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up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w. h. making a healthy, a world for you. everyone. ah . signs of a power struggle and hazy as the senate appoints its own interim president quarter made for the deployment of an international security for ah hello there i mr. hey, this is out of their life and also coming up, the un security council extends the monday for a deliveries from turkey to rebel health, syria for another year after russia agrees to a deal. can taliban says mouse controls?
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85 percent of the country, but it shows moscow and military gains don't threaten russia or its central asian allies in the us presidents and a warning to his russian counterpart after a series of cyber attack. ah, well, he appears to be hurtling towards a deeper political crisis after the assassination of president of anomalies and senate has now nominated joseph lambert as a new interim president until new elections of health. but the senate is also backed area henry to replace cold joseph as the prime minister. there are growing security concerns and the government has now off the united states and the united nations to send troops to help stabilize the country, or speak to patty call hand. she joins us now from washington. d. c. parties, we've been saying some really big off from hazy, not only of the u. s,
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but also the u. n. exactly right. the haitians have asked the united nations isn't the peacekeepers. they've asked the u. s. department of defense to send us troops that was able to confirm that with the pentagon today, the department of defense said that they have received the request and they redirected me to the state department for further questions. it seemed highly unlikely that the u. s. is going to want to put troops in haiti 1st of all, because of the violence there, it would take a very large, true presence. it would be expensive and keep in mind, president joe biden is just pulled us troops out of afghanistan. haiti is not a country that has a huge constituency in the united states that would push the president politically to take stronger steps and the u. s. has in the past, got involved with troops in haiti. important to point out after this horrible earthquake in 2000 and tell us military really brushed tons of assets and much different situation though we're talking about peace keeping nation building.
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that's something that doesn't go over well, politically in the united states, on patty. now we're seeing even more political change. it seems important. prince. what do we know about joseph lamb this this is going to be exactly what different last the world over did not want to see happen. they were very quick. they came out right after the assassination to recognize joseph lambert, because he was the intern prime minister. but the problem is he was getting ready to be replaced by ariel henry. so now what we're seeing is us senate, or excuse me, the haitian senate has voted to make joseph lambert the president and era henry, the prime minister. this isn't the full set it, it's just a 3rd of the set. it's actually in session. it was only 8 votes, so very clearly ariel 100, henry, sending a signal to just to clar joseph that he is going to have a duly government. this is not what any diplomat, especially here in the united states, wanted to see happen. there's already so much political instability to see these 2
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groups jockey for position is only going to make things more untenable for the people of haiti. so you would expect that right now, diplomats across the globe or try to use whatever influence they have on haiti to try and make this political situation come to an end. the u. s. does have some leverage and they didn't say anything about truth, but they did talk about a, they said they were giving $75900000.00 in a to haiti. they've pointed out that the president has extended the temporary protections to protect the status, to the 10s of thousands of patients who came here after the earthquake. that's something his predecessor was going to get rid of. so they're going to be watching very closely in haiti. this is just another step. it appears on the road to instability. can a very messy situation, patrick hannon with the latest from washington d. c. thank you patty. let's not bring in lauren to. he's a co director of the democracy initiative at the university of virginia and also the author of hate. see the off the shocks of history. he joins us now from
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charlottesville, in virginia, or on. presumably, this move by the senate was meant to calm things. i mean, well it, i don't think so, but in some ways i think the situation of instability was, was already there with louise and power in part because it's such a narrow group of people, right. the reduction of the senate to this very small group means that basically, i think very, these figures really have very little legitimacy, political legitimacy, what one or the other? the problem is a much larger one. and i think that that structural problem remains not unchanged. i think some somewhat worse than by the, by the assassination, obviously. but the basic problems i think are sort of the same as we, as we had before. you talked about instability and the morning when armed gangs were incredibly active and hazy, many say at his instigation. clearly the leadership now is concerned about the security situation and that's going to deteriorate the u. s. now also saying they're not planning on sending troops. is intervention necessary in your,
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in your mind? i think i mean, intervention only recently ended right? them used to mission, who had that had been for almost 1314 years in haiti on a peacekeeping mission was withdrawn. and i think that the u. n. level and the u. s . level, there's probably not much appetite for returning to something that, as you know, clearly not worked in the past. the thing about these interventions is that they are part of the reason why we're in the situation now. they've added to an instability in certain ways where one of the reasons why there's been such an increase in armament out. there are other simpler things that other countries can do. the u. s. a lot, most of the fire power or a lot of firepower that's going to these gangs as being exported from the united states. so, limiting that, that spread of weaponry would be one very clear and influential thing that could better at the lives of patients. we're getting reports from our correspondence that people are carrying up to try to get passports in a way out of the country. we now also seeing signs that all this chaos could spill
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even further beyond have these borders. well, this is always part of the process, right? i mean, a lot of us policy towards haiti has always been driven by a, by worries or a fear of haitian migration and haitian migrants have been the brunt of extremely, extremely harsh policies, frequently in, in us history. and i think that's, that, of course there are going to be people who are, who are trying to leave the people are very concerned about the situation degrading . but i think that's not necessarily going to be a decisive fact, except for to the extent that the united states, it might influence u. s. policy. i think in general on my own sense is that that is often overplayed. that obviously we, i believe that we should have a more generous and open migration policy towards 80 am including the tps, but in other ways. because the worry about ation of migration, i think, is overplayed as has long in some ways influence policy in the wrong directions. so just returning to the security situation, or i want to ask you a little more about intervention,
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you mentioned that it could take many different forms and now if it actually happens on the ground, it would be costly, lengthy, if it's not the us who might be best place to get involved here. there really only 2 options. i mean, the u. s. intervene in the past in the us has intervened in the past, i guess something to say about the intervention is that it's convenient for certain kinds of haitian political power holders to have those kinds of intervention. because it essentially provides a police force without a cost to the haitian state and also provide the police force that's not local. and so it can become a counterpoint political counterpoint to the politicians. so i think in some ways, back to the convenient for it, it was not surprising to me that some haitian colleges would ask for this, but it is not really very good for for the larger haitian population on the whole. and i think what you see from civil society right now is a strong, strong message coming from a lot of quarters. that this is absolutely not what, what many people in haiti want, people are looking for a solution that's crafted internally. and the solution has to come from inside 80
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or on the wall, the coder i've had the democracy initiative at the university of virginia. thanks so much for joining us here on out there alone. thank you. i'm reading on on the un security council has approved a 12 month extension of a deliveries into northern syria. not program was due to expire on saturday, nearly a 1000 trucks from jackie bring supplies from millions of syrians every month. russia though, rather once a to flow through damascus to its allies in the syrian government, but has now agreed to a compromise in last minute talks with the us to pass the resolution to pronounce. so saying that the extension of a delivery than to northern syria is essential for the survival of more than $3000000.00 people. medical supplies will now continue to reach it live. the last rebel held enclave that the pandemic is also deepened. the monetary in crisis. f. fueling calls for long term solutions. russell said it now reports from it gives medical infrastructure in ruins,
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and it's making medical care hard to find for some serious most world level. people told me not all but still with facing tremendous difficulties in the hospitals. the city is on the front line, the racing targets the medical facilities constantly. our whole treatment relies on the aid we received. the supplies must continue without restrictions because if they stop in the people will only suffer more than others. in the last decade, hundreds of medical facilities have been deliberately targeted by the city and government and allied forces. international medical right group physicians for human rights says it has documented nearly 600 attacks on at least 350 medical facilities and the killing of more than 900 medical personnel. since the start of the conflict, the u. s. found the hospitals share their coordinates through a mechanism to prevent attack. but for the serious civilians, everything care that government attacks are no longer the main threat. so that's
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my 6 month old daughter is suffering from malnutrition. she was in a very bad condition and almost about to die. the after i brought her to the hospital and she got better. thank god, the medicine is freezer. i'm so good. with the cuban 1900 pound demick has existed, beat it and over the crew to many teddy cries in the country. city has northwest has more than 27000 core with 1900 cases and 497 cars from debt. so far, medical facilities are short on peace. your test to detect the virus. the $3400000.00 population is running out of the nearly $55000.00 of code. 19 waxing, received through bob and in apple fashion, to the us cross board. that a mechanism may provide some relief to look at health care workers and passion. but it's far from
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a permanent solution to the health care crisis in the war tone region. the extension may be a temporary life saver, but the long term fate of millions of this, this people remains on clear press. will server al, jazeera it lip serial are still ahead. here on al jazeera, leach documents and thailand, 3rd down over trying to sign it back and its effectiveness against new cars in 1900 variance in the future of cinema, where the cancel festivals meet the young hoping to make an impact on the big screen. ah, ah, it's time for the perfect journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. now the potential for flooding in japan is still there because the ground is so wet and this certainly clad evidencing what is still the seasonal rain. but i think
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you'll be at a week the next day or so there are orange tops, which is where it's at it's heavy on there. where at the far west of japan, the fall, the linebackers into china. and this is where we've seen flash flooding recently. and i think we might see more again as that drift slowly eastwards and also as though that leaves everything south of the yangtze, relatively dry fatty shumate, but mostly dr. hong kong. not italy, in that picture. daddy, thunderstorms and that is becoming very active for the sas and that's the philippines. that silhouette see? i think we'll see some big shaft developing the next day or so. the weather was probably western miramar may be part of thailand, down towards malaysia and singapore very wet, spelt at the moment, or at least in the forecast for lead part of the we can, java's remaining tati dry are the despite it being the dry season. the monsoon rains that have picked up though they were focusing west angle, they no longer doing that, but virtually anywhere else in clothing, new delhi,
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and the whole it's like to be fairly sherry. in fact, the monsoons got to almost everywhere, but this area, particularly of pakistan, it'll get to you soon. sponsored call cut on airways. ah, welcome to port on your gateway to the very best advantage areas, online content that you may have met. a new program that the, for our platforms makes a connection and present digestible, seeing each the award winning online content on their audience portal with me. sandra gatlin on out 0 me ah ah ah.
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hello. they watching al jazeera, that's monday on top stories. the south have the senate has nominated joseph lambert's as the new interim president for the assassination of president of anom waive. it's also back to our placement to be interim prime minister, plunging the country further into political uncertainty. and security council has approved a deliveries from turkey and to rebel held at no one syria for another year. russia had threatened to block the operation, preferring the aid rather be directed through damascus. a last minute compromise was reached in until the pandemic thou and corbett 19 cases across the united states are increasing rapidly sparking fears of a new outbreak. the 11 percent rise in just a week is being blamed on the delta variant, which is now the dominant strain across the us. meanwhile,
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recently leak documents and thailand suggest the doctors there are concerned that china sign of act vaccine isn't effective against seas. new crib. 19 variance the health minister has defended the job. those saying that leaked memo with only an opinion. but as tony chang reports from bangkok, public confidence is declining. a small group of protest is trying to march to thailand's health ministry. but the police are determined not to let them through. their protesting both the scarcity of vaccination shot and the vaccines. the government is giving them some on hawk walk me. i'm worried about the vaccine that the government has ordered for us with many people, including myself don't want to novak vaccine, but the government keeps ordering more. reassuring was from a senior health official have little impact. that leaked memo shows that the government is keen to defend signed it thanks to protective notice. despite the
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doctor's concern, the house officials unwilling to push other vaccines for fare, scenting public confidence. to illustrate their concerns, the protest, his poor paint and bound, muddle corpses and attempt to cremate them. security guards quickly step in sign a vac was the 1st bank seemed to be released and thailand was quickly distributed to frontline medical workers, most of whom have now had 2 doses. but as the new cove at delta very and spread some found they weren't protected here. there were 5 medical stuff infected with k with 19 and 2 were admitted. i see you. well, there's a concern by a lack of information about side effects results. although test groups show the vaccine works. why the studies have been hard to find the problem about the transparency of the report. when it is study in larger group participant, it seemed like that that information is not getting out of their
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investigators had that could be a real problem to thailand. domestic production has stalled and delivers the more effective m r n a vaccines. when it arrived till the autumn thailand had a real problem finding enough supply vaccine to meet demand, the current rates, the whole country won't be fully vaccinated until the middle of next year. at a local temple, people have been queueing over night just to get a cobra test. increasingly difficult in thailand, which now has reco daily infection rates, despite early successes in the fight against cove at 19 times responses now looking poorly planned and ill prepared. now many a questioning the faith in the government's ability to respond. tony chang al jazeera banker or china, is leading the wild in vaccine exports and donations. beijing is saying it's for the public good, but unless say, and could be using vaccines to expand its influence. china has delivered hundreds
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of millions of jobs to almost $100.00 countries. most of them have gone to the asia pacific region, 120000000 of them have been sent to indonesia learn. chinese vaccines have also been delivered to 19 countries in latin america the most. they're going to brazil with 57000000 sign back jobs throwed out a vac teens in africa has been slow. about half of the 15000000 doses ordered have now been delivered. overall, china has donated more than 25000000 shots globally. that's well above the united states. well, let's bring in sebastian stranger. he's the se, asia editor at the diplomat. that's a current affairs magazine covering the asia pacific region, and he joins us now from adelaide. sebastian over see plenty to talk about here. i want to start with this vaccine diplomacy we're seeing from beijing. it does seem that there have been a number of instances, quid pro quo, negotiations that have taken place. i will give you jobs if you do this for us. how widespread has that been? i think a lot of this is even implied,
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rather than stated open late. i think that what you often have is the chinese government, you know, offering vaccines, telling them to be in countries. and then, you know, there's a certain flight you know, an implication of that nation will work further down the road. i mean that the split up approach have not been made in speech that i thought that these dasia, but i think that there are a lot of government, the region are where there is sort of in the day the tiny line. so, and now these concerns that we're hearing from experts around the efficacy of chinese vaccines, especially against the delta variance, could that potentially change the playing field here? why didn't china's enjoyed a real 1st move or advantage on back to the diplomacy in se asia? because it's vaccines are easier to store and much cheaper than the m r n a back than. and it's been able to offer large numbers of them to, as you mentioned, to,
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to nations like indonesia. but a lot of this effort injures on these back and being effective. and what we're seeing now is increasing evidence being sign that the efficacy is considerably less than the m r n a back themes that are being pretty united states and in europe. and so you know, the longer term question of back the end up being an ineffective against advanced very good night. we could see, you know, whatever benefits kind of gain from this show of large yes, evaporating. but we still don't really know what l, you know the effectiveness of the action last saw. i think we've done that for a while back about i do want to arch because the question of efficacy that have also been the suggestions that chinese vaccines could require repeated boosters in order to keep them effective. sure,
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that would also create further reliance then on basing potentially again, you know, a lot of this science is still being, you know, played out. we're still trying to work out exactly. you know, whether extra booster shot will be effective. what extent will be effective? and i think that, you know, i think that china is extra boosters end up being effective. i think that that will cement for countries that have already committed heavily to sign back and sign up. well, we'll sort of it'll, it will cement their reliance vaccine. sebastian stranger there, the se, asia editor at the diplomat. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and algebra sebastian. thank you. now moving on and the taliban is claiming it now controls 85 percent of afghanistan. it's made major gains this week, and the vacuum that's been left by the withdrawal of us said foreign forces. russia is on a line, so have a potential attacks on former soviet republics at border afghanistan. and it's held
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talks with a taliban delegation in moscow. so hierarchy has signs of times, changing the tale. bonds routes lie in the resistance. the $979.00 soviet invasion of afghanistan now sending his senior delegation to moscow to discuss the future of its country. the group says it's in control of 85 percent of afghanistan. the delegation is pledged to consider a sci fi with the government and stop its assaults if ongoing talks and counsel succeed and if certain criteria are met, good. a, in the conclusion is both sides. prisoners should be released, the blacklist should be removed. there must be no attacks on the provisional capital city district should not collapse. there should be no military activities and populated areas. a space of trust should be built among guns and 90 days must be allocated for negotiations so we can arrive at or result. but the reality on the
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ground is fall from that as the group has made major gains in the last few months. taking advantage of a power vacuum of us and foreign troops leaving it claims to be in control of more than half of the $400.00 afghan districts across more than 20 provinces. including border towns. this week, more than a 1000 afghan troops fled into 2 g stone. after a tiny bon offensive in the north along the border, taliban fighters also on thursday captured a keyboard crossing with iran. russia has warned it will use force if any cross good violence occurs, but they've never met miss shamika. taliban has quickly taken many board districts and now has control of about 2 thirds of the board with touch of a russian military base in touch. because don is equipped with everything necessary to help the republic if needed. additional measures will be undertaken in the spirit of the russian public alliance to prevent aggression or territorial provocation. last week, the afghan government told al jazeera it won't collapse as
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a result. but the tyler bond says it wants to lead and inclusive government that respects minorities, women, and men in education, unemployment. the tal about have demonstrated no appetite whatsoever for any concessions they and they have consistently told their own membership. the men who are fighting on the ground is that they have one unalterable goal, which is complete military victory and re establishment of a taliban dominated government without any form of coalition with any other parties in moscow. tyler bonds said it once humanitarian support to continue in areas under its control that agencies are struggling to get medical supplies into has gone as on many health workers fleeing the violence and escalating father conflicts pandemic the continues to spread and now a natural disaster in the form of the recently declared drought. and all these events are unfolding in the context of one of the largest and longest standing
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humanitarian emergencies in the world. afghans of the said most displaced population globally and yet to see a peaceful solution to decades of violence. thought a height of al jazeera while you, as president joe biden has called on his russian counterpart, that i'm a person to crack down on cyber criminals. last weekend, more than a 1000 businesses were affected by ransomware attack originating from russia. and believe to be the biggest detective, it's kind of history the way we're already coming from this or not, not sponsored by the say, expect an information that it is all the french president says he flashing the number of french troops and africa to hell regent by half ammonia macro, and is trying to reassure regional leaders after last month, surprise announcement that you'll be reducing military support. he's been hosting
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a summit with molly child became a facet nisha, and more attain ya. they face a common threat from armed groups across this a house, according to one estimate. 7000 people died in the fighting. now last year and $21.00 pro democracy candidates had been disqualified from running in macau, as legislative assembly election in september. the electoral authorities said the contenders were considered disloyal. they include opposition, politicians and veteran activists. or 9 people have been killed and sweden when a plane carrying skydive is crashed shortly off to take off police in the city of our bro, i say they were killed instantly. when the aircraft best into flames on impact, the pain has been identified as a de havilland beaver. that's a single engine propeller model that went out a production more than 50 years ago. on the kansas festival as well underway in the south of france after being cancelled last year. because of the pandemic,
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many of the world's leading filmmakers, they are competing for the coveted palmdo. but as natasha about to reports, the festival is also providing a spring water for a new generation of direct and it's every direct his dream to come to can and for young mexican phil make a more to her. nie is patel. this visit could be life changing after residency in paris with the film festivals, program directors. martha has the picture movie project produces from france. his film funding body is the 1st time i actually do this kind of thing. and you have to be confident about your projects. and who you are. try not to make mistakes talking. i hope it will be a good experience. irena and bizarre as adi is another young filmmaker from the program can after 6 months are working in residency. finally, i'm here. i have the young directors program. it's
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a golden opportunity to i show you 6 directors, i selected to stay in paris during 4 months and writing the 1st and 2nd future. and so they received money so that they can think on the about vis street a couple of days later, at a club by the see, there are nerves and excitements. so this is where the patrons take place. your film a can have a 5 minute impression from the night his ard pages, his kurdish language film, about a teenage boy who tries to find out how his father died in iran. there is no turning for him because you know, they just want to make, make feel in fact he would could but it's actually cheaper that could dish language. you know, she, one of the pages over the days,
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but i think it went well i, i'm happy that because now is great and see what happens as the winners were announced, it was and the outcome, the bizarre or martyr had hopeful. but although they look out on the prize money, they will undoubtedly leave can, richer inexperience, friendships, and memories. natasha butler, i'll just, sarah, can ah, hello that this is out of there. and these are the headlines, hazy senate has nominated joseph lambert as a new interim president after the assassination of president, driven on ways and also bank. the replacement for the interim prime minister, plunging the country further into political uncertainty. and also growing security concerns and the government has off the u. s. and the u. n. to.


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