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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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watch on country video, a rally for home on al jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs. that matter to you the i'm about isn't until the top stories and i'll just, you know, in brazil, demonstrators in several cities are calling for the impeachment of president jack. both sonata over the handling of covered 19 police in south harlow. far to tear gas had crowds who were also angry over corruption allegations both and a continues to don't play the virus. despite the staggering last of more than half a 1000000 brazilians that have also been processed in several european cities as government push for zach seen. passport, but he's in paris and funds used here. guess that his 1st people demonstrated say
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green passes that would only allow vaccinate his people free of the covered 1900 virus into restaurants and other indoor areas are in fact under civil liberties. turkeys defense ministry says 2 soldiers have been killed and to morrow been wounded in an attack on a vehicle and the bob area of northern syria. and as you said, turkish forces immediately fired back. turkey had launched across border euphrates shield operation in 2016 to drive out iso and the city in kurdish y p g. i saw southern has more from istanbul. there are several of the turkish military posts across, scattered across east and north, on april, and from many of these various positions, the turkish army has retaliated the white peasy possess field techs are continually seems that there's that there's also going to continue to the night and so turkey has cleared these area in 2016 from isis,
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which was the 1st major turkish military incursion into syria. and since then, several times turkish military post had been targeted by d. k. c off shot y p g cube. attorney general says 59 people who took part, an anti government protests, have been prosecuted. their actions are described as disturbances. charges include public disorder and causing non serious injuries. rights groups say more than 600 people were detained during and since the july 11th demonstrations, automatic top anti corruption, prosecutor has fled the country seeing he fears for his safety. while francisco sandeval had been fired on friday, he helped bring down former president auto perez molina and he was investigating people close to cut a leader at a 100 generating. those are the headlines that he's continues here on our dcea in half an hour. good by the focus on just the united states is
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ending its 20 year military present enough kind of done with what is the country 11 piece showcases new zealand trailblazing environmental policy, able to read the country of all present bringing awareness to conservation. if it hit hard by the pandemic, can you hold the naming ceremony for it? magnificent, giant witness showcase of award winning documentary that bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic content writing, zambia hope to the pope. as a company to define the future. august on a job. there was a tweet i read at the start of this pandemic as co 19 forces off to physically distance from one another. society is at risk of a social recession. a social recession is marked by an increase in loneliness and isolation. it was posted in mid march by
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a former surgeon general united states doctor visit murphy. and already by that point, entire regions and key cities of some countries had been in lockdown finelli to home. from the start, it was clear that beating this pandemic was going to require sustained physical distancing, and corn painting. but for medics and mental health specialists around the world. another thing was clear to that the locked down. we're going to reveal the extent of another hidden public health issue. loneliness the the social disconcerting physical distancing. quarantine locked down so fascination more than any other time in recent history. anti social behavior has become part of our global reality. the course to separate ourselves from one another to stay for
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long periods of time at home to not meet with friends and family to not commit to work or even sit in a restaurant or a t, f, a. all of that is quite anti social. it's not how humans wired and why even though the physical health benefits of the clothing triggered look down have been undeniable. the psychological impact has been inescapable to italy's experience with corona virus was harrowing. it was one of the 1st european countries to be affected and despite strict looked down, it has had more than $36000.00 corona vars related debt. as of october this year, in early march after a coven 19 outbreak flared up near her home. 74 year old psychologists, roberta brovio, went for colleagues, set up a free mental health hotline for long body residence. she began to receive calls immediately looking for
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maria cook for nazi absolutely, clearly for me. ready because i need to know someone telling me compasses. cameras when you get when i spoke to her dad, she was coordinating a network of 200 profession psychologists volunteering their time. during the lockdown. they'd cools from all over italy, from sicily, in the south, to i author, in the far north. they've even received messages from us, far, broad. it's due by the united states and australia. quick assessing thing. those
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are 2. 0, you got them in noise. when i see me, campbell, every be going to the side with me on the and my of these on the you will not be going to be 5 work. yeah. you. dozens of people don't know if they play on it. increase the joining us. i mean, do you have to get back to see put the content that, you know, do you know they're not going to actually design a career to read the she stated that it and yeah, my son kaylay account on a maintenance issue. and if there's a way that,
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that can i ask how many calls have come through during this interview? i cannot take you to the funnel. nietzsche, humans have an innate psychological drive to connect with others. what we're learning more and more now is that, that need to connect it's dizzy, logical to just weeks after the world health organization declared covered 19 global. pandemic researches at the massachusetts institute of technology. mit posted a preliminary report on social isolation and some of the new responses at triggers . the findings pointed to one telling conclusion: a need to connect to this primal or is fundamental as i need to eat. just 10 hours of total isolation can leave the brain feeling starved. i spoke with julia and hope that a professor of psychology and neuroscience at brigham young university. not wired to be this. she said that serge of panic. cool. that sinking sensation in your
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stomach when you're physically cut off from people, is a biological response that it's evolved in us over millennia, throughout human history. and we needed to rely on others or our survival. whether that protection or efficiency in obtaining resources are adopted to expect others to show when the lax, approximate each other's particularly trusted others in essence, of honest data work, because now we have, you manage the threats in our environment on our the latest sites on loneliness shows that acute isolation has physical health repercussions to such as an increase in heart rate and blood pressure surge and stressful minds and internal inflammation. according to research published in the cardiovascular medical journal, heart, people who feel lonely, a 29 percent more likely to develop coronary heart disease, and 32 percent more at risk of suffering
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a stroke. julian has also studied how social isolation impacts mortality. what we were able to find was that being lowly was associated with a 26 perfect increased risk for death being socially isolated, 29 percent, and living alone, 32 percent. and although there were some relative differences, they weren't significantly different from each other, meaning that both being objectively isolated and that subjective feeling of loneliness, both significantly predict risk earlier. what the suggest is that we need to take our relationship seriously. for the 1st time in human history, greater numbers of people read all ages or places living alone in the u. s. for instance, the percentage of single person household has increased from 30 percent in the ninety's sixty's to 28 percent. today, in europe, things are higher still, with around 38 percent of dutch and nearly 42 percent of german living alone,
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and in fact, from ecuador to japan. this upward trend is visible all around the world. when the pandemic break one of the catch phrases that caught instant popularity was social distancing. however, when i spoke with cecilia just eric clinton, burge, he made an important point about the terminology. it isn't quite accurate. understood what was important about that idea helps that i realize right away that there was a problem. because social distance thing is very different from physical distancing . actually, people we need to get through the situation, certainly to be done afterward, is social proximity, social solidarity. we need to be looking out for each other, taking care of each other and making sure that we are helping people who have the greatest needs. eric was quick to point out to me that despite the increasing numbers of people living solo, they would automatically fall under the category of the people most likely to
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suffer loneliness. people who live alone in ordinary times are actually quite social, an average, and they're more likely than married people to spend time with friends and neighbors. they go into public and shared spaces. the problem now is that everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever. and i fear that this has generated a spike of loneliness to and so as much as we're in an economic recession now we're also social recession. with the lockdown limiting travel, everything from simple commutes to long, whole plane journeys and physical distancing, restricting how close we can get to each other. many people thought out ways to deal with the social recession. if you like me and i've been fortunate enough to have access to a laptop or a phone and a good wife fi connection, then technology is been an undeniable benefit. what's that? we chat face time? scott zoom, tick tock. all these apps and many more have made staying in touch with people so
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much easier. and yet so many have still felt paid by isolate action, an anxiety. many of these tools feel very synthetic, right? i thought about the idea that this may be somewhat analogous to where they have been, you know, incredibly beneficial and making food more accessible to many more people. but i also come with potential and you know, just like process food mary blindly in the degree to which they are nutritious, so do many or beans to all still lack that personal catch. you can't reach across the screen and guess what? yeah, i think my mom and dad and i really would be in agreement. i'm grateful that i can have a conversation with my parents who are in, in other states and based time or that i can teach my students in new and them. you
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know, here we are doing this interview through our screen, but i think the majority of people at the end of this just can't wait to get back to you in the life to be in a restaurant or a cafe, or library or playground, or a soccer field spend time with him being in the states and we feel secure enough to do it. i think we'll realize just how much we depend on and should value the social structure that we've taken for granted. learning. this is not a single emotion. it's a complex feeling that consists of many different emotional states, from anger to fear, to grief, to insecurity and uncertainty. in january, as the chinese government implemented the 1st major locked down the world was seated here in wu, han city. not only were medics moved in to deal with code 19, but there was an infusion of psychologists and psychiatrists from the start to do with the mental and emotional impact of distancing,
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isolation and fear. even mental health professionals not physically in on got involved. then you're in shanghai and you started the psychological assistance project. how does it all come back down to $100.00 to $1.00. i get you to you should name you go. you mean you go down the you. ready know ship, do what you know, how to ship 90 facial back. she, you know, in the coming down a vc hydro hope you'll want man,
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i think we chat the chinese messaging up was the main point of connection between the psychologist. the aide work is making refer and the people needing help. what started as a group of 17, shanghai based counselors grew to 50 professions from across the hall. and i said that chance you know. sure. hold on. yeah. yeah. i'm not sure i should not get in touch on me. oh, hang on. when i went down each year i know i know y'all have one or 2 shonda. i'm saying
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if i'm in the with that oh hi. oh hi you sure. john hammer with daddy were trying to get the warrant in the past 9 unger shockey. that passcode the the, the, the the mail in me can you call.
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ready ready your dad a he's a one time you are now call me and i'll call you not if i'm in my home down there much in your sleep, you go downhill. need any j o. now what you and i can get you to put on a view to be comparing most sony laska patch. daddy kid. do you have a queen?
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be not nonsense. dear cpu posey? surely nissan. it'll go now. i know you did and she's going to be missing to school because i feel chase ok. that's to the fact bill chip. you can see my dad came down with the kid the would be from the deal. well, can we deliver it to you guys? when we face grim situations winning zion looms, we seek out cooking mechanism during the lockdown, watching communities of diverse and distance people try to cope together with fascinating. in italy balconies became spaces for music and dance, and even enabled people to share food with those who couldn't afford enough of
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their own. they were hot, humorous huff with school videos online of people in different countries, trying to play sports or getting a work out to get in malaysia. people flickered the lights on and off in a symbolic and often poignant chill, fidelity and backward, looked down. swift again. when no one really knew much about the virus, and even few understood the pros distancing chance of will hon joe, or keep fighting between me now. jim, current engine. you go you jimmy, all their passion mailed. she's the true for gender. should you need to bring that down to me that you can't even watch on how we should to i got a gentleman which i you know, the job should not make you should. yeah. you know,
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it really comes back to we are social beings. we are not meant to be alone. you know, it's analogous to the idea of hearing. the water is not safe to drink and yet we're also stars. she. and so we're looking for opportunities in a variety of ways, and i'm actually loving some of the creative ways that people are finding to, to try and connect under these incredibly strange circumstances. but there's been something else as well. laughing together, funny, you know, it's everything that's going on. we may not see it quite like that. but that's a coping mechanism to. well, you know, like what goes on and, you know, we need some relief to too much to space, the pressure and anxiety all the time. and i think the laughter is what keeps this thing. you know, it's huge. it's for them. and so, you know,
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they're really moments where you can't laugh, but i've seen videos that people, you know, in the hospital find ways to make life degeneration, medical workers, to take time to thing, to their patients or playing music to let people spirit much god the need to be filled with the rest of the flu, they hide down too much more than 100 countries had instituted either partial or full locked down this more than 3000000000 people indoors, physically distancing it was a radical change to how so many of us are used to living and there were significant concerns that there would be a spike in loneliness and all the associated issues. ready but a study conducted between january and late april in the united states by research as florida state university college of medicine reported some interesting early
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findings that spike in loneliness that mental health specialists were bracing for. it seems not to have happened. of course, there were people who felt a nuisance of oscillation, there were others whose loneliness momentarily intensified. but over all the fees of a raging epidemic of loneliness didn't materialize. i don't actually think there's a luminous. i don't like the use of that concept. i mean, we're living through a panoramic right now. we know what it means to have major health crisis. ready and i fear the language of the academic doesn't really help us get the precise tools that we need to feel better. we may be part of it is finding that threat of connection, a shared experience. this is a global phenomenon. it's affecting people of variety of background. and so they're in the collective experience that we are not only facing this together. we're grieving together, but we also in order to fight it, we need,
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we need to work together, right? and so there is what i hope a growing sense of your own that and comfort as we are staying home. if you protect those in our community, our phase are linked to the face of the people who live around us. you know, whether it's in the next room or the next building or the next block or the next state. we're deeply injured, attendance, and for me, recognizing our interview. and it helps to think about how to build solidarity in the sense that we're in this together. and refusing and is doing the way to get through that the way you can close the door and turn into a regular individualist is a formula for more division. it's not me personally at home or everybody else is having an exciting life at tardy them. so and i hope that the people are able to. ready ready take comfort in that fact.
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here's the thing about loneliness. you can be surrounded by other people and still feel lonely. because just being in a crowd isn't enough to create the kind of connection humans need. and it's counterintuitive, as it may seem it's, it's very feeling of loneliness that serves as a trigger for us to find ways to make things better for us. so we become aware of which emotional needs are being lift unfulfilled and we make the effort to reach out, talk to people. there's a lot of things that we get in life because we feel occasional loneliness, like it pushes the guide in the world and build friendships and can causes to get introspective. they can help us, you know, think creatively. it's only really dangerous when evolved into something more durable and biting. and you know that when that happens you really do stress and
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it's horrible for around a good point going emergence or knowledge of race and she puts you on it for me, please. cynthia cruising. should be so might be solely total. so i'm sure that my goal is to express it on the board that runs the gym. i continue to see quote, all these things, but c h a stigma around talking about love. and so one other hope that i is that from the situation, given that i think so many people are really lonely. lose some of that stigma that people may be more open about talking about that experience
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and recognize that we're not alone. me were told technology can help tackle the spread of cov, at 19, but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what date is being collected. whereas is being forward. holly re looked at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah
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ah, ah. alone su, your weather story starts in south america, and we're going to see if we can break a record temperature in paraguay. a sophie on 34 degrees, the record 33.4, but there's some weather whiplash going on because by wednesday, just a high of 14 degrees, well below the average of 24. further toward the south, we've got rain migrating toward the north. so santiago, a wet day for you. 12 degrees, rain pulls away from the river plates. so conditions will improve in montevideo with a high of 18 central america. we've had some buckets of rainfall toward coast rica and panama. much of the same can be expected on sunday. the us gulf states looks like this. it's been unsettled over the last few days. and unfortunately that continues rain, new orleans, mississippi into southern portions of florida, tampa,
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orlando, miami, all dealing with the rain here. next, i want to take you to lake tahoe and look at what crews are up again straight now. battling these wildfires, this one only about 4 percent contain some spots where we have seen wildfires. for example, in arizona, we're getting into our north american monsoon. so that rain is certainly helping landing canada where we do have some heavy rain pulling into the canadian province of quebec on sunday. the latest means as it breaks agriculture production across the north, nigeria, greens, a serial production about event steep decline with detailed coverage that demands or not you've been made and you know many times before. now that allowed a death because they say that situation is much worse from around the world than
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these external affairs folks. persons is the government is following due process and the case and that authorities act against violations of law. my lord, i want you mentoring that. open your eyes. i was guy on al jazeera ah ah, demonstrations in brazil against president shuttle sonata handling of the pandemic . ah robots, and this is our life until ha, also coming up to turkey. soldiers die and 2 are injured in an attack on a vehicle in northern syria and nighttime curfews imposed across most of us can a stand and respond to in 10.


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