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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2021 8:30pm-9:00pm AST

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more than banning cruise ships from its waters adarine al jazeera venice. and you can find a lot more on our website. the address for that of course, is w w w dot 0 dot com. that's w w w dot odyssey dot com. ah, this is all just read. these are the top stories. there's been intense fighting in lush, con god, the besieged capital of afghanistan's helmand province. they have gone, air force has been blamed for bombing a local private hospital killing at least one person. charlotte, bella says more from couple there's been heavy fighting in and around 3 major cities in afghanistan and lash cargo, the capital of home and province. fighting started on saturday when the telephone into the city resident said they could see the taliban moving street to street, getting closer to the heart of the city until ask in special forces entered. and
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since that time they said they have just heard heavy gunfire. and also if strikes from africa and if force and also from the united states peppering around the outskirts of the city via communications have been cut off and less co got some critically hard to get information in and out of the city and for residence to feel secure and not knowing what is going on around them. mamma is willing jones has an on the formation of a caretaker government to mingle ly will become the prime minister. 6 months after season. power in a crew is promising multi party elections. he says the vote will take place by late 2023. when he also plans to lift the state of emergency millions of people across the us. it could be forced out of their homes within days after a nation wide motor totally on evictions expired by didn't jo biden's facing criticism were failing to challenge a supreme court decision preventing an extension the fees was imposed last year to help slow the spread of covered 19 by using crowding in homes about russian
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sprinter in tokyo says she's safe and under police protection, she claimed she was being taken to the airport to be flown home against her will. she complained about a coaches in public, christina, to mount a sky. it was due to compete in the olympic woman's 200 meters a monday. but she says coaches ordered her to pack of bags on sunday and runs denied any involvement in an attack on israeli operated tanker off the coast of oman. but israel's prime minister insist that his country has intelligence confirming that iran is responsible. u. k has also said it, but he is around was behind the attack on the m v. masa. 2 people were killed on board the ship on thursday when it was hit by what appears to have been a drone strike. and those are the headlines and the news continues here on august here in about half an hour's time during so i story to me then if you can. goodbye news.
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news, news. news . a state of emergency is due to end in central africa. the public thought owns groups of stepping off their attacks force and phases of people to escape. why is the army and cincinnati backers struggling to contain the file? and this is insight story ah over there and welcome to the program. i'm, how am i eating? a state of emergency in central african republic appears to have done little to
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stop armed groups, president for our combs to idea and post it in january when rebels, angry at his re election, attacked towns and villages. the measure issue to expire this month, but the united nations says fighting has intensified, doesn't have been killed and attacks on villages in the past 6 months. the army has the support of $12000.00 un peacekeepers, rolanda, and special forces and russian paramilitaries. they've managed to recapture territory from the rebels, but the fighting as force 120-0000 refugees to escape mostly to democratic republic of congo. on thursday, the un security council extended an arms embargo for another here. so you player, sit back, go. let's be clear, she this is an embargo which aims to prevent arms groups from acquiring and also using it against civilians. central african armed forces or un peacekeepers,
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or at the same time, the possibilities of exemptions are extended said that the authorities of the central african republic can continue to train and equip their army. i stress that the embargo does not, of course, prevent the central african republic from acquiring the means to defend itself. the more you will, central african republic has been martin violence. during the past decades, the removal of president ford was easy and 2013 led to years of fighting between christian and muslim arms. groups were hopes for peace when full star cons to a dead one the election and 2016. but he has struggled to contain the funny thing, the government and 14 the rebel groups signs in agreements in 2019, but it didn't make much difference. force and officials to declare a state over emergency in january will be un warned, the security situation is deteriorating. and says nearly 2000000 people may die
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without assistance. the well as spring in our guests mussa. abdulla joins us on the line from go to a bully and cameron that's on the border with central african republic case. a journalist and political analysts stand in the canadian township for all the archipelago, ontario, louis much central africa director, human rights watch. and joining us in brussels is peter cooper, a fellow at the institute for justice and reconciliation. a warm welcome to all of you, but i will start with move of july. if i can, you work in the central african republic. you live that just give us a sense of what it's like right now. you have this state of emergency just due to be lifted, but the situation doesn't seem to be improving for people in the country. what does
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this mean? ho? thank you very much for the program. i think i'm supposed to end date, but he meant from the government so far, i didn't know yet. i tried to find them or not. i think in terms of security to have an impact on having more concurrent caught the government to control the movement because they used to move . i did a nighttime during the day. so it had the government to actually persecution, different houses and make some many people are calling because you have so many many, many,
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many people in the country you buy them. we have this report by different buddy like. ready ready you and you and see and different organization have reported that there there is so many violation. busy of human rights and you feel you can get better, but i quite imagined do you think the state of emergency has helped at all or is it just another stop got measure that's merely prolonging the difficulties that the central african republic is going through. it has helped, like i said, it's somehow when the government to the movement of food in the nighttime, in different locations, especially in the capital city. because in different cities that i travel actually
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see. and then it's not even active. it doesn't work like people don't even care about it today, activity in the nighttime, but do you have the government to control some of the movement of the capital? but i don't believe that he's had help in any way in the. ready location concurrently, it has a terrible negative impact to population. how many people are crying about what, what's going on. so many people are getting because you know, i stayed imbedded, majestic, many be paid on so many people and we don't know what to do to go and get can get out of any justification happened. a lot of people are happening in
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the population. ok, let me turn to you louis much from human rights watch. we're hearing distress and testimony from from mussa delay who is traveling around c r. and he's saying that the state of emergency is allowing some control to, to come back to the government in some small measure, but it's also having honorable impacts on large chunks of the population. what you recess minutes of the state of emergency. i mean, is it sustainable? i think i think we would broadly agree with with most the fact is, is that any, any improvements under the state of emergency in the last 6 months have been in your world stop gaps. what we're much more concerned with is what most of the alluding to is the rise in right to pieces attached to the state of emergency. most notably, that is the door to door searches and bungie. and what we are documenting as
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a very worrying trend towards targeting ethnic buyer, north of the capital of bungie and the cooperation of russian paramilitaries in these operations. what's worrying for us at human rights watch is that these type of operations conserve as a pretext to further fuel recruitment for rebel groups all across the country. when, when they know that the government is going to be engaging these types of human rights abuses, it really does just serve as a recruiting tool. and it's, it's terribly worrying for us. and frankly, it's a real step back. these alleged human rights abuses which have been documented by the un, a real step back to the government. and they should really change course and focus on a, a security program in a security strategy that does put human respect for basic human rights up front. why do you think this is, this isn't the case, then why do you think that governments lewis not just taking this approach
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they are, frankly, in december. i think all of us were shocked at how much territory the, the latest iteration of a rebellion coalition called the c p. c. we were shocked at how much territory they took and how quickly they took it. and the government, and this was happening under the auspices of a very large human, very large un peacekeeping operation. and in under the auspices of international support from both rwandans and the russians. so they felt drastic measures needed to be taken. those drastic measures had to cut the movement of the c p. c to some degree that worked on, but they will also trying to do with they're also trying to find c p. c. fighters who had notably infiltrated bonds to capital and they were going to arrest those fighters under the state of emergency. the military was unable to make arrests
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without having to go from a prosecutor without having going. ringback for the judge, due process was kind of thrown out the window for emergency measures. and what we're documenting. and this has been substantiated by the un, which is already published on this, is that many of these individuals are actually taken off and executed. and that is only going to further drive recruitment of people who feel disenfranchised people who are associated with farmers filica groups, but also an ethnic bio who are from boise days ethnic group who feel targeted. who feel like they've been lumped in with the c p. c. ok, peter, can opa, is this an assessment that you would agree with that the state of emergency that's being brought said and kids be helping fuel recruitment drives for the the rebel groups that the government is trying to get a handle on. yes, human rights violation is you know, often has that impact and security zation has the effect. so you know why
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assessment is that that could have that the thing. but i think it's important to also look at the bigger picture. what happened the bunky form 2015 and then the beach agreement of 2019 stipulated that there would be elections and the elections. elections generally invites tensions because people take a hope high profile. people want to you know, compare one another. so they need to take a whole higher profile to, to, to guarantee visibility. that's exactly what happened. and then boise, they came back to the country and managed to get some of these groups. we got them out of the piece of maintenance and, and managed to raise rebellion on the, his leadership to oppose the, the situation that, that was part of the agreement. so 456 of the groups that
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stood out of the, of the, of the agreement distance themselves and started to fight a, a government that was in place. this will happen, this is what has happened in december that led to the state of emergency. and then the russians, and the london se came to the help of the government, and started to fight the rebuilding dest. you know, this, the big picture now the, the russian, that the strategy of the russians is to get the rebels out of the city cities in it says re bottom. so they chasing the rebels from the cities outside into, into the rural areas, into the villages. and the villages are suffering, the ability to suffer the impact of the rebels coming into the villages and,
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and taking whatever they want that they want to take. so the, so the situation is, is improving in some of the cities, but is deteriorating in the rural areas with a huge human there. and the impact that's, that's what is happening today in this. it is a, it's, it's part of what the election dynamics did to the piece of movement. ok, well, you mentioned the, the russians. that one's and we do understand there are 4 actors who are in the country and who are taking part in this, in this conflict. let's get them. so the, the brass tax really for people who are not as familiar with the central african republic as you 3 gentlemen, are you mention their pizza cooper. that's a rebel groups were being siphoned away from this piece agreements in order to to, to, to riley roads the, the former leads are both easy. why would they to those?
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why would they do that? why are they that rally the site was isa, and not going with the, the leads or who the country had elected initially? because the new very built that nobody was going to vote for them. they were, they were part of a peace agreement that was in that, that was as old as, as there was a year old. but in the election, they won't stand a chance. they said they would never go back to the political spectrum after the elections so, so it was either losing the elections or losing their position or opposing the government that was in place. in both of these, it managed to mobilize the fees of not coming back to the political spectrum in some of these, some of the, of the rebel actually for this, you know, this is a video that is, is very unstable in its initial phases, as always for agreement, so these are the sport and bodies managed to,
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to mobilize the spoiler so you will have. so if you take a simplistic view, if this and say, well how do you fix this problem? is the fixing the problem, getting rid of the trouble? so max are here, which we're implying with people's easy or it doesn't go cheaper than that. i can see you louis much shaking your head slightly. i understand is more complex than that, but just to boil it 10 years is noticed. familiar with this dynamic? what would you say to that? sure. i mean, i think, i think us goes, he's a, is a spoiler absolutely agree to boil it down to, to it, to a simple dynamic. it would be this to date 8 years in to really horrific violence in a country that is not foreign to violence. the number one driver, in our opinion of this violence is impunity. no one to date has actually been held accountable. none of the big fish had been held accountable for the war crimes and
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the crimes against humanity that they committed. whether that be falsified was a who, who absolutely has committed crimes is president. and now he's gone on to play the spoiler role. i'm completely breaking up the cartoon piece agreement, whether that be the myriad of other rebel leaders across the country. we do have 3 individuals currently in the hague, in front of the i, c, c. and there's a special hybrid court called the special criminal court, which has gotten up and running with international national judges and prosecutors . but i reiterate to date, central africans are exhausted. there's this humanitarian aspect that, that peter alluded to, which is absolutely, in our opinion, you should be put it before. but people are exhausted in seeing these warlords continue to just get away with murder and no one is held accountable and they want justice. they've asked for justice. the central african people do want there to be 3 of accountability. ok with the delay a. is that something that the tally says what you're hearing when you're reporting
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in the country? people are exhausted and where to they see this the solution to this the end game to this? does it come back to this piece agreements or do they want to see some actual accountability for the the crimes that are being waged against them? yes. so i think that the situation is really complex and most of the population of central today are very, very confused. he was about what can be the solution because he'd have like so many agreement between make up manually how i mean there's so many different. ready piece a quote i had between the government work didn't work. what could make it today work in one hand, in hand. and people are thinking, how can we fight it up to 14 different why and our i mean is under,
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i'm go. and the keeper added data for about 7 or 8 years now and then it had never came to anything. so people of a computer actually, but we believe that there is no any. ready solution because you don't have to fight this guy. watson, the military who do not enable so to control the hotel. what do you like or what? my fellow, hey, they got to get up and out of the city over there in the area and not even yet they have a truck come across the board called inside like a kind of public. and they can call that
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a that city up to date. now and hope to hear that it's really confusing, it's incredibly confusing. and i think to the confusion are of course these external parties were coming in. we understand the russian contractors, the russian government says they are contract as you're in to provide training. rwanda has sense in the armed forces also francis a relationship in the area, chives, ascending, and the troops. do you think these external forces are helping or hindering the situation on the grounds? so i'm actually hoping at some point, but i like i can out better, but it could be 50 but we are seeing what i'm what i'm, what i'm saying now is that when we don't like when they kick out out of
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150 the next day they leave not allow me to get out with one without getting like a 10 fucker military. i would not let me call fucker. they leave just like a 10 individual and you know, secured in that city. but the next day they will come out and take. but when they left, for example, and they wonder they can, if they can take control of one city and the next day, they're coming back from the go today. we can never, you know, the pen, for example, on the one done or watson because how long they are going to say the 10 years 20 or 50 years. i don't know. why do you need is that we need to have a peace agreement. and then we have enough what if from an end then we can then keep the security when this guy left like
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a lesson or didn't want to date and they can take control on the territory. and if they leave tomato who are going to get the security. ok my. yes, it's a, it's a very complex situation. it seems like almost a game of whack him or when you manage to solve one issue, it pops up somewhere else. pizza can open. so you know, thing and agreements with what delight was was saying to as it was moving forward, what are the strategies then to deal with this particular rebel site and giving the pop up somewhere else you could do? yes. for infinity i was, i was in buggy yesterday i was, i came back from bug yesterday just roughly 2 opinions in bungie. and they're there . they're mutually exclusive. some people claim that re negotiating the piece agreement, the piece agreement, the $2900.00 piece agreement is the way forward. so bring these people back to the negotiation to discuss exactly what most i would say. but there isn't other portion
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of, of the political cause. there that there's no that they've, they've lost their position that they've lost their, their right to, to the table to the political dynamics. so, so we're going to change in the guild them and find them and, and hunt them out just h. so there's 2, there's 2 different positions, dial over or not dialogue. and, and you know, my personal opinion is that i think the only way out just as most i says is, is go back to the medication table and try to re negotiate the piece agreement. and revise stuff and then all the elements as this are d d r demobilization disarmament. and both my colleague from canada says, this is a need for justice. there's a need for peace and reconciliation in the most classical sense. we need to
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transform the conflict into a peaceful situation and just is what people want and justice is what the people need. and the reconciliation mechanism is the way forward. ok, we have one minute left. people are at the hearts of this. are you optimistic that there will be an end to this for the people of the c r lewis much? i'm afraid i'm not as optimistic as i was in 2016. i'm afraid that looking at the numbers, looking at hunger levels right now, the food insecurity and the displacement. i'm terribly afraid that this country which has already been through so much, has many more years of difficulty on the horizon. that's just my real perspective having been working in a nurse. okay, thank you very much indeed. and the final words to you, most of the lie a how do you see this play guides? are you hopeful for the future of the c r m?
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i uses to see that the dialogue really accelerated to include everybody, including groves in the political side, and also they just as a special court that they were created recently to be active in there very quickly so that you can do that. but otherwise we'd be fight didn't we didn't expect to have a p p. yes. ok, i'm afraid we are out of time, but i do appreciate all 3 of you for joining us on the show today. thank you very much to most of july louis, much answered peter copa and thank you to for watching. remember, you can catch the show again and all of our previous programs anytime by visiting the website that's i'll just say dot com for further discussion. you can head to our facebook page at facebook dot com,
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around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blast in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want to compute just how did dangerous chemicals end up in sports. let's be profession. it was not intended for muslim and was the whole stop file unloaded from the ship, the missing amal, and it wasn't all in one way or another. membership in an illegal way before join me for their, for the full report on the fuel, the drive change. following the removal of robert mcguffey than bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead
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of telling people what to think, how dread that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunt is not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm robot this and this is the news are live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. sounds like enough janice taliban edges towards cities after seizing rural areas and border crossings.


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