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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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community on al jazeera, what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. we believe everyone has a story. we're hearing the news. ready william, remembering so many lives last lebanon amongst the moment of a devastating port explosion, a year old with his anger in central b. ruth's protest is trying to break through the barrier outside poems. ah,
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welcome on peter w. you're watching out of your life from also coming up a fight against constant, clear up, the emergency cruise struggle to contain some of the worst wildfires and turkish history. also ahead, the taliban says it was behind the car bombing near the afghan defense ministers home and threatens. they'll be more ah lebanon as well. the 1st anniversary of the moment. it was devastated by one of the world's biggest non nuclear explosions. the beirut port bloss killed 200 people, an injured 6 and a half 1000 others but he met us. the names of the victims were read. i was just people held pictures up of their loved ones. the blast occurred when a fire ignited a stockpile of ammonium nitrate stored at the port. the lebanese authorities have
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been criticized for blocking a judicial investigation. but as that event took place, as you can see, looking at these live pictures, security forces earlier, use water, canada, and t a guy. so i'm protested, trying to bring through barricades near the parliament building. at least 56 people were injured, demonstrates as a demanding accountability from the government over that blast. then a honda is our correspondent, life was outside the parliament building in beirut. zayna. what are you seeing and hearing there? well, as you can see, a heavy security presence, the army, the internal security forces, they've been using excessive amounts of tear gas to push protesters away from parliament building. so, so far they have managed to push them towards more square. this is in central bay route. we've seen things like this over the past year and a half. yes, we talked about the need for accountability and justice. this is what people who
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were attending the commemoration outside the port earlier today. but people here are also demanding a new leadership. they do not believe the political class is capable of governing this country any longer, a political class which has been in power for decades. they blame them for destroying their city. they blame them for destroying the economy and they blame them for failing to build a state. so mrs. outside parliament, dozens of protest, there's tried to storm parliament. they're angry. they believed to be empty. should convene and lift the immunity of a number of members of parliament who were former ministers and who are now suspects in the babe ruth ports bloss investigation. parliament has not done that, even though we've heard from officials over the past few saying that you know, they intend to do this but they have not taken any action. so as you can see, excessive amounts of tear gas forth to push the protestors away from parliament
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building towards the what is, what was really the epicenter of the protest movement. martha square in central, they routes what the authorities, the outside or indeed perhaps inside the parliament compound expecting trouble. xena. it was already barricaded. after all. yes, they put up concrete walls. months ago. it's really the divide between those who has the whole power and the people. in fact, it was very difficult for us to reach this area because most of the roads leading to downtown they have been close by security forces. have a have a security presence in the city because they were expecting that they were expecting people to take to the streets after the commemoration after the vigil that mark the time of the explosion last year that commemorated the victims who died. and back to that massive explosion. so, and they barricaded most roads, but a number of protesters that managed to make their way here. i'm not that we will
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try to approach is sometimes very difficult to speak with the amount of peer guys in the air. but as you can see, this country is in turmoil and political turmoil and economic turmoil. there has been a political sale made for nearly a year now, no functioning governments, and there needs to be a government. if the officials are going to start to try to stop the economic collapse, this country is facing shortages and fuel and diesel as well as medications. medical supplies people are no longer able to find medicine. so there is a lot of anger this one year anniversary of the beta reports explosion. really coinciding with one of the most difficult chapters in this country is history. and this country has had a turbulent path, i guess what we're looking at in one sense on one level, he has a, in a, is a message from the political establishment. but in the past 24 hours, we've heard from joe biden, the us president talking about what happened
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a year ago. we've heard from emanuel macklin, we've heard from the greek orthodox church. we've even heard from the pope in the vatican city. have we heard from any top flight, lebanese politicians, if only signal to the people of the route, the people of lebanon? yes, we understand your own. go and go. we understand where it's coming from. yes, last night the president of the republic address the nation and he said he understands the anger, the people by justice and the investigations need to run their course. he also promised that they will hurry up in the formation process of a new government of many blame him, many blame really the president for stalling the formation of a new government. and they believe that he has his eye on the upcoming parliamentary elections and he wants to make sure that his son in law is in control of government so that it would secure his bid for the presidency next here. so
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politicians really are being accused of working and trying to secure their own interests and not the interests of the nation. the french president, other international official, they have all said that they're not going to be allowed 11 on this time. they're not going to be allowed to politicians with the billions of dollars needed to kick start the economy unless reforms are enacted and unless they fight corruption. so there's not going to be any blank check yet. the politicians seem to be betting on delaying. i'm sorry it's, it's very difficult to answer with the amount of tear gas but peter, nobody, politicians are right now working for their own interests and not the interest of the states. and if they agree to reform, it means they lose control of the state. they lose control of resources that they've been exploiting and they lose control of power. so when you see this, when you see the army out in force, when you see internal security forces,
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this is the response, the state response has been militarized. ever since the october 2019 protest, which called for a new leadership. so the people really are up against power and they know that this is not going to be an easy fight xena for the moment. thank you so much. we'll come back to you in a couple of minutes. i'm sure. let's move on about paula lock. you be an is a format. lebanese member of parliament who resigned from front row politics falling explosion at the port. she says the current leadership is doing anything. it can to escape accountability, they are holding onto that in unities. they are trying to do everything possible to stop the investigation. and they are talking politically right now, the judge told baton who is our hero and hope they are at decking him every day trying to find leverage over him, trying to say that his investigation is
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a political one. and they said the thing about the other judge, 5 you so on who was going the same direction. and they had to stop him from investigating today, the corrupt and the very strong. and they're trying to see how they can survive, how they can use their from the other side beneath. selling the words, we have nothing to do with them. we hate them. we know that you are living now, you know, in a, put in a political funny thing that's only a financial one. so, the lebanon today is totally different than what it was in 2018. then what it was also after the explosion, more and more people are aware they cannot continue with this corruption to the country. one man who survived the explosion spoke to al jazeera about how he left
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scars on the city and his life as mary leeham on today. and they can get on tina. my name is lima. i'm from the current tina neighborhood. i've been living here in this area for the past 30 years here where a lot of challenges in this neighborhood in the past, like wars and so many other things, but august, 4th was worse. it was a day of destruction with sadness and ruthlessness, and ad will bit assassin. amidst still believe me, i always sit here and drink my coffee before heading out to work. an apple shop out there on it. they money on my rock. so i came out here on the day of the blast and saw smoke coming out of the port and i thought there was a fire. how do you separate the car? how to mine as to how do you fit on? then i came back into the room, is always going to sign. the blush happened now
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a stone to decide what a huge rock slammed into the ceiling here and broke its way down to the 1st floor that i went through the pi flores had my family. i've been here, they would have been casualties. and yes, i was injured right here. what are my eyes? my arm by the my entire body is enough gettable day. august 4th is so i forget about. i mean, i know we're now suffering financially, you know, which become of the economy. everything is way more expensive or new jobs are used to work during the day. but now i'm going to show the stock. so i don't have an income. and then shall likewise help for a better future, but i, i can see it being better than before. every once in a while, something huge shakes the core of this country. we don't have a promising future of us. let's go back to my colleagues in
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a harder who's in the thick of the side, the parliament building, the in central beirut, zayna. assuming for a 2nd, it's safe enough for you and the team there to carry on talking to us. do you get the feeling that the people who are there who've been trying to get into the parliament building will stay there for several hours? well, there's only so much they can do when they're up against a militarized faith, as you can see, excessive, excessive amounts of here guys are being used to push them away from them and building actually we are now in more to square, which is the center of the protest movement, that's again in october 2009. you can see there's still firing here guys to this for the remaining few protesters here. we've seen things like the play out in the streets of the capital for, for once, a year and a half. now and the next morning as if nothing has happened as if nothing changes.
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the faces clinging on to power calls from the street for a new leadership, a new, a new leadership, really different from the one that has been governing the country for decades since the end of the civil war, 990. many people feel that they failed. it runs the economy into the ground and they have failed to build the states. but, but those in power are holding on to power. peter, as you can see, they've used a lot of force to push protesters away from parliament building. in fact, the whole downtown area, the whole parliament around parliament building around government palaces all surrounded with concrete slabs which were installed a few months back. in fact, maybe even a year ago, it just shows you really to divide in this country between the people and, and those in power. we've been talking a lot in the past couple of i was in
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a but what might happen at the elections scheduled for next year? clearly the people of lebanon, the people at barrow, particularly on this day of old days. they want route and bronze reform route and bronze change. but i remember you and i having a conversation that it was 10 days, 2 weeks ago when the relationship between the prime minister and the president ought to lead disappeared because they could not come together on who gets what when, when it comes to forming a new government will that issue, that central issue go away between now and the elections next year? i thought well peter, there is no government. the government resigned a few days after the bay report the explosion last year in the aftermath it operates in the caretaker capacity. so it doesn't have much power to actually solve the economic crisis in the country. since then, there have been 3 prime minister designates and they have failed to reach an agreement with the president to form
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a government election parliamentary elections are scheduled next year. many of these people who wanted new leadership have said time and time again. we can't bring about change from the streets. we are now going to bring about change. it's about it, but there are a number of issues. first of all, the i look for a law which was in place, it was designed to benefit those in power. so they in many, many ways. so they were definitely the traditional car, definitely continue to do number in the be able to win up to 20 states and 128 member parliament. but what is sick for many expect if there is an election today or tomorrow, the balance of power in this country will change lebanon is entangled. the regional power struggle, excuse me, and the probably. 2 around in camp, i'm sorry, they're throwing stones at us. so the pope pro iranian camp currently holds power
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in this country. and if an election is to be held, they will likely lose that majority. but then there's something more important. a lot of people don't believe that the election may be held because the ruling alliance knows they will lose that their, their, their majority and parliament. so, and we've seen this happen in the past. elections happens postpone for many, many years. so the solution will not be found in an election next year, at least not now, right now there's an economic collapse right now. there needs to be in governments to engage in negotiations with the international monetary fund for a bailout package. this country needs millions of dollars that can no longer import medicine. it can no longer import medical supplies. it can no longer import fuel and diesel. you buy all this on the black market and you're lucky if you do find medicine even for an ulcer. you cannot find lebanon today. okay, so they're throwing rocks. ok. so we're just going to have to cross the street. xena. we'll leave it there. thank you so much for that in a honda and in a difficult situation in the thick of it on the ground side,
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the parliament building the in beirut. xannon will talk you in the coming few hours also, i'm sure, but thank you for that. in the meantime, you can see a special program by our correspondence in a hotter the in beirut is called barrow search for answers. it's here on out here on wednesday at $2330.00 as gmc. you can also watch the show again, the website out to 0 dot com and also via out to 0 youtube channel as well. plenty more still to come for you here on this program, including your suspends operations of 2 international aid organizations in the conflict. all region of to grow. ah ah no more records brighten in the navy impotency yesterday? it's still hot, admittedly wisdom, the high forty's all the way from east in iraq or west and iran, right back tours,
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israel for the sasa, these the fed, the stand, the conditions narrow, the gulf. it gets humid both by day and by night. doha illustrates that you get to 45 by day, but it's pretty dry. after the most part, it's not completely so still quite sticky, but don't dusk. what it feels like it's about $5455.00. it's that sticky does not sustainable, thankfully disappears during the day. but the heat which is the red sheen here shows you all the lowest lan, highlander cars not going to be quite as hot, for example in sharagen heat has indeed been the story. particularly in turkey, records been broken in these coastal towns. these are new temperature, reckless, broken, yesterday, equalled in maurice. the fact is hot and dr. and the real driver for the fires, of course, temperatures might be coming down a little bit, but i think it's probably pushing it. but look around, talia come thursday, let me give you the full cross run tell you might like this. because as temperatures do tend to drop it because the wind has changed at all. sure,
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breeze is much cooler, of course blows the fires a different direction, the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. oh, the
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the me welcome back. you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of your top stories, the top out of lebanon has not the 1st anniversary of the movement. it was devastated by one of the world's biggest non nuclear explosions. the bay route port bloss killed 200 people and injured success and 500 others in the central route, security policies use water, cannon and gas on protest is trying to break through barricades the, the parliament building and he's 56 people have been injured at least 14 wildfires, a burning across 6 provinces in southern turkey by fighters support 160 others under control since last week and the finest among the worst in turkish history. and that's next story. let's get more on that story for you about those emergency
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crews battling the wildfires in turkey and southern europe. indeed, we're talking about greece and italy, but in turkey, at least 14 fires across 6 provinces. a said to be posing a threat firefighters abroad another 160 under control russel 30 is following developments in the province of antonia. we are in cuz ill that in the town of mine i got which is one of the most do i say to district cows by the wildfires in turkey . a message for us fire broke out yesterday here and it continued overnight. hundreds of hackers of land. how been burned? the fire fighters continued to cool down the areas to prevent why fi from spreading to other areas. hum that is of will years how to create their houses. and the security forces are blocking the roads to prevent people from getting back to their houses. as it is too risky,
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i have talked to the winner jurors and they all have one common wish when back to their houses and to see if they can save anything. because of the however, is not the only one that has been homeless or several of wildfires. across 30 since last week, more than 180 wildfires. how being reported across 38 proven, says in the country 8 people have died so far with more than 70000 people being recreated. menu of this has been taken to the hospitals for further care rescue team emergency cruise work base and nice. but the weather conditions haven't been much friendly with low humidity, searing heat and strong wind hampering their food. turkey has received support from its neighbors and the european union, russia, ukraine. iran,
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are there be john creation and paying sand the plains to turkey aid ukraine is sending for more how to cope there's, which can operate at night. this is the biggest wildfires of the more than history of turkey, and it hasn't been much easy for turkey to bring it under control. thousands of people on the outskirts of athens have been forced to leave their homes as a wildfire. there moves closer, more than 500 firefights with trying to contain the place in an industrial area in a suburb of the great capital temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius and dry winds have found the flames. more than $100.00 separate fires in bas robbie is in athens. it's been 24 hours since this fire started and the ground is still smoldering. if you look at the tree line behind me, we can still see the smoke rising from what is left of the burning embers. we've seen aerial drops of water in these areas in the ground crews are going in to put
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out what remains of, of the flames. that have been ongoing here for 24 hours now. it has to be said, the fire is far less intense than it was earlier this morning and last night. but what the worry is for a fire rescue teams now is that the intense heat, the climbing temperatures that continue to go up, the wind is picking up as well. these things might rekindle the flames and restart the fires that they've already been fighting since yesterday. well, the weather has also been driving huge fires in italy, tourists and residents have been evacuated from the coastal cities of katana and prescott, or firefighters. say they've faced hundreds of blazys in popular areas in the past few days, but they are starting to get some of them under control. adam rainy have more for us now from grove vina employer in southern italy, authority thing the last few hours, they were able to finally, totally put out this fire and poorly in the south of the country. and they say it's
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a sign of the progress they're making and other regions, sicily and calabria, both nearby, both of those regions still have a few sporadic fires that are blazing, but they're not really putting anyone at risk right now. if they were 48 hours ago, with a bit of measured confidence authorities here in italy, say they think that they're out of the worst days of this crisis. i'm like turkey and greece. they didn't have these massive individual fires, but instead, more small one spread out through half the length of the country. we've traveled from the center of the country, prescott on the coast down here to pull you to get a sense of what these fires look like. and what we saw are fires that were discrete in size, and sometimes in certain small areas, but didn't spread across the whole countryside that perhaps allowed firefighters to get control of the situation faster than they have done in neighboring greece and turkey. turning our attention to f canister where the taliban is warning of more attacks against top afghan officials. there was an explosion near defense facility
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and cobble on wednesday, just hours after a car bomb blast and the gun battle near the defense ministers house. the taliban says it was responsible for that attack. all this as violence lays up in the south of the country. as to the magic editor james bay's. in recent hours, the taliban have shown that currently pursuing to very different types of warfare. in cobble, this blast targeted. one of the men leading the government's military can but spend i have the monitor him home button on it as a defense minister and veteran commander busy with a con was not at his home when it and buildings around it, in the most secure part of cobble were targeted, but his body guards were among those injured in the bomb blast, the biggest in the capital in almost 4 months. these pictures filmed by the government show the scene immediately after the blast. the interior minister abdul
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sutter mac, while directing commandos who we are told, secured the area after a number of hours. this is what experts call a complex attack. first, the car bomb was detonated, then attack has made their way into the building. there was a fire fight lasting several hours. the taliban said, this is the beginning of a new campaign targeting senior government officials in the capital. the taliban of fighting a very different battle in the south african it's done. aimed at conquering territory rather than causing disruption. their focus right now appears to be the provincial capital of helmand laska. gov. the days they've been fighting in the heart of the city. the african military has called on people to evacuate their homes. but one local resident told al jazeera he can't leave his house because there's fighting on the street outside and his family is running out of food. we're very worried. situation in large cargo into the warfare is going right now in the
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open city among the civilians. civilian population is known to target schools. medical infrastructure, hospitals, housing facilities are nor the place where the military activities should take place. the un calling for an immediate cease far, but the opposite is happening. the violence is intensifying. james bay's al jazeera cobble. if he has ordered 3 humanitarian organizations, including doctors without borders, to stop all work in the water and region of to cry, the un humanitarian chief is also asking for access to try to le desperately required aid into the region. but the ethiopian government has refused because it says colorado is already exist. in other areas, human figures show, hundreds of thousands of people are going hungry. malcolm web is in my ruby with more on how if the opiate is treating the 8 organizations good monetary
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organization said that they were suspended since last week, but it was just a short while ago that the government put out the statement confirming that and the things that they've accused those organizations of included using social media to disseminate propaganda. humanitarian organizations commonly try to publicize the crises that they're working on, where they're trying to assist people. the government, on the other hand, throughout the duration of the conflict, was cut off the internet, cut off the phone, cut off the electricity throughout the gray region. there's definitely an information war going on as well. and the government clearly object to the humanitarian organization telling the world about what's actually going on on the ground. another one of those accusations was against doctors without borders, reporting, satellites, communications equipment without the license for the schools. and all of the traditional usual communications are off. there's no way that humanitarian workers
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or anyone else can communicate with each other without using satellite funds. so that surely the reason that they would have imported that equipment, but these suspensions of the, the organization relate this job 3 more pretty rocky relationship with the humanitarian organization working great. ever since the staff of this complex ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. but the look of us lebanon's capital has marked the 1st anniversary of the moment. it was devastated by one of the world's biggest non nuclear explosions. the beirut port glass kill 200 people and injured 6 and a half 1000 others. the names of the victims were read out.


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