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flown in fi, fi has more than 2500 a battling the flames. the weather is fascinating. the problem was, if not for the strong winds, we could do it faster. what you see, how strong the winds are. that's our biggest problems right now. the passenger flights you could have been suspended. now military planes are taking to the skies to douse the flames. but these fires are also igniting under a month resident by bottom many se moscow hasn't acted fast enough or sent enough resources. people already feel isolated from the kremlin, which is almost 5000 kilometers away. now they feel abandoned to northern manly outer theera. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the majority of personnel on board a south korean military ship have tested positive for the corona, virus infections,
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bike from $6.00 to $247.00 in just a week and comes in south korea fights at west outbreak. yet at home from the bride has moved from sol. questions are being asked here is our career about given the vulnerability, why hadn't the crew been vaccinated now the military of come under a lot of scrutiny. they had said that there were logistical problems in getting back scenes out to the ship. that may be true, but they certainly have much bigger that just tickle problems. now they have a stricken vessel and a sick crew. and the solution to it is by no means easy as they have sent from south korea to military croft to bring the entire crew back here to south korea. those same planes have taken at a replacement crew, a reduced crew of a $150.00 sailors whose job it is now to bring this ill fated vessel back to south korea waters. england is celebrating what it calls freedom day. the government has
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lifted almost all corona virus restrictions still, as it reports more than 50000 new cases. a day. scientists and health expense infections could double and weak phones belonging to hundreds of journalists, activists and politicians have been hacked by governments using spyware, owned by israeli surveillance company, the and a so group, the israeli firm has hold the investigation's findings exaggerated and baseless jacob zoom as long running corruption trial as resuming with the former south african president, appearing in court defy video link. duma denies charges of fraud corruption and money laundering. and off on july $1700.00 himself into police to a 15 month prison sentence. on a separate case. his arrest sparked days of violence and loosing across the country . well, those are the headlines. i'll have another news bulletin for you here after the stream. as the world's how to
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a rich ticket giant leaves award. the final frontier. stay with all 0. jeff bezos, boards the blue origin. you shepherd, space flight on july 20th. the brilliant is faced with special coverage. ah, i am for me. okay. host of the stream. i was looking in the cheap comment section of last we can show i spotted. i know this is a re run viewers. i wouldn't do that to you. this is not a re run. this is the bonus edition of the street where you get to see the conversations that i have with the guess after the live show has ended. so everything in today's appetite isn't exclusive, never add on tv before coming up a mysterious my map and how it connects to a recent stream discussion about nicaragua. if you look really closely, you may,
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will see a few clues. and this next picture takes us back to an era and us history. when residential boarding schools was set out to destroy the culture of indigenous children. it's the same boy, is not her youngster. when he was taken to the carlo indian boarding school in 1882 right here, and then 3 years later, cultural genocide into frames more on the impact to the residential schools in america. later in this episode, let's start with the euro. 2020 football championship. final, last week, italy took the cop home off the attendance penalty shootout. any england, there was disappointment and also price for how well the team have played. but once we making headlines for days, if the racist abuse unleashed on the 3 black england players who missed penalties, c, j thomas joined the stream to talk about racism, a british football. he's
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a presenter for awful 5 tv, and a full month professional football player. in our post show chat, we tried to work out if there was any way to stop the piece of black and brown players. by some facts. i'm trying to find positive, but it is. it's a tough one is a tough one. like i said, we'll see here, isn't there things going well, the billions when it, when it's not gone the way the country when it see. but again, i'm like i said before as well as those organizations are trying to when is on an ally on racism. and i'm thankful for that because the, and i've been through the conversation all being big is conversations being had, i just want to see change. i want to see more change in people who is asked me what was the answer them as wow, how do we, how do you provide change? i'm like, i've never been a racist in my life. i don't know how to change it. i've never been there and understood why people to raise this. why was give me, how can i be the victim and then be the person to give you the on the how to fix it
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as well, like that shouldn't be my job. so it's a tough when i, when we go short school and been a kind of be in black and actually in any discrimination, any form to discrimination. so any race will sexuality in a sense of that they, they, we are the victims, then we have to give them the offices as well and how to change. i don't think it's fair. and it shouldn't be like that. like i said before, i was born in britain, this is, this is the country i lived in a, grew up and i succeeded. and i've had a career in football. what kind of career and entertainment in this country. but still, when things are gone, the way to a small minority want it to get reminders about my race and you know, go back to the country that i was born in. is this car? how can you be races to play like, like 2nd go google image of the look him, he's so innocent, or obviously he's not years old. 19 years old. like, it pains me to think what you're going through seeing those messages and, and see and seeing how much he go. awesome. it's not kind of you, he's
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a 19 year old boy. he's done more than a boy. sometimes it's hard to be an english person because there's a lot of baggage that we have and that team off. so extraordinary that it makes you really proud. right? yeah. it does not know if you sometimes see that flag. i'm so comfortable as a person of color who have british english. yes. yeah, exactly. so you're spot on. the spot on is, is a sense of i, i've seen many england seems by like i said that the star this i connect with this thing is more than any, any other in my life. the videos are damaged in training camp, playing games of each other, doing pranks of each of all. have believe flights of why the team bible teammates like how retain and cycle they are supposed to be in trouble, but they're why they embrace each other. recall do they said there's no robbery here. we have one mission obviously to the well for the country and you buy into
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that i put into a i didn't find the single inside and they stop so much this. so much henderson stand up racial quality as low as support in his black play is never afraid to speak on air guards. southgate being a manager and saying, bullying me is wrong. we're going to continue to do the need. but that was so much that we can all buy into his england teams so much and feel funny. even dining hair represent pool gas. going to get that from the past. forget the really in football player he keeps getting self into little bits of trouble. but you can see that let me, let me tell you this too. if i may, there are 20 players, a mixture of female football players and, and mouth, but will play as they all play in the u. k. they got together and they said that the group is called hope united, and they just speaking out against height is have a listen that have a lot me
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may change any social media just because of abuse. daily be sensation when it so much, gracious, abuse, homophobia. right? open, you know, i do see this, anybody just hatred? not just on the page. it's everywhere. one and 10 of us have received online abuse in the past year. which is why fi fi of created how p nighted top football is from all 400 nations coming together to tackle online and give us the digital skills we need we'll have a duty to speak up indeed. but we're proud to be in a position to help join hope united and help faculty online have c j respect a threat to those players. but you're saying it doesn't work right?
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this been a lot. let me tell you, let me tell you something inside the i was on that she was there. in manchester, the media city would be t, i was on that she was putting double investment. so the shots, you see, i was part of that. the campaign over there, so i saw who i have if you got this is not gonna be a sales plug, but if you go my social media will see, you know, it's not always there. but again, it was a willing good and it was an amazing shoot. and it looked fancy and graham. but after that, the adverse come out and you just think, well what is it is it is a campaign to highlight that they're against abuse, online abuse. but again, it's not enough, it's not enough because it's still happening. it's still happening. and another level, the offices are of course, what, what about accountability or consequences? so if you are racist and you are doing online or you're sending a letter or you're sending a piece, you get sent to prison. yeah, i mean,
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that would be, right. would be, that should be, yeah, that should be the right course of action. and again, that would probably, that would probably be very effective, however, right recently got abused online, i think like 12 to 14 year old but. but if not in class. yeah. it was a legend also legend. monkey chance. really, i'm more than, sorry, monkey movies and more than that it was very, very g. sorry, very races are martin this young way. unbelievable. nothing happened. you got to delete the count. do an apology. yes. so again it's, it's not going to keep saying that it education is education education because that's what we've heard of that. and when that happened, there is what about need to educate. so please educate. people are lazy and people don't want you want to do that. really we should be doing with education systems of in are in the u. k. it's just all from that. we shouldn't have 1st lessons on black slavery. by my 1st lesson in school, i went to a white school and it was
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a lot of our, me be my, and this has been slaves and you know how that made me feel that the entry point to be in black. and that's wrong. and again, what you said, the punishments we just said that, i mean if they were increased i'm sure things were changed and you got yeah, wow, exactly that would that would really help us. it doesn't benefit the english system . i never rules or anything like that. there's a financially bedroom, so it's not going to happen. former professional football player, c, j thomas sharing some home truths about racism in english football. i now remember that my back, this is how stream producer and the coons plot every show he works on. he starts on his notepad with essential premise for the discussion. and as i'm the research at the top, a key as important issues and how they connect together and see if i can find a fee for you. in the center knickerbockers, latest arrest, arrow, legacy of the 202018 protest. follow the arrow down here election and then right at
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the bottom. wait and see till november the 7th election question. mark 90 describes this process as being the scribblings of a madman. i disagree this one year. it's a work of art and little glimpse into the mind of a stream producer. we covered a lot of the material now these my map during a discussion about the current political climate in nicaragua. after the live broadcast, i talked to the guess about the us in posing new visa restrictions on nicaraguan lawmakers and what impact that, what half of preston or take us government. what the us is actually already being goes in the center of sanction against the over 30 government officials, allies as well as some entity including the national as a whole. and then we're going to say it's not,
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it's not use us use research tool which is sanction, of course, the fact that they are keeping on sanctioning individuals that are believed to be tied to the policy. because it means that a commitment, or even the pension being paid by watching on the situation, whether that can, you know, diverse the course. so we're going to need a really, we have more data about that. but we also understand that doing nothing in this situation, in particular, the election to explain easy takes place as it's taking place. the need to be an international, it's because in the region are looking at what it is crucial to increase the price, the cost of the abuse of power by your day and the announcement of $5.00,
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i get it. sanctions consistent down to the visa and freezing assets to talk members of that i ministration dictatorship is i think actually, neil's, it is important that those side shows also comes from europe. i'm from canada and ideally from democracy scene. so what ortega has to feel is that his actions actually have generated reaction. i think the national level, anti transactional leader who will pay close attention to this kind of we action is important as the see i know said that what is happening in, in the car, what is not normalized in the rest of the america? so, you know, not only because he's wrong, but also because he's going to create conditions for other leaders in the region
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with autocratic tendencies to replicate. what are they doing? you know, go ahead. oh yeah, i think that with a situation where we got our we are facing the limits of the international diplomacy and the limits of the legal frame. because the recently we got our walk in those i started today. we have been since day i came to power saying that this guy has a very clear plan that has being also expressed by him that he wants to do it all the things but already doing so when we asked or saw this, how we can protect people from these kind of governments and sometimes the discussion in terms of what a country can do is around, hey, we have to respect the sober the of our country. but we are saying, hey, what happened with the sovereignty of the people, you know?
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so right now i think we are facing the challenge of that and i think that they got a guy with a lot of experience and no house b. c thing works. and that he's willing to do all the things that he doing know in that base is going to have a consequence. you know, i think i think it's very clear that it's a strong possibility that in the future he get kicked out of the oh yes, he knows that he's going to receive more sanctions already have has a lot of sanctions. he can get out of the country, no one's from his family. so the thing is how we create a united throne that combines a country and bidding port. now, what is the bank of a laughing america has to jump in the less of latin america, the believe thing, but he has to jump in, but also has to go home and have with pressures in terms of economy and cutting the fonts for the for least in the army, i think these things together came to about a figuring that position that he has to be for to bring reelections when he got our
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now something that is going to happen in 3 or 3 or 4 years, which is the thing that he has been saying to as my role, for example, that might have to stay up or fight year who had no result. so he's have to be pressure to bring pre election as soon as possible with no political pressure on our end with watchers that are going to make sure that the selections are for general elections in nicaragua will be held in november, look out for the coverage and out 0 fine, a following the discovery of unmarked graves of indigenous children at residential schools in canada. u. s. government will be conducting an investigation into the countries own dark history. the original concept of taking indigenous children away from their homes came from the united states, where they started in 18. $191.00 school found a said they serve to kill the indian to save their mad deaths. mary. annette pemberton, markup black elk and christine did seem it cleave all have family members who are
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forced into residential schools. after the show, i asked them how they made sense to the u. s. policy designed to destroy their culture? well, you know though i began looking into boarding schools more just in trying to figure out what was going on with my family and myself and to kind of deal with our dis, ease and all these sort of topics that were, you know, half spoken of and so it was a real process of self discovery in many ways for me and finding out the flow we kind of like taking apart the tapestry that was my mother in her life and, and also using the my skills as a journalist then to document what happened and i'm actually working on a book now. i think framing, you know, the history of boarding schools through my mother's, through the lens for life and, and also my process of untangling that, and i hope that that will be informative to people as we move through those. i
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don't to small people for buying the book, mary, by the book. book was a moment where you had a conversation with your mom and you will never forget that conversation. so that she told you about her background of attending a residential school. well, you know, from my earliest memories they were my bedtime stories, sister school stories and you know, the big story. she always told me over and over again. it was about sister mary catherine who is especially she was the superintendent of the school shows especially cruel. and during one christmas season, apparently she felt for my mother. so she fell down the cellar steps. she hit her head and she died. and my mother said, oh, what a silent cheer of kids did. and my mother certainly had a way of reinventing herself through these stories. since i was never clear if it actually happened. but in the process of doing the research, i was in the archives of the catholic church and i was looking at some of this correspondence between the principal of saint mary's school and the director of the
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bureau of india boarding schools in washington, d. c. and it's actually a letter from the sister secretary to the director saying, you know, this is to inform you that mother superior. catherine fell down the cellar steps and hit the button and step with such force. it drove her glasses into her head and then you know, we think that by the time you receive this letter, she will have passed away and we know you'll join us in, in praying for her soul. i read that i stood straight up out of my chair. you know, it's like these were not fairy stories. cecil real stories. and i think that that's that's how many of us have grown to know about know about boarding schools is, are through stories like this that our parents shared. well, it feels so strange that you attended a school that was a residential school that you teach and then you educate about healing. what is that like? are you surrounded by go see surrounded by the ancestors. how does that fuel what
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yeah, i think there's a real challenge to being in a school that is a former boarding school. i of course attended there myself, but it was not no longer a boarding school at that point. but absolutely. the story is like the one mary tell those stories are with us in our community and my family has stories like that that are kept on and go to school today. it's very, very different. that legacy is still really real and felt and it's important, especially in the process that we're going to, we're the only topic school in the country as far as we know that is engaging in this process. and in the hopes that the greater catholic church moves to do the same, that really there is an important in revealing truth and sharing those stories and making a real part of who we are moving forward in order to heal. because that hard to
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talk to come 1st christine robert adams was watching i live show and he asked a very simple question. that's a very complicated answer. i am sure. how can this be fixed? yeah, very simple question. very big answer. it's a complicated issue. it involves, you know, a federal trust obligation from, from this government to sovereign, tribal nations. it involves generations of families and individuals. it involves, you know, culture and it's, it's complicated. we need to focus on is having conversations that explore this at all levels of our society. and our communities and you know to what mary and macau were talking about. i also have family history. my grandfather went to indian boarding school and my great grandfather went to carlyle and the boarding school
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that my grandfather went to was marty catholic indian school. and he never talks about what happened to him there. all he said was that he didn't want to step foot in the catholic church again. and that's what caused me to go and do my master's thesis on native spirituality and christianity. so, you know, exploring these things in our lives, exploring these conversations in our families. i think that's where all this. i think that's where healing begins. the end of the investigation into the residential schools. 30 minutes the secretary of interior is, is leading. could that end in the us actually saying yes, this was genocide or yes, this was cultural genocide is a possibility. mary, you thought oh, i don't think so. i don't think, you know, to me is very, very revealing that this question you gave, how can we fix this? that's always what, forgive me. i'm just going to say it. that's all white america wants to know. this
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is uncomfortable, uncomfortable truth. we don't want to deal with this. we want to get better. we want to move on. you know, it's like how do we fix this? how long have you got? you know, this is something we've been living with for generations. i think just being educating yourself a little bit in an area that is uncomfortable, you know, that it's a start and integrating that into our educational system. we're primarily the history that needed. we tell our students about native people or their fairytales, you know, they really, really, very little to, to actual reality. so, you know, i don't really know if they will apologize and i don't really know how terribly meaningful that is, at least to me personally. i just would like to be able to know what happened. i would just like some transparency. now i think that actually the national archives, it's there. i think it's just really, you know, omission in many ways by, you know, by the united states. i think the archivist would be tremendously helpful. i think
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they want people to come look at their archives. so it's there i think are real stumbling block is going to be with the christian denominations, particularly with the catholics, who mocker? that's your que. yes, i mean i actually really agree with a lot of what mary said here, even though we are one topic institution that is engaging in that you may be called for the catholic church widely or the pope for example, to apologize. that's the easiest and least that they could do the more difficult work in the engagement and the, and the opening of that record on the record, the confrontation with that true history that our hope is that through our inspiration here, that that will happen more broadly. and really the catholic church, you know, i hope, had learned from its history in recent memory from their sexual abuse crisis. the answer isn't to run away and become defensive. the answers to step forward and take responsibility. and i hope the potentials begin to do and that's what we're
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starting to do and trying to do, christine well, here at the boarding school here in college and we are still calling for a federal truth commission. we believe that the commission will be able to finish the investigation that has been started by the interior and you know, from studying truth commissions around the world and especially looking to our relatives in the north and canada and seeing how the 94 recommendations that came out of their truth and reconciliation commission have not fully been implemented. we know that commissions are not the end all be all, but in addition to examining the truth and telling the full scope of the history, it does get us into the conversation of and how do we move forward and how do we repair what was broken and lost and so i would also like to point out that according to the united nations geneva convention, the definition of genocide includes removing children and forcibly transferring them to another group. so cultural genocide is genocide. there is still so much to learn about the legacy of residential schools in the united states and canada. you
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can see the 2 recent discussions of hosted about them at stream dot 0 dot com. and that's i show for today. and for watching you next time, ah oh stories that need to be told find away and demand to be heard. the opening the window into another light and challenging perfection and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it inspiring documentary the change the word on al jazeera. when freedom of the press is under threat, you know, you just because i thought, genuinely about your thought toward the making government step outside the mainstream. the has been
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a implement. here's just some of access court to shift the focus. the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little prefect of the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on the news news news . news
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me o. battling the corona virus on a south korean war ship. have hundreds of sailors test positive for 19 ah, meanwhile, pumped up to party england lives karone of ours restrictions. but scientists wanted could have a 100000 cases a day soon. a hello there, mr. hey, this is out there at.


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