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to feed thousands and thousands of hungry magots see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. and your own. fear stalks india where the official death toll from covert 19 has now passed 200000. and pakistan calls in the military to enforce restrictions in cities with high infection rates. lower barbara sarah you're watching out 0 live from london also coming up u.s. investigators raided the new york apartment of former mayor rudy giuliani over his
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business dealings with ukraine plus. who's at the heart of it the prime minister major sleaze sitting the. rescinds boris johnson under growing pressure over who paid for expensive for innovations to his downing street. thank you for joining us india has reported another of record number of corona virus that's as a devastating 2nd wave continues to overwhelm health facilities another 3293 fatalities were reported on wednesday pushing its official covert best toll past 200000 it's the 4th country to reach that milestone but experts fear that the true number is actually far higher the past 24 hours also brought more
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than 360000 cases the world's largest single day total yet taking india's overall infection since the pandemic began to nearly $18000000.00 well the world health organization says in the past week india accounted for 38 percent of the world's 5700000 confirmed cases elizabeth elizabeth poor on them has more now from new delhi. after failing to find help at medical facilities family members of code of 19 patients bring them to attend outside the sikh temple on the outskirts of daddy . volunteers here providing oxygen for free often driving long distances to find stockist for a drink or already in the all over britain. how to do our job board and all over the nearby city 10100 members of our. family members of patients to have traveled for hours to bring them here because
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they can write one off was for me to commute from my place and come here for this oxygen so i can not take my car without an oxygen so i have to give it one no matter how much time it takes away to. india seeing shortages not only of oxygen but of hospital beds diagnostic tests and vaccines vaccination centers in the worst affected state ran out of doses again on wednesday. they're telling us that injections aren't available here as vaccines haven't arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago all the way from chamber to bhangra i only found out after coming here there's no proper information they tell us to call the helpline number and come back in the morning the world health organization says the low rate of vaccinations is one of the reasons for india's surge in cases the u.s. is sending role materials to india can manufacture more of its own vaccines and
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many countries ascending and other medical supplies. while. day and night to keep up with demand mass commissions have become the norm predatory and behind me has been working from 6 in the morning until midnight but because it doesn't have enough pious to cremate the bodies which are being brought every day and had to build 20 in the park next to it and now these 50 in this open space. those who lost family they went through the same struggle to cremate their loved ones as they did find a hospital bed when they were alive elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi the chief minister of the to prove their shoes coming in for heavy criticism for his state's handling of the crisis with the authorities accused of leaving people to die at the . police to crack down on anyone complaining about shortages on social media in the past day there have been tens of thousands of tweets about him after police the man
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who used social media to seek an oxygen cylinder for his sick grandfather. is accused of quote circulating a rumor with the intent to cause fear or alarm he's one of many in the states searching for oxygen or space in hospitals via social media. or local media says the same chief minister has instructed his authorities to seize properties owned by people commenting publicly about oxygen shortages he's also accused of silencing hospitals for saying that the running low on supplies or beds. says there is no oxygen shortage in his state. meanwhile neighboring pakistan reported a new daily record of 201 deaths on wednesday there have been more than 5000 new infections with the rate of people testing positive rising above 10 percent the rate of people dying from the virus has also risen above 2 percent officials say
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health care facilities are at risk of being overwhelmed with oxygen and ventilators in short supply soldiers have been deployed to enforce restrictions in cities with high infection rates among high there is more now from islamabad all the deployment . there's a constitutional clause in the pakistani constitution which says that the civilian government can call in the military forces in case of emergency and. administration richard exactly what has happened 16 major it. has now guard troops fanning out to ensure that people continue to observed e.s.o.p.'s reading their march to. the military of course before any other contingency given the fact that the situation across the border in india is getting from bad to . cause has to be very careful because.
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last year when the pandemic one that did the country decided to relax. and. this time the government did not taking any chances and plans to close down major. communication transport there will be no intercity transport people will be. much simpler and of course the interior ministry. sports will be closed in order to avoid a large number of people are travelling to sports which. taking that. day medical facilities are stretched up to 70 percent of the rental. supply. taken.
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by the likes of which. being right now. so a worsening situation in pakistan and india a coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed in the netherlands the country though is going through its worst wave of infection since the beginning of the pandemic with hospitals warning they'll soon have to refuse treatment to critically ill people said fasten reports now from the track for many this was a moment to savor at exactly midday people all over the netherlands flocked to outdoor terraces to toast the easing of frustrations they are now allowed to open in the afternoon until 6 pm although social distancing measures remain in place. we would just tell you. it does not exist everything is here of course we know about the hospitalizations but if you look around you might forget about. those outlets bit of cake. guests have to book in advance and are only asked to wear
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a face mask when they go inside to use the restroom or the business owners are happy they have mixed feelings or we hear reports from the hospital show i'm aware of what's going on we are not the ones who have made his decision but i think this is better than people who are sitting and standing close to each other in the streets. thousands of people violated covert restrictions on tuesday when the madeline celebrated the birthday of king willem alexander dozens were arrested for all it is a medical workers have called easing restrictions dangerous and irresponsible but many here in the netherlands couldn't wait to go back to some kind of normalcy their excitement is a strong contrast with the diet actuation hospital. with infections as high as during the 1st wave doctors are warning i.c.u. capacity is reaching its limit of $3950.00 beds if that happens
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a so-called code block may be issued and hospitals would have to choose who gets treated maybe i know in cold blood already because. the b. keep patients home be sent patients home too early i think the quality of care is diminishing former head inspector of health whims halleck and sas the government has been playing with fire trying to control the spread of the virus and taking a risk hospitals will no longer cope we have to diminish diminish the affectionally that is that is obligatory and what is the government doing easing the restrictions and that's contradictory that's contradictory i can't understand it he predicts that the easing of frustrations will only prolong the covert crisis and will possibly force the government to impose a much stricter lockdown after all in the next few months not a message these people enjoying a drink in the sun want to hear that fast and al-jazeera it track.
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u.s. federal investigators have raided the manhattan apartment of donald trump's former lawyer rudy giuliani seizing electronic devices prosecutors have been looking into giuliani's foreign dealings in ukraine which included an investigation into now president joe biden and the son hunter he's also facing ethics charges over his efforts to overturn trump's loss in last year's us presidential election gabrielle is on the is following developments from new york good to see you said just explain to us how significant is this raid. well it's very significant primarily for one key reason and that's because prosecutors and federal agents i should say cannot just unilaterally intercept one's home to seize anything they need to get a judge's permission before hand and in order to get the judge's permission they
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need to show the judge that they have evidence that leads to possible wrongdoing by the person that they're going after and so clearly a judge by granting this permission has clearly agreed that the prosecutors and federal agents clearly have something here it's important to point out that rudy giuliani has not been charged with anything at this point his lawyer has given a statement to the new york times reading in part that this raid was in his words unnecessary and in his words it's legal thuggery nevertheless though this appears to be part of an ongoing 2 year investigation into giuliani's dealings with the ukraine with ukraine. in a wide ranging investigation and it's clear now that the federal prosecutors are closing in on giuliani in some way shape or form here clearly this is a big potential fall for a man
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a very flamboyant man that was once the mayor of new york city in 2001 was named time magazine's person of the year and now finds himself at the center of this criminal investigation important to point out the prosecutors and the d.o.j. the department of justice so far have not commented at all about this raid but beyond the raid just remind us what exactly is being investigated for. yeah it's complicated but in short it's his ties to the u.k. to ukraine specifically. investigators are looking into his role of potential lobbying on behalf of officials in ukraine without registering as a foreign agent it's a kind of an us law but if you are going to lobby for a foreign country as a u.s. citizen you need to register so he apparently did not do that and that's what investigators are looking into but beyond that wow that he was donald trump's
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personal lawyer allegedly pressured the u.s. to fire or remove the u.s. ambassador to ukraine while at the same time allegedly trying to dig up dirt on joe biden's family via ukraine add all this up together and we don't know potentially what charges he could be facing as and prosecutors have not revealed that yet however there are certainly a wide range of potential charges that he could face and investigators now clearly with this raid it really upset if you will on the pressure and it shows that federal investigators are really zeroing in on giuliani give me a little is on the with the latest on that story from new york thank you all staying in the u.s. the state of north carolina will not release the body camera video showing the police killing of andrew brown jr
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a court has ruled that releasing the video may jeopardize ongoing investigations and then partiality in any future case there's been another night of protests in elizabeth city over his this an independent autopsy showed that he was shot in the back of the head his family says he was no threat to police as he was trying to flee the f.b.i. is opened a federal civil rights investigation. apollo 11 pilot michael collins who was on the 1st manned moon mission has died aged 90 unlike his crewmates neil armstrong and buzz aldrin collins never set foot on the moon he stayed behind then flew the model as it orbited above it i don't wednesday after a battle with cancer his family said mike always faced the challenges of life with grace and humility and faced this his final challenge in the same way.
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still to come in this half hour protesters in colombia defy a covert ban on gatherings as thousands rally against controversial tax reforms and some of the president promises not to extend this term but it does little to calm the standoff on the streets of mogadishu. hello there can't wait to share these details with you finally break is coming for the iberian peninsula it has been plagued with wet weather for several days now this is a picture on thursday at least toward portugal we're getting some nice sunshine in there still some scattered showers hanging around for spain you know it's been particularly cold through the united kingdom we've got this cool pool of air digging in london 12 degrees and that cruel air will make its way down to southern
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areas of italy rome by the weekend will be into the teens so let me show you the next 3 days in london temperatures running below average but i do think it will stay dry so that is the good news we got a circulation through germany and poland those showers will now push into ukraine bell the reuss and russia but the cool persists of course for london 12 degrees 40 the high on friday where it's not so cool we're getting a wind direction a shift of wind direction for cairo egypt so our temperature will be pushing 40 degrees as we near the weekend plenty of heat to be found across africa we look towards mali we're up to $43.00 degrees in timbuktu and janina $42.00 degrees will be the high for you on friday plenty of sun and this heat will continue to persist . killing the debate you don't c.v.s.
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and amplified voice only. the media will miss the true story no topic is off the table why in the world would we humanize an individual domestic terrorist this was an illegal occupation of a country what they're doing is they're removing or just a store in the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al-jazeera. the a. welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera india has reported another record number of coronavirus that's another 3293 fatalities were reported on wednesday
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pushing india's official covert death toll past 200000 neighboring pakistan reported a new daily record of 201 deaths on wednesday officials say health care facilities are a risk of being overwhelmed soldiers are being deployed to enforce restrictions and u.s. federal investigators have raided them and had an apartment of donald trump's former lawyer rudy giuliani they're looking into giuliani's foreign dealings with ukraine . in the coming hours u.s. president joe biden is usually give his 1st speech to a joint session of congress it comes on the eve of his 100th stay in office and gives biden an opportunity to update americans on the where his election promises currently stand it's go live now to outland fisher who joins us from the white house so allan do we have any indication of what he's actually going to say. well 6
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hours away from the speech you would think that he's already worked out what he's going to say we've got a few headlines we know that he's just been meeting with media representatives from the u.s. network saying that he didn't realize quite how bad the situation was with covert when he walked into the oval office because of what was a very poor transition but he's going to talk about how he's turned things around remember he promised 100000000 vaccines by 100 days in office is exceeded that number of people thought he set the bar a bit too low on that he'll also talk about the covert relief bill he said he had to get a when right off the bat and most americans received $4800.00 because joe biden push that through congress without a single republican vote he's going to turn his attention to health welfare and education he's saying that there should be an american families bill which will give universal preschool to 3 and 4 year olds provide 2 years of community college to everyone increase paid family leave increase pay to sick leave for many american
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workers there's also going to be a bigger safety net for those who are struggling to make ends meet and he wants to give better access to health care right across the board now remember the only $200.00 people listening to the speech in the room that's because of corporate restrictions that means that a lot of by the supporters won't be there it'll be a different sort of atmosphere but he's hoping he'll still get a positive reaction to the speech as so i'll he's going to focus on health welfare education and like everywhere else the u.s. is being badly hit economically by the pandemic so how is he going to pay for all of this. it's the $1.00 trillion dollar question well he's looking at imposing tax rises on the most wealthy in the united states he wants to lift the highest tax rate from 36 percent to 39.6 percent he believes that could bring in a gruffly $1.00 trillion dollars he also also wants to close tax loopholes and make this system fairer every politician always provides much easier to see than to do
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and he's also going to look at doubling capital gains tax he thinks that will bring in enough money to make sure that gets pushed through you know so that you start talking about tax rises and the reversing donald trump tax policy republicans get very worried about that they don't like that idea but what joe biden wants to do is essentially bypass the partisanship in washington he knows from the pause that his idea of making the rich pay more is actually pretty popular country so he's going to speak to people directly hoping that they will get behind this idea and that he will need support of republicans on capitol hill ellen fisher with the latest there from the white house allan thank you. clashes have broken out in colombia's capital left the unions defied a ban on gatherings to protest against president event economic policies they're angry about fiscal reforms including tax hikes protesters pressed ahead with
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a rally despite a government plea to postpone and the police pledging to enforce the law issued by local authorities colombia so widespread anti-government protests in 2009 but they died down during the pandemic. go to somalia now where the president has agreed not to extend his term and is promising to hold elections mohammad the show has faced growing unrest on the streets of the capital mogadishu this by the president's offer members of the opposition are refusing to withdraw from the capital after clashes on sunday triggered fears of war catherine soy has more. president mohamed up to life maja's address to the nation was tough but the same time provided an offer to unlock the political statement he accused the opposition leaders of politicizing the security forces trying to cause chaos in mogadishu and
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grab power and some foreign countries of meddling in somalia in tunnel affairs but he also pedaled back on the controversial law passed by the lower house of parliament to extend his term in office by 2 yes' and have the electoral commission organize a popular vote within that time. to go to the federal government of somalia has always believed and still says there look compromise and. return to the discussion of the only way. 12020 agreement on that accommodations or the right door technical committee. you know trees of this of $29.00 grim and to come together a military for our good discussions on the unconditional implementation of the above mentioned agreement. the september greenman says the country will hold and in direct election where. members of parliament who in time vote in a president who. talks between the government leaders from the federal state and
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others have stalled with the different sides accusing each other of derailing the process some analysts say the president's reversal of the decision to extend doesn't change the political contest over management of the election and the mistrust between politicians. between the different groups and educator who. has failed to do that and so unless the african union or somebody else. i don't think they will come to agree on a path forward. on the rest of the country from the crisis. tensions have been building for a while and the crisis has drawn in the military and police force which you say to be divided along political lines government and opposition forces fought on sunday in mogadishu and there are reports that opposition forces hold positions in several
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parts of the city people have been fleeing their homes fearing more conflict but some are hopeful that the president's message will deescalate tensions and politicians will find a middle ground to hold an election soon catherine soy al-jazeera an investigation has been launched into how u.k. prime minister boris johnson funded renovations to his apartment in downing street the u.k.'s political spending watchdog says it has reasonable grounds to suspect an offense may have been committed it follows days of allegations of government cronyism paul brennan reports from westminster. downing street the very heart of boris johnson's government is in turmoil among the stream of damaging leaks and revelations in recent days the question of exactly how the renovations of johnson's downing street apartment were paid for have been front page news it's been alleged
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that johnson 1st tried to get wealthy supporters to pay for the work then that his political party loaned him the money if so that should have been made public prime minister the electoral commission is now involved and at the weekly session of the prime minister's questions the opposition labor party smelled blood who initially of prime minister initially is the key word here who initially paid for the redecoration of his downing street but mr and mrs peacocke i think i own to this question several times and the answer the answer is that i have covered the costs i have met the requirements that i've been obliged to meet in full what we get from this prime minister of this conservative government don't you contracts jobs for their mates and cash for access and who's at the heart of it the prime minister major sleaze sitting than. again and again johnson wouldn't clarify those who had paid in the initial invoice repeating early that he personally had covered the
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costs of regional and local elections are just a week away and opinion polling suggest the controversies are starting to affect voter sentiment again you're getting a pass and worse some points is credibility as prime minister will evaporate and you people go to last year we want somebody of that kind of abject moral character as prime minister. at the core of this crisis is a bitter dispute between forrest johnson and this man his former closest adviser dominic comics downing street accused cummings of being the source of many of the recent damaging leaks cummings strongly rebutted that publishing an explosive blog which concluded that his former boss fell far below the required standards of competence and integrity. boris johnson owes much of his political success to a remarkable teflon like quality the ability to survive control over seas which
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would have brought down other less contemporary politicians it's almost as if different rules apply to this prime minister but that doesn't mean that the rules don't exist in this electoral commission there is a watchdog prepared to apply them paul brennan al-jazeera westminster and northern ireland's 1st minister has announced that she's resigning after calls within her party for a leadership contest she says she'll resign as party leader on may 28th and has northern ireland's 1st minister by the end of june critics blame arlene foster for the trade barrier down the irish sea which is known as the northern ireland protocol which was agreed as part of the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. the russian authorities have painted over a mural of the jail kremlin critic hours after it appeared issued a jubilant in the name making a heart shape with his hands next to a slogan
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a hero of a time the mural was painted in president vladimir putin's hometown st petersburg the opposition figure is serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence for violating parole while he was being treated in germany last year for poisoning more on that and everything else that we have been covering here on al-jazeera on our website there it is al jazeera dot com. and now the top stories on al-jazeera india has reported another record number of corona virus deaths 3293 fatalities were reported on wednesday pushing its official covert best toll past 200000 it's the 4th country to reach that mark but experts fear the true number is actually far higher all indians are very.


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