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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2021 10:30am-11:01am AST

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side as dark red stones, people in these provinces are banned from travelling to other parts of the country . i must have a strict curfew tile and is also experiencing a major vaccine shortage. a bell, russian activist who was reported missing has been found dead in ukraine's capital . give the tale shows for lead a key of based non profit organization that helps by the russians fleeing persecution. he's reported missing by his partner failing to return from a run. please have lost a criminal case for suspected murder. ah, i don't think i'll just bear with me here. robin doha reminder, vol. top you stories. abraham r e c has been officially endorsed, as iran's next president, by the supreme leader, are the harmony the ceremony into han write. se vowed to take steps to the 40 described as tyrannical sanctions imposed by the u. s. he'll be sworn in before
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parliament on thursday. march at mann middle packing, we're going to make sure the sanctions lifted, but we are not going to connect our economy to lifting of the sanction. there are a few issues that the government is facing right now on the budget deficits investment and the stock market. and also controlling the inflation corona virus, and many other basic needs. so i appreciate what the 12 government has done, but we need a short term immediate program to resolve the issues we are facing today. winds and temperatures of 40 degrees celsius offending 7 wildfires and turkey along the mediterranean and the g and coast. at least 8 people have now died in the region in the past week. holiday makers of being forced out of the hotels and thousands have been evacuated from their homes over in italy, the coastal cities of catania and the scar have been hit by wildfires. residents and tourists have been evacuated to safety, but the fires continue to burn crusade. they faced hundreds of flare ups and
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populated areas during the past few days. as gun forces continue to battle, a taliban for the southern key city of logical gar, and as concern, it'll soon fall to the armed group. nearby kandahar and several other cities are also under attack and millions are confined to their homes in china due to sweeping . cro virus restrictions the delta very to thing blame of surge across 30 said his and 19 provinces. lunging the capital of eastern john drew province, as believe to be the epicenter of the nationwide flare up been hardest hitting the scenic city of jingle, shay, all attractions. their of being close towards the being asked to take a cova test before leaving the city. and i break out the theater also led to a spike nationwide as travelers returned home, those were the headlines. i'll be back with more news and half my here on out there . next since inside story with halla, to stay with us. something was going to change, has anything really changed?
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this is the demick violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance, know what to say. we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now. not the world, we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line on i'll just around 6 months after the qu, in me and my, the military has named itself. it can take a government leader promises to hold multi party elections, but we'll min on the line, keep his word and what's the role of the international community and this ongoing crisis. this is inside story. ah, ah, hello and welcome to the program. i'm peter toby. 6 months ago, me and mom was plunged into chaos when the military took power in a qu,
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it locked up civilian leaders and promised to hold on to power for only a year, but senior general min on lie has now extended the state of emergency until august 2023. he says he'll hold multiparty elections but didn't gave any of the details. the qu triggered mass protests which the military quashed with a button cracked on some of me and mars neighbors in se, asia, and are becoming frustrated and uneasy as foreign minister has urged the military to approve. a special envoy from the fcl regional block saying there's little progress on the plan to resume the crisis. will bring in a guest in just a moment. first, this report from to any change in bangkok as an aerobics instructor dances. alma vehicles block off parliament, me and mas capital naperville on february the 1st, but at the general's thought it would be a bloodless qu. they couldn't have been more wrong. months of bitter resistance and
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a violent military crack down with nearly a 1000 killed. 6 months later, the military to enter his renaming itself, a caretaker government, although it appears it will still hold important positions. and the leading general giving assurances, elections will be held soon. know that we must create conditions to hold a free infirm, multiparty general election. we have to make the preparations, pledge to hold the multiparty general election without fail duty, but is not clear under what conditions those elections would be held. since the qu, the military has outlawed the national league for democracy and sons who chief party had rejected its landslide victory in november. new elections would take place under the military emergency laws, which will be in place for another 2 years. min online did say the military would follow the lead of an invoice sent by the association of southeast asian nations. but that invoice has yet to be appointed. and as yet, has failed to take
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a firm line as events of spiraled out of control, as yet has been divided on ma'am, or in the last 6 months with indonesia, malaysia, and singapore wanting to take a hard line. but the generals here in bangkok appear to be wanting to give the benefit of the doubt to the generals and men mark. what is a growing concern to the international community? is the worsening cove at 19 situation in the country. more than half of the world population lives in countries bordering the ama. while inside those borders, the bars is spreading unchecked to coo has resulted in a near total class. all the health care system and health care workers are being attacked and arrested. the virus spreading through the population very false indeed by some estimate. in the next 2 weeks hall of the population of men more could be infected with cove it on the streets of young gone protest font
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a man was flag. they say they don't want new elections. they just want the military to step down. tony chang al jazeera, thank. well, me in law's military has been facing growing international pressure since the cool, the united nations hazardous member states to prevent the flow of weapons in to me in the us, the u. k. and the you all have imposed sanctions. but me and my asian neighbors are reluctant to do the same. after holding crisis talks with general min and lie in april the, as the unblock said, the violence must stop but flatly rejected sanctions. china and thailand account for more than half of me and miles trade volume, and both countries do remain friendly with their powerful military. ah, ok, let's get going. let's bring in our guests joining us on skype, dr. sasa, a spokesman to the national unity government of me and ma, which was formed off to the crew by members of the deposed civilian government. and
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also in canada, we have john pack up professor of law and director of the human rights research and education center. at the university of also and in london, we have munger, johnny, a human rights activists from me and gentlemen, a warm welcome to all dr. sasa, exactly 6 months on do we believe these promised elections will actually take place? no, this is profound. and then they made me, do you want to vote by the prime minister all elements and paul 37000000 votes of the law. so even if they fall election is to never be a free and fair elections. and we have elections which was a bit more classic john pack it in or to or why do you think the june feels the
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need to keep the emergency rules the emergency legislation in place until august 2023. well 1st of all, i agree with dr. south that this is propagandistic, so i would say there's no reason to believe a word that they say. so i think this is nothing more than a scam as a fictional days in the future. but why they feel the need because they seek some kind of legitimacy for their authority. so this is, this is a game. this is basically the now asserting naming themselves titles like prime minister, like caretaker government to have a ton of tina legitimacy. and then hoping that this will be bought by the international community. it certainly is not bought by the people that long sony in london. what did you make of the general speech? what 3 days ago now?
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just listening to it or looking at transcriptions of it, it sounded and it read surely very oddly. i mean at one point he was talking at by about bioterrorism in relation to cove it. and at another point, he was talking about the requirements to grow more onions in the country. it just sounded slightly disconnected from the reality of me and mar, and the accusations being level at his job right now. well bioterrorism, but you know, by that he means, you know, the people who refuse to cooperate with the government or military, i should say, we don't have a legitimate government in power in navy dall refusing to cooperate with the military control hell, clinics and whatnot. and, and because said, you know, the truth of the matter is, there is absolutely 0 credibility with the military,
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gender, and then military as an institution. and, you know, the growing army and, but, well, the burmese military regime regime successively have been known to be extremely superstitious. when it comes to, you know, the different type of agree cultural practices and you know that be, you know, 30 years ago the burmese, the dictator general saw mom said we've got a lot of sand. so we could have a silicon valley to create a computer industry and they're like, you know, his successor, the pantry to people to grow. you know, the physics not so something and you know, so i think, but the most important thing is what my to hold panel is to raise said that this job is trying to basic, basically gain international legitimacy. because in september,
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the united nations general assembly is going to see to, you know, the or decide on who is going to represent the people on the emma and the janitors . trying to show that it is a normal functioning government. and, but, you know, the reality is completely the opposite. they are not in charge of a proper functioning, state health care sector or economy. john pack it in. you are noting there listening to mcdonny in london. i guess you would agree with that, but that's interesting, isn't it? the point that he raised is about the united nations because the me and marin basset to the united nations has very much distance himself from the jones sir. but his position in that continuing position at the united nations in new york is not decided by the generals in napier door is not decided by the powers that be in me. and ma, it's a decision that goes to the united nation at the highest level. they decide who's
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acceptable to them as any countries? ambassador? that's exactly right. i mean, so 1st of all, i would say there are 2 elements to this. there is the state of me and me are as a part of a subject of international relations and law. and there is a question about the character of that state its territory population. and then the key element here, the contentious element is the, the government who speaks for the state and exercises sovereignty. and that's determined by elements of legitimacy, of authority and effectiveness. so there's that one element, but a very key. and i want to emphasize that the, the pretenders, the do not enjoy either effective control in the state. clearly nor do they enjoy the support of the will of the people. so there's a very fundamental question in miramar, but the other side of the coin is the international recognition side. and the republic of the union member of the state is, it's officially call is
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a member of the united nations. and it's for the united nations to decide who sits and speaks for the state. and that's actually a decision of a body corporate credentials committee of the general assembly and it will meet for seem to meet in september, and then it may take a decision. it should take a decision. it might push it a little further because it's contentious, but that decision is not a decision or some general's not really up anyone else. it's going to be the decision of the member states of united nations who they will recognize. speaking for me, emma. dr. sasa has strong is the campaign of civil disobedience that we are still seeing spasmodically on the streets of me and ma, john packer, and also among zante, both making kind of the same point, which is this, that since the late fifty's, no military dictatorship has always controlled all of the country, it's very difficult because there are different compet ingredients all within the
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mix. they're nationwide past against the, the military memo may fall div cdm, movement ease, most powerful, non violent movement against the military is story off. and in fact, the peaceful movement is strong, cool, and power food and the military reason, as these is not only just above cdm participant, this is also the nation wide test. again, the military of peril in the memo and the people memo are facing. the reason i gave them these military, we are facing just military. they have kill mode. there was, how's that man and woman? no country in the world to try later than might be for katie. and they have
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arrested mode and 6 palsy, you know, some people of mamma because of the past for power. we will never along know my lady, she of these. the reason why, why to me that people have been displaced by the military aggressions and 6 by 4000000 people, me and we to be without foods, you will be spout by the end of this year. ok. and 37000000 people, right among the need to be in poverty, live manzona in london. difficult to confirm a trustworthy, independent source. how many people have been arrested. but it's it surely in the 1000 when it comes to those people who've been arrested or detained, or interviewed by the relevant authorities, or indeed who've chosen people have chosen to leave the country. a lot of them are health care providers. can we say that the jones is in effect weaponized being cov
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id because so many of those health care providers have been the leading edge of the protest movement and unashamedly the job to have gone after them. i have been arguing that the military gentra has weaponized medical oxygen you know, not the virus. they have no control over. ready the virus, but they have control over who have access to medical, oxygen. and so the military has put in place severe restrictions in the private sector, the market, the civil society, in terms of the kobe stricken population. you know, we now have the was the 3rd largest of cold bit infested population. and, you know, just a couple of days ago, the united nations has issued
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a very stern warning that within the next 2 or 3 weeks, you're half of the countries to 54000000 population. could be, you know, call it the positive, but no one's really testing. and, and, you know, we're just looking at the bodies piling up as cemeteries and instead of providing and cooperating freely and you know, out of goodwill and in good faith with the international organizations. the military ginger is building more crematorium, so you know, you can tell the, the nature of the regime, but i think i want to bring in one thing that is very important. this is a very military that has spearheaded the genocidal campaign against muslim ro, hinges in 20162017. and there is, there are, there is actually international legal proceeding at the international court of
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justice. and also there's a full investigation by the international criminal code, the specifically targeting be the state or the military leadership. and so, you know, the military has gone from, you know, worst you worst. and the question is, why is the united nations security council and talk ok, let me put some of those pointed soup. let me put some of those points mugs on in london to jump back to the point about cremmit toria. this john sir, is signaling it's getting ready to cremate up to $3000.00 bodies per 24 hours. that's death on an industrialized scale. 230000 people have been displaced inside the country to get away from what the john
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tre is doing. some of the borders have been close, so they can't cross the border into some of the neighboring countries, and they can't go back to where they, the places they might call home. is it fair of me to say the country is in free fall, in a completely unique situation that we have not seen before, even by the standards of what's been going on historically in me? and i think that's correct. i mean, there's a few elements to this. there is the agree, just miss, i mean, it's hard to emphasize over emphasize this of the atrocities. but we're seeing that the, the hunter is using this kind of turning the instrument of state against its own population. now remember that the legitimacy of authority here derives not only from the will of the people, but the purposes of using that authority, which is supposed to be for the well being of the population. that's not me saying that that's, that's in the un charter. the, you know, this is
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a test for the united nations. is it serious about this? because it's very clear that the hunter has no interest in the will of the people. it is seeking to maintain its power as effectively a criminal gang. there is no constitutional international legal authority for this, and the potential here is not only utter destruction of the society of mia mark, but increasingly a threat to peace and security in the region. you mentioned not only the displacement internally, but also refugees across borders. now, increasing instability with the resistance movement and so forth. this can have substantial spillover and there are many people who are talking about a kind of scenario that we've seen elsewhere in the world. a kind of syria type of situation, which i remember, well, working with the united nations at the time. 2012, for example, has only 6000 deaths at one point. so not much different than me. m r. and we have
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syria as it is today. so it's not beyond imagination to say what's happening in mia mark as a potential to do something unprecedented in the region, which is the implosion of a state in the heart of southeast asia. dr. sasa, what to people like you and your organization do. if almost 6 months to the day since the qu, in the early days of february, this of this year, this is actually what we're seeing unfolding in real time is actually the beginnings of the military hanging on to power. they've got fingerprints to show that they've done it before. we have every page in the face, the people of me, emma, are the most important. and the people of me, emma has say enough, is enough. and they is jewish on do on that. and these military
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have declare the war on the people of me, emma 6 months ago, and now they are discharging a weapon. and my company is now in the brain of the great shipping world. and in genocide, we don't like to see the happen. so we try our best to bring all people to get in the way that how to meet in mind that, that at the same time it could be searching on the door was of this military. so it is just clear that the military, they are losing the power and the control, but that is for every war. now we have no government either. and the rest of the world, the governments take care of it nicely and now there's no government, there's controlling. so we are heading into the grade,
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she will lungs on in london. would you concur with what john packer was saying that me and mar might yet spin down into being the new syria in as much as the world food program saying in the next 6 months, almost 3 and a half 1000000 people will begin to go hungry, given what the john to has done over covered one could see a situation where perhaps the gender is quite happy that people are beginning to go hungry and fight back as best they can on their own against corona virus. well, i was said that this is, were, this is going to be worse than syria because in the case of syria, different opposition movements, all armed against assad regime which is backed by russia, putin because of who to maintain a naval base and celia you know, that in the case of burma, we are not receiving the kind of international support you know, for of the,
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you know, proper strong resistance. because none of the states in the burmese name in the vicinity of burma you know. ready come body tylen, bangladesh, asia, china, for instance, or india for that matter. none of these states has come forward with the either sensible package to and the, the country is sinking further into the biz. all providing any support legitimacy for the national unity government or the people of burma to resist and essentially, and the dictatorship so. so in the case of syria, the resist the movements are, you know, fighting ferociously and well on the case of that, most, most of the groups are using primitive homemade devices. and so we're in fact,
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so far worse than cbs situation. last were to you john packet and also on sushi fresh charges against this week, essentially powerless. she's completely out of the picture. i guess you've got the job to hinting we'd like to work with as the end, but there's 0 trust for as the an economically the country is flat lining. it seems as if all the composite bits that we've been discussing are holy negative. there's nothing in there that might represent kind of light at the end of the tunnel. i agree that the scenarios really at the moment are almost all negative. and really that's why it's so crucial what the credentials committee, this kind of observed a small body that no one ever hears about it. the united nations in september will have before the crucial question. i say it's a test for the united nations, because this is about the legitimacy of the united nations itself. this credentials committee, you know, they're not just to decide, oppose, some gang that shows up
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a people you and me and claims to speak for state. they are supposed to apply, assess this application of the both the representative of the hunter and also those are competing for it, the national unity government on the basis of the purposes of the united nations. and that's supposed to be some of the, for the maintenance of security and peace that's supposed to be for the well being of the population that's supposed to be pursuant to the will of the people. if the credentials committee exercises its actual own authority under the charter, it should decide in favor of the national government, it should not decide, certainly not decide in favor of the hunter that will really be really a nail or several nails in the coffin amar. and then all bets are off and god knows what happens in the country. so this is a crucial moment september coming up. and i really think that we have to think about here, the legitimacy of authority and what it means now for the rule of law and for
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international relations, more broadly gentlemen, will have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. human insights story, that was a very compelling conversation. thank you to, i guess they were dr. sansa, john packer and mom's vonny. and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again, the web site out to 0 dot com and for further discussion to check out our facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and also on the conversation on twitter, we are at a j inside story. for me, pizza, adobe, and the entire team here. thanks for watching. we will see you very soon for the moment by the me. oh stories that need to be told. find away. and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and chanting perception and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness
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showcases, inspiring documentary change. the one on al jazeera, each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our patients for them. or we could do this experiment many of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. but he had any idea that it would become a magnet, is incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the future in december the year. and getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say the reason this is extremely important. service that they provide to the city. we say we need to take america to try to bring people
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together and trying to deal with people who left behind me. oh it's only endorsed as the president of iran, as the country faces an economic and health crisis. and renew tensions with the west. ah. hello robin. you're watching out there like my headquarters hearing. coming up in the next 30 minutes firefighters continue to battle wildfires ranging across turkeys, coastal towns, thousands of fled. full. so the heaviest find.


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