll include ing al qaeda and the slime mixtape are exploiting grievances take insights at stake is access to land for animals to graze and water an increasingly rare and precious resource that and others desperately need nicholas hawk al-jazeera and back to about. afghanistan is suffering one of its worst droughts in decades say
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one 3rd of the population doesn't have enough food or water for their contre 40 reports from kabul. farmers in the village of g. can do nothing as water levels drop the canals connected to wells through which they were irrigating their fields have run dry the wheat is growing at a slow pace and as water has become even more scarce farmers worry there may be no harvest season this year. we worry a lot we worry if there's water get scarce where will we go we're very concerned about where we should go. see what god will decide for us half of afghanistan's provinces have been gripped by a drought crisis and climate change is being blamed. there's been limited snowfall and rain both vital during the spring and summer farming season. humanitarian organizations are warning that people in many parts of afghanistan face severe
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water shortages including thank you water it's also likely to create shortages of food as there is not enough to properly irrigate crops according to the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies more than 13000000 afghans do not have enough food to eat the covered 1000 pandemic has created economic hardships for many but now if help isn't provided for food in a few months 18000000 afghans almost half the population could be affected this is the plan to see reason which comes after spring but the conditions are there is no precipitation enough the moisture on the ground and then they won't be able to plan so that's one project in in coming months there will be reduced food availability and as i mentioned a study that will be. 16 to 27 percent reduced units in weeds alone and that will
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have an impact or 2 in plains you'll spend a lot of money to import weeds in order to satisfy the local markets but also because of that the forces of supply and demand will mean the present also go up in 2018 the afghan government adopted a drought risk management strategy and received a grant from the world bank in february to fight drought this year and though a drought has not been officially declared yet in afghanistan the farmers of. safe no action is taken now their fate may resemble that of other villagers decades ago. we had this kind of drought about 60 to 70 years ago and the people back then left this area but after some years they came back when the water reappeared and now this disaster is on its way again fully a country for al-jazeera kabul the opposition in charge has denounced what it's calling an institutional coup president interest davy died from injuries sustained
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at the weekend when visiting troops fighting a rebel force his son has now been appointed leader with the military promising elections next year he morgan reports from in the jama. it is that he was president of chad for 3 decades on the day of the news of his death it was announced his son mohamed will lead the country for the next 18 months as head of the transitional military council. and as the head of the government a was a party says there are reasons for the military to take charge. it's understandable that the constitution says the speaker of parliament should be in charge but it's also understandable why the military is the one in charge what needs to happen now is a dialogue to bring other parties and groups to form a joint military civilian council to lead the country to democratic elections idriss deby who left the country since 1990 died from injuries sustained while leading his soldiers against the rebel front for change and concord group in the
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northern region of based in libya the group launched an attack on a border position on april 11th days of fighting to push them back left more than 300 of the rebels that almost 150 captured the group says there's no way they'll accept as chad's leader. is not a monarchy they can be no dynastic devolution of power in our country the national resistance forces from the front for change and concord in chad or right now on their way towards. with confidence but above all with courage and determination at $37.00 mohammed to be an army officer is now the youngest leader in the african continent 14 of the military officers are also in the council which stated that a transitional government to will be put in place and that they're not seeking permanent power so. we wanted to reassure the public that the members of the transitional military council will hand over power to civilian government after
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free and democratic elections within 18 months. chats constitution which has been dissolved by the military council states that the speaker of parliament is to lead the country in the. event of the death of the president so some opposition parties are calling the formation of a military council a coup. it's not only political parties like over the idea of a transitional military council leading the country following the death of the early election results showed. in the weeks leading up to be election hundreds in the capital demonstrative calling for change and many boycotted the elections that ended with derby winning. chads residents are divided between morning him and denouncing the council that's replaced him. the military council says it's going to form an interim cabinet in the coming days and has called political parties and armed groups for dialogue it's not clear who's going to agree to be president at any talks going on. the southern mexican state of michelle han has become
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a battleground for a drug war between 2 major cartels ground 0 has been the town of no journalists been able to reach that time since fighting intensified until john holeman and his team made it in for this exclusive report. this is the only route in taiga the town at the heart of a war between 2 cartels image to a kind southwest mexico. no journalists have been here since the hell is going new generation cartel of bands to take the territory around it but we've been told that by this dirt track over the mountains we can get in. that's highly skilled cartel turf too when we pass the 2nd checkpoint they wanted to talk with them and work we don't have any necessity to rob with drug traffickers it's true that we're having a fight a struggle but we're fighting for the rights of each of us and for the people.
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they're in a propaganda push to go with their advance. finally we make it out of the hills and into the town they're fighting for i believe you're. on the outskirts it looks like a ghost town thousands of fled the violence here and the isolation. the main road to the nearest city apart from gun has been closed by another group cartel is remedios they're fighting the holy school cartel and have the area under siege. petru has to be smuggled in the carriage is out of action gas is scarce stories medicine bottled water pharma say they can't get the crops or cattle to market. and the sieges had other costs when danniella in gabriella's groundout had a burst stomach they couldn't get him to the hospital on the other side the blockade he dives more to what their thoughts are helpless because we couldn't do any hit it was out of our hands and angry too it's not right that are living like us and he wasn't the only one at the same time and lady had
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a miscarriage because she was trying to get to the hospital. and couldn't we have more stories townspeople killed in the crossfire between the cult tells on the road or in the town itself there's a nightly soundtrack here. you can probably hear the sound go just outside the church no it's only just started shooting. the police and authorities are largely absent here but the state security minister did drop by to promise to get the road open it's election season here. the day off to when we try to leave we struggled to get through to a putz and got a gang who dug up the road just hours after the minister left with the highways closed once more the siege and suffering continues john homan how does it i guess. this is i'll just say that these are the top stories india's report of the world's largest.


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