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the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the testers who are not following social distances rules are repeatedly ordered to disperse by police. police are trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week, when thousands were right in sitting across the after some protest started throwing stones and nothing of your work, police on horseback moved in to clear the area. ah, this is al jazeera ah. lauren taylor, this is down there and use. i live from london coming up dro biden. and let me putin wrap up and historic summit, which bozeman described as constructive on key areas. differences remains more in
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century balloons, sent across the garza border after the 1st israeli strikes last month. the fire, the un calls for restraint. the who's injured in a combo much colombian military base. the government claims a rebel groups. the attack on and celebrating a diamond russian south africa perspective arrive in the hundreds, hoping to strike it rich. i'm german ash, with the board huge news coming out around madrid with club legends, and captain j ramos leaving office fixing is in the spanish capital japan funding to limit the number of fact taste that the lympics, the 10000 ah restart in geneva, where both us president joe biden and his russian counterpart vladimir putin have described the 1st face to face talks as constructive and pragmatic on the agenda.
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finding common ground on a raft of issues from security to human rights. there was agreement to resume talks on arms control and to return ambassadors to each other's capitals. after they were withdrawn earlier this year. they committed to further discussions on cyber security with biden identifying key infrastructure that should be off limits to attacks. this was something putin agree to the principal, but the base gap remained in the area of human rights boot and dismissed concerns over the welfare of jail, the physician figure alex st. on me. the president said that they would be devastating consequences if of only died in prison. but ever all that he does struck a respectful tone. president food and i had a share unique responsibility to manage the relationship between 2 powerful and proud countries. relationship that has to be stable and predictable and it should be able to, we should be able to cooperate words in our mutual interest and where we have
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differences, i want to present, put and understand why i say what i say. and why i do what i do, and how will respond to specific kinds of actions that harm america's interest, the shots, the new to asti overall assessment. i believe that that has been no hospitality. on the contrary, the meeting took place in a constructive spirit. we have very assessments and a number of issues, but i believe both sides expressed willingness to understand each other to seek ways to bilateral reproach. talks are quite constructed by yes, white has correspond. kimberly how could his live from geneva? kimberly put in describing them there is as constructive and buttons at the tone was good, positive in spite of the clear remaining differences. what. what do you think the main achievements were from the summit? right. it was a closely watch summit that lasted between 2 meetings,
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a little more than 4 hours. and overall there was a sort of a positive tone that there were some areas of common agreement. but you have to notice the fact that the 2 different press conferences between vladimir putin and joe biden, we're certainly very far apart. when came to the issue of human rights. in fact, us president joe biden think defending human rights or something. he will continue to do that. he in fact believe that in the american dna to raise these issues. it was something that we were really bristle that and really fought back really under playing any concern about human rights in his own country and pointing the finger at the united states. and some of the protesters from the january, 6 riot on the capital grounds of the u. s. congress that many of them were now being held in prison. he really liked them to political prisoners. and also the fact that at times the black lives matter movement and the protest in the united
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states have been at times violent. he said this is really something we don't want to have happen in russia. so it really made for a very uncomfortable moment for joe biden, who, when asked about this in a press conference call this a ridiculous comparison. so you can see the 2 are very apart, far apart about issue. having said that, they did find some areas of cooperation, which was what joe biden was looking for. and the outset of all of this, he did in fact agree with the russian leader that there should be a return of diplomats to their respective countries. so that the diplomatic conversations can continue. they also agree that they should, in fact there are down in the areas of us cybersecurity that would protect american critical infrastructure so that those routes where attacks do not continue affecting things like water and energy and so on. and finally, they also decided that there would be a working group of bilateral working group to discuss for some of the says of issues around nuclear arms control moving forward. so job 5 in the us team went
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into this looking for not only areas of cooperation, but also a framework for future discussions. and certainly the ground work for that has been laid. and during committee, during biden's newcomers, there was a strained exchange at one point with a member, the media. what happened yeah, the us president really took exception to some of the questions that happened at the end of the press conference, particularly from one reporter who asked how confident the u. s. president was that vladimir, who would change his behavior, given the fact that he didn't mention the russian opposition leader election a volley by name. he denied that russia was behind any of the cyber intrusions that the united states has been experiencing. and also really downplaying when it comes to concerns about human rights, that there's any problem. and in fact, when the reporter snapped to these questions that joe biden to bite and snap back
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accusing the reporter of asking the wrong question and being in the wrong business . well, later it seems he wanted to think about that and maybe rephrase his response. because when he went to the tarmac in geneva, he approach reporters and essentially apologized. pick listen to what he had to say . it always amazed me about the question. and i apologize for having been sure if you were in my position, you said, well, i don't think man, it happened is going to be really, really bad guarantee. nothing happens. he guarantee nothing happens. so far as a value to be realistic and put on optimistic front and optimistic face. so essentially the earth president apologize for being when he called a wise guy and making that smart retort to what the us journalist believe was
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a very legitimate question. and one that is reasonable to ask of a us president, but what you can take away from this is joe barton felt he had made some progress. so there was value in his face to face meeting. and he didn't like the criticism that it might be anything less than that achievement. kimberly, how can thank you very much. indeed. summit was the final stop of biden's 1st overseas trip as president the diplomatic tour of europe. so the usb to tackle created 19 and climate change to g. 7, summit in the u. k. before reestablishing relations with nato actually was different. but to get us a james base reports from london. the from the moment he touched down in the u. k. on this, his 1st international trip president biden was laying out his central message. we're going to make it clear that the united states is back. and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that
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matter most to our future. that were committed, the lady was strength, defending our values and delivery for our people. at the g 7 meeting and comal, a range of issues were discussed from cobit 19 to climate change. but what was most noticeable was the tone after 4 years of tweets and tantrums, in brussels, at nato. and that the you, other nations were appreciative. they no longer had to 2nd guess what their most powerful ally would do next. when mr. president, joe. yes, please. to western, in brussels, you have back in brussels and very much on the google seen the scenes of unity a so very different from the trump era would have been watched very closely in moscow and beijing. no one has gotten more satisfaction out of all of the disharmony that donald trump has sewed in the united states than the leaders of
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russia and china. so i think that they kind of view this as a, as a precarious point, and they do need to be mindful about kind of democratic regimes standing up to some of their kind of increasingly authoritarian impulses if president putin is. and he wasn't showing it when he met the u. s. leader. for nearly 4 hours of talks. there were no concrete outcomes from both sides said was a constructive meeting, just a commitment to try and work together in the future. among the u. s. is closest allies here in the u. k. and in europe, there's a real sense of relief. after the trump years does now predictability and stability in the trans atlantic alliance. of course, there are differences among the allies about how to deal with russia and china. but those differences will now be dealt with diplomatically and away from the cameras.
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james bay's, ouch is era. london still to come on the news, our grid of ours cases, surgeon, russia. couldn't you moscow? straight and be to blame if you, if the president rides a wave of support ahead of next week's election and in sport will tell you why this australian player has been banned at the european championship. ah. the u inspector general has called almost israelis and palestinians to respect last month ceasefire after israel launched as strikes in the early hours of wednesday in gaza. the secretary general expresses concern over the most recent round of violence and calls for the full respect of the cease fire agreed on the 20th of may . he would like to see the cessation of hostilities be maintained and solidified in order to give space with the relevant parties to work out arrangements to stabilize
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the situation. un, special coordinated toward venice land is continuing his diplomatic engagements with all sides towards that aim. on wednesday, how must linked activists fod incendiary balloons across the garza border into israel for the 2nd day in a row. at these 4 new fires broke out on the israeli side, the resumption of the balloon attacks triggered israeli asteroids early on wednesday. the 1st strikes on garza since that sees fall came into effect less than 4 weeks ago israeli minute traces warplanes attack time. us targets south of garza city and income. eunice say it has more from gaza. the israel military carried out grade in the south. think district mainly in units govern. there is a different locations in areas including agriculture, causing a lot of material damage. this was violating the fire place the 3 weeks ago after the recent war and already prior to the fire that has been already
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violated. israeli military set that the strike has come in response to the very balloon that had blanched yesterday from the gaza strip. also in response to the flag march that was taken place in jerusalem. that was provoking a flag march tooth palestinians yesterday. also, according to how much officials, an israeli media mediators had very much pressures. her monster is train falling through the flag marked it was all up to only the incendiary balloons and the confusion activities that took place across the borders of the gods district. yesterday. moscow is making cupid 19 vaccines mandatory for service sector workers after sharp rise in cases. russia grappling with its larger surgeon infections since february with them at half recorded in the capital. the country is
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tightening restrictions, and petersburg hosts a series of euro 2020 football matches. the 7 day average recoded cases reported in russia has jumped from just under 9000 the start of june to almost 13000 in just over 2 weeks. i've been an alarming surgeon. moscow with almost 6000 infections reported on wednesday. the mass has more than 12000 people with creative ours, a currently and hospital. russian scientists believe in moscow strain could be driving the increase the urgent investigating to find out if it's resistant to vaccines. there are also major concern over vaccine hesitancy. only 12 and a half percent russians have been vaccinated. moscow plans to give away cars in a drawer for those to encourage more of those to get the job. more this under and by accent picked electra and lead to sales global citizenship program on outbreaks of infectious diseases. thanks so much for being with us. or is it clear at this
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stage with what's happening in moscow is as a result of a new variance, it's, that's local to moscow. could it be all the variance that they haven't yet pinned down from all the other ones that we already knew about? well, certainly there is a session about the scale of increase that we've seen in a very short period of time. it follows very similar patterns. what we saw after moody had already declared victory over the virus. and then what we saw was a devastating way of due to the delta indian variance. so it could be that the genetic sequencing capacity is just not picked up. how extensive the delta variance is being transmitted currently in moscow? or as you say, it is entirely possible that there is a different variance that is coming out of moscow. now one of the things that we should be looking out for with the variance is vaccination rate. so it's not
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surprising at all to see that in moscow. there is this surgeon potentially links to variance because there's very low vaccine uptake, despite the fact that russia had for home grown vaccines, make 5 putting it like it's cetera. and was one of the 1st countries to make it available to people, even under some, some international criticism around the speed at which it was licensed to almost all together. skipping phase 3. i think that was one of the factors. we look at this widespread distrust and evac seen paired also with the government. so early stance that corona virus wasn't particularly dangerous. and that, that again, a declaration of victory far too soon. if you impression you mentioned the low rate vaccination in the and the relatively kind of the amount of hesitancy there is
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there, how likely is that to change given the speed which case the multiply well certainly it will take effect time for eating the rat for the people who will come forward and they're using all sorts of different types of incentives. the mayor of moscow have announced that he will be giving away prices like cars if people get vaccinated, which actually isn't too similar to what we're seeing. the united states as well, with all sorts of creative measures to increase vaccine uptake, particularly down in some the more southern states. but you're right in the sense that we need faster actions. and this is why this one week, if you'd like, circuit breaker has been introduced, try and bring that case rate down. my feeling is at one week, it's going to be too short in terms of restrictions. and another week point is also just the rate of testing. you'd have far more testing throughout the community to break the chains of transmission. but there's
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a 2 fold war. let's say one is on perfect. if many of the population just seem to think it is like the cold or the flu, it's difficult to get people to isolate and comply now and this. and since at least support is being given for those workers who can, who are, will be working from home or will not be working, they will be receiving a salary. and that's an important step. what are the main doctors in the most coach? main code 19 hospital was christian just saying that last week that hospital patients were not responding to treatments that were previously effective. how much of a concern is that? well that indicates that it could be lengths to see some of the variance that are either in circulation or a new one. we already know for instance with delta that there is reduced to fix c. for those who have one shot, it's only about 30 percent effective, and then with 2 shots, it's still offers a good degree of protection, but it's certainly not efficacious when it, when the results 1st came out in the,
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in the ninety's. so we will see that some of the facts can leak over time, which means that perhaps booster doses will be required as well. so that to keep people in some sense, while the pharmaceutical industry they're working on tweak to the vaccines. we'll have to increase the amount that we're giving of what we have right now. i'm on a project. thank you very much indeed for joining us. thank you. thank you. a comma to columbia and military bases injured, 36 people leaving 3 in critical condition. the defense menaces for the national liberation army, which is the country largest remaining rebel group, is likely to be behind the attack in computer towers on the border with venezuela, where several criminal groups have been fighting over drug trafficking rates. countries president is offering a reward of $135000.00 for any information that leads to the rest of those responsible days. but still not a complaint in a reward for
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a $135000.00 has been offered for the authors. and persons responsible, so this is a criminal search group has been created to investigate and trace things. and i would like to thank our country's national police for the special support they have provided the f, b i of the united states in this personalized special investigation as her pity is in bogota. so tell us what. so what is your flow and column? and i will tell you piece, just released a video showing the moment thing which white toyota that then was this car bone but entered through the main door on tuesday afternoon inside this military base in the city of cocoa. and from what we can see in the video, there was really not much in terms of security there. we understand that the person who was driving the car pretended to be a public official and he was letting
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a soldiers just look inside the car. but that was it, there were no anti explosive detection dogs or any other level of security, which is quite surprising. we have been to that base in the, in the past and security was always quite high. so that's something that the investigators are starting to look into to understand how this car was lately so easily. we also understand that the tv was then parked inside the base for more than 2 hours before these 2 explosions happened. and that the driver was able to get out of the car and leave the base. we also know that of the 36 people that were injured in these 2 explosions. 2 soldiers are in serious to colombian. soldiers are in serious conditions, one, still an intensive care unit in a hospital there in the city of cook. with that,
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we also know now that there were at least 11 us soldiers, us officials there that are assisting the colombian military in their anti drug trafficking operation. in 2 of them were also lightly injured in the explosion and toes more about the area where the base is located. yeah, north of the city of cook with that, which is bright on the border with the venezuela is the region of the tomb bo. this is the rule. busy remote area mountainous area right on the border with venice where, where many different groups operate the, the main wine is e l n or national liberation army. the latest, a largest remaining rebel group in colombia. and the 1st indication is a 30 investigation part of colombia, 30 points to them as responsible for this explosion. but in the last 2
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months or a couple of years, really, they've also been in the middle of a fighting between, between the atlanta. there were fighting between the e l n and other groups among them this and in groups of the former far rebels, they signed a piece deal with the colombian government. so this remains quite the volatile area is the 2nd region in columbia with the largest amount of coca crops and the main ingredient for cocaine. and there are many smuggling roots that cross into venezuela. so very, very volatile situation there and one where the political, social and on conflict situation continues in the country. i sent them to you. thank you very much. as a warning that famine could spread across e c o pure with a water teeter, a region ready. on the brink in comments seen by al jazeera,
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the us military and chief says, the situation is set to get worse into other regions. already. 350000 people into gray belly surviving in famine conditions with reports of death caused by starvation. but these european government says it disagrees and consider that a domestic issue has been fighting between federal troops and local forces since november. if you are the prime minister has used his 1st and last campaign rally to pledge that next week's election will be peaceful. its 1st major political since he wrote away the optimism to power 3 years ago. but along with the conflict in te gray and widespread hunger, he's also been accused of leading an increasingly repressive government. the election has already been delayed and will be held into gray. meanwhile, parties in the are a mere region se they'll boycott the poll over intimidation. we won't all of a c o p 's. look as green is gemma. therefore cima will plant trees and will also
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plant trees. the whole world expects us to be brought in conflict on the election day. but we will teach them differently. and facebook says it has removed a network of fake accounts in ethiopia that we're targeting that potential voters. it says the accounts were linked to the governments, information network security agency. facebook says the network posted mainly about problems to be met. but with critical comments about opposition, politicians and groups the field has strong can the wrongs presidential election with the last day of campaigning. seen 3 candidates pull out fridays vote is now race between for and there are concerns that the number of people who will cost that balance is also set to get smaller dosage of our reports from tehran. i mean, change it with a final pushed by the highest authority in the country. supreme leader i, it's a lot of the harmony made. one last attempt to rally the masses to the polling stations on friday. jose him out on the election is about the notation of the
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people. i mean, just to have the support of the people to the future of the country. i mean, in all aspects economy, security, politics, it is related to what you the people of utah and it is due on friday, a to z o this about his comments came on the same day. the only reform is candidate most and many of these are they dropped out of the race in a letter to the interior minister there, at least they told of his decision, but without stating the reason or whether he would now be backing another candidate . don't jangle in a statement form or nuclear negotiate or say julie also left the race, endorsing conservative candidate and the current head of her on stood this sherry abraham racy. another conservative candidate, a member of parliament, i li, razzles, calling you from home is also out. he says he believes abraham bracy is more suitable candidate to become iran's 8th president. dora during his weekly cabinet
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meeting on wednesday, the president has sandra honey laid out the realities of this election in that battle. ca, yep, there have been some injustices during the campaigns. but we should all oblige ourselves and make up for them. if we can, we might want some individuals who are not among the candidates, but we have to choose the ones closer to who we want him to. the masses don't participate. neither the country. oh, the people will benefit voter turnout continues to be a major concern for officials here due to covered restrictions in both or apathy. non official pulse of justice election could see the lowest voter turnout since the revolution of 1979. the remaining candidates have been sending out text messages to the public, urging them to vote despite 3 rounds of live debates on state tv. there's been very little campaigning on the streets here. a high voter turnout is important because it is directly associated with the approval of the establishment doors such a party l just 0 to her on the news from london. still ahead ready for lift off the
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3 astronauts. she will be the 1st to launch for a stay on trying to use the base station. and this is something that rarely happens to roger federer. i will tell you all about measuring ah hello, nice to see. we're going to kick this one off in iberia, where we've got storms firing up on all cylinders across the peninsula on thursday . that energy is going to lift further to the north than we get a batch of what, whether through the united kingdom mostly contained to england, and it knocks down your temperature, london $23.00 degrees. i'll give you a water view of europe right now. okay, let's keep going, keep going, hold it there because we see that whether that's in the u. k. also push into the
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western shores of norway on thursday. so what and windy weather ahead. and we've also got some soaking rains for western parts of france, and that will include paris as well toward the black sea region, still seen some heavy pockets along eastern shores of the black sea. or i'd take you to turkey rate now because we will see an improvement in conditions, but i'm going to keep the risk of some showers in the forecast for its stem bull with a high of 25 degrees toward the south. antalya sunshine, 26. but that is below average. here's how it's looking in africa, some of that disturbed weather in spain, given us somewhat weather for northern areas of morocco. and also algeria. it's also going to be windy along the western edge of morocco robots. we've got a high of 23 degrees in the forecast for you on thursday. the on june 18th, iran withhold the presidential election will take her sound on his place, put
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a conservative candidate to succeed the moderate leader, and what impact on national and global politics. join us weight us results analysis of the iran addiction on ultra 0, challenging the way mainstream media records. the need. stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out of all power to account how it is in journalism is breaking among the destruction of civilian property. this is all evidence for farm trials and the rate of speaking now. we've been getting stories of john taken from the house in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news is covered on his era. ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe for now here ah.


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