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for leadership, a to park, people empower investigation, bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park, one on a jesse with energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah ah,
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you're watching out of the reminder of our top stories this. there's been intense fighting and last job, the fees capital of the canister, guns coleman's problems. you have can air force has been blamed for bombing a private hospital in the area killing at least one person was rooting centers announced the formation of a caretaker government. its leader, mental ally will become the prime minister and has promised multiparty elections. 6 months of the season, in a coolness, millions of people across the u. s. could be forced out of their homes within days after a nation wide model told him an eviction expired. it was imposed last year to help slow the spread of covered 19 by using quoting in homes 2 of the biggest covered 19 vaccine manufacturers, pfizer and madonna, have reported the increased the prices of their jobs for the
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e u market. the bach is joining us now from london. what more do we know about that? first of all, me with us. the news of this price hike is a reminder that some of the big pharmaceuticals, jones, that are responsible for developing the successful vaccines. and not only motivated by a desire, of course, to bring the global pandemic to an end. but also motivated by a desire to secure their profit margins as well. because according to report, in the financial times, a contract has been signed between the european union, pfizer and another would see the block of $27.00 nations pay significantly more, for doses of both of these individual vaccines. just give you an idea of the price is up until now, $5.00 shots of cost about $800.00. it will go up to $23.00 for the you. but turner from $22.00. 60 up to $25.50. this of course you countries are very anxious,
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very desperate to stamp out the delta variance. we know that the death toll as a result of credit of ours across europe has been falling significantly. that is no longer a major concern for nations, but nevertheless, cases of the delta various have been growing across the board and with it of course, concerns about any possible mutations of virus. the news of this prototype does come off the back of the results of phase 3 trials of the pfizer, but the jobs that basically show that they are more successful than that rivals the for the seneca job. and the johnson and johnson jobs, basically giving both of these companies a captive market in the european union, a block that were accused over acting slowly, initially with the rollouts over the vaccine. now clearly doing everything possible to throw money at the problem and not involve paying a premium for these proven products that don't have the same complications when it
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comes to side effects that were linked to the oxford astrazeneca job. i suppose they're going to be questions about what deals they're going to sign with countries that are not in the e u, the u. k. of course, being one of them you case facing its own situation with the delta various ab just briefly need. just bring us up to date with what's happening in the u. k at the moment. you know, with the u. k. together with other countries in the you have been struggling, as i mentioned with an increase in the figures when it comes to the delta vary and the rollout of the vaccine here in the u. k. has been very, very successful as results. there are no concerns about lifting restrictions to have planned in the, in the coming weeks. of course, the u. k. together with lots of other countries in europe and now mulling over the possibility of either vaccine green cards or passports, or paperwork to allow vaccinated people or people that are recovered from me on
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this and show some immunity to be able to go into restaurants and return to normal life to take part in leisure activities again, but of course, inevitably over the past few weeks and city of the city in different places around europe here in the u. k. and london to, we've seen demonstrations against these moves to create the words of some critics, a 2 tier system between those who have been jobs and those that haven't. but the british government clearly adamant, but the only way forward and out of this pandemic is to be vaccinated. and that, of course being there is an absolute dependency on some of the big pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies. allowing them essentially to charge what they like at the moment in europe. the bucket is from london, the thanks very much. the chief medical advisor to us president joe biden on to the 5. she has warned more pain and suffering is ahead as cases
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uncovered 19 rise, and he's criticized some rip of republican state governors for their resistance to mosque wearing restrictions. so a person's individual, individual decision to not wear a mask, not only impacts them, because if they get infected, even though they say it's my decision, if i get infected, i'll worry about that. but the fact is, if you get infected, even if you are without symptoms, you very well may infect another person who may be vulnerable, who may get seriously ill. so in essence, you are encroaching on their individual rights because you're making them vulnerable. as indonesians struggles with the worst covered 90 not break in asia, a number of orphans there is rising. some have no relatives and left with little support. the charity group save the children says more needs to be done to help the most vulnerable. jessica washington reports from time to run. an indonesia east
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cali mountain. a young boy prepared to say good bye to his mother and father ah! is just 13. his voice shapes as he recites the call to prayer beside his parents. grave. those 2 victims of coven 19 in another village, a young boy reminisces about his parents. i often went fishing with my dad, says 2 weeks ago his mother died in hospital from cove at 19. she was 5 months pregnant. the next day his father died to get out of the 1st. we try to be strong for him, but it's devastating for us. for those 2 weeks, the 10 year old has been living alone as he to tested positive for coven 19. now he's in the clear and will soon move in with his grandparents as covert 19, just around indonesia,
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social workers are reporting an increase in the number of children left orphaned around the country and their coals from rights activists. urgent reformed to ensure these children get the support they need. they fear for the children who miss out on help because their parents deaths went unreported. also to go from and to, to support those and strength and support system at the committee level. where we can get that information. authority say it is difficult to support all the children in need numbers on the locker, because we have more problems when a child doesn't have any relatives and has no place to go. in tongue. around on the outskirts of the indonesian capital ayesha has been living with her foster family for 6 months. her last memories of her mother are of her hallucinating and struggling to breed. now she hopes for a future where she can honor her mother's life. i want to achieve my dream,
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so my mom will be happy with me. i want to be a doctor. each day indonesia cove and 19 death toll rises by thousands and more children are left to plan their futures. but without their parents to help them. jessica washington: i'll just 0 hunger lodge cruise ships and are banned from entering the center of venice. environmentalists have been pushing for the boat for years. i've been rainy reports and the impact of the new rule picture postcard perfection. tourists are back in venice, but they won't be arriving anytime soon on large cruise ships. it follows years of debate about banning mega cruise ships to protect venus's lagoon ecosystem that that be became much more heated with the arrival in june of a towering $90000.00 ton ship. the government finally announced the ban in july, after threats from unesco to place venice
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a world heritage site on its endangered list. the italy is promising to cover last wages for thousands of workers who rely on the cruise industry to keep them afloat. what a movie we hope the government comes up with a way for us to continue a subsidy might last a year or 2, but this decrease has ships one pass through any more. we need certainty for our future to dec now, which cuts right through the heart of the vin. if passing by saint mark square this very artery to which the huge ships will no longer be able to pass. but that doesn't mean they'll be completely block from the venetian lagoon. the plan is to have large cruise ships into the lagoon threw back channel and dock at the mainland industrial port of margarita. the problem is the port isn't ready to receive crews . passengers like city council medical gas by the net, they grew up along dennis's canals. he welcomes the band but sees it as
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a distraction. because the visible part of the iceberg visible deeper is the big ships, about many other programs and the big ships are not the only one. and what are the problems like that the city is dying in terms of being a living place with living in the side and not having to commute them to get the job which cannot give it a chance to live in the city where we are just at the main control is part of an organization that lobbied for the band. she sees it as part of a larger push to focus on long term sustainability. all of that would be done not to ship the focus away from accommodating tourism to really fulfilling the needs of the local residents who slip and also on the value of a very city of the lagoon. and on the well being of the whole environment. here. the venice rose as a commercial powerhouse centuries ago to the great benefit of its people, finding a balance that keeps coffers full and residents from fleeing will take more than
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banning cruise ships from its waters. adarine al jazeera venice unesco often obs locations to its endangered list to draw global attention. many as receive montana . mining landscape was made a world heritage site last week, but it was also added to the danger list. and that's because of the threat to his in mining operations in the area in 2019 islands and protected areas in the gulf of california would determine to be in danger. that's largely because of the vulnerable situation of an endangered porpoise made worse by illegal fishing practices. while kenya's legs are con, a national parks are added to the danger less than 2018 after report of the facts for madame in neighboring ethiopia. while our south romans, the spokesman for the top $26.00 coalition, which advocates for climate action. and he's joining us from london. it's good to have you with us and i'll just the to so thank you very much indeed. let's talk about the situation invented. first of all, why with these ships? so upon the so damaging to the exit system in venice?
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well, as you piece, showed these crate cruise ships are often the size of small cities. some carry over $70000.00 passages, they dumped huge amounts of so each another will waste into waters the destroy valuable marine ecology at blue seas, laguna beaches, and this industry, the cruise ship industry is literally gone unchecked. the building bigger and bigger ships with more and more passengers prevent producing more and more environmental impacts, including the 2 world heritage cities such as many where they've damaged homes and businesses and of course of help cause the flooding that threatens that city. ultimately, their only goal is profit margin while making others pay the price for this pollution. we often talk about air travel as being one of the primary emitters, if you like, one of the primary impacts on climate change. do you think the shipping around the world is actually overlooked? because this in many ways is a story that to those of us outside that appears to be isolated predominantly to,
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to venice and to italy. but how wide spread is it? well, it's very widespread solace. you know, if we think about just this last week of the, of, of the floods, the 5 means the extreme weather impacts that we've seen cause havoc, all right in the world. that's still just another warning that the climate crises, not something that will happen in years come. it's a warning that it's already here and it's deadly for many. so to stop runaway climate change and the billions of lives of live builds are going to be infected, required to changes of this ticket. so that includes stopping polluted industry and thus not just fossil fuels or a be a ship. it also the shipping industry. look, one person on one of those crew ships is responsible in just one week for producing as much emissions as someone living in africa does over old year. so, you know, cackling the shipping industry chuckling. and the cruise ship industry tackling a, be ation, tackling fossil fuel. we fix enough food system,
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we need to do all of these things because that's the scale of the challenge that is in front of us. and unfortunately, despite all of the alarm bells, we've had lots of health care for governments, empty promises. but they're serious about cooking that emissions and the emissions that they need to cook. what matters is what we do in the next 10 years and they are putting in place policies so that people rely on those industries. what exactly like the piece, the person you had on the base, relying on those industries for what can be transition to new jobs. and they're not financing the measures that needed to help, especially the poorest, to adapt to the crisis. one start figure, we should remember just in this last year of the cold, the recovery rich government to spend something close to 16 trillion on the corporate recovery. but less than 2 percent of that has gone to low carbon economy measures. much of it has gone to bailey and the same polluting companies causing this crisis that continue to pollute. so we really need to have a real shift and change from the sol economic model. i'm the one that says,
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profit comes before sustainability becomes big, or people in the our environment. this ruling does ban ships, these large ships from the venice lagoon. but as adam was just telling us in his report, they're basically being just re directed to another part of the city. so everything that you've talked about all day the levels of emissions that these ships are putting out still exist. is this actually as much of a victory as environmentalists have been fighting for this would have us believe? well, i think with all of these challenges, we have often it to david and goliath situation. rob local community is local people fighting decades long struggles to raise issues and see these as the 1st step. so of course, this doesn't solve the real problem. of course, it doesn't go far enough. it's a 1st step and i think many people would see as, as literally only the 1st step. really,
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the solution is going to be to ask ourselves in this world that we live in. now can we afford to have these mega cruise ships where people of a sailing around the world causing huge environmental impact to me just can we afford to have these polluted industries continue in the way that they are? and the frankly, the answer is no. so accommodating them as benny says, don, to try and build a new harbor, that's just shifting the problem and kicking the, the ball, diving in the, into the grass. it's not really grasping with the real issue that we all face, which is i do reduce emissions id away from these polluted industries. how do we create a safe for cleaners, better world for everybody? good to get your thoughts on this time and we appreciate your time. so thank you very much indeed. well, it's a pleasure. thank you. he's healing. prime ministers made a formal apology for raising people who overstayed their visas nearly 50 years ago now from violent raids were racially motivated because police mostly targeted
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pacific islanders for deportation while ignoring people from other countries. from auckland, here's wayne. hey, these experiences with the tears flowed as pacific islands, community leaders, and those affected by the door raids gathered in oakland town hall. they came to his new zealand prime minister jacinta rod, durn say the words they've been calling for for decades. today. i stand on behalf of the new zealand government to offer a formal an unreserved apology to pacific communities for the discriminatory implementation of the immigration laws of the 19th stephen teeth that lead to the events of the dawn right on the immigration. quick down in the 1970 s targeted pacific islanders who had been brought here because of labor shortages. the often violence don't rage, which the government has now apologized for. so police searching homes,
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businesses and even churches looking for over stairs to deport her response from the place was welling. it was very reactionary, and it was very violent. the sense of injustice is still felt to day, mainly because it was only pacific islanders who were targeted, not the majority of overstate who were at the time from the united states or europe, a formal government apology for past injustices. his re yolanda has to meet strict criteria, including the victims being definable as a distinct court that continues to suffer hum connected to those historic events. today, many of those affected feel a sense of shame about what happened and they're reluctant to talk about it even to their families. you would have just felt like you were trampled on in some way emotionally, spiritually, many, many ways. and i think that has been answered generational leaders and new zealand, polynesian communities, welcome the apology and they hope it will help people of the pacific islands move
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on the l. a. stand proud because of who we are and achieve the very, very basic and simple goals for why we even came to this country. that's all we want. they also hope saying, sorry will help build trust between the island communities and the government and into a future generations feel secure in new zealand. even if the apology has taken nearly 50 years. wayne, hey, al jazeera hawkins still ahead on al jazeera, twice the celebration. twice the emotion is too high. jumpers agree to share the gold medal? joe's going to have the best of the action as for it's coming off. ah frank assessments, by way it is a lesson again, freedom surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on to
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constitute it was what it was for. petune is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between any other group that we have compet here for 6 years. re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, the few that dr. change i following the removal of robert new gobby than bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think. that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and captured a haunted nutshell at the power and fragility of hope borne free witness on al jazeera. oh,
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i hello rowen. will it start with an unbelievable result in the biggest event of the took care lympics italy's in a month marcell jacobs has won the mens $100.00 me said gold medal. he's the one wearing blue 2nd from the rights on your screens. after a great start, he never slowed down and held on to beat 2 of the pre race favorites. merican fred, curly finished 2nd and canadas. i'm ready to grasp the bronze. this is italy's 1st ever metal in the 100 meters as well from correspondence in tokyo and the richardson. well, i think if we were to go back to 2016 when you sang both to just one 3rd of his 100 meter olympic gold medals and thought, well, who might inherit that championship? nobody, nobody would have come up with italy's lamont marcel jacobs. not least because at
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the time he was barely competing in sprint races. he was focusing on the long, jo, it's only in the last couple of years he's really focused on running the short sprint distances. he won the european indo championship or the 60 meters early. this year and here he is causing a huge upset on the track setting a personal best of 9.80 seconds, becoming the 1st european winner of this gold medal since winford, christie of britain, back in 1992 and it was unbelievable. few minutes on the track for italian track and failed because just before that jamal code, some berry had won a gold medal in the men's high gym and roll the bizarre circumstances sharing the gold medal with capital s a bosh. and both meant perfect. true to me to 37 know even could clay to meters. 39, they were given. the offer of a jump off by one of them would have finished with
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a silver metal all that be given the offer of sharing the gold medal. perhaps not surprisingly, they took the latter option. well, staying with athletics and venezuela, eulu morrow has passed, smashed the triple jump, won't record. she jumped 15.67 meters, which is 17 centimeters better than the previous best set by ukraine's in this cravat. in 1995 well has is venezuela's 1st female big champion simone bio has pulled out of another gymnastics final because of mental health. having already decided not to compete in 4 events. 24 year old us star has now withdrawn from mondays full final. i mean she only has one more chance to win a metal these gains on the beam. she'll make a decision on that later in the week. merican so mccaleb dressel described the pressure of the limb, picks his terrifying but worth it of the finishing of his campaign with 2 more gold medals on sunday us starkly gold and took care with
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a great butterfly leg and the men for by 100 meet them medley rely as his team set a world record. earlier dressel setting and limping record as the one the men 50 metre, free australians, emma emma can set to olympic records one in the fifty's of free. so and another in the full by 100 meter metal relay that makes it for gold. so mccann at these games with 3 bronze medal 2. she's just the 2nd woman when 7 metals of any color at a single gain. tennis saw alexander very says there is nothing better than winning gold. at the olympics, he won the men's singles title with a straightforward win of rushes. karen catching off in the final straits at 636. 1 is the biggest title of his career. having never won a grand slam, there is nothing better than this, i think because as i said, you know, playing for yourself, you're playing for, for everybody involved. and a gold medal? yes, i have it around my neck,
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but i know that everybody in germany was supporting everybody back at home, you know, supporting all the assets here. and i think the lympics is the biggest sporting event in the world that was gone for the usa in the men's gulf sand sharply beat slovak, his worry sabatini, by a stroke shuffling has quite the back story. his father was a german de kathleen, whose own olympic ambitions were ended when he was blinded after a car accident. shuffling also has japanese grandparents. so it was almost like a home when, you know, with my dad and you know, this is my dad. aspire to have one of these at some point in his life, he dedicated a big chunk of his life for quite some time to obtain a metal. and that was taken away from him. and you know, my ties here with my grandparents living boy and my mom grew up here as well. there is just all these things that sort of, you know, motivated me to, to do better be better. and, you know, maybe put more pressure on myself. but it was sort of, you know, more than just golf for me. and i'm just really, really happy and fortunate to be sitting here and bizarre. seeing that the men
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boxing frenchman more at elliot stage to sit in protest after being disqualified for excessive use of his head in his call to final fight, he punched the camera and refused to move for more than half an hour. well, here's a quick look at the metal table, china out in front, on their own with 24 gold medals ahead of the usa who have 20. it's lisa plastics. goals get them into the top 10. columbia melissa gonzalez reached the semifinals of 400 hurdles and tokyo, she's married to nfl play david plough, who got very excited, watching back home with his detroit lines. teammates the be carefully doesn't injured so that it was for now spectrum. thanks very much
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indeed. that's it. for me, well, patterson, for this news, i will be back in a moment, 2 more days, due for not a news news news, news lies and elicit market for the rich and powerful i was leading specialist work undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell something like one in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many of the 6 like brazen example. i've seen the
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man who so football coming soon on, i was just, you know, the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get to survive, risking it or peruse, elgin's era, he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the jury and national liberation front with his
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feet. rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threat to our planet on al jazeera. ah. like to enough kind of stand the taliban edges towards cities of the season rural areas and border crossings. ah, about this and this is just a lie from doha also coming up me and my minute isn't typically it's not our transitional government led by a prime minister, 6 months after season power in a crude millions, across the u. s. for soon find themselves homeless during the pandemic after
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a pause and evictions expires, taught a sprinter from bella. russo refuses orders to return home.


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