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bringing you the news and current affairs that matter. now does the. regional leaders and france's president pay their respects to chad's former president addressed a bit days after he was killed on the battlefield. and figure this is our 0 ally from doha also coming up russia begins pulling troops out of a region near the ukrainian border after holding military exercises in a show of force. a new vaccine against malaria could be a game changer after clinical trials show that it's 77 percent effective against the disease. very. quiet here. and their office
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will tell you why this latest successful space x. lord has made history again. beginning chad's capital and tomato where a funeral ceremony is being held for the late president idriss deby he died from injuries sustained on the battlefield last weekend after rebels launched an offensive from libya several foreign leaders are attending despite warnings from rebels to stay away before the president's son. is now in power and will lead a transitional military council for the next 18 months running marshall is a researcher of the sciences post center for its national studies he explained why france is supporting the military takeover which the opposition in chad has called a clue. started g. as to when wards the military but the military approach
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is. the only response to the challenges where it is by. groups islamist or jihad the groups because they are not or the same. and of course chad was the only the only army into a region that willing and able to project troops and swear that their photo became very important to be terry of current of corish and. i must say this is though i understand that france has to pay respect to $1.00 of these allies in the region at the same time qur'an debates course diplomatic alevi or at the level of the t.v. show that these strategies is getting they wrong and that there is a need to was saying the use of the military means in the region if you want to
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curb the. group's activities on restore some kind of rule on order in the region you need reforms on governance us claimed by many or mccall but said then the days a tendency to keep the old means which mean the meter reader jake beyond and what he got with forms of france's president or money or crown such alongside chance new president during the funeral service paid tribute to the country's slain leader kim i stand here we are in front of your man your crop and entire country. you fell in times of combat operations. your what's always the preservation of the ability. and the fight for freedom and security and justice.
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for a 2nd straight day india has reported the world's highest daily tally of covert 19 cases of more than 332000 meanwhile at least 13 coronavirus patients of died in a hospital fire in western india a fire destroyed an intensive care unit about 70 kilometers north of mumbai one major hospital in new delhi says that it could run out of oxygen in the next few months 0 elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. what we know is that 13000 patients who were in the intensive care unit of this hospital in the city of the worst affected state. died when a fire broke out in the hospital in the middle of the night and we can see distraught family family members breaking down outside the hospital clearly angry
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that something like this could have happened this is happening just 2 days after another accident at another hospital in the state of maharashtra on wednesday we had a leak in an oxygen tank that was supplying oxygen to patients on ventilators fixing that leak disrupted the oxygen supply and it led to the deaths of 2419 patients and all of this is happening while india's health care infrastructure and hospitals buckling under the pressure of the number of people with cases being hospitalized needing oxygen there is a critical shortage of oxygen in the country we've had. chief minister that's the state pleading with the prime minister that in there more to you to send oxygen to capital and to ensure. interrupted delivery because over the last few days where we've had many hospitals in the capital saying they've only got a few hours of oxygen left reports of oxygen tank is being held up on the state
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borders. is asking that this stop and also that oxygen be air lifted and so too is the director of one of delhi's biggest private hospitals the hospital who said that 25 patients passed away in the last 24 hours he says because of a shortage of oxygen indonesia is the latest country to restrict entry for people traveling from india there will no longer issue visas for foreign nationals who put it india in the past 14 days the measures are effective song only indonesian citizens will be exempt but they must follow current. is burning flights from india and pakistan for a month to help curb the spread of team kind of the us health minister said the hoff of travel is testing positive or rival into canada came from india. arrivals from india are also being restricted in new zealand it's being designated a very high risk country along with pakistan papua new guinea and brazil from
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wednesday only citizens and their families will be able to travel to new zealand from those countries. as infections continue to rise in kenya health workers say they're having to decide which patients get beds in intensive care government hospitals are also desperately short of oxygen putting more lives at risk as catherine sawyer reports now from the chakales county some people and companies are being accused of hoarding oxygen cylinders. his wife pauline died from 1000 complications in march a government isolation. where they leave did not have enough oxygen. while a 4th suffering to move or to not be we were told by the awful when we finally got one we quickly appeared on payment because 6 of the people were on the queue in neighboring much cackles county health workers stake us to the intensive care unit
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or i.c.u. or 12 beds have been occupied for a while when we get there patients also require. care then that we talk. to a budding accomplice to see whether they have beds available. the country's nearly 600 i.c.u. beds fill up fast and demand for oxygen has almost doubled to about 800 tons government hospitals don't have enough and health ministry official says thousands of cylinders are being hosted by individuals for private medical or industrial use . but their recent hope this is a country's largest privately owned steel factory it has stopped all production losing about $30000.00 u.s. dollars a day to provide the oxygen to hospitals for free i'm told and i'll get there yet but i. feel down with it every day. and even
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if not nearly enough to me that one patient is taking almost. 3. or. even it is impossible for anyone. to cope with this. to have the total collapse of the health care system the government wants to reach hard immunity to the disease through vaccinations as quickly as possible. 1000000 people have so far hired the fastow's of the un called a distributed astra zeneca vaccine but the supplies are running low and there's an insight into about the availability of astra zeneca for the 2nd jobs chuckles hospital has vaccinated about while 1000 people but authorities are concerned about those falling ill and dying in rural villages so what have we done now we've required that every person who dies in matter of course has to be tested for it
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people falling did some of them before did at home especially older people back in a look at tells us he wants the government to provide facilities for patients who cannot afford private hospitals so they don't go through the same trauma his family catherine saw al-jazeera. a new malaria vaccine is being hailed as a possible game changer in the fight to eliminate the disease the oxford institute jab is 77 percent effective in stopping infections it's now entering larger human trials to rule out any side affects malaria kills half a 1000000 people every year many of them children now it is there is an address as well from a buddha in nigeria which is one of the country's worst affected by malaria. it's a very serious problem niger accounts for more than 20 percent of cases global cases and nearly 20 percent. deaths and more than half the
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population is a great skill for contract in many area in fact a lot some statistics indicate that as much as 80 to 90 percent of the population is exposed to malaria so with the coming of this vaccine 8 will be welcome development for many the prevalence rate of my later he's is very very high in fact 80 to 90 percent of the population does that risk and however the question is how many people would take the money of a c. and we remember what happened to the test of the testing of another but seen in connell some years back by we just for many judges that killed a lot of people it was scandalous here and then now we having some resistance in such a part of the country and bowed to be covered 19 in fact if a lot of people warm up to the idea of malaria vaccine then it will drastically cut in front and maternal death rates in nigeria in fact maternal death rates in nigeria because of my data caused by malaria is up to 11 percent right now so if
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that happens it will be good news for health workers it will be good news for a lot of people exposed to malaria in nigeria and russia has begun moving troops away from its border with ukraine it sent tens of thousands of soldiers into the region leading to tension with ukraine and its western allies moscow says it was a military exercise and that some equipment will be left behind for a drill later this year they challenge ukraine's president welcomed the move but saying they'll remain vigilant but it smith has more from moscow. russia says it will have been withdrawn its troops from the border with ukraine by the 1st of may it was a mobilization that the russians said was a military exercise but that had concerned the u.s. the e.u. and nato the e.u. estimating that at one stage there were more than 100000 troops amassed along the border it's not a total withdrawal russia has ordered one unit to leave its armored vehicles at the
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base near the border about a 120 kilometers from the border and to leave those vehicles there until the autumn and satellite photographs have shown tanks and vehicles many hundreds of them up this particular base and from saturday russia is closing access to that as of see through the carriage straight to ukrainian naval vessels this means that the ukrainian navy will not be able to access its eastern ports or the russia says merchant vessels will still be able to pass through the courage straight and these restrictions will be in place until the end of october again for what russia says are military exercises helicopters and 21 navy ships open deployed to search for a missing indonesian submarine which will one out of oxygen on saturday vessels from malaysia india at australia also on the way the u.s. is sending aircraft the suburbs its crew of 53 lost contact during
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a military exercise 2 days ago concern is growing that it may have sunk in waters too deep to reach. we got a weather update baxi on the 0 then members ruling military issues arrest warrants for members of a duty for opposing government. rebates of careers multi-purpose root ball that's helping to fight code that going to be. the perfect johnny. sponsored play qatar airways hello let's look to east asia and as typhoon surrogate pushes out further east we could see some rough seas and some strong winds in east in taiwan and affecting the southern islands of japan but hunches seeing plenty of fine dry weather as well as the kind of
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temperatures edging up into the early twenty's there lots of sunshine coming through though as we go further into the weekend we will see wetter weather affecting bringing with it some of those heavy a showers but there's plenty of dry and fine weather as well across the korean peninsula that's going to extend up into northern china beijing at 22 degrees it's as we head into central parts of china that we're seeing quite intense rain it's going to be rather wet could affect parts of the yangtze with the river basin we could see some localized flooding in areas there and as we go into sunday that does push further south but hong kong remains a delightful $28.00 degrees celsius so look to india now things are looking hot and dry across the central areas temperatures edging up into the forty's where we expect them similar story for pakistan quite hot dry weather here the shot was will be across the southern coastal areas of india.
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support qatar airways. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby had been evacuated was made in june got a really nice. reveal secrets. messaging out there i mean we've all outraged you know mad and connections some don't want exposed many in like a scene may be our. last shoot. us with my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. who . again this is al jazeera the main news this hour
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a funeral ceremony for chad's late president idriss deby is being held in the capital and. maybe was seriously injured last weekend while battling rebels who launched an offensive from libya he died on monday. a new malaria vaccine is being hailed as a possible game changer in the fight to eliminate the disease the oxford institute jab is 77 percent effective in stopping infections it's now entering larger human trials to rule out any side effects at least 13 people have died in a fire at a hospital treating covert 19 patients in india it comes as some hospitals warn their short of oxygen due to surging cases across the country. at least 100 palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli police in occupied east jerusalem israeli forces had been trying to stop israeli anti arab activists confronting a group of palestinians overnight stun grenades and water cannon we used to keep the groups apart of one of the main entrances to the old city it comes after videos
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were shared on social media showing palestinian teenagers slapping ultra-orthodox jews on a train. china is calling on the u.k. to take action after its parliament labeled the treatment of weak a minority as insane jang as genocide. british politicians back to motion blaming china for what they call crimes against humanity against weaker muslims the chinese embassy in london called the accusations the lie of the century un experts believe that a 1000000 a week is being held in detention centers. panama's military has issued arrest warrants for 26 members of the national unity government which was formed a week ago it's nominally led by aung san suu chief who was ousted as the country's leader in a military coup in february she's already been detained on several charges the unity government says that it should be attending an emergency regional summit this weekend the coup leader has been advices which opponents say lends him legitimacy
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but in defiance of the military crackdown on protests dozens of demonstrators of again marched against the joined in young gone they carried banners supporting the national unity government they were only able to stay on the street for a few minutes before fleeing to reports that security forces were approaching 30 chain reports now on the and surrounding the military's invites to the afghan summit. ah you all are modest monks marched through the city of mandalay holding up signs supporting the national unity government the shadow civilian government was formed to reverse any acceptance of the military genter at home and abroad the protesters have been outraged in the past week i asked jens decision to invite senior general minong lie to the leaders' summit for those pushing neighboring governments to take a stand against the coup and the crackdown that followed it's
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a grave disappointment we are very very upset and sorry what is happening. as the end is. welcoming. gender is killing its own people the chaos that's been seen on the streets of myanmar over the past 3 months has been disturbing for many within r.c.m. individually countries like singapore indonesia and malaysia have condemned the bloodshed and urged restraint the possibility of a failed state within the bloc threatens our claims of economic and political stability but others have remained relatively quiet expecting the protests would be limited and quickly suppressed within thailand is the country that has the best relationship with your most generals but the thais don't seem very keen on intervention which might explain why the thai prime minister is staying at home this weekend that lack of unity and failure to hold myanmar's generals to account
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a likely to be costly. the world food programme is warning that millions could go hungry in coming months and fighting in pulled areas could send refugees pouring into neighboring countries this is a humanitarian disaster in the making it's early states but it could get worse the knock on effects from the crisis we're beginning the civil war failed state and there will be no end to it. protest isn't a way hold a candle lit vigil for the victims of the myanmar protests now more than 700 people but few are expecting more than thoughts and prayers from as leaders tony ching al-jazeera bangkok. around $130.00 migrants are believed to have drowned off the coast of libya after their rubber boat capsized that's according to a french rescue agency which says it's responded to distress calls from several boats in the area the un's migration agency says that it's by the tragedy that has
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called on states to redeploy search for us in the mediterranean. the un security council is calling for an investigation into human rights violations in ethiopia is to grow a region in its 1st joint statement on the conflict the council says that it is concerned about reports of sexual violence against women and girls and it wants unfettered access to provide aid ethiopia says that its military operation against the 2 grow people's liberation front is an internal affair but welcomes offers of help joe biden has committed the us to being a global leader on climate change the president opened a virtual summit on earth day by announcing an ambitious reduction in carbon emissions spots critics dismisses plans as costly and effective a white house correspondent kimberly how could reports. a virtual global summit convened by u.s. president joe biden and invitation to world leaders to combat climate change
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collectively the signs are a mistake of the science is undeniable and the cost of an action is keeps mounting united states is awaiting where resolving to take action. biden announced the u.s. would cut fossil fuel emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 the earth day pledge renews america's commitment following 4 years of inaction by predecessor donald trump it more than doubles america's target under the 2015 paris climate agreement that trump withdrew from and that biden rejoined when he took office. 40 world leaders participated including american adversaries russia and china china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases president xi jinping pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by $26.00 to adding this jab at the united states china
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has committed to move from carbon peak to carbon neutrality in a much shorter time span than what might take many countries just weeks after the u.s. and russia leveled sanctions against one another escalating tensions russian leader vladimir putin said he takes international commitments seriously like hero and paris hinting the united states does not russia has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to a greater extent than many other countries but biden faces domestic challenges implementing his green economy or oil gas and chemical companies spent more than 100000000 dollars last year lobbying u.s. lawmakers to keep fossil fuel vehicles on the road speaking virtually before a congressional panel swedish climate activists gratitude and berg to hold lawmakers accountable if they don't change i don't believe for
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a 2nd that you will actually do this because i mean crisis doesn't exist in the public debate today and since it doesn't really exist and the general level of awareness is so absurdly low you will still get away with continuing to contribute to the destruction of presence and future living conditions. president biden's announcement of a new u.s. goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is ambitious but what it lacked are specifics including a legislative plan a budget or any kind of proposal for meeting biden's new climate target kimberly help hit al-jazeera the white house nasa has had a busy week sending astronauts to the international space station aboard a recycled rocket creating oxygen on laws and flying a helicopter on the planet for a 2nd time that's left some countries feeling somewhat left behind under chapelle
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reports. if. this. thing is going to lift off before dawn from nasa kennedy space center in florida the 1st time a recycled rocket and spacecraft have been used now making their way to the one and only international space station the crew of astronauts onboard will change shifts with 7 colleagues on the international space station or i assess i really can't wait to get back to earth my love being up here in space but it just doesn't compare to being home on on earth crew 2 is due to arrive at the i assess on saturday and for a few days to us spacecraft will be docked simultaneously for the 1st time traveling up or 2 american astronauts and one japanese plus the 1st european astronaut to travel on a commercial spacecraft. and i think we're living in the golden age of mount flight right now i don't think people realize it we have to look back at the sixty's and the morning missions in just
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a few years we will have done something even more ambitious. and beyond this mission this week nasa has created oxygen on mars literally out of thin air and it flew its ingenuity helicopter for a 2nd time higher and longer than the 1st a so-called high risk high reward technology that's proved humans can conduct flights on the red planet there's a lot of excitement going on in nasa right now and you all have seen it the fly the little helicopter on a celestial body some 80 to a 100000000 miles away as china prepares to launch parts of its next space station other countries seem at risk of being left behind and some argue europe must decide whether it wants to go to the moon and mars on its own or not. you up is a world power in terms of economy of political of weight and a world stage but in space is not compatible with us always china and i think the
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style ok to be here has to be made in order to see where you'll want to go. on s s perseverance rover is searching for ancient signs of microbial life on mars europe's space agency the e.s.a. is due to play a crucial role on a future mission to return samples to earth. enter chapelle al-jazeera now if you're of a south korean hospital and not following covert 19 rules then you can expect a telling off keamy a robot can detect if people are too close to each other or not wearing a mask properly. met the robot and young in just south of seoul. don't let those cute rolling eyes for you this robot is basically a pandemic policeman wandering the corridors taking the body temperatures of anybody it passes and if it sees a group of people too many people congregating together then he is straight in there. keep your distance he says and it doesn't stop there he can
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detect if you are wearing your mask properly or not and will tell you to put it straight and in this it seems he will not be thwarted. told you yes all right to nail to the machine and when he's not busy keeping an eye on us he's off busy disinfecting the hospital day or night sweeping surfaces with ultraviolet light rays it's all part of using the latest in technology to make our hospitals as safe as they can be and that could become the norm for the future. as this robot uses 5 g. vision technology developed by us which can detect the mosque wearing and social distancing to provide a safer environment for patients and visitors and integrated with a centralized hospital wide smart system that can tell him where problems might be occurring such as people unwittingly gathering in numbers once more then he's off
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again in hot pursuit on his next bust. this is al jazeera adrian filling in with you here in doha the headlines a funeral ceremony for chad's late president idriss deby is being held in the capital in jamaica he was seriously injured last weekend while battling rebels who launched an offensive from libya he died on monday france's president emanuel macross among those paying tribute to the country's slain neither. he we are in front of you remains your cough and the entire country you fell in times of calm that courageous your name is always the preservation of stability.


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