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people here say they're throwing money into the desert, they say they don't need more trees. but more access to water play an important role. checking human. ringback face in, ah, natal stands together. that's how we met every other threat in the past. joe biden, we're firm us support for nature as the line for leaders take as tougher stand on china. ah, so i'm fully back the boy. you're watching al jazeera life from till also coming up . the international criminal court says crimes against humanity may have been committed in the philippines crackdown on drugs. remembering victims of covered 19
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in the us, members of congress, observe a moment of silence as the death toll approaches 600000 the un refugee agencies accused of improperly collecting and sharing the personal information of ringers who fled to mar ah, thank you for joining us the us president has promised a rock solid commitment to nato. following his protests, his criticism of the military alliance, joe biden, worn down to attack on one member, is an attack on all speaking after the nato summit biden reaffirm the groups unity ahead of his meeting with russia's leader on wednesday. russia and china are both seeking to drive a wedge in our transatlantic solidarity. we're seeing an increase in malicious cyber activity. but our alliance just a strong foundation that stands together. that's how we met every other threat in
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the past. and so our greatest strength as a meet our challenges of the future and are many and everyone everyone in that room today understood the shared appreciation. quite frankly, that america is back for russia and china have been a main focus of the summit in brussels. leaders have agreed to respond to moscow's aggression after a true build up on ukraine's border. the line also declared b g, a global security challenge. they also discussed foreign troop withdrawal from afghanistan with turkey, saying it will need logistical and financial help to keep its forces in the country after nato forces pull out algiers. natasha butler reports from nature headquarters in brussels. the us president joe biden sat down to reassure nato leaders of washington's commitment to the alliance. as he arrived for his 1st summit of the 30 member group in brussels, we're making clear nato is critically important for us interest in and of
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itself, or weren't when we'd have to invest. clearly enjoying the moment why didn't thought to rebuild trust after 4 years of donald trump, the former u. s. leader was openly hostile to nato, once even threatening to pull out the military withdrawal from afghanistan, climate change, an native feature on the agenda, but relations with russia and china dominated discussions. china's growing influence on international policies present challenges to alliance security. joe biden succeeded in persuading nato to back in ministration push for a tougher approach to china, regarded by washington as a major economic and strategic rival. but for most nato allies, russia remains the main threat relation between moscow and nato, are at the lowest points since the cold war on wednesday bite in the shed,
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you will to meet russian leader vladimir person. so highly anticipated talks in geneva, i shared at our allies that convey to press what i'll convey to president bowden. but i'm not looking for conflict with russia, but then we will respond of russia continues as foreign pl activities. ties with turkey, also tense, the bite and call the meeting with the turkish president productive. the us may be back as a reliable nato partner, but this analysts says some allies have concerns. the allies and asia will remember that trump had happened that something like him could happen again in the future. there are divisions in nato on some issues, but those differences remained mainly behind closed doors. as boyden took center stage, leaders were clearly determined to turn a diplomatic page and show united front disaster butler just 0 brussels. why in the
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last, our beaching has responded to nato's accusations from on this. let's cross the katrina, you correspondent in beijing. so what's the reaction from china a trina? we've had a mission statement from china's mission to the e. u, and in it, the spokesperson denied that, trying to pose any systemic fragile systemic challenge to the nato countries. and said that any concerns about china mentioned during the summit were largely overblown. and firstly, it address concerns about china is rising military ambitions. china, it says that its defense strategy is mostly defensive and that its budget in 2021 for military spending was $209000000000.00, which was just 1.3 percent of its g d p, which wasn't even close to the 2 percent minimum required by nato countries. it also addressed concerns about its nuclear weaponry. naser. countries have raise concerns about china growing it's nuclear stockpile. china says that it's nuclear
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capabilities are not even in the same league as many of the nato countries. and it cited think tags in sweden and in the u. s. when it came to these concerns, it said overall that even though it did not pose any systemic challenges to nato, it did also say that it would not sit back if any challenges came to its own front door. notably the statement did not raise any other concerns around china's 5 g networks. it's increased ability to perform hacking cyber attacks. it also did not raise its increasingly assertive behavior in the south, trying to see all other topics that were mentioned by day. so countries during the summit now here in china, there have been mixed responses to both the naser summit and the g 7. china itself has used very strong language to rebut to the statements from this, these leaders, most notably of the u. s, but it is feeling
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a lot of pressure. this is the most international attention from these countries or the strongest rebuke from these countries that we've seen in decades. now. some you're in china believe that well, on one hand, these united friends are not as united as it may seem that many of these countries simply paying lip service to door biden. and his administration. what many believe is an effort by the u. s. to contain china's rise, but on the other hand, there is another opinion here in china that this does put as a real threat to china and it's called interest. and that beijing must respond by strengthening its or in alliances by really working on its own relationships, especially in the evening and region to counter the g 7 and its allies. katrina, thank you. katrina you. if correspondent in beijing in avenues the international criminal court, chief prosecutor says, crimes against humanity may have been committed in the philippines during president, president are to go to tatters, so called war on drugs. on monday, the court requested permission to open
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a full investigation. government data shows more than 6000 suspected drug dealers have been killed in teddy, took office in 2016. but why prove say that figure is closer to 30000 jamila clinic and has more from manila isis. the prosecutor had been suda has officially requested the pre trial chamber for her to be given authority to start an investigation actually means that a full blown investigation might happen anytime soon. that also means that over the last few years, the i c. c has been looking at the large amount of public information in addition to the reports, complaints and petitions submitted by the families of the victims of the drug war, human rights lawyers, human rights organizations, and even members of the opposition. in fact, just yesterday, in 4th, supplemental reports from families of the victims have been submitted again to the i c seat. and this includes testimonies and evidence against the so called war and
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drugs. and of course this release also includes and what is quite striking about that is that the release yesterday the i see also mentioned that similar acts were committed in dobb city. within the period of 1988 to 2016. these are the years when they're, they're also rolled as the mayor of diverse city in the southern philippines for decades. now, it remains to be seen when or whether the pre trial chamber will actually approve the request of the i. c prosecutor, she officially retired today, and she will be replaced by britain kareem con, starting tomorrow, and mar, suppose leader on funds, which is expected to fail more charges on the 2nd day of her trial proceedings began on monday behind closed doors. so she was charged with reaching over 19 regulations, illegally possessing walkie talkies in breaking import export rules. to other charges including bribery are due to be read out on tuesday. they carry penalties
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of up to 15 years in prison. the united nations refugee agencies being accused of improperly collecting and sharing personal information overhang refugees who fled me and mar, after military crack down in 2017 and human rights watch report says since 2018, the u and high commission for refugees registered hundreds of thousands of refugees living in bangladesh, camps using photographs, thumbprints and other biometric data. it then gave that information to bangladesh as government which shared it with mar for use impossible. we patry ation. the report also says the agency failed to get permission from the refugees to share the data with me and me on you and hcr denies wrongdoing. it says consent was confirmed at least twice and that it has clear policies to see if god, daytime belk is. villa is a senior researcher with the conflict and crisis division that human rights watch. she says, most of the rowing i interviewed for the report were unaware their information
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would be shared with me on mars government. bangladesh said earlier this year that he had handed over the personal details of $830.00 south and timmy and mar to be vetted by the me and more government for return to the country at the moment. but she is not forcing anyone back to me and more, but me and more has said that at least 42000 people on these lists are greenlighted for return. and if return were to begin, you know, these people are at risk of being on the list for return. and those who found out that their names had been shared with me and more that we spoke to. they actually went into hiding once they were told that they had been green lighted for return. all except one had never even been up by, by you and hcr stuff when being registered in the field, whether they agreed to having their data shared with me and mar. and i remember very well one man i spoke to who told me he described to me how upset he was after
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leaving the registration area. and he had been given this english only receipt from you and hcr staffer and he happened to speak english and could read it and saw on the receipt that it had a little tick mark that said yes, i have agreed to having my data shared with me on morning that i would have never agreed to that, i do not think it's safe to return. and i do not think it's safe for me and mar authorities to have my have my data and know that i'm in bangladesh. but he felt that there was absolutely nothing he could do at that point because he had already registered still ahead on al jazeera, why a planned march by far rights. jewish nationalists could be the 1st big test for israel, the new government, and waiting for freedom de plans to live remaining domestic restrictions in england are pushed back. ah
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hello, there are lots of hot central weather as usual across the middle east. some areas of cloud and rain having said that was a little bit of fat, just around turkey, just around the black sea, eating over towards the caucasus in some way. whether they're just sliding out of i've gone, it's done to know the parts of pakistan. snow, they're over the high ground saturday. it is about that 849 celsius in fact, as well into the mid 40 s q a. and for the shamal, continuing to blow some more, lifted dustin sand coming out of iraq, who way said he since out of saudi arabia, across here and carter, hot and dry down towards the southern end of the peninsula as well. and that dry weather stretches across the horn of africa. we have got a few showers just around the opium highlands. and one or 2 showers, that just across parts of the democratic republic of congo, easing over towards the gulf, guinea,
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that's where the majority of the west weather will be over the coming days. northern parts of nigeria office seeing some heavy rain from time to time. they're not too much right in the full cost across southern parts of africa. but we have got some showers long spells of right across the western cape and across the southern cave. and we'll continue to just drift in here as we go on through wednesday and thursday, just wanted to share was for central mozambique. the al jazeera world chance to pirate radio stations, radio caroline, on 11617 voice the station radio power line of the english coast has a bigger audience with baby c network combined and within earshot of israel, the voice of ronald speeches. there's no propaganda. a force for change or transience to movement. rebel radio on algebra.
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o. the me. welcome back. a recap of our top stories on how to present joe biden has reaffirmed the united states commitment to nato during estimates. members of the alliance accused china being a security challenge at b. james mission to the uses, their claims are exaggerated. the prosecutor of the international criminal court has requested permission to open an investigation into the desk of alleged struck dealers in the philippines. she says, crimes against humanity may have been committed during the government struck crackdown and the un refugee agencies being accused of improperly collecting and sharing personal data from the hang of refugees in bangladesh. a human rights wash
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report says the information was given to me on mar, often without informed consent, be on h. d. r denies any wrong doing is around the government has approved a controversial march by far right nationalists. the day after enough, tiny bennett became prime minister. the groups planned to walk around occupied east juice and old city on tuesday, which would reignite tensions. palestinian factions have called for a day of rage against the march stephanie decker reports. it's the 1st real test for prime minister naturally bennett and his new coalition, the so called flag march, which right wing nationalist drew his group views to mark jerusalem de when israel occupied east jerusalem in 1900. 67 will now take place on tuesday and many fear it could reignite tension. it's a demonstration of power. it's a demonstration of control over the police, over the philistine and people in the day who a says, you know,
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we have been monitoring deployed for years and we have a lots of lots of video showing that the pull it says is actually a demonstration of incitement. of lacy, susan ah, the more she was initially did aid for mature original date in may. it was cancelled just as people were gathering because rockets were fired from gaza as a warning against holding the event. and another delay from last thursday, when police withdrew permission fighting security concerns. the former prime minister benjamin netanyahu then booted up in a cabinet meeting, stating the march should be allowed to happen, and also police chief barrels turn to roof. it's an awful time in all these, all these tensions does the clashes in the golden rule are still there. you know, we are still trying to heal from what we had been going through just few weeks ago, this area around damascus, gate and occupied history. some had been a flash point during recent tensions now, palestinians t this march as
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a major provocation, hamas and other groups have cooled for a day of rage. quoting for policies to come here in response. i, my family owns a bookstore here in east jerusalem. he tells us the settlers know very well. this is a provocative act, but that it goes beyond that. i think we have to look at the psyche of the government. the government claims them as a capital united. i mean, why do these give us? the sets are celebrated, the invocation of them, because there was a can, if it, if a parliament that the claims all the jealous them to be united in 984 are believe and hence, it's also a political point. the 2 political act, it's a political stand, it's a government and political point to prove, despite the march for the 1st time not being allowed to pass through damascus gate . and through the muslim quarter of the old city, it is still being allowed to pass through occupied in jerusalem on the main road next damascus gate. it's an area seen as
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a communal heart for palestinians. how masses worn this could cause an escalation, and these ready police have increased security. not only here in jerusalem, but israeli army has sent extra soldiers to the occupied west bank. its prime minister natalie bennett's 2nd day in office, leaving a fracture coalition of opposing ideologies. many will be watching to see how he handles tuesday's events as a possible indication of the type of leader. he will be with stephanie decker al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem with the number of crone of irish death in the us, approaching 600002 more than 33000000 people of contract at the virus. but with almost half the population fully vaccinated, there's hope the worst may be over my can every, for some, washington dc, as the number of deaths near 600000 members of congress gathered at the capital in
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this divided institution. a rare moment of bipartisanship. as democrats and republicans came together to remember the countries dead, the number of fatalities in the us that comes for some 15 percent of the reported total worldwide. this week there were $25000.00 cases, reported each day, 57 percent lower than the figure a month ago. there's still too many lives being lost. we're still average in the last 7 days. the us of $370.00 deaths per day. $270.00 deaths that significantly lower and at the peak of this crisis, but it's still a real tragedy. we're approaching a sad milestone, almost 600000 last lives because we covered 19 in america just under 50 percent of americans are fully vaccinated. that there's a marked disparity in terms of vaccination figures. the top 5 states with
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vaccination rates of 60 percent, all over are all in the east. the bottom 5 with rates of 30 percent or lower are in the south with republicans controlling the bottom states. it's clear as a political, as well as geographical divide and the vice president went to south carolina. as the administration tries to wretched have vaccinations in areas that are lagging. the vaccines, let me say it again. are safe. they are safe and they are free. and they are effective and it is that simple. the bite and administration had targeted a national 70 percent vaccination rate by july, the full independence day. but even as the nation mourns that target and the hood immunity, it could promise, appears to be increasingly unattainable. my kind of,
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i'll just era washington. the british government is delaying its span to east colon advised restrictions in england by a month as a final stage of lockdown was due to be left next week. but arise in cases linked to the fast spreading delta very interest detected in india has prompt the government to push back a full reopening poll running rate for some london which are like harm testing test kits being handed out in kingston market. square this barbara of south west london, one of more than 20 across england were sharpie rising infection rates of problems . intensive surge testing to identify and isolate cases. the steepest increases among young people and school children groups, which haven't yet been vaccinated. statistically, they're less likely to become seriously ill. the concern is about variance. clearly we want to try to keep the case rate as low as possible, not having the virus spread thing because we know more spreads more likely to get more mutations and more variance of the virus that may actually escape of faxing.
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and we don't want to see that outside in the market, scratch bhaskar entertains that passes by with music venues closed for the past year. tim o t has survived on loose change and a part time job. the latest postponement provokes a weary shrug. the emotional responses i want to take it again, you know, i mean, i want to go out and want to do i live in florida and the logical responses like back at the start, look down i was, i was criticizing the government not being tough enough. you know, people were dying and it would be, i'll be hypocritical now to say like, come on, let me play games. you know, i honestly, i don't know, june 21st had been the freedom day here in the u. k. and postponing it has undoubtedly been a really serious dilemma for this prime minister with his libertarian reputation. and as the european summer has arrived, the appetite for mixing and socializing has already increased. but the advice from
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his scientific advises was stock continue to unlock as planned. and hospital admissions would rapidly reach the peak seen in the 1st wave last year. by being cautious now, we had the chance in the next 4 weeks to save many thousands of lives by vaccinating millions more people. i, once the adults of this company have been overwhelmingly vaccinated, which is what we can achieve in a short space of time. we will be in a far stronger position to keep hospitalizations down, to live with this disease. and to complete our cautious but a reversible roadmap to freedom. more than 56 percent of the adults are now fully vaccinated and extending restrictions into the summer months is testing public patience. drifting may be enjoyable on the river,
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but not in business or politics. pull, brennan, i'll just era kingston. you came by. jerry. as president surprised many last month when he said an 18 month border closure to restrict illegal weapons had failed. the land border has recently reopened after being shot since 2019, but towns is still struggling with economic fall out. how did you hear is maybe 334, some see may on the border between nigeria and beneath this border market used to be a thriving commercial hub. it's now a shell of it. for myself, it was known for cheap imports like rice, automobiles, and gardens. but not anymore. its been 6 months since night general reopen its western line border with beneath. but people like successful motorcycle dealer or more layer in was a. they having to find other work to make a living. and he's not happy. you've got me tell you what i was telling lies because if somebody comes in is what points you give free passage of goods on
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people. but i've got to do, but i know you got that's what i thought opened loose. you qualify charlotte opening to some group of people in this country. he says, such favors have ruined small businesses like hiss and by extension have hard. they going to be head of a local trade union agrees. no mentor for market. there's little activities at the market, even the number of visitors reduced substantially with incomes wiped out. people stay at home and such. you can't get the taxes as you know, the residency, even passenger traffic is not what it used to be. the motor closure was meant to reduce the import of one item, encourage domestic growth and stop the smuggling of firearms. and allison got into an idea. but after one on harvey, the president admit, said more arms came in urine, the bag raising questions as to what it actually achieved. what fishers always just
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shut down was a resounding success as there is cross border cooperation and shedding of intelligence on smuggling. there were a lot of the jose over pre says i terms, i would have found their way into the country through illegal rules and order. they were also arrest of migrants which could have complicated to give this to show. but in force in the border or has made it more expensive to live in communities like semi people. he has a numerous checkpoint to hurting the transportation of goods from across the border and other parts of nigeria. the government reopen its borders just as the free trade agreement facilitated by the african union was coming into force. but months later, business activity here has yet to pick. nigeria government has accuse its neighbors of endangering not only the economy, but also security, say weapons,
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and ammunition still flow across the borders to feed it ever growing conflict. comedy, reese, hodges era, semi on niger, a 1000000000 border. the operators of a nuclear plant in china are fixing what they say is a performance issue. after confirmed was res over a bill of gas emissions. it follows reports of a possible where the ation leak at the facility in one province. the chinese state operator says activities have the power station meet safety standards and the surrounding environment is secure. the plants, other operator, french energy giant f, as calls for meeting with its chinese fontenot nuclear engineer on e gunderson is chief engineer of fair wind energy education. he explains what the problem is likely to be. i have a little nuclear fuel piece of nuclear fuel. this is, this is an example, and these are stack 12 feet high, and they're wrapped in a metal wrapper. that metal wrapper in theory keeps all the nuclear radiation from
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this fuel, from getting out. at least one. if not more of those though, she's cells metal sheet about a stick as a dime, have cracked in the releasing radioactivity into the water inside the nuclear react . that it's a gas, it's called the xenon encrypt noble gases. and they appear to be building up inside that nuclear reactor. and some reports say they're also leaking out of the nuclear reactor. the right thing to do would be to shut the nuclear reactor down and, and look for the cheese that are leaking and replace them. and it does appear that the chinese want to do that right now. within the nuclear industry, there's not a lot of trust in, in the chinese nuclear program. they tend to make things look better than they
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really are. this reactor designers have numerous problems. that components will have to be replaced in the next year or 2 because of cracking. and so nuclear engineers within the rest of the world, our residents rather than to trust what comes out of out of china through information. ah, no, again, i'm fully back. people with a headlines on al jazeera president, joe biden has reaffirmed the united states commitment to nato during a some age members of the alliance. the keys, china of being a security challenge, be james mission to the uses. the claims are exaggerated. a chief prosecutor of international criminal court has requested permission to open any investigation into the death of a lead. strong deed is in the philippines. she says, crimes against humanity may have been.


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