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fitted a day of repentance around 60000, russia is carrying out a series of rituals, and pres, as they leave mina and head to mount arafat, where the prophet muhammad held his last farewell sermon. normally, nearly 2 and a half 1000000 muslims would be taking part in this annual gatherings, but covered $900.00 restrictions has this year, limited them to a small number of saudi vaccination rest of them. ah, hi there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the majority of personnel aboard a south korean military ship have tested positive for the corona. virus infection spiked from 6 to 247 in just a week and comes a south korea finds its west outbreak at home. robert bride has more now from sol. questions are being asked here is have career about given the vulnerability, why hadn't the crew been vaccinated now the military have come under
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a lot of scrutiny. and they have said that there were logistical problems in getting vaccines out to this ship. that may be true, but they certainly have much bigger than physical problems. now they have a stricken vessel and a sick crew. and the solution to it is by no means easy as they have sent from south korea to military craft to bring the entire crew back here to south korea. those same planes have taken at a replacement crew, a reduced crew of a $150.00 sailors whose job it is now to bring this ill fated vessel back to south korea waters. while meanwhile, england is celebrating what it calls freedom day. as the government has lifted almost all corona vice restrictions that still though, as it reports more than 50000 new cases a day, scientists and health experts say infections could now double and weeks. phones belonging to hundreds of journalists, activists, and politicians have been hacked by government using spyware, owned by his rarely civilians company the n a. so group. these really fun has
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called the investigations findings exaggerated and basis. jacob zoom as long running corruption trial is resuming what the former south african president appearing in court via video link. zoom in, denies charges of fraud corruption and money laundering on july 7th, 0100 himself in to police to serve a 15 month prison sentence on a separate case. his arrest boss days violence loosing for i, british commentator katy hopkins will be deported from australia. she boasted on social media about breaching quarantine roles. hawkins traveled to australia to take partial reality tv show and trip sparked outrage. because the governance kept strict caps on the numbers of strange eons allowed to return home, needing tens of thousands stranded overseas. well, those are the headlines for hell. we'll have more news for you here. after generation change berries. stay with us. we understand the differences,
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minorities of conscious across the world. are you taking out era? we're bringing the news and current affairs. ah. era. the welcome to generation change a global series that attempts to understand and challenge the idea that our mobilizing youth around the world. i'm not on an independent genet based on where jesse campaigners are fighting for a radical change. the, with the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting. it's an almost a lat, political social unrest. and the devastation caused by august 2020th exclusion here. ah, in episode we need 2 young people using their skills to combat decades of
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corruption and victory. and they need a total read. that is the only way for me oh, can you, can you send me innocent bit about your childhood and they were there any specific moments or events page your political activism, the early part of my childhood was not really influenced by policy. but as i grow older, graduate in the boonies, but however, it's also important most of the ideas and concepts that were created by the ruling
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class in terms of the secretary and innovations of the crisis. so at the end of the day, for all the products and the dinner, you other genes and soon by the regime. but then i got exposed to various other ideas, movement groups that try to deliver an alternative vision for what the country may be, as opposed to what i learned to be as a child. why do you think that the club is important? and when it have some kind of effect outside the scope of the news universities love, besides the socio functions and thinking phase for students to know more about politics than the various development customer. it's a social group. and this group had to have the economic interests which had to be protected, whether it's leaning on addition back against the administration to protect student
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freedom or needing long tuition strike, which protects the students right. whether on august, the 19 was basically the student component of the film. we can upgrade them, but it also transformed into a force which is able to impose a certain this force under that are you optimistic that sir mother network will emerge as it relates to kill movement and lebanon's know the way i see another that's already able to move and then that's where the housing expenses, social and then has thinking progress root of a truck that has taken the idea that it should be creating a culture such a morning challenge. both parties initially bank and the various other forces which are for up to be and that's already forward. and i think that's what thank
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you for the generation that was born and peace side, but in 2006, the change for you can you send me a little bit about dots o, as in love and non during the course, during the summer i was invited for the key, but also i took it in and i understood even when i was 12, that's negative impact public opinion. but it was really during the 2014 when i was entering major news organization. okay. understood the weight and the importance of accountability, journalism and independent journalism. so that was the road that i took in my career. oh that was on witness approach from the past years
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from 2011, 2015 and then the big 2019 for what was the role of the media 11 on the me to our own bipartisan group and political parties, which are the political class that lots of people and the protest movement trolls up again at the hearts of corruption or enablers, which are the main thing. media information is the illustration of corruption in narrative, an idea. so it's really important for me to focus on the media narrative and also counter through investigative work. so with the independent we the organization i worked for, i took on the daily news reports and covering the violations. i did for testers. the process of happening all over the country. there were media black out, so we were the one who said lights on what was going on. and the way the move. that means the media didn't
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well have been any attacks on journalists and new dell workers. is freedom of speech and danger, and lebanon in your opinion. i think freedom of speech right now as going through a specific kind of challenge me because of social media and government's use of social media to intimidate people into self censorship. ah, we need to speak against that. whether or not the intimidation is there. and i think a lot of independents me that workers understand the threat and they understand that now is the time to continue with the accountability. journalism continues with open source investigation in order to uncover the start of school and to dismantle . it completely came as the thank you so much for being with us here today. your generation did not
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really witness the civil war in lebanon. however, everyone has been cards, and the country may be through our parents or through stories that we hear. now i want to start with you, katie, and how did this change your political activism in the country? no, although we didn't experience the civil war, we were taught or inherent to the narrative about securing connotations, even forms of hero with them. you know, people that we were supposed to think of very highly at the end of the day, we also formulated a counter narrative. the idea that you are transcending more and transcending the sector in connotations which exist alongside of it. and this is something we're currently working on. what about 2 hours? so i also have kind of unique a bringing as my parents are both from secular backgrounds. so i had this angle that i got from my parents while understanding the trauma that they live through during the civil war, since it's an inherited intergenerational trauma and wanting never to
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have this happen again. so this was basically my viewpoint going into politics going into activism and going into journalism as well. so, is your generation more radical? came more uncompromising in a way we were thought for a long way of living on that. this is the country music or the relationships that exist between the ruling class and the people between the people themselves, between the various political factions which exist in the country. and we're suggesting that there's nothing static about them. and there's always in the dynamics transformation. and we're here experiencing another dynamic transformation which go about after october 17, which came about after august for explosion. we do thing that we have the agency to create the vibe of alternative, i think. what are the ways in which you can implement such change in your opinion? i think we're printer and a lot from what's happening around us since they're so called spring and what people are age is when we're able to achieve not only in 2011,
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but also in 2019 with us across iraq, geo to don. and where and we learn from each other about tactics and futures and histories that we want to work together towards getting your, the share of the political working group of the met the network which connect secondary clubs across universities and lebanon. canada transformed the student activism into any c, y political movements, in your opinion, when i think this is already the case in the sense that that's where it is established and more than 12 to 13 universities. this suggests that there is potential for genuine competition between secondary progressive components in many society against more effect theory and reactionary components which have existed historically, the secondary clubs are in the mentor network and not only calling perspective.
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they're also calling for allied their progressive package that also deals with social justice, more democratic inclusion, ideas pertaining to being liberated from the norm, which of this destroy their society. so enough and distant ideological group, we are part of the society or speaking to them when they are basically, how can you actually convince people who might be even older than the generation to vote outside the scope of their sex when you have 18 sex and lebanon, when you have political parties that are based on their sex and that are not based on merit or even the politics. the problem with startling such a question is that we need to switch to the client and move them from someone both for political fact. they're also voting for the ability to get the job to be able to get gifts in the school and to be able to get social welfare and all of these things that are tied to sectarian political parties. so really thinking about
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getting people to vote outside of their success. enjoy. we need to also be cognizant that we are telling them to make themselves wrong to a reality without the social protection. and it's going to protections of mainstream pin. it's can party with off with them. so this opposition movement should have a certain i'll turn it says and realistic solutions to the secretary and trying to stick with them. that has been ingrained in every institution and every parts and parts of our life. so what you're saying basically, is that nonsectarian opposition group needs to compete with these long last thing. political parties, by proving that this is not the way. so actually, i mean, this is a very interesting phenomenon that happened after august for beta last people came together from a, from 7 on and forms networks of solidarity and financial and collaborative
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solidarity networks that don't mimic the same authoritarian clients and mystic structure that we're so used to carry the government would say that they are attempting to tackle corruption in lebanon with establishing an anti corruption committee and new law, tackling corruption and the country. what's your opinion on 11, on particular the, the term corruption is basically an potentially, i mean, particularly when it's anti corruption. because the usually lemonade was not just corruption in the sense that, you know, we have some interest being distributed within state sectors. it's a very structure and it's a stomach issue we have and it's been amplified since the ninety's. we have a run based economy that's completely based on monopolies making sector plus the real estate sector. we have a security system which compete to distribute all ministries, all that have come across after the war. we have enlarged that we have
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a lot of social and economic inequality, no production factors which produce anything. and we're simply living the remnants of an extremely new route and unfair economy. so people that are saying we want to fix corruption, but don't even want to fight back at the interest of the other darky and the banks . then we can't really trust whether they're actually fighting corruption. so as long as this is at stake, there's no such thing as anti corruption. on august 4th, 2020 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded and bailed, causing damage to the whole city. can you tell me what happened on that day? so i was in the office, i had to work call in the middle of it and then 6 or 8th happened and then i felt a tremor that took me back and forth. and i hadn't realized what had happened, but i heard the noise of a huge explosion. and i saw that everything was destroyed around us. our colleagues were really close to the windows and we were trying to figure out if anyone was
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injured. and because my apartments in my office were right, we'll talk to each other, and i could see complete destruction of my apartments. because this was an office for an independent organization. some of our videographers took their gear and they went down from the current engine. it was a complete massacre. it was something that i think no one wants to live to again or ever. what about 2 came ones i heard the explosion and i felt that everything was shaking the 1st thought, the games all mine. and i also was classified in the position i was in because i felt maybe the building could collapse at any moment. so it was extreme uncertainty about the next 30 minutes after i was out and took my car. i noticed that people are injured everywhere. so it was
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a huge catastrophic moment in which everything norman and our lives was holding. has that you mentioned that you were in an office working with an independent media organization. did you manage after that to resume your work direct piece? i think what few of us to continue to actually double down on our reporting and on our coverage was our anger towards whatever happened and whoever were responsible. so this could be seen with our investigations with our daily news coverage and trying to piece together what's happened. why was there a fire? what blew up before the ammonium nitrate? where was it exactly and which warehouse was able to look at? ok, this video was taken on the roof of this building, and this time this enabled me to actually piece together something so that i can
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know what's happened because the anxiety of not knowing was worse than the inside of what happened after $15000000000.00 in the number estimated, when we talk about the damages that were caused by the explosion, there are so many allege accusation that corruption reached aids where the corruption and cream 8 is definitely not the answer to corruption because feeding this regime with more funds. but thank you by the international community will only need to it's reproduction and it's a good thing it's own bases. the solution isn't us, is in the hundreds of thousands of people from various social groups and man relevant sex. well, believe they mobilize and create different systems or so the narrative, this could potentially create an advocate resistance and the reason,
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but there is no certainty insight. but there is always hope can you can i just jump in here when i look at are i understand production, it doesn't just like an institutional government's perspective. but if there is corruption, one place, it's probably tied to corruption elsewhere when mega phone use an investigation about the origins of the ship that brought them on united states to the beta it's poor. there were tied to syrian russian firms with addresses in london. so corruption is the globin, and i think when we want to understand and to fight could option, we need to think about it as a system of solidarity. that is boy doing this at the same time and collaborate with independent media organizations just like the panama papers have done to uncover money laundering scandals across the world. i think there's something really important when she said,
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but there's also some things to emphasize on based on this, that is regime is tied to international global interests which sustain it. now that is something to critique, but it's also something to look at and slightly so be inspired from that. if we do break these links or if we do create alternative links across borders that could multiply the strength of our movement. and potentially, we could benefit from an alternative, international network of people who think this way. and that's how we can create alternative power in the country and ultimately replace the current regime and site . i mean, cream. just looking at the protest, i can tactics from the 20 october 2019 protest movements. we learned from hong kong . we learned from turkey when from sudan, and then again in may 2021, the george floyd protest. i said lebanese activists help or create
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a guide for black lab matters activists in minnesota in order to help them in terms of he helped with tear gas. so this sunny day doesn't just transcend our fight against corruption, but also our fight against authoritarian regime and oppressors. one of the so many challenges that the country is facing in immigration or brain drain, many of the young generation are leaving for good. i didn't, you mentioned that you're a part of the mother network, which is connecting different secular clubs. but the protests are kind of on hold right now. how do you want to be people? how do revive these events and districts? not many people have the luxury to go out. a lot of people are stuck here in the sense and they have no choice to fight back for these after the others for explosion. when the people basically occupied and watches where they were in thing,
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you know, that makes them calculations and see if we can afford this or them. they just went . sometimes we assume that if people emigrate, then they don't have a role. but this is a huge fallacy. assign beneath regime benefit from the explorer. they benefit from the fact that we're going to explore the everyone, and then they'll give us the money so we can sustain ourselves. the opposition has a reality. the reality is that people are outside. how can they benefit us? well, most of our organization and i can, i can, the mechanisms are becoming online as dresses movements. so people can think parts in meetings and sharing ideas and talking to people and getting heaps of people to vote. so that's all about raising alternative networks by using that i asked for that was exported by the regime itself. but i also got him, i think, as opposition groups, or as students or union organizers, we need to learn today the can. i hope for the future, which we saw on the street in the beginning of the 17 october 2019 protest movement
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. people were coming together and dancing cooking together, singing together 3 things, things with each other. these are informal system relationships and trades that had never been seen in accused downtown base route until before the civil war. as we do know how media and one of the allies in lebanon, how it type to private businesses, to politicians, how can you change stuff? so 1st, i think we need to recognize that 12 point is to confirm when you own acute, half of the mainstream media in lebanon. the other half is either owned by businessman, by individual politically affiliation or by specific political parties. so the control over one, the media, but 2 and most importantly that this course in the sources of information is squarely in the hands of those empowered but independently. the organizations have
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found ways mobilizing the just florida and becoming important sources of information from the ground. since they are the only ones that soon from the ground, from the point of view of the protesters from the point of view of the oppressed. but again, the independence didn't need to work together with grassroots movements with sites or organizations to bring together all these things in order to have a sustainable future. when you talk about all of these hopes and dreams, there's a certain component that we need to talk about, and that is challenging. a secular state has been as a dominant political shade and lebanon. now, some argue that they are faith was in a safe. how do you been a secular government with the presence of such parson? and i don't think it's even possible to look for genuine, the radical reform and the country with the state of the state like which is not
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just a party that distribute it's an infrastructure of the south at the base and other conflicts in the region. and it also tokenize is on very causes. now the question remain, how do we resist it? and i knew also have an issue with those who proclaimed to fight against below. and in fact, they only got from their own 6 there in point of view. it was never a progressive starting point and that's something that's extremely necessary. they want to go with the forward but isn't that challenging? because has bala says that they are present to defend that have been use borders. the only way to tack is such a permeate the need to think as a serene, create a new narrative. it does not mean we have to concede, has been all in fact, that's a big mistake. many opposition parties are doing. we need to continue creating this
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counter hedge money from a starting point, which is secular. progressive, an insular verity with all of those oppressed by has and by not has, yes. is there a faith for optimism and a country so complex, like lebanon? that's the waste for the 2022 election for some kind of change. there's never pessimism or optimism. there is a complex reality as you said. and this complex, at the end of itself, gives us hope. because what's happening this year may not happen 3 years later. but the 2022 elections cannot be seen as a breakthrough. it can only be seen as of today. however, many other breakthroughs await, because at the end of the day saddle had eat in october 29, 2019 was not thinking i was in an action. it was taken out by the street and the
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streets could reinvent itself as the new regime. so i agree completely with cream and saying that elections is a, if not to means an end, i think organizing through syndicates, through clubs, through students, unions and across identities and success in loyalties is really important. so are you going to be the incineration? that's fine. a solution for the ongoing crisis 11 on i've also that's a lot of responsibility for a generation because i think our parents thought they would be that generation. i think their parents, but they would be the generation. so maybe listen, i actually think there's no such thing as the, you know, one time change in the country living on 200 years ago was different 11 on today. and social movements always existed and pressured in
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a certain direction. so i think each declaration made its contribution, and we're here to make our mothers contribution and to see what comes ahead of us. that's it for this episode of generation change from lebanon. katie mazda, thank you so much for taking part. it's been a very enlightening conversation. thank you. thanks on becoming a living legend of a young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political cloud piece to the ivory coast. posted by eric comes to football rebels. the life of drop by the football who succeeded, where politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war allows
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me do you want to help save the world need into your own. ah oh i this is al jazeera ah hello. hello raman. you're watching. the algae, is there a news on life? my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minute. the 2nd filling of the grand ethiopian renee, salt dam is about to be completed. a major milestone and a project that's called tensions over the regions. water supplies i england dropped almost all of it. 900 restrictions,
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despite warnings that could be heading to 100000 cases a day. also.


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