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that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large weeping promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your wrong the best interest in negotiations is the wes. but it's not clear yet. if you will be able to deliver on his promises ah, locked downs or insults again in parts of south east asia as credit virus infections increase from a more contagious variance. ah rahman you're watching on. they were like my headquarters here in dow coming up in the next 30 minutes. cuban sees the largest anti government protests in decades with protested angry over the handling of the pandemic and shortages italy
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all european football champions. after beating england in london, where police are investigating racist abuse against black players believe richard branson's rocket pilot plain reaches the edge of space and takes a step towards commercial space tourism. ah, welcome to the bug on the highly contagious dealt of area to being blamed for a rapid rise in crow virus infections. in se asia, indonesia has been recording more than 35000 cases a day. and a new survey has found almost half of jakarta as population has had coded 19 at some stage 7 times higher than official figures. meanwhile, thailand has gone into locked down for 2 weeks with a night curfew in place in bangkok, a slow vaccine roller and limited testing is any adding to the challenges and south
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cruise capital home surrounding areas have been moved to the toughest level of social distance thinks clubs and churches have being closed and private gatherings are limited, while amendment will get more on that situation from south cray with robert broad fence that's called over to tiny chang in the capital, the tie capital banker and tony, of course 2 week lockdown begins on monday where you are, what is that looking like in reality? well, to be frank, it's not looking very different from the way i was looking last week. there was certainly a little less traffic on the roads this morning, but people were still coming in to the city center here in bangkok. they do seem to be moving around the city. the, the, the government has asked the only people who work in necessary industries like food production or medical services come into the office is everybody else should be working from home. people don't seem to be following that too strictly. they were
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being asked, this isn't a rule which is going to be enforced, although there are potentially jail sentences for those people who the government feels are infringing the rules. nonetheless, they don't appear to be any reports of that as yet. moving around between provinces and thailand is also being strictly prohibited and understand that there are now checkpoints in several parts of the cities, stopping people from moving beyond the boundaries of bangkok. nonetheless, within the city itself, there is a certain amount of freedom at 9 o'clock tonight until 4 am in the morning. there will be a curfew imposed. and presumably that will be quite strictly enforced by the authorities . but i think the real concern is here, that the infections and now well, the government estimates they're going to hit 10000 the day we're seeing arise in the daily death toll as well. these measures are supposed to be put in place for
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only 2 weeks. i think the, the feeling is here, they could well drank gone. and the real issue for many times is vaccines. there aren't enough vaccines available. many people having the current vaccination slots postpone because that doesn't seem to be enough supply. although there's a certain lack of transparency regarding how much time and actually has. and there's a real concern about the vaccinations they're getting china and has put a lot of emphasis on sign of the chinese produced vaccine, which doesn't appear to be particularly affect to against the delta. very. and indeed, a report coming out over the weekend, saying that more than 800 a medical personnel had become infected with covert despite being double vaccination. but son of i said, that's a real concern for many people in the data is nicole. so that is the view from bangkok and tyler with tiny chang we'll check in with him through the day. that's close over to rob mcbride is also in the region in the south korean capital of soul
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. and rob tougher restrictions being imposed not just in the capital, but it's surrounding areas feels ortiz, they're really concerned about what's going on. i think what's alarmed the most of all it has been the speed with which we have seen this 4th wave surge, especially in this part of south korea, the sol metropolitan area and its neighboring province, which is around half that of the people in south korea. and other countries, presidents has been beating local leaders here, promising to get on top of this, saying that these restrictions, the toughest social distancing restrictions available to the government. falling short of an actual lockdown that will be in place for 2 weeks, may be extended. beyond that, part of the problem has been they said delta barriers, but it also the government has admitted that it has been guilty of sending out mixed messages. what's happened is that as we've had the vaccination campaign, rollouts across the country and around
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a 3rd of the population have had at least now one jap. the government has been announcing that it will start lifting restrictions that if you've been vaccinated, you'll no longer have to wear a mask in public, for example. now that's all well and good, but a lot of people have taken that has been the signal that we are through this. we are eventually going to get away from this pandemic. so stay at a certain amount. 3 of complacency is crept in, people haven't been carrying out, but don't kind of precautions they normally would do. and the result is that we have seen some quite serious clusters, especially around the sol metropolitan area and clusters which have impacted especially younger people. people in the twenties and thirties, who are largely not yet being vaccinated. so it is a concern to the government also a concern for the public. and we can see that in the numbers of people wanting to get vaccinated from monday, the rollout campaign is now extended to the latest group of population, the 55 to 59 year olds, of which there are several 1000000 in south korea. well,
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as soon as midnight came around monday and the website went active, it was absolutely inundated at 180000 people in the early hours of monday morning, all online trying to register for their vaccine. it gives you a sense of the kind of demand to be vaccinated at the moment in south, correct. rob, thanks very much for the update. robert bride force in sole full turkey has entered another state of emergency. 2 weeks had all the olympic games. residents are expected to watch the games from home with bars and restaurants being prevented from serving alcohol. around 2000 infections are being reported. dady the state of emergency, which is the country's 4th independent epic will last until august. the 22nd measure is also being imposed in a can our well cuba has seen its biggest anti government protests in decades, thousands of milestones, the economic crisis grips the nation. government mismanagement her depend, demik, and us sanctions also being blamed. present. miguel dance canal accuses washington
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of stirring unrest. theresa by reports were not a free, candid, thousands of people on the street of havana. root is like this one happened across the country, expressing frustration over pandemic restrictions. and the worsening economic price is on the island nation. we are here for the repression because they are killing us with hunger. the houses are falling and we have no homes. they have the money to build hotels while letting us go hungry. the past year and a half has been difficult for us economy as it been demick has had a devastating impact on the tourism sector. the country was forced to carry out major economic reform. in the past week, the amount of coven 19 infections rose sharply in the province of my dancers, where hospitals i was struggling to cope, doctor se during desperate need of oxygen and beds to treat patient. president
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miguel, you can blame the us embargo for the situation. and ask government supporters to take to the streets law may be gaining won't go. so how do you, we are not going to admit that any counter revolutionary motion race sold out to the government of the united states, sold out to the empire, receiving money from the agencies, allowing themselves to be carried away by all these strategies of ideological subversion, to provoke destabilization in our country, there will be a revolutionary response. we call upon all the revolutionaries of the country, all the communists, to take to the streets, to any of the places where these provocations are going to take place. today from now on and in the following day, the security forces arrived soon after the protest started. people were arrested and some classes broke out between pro and anti government demonstrators. date security beat me and my daughter mine. they beats us because they are walking down the street protest like this one are uncommon in cuba. this is the biggest one to
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take place since 1994. doing what is known as the special period right after the fall of the soviet union. for many, there were an example of the changing time from the caribbean nation. and how many i no longer afraid to speak up. that he said, well, i'll just eda 2nd because constitutional court is due to begin hearing an appeal by jacob zimmer against his 15 month jail sentence. the former president turned himself into police last week to being found guilty of failing to appear at a corruption hearing. the 79 year old has lost several legal challenges to try and stay out of prison. while it's at the very latest on this from our correspondence, 3 tamila who's in johannesburg to me, to open disturbances in support of human and it's home province. but it's really the colts zoom or is hoping we'll have the final say in his favor. well, there is concern,
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certainly around the extent of some of those disturbances we've seen, both in was going to tell and the province of how taking they've been widespread, a number of hot spots and at this point also criminality. and that a number of stools have been looted and police are having a hard time trying to keep a handle on what's happening. and as you've mentioned that this has been linked to the imprisonment of the former president. now his legal team is going to the constitutional court this morning, and strictly speaking, it's not an appeal because the constitutional court is the highest court in the land. it can't be appealed. and what is legal team is trying in status to use the rules of conduct of that court to try and have the judgement that made that he be imprisoned. who come contempt of court to try and have that fit aside. the former president is saying that the findings by the court, what i'm constitutional,
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they were made in his absence. and that he wasn't able to participate because of feel healthy medical condition and also a lack of finances. but the commission of inquiry, that's the commission that he's dealing with corruption in south africa and where he was meant to testify and refuse is opposing this application saying that it has no merit. this really is the last opportunity for the former president to try and have that judgment set aside. and they're also concerns that because of that, we're likely to see continuing violence in some areas in south africa, specifically considering the tell and halting. so me to mila and jonathan, that's very much for the updates. while still here on algae, they're one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders threatened protests over the killing of president of it leaves and will report from south to dawn while the world's new nation is trying to revive and economy devastated by years of all those stories. after the break,
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ah ah. hello there, the scorching heat is still the story in europe, not just in the south, but in the northeast. and this was the scene in moscow as temperature is continue to climb people having to cool off in the rivers. and it's not just in this area also, most sensually, poland, austria, seen those temperatures continuing to climb. and for the north, the heat persist. we've got an excessive heat wave across the vin, and then that brings with it the wild fi. a warnings. latvia is also declared heat wave, and estonia and when you are continuing to see those hot and dry conditions. but to the west, we have got that wet and windy weather brought in by those weather systems as storms and showers continued for the british isles, as well as for areas of france and brisk winds blowing into the west coast there.
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and by the time we get into tuesday, it will be switzerland and northern areas of issue that see those severe storms, but further south the barian peninsula, seeing a lot of sunshine coming through temperatures, continuing to rise. this was a heat wave in seville, people enjoying that sunny weather. and we are expecting temperatures to continue to climb, particularly across valencia and alex guntee. mercy has seen the temperature hit up into 45 degrees. and as we move over to north africa, the hot dry conditions continue that weather. the football from spain trading, battling opponents on the biking, fascism at home and abroad. the footballing legend edit canton introduces up the ninana battle, wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of
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a natural concentration. i football rebels on al jazeera ah, ah ah, look about your watch on there with me. so the reminder of all top stories, the highly contagious delta variance, if the blame for rapid rising current virus infections, in se asia thailand has called interlock time for 2 weeks. while south korea has imposed tupper restrictions, cuba has seen its biggest anti government protests in decades. thousands of mars does equally crisis grips the nation. government mismanagement the pandemic us sanctions all being blame. the jailing of south africa is full of president jacob
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zoom and has seen more violence in looting in some parts of the country that comes as the constitutional court is due to have an appeal against his 15 month sentence . the contempt of course, they form a police officer turn notorious gang leader is asking his supporters to join mass protests in haiti. jimmy sher, it's better known as barbecue, is accusing opposition. parties of plotting president of another more easy matter. the u. s. a center delegation to haiti to assist in the investigation into the assassination particle haine has the latest haitian police say these men paraded out for the press, were the ones who carried out and attacked. the killed haitian president drove a now mo, east, and wounded his wife. the suspects, 18 colombian men, most of them, former soldiers and 2 americans of patient descent. but now authority say they have the mastermind blaming of florida doctor saying he flew into the country and
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a private jet intent on taking over the presidency. american investigators from the f b i and homeland security are believed to be taking part in the investigation now. but as for haiti's request for us troops, it seems unlikely. and today, in interagency team largely from the department of homeland security and the f b, i are heading down to haiti right now to see what we can do to help them any investigative process. and i think that's really where our energies are best applied right now. in helping them get their arms around, investigating this incident and figuring out who's culpable, who's responsible and, and how best to hold them accountable going forward. that's where our focus is. right now. there are reports that armed gangs have been taken over. there are violent crimes unchecked by police. what is the insertion places we see one or 2 police officers, but they don't have the capacity to take over security. they are not enough police . the director general of the national police said there are enough police for the capital, but i don't see them. we can see one. yeah,
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one day. we want to buy that and now one of haiti's most powerful gains leaders is threatening more violence. move out and that algebra one of the by we will take to the street to ask those who monopolize the country's economy to give us our country back with us. it's time for black people with afro her, like us to own supermarket, to have car dealerships and own bank. i call on the attention of the masters of the because the people will take to the street. the last time the people came out, they threw tear gas, not with it. when the people come out, we are going to use self defense. i repeat, if they shoot at us, we already know what we have to do when it got somebody to so many haitians have been hiding in their home, but some look for sanctuary in their churches sunday. wealth hope francis sent them public prayers. new to me. i joined the hartsville appeal of the bishops of the country to drop the weapons and 2 slaves and choose to live together in brotherhood
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in the interest of everybody and in the interest of all the others. i am close to the beloved people of haiti. i hope the spiral of violence will and the nation will be able to recover towards a future of peace and harmony. and still, there is a political void as politicians fight over who will lead next. particle haine, al jazeera washington the south to don recently marked 10 years of independence from saddam to become the wells youngest nation. but few, celebrating. during those years, the country experienced the civil war that killed any 400000 people and displaced millions. the economy heavily dependent on oil as also suffered. it's also has this report from the capital juba. moses dans pharmacy has been here for many years, 1st as part of sudan, vin, when it became seltzer don, after a referendum for independence. since that vote, it's been 10 years of highs and lows. moses survived the war in 2013,
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been another in 2016. his hope now is that the unity government set up last year stabilizes the economy, which everybody wants to have his own business and b, b, a. we have it under the guise of a government and all his property protected a little bit. it was really a pre number, his business on everything, and that's the only reason for bell to don has received billions of dollars in financial support from the international community, but tensions between president solver care and his 1st vice president to react. masha held back economic progress today. basic services are too expensive for the poor, and the economy, which allows largely on oil is struggling. and i'm going to question what the problem you have to have some would away the business of revenue collection not going to depend on, i think when i had it physically given that economy heavily important economy. so if you need to have some sort of revenue and not depending on oil,
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because it seems like oil, what a lot of has been in the market when prices come down. or sometimes we have those cars where when they get it is that the problem with high unemployment rising inflation and the currency crisis isn't making day to day life easier money dealers . the found a way in the city and some people prefer changing their are currently on the black losses because the weight is higher. the bags, that means we're getting better value for their money. prison care planes. international sanctions for started on under performing economy been the, the growing humanitarian crisis. at the moment, there's 7000000 people in a precarious state, which means that their food security needs are not completely met. in addition to that, there are also fairly large buckets of people who are under direct threat of starvation . so it is, it is very bad, it's quite, it's quite localized. and it's
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a strange country because on the one hand, there are areas that that are food producing areas. but on the other hand, there is survey sion in other parts of the country. the infrastructure development is taking place. todd roads are being built to try to, to make more of the country. and that's seen as a thought. but mean economists say last and peace is, was really needed to move the economy forward. had them with us algebra juba. ah well, italy had beaten england too in footballs. european championship for the 1st time since 1968. the final in london finished in that one old draw rock extra time. it was italy who then health center to try and in the penalty shootout. as d. richardson reports on an england team, backed by impassioned home support at london's wembley stadium,
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and italian side on a mission to take the european championship trophy back to rome. ah, england couldn't have dreamt of making a better start from new york. putting his country ahead, just the 2nd minutes, went to talk to him to school his 1st international go the fastest ever in a you are a final and beaten in the last 33 games. italy wrestle by way back into contention. federico keep going close to me. tell you the 2nd began with raheem sterling, taking its humble in the italian books, the referee deciding to wave england away, rather than point to the penalty. spots accused of don't you know very tonight
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italy then began to take control of the game. lean on avenue, she converting that pressure into a desert equalizer. can it today with england struggling to escape the rest of their opponents, the match headed into extra time the impact of an energy stopping night and tournaments was becoming evidence. his final would be decided in a penalty shootout. neither team looked assured from the spot but it was english teenager k 2nd miss the decisive kick. it meant italy could celebrate their 1st european title since 1968 i had seen that didn't qualify for the last will, will soon be turning their focus to a similar success. next year's finals, incatel ah, andy richardson, al jazeera luke, a prime minister,
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boris johnson, has condemned the online racist abuse of england's black players. marcus rash, jayden sancho, and bouquet or cycle were amongst those targeted after missing those. bob kicks the metropolitan police, say that they've also opened an investigation entity. these. the football association is issued a statement condemning races to view all social media. the f. a strong condemns all forms of discrimination and is a told by the online racism that has been aimed at some of our england players that settled social media without to say that we could not be clearer than any one behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome. in the following, following the team, we will do all we can to support the players affected while urging the toughest punishments possible for anyone responsible. adam writing choices live now while for an update from rome. and before we talk about italy, the winners fif of us, national associations and clubs of all been at pains over the years to try and make
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sure fans know that there is no place for racism in the sport, which is why they take sometimes that the knee at the beginning of these matches atom. unfortunately, racism is raised its ugly head again straight up to the final indeed . so and although the tally inside did take, gets in the head of the final and italians are quick to point out the racism and other countries. this country, of course, is not devoid of its own race has passed and in contemporary times, even last night, the reports from piazza popular one of the main viewing centers here in rome. that sometimes when some of the black english players were on the screen, there were chance of monkey call some really horrendous stuff. also italy, which is largely monoculture in relation to some of the other european countries in the u. s. and other countries or this more immigration, always talks about racism, but has real trouble integrating people from other countries, other backgrounds, other races into its own daily life. it's not odd to see some wealthier
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neighborhoods. women of color dressed in uniforms of domestic. it's not odd to go to public schools here and see parents talk about the diversity in the proud that their school, but they fight and jostle to make sure their kid gets into a more ethnically italian class. so although this country is trying to show it solidarity on this issue, it shows that many countries across the region in the world really struggle with not just racism on the field racism among fans, but it's really part and integrity. all the societies right now they're struggling to deal with it. as all our data is one of the topics, i'm sure that will be talked about tennessee and across europe in the coming day for the course. if we had something to share about considering they are a country that had very little to smile about being one of the worst victims of the sort of cope it's statistics and deaths across europe. for sure, so that you cannot separate the joy and the revelry going on. here from the
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pandemic people see this is a moment to just on tap tent of energy. within my line of sight, i see half a dozen people sleeping off a night, a party in the streets, a young man, but decked in italian flag. he hasn't gone home and everyone that we speak to say of course, this is more than football. we like cover countries have suffered the worst 18 months in living memory. and they feel specially touched here. so in italy where outside of age, it was the 1st country to really be hit hard and show the world what we were facing . so talents feel the sense of relief and also joy being able to come together and celebrate now that many restrictions have been lifted. of course that comes with some fear and caution that a delta variant could spread rapidly here, but so far they haven't seen that take hold yet. so we'll check in with you with through that as i'm sure italy continues celebrations with that european victory. thanks. now the era of space tourism is tourism is a close reality to
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a british brilliant, reached the edge of space on sunday which branson's virgin galactic rocky plain reached 80 kilometers above the surface of the earth. experiencing weightlessness is the 1st fully cru test flight into space rentals reports now from the spaceport in new mexico. billionaire richard branson has earned his astronaut ling the lifetime. ah, the light went off without a hitch space plain unity was lifted skyward, attached to a double fuselage. mothership called eve after branson's mother released release really at high altitude unity, separated from eve, then fired, powerful rockets blasting branson, 3 virgin galactic executives. and a pair of pilots to a height of 88 kilometers above earth. that is not exactly outer space. the international scientific body that decides such thing says space begins at 100
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kilometers. but that hardly seem to matter as the passengers and crew enjoyed the incredible views of the earth below. with the darkness of space above, they also experienced several minutes of micro gravity allowing them to float, nearly weightless. you can now the 70 year old british entrepreneur won the billionaire space race beating amazons, jeff bezos and space ex founder you on must to the haven't you base those plans to lift off in his blue origin space companies rocket on july, 20th mosques, plans for space travel haven't been announced. after maneuvering for re entry, unity glided to a flawless landing at the virgin galactic spaceport in a remote section of the new mexico desert. as onlookers cheered, the entire flight lasted about an hour back on earth. branson held a news conference. honestly nothing could.


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