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damage, how did they will be inside the and then be able to bring the lakers games like no other? there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places, mistake. i'll just really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist. ah ah, one of the storage unit 0. the 2nd phase of filling the reservoir behind is ground if you can, race on them as being completed is causing concern in egypt into dog over future water supplies. iraq media reporting oral surgery people have been killed and more injured. explosion that a busy market in baghdad. boston city is on the eve of religious holiday use
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president biden. the government is released at 1st one of a detainee, and james to close the prison. abdullatif napa has been held for maybe 20 years, was never charged. katy's interim prime minister has agreed to step down, ending the leadership battle, but followed the assassination of president driven and marie's closures. f told the washington post newspaper that he and he had met privately to resolve a dispute. 71 year old. he had been appointed by maurice to be prime minister, but was not sworn in it received backing from the international community to leave the country under galler has fallen. developments from miami force. so who's now running the country while in essence, sorry, all on re, under pressure from the international community. basically a core group of nations including the u. s. canada. the european union has said
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that they have to coalesce behind on re who had been appointed as the deputy prime minister before. you know, marie says death, but it hadn't been sworn in. there are people in haiti and civil society saying this is a bad move because it's the international community interfering in the affairs of haiti. but i think if you are an ordinary haitian, what they've been wanting to see is everyone coalesce behind one figure. so they can form this interim government and then move towards democratic elections. elections, which haven't happened since 2017. the ones in 2019 really failed altogether. so that is the challenge for r l on right now is to form that government head towards those democratic elections . and try and get a fairly elected government in place as soon as possible. of course the security situation there remains extremely fragile and then progress is there on the investigation into the assassination of jovan enemies. well it's
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still a pretty confusing situation. lauren, they've arrested several different people. they pointed the finger at various masterminds, but provided no evidence. at this time there around 18, perhaps 20 columbia, an ex military personnel in custody. there are handful still on the run, but it's really not known. who was behind this close, joseph himself has been accused of being behind this, but we do know that the assailants, the alleged to sell it to get to the president's house, would have to pass through at least 5 security checkpoints would have to get past the present personal body guards, none of whom were injured in that attack, in the early hours of the 7th of july. so there are still plenty of swirling questions around who was behind this, who funded it and why they did it. so the investigation is continuing with that technical team from the united states comprising a personnel from the department of homeland security and the federal bureau of investigation. but so far, no solid answers on who was behind the assassination of you know, maurice and i thank you very much indeed. and all me volunteers has been helping
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people in germany who were badly hit by last week's devastating floods. the lesson is in the historic town of bought, nor in iowa, where she found covered in a thick layer of mud. while it does not look anything like the popular tourist found known for its been yard. instead of finally reopening their restaurants and shops of the month of lockdown, residents of clearing tons of debris, some by stop, from kilometers away according to residence. local police have markets and tries to offer mental support, listening to relatives who lost their loved ones. like a man in his church witness, his parents being swept away, told me the image of the woman when swept away, waving her hand, crying for help. you know, i have to i didn't, didn't make it. and i'm not sure if they were found. like most people living along
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the small river, our residence never expected to be hit by a time, meet the way for flood water. some ran for safety to the local graveyard on the floor of the cross the whole night for, for 5 hours, 6 hours and holds the cross holding on with, with his arms all his powers and the wife. it's one of the many miracles in our town. at the moment. together with her neighbor, margaret crawford celebrated their feel. 5 will. they were stuck on the top floor while downstairs. everything filled up with water. she thought she was going to die . guess and um. yeah. mine yesterday with my neighbor, we sat in front of the house and i got 2 glasses and we opened a bottle of wine and said cheers to each other to the new year. and other woman found, okay, 5 days after she had left it behind in
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a lot of house sick. yeah. she's been there since wednesday, but i think she's fine. what is striking in the wind city of iowa, is he optimism or survivors who have lost everything, but simply happy to be alive by keeping themselves busy with the largest clean up the city has ever seen. they don't need to think about everything they loft, but community leaders say that moment will eventually come. while there things might be replaceable, the trauma of losing their businesses and their life's work may be stuck with them forever. i'm afraid of the situation. that's not long away was the situation when people are finished with work, they have nothing to do that's time to read. and i'm afraid that then the situation is the people are falling apart inside of them. so far, the spirit in this down despite the enormous mass,
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is one of confidence and hope that together they will get through this steadfast and al jazeera. but no, i live in germany because much of germany, the story is the same. adam rainy is about 40 kilometers away, where cobblestone streets were washed away and businesses ruined. were here in the historic boss hound, a bad move, the rifle and the clean up operation is in full swing. we have vigorous picking up all the debris that was stacked up and left behind from the rushing flood waters that have receded now. and we've seen half a dozen towns like this across this region. there's dozens of other gives you sense of the scope of the damage that germany is dealing with and to get it better since just take a look around this town, which is famous in the summer for tourists coming to take part in and hitting the spies and shop and some of the high end stores and you kind of traditional stores in this town in northwestern germany, this main street was covered in cobblestones,
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mostly have been stripped away because of the flooding. you can see that the earth caved in more than a meter and some spaces more than 2 meters. some of the to sort building are actually being propped up by steel polls. and when you walk around this street, you step on the fastball that was the foundation of the cobblestones above them in the asphalt is so weak after being solved and water log that it breaks under the weight when you walk around. so germany is just now coming to terms with the billions of years of destruction. damage that it's going to have to somehow repair and rebuild in the coming months if not years. $180.00 wildfires burning across russia is normally freezing siberia region. the cookie area is one of the worst effected with more than 200552 battling the flames. while files do happen during severe is short summers be more intense this year because of unusually high temperatures. the 3rd year and arose,
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devastating 5 raged to cross ne siberia. many scientists blame the files on extraordinarily warm summers in salvia, which has been a woman faster than just about any all the region of the world. last month, a record ground temperature of $48.00 degrees was registered in the town of fair koreans in arctic siberia. or the air temperature is which is what people feel while walking around. hit 30 degrees. when in june last year, the air temperature exactly ions reached $38.00 degrees believe to be a record for anywhere north of the arctic circle. the average june temperature ranges from 13 to 19 degrees rally exceeds 26 until now or above. monday, reports uncontrollable blazes have consumed thousands of kilometers the siberian forests. as the trees burned to ascend, building smoke drifted towards the city. a dozen small towns in the whittier
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officials warned residence to shut the windows and stay in doors to avoid choking smoke. he could, but with our eyes are burning and over all the smoke is very dangerous. for the health of us villages, we see on television plains that are dropping water on the burning forest. but i am sending these plains to help us for some reason. yet katia has been in the state of emergency for weeks. last month, the temperature saw to 38 degrees celsius if the highest ever recorded in the arctic circle. this snap from nasa shows and read the early summer heat waves that has been scorching eastern russia and europe. the figure says that's ok, it's all because of the drought for the 3rd year straight. we aren't getting the copious amount of rain that we used to get. the heat wave is sucking moisture of recon trees creating a tinderbox in siberia. usually one of the coldest regions on earth,
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the fire is consuming what was once permanently frozen ground. and the carbon rich pete below. the scientists worry that this will release more carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change their proper that i would probably kill the situation with was far as in our republic. it's very difficult because we are experiencing the try us summers of the past 150 years. and the code here on the month of june was the hospital records. the russian military is flowing in fi. fi has more than 2500 a battling the flames. the weather is exacerbating the problem. if not for the strong winds, we could do it faster. what you see, how strong winds are. that's our biggest problems right now. the passenger flights you could have been suspended now military playing to taking to the skies to douse the flames. but these fires are also igniting amongst resident by,
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by many say moscow hasn't acted fast enough or sent enough resources. people already feel isolated from the kremlin, which is almost 5000 kilometers away. now they feel abandoned to northern manly out there on the belgian government has been urged to give temporary residents permits to hundreds of migrants on a hunger strike. a group of around $450.00 men. again, the protest in may at 2 universities and a church in brussels, and in refusing to drink water, a migrant, so mostly from south asia and north africa, and demanding legal residency. now to united nations representative say the threat of expulsion should be ruled out thousands of border patrol officers supported by 2 surveillance helicopters being deployed to let you in years border with better ruth european union border agency rapid response team is being sent after the few and you made the request for the 1000,
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mostly iraqi migrants across into the country this month. it says better rouge has deliberately sending them as revenge for being sanctioned by the e. u. l res hasn't responded to the allegations. well, the south african present jacob zoom will find out on tuesday if he's been successful in getting his corruption. trunel, delayed nigh as charges of fraud corruption and money on drinks. and the small, summa turned himself in to police to serve a 15 month prison sentence on a separate case is rest. well, 2 days of violence looting furnace. this is more from outside court in peter merits book. this case goes back to 1999. when jacob zoom was deputy president, an indication of how long the former president's trials and tribulations have dominated the political scene. here in south africa, it concerns allegations of fraud over the sale and purchase, a fighter jets of military hardware from 5 european companies. the one in this case
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is policy jacob zoom. it denies any rolling corruption, sodas, toddlers. now the trial only got going in may after many, many, germans over the years. and then a couple of weeks ago, zoom was jailed for refusing to give evidence to a government corruption. inquiry that sparked the violence that swept these countries to most popular populace provinces in the last week. and there were concerns that with the trial restarting today, that would be another focus for violence. a load zoom and supporters did not set up in court in march book on monday, zoom as defense lawyer want this case adjourned again, its being heard virtually at the moment. they wanted to journey until zoom is able to pay in person to make his case. the judge rule on my application on tuesday, russia says that his success retested a new hypersonic cruise missile flying at 7 times the speed of sound. the miss all has been touted by russia superior to rivals existing arsenals. president vladimir
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putin claims the technology is fast enough to bypass us defense systems. justin brock, as a research fellow at the world united services is jude in london, is federal to 0 earlier and said the michelle is being used as a threat by russia as opposed to being part of a nuclear arsenal. i think the main reason they're actually developing these to be able to continue to threaten american key bases. and i like bases and things like american carrier battle groups as echo carriers, which have very, very capable ballistic defense missile defense systems. and also missile defense systems can traditional even supersonic cruise missiles. so it's more of a means to continue to threaten high end conventional military capabilities rather than i think the new still to come on. i'm 0, an ancient tradition interrupted by a modern problem for the 2nd year. the pandemic means a streamlined hodge will tell you what to yoko is no longer interested in limerick,
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appetizing in japan. ah, ah cruise me
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. ah ah ah ah no, his peter learned. thank you very much, just for days to go now and one of the biggest sponsors of the take it with him because withdrawn all of the tv commercials in japan related to the games. because his biggest auto make a toyota will continue to athletes associated with the company. but at c, e o and other officials will not attend the opening ceremony on friday. it's
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largely due to the lack of public support for the olympics with polled, suggesting 2 thirds of japanese people doubt the games can be held safely in tokyo . earlier, we spoke to simon chadwick, he's a professor of sport industry in the u. k. he believes that we have made the move to show solidarity with the japanese people. we already know that there is a great deal of public resistance to the olympics. and a poll polls continue to suggest that people don't want the olympics to be there. so i think it's a direct response to that from the part of toyota, toyota is actually a global sponsor. and so much of toyota's promotional activity act activation as we would call it marketing terms, is going to take place outside japan. anyway, i think really for me, it's the symbolism of what's happened inside japan. that's going to be more significant. because i think if toyota was seemed to be associated with an event that may alternately become known as a super spread or events that wouldn't play well with the japanese public. so i
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think what toyota is doing is to send a signal to, to the japanese public that i understand that it empathize isn't and that it's not going to do anything to the that he's detrimental to, to the tokyo population covered 90 cases in the athletes village were expected, that's according to the head of the take you independent panel of medical experts. just 4 days ago i, as the president thomas buck said that they were 0, johns of athletes infecting the japanese public with corona virus. those words are not looking very safe right now on sunday to south african football as were the 1st to test positive. and the total of games related infections is now $58.00. it is expected that as we go through the different layers of filtering, we see cases coming out. so we see cases currently who've been tested before, departure, who are not coming. we see people who get then get to the airport and they get filtered. i dare then he gets further that when you get to village, each layer of filtering as a reduction in the risk for everybody else. and that's what we expect to see. and
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numbers we're seeing are actually extremely low. they probably lower than we expected to see if anything. i see president thomas has encouraged athletes and officials of the turkey games to embrace the meaning and spirit of the limpid truce . a mural was unveiled in the olympic village on monday with urging people to fund the panels to show their commitments in helping make a better and more peaceful world through sport. the olympic truce calls for the lane down of alms across the world and for fighting to stop during the period of the games. the olympics have shown that organizing a big sporting of in, during the panoramic is clearly a huge challenge. and tough athletes to training with the possibility of their events being postponed or cancelled. al jazeera pete adobe revolt from the half i, and then triathlon race in lottie in finland, which involves 1.9 kilometer swim, and 90 kilometer bike ride, and a half marathon. sleepy
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a back quarter, the chicago of the nordic countries, all those episodes were lottie. all wrong until recently, however, about the most exciting thing to do was practice your winter ski jumping skills during the summer on a really long piece of competing. and then triumph long came to term for the race director. this is not been easy. last year, when the pandemic hit, this race was postponed and then cancelled outright. we had good plans from our own organization and we had to really good communication and relationship with all the local, local, and health authorities. so we had a constant communications with them and we of course we monitored the code to trace them since the athletes to it's not been an easy journey either they've had to adopt and adapt to the new normal. and if you can't swim in water to train, well,
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you improvise, can we do a new? i'm also in france, we haven't had swimming pools, they have all been closed. so i have been training swimming in the elastic band or whatever. but with training old on it's time to rack the bike panic just a little bit more concentrate just a little bit more and then we'll just do it. why go? the competing at this level is no easy task. this is not a 5 k park run on a saturday morning. these people unnaturally competitive. the very competitive, but what do they do if they can't compete? also from a secure pointing. but how do you maintain that focus when the race might not
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happen? how to go like getting another goal and ok, well, it's very hard to cope and somebody needs help to coping it. for example, to go to sports. i call it this whole mental coach or, or if you have a friend to talk about because it is very hard. but the real test for everyone here was the possibility of coping transmission. according to the race director's office, the number of new cases associated with this event 0. and that's a huge success story. and then before you know it's, it's all over no more swimming, no more cycling, no more running for the race organizer. has it been a success? yes, but frankly, has it been a success? yes, it absolutely has. these people trained, they retrained, they plan, they re plan and they got here despite corona virus. and despite the impact of all the international travel restrictions that we all now have to live with, this is the new normal, can international sport survive corona virus,
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based on what we've seen here today. absolutely. pete, adobe al jazeera laci. it's been ha, now we've got something you really see on a tennis called french, and ben will pay, he's at the bottom of your screen and he produced the remarkable backend volley of the swiss open. the 3rd backspin on the border quickly bounced back to the other side of the mit when the match to moving to the 2nd round. and from the brilliant to the bazaar, this comes from the 2nd division in chile striker miguel a hell or a yana school? a late match when if where he sighed. maggie nice and we celebration sort of jump straight into the rubbish bin. as you do, we have no idea why, but we'll put these next post go celebration. that's what was supposed to fax you. lauren. peter, thank you. now thousands of muslims have gathered it, not arafat, near mecca for the 2nd day of hodge. this year's event is marked by
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a small number of pilgrims of the 2nd year due to covert non teen restrictions. y mid vall has more standing at the moment out of out is considered the high point of the hud ritual. the. 6 day before known as a per we, he's the pity graham got at the minute valley to prepare for the climb out is where they will stand for most of the day, addressing the sky with the person prayers last year at the 1st had since the corona violence pandemic strike, only $1000.00 people were allowed to attend law this year. that'll be 60000 all from, with saudi arabia. in previous years, there would be more than $2000000.00 from around the world. sure. or was she in and when i realized that i'm one of the only 60000 people doing this hard when i compare it to those who did it with the messenger of god. peace be upon him being
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more numerous than they were about $100000.00. i feel as part of a group who have been privileged by being able to do this hodge ritual in praise. be to god and i will head on the fact that god, the almighty has chosen us from these millions to be able to reach this holy side. we take it as a sign that god willing i worship is accepted and our prayers were answered. law the contrast with how it looks now to a few years ago in stock. it was 2018. and this now to this young man, there's something uncanny about the place. second, but there's a sense of sakina, of holy silent, luminous bliss up here. it's a bit cloudy up there and no one around here. by god, it's like i'm in a dream. can you? i don't know how to describe it really has the saudi authorities took unprecedented security and safety measures that went beyond masks, vaccines and social distance learning. the so called unified security operations,
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$911.00, planned for the hud of 2021 included the host of procedures adopted for the 1st time. of course this year's pilgrimage is completely different and exceptional. no pilgrim connects the holy site except through the 4 reception centers assigned by the ministry. also, pilgrims cannot enter any camp except through the smartgate. those attending to the age between 18 and 65 vaccinated and 3 of chronic diseases. on tuesday, which coincides with the day if i could get them returned to mac and the mina valley for 3 more days over to 101. or do you have for me to turn the news out? i'll be here in a moment with another 4 runner news. thanks so much. i
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news, news, news. news, the stories that need to be told find away and demand to be heard, the opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it inspiring documentary the change. the word on al jazeera, with energy and change to every part of our universe
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or small to continue the change all around shape my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business across the world, young activists and organizes around them. motivated and politically engaged, the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way that means to me was looking stuff like that, both of them and there's always in the dynamics formation. we have the agencies to create the vibe of the generation. on al jazeera, i care about healthy us engages with the rest of the world. we're really interested
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in taking you into a play. you might not visit otherwise and feel that you were there. ah. another major milestone for if he appears controversial mega down. a 2nd phase of filling is completed despite opposition from nations downstream. ah. now just hear a live from london also coming up dozens killed and of law in the busy market in iraq to take a day before celebration. begin release from guantanamo.


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