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treatments and of that. keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. ready . international condemnation grows over the israeli response to protests of the occupied east jerusalem. hello i'm don jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up protesters in iraq seek justice announcer's after an activist a shot dead on the streets of karbala. funerals are held for young students
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killed in bomb blasts outside a school in kabul. this. morning. but it's also one of the most important voices of. planning and. international condemnation of israel is growing over the forced evictions of palestinians from their homes in occupied east jerusalem the u.s. national security advisor jake sullivan has raised concerns about the violence against protesters were angry of a palestinians being removed to make way for jewish settlers and shake gerar well the united nations security council has called an emergency meeting the u.s. and the european union have appealed for restraint the days of violence there is an uneasy calm sunday night hadn't seen any serious major fighting palestinians say
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they will remain defiant but on sunday israel's supreme court delayed a decision on forcibly evicted palestinians in shape but prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's determined to push the plan through we'll get the u.s. reaction with gabriel is on there in washington d.c. shortly but 1st here's how to force it with a look at the situation damascus gate. so another night of tension here in occupied east jerusalem this is what we've been seeing a pattern throughout the night every now and again israeli security forces moving in to clear certain areas around damascus gate so far the clashes the skirmishes tonight have been less intense than they were over the last couple of days certainly of what we saw on saturday night was a good deal more intense in terms of physical violence however there have been uses of the skunk water cannon the chemical waste water cannon to clear areas as well as repeated use of stun grenades as well the driver of much of this continues to be
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the situation of the occupied east jerusalem neighborhood of shesher are where palestinian families face it action and court case which was due to take place on monday to hear whether the appeal of some of those families would be heard that has now been put off for at least 30 days that does give the opportunity for some respite some breathing space of more pushing over here some respite some breathing space but as you can see it still remains tense this campaign could continue and as well as that on monday we have one jewish israelis call jerusalem day when right wing religious nationalists most of them marched through the muslim quarter of the old city waving israeli flags chanting singing and shouting there are questions as to whether these really sort of forces will allow that to go ahead in the same way as it has traditionally if it does that's another real potential flashpoint pluggable is on the joins us live now from washington d.c.
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gapes what more did the u.s. national security adviser have to say and how much of a test is this for the biden administration. well this is going to be a very big test for the bye to administration maybe the 1st big international diplomacy test that he fears facing in his presidency a little more on that later but 1st you're getting a sense that here in washington that there is growing concern about the situation there in israel that we've been seeing over the last few days. biden's national security adviser jake sullivan had a call on sunday with israel israeli counterpart and according to a readout from the white house about that call sullivan told that his israeli counterpart that the u.s. is very concerned about the violence that is taking place he said that there are serious concerns about the violent confrontations and that the u.s. wants to ensure colm and deescalate tensions and promote deescalation of
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violence that we've been seeing also sullivan telling israeli officials that the u.s. it has serious concerns and according to the readout from the white house about the potential palestinian evictions palestinian families from their land in their homes in the shade gerard neighborhood and he said that there are he expressed that to the israeli officials that that the u.s. has some serious concerns about that what was not part of this readout or at least what was not laid out in this readout from the call was any direct condemnation of israel's actions by the united states at least not from this readout clearly israel is a very strong ally of the united states and whenever we've seen situations like this the u.s. usually treads very lightly when it comes to any sort of condemnation when it comes to any violence their bottom line though is that we could expect to hear more from
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the president himself perhaps as early as this week because clearly the situation there is gaining attention by the hour here in washington on the life in the washington d.c. gate thank you. well israel is facing mounting international criticism over its heavy police response and those planned defections in shape there are people in the u.k. gathered across london manchester and birmingham in solidarity with the palestinians they've been out on the streets calling for sanctions against israel. 2 and pope francis to address the violence in occupied east jerusalem during his sunday message on the vatican he called in israel to respect the multi religious identity of the city say will come but if you go let it political place you own it i am following with particular concern the events that are happening in jerusalem i pray that it will be a place of an encounter and not a violent clashes a place of priya and pace i invite everyone to say that she had solutions so that the multi religious and multi cultural identity of the holy city is respected and
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brotherhood can prevail violence only breeds violence stop the clashes well mounted the l code is a writer and poet the video of his sister confronting a jewish settler went viral this week speaking from a protest in nazareth he said palestinians are under constant attack. and i and everybody in the neighborhood continue. today invaders our neighbor's house they invaded and they had bags of clothes they had been in constant contact palestinian residents today 5 minutes away from the neighborhood. near the hebrew university so we are under the constant threat of that lower violence in jerusalem because that's what happens when you put sellers in a palestinian neighborhood they are indigenous people this is a very tiresome situation it's a very sleepy sleep was the situation but it's also i think you a sense that we have been reporting 9 years including 7 days there's a big gun crime in our lands. and we know that we must be persistent and we must be
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resilient because they're not the best happens in small doses and no matter how long you try to log a process we're going to fight it because these are our home. well staying with that story al jazeera has spoken exclusively with iraq's prime minister to me in baghdad he's weighed in on the issue and backs the notion that the palestinian people have the legal right to stay in shape. who will take heed a lot in. iraq to know nces all the crimes of the palestinian people and the prevention of the muslim community to access their holy sites and protecting the palestinian neighborhoods that historically belong to them and should be protected and defended the protesters in the iraqi city of karbala are demanding answers after an anti government activist was shot dead in an apparent execution supporters of. the iranian consulate on fire iranian backed fighters are suspected of being behind the shooting was and he was killed close to his home by gunmen in the early
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hours of sunday. well he's one of more than 30 activists killed in iraq since the beginning of large scale anti-government protests in october 29th seen so many fall to reports from. the agonizing wait for the body of a loved one this is the family of a was in the a well known organizer in iraq's anti-government protest movement he was shot dead of the night before just outside his home in iraq's southern city of karbala he had his mother told al-jazeera he had received numerous threats from paramilitary groups backed by iran the militias are everywhere in the streets they have a list which includes the names of all the activists they will kill them one by one today they killed my son and soon they'll kill enough of the funeral procession arrived in the scorching afternoon heat their religious punctuated with desperate cries for survival. the parties are killing us
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scream the man who once stood by you hop side in cabinets protest squares demanding change but is anyone listening inside the haps family said their final goodbye their anger directed at both the killers and the government who failed to protect him are looked at with we don't trust the government and we don't trust this political process if there is to be justice there should be an international investigation he is one of 34 activists assassinated since protests 1st began in october 21000 according to iraq's human rights commission a 3rd were killed after a new government was formed in may 2020 promising to end impunity when prime minister mostafa out probably came to power almost a year ago he promised the rain and on the roofs that acted outside of the state's control and to bring those responsible for the deaths of protesters and activists to account but only a handful of iraqis have been made and no one has been. and so the killings and the
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funerals go on the protestors drove the haps body to catalyst central square once packed with crowds rallying for a cause but after the movement crumbled i mean brutal repression they mostly just gather to mourn the last few here dare to speak on camera in fear they might be next some expect violence to further flare ahead of october elections. these assassinations don't come out of nowhere they are organized it's linked to the elections that have been set for next october and all these politicians are scared i think the october protesters will compete for their power to bring about change that's why they're targeting the activist and today have paid the price. the prime minister promised justice and ordered and wiring but none of these investigations have borne fruit in the past leaving little hope for accountability in the future
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simona 14 al-jazeera caterpillar time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back street celebrations in spain as people enjoy some long awaited freedom more in the states. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored play qatar airways over there we do have a plume of moisture moving across south korea over the sea of japan and it's just going to clip that you stern edge of honshu so tokyo this means dry conditions for you on monday with a high of 25 degrees elsewhere across china we do have some heavy rain so what the south let me give you a closer look now is heavy rain is falling over the yangtze river valley and also the pearl river valley hong kong and shanghai though dry conditions for you on monday for southeast asia we have seen flooding and landslides in cambodia also to
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war. northern sumatra but those heavy pockets of rain have now backed off so we go in for a closer look in indonesia and it's mostly dry we may get strikes with some showers or rain but your car to for example sunshine on monday 33 degrees where we will see heavy pockets of rain is toward cebu in central philippines and toward the south devout you're in for some soaking rains on monday ok i want to take you to india and get you up to speed with the severe weather risk there toward the western gantz where we could see those storms and west bank all into bangladesh now threat the middle east we've seen some severe flooding through afghanistan into northeastern iran 7 times the monthly average for a. cutoff at ways. heroes and humanitarian. rule for the. you know me who defended sorry eva against attack by serb forces.
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looks back at the life of the late you find did the. show you know mind. just. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here at this hour the u.s. national security adviser has expressed concern about the violent confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians in the occupied east jerusalem an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council set to take place on monday over the potentially fictions of palestinians in the shake your own neighborhood to make way for illegal israeli
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settlers. in the u.k. people have gathered in london manchester and birmingham to show solidarity with the palestinians they're calling for sanctions against israel. and protesters in the iraqi city of karbala on the answers on to government activist who shot dead in an apparent execution supporters of you have set the iranian consulate on fire right in back fighters are suspected of being behind the shooting. the taliban has announced a 3 day cease fire in afghanistan during the muslim festival of eat outfitter this week it comes just 2 days after the government blamed the group for an attack outside a school which killed more than 50 people eat outfitter marks the end of the muslim fasting month of ramadan and the holiday begins according to the sighting of the new moon and funerals have been held for the victims of the 3 explosions outside that school the attack happened in a predominantly shia neighborhood of the afghan capital just as people who are
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leaving at the end of the day for your country for it has more now from kabul. most of the debris outside this girl's school may be gone but not the anger and grief among the people of. dozens of students mostly girls who were killed as they were leaving school 3 bomb blasts cutting their lives short. ever comes in commits an act of terror should be prevented and punished and no other group conduct such kind of criminal activities in the future the security forces come to the scene after the attack and create more chaos that will never help prevent such brutal attacks witnesses say the attack appeared well coordinated and intended to kill as many children as possible this is the school's gate and as the girls were coming out a car bomb and 2 id's exploded almost back to back in 3 different parts of the road outside the school the taliban has denied responsibility and
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blamed. the government says the taliban is behind the attack there are more than 20 terrorist groups operating in afghanistan peace talks between the taliban and the afghan government are at an impasse and some analysts say even if they reach a peace deal stability in the country is not guaranteed now the time when the taliban are not blaming the responsibility for such attacks this means that the other actors involved in of on is the one who has the capacity of challenging the state and the stability and peace of honest sun which again means that the international community is leaving an unfinished chapter behind the attack was carried out as violence is rising across the country and foreign troops look to complete their withdrawal in the coming months has our ethnic minority lives in the neighborhood and has been repeatedly attacked in recent years its members have
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called on the governor. and to protect them i sell has claimed several of the attacks. though their way tonight the we will investigate and find the perpetrators we're working very hard that they should be brought to justice but justice has rarely been served to the victims of the many attacks in dust. and so once more they bury their dead and pray for the carnage to end contraflow al-jazeera kabul communities across spain have held impromptu street parties as the national covert 19 state of emergency ended spain is one of the hardest hit countries in europe and like other e.u. nations is putting its trust in the ongoing vaccination drive not in baba reports and. partying into the night celebrating new freedoms crowds gathered on the streets of spanish cities in the early hours of sunday as the
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national state of emergency ended. the it's really very moving i keep thinking wow how great to finally be able to connect to seek to have a good time to say hi it's an important moment. here in barcelona police had the strange tosk of moving people on after the last curfew began at 10 pm only to let them back off to midnight infection rates have fallen and vaccinations are speeding up now all except for of spain's regions have scrapped local curfews bans on travel between regions are also being lifted at madrid's main train station some were setting off to see family others waiting for loved ones to arrive to eat you know that this woman says we have a family event or communion and it just happened to be the day the state of emergency ended we've not seen each other for 8 months asked how it feels. to be.
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in the mafia she says very emotional. in italy 4 regions are having. covered 19 risk level downgraded from monday most of the countries now closed as yellow the lowest under the 40 system now the government stressing the importance of the european union's plans green pass it would allow travel within the block for people with proven immunity full vaccinations or a negative coronavirus test and across the e.u. vaccination programs have been accelerating we have now delivered over 200000000 doses to the european people so we are on track to achieve our objective of enough doses being delivered in july to vaccinate 70 percent of the european adult population the commission's confirmed its not renewing its order for astra zeneca has covered 19 vaccine beyond june it's already launched legal action against the manufacturer accusing it of not having a reliable plan to ensure timely deliveries but it has now signed
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a new contract with pfizer biotech to receive 1800000000 vaccine doses by the end of 2023. 0. now rain couldn't stop people in the russian capital moscow from turning out to remember a battlefield victory that changed the course of history. it's been 76 years since the soviet union's defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 in addition to fireworks and military parades the russian president used the occasion to denounce the rise of neo nazis him across iraq. charts military has claimed victory in a battle with northern rebels that led to the death of president idriss deby captured fighters were paraded in the capital in germania but the military has previously claimed victory of the rebels only for fighting to resume president debby's death in april caused a political crisis and protests after his son mohammad that he took power he's promised to hold elections after 18 months transition. as you would have been
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a weird rebels have infiltrated our territory and we have responded with appropriate military action we brought back war prisoners in their gear we cleaned up all the areas where we infiltrated and i can guarantee you that the whole to retore is secure we asked the people to return to their normal occupation and enjoy regained pace country is secured thanks to god. people smuggling between sudan and ethiopia is increasing despite their border crossings being closed because of a disputed sedan as long but a transit center for many people having to make it to europe in search of a better life sudanese authorities say the conflict in ethiopia is too great a region is leading to many more trying to make the journey al-jazeera as he the mogen reports from a gal about in get are if state. this shelter is far from what hyla afy and his family had back in their hometown of. but when conflict erupted last november
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hyla says he was forced to abandon all he had and he and his family smuggled themselves into sudan through an unofficial border crossing. i came into the country at night through the bush there was a form of the border and that's where i stayed for the day. is found me and others who are also escaping to great and brought us to the camp i hope to eventually leave and go to another country because i have relatives who have crossed the border before the conflict and they are now in europe and elsewhere but instead we came to the refugee camps the to great conflict is now in its 6 months and has forced more than 63000 people into sudan in search of safety many came through official border crossing points along the sudan. during the 1st days of conflict but refugees shortly after the conflict started crossing the border from ethiopia became difficult and smuggling became the safest way to seek refuge in sudan sport estates of. they're not the only ones making the journey hundreds coming each year in search of work orders between sudan and if you were marked out in the early 20th
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century during british colonial rule. despite being drawn on maps the borders between sudan and if you are poorly defined on the ground in most parts there are no formal barriers to mark where one country and the other begins on the stretches of farmland and while border smuggling is not new other factors besides the 2 great conflict help increase over the past few months border crossings have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic now if you do cross don't venture far from this area in a place called. it's a new 2 kilometer stretch of land where no paperwork is needed to enter. it's better for me to locate and so that i can communicate with the people and earn money unlike back and my village and. in late november sudan you have to take over a fertile 3000 square kilometer region in the state. that sudan claims under colonial agreements dating back to mine 1000 or 2 but ethnic on her farmers from
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ethiopia say they've been farming it for nearly 5 decades and it belongs to them local authorities say the situation at the border has also led to a rise in other forms of smuggling. the forces are now also combating an increase in smuggling of weapons to borders of long being porous and with conflict into gray we find people seeking refuge more often they do that by smuggling across the border and those we detect 100 over to the refugee commission but we need organizations to tend to the refugees otherwise we'll start seeing trafficking of vulnerable refugio hyla says when he was smuggled into sudan he was concerned about the welfare of his family he says he still hopes to relocate his family to a better place but now wants to do it legally by any repercussions on their lives and their future he will morgan al-jazeera. at least 6 people have been killed at a birthday party in the u.s. state of colorado police in the colorado springs say the suspected gunman shot his
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girlfriend's family members and friends before turning the weapon on himself if the states were shooting since march when 10 people were shot and killed at a supermarket in boulder. thousands of people are marching in cities across france demanding the government bring in ambitious measures to tackle climate change. they say a proposed climate law doesn't go far enough campaigners want any public funds used to support french industry to come with strict ecological conditions and they're pushing for the creation of thousands of jobs in the green economy. chile exports most of the world's which is used to make a range of products from cosmetics to plastic it's found in the forests of brown seaweed the grow along chinese coast business in human reports from a particular way it's now in danger due to a growing black market in the negro harvesting. added plants it's obvious the
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planet earth is more water than land. but if it out at 1st it looks like there's nothing but underneath there is extraordinary biodiversity one trunk of our can sustain and than $400.00 species there are snails. and then many it's where life begins because. these are map grow algae forests as indispensable for our survival as those that grow above ground through photosynthesis they absorb just as much c o 2 gas and together with fido plankton and sea grass they produce nearly half of our planet's oxygen. and also like nurseries for small fish to find shelter from predators. along 2000 kilometers of chile's pacific coast these forests can grow 40 metres high and live for up to 25 years but they are in danger i
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thought marcus on the road access there are areas especially in the north where the algae is being extracted indiscriminately. killing other muslims almost every day maybe a campus walks on to the edges these rocks to catch riedel as it's called in chile it's hard work but it's escalating price has allowed her to send her 3 children to university. these widows who are out there are drying out here so that they can then be taken off to be sold and why is this algae in such high commercial demand because they are the horse of alginate you probably have never heard of it but believe me you have consumed it this is making your car's dashboard that's the most expensive type this variety. and this one called the black widow is used in making the plastics that we use practically every day. it's
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also used widely in the cosmetic industry from here it's taken to a processing plant to be chopped and shipped primarily to china and japan chile produces 40 percent of the world's alginate but much of it is harvested illegally and media companies says she only takes what the ocean throws out in the thick of it all this is what we call the head of the tree the ocean to root out to shore because it was no longer needed this isn't the same where oh that the boat extracts the fishermen dive cut it off from the head and kill it. licensed fishermen are allowed to rip out the algae a technique that was illegal until 1984. last year 500 tons were exported half of it harvested without authorization in a thriving black market. chile's long coastline makes it difficult to police but there are other ways to help turn the tide like
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a still stands for example from sitting or regrowth. tourist island bottom of the border box there was clearly. it requires an investment yes but employing science to counter the depletion of natural species has already become a necessity so that as darwin once said we don't all perish you see in human al-jazeera peachey coolie cheney. stuff a quick check of the top stories in al-jazeera the us national security advisor has expressed concern about the violent confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians in occupied east jerusalem an emergency meeting of the un security council is set to take place on monday over the potential evictions of palestinians from the said john neighborhood to make way for illegal israeli settlements are
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a force that is that damascus good so far things have been relatively reduced the big target.


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