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that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera. ah . the pressure on the gun president whose fault is a fighting to push back against taliban assaults on major cities. ah. hello robin. you're watching my headquarters here in denver coming up in the next 30 minutes. reco, temperatures and strong winds pete, more than a 100 wildfires burning across southern turkey. both the elliptic organizes say a bell or russian athlete is safe and secure unto kit after refusing to be
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fulfilled into a slides home and a referendum on prosecuting mexico's form of president. droll few voters raising questions about legitimacy. ah, the fact that we begin to that's going to stop where the embattled present shaft ghani is facing parliament as the taliban intensifies the tax on major cities. in the past 24 hours, the armed group has moved in from the outskirts to the heart of kandahar and lash, got a guy that been government and strikes and fighting and taliban, the former stronghold of kandahar. ne, one of the main border crossings with buck is found as have gone in though made no mention of the serious escalation and violence during an address to parliament on monday morning. he has long maintained the taliban has no serious intention of peace. his forces have been losing ground since un nato troops began their withdrawal with half the country already falling to the taliban. that's close for
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the very latest joint james phase of correspondence. and senior diplomatic editor james, just bring us up to speed on developments overnight and into the morning a lot going on. so particularly in the south africa stone. and i think i should start in helmand and the provincial capital last year got what, you know, that being class she's going on for some time. now, while we've just spoken to our local journalists to provide just with information from last good god, it's worth saying that these local journalists, ah, how we're getting all the information going on in the south of afghanistan, and they're doing it a great personal risk. the lines have been down for about 20 hours, but we have an update now and certainly the update is one that will concern the african government. because we're being told that taliban fighters who are in the heart of the city, there in houses in the heart of the city, creating a big problem african military because it's going to be going to need urban warfare
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going house to house, the hardest type of fighting to try and remove them. well, right now they are right by the government as compound and the police chiefs headquarters in the center of laska gov. that's the latest information we're having from laska got the government side saying that they carry it out as strikes the africa. they're full of carried out as strikes. there are also reports that the u. s. also carried out as strikes around alaska. got the government also saying that they have killed taliban, they say 40 tell about they killed overnight in alaska area. moving to the neighbor, neighboring province, and the 2nd city of afghanistan, canada ha, ongoing violence that in the city of canada, the airport were told has been repaired, but flights have not yet thought to land in kandahar and that the border areas spin bolduc the border. remember controlled by the taliban for some time. now. flash fresh clashes have gone on that in a wraps in the west about got a son perhaps
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a little quieter in iraq city, but still clashes reported and also hadn't rock providence around shouldn't done airfield, which was one of the big basis for the u. s. and nato that has been fighting reported. don't tell you much in recent days about the east of africa understand. but in language, in actually in district that has been a taliban attack that the taliban saying that they killed 10 soldiers and placed the government saying that the casualties were 2 of the security forces because issues on all fronts. then james, it seems the president has been speaking, but hasn't really touched on the situation around the country. what he's talked about, the security situation. he's talks about it being an unprecedented period of turmoil and said it's a state of aggression that's been unleashed against his government. he also talks about a ton of people say the taliban has changed. i agree, but not a good way. they have become more cruel. so his indictment of the tell about that.
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remember we have those talks which is supposed to be ongoing between the african government and the taliban paused at the moment. the word is they may resume on the 11th of august. he also concluded his speech saying we have chosen the path and the taliban now need to choose that as. but what the speech was very like told. busy was details of what the african government in the afghan security forces are going to do. what is the plan now? the president simply said with a new 6 month security plan, things will change, but 6 months is a long timeline. things have been moving very fast and recent weeks and they seem to be still moving very fast now. 10 days out, diplomatic added to the in cobble thank. now in the coming out, israel supreme court is to hear an appeal from full palestinian families against the forced expulsion from the chief char neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem for the families. this is their last legal chance to prevent their false
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displacement. after living there for decades, dozens of the palestinians in the day put also into threat of false expulsion to make way for israeli satler's. shake. jetta has been the scene of frequent crackdowns by israeli security forces against protests. while at least 8 people have died and wildfires burning across southern turkey crusade, most of the more than 100 finds under control. but hot troy weather is fanning them near its villages and coastal resort towns. sim conseula has more from a stumble. the one squint hills of maurice have turned into this hector's, a scorched land and smoke everywhere as 5 fighting helicopters down the flames. the fires here are mostly contained now, but the damage they left behind is immense and unsolved. man, i've got this trick. this farmer found a newborn baby goat. his name that medical didn't pick them. john. i'm really
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worried about these animals. if i died, it wouldn't matter what i was really just being evacuated. i couldn't leave. and i asked my parents if we die, he shall we die together with these animals. and they said yes. so we stayed. i wish those animals survived. and i was dad and his dad and i don't know. innocent, kicked out of the more volunteers i joined the firefighters working across the southern region like college student re hahn and natalie has access to the district . give us all seniors in our village survive the fire except for my 82 year old grandfather got poisoned by the smoke trying to put up the fire. i don't want other senior di tories said to be moved from some of the hotels in mall as popular district of boardroom as the fires spread down the hill towards the sea shore. the government suspects arson, but experts believe excessive heat and strong winds are likely to cause climate
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change is also crucial factor turkey, so devastating floods in its northern black sea region earlier in july, who could finish for many years. the mediterranean has never seen such dry weather as it has in the last 20 days. meteorologists have actually worn fires, unavoidable in the next 15 days, and may continue until september. the fire was started and mar maris has mouse fret to other locations. the government has been criticized for a shortage of fire fighting aircraft other by john iran. russia and ukraine have sent equipment in personnel. but turkey's forester minister warns the humidity level is going down in the coming days, which means more attention and measures are needed to put out the fires in turkey, southern greenhouse, and ease the pain of those who have lost everything. seen because solo al jazeera sambal and they been greece crews are also battling large wild vase that have destroyed homes and farms in the south. the flames of spread after breaking up near
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petrov on saturday. temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees celsius as the heat wave continues across southern europe. well, if any 2 has been struggling with wildfires around the taurus resort for scada, 800 people have been moved from their homes after a large fire in a nearby nature. reserve officials say they've been battling more than 800 flare ups across the country. in the last few days, i the international olympic committee says a bellow russian athlete is safe and secure in tokyo. christina, his mental sky has had accused bela russia. bella ruth puff me of trying to force her home on the plane after she publicly complained about her coaches that led to a stand off at the port involving japanese police, a former bellowing lympics remand opposition activist has voiced her support for
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christina to the metal sky oh gosh, the w b, i would say this is a blatant injustice and president and violation of human rights and source rule. they tried to take an athlete out of the olympic village and bought them from the country just because of their opinion and position from take. it is the rich right now team and also should have been competing in the 200 meters at least care games. instead, we have whole, she's at a hotel near the airports here in tokyo, olympic officials saying guys, i spoke to her last night saying that you speak to her again this morning and maybe show her. she does feel safe and secure what a pace to have happened. is that a, a group of, of belarus athletes were leaving the athletes village last night have a complaint here in tokyo and she was amongst great on the 1st of the she became aware that she was leaning against a will. i was when she arrived at the airport and immediately went out to see can
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help from took care of police. let's say now for a minute. the spokesmen mach adams spoke to the barris athlete. christina simon simon, new sky, directly last night. she was with the apple store, it is a to airport. i was time accompanied by a staff member of tokyo 2020. she assured us and has assured us that she feels safe and secure. she spent the night at an airport hotel in the safe and secure environment of the i. c and tokyo. 2020 will continue the conversations with her and the japanese will thought is to determine the next step. in the upcoming days, she was upset and had criticize officials within the team because she was also i've been asked to take part in the 4 by 4 or 3 lines. she said, that's an event she hadn't practiced for or trained for me because of the incompetence of officials back in valerie, she failed to put other athletes through the required anti doping tests prior to
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these games. that for those athletes hadn't been able to compete moment the limits . so what we can do, but there is somebody from to care 20 with them with her. also representative from the un refugee agency and in constant contact with her. but the main point is, she's not less she still in this country and is not on her way back to the other as well. still ahead. hill alger there are standing by the man supporters of brazilian present balls and rally behind a call to change the voting system. and why holiday cruises through the historic canals of venice could soon be a thing of the past to stay with us here on there. ah hello good to see those storms that stretch from the parent east to the elves. that
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energy has now made its way through the baltic states and we're getting some enhancement off the baltic sea as while still running the risk, we could see some wild thunderstorms in poland. but if you look really widespread instability across europe, it says we head towards south, it's smooth sailing and also high temperatures. here we're talking about searing heat. so for example, sophia bulgaria, 40 degrees and bucharest. 40 degrees will be the high for you on monday. instability for the northern shores of the atria, see as we want to put that on your radar and we are keeping tabs on that wild fire burning in on talia profits. this is what crews are up against. and it's looking like the weather is not going to cooperate. we're going to locker temperature in the low fourties over the next few days. so that's on talia, but it's burning east of on talia city. so here's the next 3 days. winds are going to whip up to about 25 kilometers per hour and low humidity, which means it is dry. and that does not help with the firefight either. after
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africa, we've got some stronger pulses of rain rolling through areas of nigeria, but also as we head towards senegal, the gambia and sierra leone on monday, free town, a high of $27.00 degrees. ah frank assessments, spyware. it is less than again, freedom, suppress, informed opinions. what you saw happening is market carpeted. it was what it was for. petune is the critical debate, the real cost here. it's not between any other companies here that 4 years re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera oh,
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the me look about you're watching out there at least a whole romney reminder of all top stories of got a song president has told parliament a state of aggression is being imposed on the country by taliban bulls in attacking several cities. god, he added that us forces are withdrawing from more quickly than expected. at least 8 people have now died in the files that have burned across turkey for the past 5 days through the still battling several wild on the popular tours marius natalia and lucca. the international olympic committee says, russian olympian christina, just mental sky. it is safe in the hands of japanese authorities. she says her olympic team tried to force her to leave token after she publicly criticized her coach in washington. her down to the appropriate response to an attack on
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israeli operated tank off the coast of oman, u. s. and you have joined israel in blaming iran for thursday strike to ron has denied any involvement. 2 people were killed all the in the massive streets when it was hit by what appears to have been a drone strike. us secretary state antony blink and said it follows a pattern of belligerence from iran. hillary man leverett, tis a football whitehouse national security official. she thinks, relations in the region. and let me go to get worse. i'm afraid we're in for a period of a glitch or a tension, especially in bobbing iran and israel. there is no real diplomatic channel or framework to discuss or handle these tensions as, as there was when we had the j. c, p o, a before president trump pulled the united states out of it. that has really taken diplomacy out of the picture. and so there are been, there's been,
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there's been escalation now for, for a couple of years. we've had israeli attacked on iranian target, their nuclear scientists, they're nucular installations, various other targets in iran, that israel either claimed credit for or quietly said that they don't know who did it. so there's been escalation now for a period of time, and i think it was inevitable that we would see iranian around in retaliation and, and, and increasing escalation from their part. even though they denied that they are responsible for this attack. i think it was inevitable and i think we are unfortunately in, for a period of increasing tension and confrontation. it's a poor relationship between iran in the united states and one that was really broken by president trump when he tore up the iran new killer deal that the united states had negotiated painstakingly with iran and with our partners. it really put iran in a position where it had to take more of these measures into its own hands. and it had, in that sense,
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build up its own leverage in the international on the international military scene . and i think we're in for some real escalation on iran part. there, there been some fundamental changes in the international political, economic, and military structure which makes is rarely shipping in particular, quite vulnerable. 2 people have been killed by gunman as a funeral of a has been a fighter south of lebanon capital bay route is not clay, who was behind the attack and holiday. they opened fire during the funeral service for commander who was killed at earlier. and what lebanese media was saying was a personal vendetta. mexicans voted in a referendum on whether to prosecute 5 former presidents present. and the rest loop is over though has been promising to fight corruption. he encouraged his supporters to take part, but criticized election officials. a few polling stations more than 40 percent of
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registered voters have taken part for the result to be binding. but the turn not registered so far as the fall lower to confirm the most important that the important thing is ending impunity in this country. it's been going on for far too long. there has to be justice. there has to be democracy. we're in. this is what we are in disagreement with presidents. they leave and leave us with nothing. another president comes in and they leave him with all the responsibility will ahead of the election. officials that the process would itself be free from corruption, which pretty much is as it gets taken on the pop in our consultation will be carried out within the technical specifications of quality, professionalism, and personality and legality. it's expected that the results would be obtained as a maximum of 24 hours after the close of receiving the pallet tabulations for this it only been as president of latin america's consultancy, a symmetric a. she says the referendum is a way for president over at all to distract from his failings where he is holding
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it because it invigorates his base and a mexicans are exhausted of corruption, right? so what he's saying is, is trying to seek these corruption prosecutions. it goes, his predecessors who are from a very well established political qualities. and he is for more than now which is a newer political party. and it's basically sort of a leftist ploy against the right. but actually, it's unnecessary because you can just prosecute people for corruption once they are out of the presidency. so he's holding it really to distract from his mishandling of the pandemic. and from the fact that the economic development has not been there, even despite his sort of changing major infrastructure projects like the airport and, and that he keep centralizing power around, sort of a certain lease. there are his lead and centralizing power around the oil company.
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so he is not actually deliver what he said he would do, which is anti corruption and improvement in the living standards of the pool, an increase of delivery of services to the pool, and actually murder rate. despite the pandemic is as high as it ever was under the drug cartels tell the president you seeking the so called prosecutions against already their statute limitations have already run out. and in fact the, the wording is very vague. it's like, do you want reparations for victims by people who have, you know, from people who have roamed the people of mexico from before. and of course anybody would answer yes to that. but there is no set mechanism to very strange political ploy. i don't think that it will actually lead for any benefits for the mexican people. supporters of brazil's present giles, nora rallied in several cities. the backing his proposal of me for paper balance to
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replace the electronic voting and extra selection. while the key yet kemp has more readers in error, the thousands of brazilians rallied in support of brazil's president jade, both some out of their backing his plains that brazil current electronic voting system is not to be trusted. it will don't feel that i believe both in our was elected president and the 1st round of the 2018 elections and not in the 2nd round . like the official results, say, politicians and judges must respect the worth of the people who want paper ballot, not just digital ones, someone in washington, but going also follow the president has offered no evidence of problems with the current system that has been used since 1996, but his supporters believe him, they want to paper print out of every digital ballot cast and they're putting pressure on congress and the supreme court to change the system. but 11 political
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party in many brazilians question both. so natalie intention was getting the people want to change the electronic voting once they pay the site to us. what the majority of brazilians wanted, there wasn't, this is just the government's way of distracting the people from what is really going on. like the more than 500000 did by covered 1900 recent polls shobel. so now to faces defeat by former president with the national ruler, the silva, if the contest next year's election in both scenario has repeatedly said he will not step down. if he thinks there is fraud. had any idea that this happening after the opposition has stage 4 nationwide project. 7 for president right above but not as well. so not as popularity has waned in the face of increasing inflation, unemployment and poverty race. analysts believe he is following in the footsteps of former us president donald trump most. and i was trying to do the same thing that
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trump has gone on in the election. united states, he wants to have the adam, it's necessary to claim that to actually read and try to validate them. resilience still have to wait more than a year to cast their vote. both on out of supporters and opponents already testing each other on the street monitor and i give i'll just 0 rio de janeiro police officers guarding poorly vaccination teens in buckets on her. been targeted in 3 separate attacks. and the latest assault gunman on the motorcycle shot him killed an officer returning from duty with the vaccination workers in the shower, in the north west of the country. no medical workers were hurt in the attacks boxed on a gun on all the only 2 remaining countries in the world where polio hasn't been eradicated . well, let's get more this qual, hider, who's lived with us, from the shower in the north west of the country. and despite polio being one major
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issue, millions of children do to receive those drops across the country. engage to be brit dive. granted 3600000 children and 68 districts across the country. 179000 polio luck, urge tens of thousands of police men. and they said that campaigned richards broad weight rate, because then the boss dollars or dozens of police men and 4 year work they've been targeted mostly by that that he gets all of on budget on budget is some good news because the reported case only one and for the same period last year, there were $66.00 gated code at george that did the god improvement the government and determined to wipe out polio. but i've got that senior jalyn did not to mention the risk of our tag. and the fact that the situation and i've run it on adults so
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quite unstable, which means that a lot of people that may move across the board, what complicate issues, but that governments indeed confident that in a position to control and perhaps will be able to wipe out the boys wide range from parker san lee buck. it sounds like a study government's hope for kamala, over, certainly a longer period of time. but there isn't another problem, isn't there? 19 another back. seeing that the, the government is trying to sell to the public at large that this is full well for their benefits. they must take it indeed, that is a need for a campaign country wide to try to convince the berlin that you mention. it becomes even more challenging when you're dealing with a been deb make because the over at 19, the polio vaccination program was suspended for 5 months. and so that showed that
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challenge is not judged for the polio immunization, but also to get rid of a large number of buckets on is that it in dead interest and in the interest of the country that they should get a job showing data challenging time. and of course, the government to convince people that they should come forward and take seriously or continue to monitor events with you in the north west of focus on the shower as the day progresses come out to the 4th lodge cruise ships saw no band from entering the center of venice. environmentalists have been pushing for the move for years. adam rainy has more from the island city. picture postcard perfection. tourists are back in venice, but they won't be arriving anytime soon on large cruise ships. it follows years of debate about banning mega cruise ships to protect venus's lagoon ecosystem that the
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bait became much more heated with the arrival in june of a towering 90000 tons ship. the government finally announced the ban in july. after threats from unesco to place venice a world heritage site on it from danger to list, the italy is promising to cover last wages for thousands of workers who rely on the cruise industry to keep them afloat. you know what movie? we hope the government comes up with a way for us to continue a subsidy might last a year or 2, but this decrease has ships won't pass through anymore. we need certainty for our future today. now which cuts right through the heart of venice passing by st. mark's square. and it's this very artery to which the huge ships will no longer be able to pack. but that doesn't mean they'll be completely blocked from the venetian lagoon. the plan is to have large cruise ships into the lagoon through a back channel and dock at the mainland industrial port of margarita. the problem
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is the port isn't ready to receive crews. passengers like city council medical gasper, the net, they grew up along dennis's canals. he welcomes the band but sees it as a distraction because a visible part of the iceberg, visible deeper is the big ships about many other products and the big ships are not the on the one. and what are the problems like that the city is dying in terms of being a living place with $0.50, living in side and not having to commute that to get the job. which cannot give it a chance to live in the city where we are just that to me that may control as part of an organization that lobbied for the band. she seated as part of a larger push to focus on long term sustainability. all of that would be done not to shift the focus away from accommodating tourism to really fulfilling the needs of the local residents who the fans also on the value of
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a versity of the lagoon and on the well being of the whole environment. here the venice rose as a commercial powerhouse centuries ago to the great benefit of its people, finding a balance that keeps coffers full and residents from fleeing will take more than banning cruise ships from its waters. adarine al jazeera venice. ah, just bear with me said robin in doha, reminder of our top stories. the african president has told parliament a state of aggression is being imposed by taliban forces who are talking several cities of god. he said the us forces are withdrawing more quickly than expected. in the past 24 hours, the taliban has moved in from the outskirts to the heart of kandahar and lush. got gone. that been government strikes and fighting and none the ha and tyler bonds form a strong hold off canada. how they one of the main border crossings with buck is.


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