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me play an important role. protecting human. ah doctor's face. ah, ah . hello, i'm mary. i'm was in london. i'll main story this hour. benjamin netanyahu is record 12 year, ron is. israel's prime minister could be coming to an end. political rivals. naphtali bennett and jala peter in talks over broad coalition that would end 2 years of political dialog manager in the pita, trying to rush out a deal before wednesdays deadline and diplomatic editor james base has one out from west jerusalem. this is the man who now looks slightly to become israel's next prime minister on the right of his railey politics. naphtali bennett of 49 year old
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self made millionaire here campaigning and israel's 4th election in 2 years. now. the opposition leader? yeah. le pete, who centrist party actually did better than bennett's in the poll, has been trying to form a coalition. bennett was seen as the kingmaker, but as part of the deal he looks now, light is also become the king, serving 1st as prime minister before rotating with la paid his views on palestinians of forthright. he's openly opposed to a 2 state solution and in favor of further settlement building. these were his comments in a recent al jazeera interview during the israeli bombardment of garza. you know, the whole width of israel is just about 7 or 8 miles. we see what, what the turn got into know, israeli is going to give up to then some area and allow them to create a terror state. that's just a few minutes away from my home. would you?
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despite his strong views, if he gains power, then it will be constrained on palestinian issues by his likely coalition, which would include left wing parties. this at the same time that the u. s. secretary of state anthony blinking has made it clear there's no plan to restart. peace, negotiation of the israeli palestinian conflict will not be dealt with apparently for the next few years. and it has to do down only with this really politics has to do with american politics. it with pals to me and politics, members of the international community often didn't like the policies pursued by benjamin netanyahu, but he was a known quantity, israel, the longest serving prime minister. now there's a strong possibility. they may have to deal with a new, younger leader with even more controversial views. james, base out his era, west jerusalem. in all the headlines this, our, molly's new in term president. a see me voice her as meeting with all the west african leaders to discuss the political crisis. and his country,
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meeting of the regional group of nations eco was, is taking place and gonna boy to lead to a military coup in molly last week. the 2nd, who in the space of 9 months, that has been warnings of renewed sanctions in response africa's most active volcano is threatening to erupt in the democratic republic of congo. once again, president phoenix tissue. katie says the situation is serious, but under control, it's been a week since mounts near congo, sent rivers of lava streaming down a hillside, destroying homes, and displacing thousands of people. kidnappers, of, again abducted students from a school in central nigeria. this has been confirmed by a state government official, the on demand invaded a school into gina. and rafi, which lies in the north central state of niger. it's not yet clear how many students have been taken hostage, but to report say, and then with that for several hours. a final round of talks has resumed in vienna
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range, resurrecting the 2015 iran nuclear deal. global powers have been holding talk since april in a bit to bring the united states back on board. iran says it's optimistic agreement will be reached. brits also caution that serious issues remain under the 2015 deal . iran agreed to limit its nuclear programming exchange for sanctions relief, but it's been broken on both sides. since for president, donald trump unilaterally withdrew from the deal in 2018. and then in all the developments indonesia is released in iranian oil time come more than 4 months after it was seized while illegally transferring oil to a panamanian vessel. the m. t horse and its crew have now been escorted out in indonesia was, has a panamanian tank has seized at the same time, was also released on friday. we now meet one of the last syrian refugee families to be given a visa before the trump travel band came into place. that is in witness coming up. next i
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all day, but that we can it doesn't mean here forever. i took it to j and j. we got 170000000 lane or we're not them. you just go home and the woman to us that job actually felt like you're winning me who june on a jessie, who will take half honey's plate will bring you the latest from ron's presidential election on june 18th, the bottom line returns to discuss current developments in us politics and how they affect the world member state to gather in the u. k. on june 11th for talks on key
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issues at the g 7 summit. a new series portal brings 0 award winning digital content to our tv audience. and the sentencing of derek children will be handed down on june 25th join us for loans coverage. as a historic us court case reaches a conclusion. june on al jazeera. in the next episode of science in the golden age, i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of astronomy. copernicus owes this day to these medieval astronomers from the golden age actually in many ways with the computers of the day . you can use it to find the time you could navigate science in a golden age. with jimmy sally on a jazz either bitcoin flock change and crypto currency,
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disruptive technology joined with me and introducing a bill to outlaw crypto currency all the way to a fair, a financial system. with big open for software. we can't, we don't want money without paying government award winning filmmaker toast and huffman looks at all sides of the complex crypto crypto bit going no change in the internet on out of sarah i care about how the u. s. engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, natural purity. this is very much a political impact here to conflict. how do we grade it? are we telling the good story people what we're trying to do here? they're living outside and make sure this is not the way any family wants to raise their children. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. it's actually feel as if you were there . ah
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ah ah oh, i'm sorry i'm was in london elmaine story this hour far right. is there any politician of tale bennett to stroke his support behind a possible unity government? bennett agreed to join a coalition that would unseat prime minister benjamin netanyahu. opposition to the year le pete is putting together the collection of right wing, centrist and left wing parties, if successful it was seen at yahoo removed as prime minister after 12 years. as a plastic editor james bays is in west jerusalem and says that s and his date appear to be numbered.


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