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how nato might change under his leadership and the challenges basis. for the 1st time for over 4 years, nato's most powerful member. as the leader who is firmly convinced that the value of the alliance, we do not view nato as a sort of a protection record. we believe that nato is vital to our ability to maintain american security for the next next to the command of the century. when nato was founded in 1949, it had a clear mission waging what became known as the cold war and making sure it didn't become a hot one. after the fall of the berlin wall, nato troops were deployed to try and hold the peace in the balkans. and then in 2003, they radically changed their mission and sent troops to afghanistan in nato's founding treaty. the king clause is article 5, which says an attack on any member state is an attack on all the nato countries.
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it's only been in vote once in 2001 after 911. this year, nato allies were given no choice but to follow president biden's decision and pull out of afghanistan. but they know the taliban are emboldened and there is a considerable fear of what comes next. they will be a power vacuum. there will be a tussle for power between the current government, the taliban, of the groups such as isis that of forming. and of course, that is going to cause a huge amount of instability, lots of sadly civilian casualties. and of course, a spill over into the region and perhaps internationally with terrorism. and so all of that is going to reflect very badly on the long term reputation of nature. nato now has to find a role in a multi polar world with china and once again russia seen as its main adversaries. but there's little doubt its mission in afghanistan has left its resolve somewhat
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diminished, and its reputation more than a little damaged. james bay's outages era london, very pleased to welcome alexander verse by 2 ounces 0 to fingers fellow at the atlantic council. but also a former deputy secretary general to nature and the former us ambassador to the military alliance with us from philadelphia. great pleasure to have you with us. so just from the outset, it must have just been a relief for all the other night. i remember to see joe biden turn off, i mean, everything i knew he was coming, but they just know that it's going to be, it's going to be smoother. right? yeah, that's certainly the case. we have a president who really believes in nato. those speaks in a polite and friendly way to his doesn't bully them. so breath of fresh air from the point of view. has it been a good nato summit for joe bought? and i was saying to a correspondent earlier how he wanted the china front and center, and that has been the biggest thing to come out of the the communicate yes,
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i agree. i think he got more than even may have expected from this nato summit because there are some differences, at least a difference of emphasis among allies on whether china is really a threat or whether it's a more manageable challenge compared to russia. but he did get some strong language on china, on the systemic challenge that it poses to the rules based international order. and he didn't get to agreement to pursue an agenda that's very forward looking, which in its different components will also deal with. with those challenges from china, whether it's new technologies, nuclear build up of cyber attacks. the agenda for nato 2030 years was adopted at this summit is directed against everybody, but it has a lot of relevance for the china challenge. is there the possibility though, the risk even of getting too focused on china and russia for that matter?
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i know they are perceived as the biggest threats. benee so, but is a whole lot of other stuff and other issues within the nato family which need to be sorted out. oh yes, yes. data has, has more than its fair share of challenges, including some internal ones. but i think that on russia, the language is strong, but it's appropriately strong because russia has been really a revisionist aggressive power since it invaded ukraine in 2014. and it's shown absolutely no sign of backing away from its disruptive posture. so this summit gives joe biden a strong boost as he goes into his meeting with latimer pollutant on wednesday in geneva. showing that the alliance is united behind its founding values, and by a strong commitment to defend itself and to protect neighboring states including ukraine in georgia on china. i think it's stronger than expected, but i think it's,
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it's balanced. i think those allies who still want to cooperate with china has something to show for it in terms of the readiness of data to engage with china, not just confront china. so all things taken together. i think it's a good result for both sides of the atlantic. just something completely different as they say. and that is climate change. interesting that nato put back on its agenda this year and they're all for the, for the 2030 agenda and said we want to be the leading body in the world when it comes to the effects of climate change on security. that's very ambitious and i think nato knows that it's not going to be a 1st responder in terms of the broader climate change agenda. but there is a strong military dimension to climate change in terms of its effect on military infrastructure and operations and nato. i think is claiming the responsibility to
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fully assess and understand these risks and also be a leader in mitigating the direct risks of military's on the climate. so going towards green military vehicles and more green practices by nato's military's and propagating the the know how in that regard. i think it's a reasonable role. it's not, it's not the central role, but an important role. interesting stuff isn't an ambassador, alexander, but now with the atlantic council, the pleasure talking to you. thank you for your time. thank you. and reminder, we are waiting to hear from joe biden. the stage is set there as it has been for some time he had long meeting with the president, reject type at one who recently finished his news conference. we were bring you jo biden's address to the nato summit or his news conference with the native summit. live on al jazeera, when it happens, we'll move on to other news finance reports of a possible radiation leak at
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a nuclear power plant in southern china are being dismissed by its operators state run china general nuclear power group says operations at the nuclear power station in gwendolen province do meet safety rules and the surrounding environment is fine . french company, e d f. that partly owns the stations as it has been informed of an increase in rare gases that one reactor, but one of the subsidiaries or it's subsidiaries, which actually designed the reactor has reported a want of an imminent radiological threats. we spoke to nuclear engineer and he gunderson chief engineer, a fair winds. energy education explains what the problem is likely to be. i have a little nuclear fuel piece of nuclear fuel. this is, this is an example, and these are stack 12 feet high, and they're wrapped in a metal wrapper. that metal wrapper in theory keeps all the nuclear radiation from this fuel from getting out. at least one. if not more of those though, she's metal sheet about
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a 2nd dime have cracked in the releasing radioactivity into the water inside the nuclear react. that it's a gas, it's called the xenon encrypt noble gases. and they appear to be building up inside that nuclear reactor. and some reports say they're also leaking out of the nuclear reactor. the right thing to do would be to shut the nuclear reactor down and look for the she's that are leaking and replace them. and it does appear that the chinese want to do that right now. within the nuclear industry, there's not a lot of trust in, in the chinese nuclear program, they tend to make things look better than they really are. this reactor design has had numerous problems. components still have to be replaced in the next year or 2 because of cracking. and so nuclear engineers within the
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rest of the world are resident reddison to trust. what comes out of, out of china for information to me and me are willing to pose liter unsung suit. she has appeared in court of their trials officially begun. she has charge with breaching cove at $900.00 regulations with breaking the telecom act and breaking import export rules. 2 more chances are expected to be read out on tuesday, the noise were allowed to meet with for 30 minutes before the trial started on, santucci has been under house arrest since the military sees power back in february . well, me and military rulers. meanwhile, hit bank of the united nations after it called the armies crackdown a human rights catastrophe. the foreign ministry denounced the statement is unfair, inaccurate and biased. i don't know. 7 if you're. 7 still there been more protest than young calling for a return to democracy, believed at least 860 people have been killed in the army took control in february
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. human rights groups are welcoming and pushed by the international criminal court to investigate the philippines, so called war on drugs. the i c. c, chief prosecutor has asked judges to look into allegations that police killed tens of thousands of civilians between 201620. 19. amnesty international says that the landmarks step towards justice president rodrigo de tirty has defended his signature crime. policy don'ts of the i. c. c. has no jurisdiction. the bodies of drowned migrants have been found by fishermen in yemen, southern red sea coast, initial reports, a multiple bodies were spotted in russell ara after a boat carrying at least $200.00 migrants and capsized. it's not yet clear what happened to the other passengers this coast known for human trafficking, thousands of people attempt the journey from north africa through yemen to seek work in other arab states. but here he is, president mama do behind the prize many when he said in 18 month border closure to
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restrict illegal weapons that failed. the landlord had been shut since 2019. but before he said illicit arms continued to flow into the country and filled numerous conflicts. manager has this report from stemware town on the border between nigeria and been in this border market used to be a thriving commercial hub. it's now a shell of it. for myself. it was known for cheap imports like rice, automobiles, and gardens. but not anymore. it's been 6 months since nigeria reopen, it's west and land border with beneath. but people like successful motorcycle dealer or more layer in was a. they having to find other work to make a living. and he's not happy. you got my tell you, but i was really lies. because if somebody comes in the 4 points, you get free passage of goods on people. but i've got to do,
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but i know you've got that's what i thought you meant lose. you qualify charlotte opening to some group of people in this country. he says, such favors have ruined small businesses like hiss and by extension have had the economy that of a local trade union agrees, no mentor for market. there's little activities at the market. even the number of visitors reduced substantially with incomes wiped out. people stay at home and such, you can't get the taxes as you know, the residency, even passenger traffic is not what it used to be. the motor closure was meant to reduce the import of food items, encourage domestic growth, and stop the smuggling of firearms and ellison got into jetta. but after one on harvey, the president admits said more arms came in urine, the bank raising questions as to what it actually achieved. what fishers always i assist the shut down was a resounding success as there is cross border cooperation and shedding of intelligence on smuggling. there were more of the jaws of her
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please did i terms i would have found their way into the country through illegal rules and order. also arrests of migrants which could have complicated to give this to each other. but in forcing the bottles has made it more expensive to live in communities like semi people. he has a numerous checkpoint to hurting the transportation of good from across the border and other parts of nigeria. the government reopen its borders just as the free trade agreement facilitated by the african union was coming into force. but months later, business activity here has yet to pick up. nigeria government has accused its neighbors of endangering not only the economy, but also security, saying weapons and ammunition still flow across the borders. to feed it ever
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growing conflict comedy, reese, i just sent me one night j. b. the border police in sri lanka have arrested the captain of a cargo ship that caught fire last month off the coast of colombo, the russian nationalists being charged with pollution related offensive for the fire that burned for 13 days before being extinguished. true lanka was seeking $40000000.00 in compensation. marine biologists are investigating a mystery skin disease affecting white tip reef sharks and malaysia pictures of one of the sharks with what appears to be spots and legions on its head. went viral after being taken by an underwater photography in borneo islands. divers, have since found the same ab, no malice, ease in every group of sharks has come across reports suggest rising c. temperatures could be responsible. his jessica may wake director of center for marine futures at the university of western australia explaining how the links or how this could be linked to climate change. i'm actually quite concerned because i
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think it's an example of how human impact continues to surprise us on, on you know, how it affects ocean wild life. so this is, this has occurred in a marine park where there's no fishing. we have climate change on going and we know that having all sorts of impacts on ocean wildlife. and so this is a surprising and concerning potential outcome of climate change. we know that sharks in particular are already at risk from warming oceans. they have a very high demand for oxygen because they're quite active. and as the oceans warm oxygen content goes down. and that puts another level of stress on, on these animals that are also at risk for over fishing globally. so we need to start thinking about how we do a better job of protecting our ocean, wildlife, you know, the broader context is trying to understand or accept that there are all these
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surprising consequences as, as what humans do on our oceans. and therefore, we need to think about how we put better protection in place for ocean while life sport is coming up on the news hour and check out the content that the goal of the tone of the european championship check it out. that is the big clue. jenna's book it's ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, ah ah ah, before we get the sport, we'll take you to south africa, not well known for growing coffee,
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but in recent years changing weather patterns of help farmers attempt to revive in industry that actually began more than a 100 years ago. finally to middle reports from the coastal province of calhoun in natal. dylan cummings is the 3rd generation in his family who farms in the quiz natal province. decades ago this was a banana farm. now, dylan has turned to coffee. really what you're looking at, his temperature and temperature is influenced by altitude. so when you in the quite, in countries like tanzania and kenya, you have to be at high altitude to get these. what they call the goldilocks don't. it's not too hot, not too cold. your average temperatures are sitting between 18 and 20 degrees celsius. the other main fact that affects temperatures latitude and we have 31 degrees south here. so this again creates the sub tropical bells while coffee plants were 1st introduced to south africa, the 1800s. unlike brazil, ethiopia, kenya, so that africa is not known for producing the name. many of the original plantations
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were destroyed by disease, this unsuitable soil and climates more than a century later. they are a handful of coffee farms spread across the provinces. here outside port edward, the climate is warm and sub tropical. ideal for growing the crops. and global warming may be helping other crops of actually benefiting from the increase in temperature, minimum temperature in that the frost areas or shrinking and crops like coffee is that like the woman conditions, they are likely to do beta and, and we will be able to start planting coffee and here is where we previously couldn't. because the minimum temperatures are increasing. coffee being, gro, was like this, want to trying to revive an industry that's been in decline for decades,
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but with century old machinery and outdated methods. some farmers say that technology needs to be updated to make the process more efficient. the global coffee market is valued at more than $450000000000.00. but for many farmers, the profit is low, some only pocketing a 3rd of the final sale price. farmers like bill and say that while there is a big market for coffee, there's not enough investment in south africa, coffee farms to maximize profits and sustain his business still. and not only grows coffee beans. he also wrote them and packages the final product for sale. while sold african coffee. bailey features in global markets. farmers hoping their hard work pays off for me to miller. i'll just europe was willing to tell south africa time for the latest from europe. 2020 and the rest of the sport now with german who's
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thanks. come all a scotland have been given a reality check on their return to the finals of immense made torment for the 1st time in 23 years, despite being home for their greet the 8th. and again, the czech republic at hampton passing, the 12000 fans couldn't carry scotland to victory. the checks took one new lead a just for simon through patrick shake. he then caught 3 scotlands defense to go an incredible go from the halfway line. and at $49.00 yards is the furthest from which a goal isn't good at a european championship. so that could have pulled off a surprise when i was poland. they took the lead when robert mack shots and that's when the goal and polish go keep boycheck. she has a pilot equalized in the 2nd half a cow se, but they then how to play a sense off and capitalized. milan is screening off scoring. now when that is his 3rd go for his country and his last 4 games, spain to kick off again sweden in the next few minutes. denmark,
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the christian ericsson has spoken publicly for the 1st time since his cardiac arrest on the pitch. and his team's opening game at the euros. erickson's agent sold italy's gazette, that is for the play. i wanted to thank while wishes said he was feeling better now than midfielder also said he wouldn't give up, but he wanted to understand what had happened. erickson was revived. after comp thing during the 1st half of denmark's game against finland on saturday, erickson's teammates returned to training on monday for the 1st time since that happened. many of the danish class but visibly upset that during that one last defendant following the incident. and now that keep cash michael has questioned the need to restart the game. i think the game is played, but i think the, the question is obviously, i think a decision about the game should probably not have been been made in the heat of the moment. i think it would probably have been a wise decision to, to maybe change the change the rules and regulations in an extraordinary
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circumstances and, and maybe take a breath and then reconvene the day after and make a decision on how the process of the decision making is the is the key that the factors around it in the moment you can change, right? but the process and how do we create more distance from the immediate emotion call the game off. so people with all the required information, maybe with a psychological and medical background. somebody from the players union sit them down with a competition organizers and figure out a good solution. and if there is no good solution when to schedule the game, maybe you just accept that as a draw on you forfeit the game. and that's it. that mark pay belgium and then next came on thursday and that your birthday martinez says you can't read anything into the bank performance against finland and he's expecting them to be tough opposition
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for his side. i don't think it is going to be a strange game. my thing is going to be an emotional game before it starts for the right reasons. i hope that we can celebrate that christian erickson is in good condition and he is recovering. and from that point, you're going to see a completely different danish theme. i think the 2nd half against phil and you can take it that, that level and that was a very difficult moment to play in brazil, i the hosting the copper america remains a hot topic. despite the national side, i think the tournament with a 3 no victory, venezuela. columbia will say, when is on day one to seizing ecuador, and now lino messy is hoping to inspire argentine as to victory when they faced chile in f. f latch in a few hours. argentina haven't won the torment for 28 years. that captain messy says it's his goal to change that symbol. either dreams, who in a trophy with the national team, and i've been very close several times. unfortunately, it was not possible i'll keep trying until i can. i've had the fortune when
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everything has club level and at an individual level, and it would be beautiful to win something with the national team. where the wimbledon just 2 weeks away. and the murray says he isn't sure if his body will be able to cope with the demands of grand some tennis, the former well, number one is preparing to play. his 1st single tournament on grass in 3 is a queen's club in london. this week mary's played only 3 matches to seek this season after contracting current of virus and then suffering a growing injury. the 3 time grand slam champion who baffled his his way back off to to hip surgery, doesn't have any immediate plans to retire despite all his injury problems, and believes he can still compete with the best player. i mean, i've been training a lot over the last few months. i mean, i've not, there's not been many weeks where i've been off the court. you know, it's just been managing the issue i've been dealing with and you know, tennis wise, i've been playing well in practice. but, you know, i can't say with any great certainty anymore the, you know,
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physically i'm going to feel great and matches because, you know, that hasn't been the case. the last sort of 910 months, really? so yeah, i hope that i feel good physically on the core and you know, i'm sure that my tennis will be fine. it has been in practice. i just need to need my body to hold up mario. i spoke about roger federer and says he'd be surprised if he retired this year. the 39 year old returned to action following his withdrawal during the franchise and to rest his body had a wimbledon. the 20 time the grandson champion was pushed in the opening round of the atp events in germany. but he got off qualify. 7675 cetera had won this tournament. and incredible 10 times. now we showed you savannah here, beating poland in the earlier that may have come as a shock to some particularly achilles. the oracle kept from st. petersburg. no pause for thought here as he went straight to the dish next to the polish black
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incorrectly predicting they'd be the vacuum psychic abilities that kelly not perfect. but he did correctly predict belgium's when a russia on saturday at offense may not forget the past, but can they predict the future? this is your sheet from hamburg. i'm. she isn't backing home team. she thinks france are going to be germany on tuesday. the germans, they will be hoping this is all irrelevant. sorry, i couldn't resist and i'll be back later with action from spain in sweden. you are 2020, which is about to kick off. that's all for me. for now i'll be back later. goodness me, jim. thank you, between you and joe guys are all good today. the puns have been extraordinary spending the full day of the heroes. so we coming out to the top of the $1900.00, gmc, still waiting to hear from joe biden, at the nato summit's anti podium, as it has been for the last couple of hours. actually no word on what the delay is . but of course, when it happens, we'll be bringing you that news conference from joe biden as soon as it happens. so
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more news from the team in london and just a moment, i think it's barbara sarah will be with you in just a few months. ah ah ah ah ah ah, the demand for low price clover is accelerating high speed. that's absolutely great by 2030, the industry will expand by additional 60 percent. i'll just take a detailed look at disposal of what our exposing the hidden, human and environmental cost way with the company give free what this is. you never
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know. data said boss fashion. all knowledge of things can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing going can guide a simple informa, young convention, manatee, of life, witness through the limbs of the human. i want him by as a witness documentary on out his era from the world's most populated region, the and until the story from across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches. ah, and conflicting politics,
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ah, 11 east. on out there are from the for villas of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, nato leaders offend their stance on china, saying it presents systemic challenges to ally and security. the me. hello barbara sarah, you're watching l 0 life and love that also coming out is, was new government get found to work with a diverse and fragile coalition already facing its 1st to me on mars out the leader on fancy. she goes on.


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