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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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for those high temperatures across the balkans have now been lifted. sophia bulgaria, $34.00 degrees on wednesday, but the heat wave increase. you know, the greek prime minister has said it is the worst heat wave in 30 years. athens, a high, a 40 degrees on wednesday. now to that wildfire burning and bind, i've got searcy on talia profits crews still trying to battle back, but there is a glimmer of hope here. temperature is falling off as we get toward the weekend, but still brisk winds out of the southeast. so that's a breeze off the mediterranean. it has been particularly white for western africa, banjo the gambia, scooped up 72 millimeters of rain and will see those storms move east to west along the gulf of guinea on wednesday. that's your weather update. the news from august on just either the united states is ending in 20 a military present enough kind of done with what it means for the country. 11 piece
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showcases new zealand trailblazing environmental quality, able to read the country of all present from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development of the corona virus pandemic continue to spread around the world. witness showcases, award winning documentaries that bring work issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tensions writing down be a hope to the poll as a country to define the future august on a just a most $1000000.00 online sex in the philippines is black mailing men from around the world, $11.00 east, uncovered. how small time syndicate became a terminal empire. on al jazeera ah
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the paramount of stories going out there are 2 large explosions and heavy gunfire and the african capital campbell with reports of at least 4 people killed. the 1st doest was near the defense ministers home. and in the south africa stone civilians have been ordered to leave. laska gall security forces prepare a major offensive against the ton of a merger investigation has been launched. author of bo, cool by the russian activists, was found hanged in the park and ukraine. italy show fled a group that helped people seeing persecution from president alexander lucas shank has government and an oil tankers thought to have been hijacked off the coast of united arab emirates, the several other ships signaling their trouble of food gera,
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iran incoming president has taken aim at us sanctions, as he outlined his economic plans. abraham right. he will take office later this week. after winning the formal endorsement of the country supreme leader. and he has been in terror, has more and more the ceremony at the headquarters of iran supreme leader. i told him in a indorse the brain, right, easy as the countries 13th president ha, this used to be on occasion to outline iran's foreign policy. but the countries in an economy crisis, although i see the drain iran, folks with the west on the nuclear deal. more at mann middle that we are going to make sure the sanctions are lifted, but we are not going to connect our economy to lifting the sanctions. there are a few issues that the government is facing right now. the budget deficits investment and the stock market. and also controlling the inflation corona virus, and many other basic needs. so i appreciate what the 12 government has done,
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but we need a short term immediate program to resolve the issues we are facing today. he's promising to push ahead with change that should tackle the structural problems the nation is facing. however, the challenges the new administration into ron faces exceed the dining comic situation sanctions and political divisions. it's also about trust between people and the state, especially with a low turnout seen at the election coming, a instructed racy to quickly for a government that will work for the people on tackle a crucial issue facing the country. jen, be the get as a matter that you will then be in the papers present involves relentless fight against corruption from all the patient has acted good policies in that regard. in his previous position, the bulk of the work has to happen once he takes office 4 years ago, right? you see last election to this man outgoing president cassandra honey, who stood
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a handing him the presidential office and a country in crisis while urging him to solve the problems inherited from his 2 terms. though the feeling of caution on the streets of few people are pressing optimism that the new government can get the country out of his current prices. and some argue the nuclear issue will only add to existing problems. however, others believe the answer lies and the leadership taking strong measures and the action of your data. chinese authorities are working to contain an outbreak of the delta variant of code 19, which has spread to half the provinces in china for 10 days. at least 6 regions have competed mass testing and people being told not to leave their home city. katrina, you reports from beijing. the changing the highly infectious delta variance has broken through china is strict corbett 19 defenses, closed borders. strict lockdown and masked, hasting, have not been enough to prevent the country's worst outbreak in months. hundreds of
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cases had been found in more than 30 cities. in 16 provinces, china's leaders say the capital baiting must be protected at all costs. several neighborhoods aren't locked down after and sections were discovered last week. flight trains and buses from the affected areas have been suspended. residents have been warned not to leave. the city to weak. quarantines have been imposed. large scale events have been cancelled, and public venues ordered to limit capacity. contact tracing teams have been mobilized where i can find deal to confirm clothes or secondary contacts, will be current in those who leave and work with them will be banned from joining any other rain and also subject to close move management by their what places or local community, etc. and then the outbreak originated, early last month in the southern city of non ging, airport janitors tested positive after cleaning a flight which arrived from russia. the cities, more than 9000000 residents underwent 3 rounds of testing. in 2 weeks,
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authorities have identified a possible super spreader event in the tourist hotspot of jungle jet was several cases were linked to a theater performance attended by 2000 people. the attraction has been shut down and tourists told to stay away. up until july, much of china had reported the record of our cases. the apparent success had been a source of national pride. but this latest flare up of the delta vary interest foreign interest questions. agents quoted $900.00 strategies and put more pressure on the nation. does that seem roll last? sean is current strategy of 0 tolerance, shooting prove. we must learn to co exist with the corona virus. we need to accept that if possible to be completely free of the verizon for a long period of time. health officials say more than 1600000000 vaccines have been administered so far, but they won't be vaccinated,
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may not be enough to avoid catching the delta strain. the government has begun vaccinating children and is considering offering booster shots to vulnerable groups . the outbreak titans, china's economic recovery, and its ability to horse spectators during the 2022 winter olympic games last year president, she didn't pain, declared victory over carved 19 a declaration. it seems that was premature. katrina, you al jazeera beijing thailand has extended locked downs and the capital of 2 dozen other provinces. as a delta variant pushes up the number of cases there. 29 provinces are being classified as dark red zones. people in these areas are banned from travelling to other parts of the country. and mr. bay, a strict curfew. thailand is also experiencing a major vaccine shortage. united states has reached its go of vaccination, 70 percent of adults nearly a months after president joe biden's july 4th target. but the country is still
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recording more than 125000 cases a day and almost 500 deaths from code. 19 driven mostly by the highly infectious delta variant york's mer is trying to drive the cities infection rate back down by requiring proof of explanation. but people attending indoor venues for mid august people during terrestrial james and the fisher. we'll have to show proof of vaccination by a city based pass in the last hour president biden, as he's speaking about how vaccinations are going in the u. s. rosa jordan joined us from washington d. c. so does he happy with how it's going well, what the us president joe biden had to say is that this is really now a pandemic driven by those who have refused for whatever reason to not become vaccinated. and it would appear that those who are not vaccinated have done so by choice, not because they have some sort of medical condition that basically bars them from
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getting the vaccine that does happen. but they're outnumbered by those who have said either they don't trust the science, they don't trust the government or they just don't feel that enough of is known about these vaccines for them to basically turn themselves into guinea pigs. now the president basically told americans who were watching in the past hour, that if they weren't vaccinated, they needed to get vaccinated. because in his view, this is a pandemic that could be winding down. and instead, case loads are going up, particularly in the middle part of the country in the southern part of the country . and in broad swath of the western united states. you said this is a situation that does not need to be happening. and he also spoke about how to protect people who renting after a nation wide moratorium, preventing them from being evicted, expired. or we can tell us more about that. while the moratorium was imposed by the centers for disease control and prevention or c d c 11 months ago and that more
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atoria as you noted, expired on saturday night us time. well, that means that those landlords who weren't getting their rent payments because their tenants, it was their jobs due to the pandemic, basically started going to housing court all over the country, trying to now start the process of evicting these tenants because the landlords argue that they have to pay their mortgages and if they're not getting the income, then they themselves could be at risk of losing their property and suffering financial could house for feed themselves. so, but the big question is when you have so many millions of people who have not been able to pay their rent, that really has put pressure on the bye, didn't ministration to extend the moratorium. what the president told reporters this afternoon was that basically this was a situation that never should have come to this point because in the 1st emergency funding bill that his administration pushed through earlier this year,
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there was 40 $5000000000.00 set aside to help pay people's rent to their landlords . and so he said, obviously we thought the start states and counties were going to distribute the money. that money hasn't been distributed. now what we're hoping to do is to try to find a way to give people more belief without letting them get evicted, but he's leaving it up to the cdc to make that announcement later on tuesday evening. that is one thing that joe biden did not do during this press conference in the past hour. he did not say exactly how the u. s. government is going to help these millions of renters, some 3000000 who could be kicked out of their homes anytime now. i was in jordan, thank you very much indeed. oh person by no so called on new york state governor andrew cuomo to resign after an independent investigation found that he harassed at
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least 11 women during his time in office the nearly 5 month investigation which included interviews with nearly 200 people found engaged in a quote, pattern of sexual harassment on quote of women inside and outside the state. government allegations range from unwelcome physical contact to groping and sexually suggestive comments from cuomo, as well as retaliation against women who came forward with complaints. independent investigation found the governor cuomo, sexually arrest multiple women, many of whom were young women by engaging and, and wanted groping kisses, hugging and by making inappropriate comments. the new york assembly leaders. as cuomo can no longer remain in office and says they will expedite and impeachment investigation. but in a long, detailed response to the investigation klemmer denied touching anyone inappropriately. i never touched anyone inappropriately or made
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inappropriate sexual advances. i am 63 years old. i have lived my entire adult life in public view. that is just not who i am. and that's not who i have ever been a contributor to an algebra documentary is under police protection in belgium, over a film criticized for depicting cutoff as a sponsor of terrorism. according to the documentary misfits co produced by a morality company had the original script changed to include anti cut references. shami has more from brussels. the topical investigation department of the federal police in belgium has opened an investigation update, received information from the cinematic producer on the job that was worked on the misfits film saying that he had received an anonymous call from a number giving him a death threats because he was
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a part of the documentary that appeared on 0 on the 1st of august. but i mean, he mentioned that he had no time to report this home, but he feels good for his live and he has 4 witness protection from the belgian police which he has been given and is now in an undisclosed location. the belgian belief has, is yet to give more information on what they're working on, but they have said that they will give more detail than the upcoming days on the source of these threats. but jabber, believe that his live is under threat and for the time being he is considered to be in a safe location by the belgian believes 3 weeks after at least 180 people were killed and devastating floods. in western germany, survivors say they're relying on the help of volunteers among those bringing assistance or refugees from syria, you say they want to give something back to the nation that was welcomed them. step vesman went to meet them at a church and partner deep in the basement of
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a centuries old church, they are cleaning up one bucket at a time. for the past 2 weeks, the syrian refugees have picked up shuffles and how to clear tons of debris left after the worst flaps this historical town has ever seen. so i'm very proud that i can help people here and religious institutions. true for me, there is no difference whoever i help and what their background is. this is likely the last place, the feeling thought they would end up up asleep. there was recon pounds back home here in the darkness of the flood of roman catholic church, showing dead gratitude and the spirit of to get an eye given home to don't feel suffering from the loss and destruction. after the class. most of the syrians came to germany in 2015 when more than 1000000 who fled the war in their own country were accepted by uncle american government. it responded to an appeal on social
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media. after seeing the scale of destruction caused by the flats on television, germany gave us the shelter, give us education, give us food, and a place to evolve and thrive in this country. and they considered us as one of them. so we felt that we are part of this society and when we feel this, we feel that we need to help in this get those trophy nearly 3 weeks after torrential rains called flooding and north way must finally and rhineland. the latin aid, the clean up as well on the way survivors say this is not because of government help, but solely, thanks to the volunteer does. this isn't indescribably strong feeling that people from all nationalities came and helped that every hand helped even when it maybe was not exactly the right help at that moment. what matters as they help and otherwise we would never have managed to do this. church lead us hope tolerance towards refugees and migrants will increase. i'm not ok,
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but here are people who experience have because of their religion or that color. and i think that's a good sign in. but knowing that this doesn't matter at the moment, having experienced hardship themselves, the syrian refugees feel they can offer the right help. some i've been working for 2 straight weeks, leaving their families and jobs behind is get unwilling through. there are 1000000 syrians in germany, and we are one with the german population in good and bad time. they plan to stay off the other volunteer, have long gone, hoping to rebuild these historic towns and making friends for life steadfast and algebra, but noisy and germany. on wednesday, it will be one years since the deadly explosion rocked the lebanese capital killing more than $200.00 people and injuring thousands. nearly 300000 lebanese were left homeless and families of the victims still demanding answers. the boss was
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triggered by large stockpile of ammonium nitrate stored improperly at the port still had this news, our in sport or historic day for this british cyclist in tokyo, latest lympics coming up and the u. s. returns more than $17000.00 lucia antiquities to iraq. most of them stolen off the 2003 invasion ah choose choose
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with. ah me. ah ah, ah. the a general rule report. thank you laura. a remarkable day of action at the lympics.
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what you make is elaine thompson, harry became the 1st woman to retain the sprint. double. she'd already won the 100 meters and take care and stormed to another victory in the 200 as she did in rio 5 years ago, christine and both of namibia took silva ahead of gabby thomas in said andy richardson was in the stadium watching. well, we may not have you sign both in park here, but we do have another jamaican sprint. superstore. elaine thompson, her winning the 200 meters, adding that to the 100, meet the title she wants to few days ago. so doubling up on the 10200, just as she did rio in 2060 in silver metal position. christina bama of the maybe a really interesting case with her due to her naturally occurring testosterone levels. she's not allowed to compete in the 400 meters. he switched to the 200 meters just a few weeks ago. now hey, she is as an island pick silver medalist as to thompson, hara well forward fitness permitting. she will be going again at the paris 2024
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games, adding for both style 3 pete winning, the $1200.00 at 3 consecutive olympic games. harris is like, yes it is in the book, but take it year by year, which i'm looking forward for our championship kaiser before paris. now on wednesday, she found her son will continue with her unprecedented tokyo asset. the dutch runner aiming to win the 1505010000 meters. something has never been done before. she's already won the 5000 meters. she from the 1st aid of the 1500 meters, which so her falling on the final lap. she still had the chance to get up to south down and get through to wednesday's semi finals. if she gets through that semi final, then the final for the 1500 is on friday and then the final of the 10000 meters is on saturday. she'll have 6 middle distance races in 8 days. also coming up on wednesday, the final of the men's see 100 meters. the big favorite for that is american. know
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eliles, but he almost blew it in the semi fun is look to be cruising to victory eased up in the final few straw. i got caught on the line finished 3rd, but just squeeze through as one of the fastest loses. so he will have a chance to add to his world championship gold medal. he wanting doha in 2019 and go for the limbic title on wednesday, tuesday also. so it's been described by the man who won silva as the best race ever . and elim pick history and he was talking about the mens 400 meter hurdles, wind noise, a constant, vol homeless, smashed his own well record 2 in gold and a time of 45.94 seconds. this time while champion beating the usa that ride benjamin and brazil alison dawson santo, it was a month ago that was all home broke the records set by kevin young at 29 years ago . the boss laner olympics incredibly shaped another 0.76 seconds off that fine, becoming the 1st man to break 46 seconds. to put that in context that saying the around a 3 2nd slower than the 400 meters record. where the of course no hurdles and there
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are thought for benjamin and 2nd to also break the world record. in fact, 6 of the 1st 7 finishes set, national or continental records, and in the press conference afterwards, even the competitors couldn't quite believe what they've done with all respectful athletes. i think there's lot of athletes that are not that good. i will get another because, you know, right, benjamin running 4617. you know, it would be cervical metal. there's nothing you can compare to what just happened out there? $4059.00. over the hurdles. 46146. 72 it's. it's an insane. so i would say it was the best race ever in olympic history. earlier we states janice jonathan gout, he watched the rice live to see cause war home take point 76 of a 2nd. will record well records in the spring for not broken by not much anymore. i mean get 2021 and i'm running this event prob 120 years. you just don't see
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breakthroughs of that magnitude and for him to do it on the biggest age imaginable . and then from right benjamin analysis centers, right. bedroom? well on the previous record, alpha. understand those mit billable record by point 0. 2 just phenomenal. one of the most amazing incredible races i've ever saying, you know, it's always hard to place these things in context immediately. but this will go down as an iconic race in the history of the lengthy track and field along with you sample 9.69 in beijing. and david reduces one or 2.91 in the 800 meters in london. it belong to that conversation and very well may be the greatest race with ever seen. he smashed the world rec, worn by greater percentage than you same ball ever did. so he's got to nowadays i think that the next bolt thing of the bolt replacement thing that's never going to you never going to get another use same bowl but cost more home himself is
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a fantastic athletes and really painting athletes a watch. so yeah, ira, the bulk comparison is fair for anyone to try and build, but he's a massive star and hopefully we'll get even bigger off this foreman's us gymnastics . my bible says winning brahms and the balance beam final means more than all the gold because of what she's been through. the 24 road pulled out of 5 events and take care of just struggling with her mental health. but it was a successful were sent to action. she walked away with a metal off. the finishing behind 2 chinese confesses biles, at least the games with a silver and a bronze to go with the forego. she wanted to rear games in 2016. yeah. well, to bring the topic of mental health, i think it should be talked about a lot more, especially with athletes because i know some of us are going through the same things and we're always told to push through it. but we're all a little bit older now. we could kinda speak for ourselves, but at the end of the day, we're not just entertainment, we're humans, and there are things going on behind the scenes that we're also trying to juggle with as well. on top of sports,
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cyclist jason kenney is not great. britain's most decorated olympian, he claimed silver in the teams friend for his 8 meadow, which equals the number chiefs by fellow cyclists. bradley wiggins. although kenny has one more gold and silver, kenny and his teammates last out to well champions, netherlands in the final as they were goad in men track fighting for the 1st time in 85 years. and it was a good day for the kenny family because his wife laura will say, one sofa and the women's team to state so well since that abrasions in that household made out. anyway, that's wasteful, or 20000 churches to iraq from day to back. 4000 years, most of them were stolen after the us invasion of iraq in 2003. but ok or just say several other ancient artifacts are still missing. the unprecedented return follows the iraqi prime minister's visit to washington last week, where he met with us president joe biden. that's it for me. don't tell us this news
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. i'll be here in a moment with morning. thanks for watching with ah, me. ah, ah. ah, my manager is the manager is on materials. i find the beauty of the brand to the point you can usually just we just grab a manager. i've only got mine on
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mine. i do. on august the, this light may look like a city from the sky, but they're fishing vessels just outside of gin. tina's exclusive economic zone, the united states launched operations southern cross to combat, illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say the main task is to control the movements, so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home argent time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economic exclusive films. but what a 40 here are saying is what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters with energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue
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change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah, a powerful blast. shake central cobble, and the african army orders residents to leave laska go. the u. s. is it fears africanist on could spiral into civil war the most? ah, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up reports the shippers potentially been hijacked off the coast of the united arab emirates with several others signaling. they're in trouble.


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