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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large weeping promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations the wes. but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises. ah, burned to the grounds crews and turkey struggles contained wildfire as across southern coastal areas. ah. is there a lie from bell? ha! also coming up. china holds transport between its capital and infection. hotspot is basing, see, the surgeon covered, 1900 cases of the stones. president blaine's the speed of international troops withdrawing for worst thing violence. israel supreme court is carrying on for
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palestinian families were facing for expulsion in the neighborhood. ah, hello. one of the worst hate waves for a decade has left parts of southern turkey and flames. at least 8 people have died in the wildfires that have been burning for days. emergency crews, they, most of the more than 100 fires are now under control. but hot dry weather is fanning them near coastal resort towns. many villages surrounding the area have been evacuated. bristol stars are, is him and i got that's in antalya. providence. tell us what you're seeing. where you are russell. well, there we are in the width of column, not in the town of my novel. got one of the worst district by the wildfires in
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turkey and it's been a village just 3 days ago. a married couple had been killed by the fires, a german women married to a turkish man, have leave here for 20 years. and 3 days ago the fires took their life and left 6 other people seriously injured. so this will, it has around $100.00 houses and $58.00 out of them have been either completely this for the, for part, the damage you can just be behind me. how the houses, how be great by the blazes and left re and so the 1st forest fire had been reported in their own weapons. and soon after that they had these several reports of the fire wrapped in in many provinces across the country. so far that has been the fires forest fires going on in 25 different provinces. at 132 locations,
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the goldman says that 125 of them either being completely extinguished or had been taken under the control, but at 7 active zones. the fires is still continuing, and so far they have been a debt. hundreds of people have been hospitalized home, but as of houses have been completely destroyed or damaged, housing is off. the fire fighters are involved in the force to bring the fires under the control pounds of helicopters more than 10 a crabs and the the other hundreds of the other week or so are combining. they've joined a force to take the 45 across the company under the, under the control. and the international solidarity also is around peer wrapping, ramping up russia, ukraine, iran. and although be john has sent helicopter than
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a cause. and also today, be john has sent more than $200.00 firefighters to join the force to take the, the, to, to, to, to bring the, the forest fires under the control. european union also is now involved in this affords, right, the high representing of the european union, foreign affairs, joseph would have said that to a cause and to the how to cope. there's are being sent to turkey from spain and creation. we can say that turkey is going through the worst for support is fires off, it's more than history. thank you so much for us. oh, sorry. our for that update from turkey. a neighboring greece crews are also battling large wildfires that have destroyed homes and farms in the south. the flames have spread after breaking out near progress on saturday, and temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees celsius as a heat wave continues across the southern europe. at least 2 has been struggling
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with wildfires around the tourist resorts at best. scott, all 800 people have been moved from their homes after a large fire in a nearby nature reserve. in 3 neighborhoods in china, capital had been locked down and transport in and out of beijing is suspended. it's the latest response to china's largest current, a virus outbreak in months. overall, only a handful of new infections are reported on monday. but officials are worried about the fast spreading. delta vary in to driving the new cases. katrina, you has more from beijing. this represents a huge challenge of the chinese government. this is the worst outbreak that the country has seen in months, and it's taking place during the peak travel period of the summer holidays. now the authorities have said that there have been more than 370 positive cases identified over the last 2 weeks. 7 of the cases are critical. now the prior z at the
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mormon seems to be preventing the outbreak through growing in the capital of aging . there been only 6 cases identified here so far, but sort of acted very quickly. thousands of people are already under locked down in 3 different neighborhood. authorities have also clamped around on any transport coming in from highly affected areas. so they've cancelled trains buses and flights coming in from those areas. and if people want to travel to aging from those areas, they're going to have to do carver tests and also quarantine for at least 2 weeks. now overall, most of these cases have been identified in the city of non j. now that's a southern city. it's quite a big city, close to shanghai, 9000000 people the so they've identified more than 200 cases and they've conducted mass testing of these 9000000 residents. now all of this, this whole brick is linked to nothing's international. airport with a group of cleaners,
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such will be the 1st who have been infected. they were cleaning a flight, which state media says came in from russia. and after that, we've seen this outbreak grow, but alarmingly, authorities have also identified another possible super spread cluster. and that's in the southern province of hu, not one of china's most popular tourist destinations. jung georgia, which was the place for hollywood movie avatar was filmed now, 2000 people were attending a theater performance, and they have been several cases linked to that, that performance. so traces are working very hard to identify and track all those people who attend attended that performance. the president us from ghani has so parliament, the country is facing a state of aggression by taliban forces which are attacking several cities. he also repeated how his government has been surprised by how quickly us forces our withdrawing saying much of the current situation as a result of this decision gone. he said his government has a plan to bring things under control within 6 months,
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but didn't go into detail. and just in the past 24 hours, the taliban has moved in from the outskirts to the heart of major cities last cargo and kandahar. the situation and last car guys particularly fragile with the are in group moving in closer to major government buildings. there are also been air strikes and fighting and her rock and none got her in the east. our diplomatic editor james, bases in capital with more the main focus right now there's lots of places that we need to look at, but the main focus is on helman. province and last, gar, which is the provincial capital of helmand because they're the taliban in the heart of the city right in the heart of government in the city there around the governors compound and the police chiefs headquarters in alaska. we've seen recent pictures of the taliban in that area. busy we understand that there in buildings there in houses, this creates a big problem for the african government when that right there in the center of the
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city. because it's an urban environment. there are civilians living that to they don't want to have any civilian casualties. so it's going to mean house to house urban fighting the most difficult type of warfare we do understand that have been strikes elsewhere in alaska. and we understand that some of those strikes have been carried out by the us who again, even though that us troops left off carrying out some strikes enough kind of support of the afghan security forces. next door in kandahar classes continue in kandahar city. remember that's the 2nd biggest city in afghanistan and beyond canada, city in canada are province bolduc. that's the board of town that taliban took one of the main border crossings, bringing supplies into afghanistan, from pakistan. there's fresh fighting there. meanwhile, the united states says it will take in thousands more african refugees with us affiliations. they'll receive special visa to settle in the country with
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a taliban gaining more ground, they say they're getting increasingly worried about their safety. more than 200 afghan interpreters arrived in the u. s. on friday. at least 14 bodies have been found into john's at borrow river. according to military sources, there remains, if people believe to have been executed, they were discovered in the eastern cast salad region. israel supreme court of hearing appeals from for palestinian families against their forced expulsion from the sheriff's neighbourhood and occupied east jerusalem for the families. this is their last legal chance to prevent their force displacement. after living there for decades, dozens of other palestinians in the neighbourhood are also under threat of force expulsion. to make way for is really settlers. has been the scene of frequent crackdowns by israeli forces against protesters. the court hearing on the 4th expulsions of the palestinian families from shifts follows decades of similar cases
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. in 1956, dozens of palestinian families settles in the neighborhood. and about a decade later, the families agreed to a deal with the jordanian government that would make them the legal tenants of their homes. but that agreement was cut short when jordan lost control of the land after israel alex east jerusalem in the 1967 war a series of court cases have since ruled in favor of settler organizations that seek to expel palestinians and make way for a jewish citizens turning into a focal point of protests without them how heavy it is in mass western with more or we just so the families and the lawyers go into the court room, which is over there behind me. there's also a group of western diplomats who are here to assist to the hearing. we're told that we have representatives from the, from, from, from germany, the u. s. and other countries. now i spoke to the lawyer earlier and he told me
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that what they're expecting. a bass is what is supreme court to say that the families have the right to appeal again, that is what they're hoping for. they have submitted new documents that go back to april 967. that shows that at the time there jordanians who were in charge really occupied in jerusalem had already started to, to transfer that lad to those palestinians. families which remember all refugees. there had been in this place in 948 at the time of the creation of state of israel . so they're hoping that the supreme court will allow them. a to appeal again, which means that they will open up a new legal avenue that is really the last resort they have here in israel. still ahead on al jazeera u. k. relax the rules for a traveler from several countries will have the latest from london about
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a russian athlete 6 political asylum after refusing to be for some to a flight. i . ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, good to see, you know, for that southeast corner of china into taiwan. it has just been soggy. continuous rain sheets of rain falling, in fact, on taiwan. over the past 24 hours, we scooped up a $179.00 millimeters of rain. you guessed it, it's going to continue on tuesday. look at these bursts of brain. still for taiwan . the yellow, the dark, the color, the more intense. the rain is unsettled for the korean peninsula. some showers for horseshoe and chicago, who on tuesday next we're going to check in on indo china really unsettled, but we will sneak in some peaks of sun here as well. and that's the same story for
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se, asia. i think the best chance of seeing those peaks of sun will be as we head towards singapore and jakarta, we've got highest bear of 32 degrees. widespread rain, top to the bottom end of the philippines. so yes, cit, remain soggy. there is while for the sub continents, our southwest monsoon, these clouds just ringing out their moisture toward the north portion of the countries. so i show you the scene right now in new delhi water logged roads, just sheets of rain falling there and that will continue as we head toward tuesday . there's are heavier pulses of rain for easter project star rate through to mother pradesh. that's your weather update. see you soon. sponsored cattle airways. the fuel the dry change. following the removal of robert mcguffey, in bob way with a country brimming with one journalist set out to record the voice of the people.
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instead of telling people what to think and read that, give them a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting, not sure of the power and fragility of host born free witness on al jazeera. ah, ah ah hello again, the top story on i'll just 0. at least 8 people have now died in the fire that burned across turkey for the past 5 days. crews are still battling several wildfires and a popular tourism areas of antalya and i've got to stand president told parliament a state of aggression is being imposed on the country by taliban forces. gonna play
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much of the current situation on us forces withdrawing so quickly. 3 neighborhoods in china's capital have been locked down and transport in and out of the genius suspended. it's the latest response to china's largest court of iris outbreak in cases of covered 19 or rising across the asia pacific region. many poor nations. i've been struggling to provide adequate medical treatment and oxygen supplies. meanwhile, wealthier countries like australia, south korea and japan had been unable to control the surge, despite imposing lost sounds on strict are a government measures. rob mcbride has more across asia pacific countries that had one seemed to have the pandemic under control. continue to struggle with surgeon cases viet nam is now extended restrictions in its business hub hotel, min city and in 18 other cities and provinces. 85 percent of all of its cases
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throughout the pandemic have been recorded just in the past months. and while a 3rd of indonesia, total deaths have been recorded over the same period as the country hardest hitting the region. it has now extended restrictions beyond its most populous island. java in japan's state of emergency measures are now in force in 3 prefecture as neighboring, tokyo, as well as o sucker. as the olympic games continue, fans who have been banned from venues have been gathering to watch events on public roads defying calls to stay home. just get a big now. i really should have avoided coming out, but i would ever dreaded if i missed this opportunity. so i decided to come in australia, army patrols and now helping to enforce, locked down restrictions in sydney while the lockdown, imposed on the city of brisbin has been extended australia like other asia pacific
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countries has been hampered by a slow vaccination rollout, but also vaccine hesitancy. non calling upon the people of greatest grade in the south while to come forward and get vaccinated in malaysia, which saw another record search in cases over the weekend. a group of protesters gathered to call on the prime minister to quit. so i'm here today because i'm sitting at home and nothing changing and the number getting the neighboring thailand satisfaction to with the anti government protest is taking part in a slow drive demonstration stretching 20 kilometers through bangkok. the more transmissible delta variant now counts for 80 percent of all new cases in the ty capitol. a grim reminder of just how deadly it is a hospital outside the city has become so overwhelmed. it's now using refrigerated containers to store bodies. robert fried al jazeera, so passengers from the us in the you have begun to arrive in the u. k. after
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britain relax rules for fully vaccinated people. those arriving into the u. k are not required to quarantine even though scientists are warning against it. it comes as w h o says 60000000 people have now have current a virus across europe. and simmons has more from london. look at the airports and since 3 am, monday morning. the flights have been coming in and some emotional scenes in apple concourses with relatives reunited many of them of the 2 years separation friends also. but it isn't all elation because as a lot of concern about the u. k. is health status with the delta vary and having peach in a very high level and has dramatically reduced since mid july, but still concerns about the relaxation off the so called traffic light system in the u. k. the amber warning applying to the united states,
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and also the europe in union in switzerland. that's been lifted now it's gone green . it means what has to be a coven test before the flights and then a further covert test on arrival. but apart from that wide open, then to a vast number of people, the hope being that the tourist industry will be revive the. the ation industry will also get a shot in the excuse the problem. but also, a business will be given a, a big boost because of this, but there's been warnings because it isn't 2 way traffic for starters, between the u. s. a and the u. k. because the u. s. to bands, any movement from flights into the, to the us from britain because of the situation with the delta variance. and also, there is a concern on that so that it could be that the british business was lifted as soon
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as possible to get the free up to up to a traffic in terms of trade, police officers, guarding polio vaccination, teens and pakistan have been targeted in 3 separate attacks and the latest the sold gun men on a motorcycle shot and killed an officer returning from duty with vaccination workers and shower in the northwest pakistan. and i've got a song are the only 2 remaining countries in the world where polio hasn't been eradicated. come hider has this update from shallow printed 3600000 children. and 60 a district across the country. 179000 polio workers, tens of thousands of policemen. and they said of god's campaign richards, broad weight race. because in the bought dollars or dozens of police men and for your work that been targeted mostly by that, that he gets all of on budget on budget is some good news because of the reported
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case only one. and for the same period last year, there were $66.00 gated code and showed that there is a god improvement. the government determined to wipe out polio. but of god jalyn did not to mention the risk of attack. and the fact that the situation and honest on those don't quite unstable, which means that a lot of people that may move across the board would complicate issue. and, but the government is indeed confident that it's in a position to control and perhaps will be able to wipe out the boys wide range from buggers on to people have been killed by gunman at a funeral south of lebanon's capital bay route. it's not clear who's behind the attack and holiday. they opened fire during the funeral service for his butler commander who was killed a day earlier. and what lebanese media say was a personal vendetta. washington has vowed to make an appropriate response to the
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attack on and is really operate a tanker off the coast of all mun the us and u. k. have joined israel and blaming iran for thursday strike to ron has denied any involvement. 2 people were killed on the m. b mercer street. one was hit by what appears to have been a drone strike. us secretary state anthony blink and said it follows a pattern of belligerents from iran. hillary man lever it is a former white house national security official. she says relations in the region are only going to get worse. i'm afraid we're in for a period of a glitch or a tension, especially in bobbing iran and israel. there is no real diplomatic channel or framework to discuss or handle these tensions as, as there was when we had the j. c, p o, a before president trump pulled the united states out of it. that has really taken diplomacy out of the picture. and so there are been, there has been, there's been escalation now for, for a couple of years. we've had israeli attacked on iranian target,
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their nuclear scientists, their new killer installations, various other targets in iran. that israel either claim credit for or quietly said that they don't know who did it. so there's been escalation now for a period of time. and i think it was inevitable that we would see iranian around in retaliation and, and, and increasing escalation from their part, even though they denied that they are responsible for this attack. i think it was inevitable and i think we are unfortunately in, for a period of increasing tension and confrontation. it's a poor relationship between iran in the united states and one that was really broken by president trump when he tore up the iran new killer deal that the united states had negotiated painstakingly with iran and with our partners. if really put iran in a position where it had to take more of these measures into its own hands and it had to build up its own leverage in the international on the international military
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scene. and i think we're in for some real escalation on iran part. there's that there's been some fundamental changes in the international political, economic, and military structure, which makes is rarely shipping, in particular, quite vulnerable. ah, umbrella russia sprinter has been issued a humanitarian visa by the polish embassy in tokyo, after seeking political asylum. christina to mount sky had accused bela ruth of trying to force her home on a plane that's after she pub. this plea complained about her coaches, the i o c says she's safe and secure until the embassy of belarus has requested more information from japanese authorities. and richardson has more until you christina, similar sky, i should have been spending monday at these olympics competing. and it's 200 meters,
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a dies and folded, rather differently. now she says on sunday night team officials from valerie forcibly took it from the athletes village. took it to the airport and tried to get her on a flight back. it's about a roof soon. she got to the airport. she immediately saw how the help of japanese police also issued a video play on social media, asking the international olympic committee to intervene. now in the build up to that happening, she's been very critical of team officials saying that she'd been put in a very difficult position, was being asked to compete in a 4 by 4. and you're me to realize she's not prepared for. and the reason for that was that the flex federation, backing valerie, hadn't put other athletes through the required anti doping tests that had a tokyo and therefore they hadn't been able to travel here. now the i see said they were able to speak to her last night and again today and said in her words that she told them she did feel safe and secure. once the authorities intervened. and she'd spent a night in an apple hotel as a post on
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a flight back to batteries. not surprisingly, the international olympic committee now launching their own investigation. and that is starting with a request to the bell aris limping committee for their official version of events. and the u. s. star, gymnast simone bowels has confirmed. she'll go for gold on the balance beam on tuesday after previously pulling out of all 5 of her other. and the big finals balls withdrew from her previous events to focus on her mental health. the american has previously talked about becoming just orientated during her performance and mexicans have voted in a referendum on whether to prosecute 5 former presidents, president to undress my love as a door has been promising to fight corruption. he encouraged her supporters to take part, but criticise election officials for a fewer pulling stations. more than 40 percent of registered voters must have part for the result to be binding. but the turn not recorded so far has been far lower.
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you can get, the important thing is ending impunity in this country. it's been going on for far too long. there has to be justice. there has to be democracy in this up. what about we are in disagreement with presidents. they leave and leave us with nothing. another president comes in and they leave him with all the responsibility. vanessa newman is the president of latin american consultants symmetrical. she says the referendum is a way for the president to distract from his failings. well, he's holding it because it be great. his base and a mexicans are exhausted of corruption, right? so what he's saying is, is trying to seek these corruption prosecutions against his predecessors who are from a very well established political qualities. and he is for more than you know, which is a newer political party. and it's basically sort of a leftist ploy against the right. but actually it's unnecessary because you can just prosecute people for corruption once they are out of the presidency. so he's
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holding it really to distract from his mishandling of the pandemic. and from the fact that the economic development has not been there, even despite his sort of changing major infrastructure projects like the airport and, and that he keep centralizing power around, sort of a certain lease. there are his lead and centralizing power around the oil company. so he is not actually deliver what he said he would do, which is anti corruption and improvement in the living standards of the pool and increase of delivery of services to the pool and actually murder rate despite the pandemic, is it high? is it ever was under the drug cartels tell the president you seeking the so called prosecutions against already their statute of limitations have already run out. and in fact the, the wording is very vague. it's like,
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do you want reparations from victims by people who have, you know, from people who have roamed the people of mexico from before. and of course anybody would answer yes to that. but there is no set mechanism to very strange political ploy. i don't think that it will actually lead for any benefits for the mexican people. ah, ah, the headlines on al jazeera, at least 8 people have now died in a fire that are burned across turkey for the past 5 days. crews are still battling several wildfires and the popular tourism areas of antalya and mortgage and neighboring greece crews are also battling large wildfires that have destroyed homes and farms in the south. the flames have spread after breaking out near patrice on saturday. temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees, sell.


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