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india's battle to breathe the desperate wait for oxygen supplies while the official covered 900 death toll surges past 200000. i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up somalia's president decides not to extend his term after protests and fighting is now called for early elections. south africa's president said obama poses testifying before
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a judicial inquiry into a corruption scandal involving his predecessor jacob zuma. the u.s. says one of its ships fired warning shots at iranian naval vessels on monday it's the 2nd time this month this happened in the gulf. andy has seen its worst day so far from corona virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official told past 200000 more than 360000 new cases a global record have been confirmed in the past 24 hours in new delhi and neighboring states hospitals are running out of beds medical supplies and oxygen many people have been flocking to makeshift clinics like this sikh temple hoping to access some of it's limited oxygen supply anyone above the age of 18 can register for vaccinations from biden's day but it's not clear if the government can provide
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enough of them if they can get it going to have money to come move from my leave and come here for the south again so i can not take it out you know fit into i have to give it one 0 my god how much time of the week. or. turn to go. how do you do our job and all over the nearby street is 10100 limited but we are getting. all over go on go towards. the local media is reporting new delhi is running out of wood to keep its crime atory ims running almost 3 and a half 1000 funerals for coronavirus victims were held across the capital last week operators are struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand and say some would suppliers are refusing to take new orders on others have driven up prices elizabeth
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put on him sent us this update from a comment on him in new delhi. we are at a makeshift kramatorsk that's been created here and dia's capital new delhi because the actual crime atory i'm behind does has run out of space to premade the number of bodies which are piling up every single day that is the situation in every crime atory and every burial ground not just here in delhi but many of the worst affected states these. predatory and has been working from 6 o'clock in the morning till midnight it 1st says 20 funeral pyres 20 extra extra funeral pyres in this part next door but it's realized that it has to set off another 50 here the situation as such here in delhi and beyond that family members of the sick after going from hospital to hospital to try and get their loved ones admitted then having to go from crime atory him to crime atory him from burial ground to burial ground to try and have funerals funerals in the country where they're held as soon
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as possible not just because of custom but because a very hot temperatures because of a shortage of mortuaries with freezing facilities and that is why the international aid that has begun arriving in india over the past few days in the form of oxygen could not be more welcomed with hospitals still short of beds and oxygen in many places like this john is reported in new daily record of $201.00 coronavirus deaths to be more than $5000.00 new infections visual search hospitals are being overwhelmed less than one percent of the country's 220000000 people have been vaccinated soldiers have been deployed to cities with high infection rates to force restrictions. brazil senate has opened an inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic many 400000 brazilians have died from covered 19 that's the world's 2nd highest death toll investigation could be damaging for president jacques both
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scenario who wants to get reelected next year on again ikea reports from rio de janeiro the numbers are staggering since january kovac 19 has killed over 197000 brazilians more people have died in 4 months than in all of last year but now the pandemic has taken a sharp political turn congress is investigating whether president. is responsible for the world's 2nd largest kovac $1000.00 death toll after the united states also not 0 is accused of downplaying the dangers of the virus and the efficiency of the vaccines last year the government rejected several offers to buy the corona back and pfizer vaccines from china and united states delaying the mass inoculation campaign if forcier primitive b.s. this is the 1st time both cruel actions are being investigated the governor and he
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denied the pandemic but also confronted governors and mayors who imposed restrictions protect the population supreme court bought the president from a fuse and lockdowns but now congress will hold him accountable for his actions. failed to stop lawmakers from launching the probe now a senate committee will be looking into at least 20 accusations among them the government's failure to have a national plan. senators say that the priority is to investigate why brazil took so long to procure vaccines despite being latin america's largest economy and having the technological means to produce them domestically but government officials will also be asked about the delay in resuming emergency aid to the country's growing poor 19000000 people have gone hungry joining the past year almost twice as much as in 2018 and half of the population is facing food
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insecurity not knowing when they'll have their next meal many like this couple have moved to the street after the government suspended emergency aid in january handouts started being distributed again this month but they still have not received them more have their new neighbors. i think going to help out this is mr go shoot he had a shop and lost everything during the pandemic like him there are dozens sharing a sidewalk. a pandemic an economic crisis have brought about are far from over with less than 7 percent of brazilians are fully vaccinated it will be a long time before life goes back to normal meanwhile lawmakers are hoping the investigation will determine what went wrong and who was to blame monica innocuous i'll just sirrah rio de janeiro the u.s.
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is easing covert 19 restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated they cannot socialize outside without a mosque more than half of all adults have had at least one dose but an increasing number of americans are skipping the 2nd shot as john hendren reports from chicago this beautiful afternoon in a sign of pandemic progress the united states is lowering mask restrictions starting today. if you're fully vaccinated and you're outdoors you need and not a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask the new guidance from the u.s. centers for disease control says that even unvaccinated americans may now go without masks outdoors or while dining outside with friends but that does not extend to indoor events or crowded outdoor events such as concerts even when you're talking about variants indoors outdoor was get vaccinated and you will certainly have a degree of protection but there are also troubling signs of covert complacency super
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sites in ohio texas and florida are closing louisiana is asking for fewer vaccine shipments counties in iowa and kansas are rejecting them and across the u.s. a growing number of americans have missed their 2nd vaccinations call it vaccine hesitancy new data from the c.d.c. as of april finds that 8 percent of americans have not taken their 2nd vaccine from fives or a maternal that's up from 3.4 percent earlier this year i mean it would be a note thank you the c.d.c. now recommends that college students be able to get their 2nd dose even if it's at home in another state one dose is partially effective after just one pills we know that you have reasonably good protection 80 percent according to the real world data what we don't know however is is the duration of the protection that's why the 2nd dose is crucial we know after that they can build that build in a body to last for at least a month possibly longer the white house is urging americans who are not getting the
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one shot johnson and johnson vaccine to take that double dose the 2nd dose is critical to getting the maximum level of protection not to mention that 2nd dose is critical in bringing the united states to herd immunity and that would stop the spread of the virus john hendren al-jazeera chicago. at least 3 people have been killed by a car bomb in somalia's capital that happened on the western side of mogadishu another 7 were wounded the target was the headquarters of the national prisons authority it's the latest outbreak of violence as somalia deals with the political turmoil in somalia as president has agreed not to extend his term and is promising to hold elections mohamed out the locking far module had faced growing unrest on the streets of the capital mogadishu many people have been fleeing the city and residents fear more violence as armed opposition members take up positions and could order the hand of the federal government of somalia has always believed in
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still sees dialogue compromise and negotiation and the return to the discussion table as the only viable options. finally i urge all security agencies to maintain the stability of the capital and the safety of innocent civilians avoiding any actions that may lead to insecurity i also urge the somali people to support the armed forces in this regard. has more from nairobi. well some people i've spoken to in somalia saying that the president's message we'll deescalate tensions in the country that have been building up for quite a while people were particularly worried about the involvement of security forces seem to be divided now along political lines on sunday we saw clashes between pro-government and opposition forces which the opposition forces which included soldiers who left frontline positions in here should barely region in the south and
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came to the capital mogadishu to protest against the extension of the presidential term so we saw those clashes we're being told that some of these opposition forces are taken up positions in neighborhoods yesterday tuesday we saw people civilians fleeing from some of these neighborhoods afraid that there could be an outright conflict if the situation continues without being resolved so the president said that the reason why he's decided to lease in this decision is for the sake of peace and stability in the country he has accused some politicians some political leaders opposition political leaders of using and politicizing the security forces to grab power now we've not had any reaction yet from this opposition leaders particularly opposition presidential candidates some of whom really have been saying that beyond
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the president receiving the decision to extend that time in office he needs to step down because he stomach speired in february. still ahead on al-jazeera why the 1st palestinian elections in 15 years could be delayed again. and changing course we look at how american foreign policy has moved in a different direction during joe biden's 1st 100 days in office. hello heavy concentration of rain over parts of the philippines has produced some pretty impressive rainfall totals i'll show you that but 1st let's start with the rainfall in kuala lumpur or 24 hours 59 millimeters it's not in standing a mound but a lot of rain to be sure and a short period of time now for the southern philippines $172.00 millimeters of rain
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you guessed that that is a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours and the heavier bouts of rain do continue on thursday for the southern philippines also getting into some good rounds of rain for indochina on thursday while for australia it's a switch up of weather patterns here queensland has been dealing in parts of queensland has been dealing with about 9 days in a row of wet weather but that pattern has now beginning to change and look at this western australia which has been dry we watch this frontal system come in eclipse down the temperature in perth to 19 degrees and introduces some showers we've got settled conditions across both islands of new zealand the north island and the south island christ church getting up to a high of 19 on thursday with plenty of sun in the forecast 19 for auckland to.
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one of only the foot produced it's a waste to lift tens of thousands of foot out that's how incest korea has been transformed from western foundation to build a leader in food recycling i have a reporting on how new technology is making this possible. in kenya i mean the promise and sundays what he had believed that livelihoods depend on it was a new place a phrase just. you're watching out is it a reminder of our top stories this hour india has seen its worst days so far from
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the corona virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official told past 200000 but the actual number is thought to be much higher. brazil's senate has opened an inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic which could damage president jalal sinatra's bed to be reelected next year as ill has the world's 2nd highest death toll. somalia's president has agreed not to extend his term and is promising to hold elections has been going on rest in the capital people have been fleeing moderation and residents fear of more violence. south africa's president has several run a pause i have been testifying in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor zundel commission is investigating the so-called state capture scandal during jacob zuma as 9 year tenure zuma faces allegations of allowing a business family close to him to secure government contracts and influence policy so around oppose it was in his deputy until the woman is forced to step down in
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2018 the former president has refused to testify. a.n.c. is position has been that it is that is what the military of a.n.c. members and indeed all south africans assist the commission in its work therefore i here before the commission not to make excuses or to defend the indefensible a.n.c. it has agreed to not only support the work of the commission but to assist the commission in every way possible. well founded in miller's outside the zone of commission building in johannesburg there's been a lot of speculation of course about what little rommel pose and the a.n.c. knew and did and when they did or did not do it given that the realm of force has been speaking at the commission are we any closer to knowing that.
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well he's used the start of his appearance to go through this prepared statement that we've just heard a bit from where he talks about not wanting to defend the indefensible and so very much wanting to make a point of i'm here at this commission to cooperate and that's especially after former president jacob zuma of here you refused to to reappear after being at the commission once or twice and then saying this is intially was a witch hunt and he wasn't going to stand for it and that's what many african national congress party that's the governing party in south africa what many members echoing that this is a witch hunt that this isn't about corruption a broader corruption but it's about targeting and attacking the a.n.c. now has so far said outlined some of the policies if you will the a.n.c. has put in place to deal with corruption saying that for several years the party has recognized that there is an issue of corruption in this country but it goes
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beyond the a.n.c. it's also broader society and business and many have to be held accountable and that's normal practice to have appointments political appointments within different structures within the. state owned enterprises for example but perhaps we can do a bit better so so far he to some extent has defended the agencies saying that we are doing the best we can but he's also said in quite notably that these allegations of corruption have happened under our watch and it's the factions within the a.n.c. that has provided a fertile ground for corruption to grow so the president's opening remarks so far are to be expected he's had to toe the line between. commitment and loyalty to the african national congress but given that it is an election year in south africa or south africans go to the polls in local elections in october he's also got to remember that. he wants to appear accountable and ready to cooperate
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with this commission of inquiry into corruption and from another reporting from inside the zone the commission building in johannesburg family thank you very much . palestinians in the occupied west bank say israeli settlers have attacked the village of beit excess 3 cars were set on fire and anti palestinian graffiti was left at the scene in 2020 the un recorded nearly 800 incidents of attacks by israel and satins against palestinians. and palestinians were due to hold their 1st elections in 15 years next month but al-jazeera has learned president mahmoud abbas will delay the vote citing israeli restrictions in occupied east jerusalem that's despite israel saying it's not interfering with the ballot and the saudi forces reports candidates have been struggling to counter skepticism from voters. in occupied east jerusalem this is defined as palestinian political activity the kind that can result in
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a rest and in recent days has put on this day there are no israeli security forces to be seen no crowd either just 10 prospective candidates for the palestinian legislative council trying to infuse a population that hasn't voted for 15 years and doesn't expect to now it's all our own to convince them and to be with them to bring it. to a new hope for a new is that. we certainly. hope so yes i hope so. but if residents of occupied east jerusalem have a shared such hope it's been fast evaporating what elections i'm asking what elections are you talking about when you are excited about the prospect of taking. because i know that is that is that for now yeah i can expect that. to tell you the truth looks between going to elections as opposed to show that i'm not. with a policy. state with my people to go to the election of that i believe that it's
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a it's a mess it's a game for the on the political level that they may cancel it in 2006 elections did take place in occupied east jerusalem as in gaza and the west bank israel allowing the voting on the last minute u.s. pressure now the palestinian authority has reportedly given israel a deadline of thursday to answer its demand for a similar guarantee an israeli official told us that so far israel has given no response and. without drucilla and without the participation of our people in the city of jerusalem without the ability to campaign as in other areas in the occupied palestinian territories there will be no elections al-jazeera understands that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has already decided to postpone the polls with the official announcement to come at a factional meeting on thursday one thing we heard again and again on the streets of east jerusalem was that if the palestinian authority wanted to hold an election
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it shouldn't allow an israeli know let alone the sheer lack of an israeli response be the reason not to do so the suspicion being expressed is that the real reason is internal and political the palestinian are could have newspaper reports of the decision to postpone followed intense pressure from the united states and arab countries concerned about the consequences of a strong result for the armed group hamas which controls gaza rather than a democratic renewal most now a betting on another round of behind the scenes horsetrading between palestinian factions a chance to vote put off once more indefinitely are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. a u.s. military ship has fired warning shots at a rainy and naval vessels in the gulf washington says 3 boats from iran's revolutionary guard came within about 60 meters of the u.s.s. firebolt the confrontation came as talks continue in vienna on bringing the u.s. and iran back into the 2015 nuclear accord lexie o'brien reports. a
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standoff in the gulf these pictures from the u.s. navy has said to show an american warship firing warning shots and iranian vessels came too close the u.s. says monday's encounter was the 2nd this month and that an iranian warships aggressively approached american vessels in the same area on april 2nd it says it had to move abruptly to avoid a collision when the iranian ship cost in front we've also seen a pattern in which this tends to take place as the 2 sides are getting closer towards some form of an agreement and though progress has been slow it does appear as if returns today at least u.p.a. is within reach within the next couple of weeks as a result of the discussions taking place in vienna. the way is the 2015 nuclear deal which saw iran rein in its nuclear program in return for relief from crippling sanctions to the u.s.
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and other world powers are in vienna trying to salvage the agreement we have a very very important that we can be we do see some important the progress read yes. we also see some major differences a remain former president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal in 2018 and re imposed sanctions since then tehran has increasingly violated its terms it wants all sanctions lifted before it rejoins man may when we want to see all sanctions related prisoners who've been unfairly put under arrest and jailed in u.s. prisons released for the sake of human considerations this depends on the actions of the american side and the way they will address this issue. but not everyone in the region wants a return to the deal israel and iran are boiled in a so-called shadow war which is seen attacks on ships and sabotage at israel's main
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not tons nuclear facility which tehran blames on israeli spies and israeli delegation is currently in the u.s. to voice its objection to washington rejoining the 2015 accord while the u.s. envoy on iran robert malley has held talks with allies in the gulf to update them on negotiations. analysts believe political will from both the u.s. and iran will be enough to overcome the latest skirmishes in the gulf because both sides have too much to lose if the vienna talks fail alexia brian al jazeera. well as he promised president joe biden has taken us foreign policy in a decidedly different direction than his predecessor during his 1st 100 days in office biden has been conciliatory with traditional allies confrontational with longstanding rivals and cautious on some of the toughest issues facing his white house but as it is diplomatic editor james bays reports on the afternoon of his
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inauguration president biden reversed the america 1st policy of his predecessor signing an executive order starting the process of rejoining the paris climate deal the u.s. opted back into the world health organization and the u.n. human rights council the new u.s. president for filling his campaign promise to reengage with the world and bind his country again to its traditional allies. with its adversaries though relations have deteriorated in an interview president biden called the russian leader vladimir putin a killer and amid growing tensions for a time over 150000 russian troops were massed on the border with ukraine. i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking public disagreement with china was on open display during a high level meeting in anchorage alaska in a most unusual exchange the top chinese and u.s.
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foreign policy officials argue ing over human rights trade and cyber attacks bartz as the biden administration was perhaps hoping it's not stopped renewing gauge went on some issues here the u.s. climate envoy john kerry talking with china's vice premier hands on just before the 2 countries released a joint statement on protecting the planet some of the u.s. allies will tell you privately that they believe president biden has been just a little bit too slow and cautious on 2 of the world's most pressing issues on iran although the administration had made it clear it wanted to rejoin the nuclear deal it didn't seem in any great hurry it's delay may have complicated negotiations now back under way in vienna. on afghanistan it was only 2 weeks ago the president biden signaled he'd pull u.s. troops from the country but the plan to get the taliban around the table to negotiate with the afghan government now looks very shaky. a former obama
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administration official who worked with many of those now running u.s. foreign policy says one place is more important than any other in their decision making biden knows that in the congress he's got a slim majority in both houses he's got to work hard to retain those and that is why even when it comes to foreign policy the domestic agenda trumps and he's looking at you know all of these issues whether it's afghanistan whether it's the gentleman in central america with migration how these are going to impact in key congressional districts in key states so unfortunately all politics is local including foreign policy in other words in determining his international agenda president biden is still putting the immediate political calculations in america 1st james by al-jazeera at the united nations has been
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a night of protests in elizabeth city in the u.s. state of north carolina demonstrators are calling for justice for the police killing of a black man an independent autopsy showed andrew brown jr was shot in the back of the head his family says he was no threat to police and he was trying to flee the f.b.i. has opened a federal civil rights investigation. this is i'll just say that these are the top stories and he has seen its worst day so far from corona virus with nearly 3300 more fatalities taking the official told pos 200000 but the actual number is thought to be much higher hospitals are running out of bags medical supplies and oxygen elizabeth put on them has the latest from new delhi the situation in iraq in delhi that people family members after dying from
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hospital to hospital to have loved ones and method now gone from predatorial to come a time from the burial ground.


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