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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2021 3:00am-3:31am +03

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so no matter how you take it out you see. really the nice and current affairs that matter to the. counties the. edging toward all out war airstrikes pound residential areas of gaza at least $35.00 palestinians have now been killed. hello i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up israel's iron dome defense system working overtime dozens of rockets fired from the gaza strip into tel of the 3 israelis have been killed.
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in violence is also breaking out amongst residents in the city of law the military has been sent in to regain control. and a rare shooting in russia teenager opens fire at a school killing 9 people. welcome to the program you're watching al-jazeera is continuing coverage of the dramatic escalation in violence between israeli forces and palestinian groups there's been a 2nd day of israeli airstrikes and palestinian rocket attacks international calls for deescalation continue to go unheard for now it's been the most intense exchange of fire since 2014 when israeli air strikes have destroyed a building housing media organizations in gaza the building is not too far from where al jazeera was only offices are located. israel fired
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a warning shot before destroying the building. and earlier an israeli airstrike hit a residential building in gaza the army says it had told people living in one hour to move out before it was bombed causes health ministry says at least 35 palestinians have been killed across the strip and more than 200 have been injured well this was a you from the ground when the tower came crashing down and rescue workers have been combing the rubble looking for any survivors. well there's been no let up for gaza residents al-jazeera. was talking to us earlier on tuesday when a strike hit nearby. and responds the palestinian fighting groups armed groups including hamas islamic jihad and other smaller groups.
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we hear it's very close to our office. they hit the building that i just mentioned. minutes ago this is a warning we call it a warning really draw on the building with. it which is the last or the final warning which will be followed or expected to be followed by bigger kids which will bring it all down we will have to move now. it's very. we expect us the destruction of. this building flaw and even our office because only a few meters between. this building that is expected to be destroyed. well the palestinian group hamas says it fired $130.00 rockets towards tel aviv israel 2nd largest city and its economic capital. this is
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the moment one of those rockets hit a bus in the hall on one of the city's southern suburbs a woman died bringing the total number of israeli fatalities to 3 air raid sirens rang out across tel aviv and residents in the city running for cover when earlier on tuesday hamas military wing the qassam brigades and other palestinian armed groups fired rockets into southern israel hitting the city of ashkelon and have been sporadic outbreaks of violence across various towns and cities in israel between arab and israeli residents. israeli border police are redeploying from the occupied west bank to load in central israel often large scale rioting several cars were set alight the mayor of the city says he's lost control palestinian israelis have been holding demonstrations in the other cities when israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu said hamas has blood on its hands. hamas. hamas and the islamic jihad will pay
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a heavy price for their aggressiveness the blood is on their hands we're standing united against he said to me and we pray for the safety of those who got hurt and stand behind the israeli defense forces and security forces well al jazeera is at the site in gaza where that residential tower collapsed was what. a young. israel bombed this tower block and it was completely flattened off to being bombed it has been turned into a heap of rubble as you can see this doesn't mean that the israeli attack on gaza has stopped they are still continuing and of course civilians and families are the ones that suffer in north gaza there has been a bump oddments of the police headquarters and most of the injured people all of them were civilians they included a woman and children and they have been taken to the indonesian hospital in the north of the gaza strip so let's bring you these live pictures coming out of
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gaza for the time being this is the the scene now. where we're seeing further israeli strikes have been hitting gaza city throughout the night several residential buildings as we saw earlier have been hit and obviously there was that 14 story building that one of the tower collapsed after israel warned they were going to hit the buildings sentence them warning projectiles and hit the building and it collapsed and there's been several buildings that have been hit by israeli missiles throughout the night we've also seen that barada rockets coming out of gaza city going the other way towards southern israel so these the live pictures now coming out of gaza city and obviously showing some of the buildings that have collapsed under israeli strikes. what al-jazeera self alkaloid joins us now on the phone from gaza suffer seen
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a number of israeli air strikes hitting gaza including that 14 story tablet can it tell us what you've been seeing on the ground now. let's listen start with joe what a building which is next to our office is very little right to destroy. this building by firing. or more for israeli. one rocket but still the building was not destroyed as it was expected return our office in the has been damaged been broken love the looks of damages their colleagues are ok fine so far one thank god but the building. next to office has not been collapsed yet we are expecting more as i think the attack on the building until it complete until they completely
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destroyed many buildings next. to the joe hart building have been also damaged which means more families are in the seat now. in the streets without without homes. in response. promised to let the military wing of hamas and other military groups all fighting groups including islamic jihad and other. 2 different barrages always of rockets $100.00 rockets towards. their share their share of our which is the 2nd biggest israeli city and another wave and now they are we could we could hear more ok too. towards tel aviv because something is also this in the statement of the release of a statement said i read from us again that if the israelis continue hitting the residential buildings then rockets will be
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a longer range and they will reach delivery in other cities 2 different ways of rocket fire but the fighting groups in gaza to watch television. before hitting al-jazeera building goes we could hear as more explosions in one of the. neighborhoods of gaza called how are really. a building or an apartment in that area took 2 more people were killed and 5 others injured which raises the number of casualties according to the minister of health more than 35. killed. including the course to children. tensions that are now on 2 women and more than $200.00. people injured still as we can hear the explosions and the rockets flying from gaza towards some of you expecting more israeli also targets because we hear is also
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that there are another 3. resisting shell building. they had been warned also to evacuate because the israeli army is going to destroy these buildings we are expecting more escalation from both sides. right announced that they will be more targets the bank of times it is increasing and even promoting from buildings to maybe senior. fighting group commanders and maybe make the they will also include. political officials. they said once from for. the palestinian side. the fighting groups also said the more there's really a. wave. of terror strike
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the most of the palestinian fighting groups will also extend the range of the fire and even they will reach long. range including collective i may be too young to let you suffer what we're seeing this ongoing exchange of. fire between the palestinian groups in gaza city and the israeli military how worried are people in gaza about more israeli airstrikes to come because clearly they're targeting residential buildings. this is the very this is very important for dozens because. as we know that was mentioned before that in gaza there is no shills for people to hide or to go all in case of intensive bizzare. and looks of civilians are. victims of the israeli airstrikes because they were in the wrong place or made the wrong tidings. people prefer to stay home
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than to go on the street to buy their needs especially in these days water. normally people stay longer to buy their need for the you for the feast full of the ramadan but now because of fields. from the sex life people are staying that song nowhere else to go on those people who lost their homes romana to buildings and then joe out of buildings and maybe other buildings they have to find alternative with the state but mostly they will. solution they will go on maybe look the doors of the relief there is maybe. or find a place to stay especially in these holy days. on. the mall. so they cannot spend. the day outside or in the
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streets with their children or their son is it is also another concern that the crossing of gaza has been shut down by the israelis which is the main source of supply for dissention elements including the cooking gas the cure the fuel the food and other elements so that there is keep the crossings also closed which means that there will be serious humanitarian crisis for the daily life. element supply. ok. updating us on the ongoing exchange of rocket fire between the palestinian groups in gaza city and the israeli military to suffer for the time being thank you let's cross live now to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike so we heard from south what are collude there in gaza the ongoing exchange things again escalating the u.s. state anthony blinken again calling for immediate deescalation welcome you make of
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the u.s. response so far. well it has been that call for deescalation both from the department of state as well as from the white house earlier in the day now president biden has been recalibrating the u.s. relationship with israel following the exceedingly close relationship that was conducted under the administration a relationship that to all intents and purposes excluded the palestinians from the equations completely so the biden administration is still getting to grips with what the nature of its relationship is going to be we've heard the standard u.s. position being uttered by the biden administration that israel has a right to self-defense but we've also heard from state department and indeed from the white house that palestinians also have a right to peace and security so that by that that ministration at this stage facing its greatest crisis with regard to israel since it came to power basically
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trying to find what position it is going to adopt this may become more apparent in the next few days but at this stage it's one that attempts to create a balance between the 2 sides critics will say to create some balance where none exists whatsoever given the capabilities of the actors on the ground already mike hanna live for us in washington d.c. mike for the time being thank you let's bring in phyllis bennis she's a fellow at the institute for policy studies and she's the author of the book understanding the palestinian israeli conflict a primer and she joins us live via skype from washington d.c. phyllis so the u.s. even the u.n. are all calling for both sides to deescalate the crisis nobody seems to be listening is the by the ministration sitting on its hands here and why is the u.s. trying so carefully with israel. well i think that we have to be clear that the by the administration has made it clear president biden himself has been very clear that foreign policy is simply not his priority the focus within foreign policy is
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on china and secondarily on the iran nuclear deal which does include israel of course but does not include the palestinians but that the israel palestine conflict is not on his agenda when this recent escalation broke out we're hearing the the rhetoric as mike just said we're hearing some shift in the river in the in the recalibration of language but we are not seeing yet any kind of recalibration of actions the very extreme positions that president trump had put into into place including moving the embassy recognizing israel's right to annex huge parts of the west bank recognizing as somehow legitimate settlement construction saying it's not illegal recognizing israel's annexation of the golan heights all of that remains in place and president biden has made clear he does not intend to change any of that even as he's made clear he doesn't necessarily support it so this language of both
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sides need to deescalate simply does not take into account that this is not a a struggle between 2 equal sides this is an occupied population and the occupier which has a far bigger range in terms of military economic political support global support all those things the palestinians have nothing they have governmental officials who have no power who can't stand up to to israel in any serious way so we have a very serious problem of the continuation of this line about israel has the right of self-defense that's the starting point of the united states and then well yes alison ians have the right to something but they don't have the same right of self-defense clearly and they don't acknowledge that occupy populations have the right to resist. just there are restrictions of course they can't attack civilians but this notion that somehow both sides are equally culpable in
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a situation of this level of occupation of what human rights watch and that settler and others are now calling apartheid in at very official levels not only activists and palestinian analysts saying this is apartheid but much more mainstream forces are now in knowledge and that members of the u.s. congress state leaders in the united states have said that this is a card and in that context this very small shift in the language of the lighted ministration is simply not likely to have any impact it doesn't take into account the vast disparity of power here and of course that leads to the vast disparity of casualties yet and i just see hundreds of palestinians who have been injured and we now know it's about 35 who have been killed 10 of whom are children just ignaz. for this i guess what we're seeing now is new violence over a very old problem so what will it take them to bring about some kind of ceasefire
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some kind of deescalation and how will but now discarded any prospect of a 2 state solution of peace between the israelis and the palestinians. well i think it's a 2 state solution is longer 2 state solution is is over whatever one thinks of it supported it you know was supported it opposed it whatever it is no longer possible there's no land left for a viable palestinian state the issue is not states any longer it's about rights what rights are we talking about and i think the fundamental issue here is that inequality what we need to recognize is the need for equality between israeli jews and palestinians who are you know more or less the same numbers in this territory from the river to the sea as people like to describe it there is one government that has power that's the israeli government and it has several different legal systems depending on which side you're on with which ethnic group you're in which
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religion you're in and which position you hold whether you're a settler in the occupied territories or whether you're a palestinian who's lived there for generations so in that context we can't be looking at going back to a 2 state solution that's simply not on the agenda anymore and it's an old as it diverged frankly for u.s. officials and the u.n. to keep saying we have to go back to moving towards a 2 state solution that is over the question is how do we get to equality how do we get to an end apartheid how do we get equal rights for everyone in that territory who never live our israeli control phyllis a final thought to you i mean we have an israeli prime minister fighting for his political life he's facing corruption charges and we have palestinian leaders who are trying to safeguard their own position so what do you think other political calculations that both sides are making here as we see the violence escalate. i think it's easier to see on the on the israeli side netanyahu has made his
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political career based on the notion that he is the only political figure who can protect the people of israel from whoever is the enemy do sure whether it's her master or whether it's iran he's the only one who can engage with the united states none of this turns out to be true but he positions himself in that way and there's no question that at the moment that israeli troops are deployed into gaza in this case over gaza and potentially inside gaza if if the reports are a potential ground invasion is possibly true it will seriously escalate that brings about a consolidation of support for the sitting prime minister and that keeps him out of jail as long as he's prime minister that can't impose any sentence once he's no longer the prime minister he's facing a janitor on the palestinian side it's very different the palestinians have seen that in terms of the response of the international community that whether they are with absolute nonviolence like the call for b.d.s.
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boycott divestment and sanctions which is based on a call to the international community to use nonviolent economic pressure to stop the israeli violations of international law they are still accused of trying to destroy israel being anti-semitic that it should be illegal around the world to support a boycott so supporting nonviolent resistance clearly although it is the most important and the most popular kind of resistance among palestinians we see that ringback it doesn't gain gain them support as it should and so when there is violent responses violent resistance we see the seiko spots yes sort of happening at their finest but it's there in washington d.c. from it's always good to talk to thank you very much thank you. well the palestine solidarity campaign has organized demonstrations in london supporters rallied outside the british prime minister's official residence at 10 downing street they
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want the u.k. government to intervene and stop israel from forcibly evicted palestinians from their homes in shacks giraffe in occupied east jerusalem a planned addictions led to this latest escalation in the bucket was a protest. it is far far too simple to see what's going on in the middle east has been concentrated simply in israel and palestine because here in london where around 2000 people also gathered on one hall there was a sense all burning injustice at the eviction of palestinian families in east jerusalem and a huge amount of concern about the upsurge in violence in the region as well the british government hasn't remained silent the u.k. together and france germany spain and italy have israel to reverse settlement building saying that it threatens the setting up of a viable palestinian state dominate rob britain's foreign secretary has condemned the firing of rockets from gaza towards through film and other targets in israel
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and all of these european nations both sides of the divide to come back to the negotiating table people who have gathered here in london say this isn't just a case of clashes this isn't just about one group against another this is about in their words the occupier verses that all confined. what we have here is israel as the aggressor i'm the oppressor. illegally evicting 1st of all palestinians from their homes it's your job then you have the the the abhorrence the type of peaceful worshippers in the looks almost in one of the holiest months of the calendar for the slaves on one of the holiest nights of the calendar for most not only did they attack peaceful worshipers but they desecrate the sites sanctity of one of the most holiest sites in islam. turbulence we're seeing 2 in the middle east has its roots in the lines drawn on by the way its allies
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decades ago and many of these protests is now feel that the united kingdom has a pivotal role to play in bringing peace to that part of the world and making sure that both this right example of serious ever fair right to a peaceful homeland. well let's move on briefly to some other news now on russians in the city of cash paying tribute to 9 people most of them children who were killed in a school shooting under simmons reports. shock and disbelief outside a school inside a lone teenager had run no more shooting indiscriminately the reality had shattered a normal teaching day in the building known simply as school 175 and surprisingly there was panic some of the students have run for cover teachers had slammed doors shot. at least 2 students had jumped out of windows others
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were able to wait until emergency teams rescued them the security forces heavily armed and in large numbers arrived quickly and arrested the suspected killer he's reported to be 19 years old and a registered gun owner it's unclear what motive he had for the attack some eyewitnesses say it wasn't only gunshots that they heard i think 3 was it was one explosion or maybe 2 it was strong bang we jumped up and thought it was a truck and we heard a lot and ran out. it is unclear whether the noise was action being taken by the security forces all the attacker but there was day breed both inside and outside the building scenes of school shootings may be almost commonplace in the united states in russia they're rare and shortly after the attack came a statement from the kremlin president vladimir putin had appointed the head of the national guard to immediately look at imposing new stricter controls over the types
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of weapons in use by civilians how and why such an attack happened in a school that didn't even have any security is being investigated and drew simmons how does era e.u. ministers are meeting in brussels to finalize the details of the travels that to forget that would allow people to move freely around europe this summer in your residence would get the certificate if they've been vaccinated against covert 19 test negative or can prove ever covered from the virus they hope to roll it out next month in time for europe's summer travel season for guns house talking about the so-called digital green certificate as of paramount importance this is not only important for tourism countries it's not just important to a few it is important for all of us because it is a very important symbol that we are able to act that we stand together and it is a clear signal for freedom of movement for mobility in the european union. now
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a cyber attack on a vital u.s. oil pipeline is now starting to have real world impact drive as passengers the critical colonial pipeline was shut down off to run somewhere attacked last friday particle and takes a look at how it's impacting the public. in an increasingly familiar scene stretching up the east coast of the united states long lines of cars waiting to get fuel as more and more stations say there's none to sell. it's just one more thing that takes us into major stress the problem is a major pipeline that provides nearly half of all gas diesel and jet fuel to the east coast it's been turned off targeted by what the federal government says are russian hackers believed to be based in eastern europe although it kremlin spokesman is denying all of the allegations the hackers labeled darkseid allegedly penetrated the network of colonial pipeline last friday holding the private firms information hostage for payment the company said they shut the pipeline down to
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stem the damage the federal government has temporarily removed restrictions on transporting fuel by other means and the governor of north carolina did as well declaring a state of emergency. and airline groups are worried it could have an impact on flights so far 2 flights have had to be rescheduled to add fueling stops the biden ministration says it's been working to get the oil flowing again by close of business tomorrow colonial will be in a position to make the full restart decision out but even after that decision is made it will take a few days to ramp up operations this pipeline has never been shut down before. to add to the problem panic bine analysts saw a 40 percent jump in demand on monday and experts say even if the pipeline is back up by this weekend probably. could continue for
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a few weeks although the gasoline is transmitted by the pipeline it still has to be transmitted or trash for by truck in other words we're already having a tank wagon driver shortage in this country because of the pandemic remember there are 30 percent fewer drivers today than there were in 2019. it's all pushing up the price for gas now at a 6 year high a potential unexpected bump in the road for an economy that was just starting to take off particle hain al-jazeera washington. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera but in the last half hour dozens of rockets have been fired from gaza into israel early on tuesday the palestinian group hamas which controls gaza said it had $530.00 rockets towards tel of.


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