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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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the center of saigon was a war zone. the press retreated, in effect that the caravans hotel. and many of the story is mentioned we received was from the caravan ah, a fight against constant flareups emergency who struggled to contain some of the worst lot of fires in turkey's history. ah, what's headquarters and hind and also coming up the somber reminder of the lead on port was changed. so many lives a you're on the we hear from people affected the child behind
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a car bombing, or the gun defense ministers home and threatens. there'll be more and a call from the un for if yoke to let international aid organization back into the t great conflict. ah, hello wildfires are stretching, emergency crews and turkey on southern europe and turkey there among the worst in its history. at least 14 fires across 6 provinces are posing a threat firefighters have brought another 160 other fires under control since last week. i was 0 or so. sorry, that has more for me and i've got and tell you a problem we are in cause will die in the town of mano got, which is one of the most stated districts caused by d. y fires in turkey,
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a messy forest fire broke out last night here and it continued through the night. hum. but as of how there's of land, how being burned, firefighters continue to cool down the areas to prevent wife fires from spreading to other areas. hundreds of widows years had to create their houses and the security forces are blocking the road to prevent people from getting back to their houses. it is too risky. i have talked to the winter years here and they all share a common wish william back to their houses to see if they can save and it to my now got that because all that is not the only one though 30 is witnessing hundreds of similar wildfires since like the last week, like like the one in the village of center, in almost a thousands of people on the outskirts of athens have been forced to leave their homes as a wildfire moves closer,
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more than $500.00 firefighters are trying to contain the blaze in an industrial area and a suburb of the greek capital temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius on dry winds have found the flames of more than a 100 separate fires. same bas robbie has more from athens. it's been 24 hours since this fire started and the ground is still smoldering. if you look at the tree lined behind me, we can still see the smoke rising from what is left of the burning embers. we've seen aerial drops of water in these areas in the ground crews are going in to put out what remains of, of the flames that have been ongoing here for 24 hours. now, it has to be said, the fire is far less intense than it was earlier this morning and last night. but what the worry is for a fire rescue teams now is that the intense heat, the climbing temperatures that continue to go up, the wind is picking up as well. these things might rekindle the flames and restart the fires that they've already been fighting since yesterday. hot weather has also
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been driving huge fires in italy. sure. a sun residence have been evacuated from the coastal cities of cataneo and pet scarborough firefighters. say they face hundreds of blazes and populated areas in the past few days, but they're starting to get some under control. adam reiney has more from polio and southern italy, authority thing. the last few hours, they were able to finally, totally put out this fire and pool in the south of the country. and they say it's a sign of the progress they're making and other regions, sicily and calabria, both nearby, both of those regions still have a few sporadic fires that are blazing, but they're not really putting anyone at risk right now as they were 48 hours ago. with a bit of measured confidence authorities here in italy say they think that they're out of the worst days of this crisis. i'm like turkey and greece. they didn't have these massive individual fires, but instead, more small ones spread out through half the length of the country. we've traveled from the center, the country prescott on the coast down here to pull you to get
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a sense of what these fires look like. and what we saw are fires that were discrete in size, and sometimes in certain small areas, but didn't spread across the whole countryside that perhaps allowed firefighters to get control of the situation faster than they have done in neighboring greece. and turkey cor, 3 people had been killed after a head on train crash in the western check republic. dozens were also injured when the german express train hit a check regional service. the drivers from both trains are among the dead. emergency services are on the scene with 4 rescue helicopters, and 10 people are being treated in hospital for serious or life threatening injuries. if a lebanon are gathering to mark the moments a stockpile of ammonium nitrate, blue eyed baby root in the pores, a year ago, can i'm a ration on marches, have already begun. as you can see,
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people remembering the 200 more than 200 killed and thousands injured in bloss. it was one of the largest non nuclear explosions ever recorded. it destroyed thousands of homes and of course the government at the time to resign. but when you run victims are still waiting for answers. as in a hotel reports from beirut, the gutted silos at the roots port still stand as a symbol of a tragedy. i feel what i know the building behind us collapse and 4 people were killed. i was strong to the ground unconscious. we will never forget that explosion . it began with a fire at warehouse 12. it's believed to have blown up. the ammonium nitrate that was unsafely, stored with flavors will material the neighborhoods were destroyed. more than 200 people were killed on august 4, 2020. we saw her thinkers there,
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her running shoes. we didn't expect or imagined that he will be. at the point we wrote wolf saw her that her sister, jessica worked at one of the roots hospitals. many were badly damaged in the explosion. all the hospital teens ran to the patient and had to move them to the secured area which turned into a battlefield. we had a few minutes and then because after a few minutes came the, came, came the patients which were wounded and that no one has yet been held to account. families of the victims are up against the political and security establishment, accused of hiding behind immunity. that defeats the very purpose on the ferry sense of the road and flow, and that does not reflect on a debt dish or ability judiciary. the ability to conduct effective investigation
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and to insure accounts our ability for the abuses that committed. it's still not known what caused the initial fire. what is also not known as if the ammonium nitrate was intended for bay root? the ship that carried 2750 tons of the chemical made an unscheduled stop here in late 2013. the cargo was offloaded after a death dispute, but it's also not clear if most of the stockpile was in the warehouse, when the explosion happened throughout the years, top officials, military and security officers knew about the dangerous chemicals and did nothing about it. human rights watch says they also mis characterized the danger posed in communications with the judiciary. we found that the emissions and actions of lebanese government and security officials constituted a violation of the right to life under international law. and there appears to have been attempt to disguise the true identity of the owners of the ammonium nitrate.
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i'm the ship and why the ship came to lebanon in the 1st place. a year on a route is still a broken city. yet to recover from one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history, dental for their elders, either beta or you can see a special program by saying on the disaster they route search for answers right here and i was 0 on wednesday, a 2330 gmc also, you can catch the program on our website at al jazeera dot com, and on youtube as well. and one other notes on love on the french presidents as slides, they further $120000000.00 worth of emergency aid. on 500000 doses of proven 1900 vaccines for lebanon. so as the process take place in the marches, go on in my new i, my home, also renewing his call for the countries to form a government. he's visited beirut twice since the port bloss one year ago.
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the taliban is warning of more attacks against top afghan officials. there was an explosion near a defense facility and capital on wednesday, just hours after a car bomb block and gun battle near the defense ministers house. the taliban saying it was responsible for that attack. here is our sematic editor james bays with more in recent hours, the taliban have shown that currently pursuing 2 very different types of warfare. in cobble this bloss targeted, one of the men leading the government's military can but spend i have the monitor him home button on it as a defense minister and veteran commander con was not at his home when 8 and buildings around it in the most secure part of cobble were targeted, but his body guards were among those injured in the bomb blast, the biggest in the capital in almost 4 months. these pictures filmed by the government show the scene immediately after the blast. the interior minister abdul
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sutter mac, while directing commandos who we are told, secured the area after a number of hours. this is what experts call a complex attack. first, the car bomb was detonated, then attack has made their way into the building. there was a fire fight lasting several hours. the taliban say this is the beginning of a new campaign targeting senior government officials in the capital. the taliban are fighting a very different battle in the south of that again, it's dawn aimed at conquering territory rather than causing disruption. their focus right now appears to be the provincial capital of helmand laska. gov. the days they've been fighting in the heart of the city, the african military has called on people to evacuate the homes. but one local resident told al jazeera he can't leave his house because there's fighting on the street outside and his family is running out of food. we're very worried. situation
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in lash cargo dire. the warfare is going right now in oregon city among the civilians. civilian population is known to target schools, medical infrastructure, hospitals, housing facilities, our nor the place where the military activities should take place. the un calling for an immediate cease far, but the opposite is happening. the violence is intensifying. james bay's al jazeera cobble still has on al jazeera india records, a sudden rise up more than $40000.00 current various cases. we look at how people without medical insurance, ferry, i'm on the rich infinity. oh, carolyn picks, west baseball is back for the 1st time. 2008. i
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the weather in china moment is all focused around the south. in this clump of cloud here is circulation and i've been named as tropical storm new fit. it's heading towards the coast of properly for jan. might just catch grand on and it may were high on to that coast for another day. so high, dangerous is it, it's not going to categorize as a tie. food wins about 5 can be suppresses or be some wind damage that stops severe . it's moving roughly speaking northwards at the point of makes contact. the lamp shall be during thursday, so it will bring the a storm surge on a big $15.00 me 2 ways. yeah, they're quite big, but this is probably not that unusual. on the coast. 27000000 people have a will be impacted by this wind and more especially i think by the amount of rain or fall in glendora and food jeff, he's already quite soaking on the ground, has going to be widespread flooding. the edge effects may well cause more funding
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in tie one as well, more likely during friday that on thursday. now beyond that, we have another tropical depression for me and the other 3 crew chain of odds in the science of japan. japan itself is 40 out of $47.00, prefix chairs are giving a heat wave warning. there is some rain in the korean peninsula and some in northern china. the who's joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic it's of the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new wasted. this stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera oh
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a fellow in the top floors on here, or at least 14 fires, burning across 6 provinces and southern turkey, firefighters are brought another 160 other places under control since last week. the wildfires are among the worst in turkey's history. commemorations have now begun in love on tomorrow one year since the day route for the explosion. it chilled at least $200.00 people and left thousands injured of last was caused by a huge stockpile of ammonium nitrate to tom about his warning of more gun
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government officials. the group claimed responsibility for tuesday's car bama talks about follow the gun battle near the home of the defense minister with p. o. p. a has ordered 3 humanitarian organizations, including doctors without borders to stop all work in the works. warranty. gray region, un humanitarian chief, is also pleading for access to, to dry, to allow desperately needed aid into the region. but he killed his government, has refused because it says corridors already exist in other areas. you and figure show hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from famine in the region. we need to should access routes by land, as well as of course, our own flights going in and out of mckelly. and frankly, we need the water and we need the conflict to stop the needs that have been spoken about. integrate, are indeed what they have been advertised that they are huge. they are urgent. they
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are important. not web is nairobi with more on how it is treating aid organizations . monetary organization said that they were suspended since last week, but it was just a short while ago that the government put out the statement, confirming that and the things that they've accused those organizations are included using social media to disseminate propaganda. humanitarian organizations commonly try to publicize the crises that they're working on where they're trying to assist people. the government, on the other hand, throughout the duration of this conflict, was cut off the internet, cut off the phone, cut off the electricity throughout the gray region. there's definitely in information war going on as well, and the government clearly object to the humanitarian organizations telling the world about what's actually going on on the ground. another one of those accusations with against doctors without borders reinforcing satellite
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communications equipment without the license for the schools and all of the traditional visual communications are off. there's no way that humanity area workers or anyone else can communicate with each other without using satellite funds. so that surely the reason that they would have imported that equipment, but these suspensions of the, the organization relate this shot 3 more pretty rocky relationship with the humanitarian organization working great. ever since the south of this conflict in india is health ministry says the crone of ours pandemic. there is still raging and is far from over. on tuesday cases rose by more than 42000 and that's a 40 percent increase on the previous day. but millions of people don't have health insurance and they're struggling to pay medical bills. have any medical reports from new delhi. i find the law sort of shun my recorded this message after spending
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a month on a ventilator. he needed a medical device to help him. but it was a major milestone in his school 900. 32 like however, as his condition improved and he returned home, his family faced another dilemma. paying off the $50000.00 in medical billing. after spending all their savings, they borrowed from friends, family, and the bank still short bit on to a popular fundraising site and raised $30000.00. since all of his still unable to walk or interact with people, his family has rented a separate home for him with 24 hour care. financial medical laws who are financially we lost money because of the medical bill. we lost our income and had new expenses. on top of it, we have interest on lo. it was a very horrible. let's be in the car. yeah. as i'm talking most i have lost my son
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. i used to feel like i had almost lost my son. almost every day i used to feel that i get the bad news one by that up. what is it all had to me and up? most indians don't have health insurance faced with a mountain of debt to, to call the $19000.00 sought help online and have collectively res, nearly 200000000 dollars. since the pandemic started during the record breaking 2nd wave online donations increased for ford, this was a collective empathy, and i only interview and luckily, because of the digital right now in the internet penetration in yet i now to source the media, we become more bad about what is happening? india spends less than 2 percent of its g, d, p on health care. and as public hospitals became inundated during the peak of the 2nd wave, many people were forced into private care. and the cost of life saving drugs and
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medical equipment in short supply also shot up for them. but definitely not yet. i've been active in markets and as again, i've been being game on the market. but i would be raised to the beginning, the later dodging. i in a bit to restart the economy, restrictions had east across the country, but the lockdown has pushed millions into poverty with a tech of a 3rd way of moving large. many states have made arrangements to increase hospital bed and improve oxygen supply. but let's say that even if the next search is my, it's economic and social cost will be disproportionate. the high cost me mr. i'll just be around new delhi. from the pakistan. the government says it's given 1000000 vaccine doses in a single day for the 1st time follows
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a ban on unvaccinated people and government offices, schools, restaurant shopping malls, uncommercial flights. the delta variance is being blamed for a search in cases. nearly 5000 were reported on saturday. that's the highest daily italy in 2 months. and countries in southeast asia are struggling to control the rise and infections. thailand reported more than 20000 new cases on wednesday. that's the highest daily increase so far neighboring malaysia also reported nearly the same number of cases torn silly reports the crowds of tourists and commuters have all that disappeared from the streets of bangkok. thailand continues to impose strict cubs on visitors in a bit to contain a search. in corona virus cases, the country has been reporting new highs in infections and death almost every day. what africa? this is a landmark with the majority of those who come in pre are foreigners,
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chinese and other nationalities. if you ask, if we've been impacted, we are affected. all the vendors here are affected. we're still here. in indonesia, the high case load is taking a toll on health care workers. give us a call. we are overwhelmed. the number of patients is beyond their capabilities. we used to to 300 percent of our energy every time we're on shift. many medical workers have also fallen sick, and more than a 1200 have died from the virus. indonesia had its deadly a day last week, but has been reporting slightly lower numbers to the government has extended a partial lockdown for further week. much of malaysia has been locked down since june. the country has also ramped up its vaccination campaign, but new infections keep climbing. on wednesday, it reported nearly 20000 cases, a record high in the chinese city of who han authorities attesting all 12000000
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residents after authorities confirmed 3 new cases of the delta variant on monday. will hon had reported no local corona virus cases since may last year. the other cities in china have begun limiting movements as the country reported the highest number of domestic cases since january. china had in the past been able to cut the spread of cases with quick block downs and mass testing. but the strategy may not be as effective against the more highly transmissible delta variant of the virus, which is driving the surgeon cases throughout asia. florence louis al jazeera. the current of virus pandemic has helped many consumers in doors shopping online. it's caused a backlog of items arriving at u. s. pores and the price of shipping to skyrocket. as well. reynolds reports from los angeles, the effects can be felt from corporate boardrooms to kitchen table. it's a container, ship traffic jam, the twin ports of los angeles and long beach,
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the biggest in the western hemisphere are hacked with giant ships bringing a flood of consumer goods from asia in terms of the amount of cargo coming in. we have not seen anything like it. we've broken records here, month after month after month. that the port of los angeles ship traffic here is up 50 percent over 2019. and it's not just here in california all around the world from rotterdam to singapore. a surgeon export is putting a major strain on global supply chains and it's network of ships and containers. it's crunch time really in the container terminals as they struggle to get in ports out when the export in the reason cove at 19 per month, us consumers or under lockdown, cooped up at home with nowhere to go. so they went online and started buying stuff like crazy. instead of going to the movies or using their discretionary income on
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travel or airline tickets for vacation, baseball games, americans started spending, the spending spree was super charged by trillions and u. s. government payments and it was really a few 5 minutes provided by the american politicians to the american and humorous that the set basically the trans pacific, trailing on fire. people are buying ports are busy economically. that seems like a good thing. but as with everything else in life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. the search has led importers and ex borders to compete with one another for scarce vessels and containers. driving up the price of shipping prices are up 300 to 500 percent across the board. and who do you think will pay in the end? you've probably guessed it. it's really a significant increase in there's going to be a trickle down effect from this price increase into consumer prices. pandemonium in
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the port and in the supply chain. better get ready for higher prices and scanty, or supplies. rob reynolds al jazeera at the port of los angeles. ah, well approach plane carrying mallerson olympic sprinter, christina to sky has now landed in austria's capital. she travelled to vienna from tokyo after being granted a humanitarian visa for poland. the 24 year old says authority, isabel ruth made it clear she would be punished if she returned home. she's accused team officials were trying to force her to leave the tokyo games early after. she criticized her coaches. now the olympic host nation, japan have beaten arch rivals, south korea, 5 to the semi finals of the baseball competition. japan opened the scoring and the
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3rd inning. they then book their place in the gold metal game with 3 runs coming in the 8th inning and richardson reports from tokyo. the sport is a national obsession. and hopes are high for a home. gold medal. when elim peak organizes asked japan if there were any sports they'd like to add for the tokyo games. baseball was an immediate and obvious answer. it's the most played and watched game here. and it's back in the olympics for the 1st time since 2008, pull them about my kids can watch the olympics and then dream about becoming a pro player 10 years on from these games. i think there will be more kids. you want to compete in the olympics off. major events like this is so important for boosting the number of children playing baseball. well, it's been difficult to keep playing because the pandemic, but i'm very happy to, to fix went ahead. i can go and watch the baseball, but least i can see it on tv. and american teacher 1st introduce baseball to
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students in tokyo in the late 19th century. japan's own professional teams and lead soon followed a morning trip to the batting cage. it's a way of life for many in japan, the country now with some of the world's best pictures and haters with many playing north america's majorly baseball competition. but the m o bay has refused to release any players for these. let's take, including japan's biggest star show, hey o tarney o tony's absence is one of the reasons baseball won't be returning for the paris games in 2024 elliptic bosses want top players to make themselves available and more global participation. if that happens, the sport could be back to the 2028 and picks in los angeles. in the 19 ninety's take o suki became the 1st japanese to play in the top us women's league. she says it's the perfect sport for any boy or girl to take up nugget that put betty was
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steady as she study you need to. so catch back, run this so many elements and so much you need to practice. it's a complex sport. it isn't as popular in europe and not many teams subbing pardon diesel and i hope it will be back to the games. if baseball does catch any more countries, the still a chance these young players will one day get their own shot at an elim pick metal . and the richardson al jazeera tokyo ah, hello. the headlines on al jazeera, at least 14 fires, are burning across 6 provinces in southern turkey. firefighters have brought another 160 other places under controls and last week. the wildfires are among the worst in turkey's history. a people have died in more than 16000 people have been
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forced to leave their homes. thousands of people on the outskirts of athens have been forced to leave their homes. is a wildfire move closer. more than 505.


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