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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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the law of north taylor and under the top stories are now to 0. they've been to large explosions in the afghan capital campbell. the 1st happened near the defense ministers house and a busy market square around the fortified green zone. witnesses of also reported here in gunfire. these 4 people have been killed and 20 wounded. and in the south africa, some civilians have been ordered to leave. laska gall security forces fight back against the taliban at he's 200000 people live there. the u. n says at least 40
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people were killed in 24 hours. at this particular time, we call on every one to seize the military facilities when they were been settings. the seas far as the only option to prevent casualties among the civilians . the situation in lush cargo is very difficult. the population is trapped and probably does not have a means of skipping from the city. an oil tanker sought to have been hijacked off the coast of the united arab emirates with several other ship signaling. they're in trouble. britton's march on agency says a potential hardrock is unfolding of projects for a pinch of over pitch. human tanka called the asphalt princess for other ships in the area, reported that they were not on the command as suggesting that they lost power and could no longer steer. iran revolution regard has denied that the ringing forces or the allies are involved saying it's a pretext for hostile action against terror on villages have been
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evacuated. as a large wildfire creeps closer to the outskirts of the greek capital, more than 300 firefighters are trying to contain the blaze. temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius and dry winds have found war. the 100 separate fires. prime minister says it's the worst heat wave, the country has seen in more than 30 years, and firefighters in turkey working around the clock as wildfires continued to spread in coastal resort towns. these pictures are from the town of boardroom winds and temperatures above 40 degrees celsius. finding 95 in the area, firefighters plains from spain and croatia of flown into help. the shop stores to stay with us out, the world continues. next, i'll be back straight off to that with an usa torment if you can. thanks for watching. the we town the untold story.
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ah speak. when others don't. ah, we cover all sign. ah, no matter where it takes a police fan here guys. my empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new, your neck out here. with us off mar, one was an egyptian millionaire, businessman living in an up market london apartment, married to the daughter of former egyptian president, gumble danasia. he appeared to have everything to live for. my one was also a man of sequence. it's known that he spied for israel,
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but he may also have been a double agent loyal to egypt. such questions came to an abrupt end. when on a summer afternoon in june, 2007, his body was found in the garden of the building where you lived. did my one fall from his 5th floor balcony? did he job? or was he pushed? ah, a book written by a former director of israeli intelligence at the time of the 1973 out of israeli war refers to a secret agent supplying high level information to israel. the claim was that this operative was working deep inside the government of egypt. president said that it was alleged that this by found to be really crucial information about egypt plans from military engagement with israel. it's also claimed he lead sensitive
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information about russian art supplies, links with egypt. the many believe that ashcroft mar one was this agent perpetuating a mystery that is still unresolved. he remains celebrated as a loyal intelligence agent by both israel and egypt. i will listen to you about that the 3rd week and in terms of the police minute back to the fact that a school is she and can to help us out on a long island. so i'm a failure to maria until that is may. he has my limit. lemme and those does not know much, not one of them at length at the 11th and imbedded, keep them up for you. she is a thought. don't let me get you connected
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with leslie. i think it in about one can. i mean, i can, i'm in ms. dugan missouri young. all listen, been in the most controversial moment of ash off mar, one's life as a spy. came in october 1973. when it's alleged. he tipped off israel about an eminent attack by egyptian forces, a series of clandestine meetings and phone calls involving pre arranged code words . warned israel that the 1973 out of israeli war was just hours away. this coincided with a jewish day of atonement young can poor when much of israel was closed for the holiday. intel of eve, the government faced
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a decision 6 months earlier, more one had given a similar alert, but the predicted attack did not come. there was also some confusion over the time of the attack, whether it would come by day or night. i don't to lay to watch them or not convincing enough to leave us to mobilize its, its reserve forces. bending mind isn't always at the start to g, the coast groups of the one that need to hold any supplies attack fully on $48.00 to $72.00. our analysts agree that more one did indeed allow israelis about the evidence don't insurance. it's also clear that he's predicted time was out by a few hours. was this simply a mistake or a deliver attack to roman foot is really military. i think this is as
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i heart of why there's speculation about him being an egyptian double agent. because if he said this information and it was wrong, even just marginally wrong, it still gave you a huge advantage. you know they were able to cross the suez canal, they were able to regain some of the sinai need see them. so i think can it's interesting, it could well have been that he didn't have entirely the right time and it was in the state and he was just trying to help these raise. but i think also it does cost a very interesting life. actually, him, potentially still being an egyptian don't agent with both sides, claiming i shot the mall. one is a hero who would want him dead. it's possible that which ever country he was really betraying, may have exacted revenge. again, there are theories, but little hard evidence. what makes sense doesn't necessarily happens in a story,
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but if this is the case that he was killed by someone, there is more than one candidate to do that. so he said it's the massage, not for with some of his enemies in egypt. so what has egypt got to say in response to israeli sources who claim my one as one of their ages was his desk, an act of revenge in response to his legs. betrayal of egypt, national secrets. miss alverado, missouri on how did you leisure ton of demand? how much will bought in one on your mac hotel? a lot of what i owe you guys in london, senior sort of marshal, went on and you can call up to the value of the senate by what, what their thought of but of a n and new i've been with while,
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if she started by any one can you learn with them, let them know what to bad licorice. the metal at them. i welcome. ah, a small one was murdered and that's by no means certain. could those responsible have been linked with his business dealings? following the october 1973 was egyptian president saddam pointed ash off mall, one as a presidential international representative. in march, 1974, a decree appointed marlin to this high profile hall. i placed the newly appointed emissary in the same sphere as leaders of other powerful arab countries. at this point, it's likely that my one entered the lucrative and at times murky world of military
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weapons procurement. by them of a sofa and muttering and wet that london has the dollar called feet, the queen total yeah, it means a dollar will be electric. and then if you're talking to me, i see that i have a daughter who are local to local these on a 981 more, one left egypt and started a new life in london. he thrived in london's corporate business, having already forged high level connections in the middle east. he made new business relationships with prominent figures, including the late tiny roland, a controversial high profile business figure. roland was connected with a company called tradewinds, with an international footprint. more one also maintained his contact in the middle
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east, including with my god on down cousin. i'm close confident of the van libyan leader mcguffey. the idea of trade when it was a private company, which would with rowlands input transport throughout the middle east and africa. goods and services that model for the introduced including weapons and the trade winds company was supposed to be shepherding weapons around africa, the libyans and everybody else can be allen. and as i mean leave can be on my res robert. we'll get that island. matt. wonder what kind of island might affect. well, hopefully you feel of the bargain though i yet, but also by the way, i mean, i could ask about that when i'm in and i could it be that more one's desk was
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connected to his dealings in the international arms trade show my law and policy must get a laugh or level the and got an amendment and get in the heads up in your motive. dizzy, the magic tool fee to watch me, which is a mother present the garra mac cross cut of his fossil off of he sort of said much more money than i already of the us is i can get kind of out of tune. natasha emily, who can move in on the minute. do i let me tell it what kind of mobile i have do up here on my end. i have blowing them, jot them up, and off and on. i mean, my one's business dealings in london. what complex he bought and sold commercial
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property and invested in several high profile british companies across a wide range of sectors. he also had a stake and a leading london football club. i met a shop now and probably 7 or 8 times. most of those times were in the late eighty's, late 1908 case had been introduced to him by connie roland, point mo, one for me. the interest for me at the time was that he had been buying shares, takes in a loss of precious compass. he suddenly appeared from nowhere. and he was dying strategic steaks. 15 percent here, 30 percent. and nobody knew who was well throughout the luncheon and much
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from then on. my one was very active as a businessman in london, he had a huge number of properties and investments. he was a major investor in chelsea football cup and was invoked and medicaid deals with handling companies of in the u. k. in the early 19 eighties, more one was on the fringes of a high profile feud between his friend tiny roland and the egyptian businessman mohammed and fired. the 2 were battling for control of the house of fraser. the company that then owned the luxury in london department store harris siad said milan because of my one's connection with the government in egypt and fire was an objection. and his connections throughout the middle east and the propensity from i went to do great harm in the opinion of fight. and i was surely
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wish to do, said, mom it, i'll fire her private detectives following a shelf mo, one ton euro and all the time they were la, my one enrolled into like partnership. and they were following marijuana enrollment. meanwhile, roland and mo and have their own team with trucks, texas following outside. and so everywhere they went to london around the world that were things that private texas followed each other. in the end, the feud between the 2 tie tunes reached its own natural conclusion. i think the feud the, the tiny roland field ended with tanya rose, death tiro, and died quite a while ago of natural causes. he had cancer,
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i think he died and i saw a lot of fires around the time of his death and dodie death. i never heard fire till the mon, i think mo, and had become a rather forgotten figure, rather lonely figure. he didn't have the same power. happy saw in his later years, friends recalled a tall man, nearly 2 meters immaculately dressed, with a mysterious air journalist spoke of his charm, but added that he gave little away william allan was a man that looked high on promise, as he took many, many fees and disappointed, a lot of people and the one of his business deals could have gone wrong or he talk monday or people they should not have done. and there was an aspect of revenge. returning to wash off my ones final hours they were spent in his luxury apartment
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in central london while one lives in a very expensive and luxurious apartment building cotton terrace carlton house, terrorist as the london home for the british foreign secretary. and at the bottom of that, as the admiralty arch, which is an enormous flap which is held by people in high position and government, or deputy prime ministers. given his background, those who followed the case closely convinced that he was being monitored by british intelligence morrow and was very well known to the intelligence services because they had a very good reason to keep an eye on him because he was into the varied in the body politic and the whole of the middle east while he was domiciled in london. and why wouldn't they keep an eye on him because it was in their interest to do so. and i was just had another one that can be he can walk up, build can iraq is total cost. a lot of work about a mccann,
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the moral club could talk about if you had said you'll come fidel. good luck from the fact that the cctv cameras were not working that day. certainly hampered any search for truth or closure they issued the cctv has also been a subject of debate in the u. k. we have a huge number of very, very high number of cctv coverage. most people assume that every cctv camera is on 247. so if you take that into, into context with the other issues, the fact that we are told that the 50 tv was not recording, i would say, raises questions. another question, which may give clues as to what happened on the june afternoon, is about mar ones,
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physical and mental health. the clash of marijuana fi shift from ice bridge. maddox to sh. in the michelle and the social on behalf of 11th all with allie her in them. i can value it then mission past ill. bessler was highly kinda startled to the hornet. me if he was indeed in such a poor health. would he have been physically capable of throwing himself from a balcony in the context of this matter? say aught? because you have a man at 63 old man who apparently has the neuropathy of his feet and cannot and go into the bathroom, unassisted. if you take that in conjunction with
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a high balcony for 63 year old male with pain in his feet. how did he access the balcony? and how did he come to go over the balcony? in the go with? no one can go good. i will be collecting them. i should have the quantity on the ship almost. there's another question, one which some sources dispute? it's being claimed that i shaft more one was waiting a tell all book a memoir that his adversaries may have preferred not to see published on the topic of missing evidence. there is also, of course, a lot of questions about dr. mall one having started writing his memoirs and audio tapes accompanying those mom was this would have been the full story of his life and who it worked for babson. it was 340 and work
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with 300 pages or something like that. apparently. so substantial piece of writing that he'd be doing as well as some tapes in which he'd dictated what he'd written. now, nobody actually saw this man was nobody heard the tapes, but apparently they existed. they were on the shelf in his apartment. when the police arrived t code not seen and went through his belongings, they were missing. so the question arises, what they removed, did the police missed them? or did the police lose them? ah, the matter of the alleged missing memoirs is a question the don't to 0 wanted to put to london's metropolitan police who investigated the case. however, they declined the request to appear in this program. ah,
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in those days the london place were a branch of the conservative party. and it's not the same now, but when you have a high profile, dis adam binged on the government, then the metropolitan police will do their best to cover things up and manipulate. that's not the same now. there were witnesses to mar ones full from the 5th floor balcony. 4 men were meeting at an adjacent building. by coincidence, they worked for one of the victims companies. i'm expecting to meet their boss later in the day. one witness, joseph capacity says he saw dr. mar one phone later he claimed to have seen 2 men of middle eastern appearance looking from a balcony, but could not confirm that this balcony was not more one's address. ah, i'll just here
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a rope to mister re policy unto another witness. s i'm joking. however, neither man ah. so what is known of the 2 men said to be of middle eastern appearance. apparently that's just what's being reported. and the 2nd wave of investigation reported that the yes they did know who they were, but then it was being kept the secret. so you know, this, you see very much in the bushes intelligence establishment cover up around this case, which is suspicious in itself. however, any criticism of the police investigation must be seen in the context of the outcome of the coroner's inquest. it declared what's called an open verdict, the legal time for a dash that is suspicious, but unexplained. if they knew, for instance, who may have had a reason to kill my one and that did not see the body politic to explore it much
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further than they would cover it up. and they were covered up to 2 reasons. in my opinion, firstly, that would have done the british government. no good. a man like model one who was no longer around. well, that could be thought to be just he's gone. he said no use to us. he says no harm to us anymore. let's not rock the boat. the 2nd same as a turbulence in the middle east, such as bad enough anyway, you don't want to start on the investigation meant to find. perhaps one of your allies may have had a hand in the and the murder of a protagonist in a bed investigation, but could politics ah, the life and death of ash off mar, one has all the plot twists of
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a gripping spice story. one reason why he's been the subject of several books, tv, documentaries, and dramas. the truth of his life is in every sense, stranger than fiction. his marriage to the teenage daughter of the egyptian president gamma loved another his later relationship with nasa successor. and was that his move to london and the phone call to the israeli embassy offering his services. despite his role in the 1973 arab israeli war, did he tip off israel to give them a military advantage or deliberately pass on flowed information to help egypt? spy, on trader international wheeler, dealer in london, accumulating vast wealth. and in june 2007, his unexplained death. as with all my stories,
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the lines between truth lies fact and fiction. and never quite what they see me. ah. news. news. news. news. news. news. hello, thanks for tuning in here sir. whether story for australia we had that disturbance push across southern areas. the cold front you can tell right it knocked down your
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temperature as adelaide, melbourne, hobart all below average. and while we're on the scene with temperatures, look toward the interior of the outback. alice just a few days ago. you were 32 degrees now. we've got you in for 18 on wednesday, some fierce winds across the north island of new zealand, auckland, the harbor bridge saw wind gusts of 87 kilometers per hour. trees toppled the electricity cut and we've got it south facing wind on wednesday, so single digit temperatures for christ church. and you see this coming your way on thursday. it will plague both islands as we had toward asia pacific. we've got some tropical trouble in the south china sea. it's going to throw some heavy rain. not only for hong kong and kwan dung, but also fuji, and his wall and taiwan. and then we'll keep tabs on this disturbance, east of taiwan to see if that also a develops into some tropical activity. as we had further north, it's unsettled across the korean peninsula. and we've also got a scattering of showers for a hunch you on wednesday. well,
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in this weather report in india where a system is parked over northern areas, bringing heavy rain for rochester and lots of pradesh on wednesday. the my name to it. my manager is on my plan to branch to that point. he doesn't need to do a new job. just grab a manager. i've only got mine on mine idea on i'll get there. the latest news as it breaks the government. so how's the population will be affected? that's millions of people who rely on the river for their was applied with detail coverage. not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the flux. they
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also overwhelmed government surfaces from around the world. this, the nation will help us side for like a short from the global cell. the wealthy nations were holding too many of the vaccines for themselves. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm north taylor. this is down there. news i live from london coming off as powerful bloss shake central campbell and the african army orders residents to leave laska go. the u. s. as it feels i've got some good spiral into civil war reports. a ship has potentially been hydrant off the coast to the united arab emirates.


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