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live use around in south africa, it women who are at the forefront, the walk in a race and never ever gets hired of developing resistance strategies and ignite the passion stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera. the cavenella don't develop stories on al jazeera and today in court. her sentence to form officials to 15 years in prison, supporting a crew against the monarchy. they were accused of pushing former to the throne, prince humble as an alternative to king a woman. been this been moody and well regarding the 1st criminal bass in our dela, the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years for the 1st charge and 15 years for the 2nd charge. only one of these 2 rules applies to him, which is temporary work for 15 years,
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starting from the date of his arrest in april, which, with regard to the 2nd criminal, sharif hassan been said, the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years for the 1st charge, and 15 years for the 2nd charge, he shall be subjects to any one penalty which is 15 years of temporary imprisonment scott of cuba has seen its biggest anti government protest in decades, thousands marched as an economic crisis, grips the nation. government handling of the pandemic and the us sanctions, the james highly contagious delta variant is being blamed for a rapid rise in corona virus infections, in se, asia thailand has gone into lockdown for 2 weeks. and south korea has imposed cover restrictions. tokyo has now entered another state of emergency 2 weeks ahead of the olympic games. residents are expected to watch the events from home with false restaurants, not allowed to serve alcohol. around 2000 infections are being reported to daily. u . s. government is wanting china that any attack on the philippines in the south
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trying to see withdrawal response on the a mutual defense treaty. the repeated warning comes as hundreds of activists in manila rally each on the 5th anniversary, of course, holding against china's canes to territory in the south. trying to see british prime minister boss johnson has condemned the online racist abuse against england. black football is marcus rochefort jayden santo and fuko soccer were targeted of the missing penalty kicks and sundays. euro 2020 final against italy. metropolitan police says it's open den investigation. the english football association has also condemned racist abuse on social media. the largest wildfire of the year and the u . s. state of california is partly contained for 5 years working in temperatures near and 40 degrees have been able to gain some ground. but the headlines i'll have one you see here on al jazeera, the 1st like to witness. i
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had it. i mean, you run it in a year ago. it was like, i thought the little one second. and again, it was like the latest other susan susan, susan got a little game, a local guess. um i got
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a ha. ha, melinda. i would like to go in and fill it out, so i will be gone. and i thought when i was done and i don't think that's what, that's what i was, i mean, yeah. without the one that's going into the one in front of the minutes, right? in saying the same, the
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deal in greece. i would like to commit a negative out would you then you would need to do it in for like because we're going to get lucky into the world. the b o y a my, what can i well it's bye bye bye. by the
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way, the month has to be well, okay. and then i have to look up to the airfoil because we'll do the seo because like you can come like in the sky. i mean, it is a deal where, you know, what i will do to do to the kind of where the all the current job is to, to i don't know. you always love me. no, i don't think okay, be too hard for me to say. well
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listen, listen, i know the call. i know the top of my caveat, say 2 hours, i call there too. i love you. i love you, but i know no matter what happened, i thought things change though, my said firm and things, things like that. don't mind. well, no, not pushing, i'm pushing. you can live. ok. if you want to be in love, you could be bouncing me. i knew that i don't think nothing's gonna happen for them . if you want me call you all i do want take care of you also. you think i think oh good. well well i'm telling you one thing you could want away from him or someone else. i have another kid you do does a lot, but now my life is like,
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you know, like well, i'm not a lot less of my baby. i got a lot of, i'm going to go and i'm going i'm going to send in, but you know, you're well ok to get to listen. i told him animal i did that. did you have the last time you hear his voice? me
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in the month and took off my phone. i have to walk, how can i and if i knew she was okay, i didn't look look what i love it. that it that among the renewal jimmy. jimmy think i do think it's jamie. i'm going to know why, why not, not id be due to a lane and they couldn't read. did you need not allowing that? i was and i haven't had
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a little now will star. i'm a consoler. hey, i've been i don't think i will. it will blow up and that you know, when i, when i didn't get done on, on the holy, i will let you know what i think it was. what was, what with me me, honey. i've been trying to call you you're not sharing your messages. i know you said you've been a said you're going to go to up. i just want to talk to you
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. yeah. i yeah. oh, i would love to get to the room. i'm going to and i'm doing my summer. i want you to company ruby and i will need to bring yes to be you know, i'm just be busy. i'm just thinking it's really important that we try. i best to make sure it doesn't go well. what do we watch and we just like
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together that's what, that's why i'm making a big the you know, what is the the the with the news,
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the news, [000:00:00;00]
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the news them have started haven't met them. you know, go have become, we are going to a lot of middle school. so we're going to get out of me finally going to happen in true to make sure you put your possible, you know,
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what i'm going to say that why do you know what we've been back for us? and now he's always nice leaf and he's been sleeping ever since this is jenny i go for
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the the. 2 look, so on the phone he wants to go now you doesn't hello. you don't pick muslim. families are going to take a look at our
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just look up above the okay. okay. okay. 2 okay. okay. okay. me time me. me just help me get this going to get somebody come
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dory. ah, let me me ah ah, i wish i could go ahead the violent temper name dusty. why? way of feeling? i know surname as soon as
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you want to join your parents in the you or your family or your home you can apply for british past or if you are a pretty good british citizen bridges subject british national over the british protect earth. and then where do i don't know? said mom, i don't know where oh god, i would never make this great british overseas paris, citizen. oh,
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oh i yesterday i went to somebody mc possible today with embassy didn't even get up and this is costing money. where am i going to get the chance to do this again? and how long can i continue knocking on that? don't help me.
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i choose ah, who? the owner that the the oh yeah. the the who's
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working for and how do we get out? how do i go out and how do we become a family in the u. k. plan a application that don't work. just plan me. plenty invent something to get myself to you. oh, you could also make a big make it look you might work which might work. and if that don't work, we as plan. the plan you can see is that you guys move data can come again. there is no way i'm going to do that. so i'm going to come in on how to do that. take pleasure if you don't mind me plenty. i don't know. i guess they know because africa know night for me is awful.
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my kid is good to go online. i don't understand was comes to us and i can't get mad. can we just stay with you and him come by. i just can't see myself in africa again. i don't know. you can who is in your blood a blood stain africa for so long. do you think because i'm here i actually like being here is because i can't need less come to less. i guess the future for much. i'm
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just calling mm mm. ah hello month. in liver, done this before and when i landed improvised i think someone referred me to mr. and mrs. boggle's
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or you want me to do think i'm going with the i'm not going to do that. i know what you need. i like the me i
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me when you get me.
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ah ah ah ah ah, it's too late for the journey to winter sponsored like cattle airways. it's a remarkably benign winter moment in as in tina. the weather is coming in from the west is really jakes cross product area, leaving for the most part, temperatures in the sort of low teen that best was sunshine in the sky. there is going to get a cold front, which is designed to develop over uruguayan passes. no, he's not, and it is not particularly violent and it's disappearing fairly quickly. north of that and this precious little rain in the air, apart from the east coast, brazil, and the far north,
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it's dry to dry. i would say the seasonal rains have come and gone out across the concentrating now with the i t. c. at the zone that goes round the world over costa rica and panama, the daily showers are taking a step back in less rental ease and money back through his spend the owner as well . probably because the skies now starts to an orange again with the horrid dust. the big story in the us is the continuing heat. but where it's not dry heat, it's humid heat. they've been plenty of shares and there will be more on monday. the southern states start against the appalachians to the northeast. now those have been proved to be big and quite dangerous. they're going to wander around all these states, but the heat, the say is big, further west, not quite reco breaking, but enough to increase the fire danger, even more sponsored cattle airways in an unconventional capital city. ever changing and yet forever defined bytes
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turbulent past. stephanie deck meets the linen and takes you on a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital. took out his era the going to read the conservation of bringing nature and people together to work with what like if my passion, my job is linking between the content that you need in the attic and you need to find them. or do we have to teach the community living with one lives? it's excellent. las limbo riding with elliot, my son, bob boy, on algebra. it's the case. biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar
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sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now, trying to close, extrapolate that across the country, and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, this is al jazeera ah other, i'm kim vanelle. this is the new law firm coming up in the next 60 minutes. fed up cuban vent, they're under the government. some of the largest protest seen in decades 6 people killed in south africa and more than 200 arrested and violent following the jailing


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