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taking place in this part of turkey, as a warning after high temperatures to day for sudden greece and also for sicily attempt, his probably will ease a little bit next day or so. for example, in palermo dant about 29. by the time we get to thursday, for the most part, the heat remains. the multi $1000000.00 online sex in the philippines is black mailing men from around the world. 11 east, uncovered. how small time syndicate became a terminal empire. on al jazeera, after a one year delay tokyo olympics finally did. despite growing opposition and spiraling cost, thousands of athletes, a complete thing, an empty stadium. amid the corona virus and demick algae here it will be inside the olympic bubble. bringing you the latest from again, right? no other
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the news? ah, ah ah. hello again. the top floor is on the all just renewed our ac has been officially endorsed to the wrong next president by the supreme leader on the common a ceremony and stuff wrong. he promised to take steps to list what he describes to
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radical sanctions imposed by the us. winds on temperature is above 40 degrees celsius are fanning 7 wildfires in turkey along the mediterranean and a g and coast. at least 8 people have now died in the region in the past week. i've gone forth to continue to battle the taliban for the southern city of last car golf . there is concern. it will soon fall to the our group. nearby kandahar and several other cities are also under attack. it's been nearly one year since a deadly explosion rocked the lebanese capital killing more than 200 people and injuring thousands, nearly 300000 lebanese were left homeless as a result of the devastation. families of the victims are still demanding answers. it's believe the blast was triggered by a large stockpile of improperly stored ammonium nitrate. will. the regional director of unicef in the middle east says many lebanese children have been left
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traumatized by that block for here one year later. and the children are still feeling the bronze of what happened a year ago with the baby blast. 100000 children were directly affected. we did a recent survey, 20 percent of those families are still living in temporary accommodation. pass. those children are still feeling the psychological impact of the glass. what we're hearing from the children themselves and the families is they still wake up with nightmares of sounds or an explosion or an event that will change their lives for others. so that sense of security that was there before is no longer there. that sense of normalcy. that was human rights watch has put out a report on the baby. what bloss, let's speak to. i am as to who is the lebanon a buffering researcher at human rights watch. joining us via skype from beirut. thanks for your time. your report is called,
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they killed us from the inside an investigation into the bay route blast in which you lay the responsibility and you raise questions about negligence. on the behalf of lebanese or authorities, you would choose ministers of violating the right to life by not taking care of that ammonium nitrate years before the explosion. tell us how you reach dot conclusion. thanks very much, darian for having the onto discuss this report. you know, as you may know, over the last year, the narrative has primarily been controlled by political parties and politicians who have gone to the media released a select group of documents that they think shows that they acted appropriately. and they pointed the finger at other officials. so every official has tried to muddy the water of what actually happened in the lead up to august for. so we decided to collect all of the documentation, hundreds of pages of documents, some of which has not been published before to really piece together what happened
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. and we supplemented those documents with interviews with he judicial government and security sources as well. and what we found was incredibly dining. we found that various ministries, including the ministry of public, works and transports, which he provides a sports, as well as the ministry of finance, which he provides of the customs, administration, and lebanon. not only had knowledge of the dangers posed by the ammonium nitrate, but miscommunicated those dangers and hit those dangers from the judiciary. we also found that the lebanese armed forces brushed off responsibility for this ammonium nitrate even after they found out that the nitrogen grade in the ammonium nitrate meant that this was material used to make explosives. and therefore, should have been under the supervision of the lebanese army. we found the president and the prime minister, both of whom were aware of the stockpile of ammonium nitrate. aware of the dangers
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of the ammonium nitrate posed while before, at least 2 or 3 weeks before the last still failed to take any action. all of this evidence together, really pains an incredibly disturbing and very damning picture of the kind of mismanagement corruption and incompetence in lebanese state institutions that allowed something like the last one of the largest non nuclear explosions in the world to take place. have you received any response from any official outlined in this report? yes, we, our policy is to send the allegations that we're making and all a fish all officials to them before we publish the report. so we sent out between 42 and 45 letters. so all of the individuals mentioned in the report we didn't receive responses from the majority of, of those individuals. but where we did receive responses, we included them in the body of the text, but also in an annex to the report and that we received. yeah, go ahead,
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go ahead. the responses that we received are really, i mean, exemplify the lebanese authorities, lack of responsibility. every official who responded, just said, i'm not responsible and pointed the finger at somebody else. yeah, that's exactly as i mean and play far with officials rejecting the judges request to lift immunity of several long lawmakers on security chiefs in the country so that they can actually be questioned on the suspicion of criminal negligence when it comes to this blast. are you optimistic at all that the truth is going to be exposed? mean our, the report that we put together was one at 10 pieces together, the available evidence. but of course, what we're calling for is a you and human rights council investigation, such as a fact finding mission to really be able to identify why the ammonium nitrate ended up. and they lived in the 1st place,
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which official knew and failed to ask. and then what triggered the explosion on august the 4th, we don't have faith that the lebanese domestic investigation due to its lack of technical capabilities and resources. and due to the late medical interference that we've been documenting in the process, we don't have faith that they would be credibly able to establish the truth of what happens. and one of the biggest questions that remained for many people is that if just 552 tons of the 2754 of ammonium nitrate exploded. what happened to the rest of the shipment? is that something that you're report was looking at and how, how close is lebron on is to finding an answer on that crucial question. i mean, our reports cashed doubts on the widely reported narrative, which is that this ship came to lebanon and by accident. because it was here to
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load some seismic equipment that it was then going to transport to jordan. we also found out that the obvious owners of both the ship and the cargo were not the actual owners of the ship and the cargo. and both the owner of the ship on the ammonium nitrate had links to hezbollah officials. and therefore we do raise questions as to whether baze, which was the intended destination for the ammonium nitrate and not mozambique, as was widely reported. and as was stated in the ship's shipping documents, but we, we say that this is an area that needs further investigation by a competent authority such as a un human rights council investigative mission. ok, we'll leave it there. thank you so much. i am a zoom for speaking to us from beirut. thank you. now is the one year anniversary of the port explosion approaches. our correspondent dana hood has been looking into
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how it could have happened and that program bay. ruth search for answers errors on wednesday at 233-0100 hours. gmc in thailand has extended lock downs and the capital and 2 dozen other provinces is the delta very and pushes up the number of cases. 29 provinces have been classified as north red zones. people in these areas are bound from traveling to other parts of the country and must obey a strict curfew. thailand is also experiencing a major vaccine shortage. tony chang is monitoring developments from bangkok. the government's been quite secretive about where the shortage is coming from. but what we've seen over the course of the last couple of months is that signed by a son to the company, which has been licensed by astrazeneca to produce the vaccine here in thailand. i should've mentioned this, not just for time,
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but it's for many countries in se asia has been running well below capacity. the astrazeneca in secret papers released has defended themselves, saying that they were initially did the orders that initially came from the tiger will much lower than those that are now needed. but side by side was also a company which was a controversial choices, a vaccine producer. because it had no vaccine production experience. that said anyone here in thailand who criticized the process will tries to investigate it is finding themselves in quite a lot of trouble because it is a company which is ultimately owned by the king. and if you criticize the company, you in effect, criticize the king. but i think we're seeing now the problem of putting such a vital vaccine production in the hands of a company that isn't very experienced because lots of people are being told not just here in bank. oh, but around the country. their appointments for vaccines are being postponed.
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indefinitely, we have seen this happen in the last couple of weeks and more productions come up. we understand that the thai government is seeking vaccines from elsewhere. they've already signed deals with pfizer madana. but we're not expecting major shipments of those to vaccines to come in until the last quarter of this year. and i think at the moment, they're just trying to concentrate their efforts on the urban centers, where the delta veteran is a real problem. officials in the us say the delta variance of covered 19 a spreading like wildfire. in the past 2 weeks, cases have risen sharply with the number of people taken to hospital in some states reaching records levels. and the gallagher reports from miami as the number of covered 19 cases surpasses. 35000000 in the us. the delta variant continues to be the dominant, more contagious strain of an already deadly virus. hospitals in states like nevada, mississippi, an arkansas or surging is mostly unvaccinated. patients infected with
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a delta variance seek treatment with the push to get more people vaccinated, increasing and urgency as a renewed effort to treat the vulnerable coven before. no god, no. i swear i think i've been stayed in this house for the housebound. all those too afraid to go out side programs like this, or a potential lifesaver. forget all the stupidity, all the, all the anti vaccines and all that and where they get their information that is completely wrong. so i knew a lot of nurses and in my family and stuff and everything. so and people died. so it's just the way it works in florida, which so its highest number of daily cases on record. last week, testing sites, a once again seeing long lines. this state now accounts for one in 5 new cobra cases with hospitalizations hitting a new high according to the department of health and human services,
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more than 10000 people a currently being treated here. many of the younger than seen before. despite those staggering numbers, the states governor is refusing to mandate mask orders or allow local officials to put restrictions in place to prevent the spread of coven 19. there'll be no restrictions and no mandate and the state of florida. wow, meridian has been are, and will remain free to choose what's best for themselves and their families. in stark contrast, officials in san francisco announced a new mask mandate regardless of the vaccination status, louisiana to as reinstated it's mask mandate effective from wednesday. but despite the di warnings, large events are still being held across the us. officials say another round of tight restrictions is unlikely, with only around half the adult population fully vaccinated the course to increase
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the number a growing while vaccinated people can spread the virus. if they get a break through infection, the odds of them getting sick in the 1st place are far lower than those who are unvaccinated. and in fact, places with more vaccination generally have less to be. over the past 3 weeks, a piece of vaccinations have steadily risen particularly and mostly southern states that were lagging. but many, this later serge is a tipping point and a realization. the vaccines are the only way to beat the virus. to galico al jazeera miami, florida therapy in union has a post sanctions on the wife of nicaragua, leader who's also the countries vice president it inside to the deadline to register as a candidate for this year's election. the incumbent, daniel ortega says he's running for a 4th term. almost all his challenges have been arrested in recent months, most are being held on treason charges. the main office vision has named a former beauty korean and
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a former gorilla fighter. as its candidates or latin america editor, unless the newman reports the most competitive presidential hopefuls in prison, citizens from freedom, one of nicaragua, the most popular opposition parties, had vowed to register a surprise last minute candidate. but it was an astonishing choice. nonetheless. oscar sweat barrel. a former rebel commander who fought against president daniel ortega, in the 1980, is running with former miss nicaragua, that nisa casala as his running mate. the beauty queen, better known, in fact than the ex, control army gorilla band warning. now it's true that i have no experience in politics, but i've joined this ticket because i want to help my people. i want nicaragua to be free. there must be, oh, there's been too much repression and harassment, nicaragua, and it's people deserve a chance to live in peace and have an election with respect a new non aggression. when louis kind of young who fought alongside,
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ortega during the sandinista revolution and was now in exile. questions solving barrels, legitimacy. mike, if you're part of the problem, is that he's the only candidate from his party that tanya ortega has allowed to run all the rest have been thrown in prison to take them out of the running. this is all a foreign conservative businessman newton, as he was also able to register his candidacy. while this liberal party has offered cut deals with ortega, he tells out 0 that he represents a genuine alternative photo. we can't lose opportunity that we have to use our vote to go and punish this government for all the damages caused. president ortega was the last to register as he did for his 4th consecutive presidential term. the electoral process has been questioned by the european union and the united states due to the imprisonment of 51 political leaders and anti government activists in
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the last 2 months. the e u has frozen the assets of 18 nicaragua, government leaders, including the country's vice president, samuel moody, who is who take his wife. united states has revoked. visa says 100 close allies in government members. but the ongoing track down against opponents accused of conspiring against the government suggests that the or take those are unlikely to cave into pressure to release other would be candidates or allow international observers to overseen november's poll. cnu been al jazeera coming up on the news, our world records tumble. and so do the writers, not the ellipse pick, track cycling event stories coming up with jo interest? ah
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ah ah ah ah me. ah ah
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ah i let's get you all the news from the toko olympics and also taking a break to focus on her mental health. eurostar, gymnast simone biles has returned to action against 2 in a bronze medal. the 24 year old finish behind 2 chinese competitors in the balance beam final files that previously pulled out of 5 other events. in tokyo, she'd been aiming to win 6 golds, but leaves with a silver and a bronze to go with 4 gold medals. she won at the rio games in 2016. let's get over now to take care to join a correspondent and richardson. andy with only a bronze for biles, but still one of the stand out moments. these games really
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tell you what you would want to be doing the balance, pay me a pay. it's now it's, it's, it's for all the windy we're filming from an incredible come back story. and she put in a pretty flawless performance worth remembering. this is one of her best discipline, genuine problems. i only want to problems in 2016 in radio. when she was up the absolute peak of her powers and after pulling out about seem events to focus on mental health. she has still been as active as possible around so came active on social media, talking about her struggles with fans about how she's trying to get so mind and body back in think she's been very visible at the gymnast. explain you supporting her other teammates. and now thankfully, we've seen a back in competition in what could well be the final olympic performance of her career. and andy at the national stadium, we so perhaps the greatest races in the history tell us about that. i mean, the 400 to hurdles has been one of one of the standouts events for the last couple
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of years. but this took everything to a whole new level. used to be that if you could get under 47 seconds, you're pretty special. 3 of the 4 months we've done that in history or on the start line for this rice, including cost and was home it early this year at smashed a long standing will record set by kevin young back in 1992, one of the longest standing wills records in truck and fail, but this right to get to a whole new level. he went in one this year, 845.94 seconds taking nearly 3 quarters of a 2nd of his own world's record right benjamin the united states was just behind him running the 2nd fastest time in history and allison, the son source of brazil finish 3rd, he was, he was y'all's back down the track, but his time was also not far outside war homes. old world records, so according credible writes to have witnessed. and let's say what the, the 3 metal when it's had to say, we all respect for all athletes. i think there's lot of athletes, there are not that good will, can only be goes, you know, right. benjamin running, $4617.00, you know, it would be cervical metal under and it's crazy and also,
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you know, all is on running super times it's, i think he's just an honor to be to be a part of it. and i never thought him. i violet imagination that they will, that this will be possible. ah, me, i would say this was probably the best race ever in olympic history. i don't think any other race compares to what we just did about 2 hours ago. as, as, as undeniable. like there's nothing you can compare to what just happened out there . 459 over the hurdles. 461-4672 it's, it's an insane. so i would say it was the best race ever in olympic history. oh, and we'll, we'll be back to you a little bit later for more of the latest news from the limbic for let's just take a little bit more of a deeper look into that incredible performance by cost and war home. it was
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a month ago that he broke the record set by kevin young, 29 years ago at the boston lympics incredibly. he shaved another note point 76 seconds of that time becoming 1st man to break a 46 seconds. to put that in context, that is only around a 3 2nd slower than the 400 me to record where there are no hurdles and spare thought for right benjamin in 2nd here also broke the world record. in fact, sick, a fix of the 1st 7 finishes set, national or continental records. and earlier we spoke to journalists, jonathan goats from let's ron, dot com, who was in the stadium for that race. to see costs more home, take point 76 of a 2nd. will record will record in the spring for not broken by not much anymore. i mean 2021, and i'm running this event prob 120 years. you just don't see breakers of that magnitude and for him to do it on the biggest age imaginable. and then from right
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benjamin nelson, the centers. right. bedroom. well under the previous record, allison to sent those miss billable record by point to just phenomenal. one of the most amazing incredible races i've ever saying, you know, it's always hard to place these things in context. immediately, but this will go down as an iconic rates in the history of olympic track and field along with you sample 9.69 in beijing, and david or diesel one or 2.91 in the 800 meters in london. it belong to that conversation and very well may be the greatest race with ever seen. he smashed the world wrecked, worn by granite percentage. when you same ball ever did. so he's got to nowadays i think that the next bolt thing over bolt replacement thing that's never going to you're never going to get another you same bowl, but cost more home himself is a fantastic at least and really and painting athletes a watch. so yeah, of the bulk comparison is fair for anyone to try and feel but massive star,
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and hopefully we'll get even bigger off this once. there was more late drama, the long jump this time in the women's competition. germany's malay cunningham. bose not scold on a final attempt for the jump at 7 meters, the writing world champion b to us veteran brittany re well records were tumbling in the villa dream, but so with the writers danish compared to commit to christians, his british rival in the men team proceed qualifier as a day in their place in the final against germany or the germans. also, at a world record is they won gold in the women's events scene. been such limit committee has launched an investigation. as the case of bella, russian athlete. christina seminal, sca who says her team officials tried to force her to fly home the runa, who complained about being entered into the event she never raced in before claims . she was then taken to the airport by valerie officials that refused to build the flight. she says she feared for safety. if she was returned home, police be put,
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intervened and similar squire is currently the polish embassy in tokyo, where she's been gone to the humanitarian visa beyond the store. they made it clear that upon my return home, i would definitely say some form of punishment, and that if i refused and ran in the 200 mates a race, i would be fired and kicked out of the national team. there were also thinly disguised hints that more would await me with the key phrases when they said that the decision to return home was not taken by us. it was taken by other people and we were ordered to follow through. at the moment, i just want to safely get to europe. i would really like to continue my sporting career because i'm only 24 and i had plans to participate in at least 2 more olympic games. all right, that is your what for now i have more free later during. all right, we'll see later. thank you so much joe. and thanks for watching the news. our on our to 0. so hail, roman is with you in just a moment. feel how much more of today's news and all the latest headlines in the
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meantime. i don't line to all to 0 dot com for all the latest headlines as well. thanks for watching the news. our bye bye. ah. ah. ah, ah, ah, ah. ah, my name is my niger isn't much like to find a view to brand to that point. you can usually just grab a manager, i've only got mine on mine. i
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do on i'll just use me. in 2011 al jazeera gains rare access to the pyongyang film academy, and some of north korea's brightest young stars. what did it take to serve a national propaganda machine? a compelling portrait of the privileged lives of the countries elite, rewind, north korea. cinema of dreams. analogy the around the broker started cheerfully in front of the next meeting, him in amsterdam. hundreds of protesters scattered to the man. the government is locked down restrictions and left the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2, the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the testers who are not following social distances rules are repeatedly ordered to disperse by police. police are trying
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very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week, when thousands were rioting in cities across the natalie, after some protest started throwing stones and nothing of your work, police on horseback moved in to clear the area. the news paper, him writing pledges action on what equals to radical sanctions imposed by the u. s . as he's endorsed around new prison. the hello. so rahman, you know what they were like my headquarters here and how coming up in the next 30 minutes. an area battle that just keeps getting tougher. turkey tries to contain wildfires around popular taurus destination also anti stations.


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