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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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for the right help, some i've been working for 2 suede weeks leaving their families and jobs behind is get you on through. there are 1000000 syrians in germany and we are one with the german population in good and bad time. they plan to stay after other volunteers have long gone, hoping to rebuild these historic towns and making friends for life steadfast and algebra. but know in germany ah, one of the top stories are non 0. they've been to large explosions in the afghan capital capital. the 1st happened near the defense ministers, house and a busy market square around the fortified green zone. witnesses of also reported hearing gunfire. the defense minister to to do not worry, everything is fine. but there are reports that 4 people have been killed and 20 wounded. and in the south of afghanistan, civilians have,
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in order to leave laska gall, a security forces fight back against the taliban. at least 200000 people live there . the u. n says that these 40 people were killed in 24 hours in some of the heaviest combat in the center of the city. the estate department has warned that the conflict may develop into a civil war if the taliban continues to use force. we are going to be looking to their actions. they have said that they see the utility of a negotiate solution. they are engaged in doha. but the simple point remains that if they attempt and seek to do otherwise, if they seek to contravene what they have said, then they will be in and out. prior. they won't have the support of their people. they won't have the support of the international community. and the concern on the part of all of us, one of the main, one of many concerns,
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is that the result will be civil war. will be a civil war in which the afghan people do not have and won't be in a position to achieve the safety and security in which they deserve. an oil tankers thought have been hijacked off the coast of the united arab emirates, with several other ships signaling they're in trouble, person's maritime agencies as a potential hijack is unfolding for gera, dupage, of, of a bit human tanka called the asphalt princess for other ships in the area reported that they were not under command, suggesting they'd lost power and could no longer steer a murder investigation has been launched after a vocal better russian activist was found dead in ukraine, which only show off let a group that help people seeing persecution from president alexander lucas shank because government those mate up stories to stay with us, yolanda 0. why not? area is up next more news of that? mm hm sir. it should be about raising prices farther down to the pounds and then
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we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in prime in that says, i don't have the baby has the task of fixing a war torn economy, counting the cost on al jazeera. all right. about. now let me ask you, i will see the black man on the map. lenny think about. have you ever never maybe cry? i thought yes, white man with that for if that could i don't. the guy did not come in that the most dangerous snake in the why one second. let's go
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close the at any crazy white people. i never break you list. i use a wife. my rate is only one place where you go to the u. s. embassy, where they are about to you of you saw saw i'm afraid she was bred a basket, mouth missed and comedian and also an entropy. and i'm also human my managers, my managers are material my job, my find when you are my joy, my pain, my love, my manager is me right now i'm going to prove called but on the island is where the rich folks leave. you know, the people and all of them the people that's to money
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so that doesn't mean that the other ones i will cut but check i just have to yeah, crazy. my dream is to work hard enough to be able to afford to move into a place like this going to have and i'm the with the like, there's a more difficult than doing appropriate founder about a comedy because everyone is there to laugh here. here to eat, drink, and i wish myself luck guys, and him out. even people live a very hard so these what i didn't met with team bottle of water joke to my
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pocket. my open for anything that's going to happen. good money in my account. from the client, and i'm good to go. when i see things like this, look at this have look, man, this is i need to talk to the lady called me. i was wondering, i was able to pull back from you guys and she is which keep in mind how you doing. so i went over to my problem how you do, what's your name? your sammy, what's cody? okay. yeah. you see you in london too. i don't like the peculiar who you see. i knew when i was your point, me mouth school, you know, reach people and it was good to you feel?
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no, no, it was a way to do these. now, when you get to know each meal, what do you guys or talking about the new when i was young, who point you to what it be. nice to me is my mom me, i'm hungry. my legacy. we knew quite what you see for when i actually when i was friends, right. she came out a lot more. yeah. we got one. when you're ready. she's like, why did you know to me for my own medicine? no.
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no. no. okay, and when you look at him, when the sad part is for it, have a good night ill as an artist is supposed to be keeping some cache around you because you would definitely bump into some of his boys and this but you to give them all your time because it is a contrast, one of them that made it live and us better to give back
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and now to cops. now the cops everywhere and i know that the recall we didn't, we didn't go through the record to get the news doesn't know you might see a new one. okay. i don't know. can i look i honestly nor did they want this one. i think that's my last one that i know for me for who are the guys if you want to read wrong, 3000 from it yet i you still get the i think looking is getting me get don't know how much i would get by use out of the money in there. yes
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i did. forget just can be i need a portion of what the kid who i immediately was i had i me hello guys. after the wedding i i messed up. i got angry. i took my leg. i kicked out a board. actually it was my mom, my mom got me angry as it should me. i know. don't you know, i know you don't say that i have i, when my, my life 5 years ago i was selling for the possible i will call back my wife.
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in fact, from that kind of go so shameful back the view of the wedding gown cried yet to come for me. i was not. that was when i knew i'm an emotion on my best. my goodness. i could write the missile. i can get what people need and i missed due to because i suppose we had met i thought would be my friends would like right. what do i get a strong money for the people? i think my brother did not more than 100 percent. you can reach me, which is key and i'm very content to read them how to control all the things that talk about my wife is real like true light, but just little bit of it and trying to ask me why i'm chatting read. and so when she does its own thing is materials around here. and so she is
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only an action then my reaction and how i deal with teachers. we need to still be from new everything i talk about my wife has thing of truth inside now live was live is more or less like my restaurant, whatever i see, right. you down live and driving and i like grammy li live very fast. you have to be on top of your game. everyone was smart next. loosely, where you can get, reach 2nd and get poor in the 2nd. if you smother, watch and do, do a put news you're there just for you to just see and grab it. and that's one thing i love about. that means i was funny to the better man. and i said, you know what, you need to add to that. then the
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1st time i saw him do, comedy was actually supposed to be a rock performance with him on his brother. and they were performing on stage the crowd because my university a very vocal crowd enjoying the rest so much at the time. and they were like, so somebody in the crowd just by talking them. and i remember, you know, basketball picking on the guy like hey, you don't, you can't stop me because he was with the mike, you just paid trash talking to guy. and then from that point, everyone just laughing like everybody laughing and you just just stop the music music just to pretty much stop the performance and he was no, no committee you think? and he just, you having this guy i want to guy would, you know, throw something out and then he would look at the other guy. yeah, the guy was so funny. he was a guy, that means i stopped laughing and rolling all over the place when i saw that performance, i was like, dude, you know,
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this is way you should be like just stop and everybody on the campus. after the night after you just became a star in the compos, everybody just recognizing pushing to perform events and beg a paid you know, i was just doing is just a feed. i couldn't eat than not i could eat literally. i could out what the value of the company, dan just then shot and showed that people pay me to perform because i'll g for free. regardless, my mother told me, i always told me about the body in place. i should be how you would these guys, but somehow listen to your mom. my mom threw up and the funny thing is it
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dropped out and i usually work with masters. i makes it live. i wasn't real clear. it was in down being punished. i'm going to put a straight face. so this kids don't mug me. i'm just going to act like i'm not me. ok. me brief message is going to be very brightly go the in the in
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the message out to the cloud. i do i do. are you guys doing it today? it was my it was my speed. i mean, memory flashed out by the market. you know, does one so plenty of time,
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but that's not as much to see the city does we did is they start off, is that somebody coming out to a business that needs something? who's offering public the dues? who's going to be a problem with this guy? brand new?
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the. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, i need the car please. not the car so you don't need to copy man. i care with the one cause my baby to thank you my babies bomb. like it's a most we're just going to court. if i come in the see the little teachers to buy drinks, vito, whatever launch or something the life i just made a decision. i just hit the st. louis those. so i think i said, hustling, i said,
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making things happen for the time in 1995. i left school. i don't want the chances. i tried everything. i tried flaw from plane to drum clean the keyboard to clean the base. it all coming to where does i usually around by doing so i wanted to see the doctor. you know, if there's so much pain in my life before about 2 weeks, i should be fine. do that. how does but have been spend the committee or we have an injury on your feet if you would, if i find any more. so right now for the next 2 weeks, call me to sit down to
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think it's a very broad okay. come on. i know 543212. and it was the club. the whole be to hi, my name is brian. you pretty much. i've got to look it up. yes it will. oh my only . so by mouth. when you could. i mean, somebody doesn't hold anything back,
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which is like the basket basket doesn't hold water. and when i decide to go with name, basket money actually defined my kind of art and i kind of delivery because i see do a cons. i do not have any filtering system and that's how bascom i came into live, trust me in this country now you can actually get out twice if the initial boots, the 2nd column, maybe key, he's looking like negligible, something around looking difference. change the hair, you the contact lands noticed. people stop changing now you look, you look beautiful. try change. judgment is called me and i bet you love people you know, make, have not because of the not nicky, but god who recognize that i'm the guy but then you see anything to them. i don't see anything
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like up to the aircraft actually because the pilot makes you very comfortable. you took up rank and there was like 2 couples. and i believe that if that's a driver giving you a mouse can also charge more. i need your attention, devon speaking rather than down to similar. they're going to be experiencing some traffic jack, but not to worry. have some back with that compared to make it faster. just relax. make sure i think you your destination in one pit. thank you for writing with me on getting a lot of attention from the ladies who are so silly would happen. so call me if you want to kiss.
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yes, i do this, keep to promote my shows. i got into one minute 30 seconds, put on facebook, youtube, save to some blogs and just put it out there. in 30 minutes. it's everywhere. and what is it? it is one thing that goes via roles have rarely actually either louis. yeah. so only travel, just possible to me, detach look, every keep that i create have a negative title. so people who want to see it is nice to see you like basketball. he's $20000000000.00 for that old guy. but a guy basket. my go bankrupt, you serious? you know, it's not, not, not friend, it is a lot bomb went out of the most was
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the amount, you know, you've been extra time around and i'm using real community can give me the expression on the character that i need. my kids normally to 3 people about the noise being the business. i'm thing at the top if a game yang. yeah. you know? yeah. never really had a bad year that will make me genius. i have to see but that's what is the truth man . i think that would be great. be great. do you know your lot? sure will buy do flat russia?
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sure. it could just go ahead. that's what comedies about this also crazy over. so venue reading to like people i back came out. so 5. and because young beauty is brand to that point, he doesn't think we need to talk. he's just down the age of people. wow. now, but cannot get hired, not because of the job, only because of goods, grumble, or that's. and with that being he glamorize the business, you know, not so many hopefully goes is very expensive. and if you fully say you, would you use the money for you, what's that you have did play sure to buy probably. yeah. one of these things, when it comes to what you choose, a book, specialty notebook, they pull up your 1st name,
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everything about your business drive and just to make sure i'd give the club, what do you guys get to watch? it's pretty good for you. on the speak to when you begin laugh it pressure too much sometimes bruising. i will give you committee and always have to know was coming as actually very sad. yeah. i did. he was going depression, actually, i didn't get that's not why you got to find it. didn't you gained? and after the game was just of like, you know,
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even was happy when was last seen the study news and just went off on i walked into the room in my room alone, tried to communicate with my family friends. and it was already lead to what i want . it was asleep. so your dad tried to watch and tv that didn't help. so i had to pick my peut. i slip that life happens every time. shot me in. you know, i thought everyone was fun. when i was young guy, it was all my friends with very funny. well it, and i realized that no was actually give that was just bless you so much people, you know? and that's what i realized that was chosen was my
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name is my home on android, my joy, my pain, my love, my manager is me. i am manager. i own it. actually. my, on my, i want to keep the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous way is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get to survive. risking it all, peruse, allergies era. slavic disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction, one man created
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a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle. episode 3 of football rebels entered the world of footballing legend press drag push. each 2 went from coaching boys, football to teaching young men life. frederick push each of the siege of sarajevo on al jazeera award winning programming from international. so make one quick, so it's straight on the back of the global discussion. what guarantee that will be the right to take the life, giving voice to the voice here in california. almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well, today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on our belief, the hype of english football lies analytic market for the rich and powerful. i'm one of the leading specialist work undercover just years investigative unit exposes
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the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. i tell some people in the magician has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who sell football on. i just, you know, the the us as afghanistan could be at risk if he were war with intensifying taliban violence, mo, bomb blah sing cobble. while the african army orders people to leave lash tv ah, hello, i'm emily. angry and this is al jazeera, alive from joe. how also coming up reports the ship may have been hijacked off the united arab m.


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