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edging towards all out war strikes pound residential areas of gaza at least $35.00 palestinians have now been killed. along down jordan this is live from doha also coming up israel's iron dome defense system working overtime dozens of rockets fired from the gaza strip into tel of the 5 israelis have been killed. violence also
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breaking out amongst residents in the israeli city of la the military has been sent in to regain control. and we'll look at why petrol pumps along the u.s. east coast are running dry. you're watching al-jazeera is continuing coverage of the dramatic escalation in violence between israeli forces and palestinian groups it's just past 5 am in gaza around israeli airstrikes have been continuing to pummel the strip international calls for deescalation continue to go unheard for now it's been the most intense exchange of fire since 2014 well as strikes have hit a building hours in media organizations in gaza the building is not too far from where al jazeera zone offices are located israel fired
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a warning shot before hitting the building. in total $35.00 palestinians have been killed after 2 days of israeli bombardment in gaza at least 5 israelis have also died after rockets were fired from gaza are a force that has the story now from southern israel. written in the sky over television the story of just how quickly and decisively this conflict has escalated . the. central israeli suburbs taking direct hits from an enormous barrow of rockets fired out of gaza concentrated into a few short minutes a proportion piercing the iron dome interceptor defenses as military hardware was transported closer to the gaza border israel's prime minister defense minister and internal security service chief addressed an attack on central israel the like of which had not been seen in 3 gaza war since 2008 how massive a judge those hamas and the islamic jihad will pay a heavy price for their aggressiveness the blood is on their hands. a
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mass had warned of a major strike on television if israel targeted residential buildings in gaza a little after sunset after telling the families who live here to get out israel's military did just that. the israeli prime minister had warned of a gathering intensity and pace of attack the army said the building was in part used by hamas. the promised retaliation came swiftly in a coordinated mass launch towards tel aviv. this is a wave after wave of attacks coming out of gaza now these rockets are heading in the direction of television we understand there are already sirens being sounded in tel aviv and explosions heard from our side warned that it would launch such an attack if israel destroyed residential buildings inside gaza or the destruction of that large building appears to have led to this big escalation in what already was
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a dangerous situation. it was the 2nd time in a day that such a barrage of being fired this was the effect of the earlier one in the town of ashkelon where 2 women were killed. oh in gaza 2 eruptions of overpowering sudden grief this was the funeral of an 11 year old boy who was killed on monday one child among many dead already in the 1st hours of this conflict still another generation experiences firsthand the reality of israeli airstrikes on this crowded impoverished besieged strip of land. if they want to escalate the resistance is ready they want to stop the resistance is ready if they want to move their hand out of to roussillon the resistance is ready this is the message that we deliver to all the sides and to whoever is involved. was. and is the crisis deep in between israel and gaza spiting factions
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a parallel crisis was breaking out within israel's mixed jewish towns in lloyd after a palestinian israeli was shot dead by a jewish man look previous night an explosion of into communal violence this a synagogue set ablaze. the government is sending in security forces usually stationed in the occupied west bank declaring a state of emergency after weeks of tension and sparks of violence the fire has caught and it's spreading very false at al-jazeera southern israel. it was talking to us earlier on tuesday when he's really asteroid hit nearby. and responds the palestinian fighting groups all groups including hamas islamic jihad and other small groups.
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that's very close to our office. if. it did hit the building that i just mentioned. minutes ago yeah this is a warning group that we call it a warning work that when the israeli drone hit the building with a small rocket it which is the last or the final warning which will be followed or expected to be followed by bigger it's a very little kids which will bring it all down we don't have to move now 'd down. only it's very close to the office. we expect that there's the destruction of. this building could flaw and even our office because only a few meters super it's between our office on this building that is expected to be destroyed anytime but supporters of both the israelis and the palestinians gathered in new york for rival protests hundreds of people gathered outside the israeli consulate in manhattan there were reports of money scuffles between the rival
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groups. and the u.s. sect of state anthony blinken spoken with israel's foreign minister to reiterate a message of deescalation hj israel has the right to defend itself and to respond to rocket attacks the palestinian people also have the right to safety and security just as israelis do we are also deeply concerned about the reported loss of life in gaza and israel including the deaths of children as well as many innocent civilians injured similarly in jerusalem where they reportedly have been hundreds of palestinian injured as well as israeli police we call on all sides to exercise restraint and to exercise com. well live now to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike so you're section of state anthony blinken again calling for the immediate deescalation what glee make of the u.s. response so far. yes indeed will that call for
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deescalation from the state department echoed that made from the white house earlier in the day both the state that apartment and the white house insisting that both sides must stand down you heard the the type of balance that the biden administration is trying to keep israelis have the right to self-defense on the one side palestinians have a right to peace and security on the other. qualities between the 2 sides which many observers believe is not the case but it must be understood that the by that that ministration is attempting to recalibrate its relationship with israel that was a relationship that got very close under the trumpet ministration. to the point where trump ordered the removal of the embassy to jerusalem something which effectively put an end to any hope of resuming negotiations between israelis and palestinians and yes there have been some moves from the biden administration to take a stronger line we understand that some biden officials approached the israeli
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counterparts suggested that the if fictions the demolition of homes was not good for a year attempt to reach a 2 state solution which was the stated imperative of the united states but at the same time although the language changed under biden there have been few tangible results for example the u.s. embassy remains in jerusalem and while it does there can be no hope whatsoever of resuming negotiations there has been no formal recent dacian of support for an exception in areas in the west bank for example so on the one hand the biden ministration attempting to change its language of planting to the. that there is a change in attitude towards israel at the same time repeating many of the past positions of the us department principle of which is that israel has a right to self defense but within congress as well there is some division the bulk
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of republicans still firmly defend israel and whatever it does there are a few particularly within president biden's own party who've expressed deep reservations about the latest round of israeli action and certainly about this mess of escalation of the conflict all right to mike hanna live in washington d.c. mike thank you let's bring in samir but darwin he's a contributor for plus 972 magazine which focuses on the israeli palestinian conflict he joins us via skype from somewhere so we last saw this level of violence back in 2014 didn't we end the fighting back then was sparked over jerusalem and the israeli prime minister once again orchestrated a full assault on gaza that distracted from his domestic troubles it's ironic the same thing is happening again isn't it. well it's ironic and it's also you know deja vu all over again we see now that netanyahu unlike last time.
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is facing a war on several fronts as he would term it what we're seeing now is that the palestinian revolt i would call it and the palestinians right to self-defense is being exercised throughout the story i'm going to recall in 1988 marion's certainly an easter islam which we include among those and throughout the west bank and god's own once again is being used as the at the sort of whipping post of benjamin netanyahu who has the luxury of firing upon innocent civilians from f. 16 s and reportedly now from tanks that are headed toward the border with gaza in the south there have been eyewitness reports that those 10 tanks are on the move now so one has to wonder what netanyahu hopes to accomplish through all this especially when his own civilian population is under fire and. it's hard to see a way out of this and unfortunately as with 2014 the people who will suffer as they have suffered already in the past 2 days will be the civilians. and we've seen this
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growing chorus of condemnation from the international community some including the arab world but some arab countries normalize ties with israel so how does that play out into this crisis do you think. well from the perspective of the palestinians that plays out just as it always has which is to say that the arab states do next to nothing they are quiet they fear for their own plus political survival domestically and they put no pressure whatsoever either on the israeli government or the u.s. government so as far as we're concerned nothing has changed the only difference now is that we have the u.s. administration returning to the tired old rhetoric of both sides as a what we call both sides is blaming the palestinians for the violence that has broken out between israelis and palestinians of the last week or so and not contextualizing it with then the now 72 year history of ok realize occupation of
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palestinian lands and that's an important point to make about the american samik is i want to ask you i mean washington's response so far according to all the experts has been rather tepid many experts say the palestinian cause is not on president biden's agenda he's more concerned about china and russia. yes he should be concerned about china and russia but he should be concerned about them because you know from the perspective of palestinians once again what we have is a sure and knowledge that the u.s. administration can do very little to aid our cause and instead about the violence of benjamin netanyahu and his his his violent. policies toward gaza and to arm palestinian surat historic palestine and so from the perspective of palestinians we have nowhere to turn now but to places other than the united states and that should cause some alarm in washington d.c.
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particularly given that the calls for a new american approach toward the palestinian issue are coming from within the halls of the u.s. congress but is not a small thing we are witnessing now in the united states what i would call the mainstreaming of the palestinian cause in a way that we have never seen before and if i were running for the white house and for years i would be very concerned about not putting my myself completely on the side of benjamin netanyahu and this israeli war machine and ok some of the dalai great to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera thank us on it thank you. time for a short break here when we come back a rare shooting in russia a teenager opens fire at a school killing 9 people. and filipino nurses have been on the front lines in the pandemic across the globe but that's come at a great personal cost more than status.
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for the perfect gentleman who went sponsored point qatar airways hello we've seen some very heavy rain is the central parts of china recently the my you front you to see that line of cloud there just pushing over towards southern parts of japan bringing more heavy downpours and it's going to stay that way as we go on through the next couple of days so the chance is some heavy rain is to southern parts of q shoe southern areas of honshu the north of that it shouldn't be too bad actually dry tokyo at around $22.00 celsius want to see showers around the korean peninsula there in the process of easing off $27.00 celsius in seoul as we go through thursday could touch 27 in beijing as well by that stage and notice how it does brighten up for japan southern parts of china also a little dry a little brighter by the chance of one or 2 showers but that area of cloud and rain
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will persist across central areas of the country some of those showers straight on their way down into northern parts of indochina some heavy showers too for a time into the philippines who feel a little into borneo but the shot was never really too far away and that has been the case too just around smarter and the mill a peninsula showing up in the show is that we have across southern parts of india towards strong lanka carola kind of soka seen some very heavy rain some heavy rain too into the northeast of india and more big downpours coming across much about with us. sponsored paul qatar airways. the 1st to european country to ban the food free space public places home to more than 6000000 followers of islam many who want to assert their religious and cultural identity in the light of france's 2021 contentious so-called separatism law as we look at the recent history of muslim immigration to the country in the final episode of this report see its muslims are from its pursuit 3 only just.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera israeli air strikes have damaged the building housing media organizations in gaza the building is not too far from where al-jazeera zone offices are located israel fired a warning shot before striking it in total $35.00 palestinians have been killed after 2 days of israeli bombardment in gaza. and the palestinian group hamas says it fired $200.00 rockets towards israel 5 israelis have been killed the bus was hit in the southern suburb of along. on the been sporadic outbreaks of violence across
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israel between arab and jewish israeli residents israeli border police are redeploying from the occupied west bank to nod in central israel often large scale rioting a state of emergency has now been declared in the area. on the palestine solidarity campaign has organized demonstrations in london supporters rallied outside the british prime minister's official residence at 10 downing street they want the u.k. government to intervene and stop israel from forcibly evicted palestinians from their homes in occupied east jerusalem the planned addictions led to this latest escalation me baka with a protest. it is far far too simple to see what's going on in the middle east as being concentrated simply in israel and palestine because here in london where around 2000 people also gathered on one hall there was a sense all burning injustice at the eviction of palestinian families in east jerusalem and a huge amount of concern about the upsurge in violence in the region as well the
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british government hasn't remained silent the u.k. together and france germany spain and italy have israel to reverse settlement building saying that it threatens the setting up of a viable palestinian state don't rob britain's foreign secretary though has condemned the firing of rockets from gaza towards through solomon on the targets in israel and all of these european nations both sides of the divide to come back to the negotiating table people who have gathered here in london say this isn't just a case of clashes this isn't just about one group against another this is about in their words the occupier versus al capone i thought what we have here is israel as the aggressor i'm the up for assad. illegally evicting 1st of all palestinians from their homes it's your job then you have the the the abhorrence the type of peaceful
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worshippers in the locks on mosques in one of the holiest months of the calendar for the slaves on one of the holiest nights of the common the former slaves not only did they attack peaceful worshippers but they desecrate at the sites sanctity of one of the most holiest sites in islam. on the turbulence we're seeing 2 in the middle east has its roots or in the lines drawn about spying the way its allies decades ago and many of these protests is now feel that the united kingdom has a pivotal role to play in bringing peace to that part of the world and making sure that both israelis and palestinians have a fair right to a place where homer. well the palestine solidarity campaign also organized the march in cape town in south africa hundreds of people turned out for the protest they want the south african parliament to adopt a boycott and sanctions bill against israel so the africans ruling a.n.c. and the opposition if f. body have condemned israeli attacks on palestinians and the un seconded general
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antonio but pettish has also expressed concern at the escalation in violence the secretary general is gravely concerned by the serious escalations in the occupied palestinian territory and israel including the latest escalations in gaza which add to the heightened tensions and violence in the uk in occupied east jerusalem he is deeply saddened to learn of the increasingly large numbers of casualties including children from israeli air strikes in gaza and of israeli fatalities from rockets launched from gaza. well let's move on briefly to some other news now the russian and russians in the city of paying tribute to 9 people most of them children were killed in a school shooting under similar reports. but shock and disbelief outside a school inside a lone teenager had run no more shooting indiscriminately the reality had shattered
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a normal teaching day in a building known simply as school 175 and surprisingly there was panic some of the students had run for cover teachers had slammed doors shot. at least 2 students had jumped out of windows others were able to wait until emergency teams rescued them the security forces heavily armed and in large numbers arrived quickly and arrested the suspected killer he's reported to be 19 years old and a registered gun owner it's unclear what motive he had for the attack some eyewitnesses say it wasn't only gunshots that they heard i think. it was one explosion or maybe 2 it was strong bang we jumped up and thought it was a truck and we heard alarms and ran out it isn't clear whether the noise was action being taken by the security forces all the attacker but there was day breed both
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inside and outside the building scenes of school shootings may be almost commonplace in the united states in russia they're rare and shortly after the attack came a statement from the kremlin president vladimir putin had appointed the head of the national guard to immediately look at imposing new stricter controls over the types of weapons in use by civilians how and why such an attack happened in a school that didn't even have any security is being investigated and drew simmons al-jazeera. the bodies of suspected corona virus victims have been washing up along india's ganges river sparking fears they could spread the virus even further at least $100.00 bodies washed up washed out in just one village in uttar pradesh state some are on the banks for up to 2 days after people alerted the authorities in neighboring behind another 2 dozen bodies washed ashore elokobi 1000 pandemic is taking a toll on filipino nurses both at home and overseas almost $6000.00 have been infected
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in the philippines but they struggled to claim benefits one in the united states filipinos make up a 3rd of all nurses who died from the disease reports now from manila. d.j. salvador lives with his 92 year old grandmother who suffers from alzheimer's his father who is. and his mother who's had a stroke the last thing he wanted to add into the mix was cool but 90 working as a nurse meant that it was always going to be a possibility. and i was afraid my family would get sick if they got sick because i had that exposure. who were caught with bus at the. his fears came true he became a patient at the government hospital where he works his father then tested positive for cope at 19 and his mother and grandmother showed symptoms of us you know.
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i am a health worker so i'm pretty sure i am the one who brought the bios home i believe at the time. almost 6 and a half 1000 nurses in the philippines have contracted coronavirus in the united states a report last september said a 3rd of 200 nurses there who died of corbin 1000 were filipino yet many filipinos still choose to work overseas filipino nurses are some of the most in demand in the world but here in the philippines they're overworked they're underpaid and threw up the full 1000 pandemic they've had to beg for the rest pay and benefits d.g. was one of a handful of nurses who joined the may day labor rights demonstrations not the 1st time nurses have taken to destry pts to air their grievances. and health workers
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are happy for her to be here and thought that money on their modern life because of that barbara meant to be heard i have. come to america and then there was. the difficulty of claiming colvin 1000 benefits has weighed on d.j.'s mind you could find work in another country that would mean leaving his family behind barnaby low i'll just 0 miller in france medical stuff treating kovan 1000 patients have walked off the job to demand better pay and working conditions in. the intensive care unit nurses say the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental and physical health they're asking the president to money to provide special training for stop and increase the number of beds in hospitals. the new ministers are meeting in brussels to finalize the details of
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a travels that i forget that would allow people to move freely around europe this summer you residents would get certificate if they've been vaccinated against cupboard 19 test negative or they can prove they've recovered from the virus they hope to roll it out next month in time for europe some of the travel season for guns house the so-called digital green certificate as of paramount importance this is not only important for tourism countries it's not just important to a few it is important for all of us because it is a very important symbol that we are able to act that we stand together and it is a clear signal for freedom of movement for mobility in the european union. a cyber attack on a vital u.s. oil pipeline is now starting to have real world impacts for drivers in airline passengers the critical colonial pipeline was shut down after a run somewhere attacked last friday al-jazeera was particle having takes a look at how it's impacting the public. in an
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increasingly familiar scene stretching up the east coast of the united states long lines of cars waiting to get fuel as more and more stations say there's none to sell. it's just one more thing that takes into major strasser the problem is a major pipeline that provides nearly half of all gas diesel and jet fuel to the east coast it's been turned off targeted by what the federal government says are russian hackers believed to be based in eastern europe although a kremlin spokesman is denying all of the allegations the hackers labeled darkseid allegedly penetrated the network of colonial pipeline last friday holding the private firms information hostage for payment the company said they shut the pipeline down to stem the damage the federal government has temporarily removed restrictions on transporting fuel by other means and the governor of north carolina did as well declaring a state of emergency. and airline groups are worried it could have an impact on flights so far 2 flights had to be rescheduled to add fueling stops the biden
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ministration says it's been working to get the oil flowing again by close of business tomorrow colonial will be in a position to make the full restart decision out but even after that decision is made it will take a few days to ramp up operations this pipeline has never been shut down before. to add to the problem panic buying analysts saw a 40 percent jump in demand on monday and experts say even if the pipeline is back up by this weekend problems could continue for a few weeks although the gasoline is transmitted by the pipeline it still has to be trashed or trash for about. another us we're already having a tank wagon driver shortage in this contrary because of the planned damage remember there are 30 percent fewer drivers today than there were in
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2019. it's all pushing up the price for gas now at a 6 year high a potential unexpected bump in the road for an economy that was just starting to take off particle hain al-jazeera washington. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera israeli airstrikes have damaged the building housing media organizations and gaza the buildings not far from where al-jazeera is and offices are located israel fired a warning shot before hitting it in total $35.00 palestinians have been killed up to 2 days of israeli bombardment in gaza but i'll just there was stuff what gave us this update from gaza. in gaza appeared more. for the for people to fight off the goal. that there's are you there for.


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