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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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locked hands in the capital and 2 dozen other provinces is the delta variance pushes up. the number of cases. 29 provinces have been classified as dark red zones . people in the zones are banned from shopping to other parts of the country and must be a strict curfew. thailand is also experiencing a major vaccine shortage. australia's prime ministers rejecting proposals to pay people to get vaccinated against covered $19.00 position has promised to pay anyone who's been inoculated more than $200.00 if it wins next year's federal election in the 20 percent of astronomy and adults have been fully vaccinated. so far prime minister scott morrison says the offer of such payments is insulting. ah, this is all, these are the top stories. there's been a 2nd large explosion in the african capital. the 1st bloss happened near the defense ministers, housing campbell. it wasn't home when it happened was been gunfire following the
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explosion. diplomatic editor james bays was close to the 1st explosion. we happened to be in the car and we happen to be driving in that area. and we were just approaching the junction, close to the defense ministers house, about 300 meters away. when the bomb went off, it was a very loud explosion. you could feel a bump to the front of the car. we could see sparks in the air and then a big plume of smoke. so clearly a bomb went off, it now emerges. it almost certainly was a car bomb that exploded outside defense menaces house. residential areas in the outskirts of the re capital are coming under threat from wildfires by zones if people live in the area. the fire is being driven by near record temperatures. winds in temperatures about 40 degrees celsius are finding 7 wildfires and turkey along the mediterranean and g and coasts. at least 8 people have not died in the
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region in the past week. at least 4 ships have reported, they've lost control of their steering in the gulf of among there are few details and the cause of the incident is still unclear. off for the oil tankers said they were not under command. according to marine traffic, dot com about russian activist who was reported missing has been find dead and ukraine's capital italy sheesh off at a care based nonprofit organization that helps bella russians free persecution. the n g o has called his death a planned operation. even a human i. e. c has been officially endorsed as a rhymes next president by the supreme leader. how many at his ceremony in tech land, i see promised to take steps to lift what he described as tyrannical sanctions imposed by the us. now these are the headlines, but more details, of course and pictures on the website, odyssey dot com,
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but we're going to be back with more news in about half an hour after inside story . ah ah, the sport and politics clash at the olympic velo russian athlete in tokyo thinks protection from poland saying she was forced to leave the games against her will. so what is her case say about repression and human rights in homeland? this is inside school. ah, ah hello, welcome to the program on has them speaker christina simone who sky went to the
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tokyo olympics with dreams of representing bella, ruth, at the world's biggest sporting event. but the dramatic end to her campaign has triggered a political and diplomatic dispute. as princess as bell russian officials tried to force her to fly home when she complained about being entered into a race she hadn't prepared for seeking the protection of japanese police at the airport. she then found refuge at the polish embassy in tokyo and was given a humanitarian visa. a russian olympic committee says it pulled cmo scar from competition because of her psychological state. but the athlete says her life was in danger. beyond the right, when they made it clear that upon my return home, i would definitely say some form of punishment. and that if i refused and ran into $200.00 meats a race, i would be fired and kicked out of the national team. there were also thinly disguised hints that more would await to me. the key phrase is when they said that
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the decision to return home was not taken by us. it was taken by other people and we were ordered to follow through. at the moment, i just want to safely get to europe. i would really like to continue my sporting career because i'm only 24. and i had plans to participate in at least 2 more olympic games for the international olympic committee. once offices from bell russian officials and has launched a formal investigation in terms of her safety and security. i think we've dealt with most of the issues that needed to be dealt with. we have decided to launch, not surprisingly, a formal investigation which will be led by the odyssey of ministration. we need to establish the full facts. we need to hear everyone involved. that obviously can take time. and in the meantime, obviously, our 1st concern is, is for the athlete. all of the athletes case unfolded in tokyo in ukraine. a bellow
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russian activist was found dead in a park vitaly. she shall lead an organization in kia, which helped fellow russians fleeing persecution. elisa launched the murder investigation exiled opposition leader that lana c con oscar fears. something similar could happen to her, not everybody who is in the rules and who have to take care about themselves because to be see the resumes, maybe not so from. and you can reach if they want to do something, i can disappear any moment i understand that. but i should do what time do i cancelled because i'm you know, i feel this responsibility for future. my phones are the same as all those sense while fighting the woman feel the responsibility. i know that even if i disappear
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one day, this movement will continue without me. bell russian government crackdown on descent has worsened since president alexander lucas shanker was reelected last august. thousands of protesters were arrested, including several linked to svetlana to her nob sky. as campaign she fled to neighboring with you. i knew and has been drumming up international pressure. lucas shanker to step down in may. a ryan in flight, heading to lithuania, was forcibly diverted to minutes where police detained an opposition journalist on board romano pro to say, which is accused of being involved in so called terrorist activity. and last month bell, russian police rated the offices of 14 rights groups. non governmental organizations and independent media outlets. ah, well, let's bring in august. now joining us from warsaw is an a toll co tower international relations manager of the bell. russian sports solidarity foundation. the
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organization helps athletes who faced repercussions for expressing political views in brussels. we have a cat, a lantern chief executive of the center for european policy studies, and also in war. so valerie sep carlo bell, russian opposition, leader and former presidential candidate a warm welcome to all of you. so anatole, if i could start with you than 1st because i know that you have spoken to christina tim on sky. so just fill us in. first of all, what has she told you about all this? i truly and now she's okay. now now she's a bullish embassy in tokyo and she's getting better after all this shocking events which should turn out all the sudden for her from senor
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and the very. ready simple. ready mistake of officials who failed to ensure the distant program for her for the team members of the mix. well, they're really even for it's $400.00 me this women they tried to persuade christian to participate in this event about. it's not her discipline, there was no, any politics or the beginning of the story. she just refused for reasonable grounds. she want to show health and life for somebody's mistakes. and the, all the sudden the political decision was taken a means to grip her and say come back to. ready means kill against her will. she informed about such a situation and she managed home builders and spoke with our own nation validates
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of carlo. what's, what's likely, what do you fear is likely to happen to her family as, as a result of this? well, as i understand, i'm open to left in the ukraine. i just wanted to say that he is say, now when he is in your grade, however, it would be, we know the story about we thought he's just so but he was found dead just several hours ago. he was hang in the forest. i key. so most probably, it was also the results of the actions of bella russo special forces i or somebody who raised with in ukraine. so i don't think that somehow they can influence their parents. however, we had the news that they already approached their parents probably trying to
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persuade and therefore it still showed them back to men's guy. you know, that they captured several people's and they started to speak on camera that deborah is fine. though regina is good, we have to worry about in bill or was that happened when lucas end cuz regime hijacked the knack raft. and they brought them on a beach to prison and she started to speak what they wanted. and the same thing happened with one of our athletes, m, m, i champion and also to be in their hands and they are old. so he also started to speak what they wanted from him to, to talk about. so, you know, i think that the regime once now the same christina would be started to speak about
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good things about them, but nobody trust them any or, and what i expect, i expect that most probably the decision will be taken out. the national olympic committee from the international committee and the billing still will continue to participate on the neutral fat blacks in this olympics, carolina, given what bella bruce has done to previous dissenters to this surprise, you at all? no, no, no, no. let's don't be in line to get the patients or what this look, chunk or government is doing. i mean, it's even sometimes, luca shanker has called them and they're even sometimes ahead of the other states. like, for example, our home state, they have their own with love, the neighboring country. and they called back that i'm back there just because a lot embassy over there had put on a lack of the position. and they go back the investor. i mean, the, you was late to react to bed, and it's only monday, part of may, does the se,
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offer the intersection of the lane from athens city right now to you and both even harder sanctions. but we have, are you going to be published about a month ago that you could do much more? and for example, recall all at once and just 3 different, i think relations and finally with the barbershop. but i think the front of things we can do, for example, extending group of people to which sanctions apply at the moment. that's about 166 persons. you could say that there's a lot and their assets are frozen, for example. and these people have money on bank accounts and you don't be countries, the assets are frozen. but i think we can do much more than that to be much more restrictive and to be much more forceful against us. go and talk and talk about what this has has someone else told you and your organization about how long term plans right now, what she plans to do from here actually tomorrow she comes to worse. so
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ah, and are we planning to arrange a special meeting for the ministry of sports? and to reason the analogous along the problem is to, to. ready try to meet her or requests because she wants to continue close for the career. this is quite possible and we are ready to help to assist with the facilitation of the ocean with the polish officials and also polish. and i will see and late fled to the duration. so main invention to. ready come to a safe place to. ready ready re union with your family because her husband also had to leave from the country and because he was afraid of also repressions from this side of therapist and then to start thinking
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about. busy future plans within her career. she told us today she has plans for 2 next olympics. so she is quite young perspective. and we would like to help her to assist her to be prepared for that event because the main thing is her played her life and her career. now let me call to what extent has the seminar sky as case expose the tactics of the bell russian regime on de luca shanker? well, i have a question, i would say a couple about the symptoms and you know, just all the lamps line 2 lamps on this one junior. we also told that bill a response delegation. they were buying dies and they were looking
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after sportsmen. so they didn't allow them to be in contact with their representatives of the state, so they aware people would leave the country. oh, would leave us for for it would be a big thing for the reputation all the time. i was afraid and we remember moody who fled in fact areas believe this over again and stayed in protest at the time. i think that this is the same symptoms actual enough in the house. we are on all the labs of regina and when you been sports man that very well day i and i'm proud
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of these 3 gym. they want us sports definitely extend. class one man women decided to stay away from these times. i think it's very, very symptomatic and it's kind of where you won't be very so carolina how should the e you react to this? now? i don't know you, you kind of touched on this a little earlier. and part of the reason i'm asking is because when roman put to say which the opposition journalist was taken off, that ryan asked flight earlier this year. there was this a storm of criticism internationally and the you almost immediately him post economic sanctions on bell roof. but clearly it hasn't changed, their behavior has it. so what do they do now? i mean, of course they have the sanctions,
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but i think they can do much more of just a magic level. they can do much more. that is not a thing on the behind i preach this merger. merge of this journalist and ukraine underlines, i mean the secret police b k t b or the secret police. there's possibly, i mean, it's almost everywhere. so as long as we have the diplomatic relations under the cover of diplomats, she could police can be active and all of europe in congress, the policy, whatever been doing in our territory, like russia is also used to do baltic states. so as we are much more forceful, let's say trying to trace what these different, different much so called did from us doing into different countries. or you mentally pre collision for the company in question. because be much more parcel and make sure that these things happen anymore. or happen less anyway, there's so much parallel between debate and government acts and debate the russian government, for example, has acted in poisoning august opposition, figures and
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u. k. i mean what that is doing is of the same time. however, i would warn against too much kind of optimism or hopelessly that these things will have rapid effect. i'm very happy to see that this. i mean, the elected president of better lucia. the kind of sky is received everywhere around the world. by, by last week is know, and california i remember correctly was an item before she gets good support, but we'll have to company to do this eventually for years to undermine this regime as soon as we can. but i will take, i think it may not yours because russia is behind and russia strongly supporting or putting it on the supporting the interview. and we've seen and syria. 3 ho, disconcerting around, i mean, indicator, syria, we thought 10 years ago, that would be forced to sit down very soon. but look where we are today is again, and it's still there. all right, we'll come come back to some of that in a moment,
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but i just want to come back to anatole for a moment. it should to the relevant sporting authorities have done more to help a seminar sky. i mean, this will happen very quickly. and the court of arbitration in sport denied her. her legal bid to, to run in the 200 meters in the olympics earlier this week saying that she didn't have enough evidence to, to make the, make her case for that. what do you, what do you take from from that was there perhaps a reluctance to get involved in, in a political and diplomatic, this dispute a pillar. we saw our good level of engagement of european all in the committee international. it can, we just had to really not so many times, not so much time to response but they interfered immediately just one hour after they. ready have been informed about. ready the case of christmas donaldson,
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unfortunately, my daughters, the delegation tried to do it like a special operations. so the christina was informed that she has to go to. ready airport, just one hour before she was actually taken from her apartment. so the plan, this action with no time to response, was you about the international for those spots or betrayed hope, the vision as procure, they did not dismiss the appeal of the whole staff. they dismissed only one part of the deal, a request for c. and the case is still under consideration of the girls. and we would like to have a final decision just to point out just to fix a fee show that there was a fact why elation of her rides. and that she was eager to participate in this of
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course, such as we see on the, on this example should really be working 24 hours 7 days for sure. unfortunately, due to these differences in time time sheets and also due to the complexity of the situation, christina, was in polio with limited access for communication meals. so there should be some more efficient remedies liberated the taking into account these case. but what could have been done by the international sport of birth, this was actually done, and we are grateful for their interference and help international. and the committee opens the new investigation against the national. and we can go bill
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roost to in this to get my for really, christine, at the most tech case validates epcot. hello. how would you characterize the current climates in belarus right now in terms of free speech, has it hasn't gotten worse since that disputed election in august 2020. definitely much worse because the political party saw band practically old newspapers, independent newspapers, even local newspapers have been very, very small newspapers that cover the life of some local community may also ban practically they know in joe's now in the bill of ruse and it's a really very visible crag down from the side of the regime on the civil society and lucas and i would try to clear the field. you know that it would be, you know, any attempts for resistance,
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even peaceful demonstration of hold the human race and also not allowed. so i the integration with human rights is getting worse and worse, but we have now about $600.00 only think a little visual, recognize political. it's a nice our country and the novel administrative arrest. rise in also. so he, you know, just, you know, they were about 40000 people that go through the presence of the presidential elections for to 1000. if you can compare with the polish silly daughter most, the largest central and eastern europe op to the 2nd world war. they didn't, poland, they were about 10000 people. i bought through prisons and poland, 4 times bigger than bella, luce. so you can imagine the scale of the terror. that bill of civil
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society face is now from decide to the sprint you. but from by another point we are pretty optimistic because one day it will blow up and say, there are no way, but we will definitely win because you know, just, it's impossible now to breathe. but you know, the society can not leave the same way. and i'm free to call and said, all right, you know, we on the brink of down to this ridge, you, let's, let's give what's probably going to be the last word on this to cow lando. do you agree with that sentiment? are you hopeful for the future, and what would you want to see more of from other nations in, in applying pressure on bella? ruth, i'm hopeful as well, but we shouldn't be kind of so i mean, optimistic sense of it will just be my drops on weeks. know it can take some time,
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but we have to be extremely result. very clear. that's what we do and what we support, and i think this is not only the case for all you can hold the case for all the european congress, but all the confusion that we have to be on in the world as a whole. have to be very supportive of the elected residential candidate. this straight line up, the final sky. anyway, she's received all over the world, doubling all over. but that's we have to continue to have the pressure because we give up the pressure. i mean, because i will say i wrong and he will say on power report another which is also likely to show that is extremely important to the result of all the different countries and increase or sanctions are used to promote the presence, eventually be much more forceful eventually, activities of the ticket on each of the going to be on all the federal. but also all of the russians who have some links with the government were having links over here for them to look at bank accounts. we better versions haven't been concrete
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about their relatives who are studying and european universities, which is also happening on that if they are against. for example of these, please offer shout. we have to be very forceful against the assets of those which are part of the game. and that's we can do much more than the building already. of course we have strategies or actions, but we have to do much more just to show that we are not giving up and the supporting who is the person who's the elected. and we want to have a change in the all right. we'll have to leave it there. good discussion. thanks very much gentlemen. thanks for being on an inside soy. anatole called towel capital atlanta, and valerie sab carlos, thanks for me with us. and thank you for watching. as always, some of the can see the program again. any time by visiting our website, gina dot com and for further discussion, you can go to our facebook page,
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that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j in slides to you can also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is at a j in size for, for me, have them speak and the whole team here, bye for now. i news news, news. news north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe bureau. 39 is involved in everything that makes money for korea. they carry different passwords take on the money this year and it goes straight into the
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coffers of leadership a to park. people in power investigation bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park, one on jesse era. the hype of english football lies analytic market for the rich and powerful one of the leading specialist work undercover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's held something like one in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the brazen example i've seen the men who sell football on. i just, you know, i was just the right here to report on the people often ignored, but who must be hurt. how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global offense, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people
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in places like how was fine libya and her region. and so many others. we go to them, you make the effort, we care there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media outside of us on audi 0. government shut off access to social media. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm about to send and this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes attack and the hard couple followed by a 2nd explosion as far as between government forces and the taliban extends to
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several cities a top military commander orders civilians to leave last. com.


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