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in much the world are very crowded. you've got strict regulations and traffic control. their ports are pretty much a capacity already. the going codes maybe a staple in film depicting dystopian futures, which i think gems would still be a problem. i. these prototypes have shown that the stuff the fantasy is not within reach. ok, but maybe not point. you mentioned it. funny guy. yeah. go out there. ah, hello. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines president she thing says the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations is gone forever. he was speaking during this and henry celebrations of the communist party.
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the me see 100 the thousands of people that gentlemen square and beijing, the president warned any foreign forces that their oppress china will have their heads bashed bloody against the great hall of steel. forged by 1400000000 people local and 10 by the communist party in chinese, people have showed the world. the chinese people have stood up the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world but can build a new one. only socialism can save china, and socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china. u. s. comedian bill cosby has been released from prison of the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction, the 83 year old son more than 2 years of a 10 year sentence on charges of drugging him assaulting women in 2004. during the
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trial, the judge allowed both her testimony as well as that of 5 other accuses to show a pattern of abuse. the state's highest court now says the testimony of the 5 others tainted the triumph donald rumsfeld, the us defense secretary, who oversaw the invasion of afghanistan and was the main architect of iraq war, has died. he was 88 years old, his career and the republican party spent decades he served under multiple precedence. young laws, military gentle, has released around 3300 prisoners from a jail and the largest city young, on official se jonas and activists were among those for you. on wednesday, tens of thousands of prisoners were also released from brazil. supreme court has postponed a decision on a case that could determine future claims by indigenous peoples to the ancestral lands. leaders from 40 indigenous groups have been camped out for day is now near the court house and the capital brazilian. well, there is the headlines next. it's asked rise after a year absence. one of the well most famous film festivals is i thought with the
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math mandate, 3 for all social distance thing in place. and some countries found from attending all together. can the glamorous peas event recreate the magic knife coverage of the can film festival on his era? ours, who's 3 quarters of all london, there are no significantly affected by humanity. the few remaining pockets of wilderness left out of themselves at risk of becoming a cooler. you got this that i really culture, industry, organization, climate change and hunting. all of these 60 made it go systems and destroy you. biodiversity. 60 percent of the world signing multiple relation,
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have been wiped out since in 1970 science. these claim that the planet is witnessing a mass extinction in response, a war blade movement is now under way to rewire the countryside to resort learned to native one initiative at the tip of south america is exceeding all expectation. i have come to but i go near to meet christ. tompkins, a philanthropist, was dedicated the best to that gets to the protection of this area. the conservation projects he started with the husband doug, has become a true inspiration to those who believe the wilderness can heal itself, if given half a 10th. ah, but there is a blast of mountains and forest finding seldom tea. the energy dina,
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though famous, already to stunning landscape for century it has been an important region for life, took farming. and many of its grasslands have been graced there at the regions hot lights that go in the national park. and here to find out how this became one of the biggest conservation projects in history. hello. hello. can i me and i'm chris, how can, whenever you a little do in the former ceo of their company, but they're going at greece, murray, doug tompkins, an interpreter for an adventurer who had found a drive, a brand new faith. both friends made them by your mentor protection center to their company ethos. but kristen does want to do more from the early nineties, but over $300000000.00 us dollars of land for preservation across chile energy dina
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. they build parts complete with largest come grounds and trails to support eco tourism. after duck sat in there, in 2015, chris at gary demanded at the end of there's limitations. tompkins conservation. what was it you saw here to make you take a decision to change? you know, the next 20 years i didn't see it. frankly. douglas on his side. he saw a landscape that was beat up and miles of can flying to take down. and doug, convince me this was the conservation chance of a lifetime. to sell some for in the check up volley, kristen doug bought this cheap rent of almost 200000 acres of over grace grassland . they said about pretending to need to along with a handful of smaller farms using a process called rewinding. rewinding is the restoration of an entire ecosystem to
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its natural state by removing find species while reintroducing and protecting native one. it begins with the removal of life and when you get the get patients who flourish, these encourages insects and really learning mouth, attracting birds and others when prayers are removing fences allows every 10 of hair before we care, preyed on by a fixed bread or those at the top of the chain with then also multiply species in critically low numbers. oh, totally, yes. and a rehabilitated ultimately fray. i'm predator populations regulate one another. and the ecosystem evolved into a balance some steps with staining wilderness. when we thought this property, there were probably 500 miles of fence line that needed to come down. and when you take the fences down, you see wildlife coming back in because for 80 years it's been excluded from the
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best grasses. references are to keep wild life out of the best grasses and keep your life stack in the best grass. so it's very exciting to see the grasslands and the forest begin to restore them. and that's the joy of taking fences down one animal. benefiting from these grasp is that when i called bill's relative of dilemma and the keystone species, that is one that place a crucial role in the functioning of the system. not often you see one by itself. they are pretty emblematic the patagonia and step if they're plentiful and their com like this one is. then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threats, of course, and that's why you're going for me. i want to see what re wilding looks like.
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oh, let me tell still the parts they rector of conservation has a great show me christ and has been a guiding hand on their rewinding process. 5 beginning. the no one knows the floor for next year, better than him on route we bump into a few of the local that they have being me, l toner. me i will have in some way do not last well and it's part of the community for up of these to be me, old pray to small birds road and any 6 that's driving healthy grassland least and take me to the edge of the park. what he bored there. so now working ranch, the difference in the graph on either side, this is striking here is a good example of what happened in one place where you remove the livestock
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and one place where landowners decide to put more life. so than the land is able to support in terms of food. so the consequences that you lost the vegetation and you see the composition of the plan is different. so if you have life permanently eating the grass, they don't have the chance to release they seed and they recover. it's very slow that some consequence like erosion that is very hard to address and it will take over to be really recover. ah, on the eastern edge of the part, clifton and the team have established a breathing center for any danger relative of the ostrich called the darwin's ria young korea artificially incubated and brought here to acclimatize before being released ria, they are jointly associated with it. but they're going to and if they would be
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grasslands, so grassland, without the reality is not complete. and the main per pulse of the center is that the got the population is providing in the be those engine a thanks for the white population. the main issue here was that the white population was so tiny say less than 20, but the white population abriya was estimated by hunting and the destruction of their hobbies. but he's now slowly growing as successfully dispersing. here are some of their via that have been released. then you'll see that there is a line of fans right now. we are removing it and that they prove they clinic deviate the off there. that have been relieved to be mix with ria. we are now in the 3rd generation and we are planning to keep this program running the next 35 years. when we estimate that we can rates a population of about 100 bird saying that while i though time me the growing
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ria population, will in turn help sustain their only natural predator and the species and most excited to see the luther king of. but i go near the puma, i come to meet at the pool there, a former heard there, and puma hunter, to me and he and others in the area used to keep over thin pumas each winter to protect their community. of go more than i see the thing i eagerly from us. the kids we don't like. i always talk on a month on the are you with any be in the room? no. i didn't to when i am, but my boss. interesting. gwinnett county, my doctor's a see, you know works. why like warden and the parks resting into my trucking experts,
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if anyone can find me a puma, it seemed like it but i and i went to the middle. yes, i do have you know, going to william for nothing and i was here give us on for my i mean my baby and i said ok, let us you well, you know, what will real anyone chris still get away. you will mentor made. i mean, i mean, i need a neighborhood of yes, to see that knowledge, these men half of the land, i can see there that he can distinguish up my check anywhere here almost preferred to hunt at night on our campus of seeing one are very clean. so we're doing the next best thing, setting
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a camera trap which are seen on the teen used to monitor their activity. when i went to one of them and like i said, when they come over here, when, when you cut, you're in jail various times and the baby she dro into much here is that another cat has been here. we're going to leave this camera up for a few days and see whether we get lucky. it may be hard to actually see a palmer, but for crease, their return is incredibly important. predators have been systematically persecuted for decades and decades, so their numbers get precarious low. every ecosystem has what's called their apex species. here in pedagogy,
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it's pumas. and if you take out the very top predator everything cascades down from that and comes out of order. even though it's early here in the park, in terms of re balancing, we can see some big changes for their water systems. the grasslands are definitely coming back. the number of homeless in the park and the numbers were now close in the park foxes. but the success comes when all of those species are truly back in a system that's functioning without human intervention. as well as helping to clean air and water, large expenses, the forest and breast land also naturally sequestered, cardboard. a crucial way to mitigate climate change least regenerating forests also play host to treaty are so rare. it's almost mythic and
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it's rehabilitation could be the parts i think the biggest challenge to wildlife rangers have for me to help me find it in in the nearly any. and then the by the perfect. but then again when i went wrong. so did i don't know further when will it get anyone i am going to give you much and it's us on the new trucks. we're more of the are using telemetry recent. dana, the decks radio frequency meters from callers from the year when it's last minute tunnel anyway. yes. sorted in the middle since a nuclear renew on us, i can see and perfect. ok then ahead 9. they were for city much longer. very. yeah . and at the study of got they would say ok,
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yeah. how did that destruction and poaching abroad? they were movie, sometimes called the south and the and dear to the bring couple tension. there are fewer than 2000 left in the wide, just one percent of their regina population, all of them in chile, energy and female. and you all are going to love it. and then of all the i'm in the city. some of you here monumental nicholas elementary, in almost a form, a little boy called kinetic one the in the 9 but melinda quarter, i know it made me
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really come to the may the out of that are committed to going to me or yes. again, you know, when they were in the nearly invites me back to his family home. so the way they yeah, their family comes from a long line of go chose renting people, found the cross, but they go near who are often fiercely proud of their way of life. many go to in the nearby community of cochran. he conservation as a threat to both their livelihoods, and they're called to the noon, worked on the old ranch, assess shepard for 6 years before taking
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a job. conserving were moving in the park that replaced that but i like and they gave me a couple years ago, but it came from me for me and my know, you know, another good 30 or you can think that done it on him in front of a corporate if you can give us a month and a phone number, they gave us again daily. so they were moved in and moved. okay. and we pull it up for those d. wrenching also complained that to must leave the part to keep their life. took all 16 people working on the ranch when it was close, where den employed that the part 8 of them, a spark barden,
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like then in by 2018. the park employed more than 90 people during high season. meanwhile, tourism has created sustainable sources of income for local populations. this was truly an emblematic branch. so just the image of this region shifts when the land use shift and that was really hard on people, which i completely understand. i would have to have this area of be 100 percent tourism, the culture would fracture. the structure of society would begin to fall apart. and that's not what i'm interested in. i'm interested in working ranches alongside conservation areas, so there's dignity and health on both sides. but when kristen doug started buying land, located grievances were just the beginning. some to lay and said it was the us land grab a try to control the countries whether or even establish of sy in the state. the
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don't you think you read the conservatives when they joined a popular campaign to stop a giant damper. you're near the park, but their high profile role in the movement in which thousands took to the streets, forcing the government to reject the project. one to many admirers across chile. one way there when they should hope to contribute to local communities, while also convincing them of the benefits of conservation through a free education program. the vacation officer molina is leading a school group from the nearby settlements of strength and motor on a 2 day trip village. can you tell me what the music to be able to give me that also look it up by that i'm going to kill him. next is gonna go north of it. no woocommerce is somebody
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who's quite fond of me. and i mean, well, you look in and out of the 30 out here, so it's not the thing if you got the o, because if you go get, i mean you can get them in the income for the benefit of an income that could come the other solution got to come for in a meal then if you get some will it's all helpful. good little. busy guessing, but you can do this and i still do it like last a he i'm pick is when you go company, they get a lamentable business for me to get there isn't all colonial medical. so when i'm ready for the employee now you're going to lose despite leaving in the countryside for some of these keep their 1st name coming in the y fi to go to get an idea and i and i was do some. so i am we pull them on
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there was one little girl she knew i meeting up with that failure to check our candidates at me. we have heard that the puma has been parted with the carcass of when i go and go to pick it out. it took it in a good indicator, but if it's a matter for me or you'll get or where to go 1st and we try to get all my tone to whatever $1030.00 of 20 he goes to for you. and i think my thought that i should go and put on a
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nice i don't have a kid there, they can put that on there. and then i saw that you know, by the way, no, they didn't double favorite themselves. you know, it's really buzzer here in a blue button. no like these time, but the ceiling and the team, have you camera traps to document over 35. plumas now rested into the park with violence. returning the donkey foundation, he's ready to do what they have always done with their parks. the needed to the state in a 2018 signing ceremony with them pretty. and michelle bush, a 3 handed over these, and another part worth the combined $1000000.00 acres. it was field as the biggest donation of private land plus they history. the land government also contributed
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9000000 acres of their own. land now forms 5 new national parks and expands 3 others. an area 3 times bigger than yellowstone, and yosemite combined. these a thoughtful head, the naval, the rudolph, pirates, broke a scenic road, 1700 miles long, connecting 17 parks across chile, boosting the economies of the communities on route right now, the largest and other today's facilities are closed down until the hand over process is complete, so the whole team, they're all thing bye to one another and it's not like to be back next year. so it's sad. list them 4 years after dog died in a car accident and seen their dream finally become a reality isa. point moment. here is
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the day that doug died, he was on a car, came trip with our best friends, and they got caught out in a severe westerly when they were getting pushed farther and farther out into the center and the like. and so they decided to abandon the kayak and tires to shore and it was just too much doug was in the water for over 2 and a half hours and they got him out. he was helicopter. and somehow the word spreads so fast, the dog had either died or was in trouble. and as we drove to the hospital, people were taking their hard hats off and opening up if anything really got caught up there was
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anyway, we got to call you i can he died 20 minutes before me. soon after dogs death, she list national congress voted to make him an honorary to lay a citizen. it was an official recognition, both of the tompkins' contribution to the country's natural heritage and of how much the public had come to embrace him. what a life harris, a guy who had no limitation to his line. you're so easily stopped by things that are difficult or seemingly impossible. sampling 20 people i don't, we leave behind a legacy of if you don't establish some sort of value system that awards piece between human and non human world,
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you'll never get where we need to go. i'm using my final evening in the park to take a proper hike. the only way to truly appreciate the spectacular play phone back into town to be said, one of the few remaining great wellness of the word experience. show me just how precious ecosystems are and how easily they can be through the human activity. lady that's also giving me hopes to see that these craft and some forest have been revived to welcome back. the amazing creatures that once put them home in power defines, wow, the long new babies were dying. i did nothing about people and power investigate, exposes, and questions they used to be of our around the globe on algebra for
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ramirez and molina families, the pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said date, died and come, but the neighbors and family members in states, they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure vinnish, well as defense minister. but i mean, if i said the forces were obliged to the friends that country from irregular groups added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events that the border would be investigated for some, a robot is a mechanic along or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be really humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive,
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but i know i am a machine origins of this species on 20. the me the a powerful message as trying to marks us antenna re of the communist party and leave at warner foreign believe. ah, hello there, i'm just, i'll get, hey, this is algebra live from durham, also coming up calls from indigenous people for the cancellation of canada the day after dozens more.


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