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in the line to france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism as we look back at the history muslim immigration to the country into 3 parts it's a lose lose of from this episode to onal jersey. u.s. president joe biden back so waiver of intellectual property rights for corona virus vaccines a move that could save millions of lives around the world. come about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up donald trump remains banned from facebook for now for inciting violence on capitol hill. israel's president us the opposition to form
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a new government putting benjamin netanyahu his political future in doubt. and mexico city's metro comes out of the spotlight after the deaths of 24 people raise questions about train safety. u.s. president joe biden's thrown his support behind a proposal that would temporarily lift intellectual property rights for covert 19 vaccines that would allow more manufacturers to produce the jobs and help millions of people in poorer nations to get inoculated the director general of the world health organization to the home devices as called the move a monumental moment the u.s. and other countries previously blocked measures championed by india and south africa at the world trade organization well mike hanna is live for us in washington d.c. in many ways this isn't exactly a u.-turn for joe biden is it because he had been talking about this in the run up
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to the presidency. yes during the 2020 campaign joe biden made very clear that he supported a waiver of property rights for all the particularly combating the pandemic however since he came into office there's been a lot of pushback from many pharmaceutical companies and in recent weeks the biden team has been negotiating discussing with representatives from the pharmaceutical industry on the other hand as well you've had immense pressure coming from some of the members of president biden's own party within congress several democratic representatives have gone on record as saying that this is not just a moral imperative but it's also in america's national interests in terms of already catering the pandemic around the globe that is the only way in which americans can ultimately be safe that has been the argument from some in congress and that is the argument that clearly has carried the day. of announcement was made
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by the the economics representative the representative of the world trade organization catherine tie she said in a tweet that this was a moral imperative she also said precisely that that it's the only way that the disease can be eradicated she said the u.s. has a duty to help this initiative to try and spread to vaccines around the world particularly in those countries that do not have the resources to develop their own or use their own so this is a major step by the u.s. government which is going to have immense ramifications in terms of attempting to get it all together but there is a company out to norm of the sun the world trade organization must be remembered is a body that runs on consensus now there has been a drop proposal put up the table by india and south africa but now the u.s. has joined in it's going to be back to the drawing board in a way
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a new text has to be drawn up and importantly every member. as to agree to the contents of that particular text but nonetheless the fact that the us is now involved the fact that the us is now pushing for a waiver of these property rights is very very significant indeed it must be noted as well though as pointed out by the white house press secretary that this is a very narrow way that this has to do purely with combating the pandemic it would not go any wider the point being that the u.s. continues to protect intellectual property rights this waiver will not impact on that according to the white house my thanks very much as my kind of talking to us from washington d.c. let's bring in julie fisher she's an associate research professor of microbiology and immunology at the georgetown university medical center she's joining us live from alexandria in virginia via skype as always it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera with regard to what mike was describing there 8 in on the face of it
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this sounds like a wonderful move forward a certainly a significant one or it has the potential to do that but there's an awful lot of pushback and there are an awful lot of caveats can you just give us some context do you think this is as significant as it if appears to be at 1st. i think there's no question that we must do something to address the tremendous vaccine inequity right now by an administration is pushing to have 70 percent of adults in the u.s. backs unaided by the 4th of july and at the current rates with the distribution of vaccines it's going to take most of the poorer countries in the world 2 years to get to that level of having most adults vaccinated so we definitely need to address this the question is whether the waiving of the intellectual property rights would test this as quickly as everyone would like to see. it's more than just the
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right to manufacture the vaccine the countries that acquired the ability to do so would have to have the right manufacturing facilities they would have to have access to the raw materials and most importantly they would have to have access to the know how and expertise to make those facilities official and able to manufacture a vaccine safely in a short time and that just can take months even a year to ramp up that kind of production as mike was describing pharma companies are clearly wary of this they have been pushing back against this there is a statement out from one organization called pharma p h r m a by a gentleman called ernest coca he's deputy vice president for the international intellectual property for this organization he says intellectual property protection has been essential not only to speed the research and development of new treatments and vaccines but also to facilitate the sharing of technologies and information. from what i understand that this seems klunk kuntar to what this intention is by putting
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in this waiver and if the if the sharing of information and technology was already there we wouldn't need the waiver so where exactly do you sit in all of this. and that's really the point in the longer term this kind of labor could help provide an incentive to develop a broader manufacturing base for vaccines worldwide but in the short term we would still be facing all of those constraints the manufacturing constraints and the supply bottlenecks and there is the very real concern that the pharmaceutical industry when faced with this kind of lifting of intellectual property that protects their competition that protects their competitiveness and their investment might hesitate more in the future to be all in when innovation is necessary in response to a crisis so it's really an enormous balancing act and there is an opportunity to see what we could do to ramp up current exene many traction capability more
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effectively and to show doses more equitably from high income countries to low income countries including to the kodak facility which was designed and is being organized and facilitated by w.h.o. for that very purpose judy fisher is always good to get your thoughts on this we appreciate your joining us in algeria thank you very much indeed thank you facebook oversight board has held the company's ban on donald trump's account but says the decision must be reviewed in 6 months the former u.s. president was suspended after january's attack on the capitol building called the board's decision a total disgrace to go hang reports from washington d.c. . as his supporters were storming the u.s. capitol then president trump was posting to facebook i know your pain i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. urging his supporters to go home while calling them special and telling them he
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loves them for facebook's leadership it was too much facebook and instagram suspended his account indefinitely twitter permanently banned him as well but facebook wanted a board it's set up to decide if their decision was the right $120.00 experts in the field to free speech their ruling the ban is appropriate but facebook will have to review the decision in 6 months i mean the decision is very clear and so far as you know the board has found that the suspension of former president trump was necessary to keep people safe former president donald trump released a statement calling the decision a total disgrace and an embarrassment adding these corrupt social media companies must pay a political price experts say this move was designed to keep that from happening every bit of criticism that's directed at the oversight board is a bit of criticism that's not being directed at facebook so in many ways i think this really looks like a quite a smart move that mark zuckerberg and facebook you know had the foresight to
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understand look these are really incredibly difficult issues you're going to be criticized no matter what you do we should create a quasi independent board but it will do little to blunt the criticism the facebook faces on many fronts lawmakers have been debating for a while about whether or not these tech companies are just simply too big too powerful and need to be broken up this decision will likely move that question to the forefront for many of the former president's allies on capitol hill patty kahane al-jazeera washington. but even netanyahu has 12 year run as israeli prime minister could be over after the president asked his political rival to form a new government the adler pede who heads the centrist a geisha tede r.t. now has 28 days to form a coalition is the latest bid to end israel's political deadlock after 4 inconclusive elections in the past 2 years and the faucet has more from west jerusalem. rivlin the president has given the mandate to lockheed the head of the
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opposition but neither of those people are involved in what is the real battle that seems to be going on here which is between benjamin netanyahu and the leader of a smaller right wing party yemeni natale bennett he doesn't yahoo has been absolutely ripping into bennett saying that he's being driven by personal ambition that he's essentially selling out by wanting to years as prime minister in a potential deal with lockheed for a change coalition block in the israeli parliament the knesset that he is going back on various promises he gave jury in the election campaign about not working with a left wing government and that he's being driven by his lust for power now set aside what some people are pointing out when they look at benjamin at night netanyahu accusing someone else of personal political ambition this is a real bid by now you know to try to stop this this coalition building before it's
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even really got under way he is appealing for both bennett and for other members of his party some of whom have been expressing doubts about entering into this very broad coalition with members of the israeli left which would probably have to be supported from the outside by palestinian israeli parties this right wing party does appear to be split within itself as to whether this is a good idea despite the fact that bennett has committed to having said that the young failed to form a right wing government to trying to form a national unity government. still ahead on al-jazeera. colombia's president says it's time to talk as tax protests descend into anger about poverty police and poor health care people in scotland head to the polls but will a vote for independence be on the table. hello
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once again strong storms severe storms to southern portions of the u.s. it's produced scenes like this flooding in alabama where we did have 2 tornadoes strike the region violent weather the good news is on thursday the storms are really starting to fragment so we're just getting some remains of it but still the risk of flooding after those storms really just swept across the area over the last week and we're fait fairly stagnant the bulk of the activity has pushed further south into florida so miami now starting to get into this wet and stormy weather take you to the new england states into atlantic canada really the maritimes dealing with this heavy bout of rain this is all associated with that same system toward the south in the u.s. blustery conditions 11 degrees and we'll see a swath of snow spread across the gaspé as we head toward thursday take you to
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central america right now in about 85 percent of mexico has been dealing with drought conditions we have rain in the forecast heavy is pockets toward water and hunter is and for mexico when you're dealing with drought conditions this could dairy much produce the risk of flooding because the ground is solid and can absorb all that rain. hero and humanitarian. for traitor and all criminal. you know me general who defended sarajevo against attack by serb forces. al-jazeera world looks back at the life of the late you find giving. sally a for my not. just here. we
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want to know does it remind of our top stories this hour of u.s. president joe biden's back to proposal that would temporarily left intellectual property rights for covert 19 vaccines it would allow more manufacturers to make the jobs and help millions of people in poland nations get inoculated. facebook's oversight board has upheld the ban on donald trump's account for his role in inciting his supporters to attack the capitol building in january trump's called the social media barons a total disgrace. israel's president has asked and gave lockheed the prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu his political rival to form a new government if the latest bid to end political deadlock after 4 inconclusive elections in 2 years. the world health organization says nearly half of the world's corona virus infections during the past week have been in india and hospitals are seeing shortages not just of beds and oxygen but of health care workers elizabeth put on them reports from new delhi. when roland decided to be a doctor he didn't expect to have to choose who lives and who dies a year at the full completing his medical training at the age of 26 he's in charge of an emergency room in a new delhi hospital on the night shifts with a shortage of beds oxygen and ventilators he has to make heart breaking decisions. we had a friend is. going to receive the marchese of the year mark me for back in the. car at this point of being here and being forced to do this. patients
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are continuing to die in india because of a lack of critical care facilities 5 died in the state of iraq and when their oxygen supply ran out on wednesday and is air force the navy transporting oxygen and other aid while the army has joined the efforts to create more facilities. this is one of india's biggest public hospitals with setting up an oxygen based on technology developed for its fighter jets it says 500 similar plots all over the country within 3 months the plant can generate 1000 liters of oxygen every minute. this will operate continuously so such plants will be stored in those hospitals will not have to depend on supply. these plans are capable of transmitting oxygen to patients directly but health experts say there is also
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a shortage of medical workers with the expertise to administer the 8. these are unprecedented times we have never seen a pandemic of this size and scale and definitely a pandemic that that stresses the infrastructure not only in terms of basics but in terms of manpower. other deval takes a brief break to have his lunch but says the intensive care unit i.c.u. is never far from his mind that some of the companies you know even right yesterday think that the beep beep beep beep that guys were being noisy i deny that continues to be it was enough to deny the earth every time every day but hospitals and they work as a breaking point and his main opposition party the congress is the latest to urge the government to impose a nationwide lockdown elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new delhi. well as any struggles to contain the outbreak even its top diplomats are falling ill with the
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virus india's entire delegation in london for the g. 7 summit has been forced to isolate after 2 members tested positive it's the 1st time in 2 years that representatives of the world's richest countries and meeting in person india is not part of the group of 7 but it wasn't by to attend as a guest we've bought reports from london. the return of face to face diplomacy after a long hiatus albeit behind masks and shakes swapped for elbow bumps the family photo requiring the widest of wide lenses but despite tight protocols for all attendees including daily covert tests for delegates the indian team confirmed 2 of its diplomats had tested positive for seeing the entire mission including the country's foreign minister superman you enjoy shanker seen here with the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken on monday into self isolation speaking in northern england before arriving at the g.
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7 in person later in the day the british prime minister insisted the show must go on i think it's very important to try to continue as much business as you as you can as a government we have a very important relationship with india with our r g 7 partners as i understand it what's happened is that the the individuals concerned there were isolating india isn't a g 7 member but it is increasingly a pivotal ally of the group as a trade partner for the united kingdom especially post breaks it and secondly as a regional security ally in the face of an increasingly aggressive china india meanwhile has been looking for greater international support in tackling the crisis in the gulf in the country with the promise of oxygen concentrator isn't ventilators from germany the u.k. and others. the virus has been on a long list of topics covered during the summit with the g 7 promising to boost support for the un's kovacs scheme aimed to getting vaccines to some of the world's
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poorest countries of the $1000000000.00 doses delivered worldwide only one percent of so far gone to low income countries in a final communique ministers also pledged to support peace efforts in syria to the sahara ethiopia to eastern europe and to restore a rules based international system in the aftermath of the trumpet ministration and russia and china as more aggressive foreign policies we stood up for trade we've agreed a series of concrete tangible mechanisms to promote human rights and democracy around the world and we brought in if you like the scope of the normal g 7 but the in person absence of india from the summit will inevitably force host the u.k. to rethink covert protocols ahead of the g 7 leaders summit in june a reminder that while many rich western democracies are beginning to emerge from the pandemic others remain in the midst of a deepening crisis and have back out jazeera london. unions in colombia holding an
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8th day of anti-government protests with mass marches across the country protesters and police clashed outside parliament in the capital bogota over tax reforms has turned into a one to movement against inequality and rising poverty the u.n. and the e.u. a raise concerns about heavy handed security tactics after the deaths of more than 20 people in the rest of the m.p.'s he was at a demonstration in bogota. when demonstrations have been another major show of force some part of the union says students associations that have been leading these protests for now 8 days despite the violence that we've seen in past days again tens of thousands of people took to the streets in different demonstrations both here in the capital and across the country and the unions have already managed to to get the government to withdraw the tax reform that sparked these
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protests minister of finance has resigned and now they're saying that they're going after another reform health reform that would promise to further privatized the health system in the country the protesters are also asking for a basic income for people that have been suffering because of the coby the crisis in the country and they're also now asking for a reform of the police and particularly the anti riot police that that has been responsible for some of the excesses that we've seen. in past days as we speak now a number of voter cycles are moving to the plaza they're also participating in. these protests so far as the demonstrations on wednesday have been absolutely peaceful but overnight here in the capital there have been
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a heavy clash. between the police and demonstrators with demonstrators burning to the ground at a number of neighborhoods that on the spot the mayor of all that has said that this kind of battle is there is unacceptable and i've asked our security forces. that to assist the police and their situation that the government now is said that they opened an ally of dialogue with that protest shares that many here are saying that they don't trust the government to really want to get that demonstration that. mexico's president says those responsible for the collapse of a metro train over pos and tuesday will be punished $25.00 people were killed one part of mexico city's newest line fell onto a busy street by over aapl reports. emergency officials have finished identifying the bodies of those who died in monday night's metro train accident in the mexican capital. really distraught relatives of victims are now demanding to
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know how such a tragedy could have occurred to put them in a save bank that they went this way there were 20 to 30 victims but tomorrow how many more will there be mongers 30 was my dad the only thing my dad used to do was work he only used to go to work from home to work unfortunately yesterday he never came home. the accident occurred when a metro overpass collapsed onto a busy freeway in southeast mexico city the shocking images of bodies being pulled from the wreckage have rattled the confidence of commuters wasn't enough to do to be honest i think we could see this coming on that metro line because the place it was built on used to be water so it's not stable and there will only as the problems it will be necessary and some metro facilities are no longer in good condition and as you travel the trucks feel different some passivity is are not in perfect condition and have not yet been repaired the necessary mice it's clear this
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type of transfer. isn't adequately maintained. some 4300000 people ride the metro every day the 12 rail lines that crisscross the mexican capital are some of the busiest in the world though city and federal authorities have promised a thorough investigation into what caused that deadly accident or the metro on monday night outrage is growing over alleged infrastructure problems all over the city. the accident on monday night was the deadliest metro disaster since october 1975 when 2 trains collided leaving 23 people dead. were protesting because of corruption impunity lack of care for those of us who live in habit and transit in the periphery justice for the families. metro authorities say rail lines will undergo inspections in the coming days to analyze construction integrity commuters fearful that monday's accident will be the last. couple al-jazeera mexico city. the ongoing threat of violence and man maher has international rights groups
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including amnesty international and human rights watch calling for action from the u.n. security council on wednesday the country's pro-democracy national unity government announced it was establishing what it's calling a people's defense force to protect its supporters from attacks by the military presence a limit reports. the 3 months since the military seize control of me and maher and opposition groups show no signs of backing down if anything they're gearing up for more violence announcing the formation of a people's defense force to protect themselves from military attacks now a coalition of more than $200.00 non-governmental organizations says the u.n. security council needs to step up to they want an arms embargo against the military they say it is the least the international community can do. will not be enough to end this by the. end. if general you know the fact that the un
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security council allow both men to commit genocide in 2017 against the ringing of population and didn't adopt a single resolution in response is a major contributing factor to the climate of impunity that led directly to this but so far china and russia have resisted calls for stronger action we are not in favor of imposing sanctions and we have to take 8 and the last the results in. conflict and the reason why we hold to such a position is because of the fact that 1st it will be always all dinner if you vote to suffer from sanctions the security council is held at least 5 meetings on the situation in myanmar since the coup most of them in private formal security council statements have expressed concern and called for an end to the violence
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backing regional efforts to mediate the conflict one security council diplomat tells al-jazeera they share the n.g.o.s concerns but that a divided security council will help no one that sentiment was echoed by the u.n. secretary general spokesman what the secretary general supports and will continue to support is for the urgency of a unified international response. and that needs to be done in close cooperation with. with nearly 800 dead and 40000 people displaced and geos say that isn't enough kristen salumi al-jazeera the united nations and 25 year old woman in mali has given birth to 9 babies at once to more than she'd expected the 5 girls and 4 boys were delivered in specialist care units in morocco all part of a well known uplifts are extremely rare and this appears to be the 1st time on
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record a woman's given birth to 9 surviving babies at once becoming record for most living births at once is 8. can you find a lot more on our website the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. this is all just here are these are the top stories from u.s. president joe biden's back to a proposal that would temporarily lift intellectual property rights for covert 19 vaccines it would allow more manufacturers to make the jobs and help millions of people in puerto nations get inoculated like hannah has more from washington d.c. there's been a lot of pushback from many pharmaceutical companies and in recent weeks the biden team has been negotiating discussing with representatives from the pharmaceutical industry on the other hand as well.


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