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of the best documentary films from across the network announces iraq. killed by rebels last weekend the funeral for chad's former longtime leader gets underway in the capital and to me no. i'm a very unforgiving this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a deadly fire at a hospital in western india adds to an already dire situation with record rises in covert 19 infections yet again. a stand down for now russia pulls its troops from ukraine's border leaving it on easy truce some place across the region. dotted france. united in grief a few rules held in the u.s.
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for yet another young black man gunned down by a white police officer. a funeral ceremony for chad's late president idriss deby is getting underway in the capital in jamaica several foreign leaders are attending despite warnings from rebels to stay away dave he was killed last weekend battling fighters who launched an offensive from libya his son mohammed that it has to be is now in power and will lead a transitional military council for the next 18 months i was there is have a morgan is live for us in chad's capital jamaica tell us more about what's jews to happen today. well adrian we are already seeing heads of states arriving to the site of the funeral procession which is going to start in just a few minutes and we've seen. military forces as well as police force heightened
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security around the capital in germany and starting from thursday onwards we've seen tanks being deployed on main streets especially the ones that lead to the presidential palace that's because they're concerned about the safety and security of the heads of state who are arriving to this location not just neighboring states we have the head of state of sudan up there with the hagel hunt who just arrived you also have the president of nature and mary as well as prime ministers of several neighboring countries and regional countries as well france's ally from a sorry chad's ally france has sent its president the president of france. is here he arrived late last night and immediately started having talks with the transitional military council ahead of the funeral processions today so security has been tightened there has been extra measures taken for the heads of states who are visiting today but there are also concerns about rebel attacks we've seen the
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fire force of the different for change and concord group saying that they are advancing towards the capital that's the group that attacked on april 11th and continued northwards continuing southwards which led the president himself to go to the front lines which eventually led to him losing his life so heightened security as more and more dignitaries start to arrive to attend this occasion where will they be laid to rest. sorry can you repeat that where will they be laid to rest. well after the processions here they will be taking his body to the grand mosque and then he will be taken to his hometown so people with his family members and some of the members of the transitional military council as well as his former cabinet members will be traveling with the body to the to the site where he will be buried which is mtr is his home town many people here in and around the capital around the
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country adrian are wondering what comes next there has already been questions of what comes who will be leading the country the military council has announced it's in charge it has dissolved the constitution it has dissolved the parliament as well as the government that was in place prior to debbie being killed the question now is that the legitimacy of this body that will be leading the country forward so for people here this is a chapter that has closed after more than 50 years but they're wondering what comes next for the country which is there is have a morgan reporting live from the capital of chad and ramona any thanks indeed to him. at least 13 coronavirus patients have died in a hospital fire in western india a fire destroyed an intensive care unit about 70 kilometers north of mumbai and for the 2nd straight day india is reporting the world's highest daily tally of cases with more than 332001 major hospital in new delhi says that it could run out of oxygen in the next few hours elizabeth prada reports now from new delhi. what we
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know is that 13 coated 19 patients who were in the intensive care unit of this hospital in the city of the worst affected state. died when a fire broke out in the hospital in the middle of the night and we can see the distraught family members breaking down outside the hospital clearly angry that something like this could have happened this is happening just 2 days after another accident at another hospital in the state of maharashtra. on wednesday we had a leak in an oxygen tank that was supplying oxygen to patients on ventilators fixing that leak disrupted the oxygen supply and it led to the deaths of 24 clover 19 patients and all of this is happening while india's health care infrastructure and hospitals buckling under the pressure of the number of people with cases being hospitalized needing oxygen there is a critical shortage of oxygen in the country we've had. chief minister that's the
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state to lead pleading with the prime minister in that in the more do you to send oxygen to capital and to ensure. interrupted delivery because over the last few days we've had many hospitals in the capital saying they've only got a few hours of oxygen left reports of oxygen tank is being held up on the state borders leda is asking that this stop and also that oxygen be air lifted and so too is the director of one of delhi's biggest private hospitals the hospital who said that 25 patients passed away in the last 24 hours he says because of a shortage of oxygen. is burning flights from india and pakistan for a month to help curb the spread of it comes off to india reported the world's highest. crime of the us health minister so the health of travelers to positive on a royal. the u.s. has recorded
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a drop in the number of daily vaccinations for the 1st time since february in the past week around 3000000 doses were administered each day that's an 11 percent decrease from the week before and that's despite every american adult being eligible for the shots the slip in demand coincides with a surge of infections in some states myanmar's military has issued arrest warrants for 26 members of the national unity government formed a week ago it's normally led by own son suchi who was ousted as the country's leader in a military coup in february she's already detained on several charges the unity government says that it should be attending an emergency regional summit on the crisis this weekend the coup leader has been invited hootch opponents say lens him legitimacy al-jazeera study chang is following developments from neighboring thailand is his update. the national unity government is a government in name only some of its most senior members including the president
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women and son suchi the state council are still in detention as they have been since the coup there are probably isolated by their military captors and may well have no idea that this government has been formed others are in hiding around me and some are in border areas and they had in fact been told that should be pushed to create a safe zone somewhere along the borders where these people could gather free from the fear of arrest by the military and actually start the operations of a proper government it's really been formed in part to stop other countries giving recognition and legitimacy to the military that hasn't worked in the case of assy and we know that senior gentlemen onli will be going to carter on saturday for that meeting and it may explain somewhat why c.n.n. hasn't communicated i think the leaders are unsure what this national unity
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government is who to contact indeed but there is an awful lot of anger within me and most certainly that we're seeing on social media. c.n.n. has turned to the generals and seems to be shunning this new civilian government joe biden has committed the u.s. to being a global leader on climate change the president opened a virtual solace on earth today by announcing an ambitious reduction in carbon emissions critics who dismisses plans as costly and ineffective our white house correspondent kimberly holcomb puts a virtual global summit convened by u.s. president joe biden and invitation to world leaders to combat climate change collectively signs are mistaken science is undeniable. the cost of going to action is key. united states is awaiting where resolving to
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take action by denounce the u.s. would cut fossil fuel emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 the earth day pledge renews america's commitment following 4 years of inaction by predecessor donald trump it more than doubles america's target under the 2015 paris climate agreement that trump withdrew from that biden rejoined when he took office. this just bursting into. song 40 world leaders participated including american adversaries russia and china china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases president xi jinping pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by $26.00 to adding this jab at the united states china has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in a much shorter time span than what might take many countries just weeks after the u.s. and russia leveled sanctions against one another ask elating tensions russian leader
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vladimir putin said he takes international commitments seriously like hero and paris hinting the united states does not russia st used its greenhouse gas emissions to greater extent than many other countries. but biden faces domestic challenges implementing his green economy or oil gas and chemical companies spent more than 100000000 dollars last year lobbying u.s. lawmakers to keep fossil fuel vehicles on the road speaking virtually before a congressional panel swedish climate activists gratitude and work back out to hold lawmakers accountable if they don't change i don't believe for a 2nd that you will actually do this because i mean crisis doesn't exist in the public debate today and since it doesn't really exist and the general level of awareness is so absurdly low you will still get away with continuing to contribute
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to the destruction of presence and future living conditions president biden's announcement of a new u.s. goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is ambitious but what it lacked are specifics including a legislative plan a budget or any kind of proposal for meeting biden's new climate target kimberly help at al jazeera the white house still to come on al-jazeera hospitals are under pressure as argentina confronts its worst moment of the pandemic. and we meet south korea's multipurpose robot it's helping to fight that night. for the perfect. sponsored point qatar airways. hello there
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let's start in europe where expecting plenty of dry sunny weather so last the weekend over central and northern areas in that sense to this area of high pressure across the north sea that's bringing those woman conditions but we do have some areas of low pressure up me a fin and that's going to bring a bit of a wintery mix and another one to the west of the beer in pain inshallah so we will see some cloudy a colder conditions there but for now france and germany seeing much of that sunshine warmer weather coming through temperatures here edging up to the high twenty's bordeaux 25 so lots of warmth and sunshine coming through it's a similar story for much of the british isles not really a cloud in the sky though the mornings we'll have a frosty start to them that will ease as we go into the afternoon and the sunshine will come through as we go into saturday we've got a little build up of cloud over the north of germany and of course that wintery mix up any of finland extending across russia that's going to bring temperatures down
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in moscow for the south we're seeing some colder weather as well across the balkans little bit of rain effecting parts of the southern italy and greece will also see some thunderstorms and quite a strong wind. sponsible qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in the to be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. hello
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again this is out of the main news this hour a funeral ceremony for chad's late president idriss deby is getting under way in the capital and jermaine a baby was killed last weekend battling rebels who launched an offensive from libya his son will lead a transitional military council for the next 18 months at least 13 people have died in a fire at a hospital treating covert 19 patients in india it comes to some hospitals they're short of oxygen to the surging cases across the country and the u.s. has pledged to halt its carbon emissions by 2030 on the 1st day of a global summit on tackling climate change china says that it will phase out its use of coal for 2026. a funeral spill had been held for dante writes
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the 20 year old black american shot dead by police during a traffic stop emotions run high coming just days and a few kilometers from where a police officer was found guilty of murdering george floyd john hendren has more now from minneapolis just a warning there are some disturbing images in his report to the. family. dante to meet you is right it's become an all too familiar american scene a family gathered to mourn another black man killed by a white police officer my son had a smile that was worth a $1000000.00. 20 year old dante wright pulled over for an expired license plate on april 11th was shot by a police officer who says she meant to fire her taser but drew her gun instead.
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that officer kim potter now faces a manslaughter charge don't say wright was killed in the midst of the trial of derrick chauvet the white police officer convicted on tuesday of murdering george floyd so this funeral drew many of the same dignitaries that attended that trial and 2 days after she opens conviction floyd's family was also here joining the right family in mourning all of minneapolis is that they are going to print up brooklyn sent. me going to pass the george throwing justice in policing act as federal law we are all going to make it against the law oh no over this country to keep bringing us to a few rules for our young prince. dante right to life. the right family lawyer ben crump who also represents the family of george floyd was introduced as the attorney general for black folks they became part of
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a fraternity that no family wants to be a part of. right lifted 2 year old son in a name that will now be added to the long list of black men in america who died at the hands of police john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. the american dream has ended for 85 deported honduran migrants as u.s. authorities look to undocumented migration the group of deportees landed home on wednesday it's the 2nd such flight this year returned migrants were provided with food a possible hygiene kits transportation and phone calls a high number of migrants have been leaving on douras following 2 back to back her ricans on the coronavirus pandemic the u.s. senate has passed a bill aimed at curbing hate crimes against asian americans which activists say that on the rise since the start of the pandemic the bill was approved by $94.00 votes to one the measure would speed up the review of hate crimes that the justice
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department and provide support for police responding to reported incidents rights groups have recorded more than 3000 incidents targeting asian americans in the past year 3 catholic clergy kidnapped in haiti this month by a suspected criminal gang have been released a total of 10 people bore abducted they have port au prince almost 2 weeks ago the 7 still being held include 4 more clergy 2 of them french citizens the government resigned last week following a surge in violence including kidnappings for ransom. russia has announced that it's moving its troops away from its border with ukraine it sent tens of thousands of soldiers into the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow maintains that it was a military exercise but some equipment will be left behind for another drill later this year they serve and ukraine's president welcomed the move but say they remain vigilant. we have heard russia's announcement its announcement that it would begin
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withdrawing troops from the border of ukraine as i said we've heard words i think what we'll be looking for is action the united states will continue to monitor the situation in while russia will continue with plans to close the curt straight between the black and as off sees blocking ukrainian and other foreign navy vessels until the end of october moscow says that its for naval exercise exercises kid of course is a violation of international law charles stratford joint ukraine's navy all the sea of us all off. mary appalls maritime guard head out across a foggy as see the crews work with ukrainian navy monitoring a russian warships in waters both countries share control of according 282003 maritime agreement but moscow recently deployed 15 warships to the azoff sea from its caspian fleet as part of
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a vast russian military build up along ukraine's borders in the us the threat level has been the same since 2014 but in the past week we have seen more ships from the russian fleet including 8 landing craft 3 small artillery boats and other support vessels were about 6 of those very off the coast guard vessel just received a message from a. around to. the russians asked the coast guard to i think avoid themselves because they concern so they say about conditions in these conditions. we approach one of a number of launching training ships in the area monitoring russian naval and commercial shipping movements. you. name your flag and your route as the voice on the radio. russian flag coming from the caucuses is the reply russia has also announced the closure of the
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curch straight to ukrainian and foreign navy ships for the next 6 months because of what it describes as military exercises it says commercial shipping will not be affected the waterway which is around 60 nautical miles from here connects the as off to the black sea off crimea which russia illegally an exciting 2014 kiev has accused moscow of provocations and trying to take control of its maritime borders. almost a little over 2003 as of c. agreement is between ukraine and russia they have rights under the agreement to be closed but when the agreement was signed there was no conflict between us despite mosco announcing on thursday a gradual troop withdrawal from the area its closure of the kurds strait will restrict ukraine's and foreign navy movements in the region for months to come john
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strafford al jazeera only as of see an abandoned nuclear power station surrounded by rubble and empty buildings isn't what most people associate with a world heritage site but that's what ukraine has in mind for chernobyl it's become a lengthy application process 3 of esko this monday marks the 35th anniversary of the 1986 nuclear disaster when a reactor at the power plant exploded. the un security council is calling for an investigation into human rights violations in ethiopia is to grow a region in its 1st joint statement on the conflict the council says it's concerned about reports of sexual violence against women and girls and it wants unfettered access to provide an aide. says its military operation against the 2 gripe people's liberation front is an internal affair but welcomes offers of help our diplomatic editor james space has more from the u.n. in new york. the security council has finally broken its silence on the situation
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in t. gray the military operation there is going been going on for almost 6 months and in that time the security council hasn't managed to agree the words of a statement they have finally done so brokered by the arash ambassador geraldine byrne nascent she said that she felt that they'd heard the alarm bells about human rights violations and abuses taking place in t. gray they've issued a statement which talks about that it talks about deep concern about allegations of human rights violations and abuses including reports of sexual violence against women and girls we've seen widespread reports of that it was mentioned in a security council meeting about women in conflict zones we could go you've seen lots of media reports including on al-jazeera the other factor the security council highlights is the humanitarian situation where it says it wants scaled up
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humanitarian response unfettered humanitarian access this follows i think strong comments that came from the un's humanitarian chief mark when he spoke to the security council behind closed doors argentina's health minister says the country is facing its worst moment of the pandemic its health care system is buckling as the country's death toll surpasses 60000 restrictions have been reimposed but that's putting strain on an economy that's already in crisis as to where is a blur reports from point a status. it's become an all too common scene on the streets and went to. health care workers demanding better wages in the middle of the 2nd wave of the pandemic. cassidy says everyone's exhausted by government then up a lot we really can't take in more in the 2nd wave of the. fiction's nurses are at the front when it comes to the pressure of being put on the public health system in
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this pandemic without sufficient salaries and without recognition today nurses paid below the level of the basic food basket it's an outrage. infections are on the rise once again in argentina and deaths from the virus neared $60000.00 on wednesday and there is an average of around $28000.00 new infections every day the p one man hours variant is already circulating in many jurisdictions in the country . health minister carol he saw he says this is the worst moment of the covert pandemic for argentina the game is you will have a name yet this bill. this is the riskiest time since the beginning of the pandemic because even though we have a stronger health system even though we have health workers who are there we also have an increase in the number of cases which threaten to overwhelm the health sector and we have concerning strains circulating which raise the risk of infection and day. last week argentina reimpose restrictions to
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prevent the spread of disease there's a curfew in place from 8 o'clock in the evening and a suspension of school classes in many areas in the province of one of scientists last year the government imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and because of it experts say the country prevented its health care system from collapsing the situation is different this year the government is trying to prevent the economic consequences caused by a total lockdown and that's why this time experts are concerned that the health care system could be compromised you know. it is difficult to know whether the measures are enough or decisions are difficult if we don't shut down everything we'll have to extend the restrictions again and then again like last year it would have been better to do a strict lockdown this is what we will have to do until we have enough vaccines. like most developed in nations argentina struggling to access vaccines to inoculate
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the population. so far around 6000000 doses have been applied in a country of 48000000 among them russia sputnik v. and china sign a farm much more are needed to prepare the population for the difficult months ahead. that is how will. this. felt following covert 19 rules of a south korean hospital you can expect a telling off kimi the robot can detect if people are close too close to each other or not wearing a mask properly briard that the robot and young in just south of seoul. don't let those cute rolling eyes for you this robot is basically a pandemic policeman wandering the corridors taking the body temperatures of anybody it passes and if it sees a group of people too many people congregating together then he is straight in
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there. keep your distance he says and it doesn't stop there he can detect if you are wearing your mask properly or not and will tell you to put it straight and in this it seems he will not be thwarted. told you yes all right to kneel to the machine and when he's not busy keeping an eye on us he's off busy disinfecting the hospital day or night sweeping surfaces with these ultraviolet light rays it's all part of using the latest in technology to make our hospitals as safe as they can be and that could become the norm for the future. as this robot uses 5 g. vision technology developed by us which can detect the mosque wearing and social distancing to provide a safer environment for patients and visitors and integrated with a centralized hospital wide smart system that can tell him where problems might be
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occurring such as people on wittingly gathering in numbers once more than ease off again in hot pursuit on his next bust. massa's perseverance rover achieves another 1st in space exploration by producing breathable oxygen on mars if it converted carbon dioxide from the martian atmosphere making enough oxygen to keep an astronaut breathing for around 10 minutes. developing a sustainable sources scene is crucial to any future manned mission to the red planet. hello this is 0 adrian finnegan with you here in the headlines a funeral ceremony for chad's late president idriss deby is getting underway in the capital in germany.


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