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systematic discrimination of the place, people are thursdays for new, wasted. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera ah, wall 5 in northern california for thousands to leave the homes as they destroyed property in several towns. on font burn dangerously close to the great capital where 100 the 5 boxes are facing a difficult night trying to down flames. ah hello money inside. this is out there a line from joe hall also coming up to grand rebels. take control of lolly,
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bella unesco, world heritage site sacred for millions of ethiopia is also adults. christian chaos and confusion in the philippines where thousands rush to get vaccinated out of the curve at $900.00 delta. very sweep across the center. i as well. fire burn in more than a dozen us states firefighters in california, a struggling to contain its biggest blaze, the so called dixie fire is forcing more evacuations and has leveled a historic town after burning for nearly 3 weeks. john hindered reports from northern california on the scale. if the destruction california is largest, active wildfire exploded, engulfing the gold rush, or a town of green bill and threatening several others. a sheriff's office stores
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b strows, saloons, gas stations, homes, all left and embers. it's 800 residence appear to have escaped following a mandatory evacuation order. over the last 24 hours we've had explosive fire growth, driven by winds out of the west and south west. meteor and ologist have given a red flag warning where we have historically dry conditions, low humidity, low fuel moisture combine those winds that drove the fire. as we drove through mountain passage to reach greenville came another evacuation order for taylorsville . then one after the other for clear creek time town walker lake and the list goes on. the dixie fires been burning for 3 weeks. fueled by dry conditions and high winds, taking out an area the size of new york city. even with $5000.00 people battling the blaze, it's only 35 percent contained on wednesday. it was the 8th largest fire in
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california history by thursday. it was 6 across the country, it's shaping up to be a record breaking fire season out. pacing 2020, the worst year ever recorded. 26000 firefighters are battling 100 blazes. in 14 states, we thought to keep our head in the game because we saw the peak months ahead of us with no indian site firefighters said they're battling the dixie blaze one day at a time. the priorities today are to aggressively attack fire perimeter. north of greenville. greenville still has active fire and a structure assessment going on at the same time. we're still continuing to fight the fire to our firefighters and our aerial resources are working in concert to drop retarded, and water. well, our ground crews and dozers and heavy equipment and engines are working to provide structure protection. some fires were sparked by lightning strikes,
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a local utility, pacific gas and electric says its equipment might have sparked the dixie fire, which shows no signs of abating john hendrick, al jazeera, greenville california. dan porter is director of the california forest program at the nature conservancy. he says the increase in while 5 is related to both climate change and government policy. unfortunately, the last part of this year are becoming a part of our more common trends in california. do a combination of long standing fire suppression, where we excluded fire from, from our forest involved with frequent fire, as well as the effect of climate change on the land management side of things. we know that for us so this year in nevada for example, historically before we settle this part of the country used to burn naturally or
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because of native american ignition every 10 to 15 years. so fire was very frequent and because of the frequency of natural and cultural fire, the level of fuels, the small trees and the fuels on the ground surface will matter if you will call them we're, we're much lower back then relative to what they are today in about $910.00, we started putting out wildfires actively as a policy of the us for service. and that policy has stood fairly steady for the last 100 plus years and yet the trees have continued to grow. and so what we have now is many, many small trees to make small trees and lots of fuel on the surface of forest,
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or with mace combination with when we met at the high temperatures, the whole for a very combustible greece, as prime minister, as urging people to obey evacuation orders as emergency cruise, basle, dozens of wildfires for full stay. he says on precedence and conditions have turned the country into a powder keg. an intense heat wave and drought of fueling glazes including this one north of athens was re ignited on to fife. i just have bought it under control. they been, he's there. he sent us this report. only hours after an announcement that fires north of athens had been put out. the blaze was back and bigger than before, the order to evacuate. the small town below came suddenly. when the church bells began ringing people panic, and all the storekeeper could do was head up hill and watched the fire closing in. today's fire is overwhelming, isn't it?
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because it's impossible that after yesterday's fire that everything is burning again, burning whatever's left. we came to the high ground to try to get a sense of how bad this fire really is. and for the last several hours, we've watched it get bigger and bigger. spreading wider and faster the water dropping planes and helicopters seemingly have little to no effect on the blaze. as the fire spreads closer and closer to build up populated areas. and now we can see that the town of korea larry is burning on the ground. the fire didn't stop there. the aircraft that have been dropping water over the fires, i've only about another hour to go to be able to operate safely to try to put out those flames. but the heat is so high over the fires that the water has been evaporating before it's been hitting. the ground to the helicopters have been flying lower and lower to try to get to the fires to try to get as close as possible to put out the flames. all people can do it seems just watch the hills burn and wondered perhaps if their homes might be next off the bus and vinny
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thought over what is happening now is crazy. there were a 10800 fires in all of greece yesterday. if it crosses the national road, it will spread to the other force there. when the severity of the situation was brought into sharp focus on thursday night international address, prime minister to jago smith. so talkies warned the worst was not over, that people in greece must brace for dry, difficult, and extremely dangerous days ahead. by nightfall reports confirmed the worst. the fire had jumped the highway spreading to both sides of the national road. the wildfire seemed to be everywhere. everything at the moment seems uncertain. one person said it feels like her country is under attack. zane bus robbie old to 0 north athens. if yoke is to gray in rebels, have safe control of the ancient town of lolly. bella in the north in recent weeks cheaper la fighters have targeted the strategically important of our region as well
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as i'm horror where the data is located for the rebels. it's a symbolic victory and also a significant incursion south. the town is a unesco wells heritage site and is sacred for millions of ethiopian orthodox christians. it's known for its 20th century church is carved out of rog. us is cooling on rebels to protect its cultural heritage. malcolm web has been following developments from nairobi in neighboring kenya, residents and others have told us that fighters from the degree region of entered the historic town lolly, better. there were rumors that they were closed on local residents over the last week, some of the residents that they've had gunfire at night, but they say it's normal to to have some gunfire at night there. but then just in the last few hours, resident said they could see the, the gray and people liberation from fighters getting close. busy and then just to show a while ago, they say, can control of the town to town with
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a population of 20000 people. but it couldn't be of great religious and cultural and historical significance. a 100 years old, full of ancient church, and in a holy site for years, millions of orthodox christine. but it is also, as will appears to be a significant incursion on the part of the grand people's liberation funds from the north, coming into the territory of the enemy. they've been fighting with a mar of militia to the south, and now it seems they have taken control of the town as well inside the enemy territory. but is careful to remember that in this conflict there on contingent front lines to speak of people control it down here and other, other control the town that we can't we can't guess how much surgery is taken. but certainly this is as far as we've known, they've take, they've taken the town into the enemy's territory so far,
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that conflict could have been spreading into the m r afar regions in the last few weeks. let's take a look at the timeline of the current conflict. fighting between the national army and the to grand people's liberation front began in november of last year. that's when prime minister abbey, and had sent troops against the t p l. f. after he said it attacked army bases. by the end of november, i'll be announced the military operation to great was complete. the government had taken over the regions capital mckelly. the conflict took a 17 months later when to gray and forces retook mckelly and force governance soldiers to withdraw. wilson spend the rebels half pressed into a far region, which is in the east of horror in the south of the country, forcing over 250000 people to flee. david chin was a us ambassador to ethiopia and a former deputy chief of mission at the american mc. c. john, he explains why the t p left may have wanted to target this particular location. i
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don't think there is any particular military value to the capture of la bella, by the grand defense forces. the town is not far from the gray borders. it's not a long distance for them to go to me. the only explanation would be the fact that very early on in the conflict back in november of last year, the militia and the sample government forces captured the world heritage site of ox, which is the location of the, the auction, former oxen kingdom, inside western te gray and they, they still hold that location up to the present day. it is very difficult for the grand forces to know apparently recapture ox own. so i think they
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probably made a decision to take lolly, bella, and are using this as a tit for tat mode that we will need long bela, if you got us back. ok, so the 2 grand defense forces are great. they have to be very careful if they decide to go much outside of the region, i don't think they have any particular interest in remaining for any length of time outside of t gray. but they are interested and retrieving as much of western t grey as they can. and i really see this move into la bella. there's an effort to do that. still ahead on al jazeera, the un is on the prussia as concerns rise for somebody is caught up fighting between the taliban council says abraham racy sworn in the wrong new president. the former judge courts, the regional you to see on the listing of us ah
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ah, hello there, let's start in north america and it's been a very wet start to the month for much of a gulf coast in the us. we've got that band of rain that's be bringing some drenching down ports to the carolinas and to georgia. and while it got pushed out further east, the florida peninsula is going to see some of that very wet weather with the potential for flash flooding is a lot of moisture in the air. things are going to feel very hot and humid, not just here, but also for new york and washington. as those showers push out, it has been rather wet when you england and folk you back. and some of that weather is going to continue over the next few days, across the midwest and into the great lakes is also going to be somewhat weather on
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the way from very welcome, wet weather for the northwest. not just in seattle, which haven't seen rain for about 50 days, but also for british columbia parts of canada, expecting to see some of that wet weather. and as we move over to central america does continue to be rather wet for the caribbean. we've got some storms and she was coming in, but sunshine too much of the weather is going to be affecting parts of mexico. and we could see flooding here. heavy showers expected upon across parts of guatemala, as well as costa rica and panama, the north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe bureau. 39 is involved in everything that makes money for korea. they carry different passwords, say, contacts, and the money this year,
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and it goes straight into the conferences. leadership a to park, people empower investigation, bureau, 39 cache for kim park, one on a jesse era. the the me watching out as a reminder of our top story is this our california biggest, while fi has leveled most a historic gold rush or a town greenville was home to buildings, more than a century old, so called dixie fires been burning for 3 weeks now 40000 to flee home in greece prime. ministers urging people to bay evacuation orders. ass, emergency creek battle. dozens of wildfires for full day on president conditions of
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turn, the country into a powder keg. european 2 grand forces have sees the ancient town of lolly bellows churches from rock r u n. wealth heritage side sacred to ethiopia. millions of orthodoxy in all. and 13000000 people in the philippine capital are heading back into a 2 week lockdown to slow the spread of the delta variance of cov, at 19. there was chaos across men alone, thursdays, thousands pounds vaccination centers before restrictions came into effect. the philippines as seeing south east asia. second was corona vars outbreak after indonesia has been reporting more than 8000 cases a day. meanwhile, in malaysia daily infections top 20000 for the 1st time on thursday. cases that
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have doubled in the past 3 weeks despite and national lockdown worsening outbreak has spawns, growing public anger of the prime minister's handling the pandemic. lawrence louis standing by for us and call a portion bring this up to date on the latest stab. first, let's get the latest from manila with bond a. be low, good to see you. so 1st took us through those chaotic scenes of people trying to get the vaccine. what was going on there? lethal that was one day before the start of a 2 week hard locked down here in metro manila, the philippine capital. now, there was a little bit of a fear factor there with people thinking that they will not be able to go out during this 2 week lockdown. and in particular, those who need to go to work the essential workers without them getting vaccinated . there was a little bit of misinformation problem there as well. people thinking there was
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a word that had gone out that they would not be able to get the $20.00 cash aid that the philippine government had promised for these 2 weeks. and so people scrambled to these vaccination sites. in manila, president desert, they also, in his last peach, had mentioned that he wanted those unvaccinated, to not be able to go out to be escorted back to their homes. even saying that, you know, he wants a law that would arrest people who are unvaccinated, if they go out of their homes. but the krona virus task force of the government had clarified that it said that that wasn't going to be the policy but weren't already got out. and so people went to these vaccination sites, thousands of people, as you said, and asked you had shown. and the problem was, there wasn't enough vaccines. there were, we have a supply problem here of back scenes. and so there was just this mad scramble of
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people. ok, many things for the update bond a be a low the for us, let's turn our attention to call alarm poor florence louis is, what is the situation where you all while militia for 2 straight days report had wreck or number of new current of virus infections? and the country now rank 52 out of 53 countries in bloomberg's covert resilient ranking. this is a monthly snapshot of where the virus is being effectively managed with at least social and economic restrictions. simulation is in the 2nd to last place. now not only is it reporting record number of new infections and deaths, but much of the country has been locked down since june. it's locked down and set to continue indefinitely despite quoting economic hardship to many, many people have lost jobs. many people are relying on a to feed themselves and their families,
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and yet we're not seeing number of cases coming down despite the lockdown health services on the severe strain intensive care units are operating at over capacity. so there's a lot of anger directed at the administration for its failure to contain the spread of cohen, a virus. the colds for the prime minister to resign. and these calls are coming, not just from the opposition, but from also within the ruling coalition. that malaysia is relying on vaccination and achieving heard immunity to come out of this pandemic. it's managed to fully inoculate about 24 percent of its population. and the government has just recently given conditional approval for another vaccine to be used. but because health services here are already under such severe strain and because the delta variant of the krona virus called us severe illnesses in many more patients, many more requiring hospital care, medical experts are saying that things here are going to get a lot better before are going to get
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a lot worse before they get better. thanks for that, florence louis for us in kuala lumpur. australia is struggling to contain cases with more than half the country now in lockdown. the most popular state and new south wales reported a record 291 cases on friday in the states of victoria, a news of affix lockdown triggered protest in melbourne top restrictions all in place along much civil railey is coast you go over 900 cases in the us have reached a 6 month high report more than 100000 infections 3 times this week. the white house says 7 states account for half of the new cases. they have some of the lowest vaccination rates. well, specializations and deaths are also rising, bought at a much slower rate. in the news, the un security council is due to meet in the coming out to discuss the rising
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violence in afghanistan as the taliban makes further gains, pressure is mounting on the us to do more to help resolve the conflict. kristen salumi has more with hundreds of thousands of afghans being displaced by the taliban. recent offensive against government forces. un aid workers are sounding the alarm on human rights abuses in afghanistan as civilians. not to mention more than 1000. you and employees get caught in the crossfire. unicef, so today is outraged by report that a 12 year old boy from sheer into gob district in far province, suffered a brutal flogging by a member of an anti government group. women in particular are at risk from violence and the loss of basic write a letter signed by prominent feminist and rights activists calls on the security council to authorize a peacekeeping force. under resolution 1325, which demands the protection of women in armed conflict. women are at risk,
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we're being women. and we know many of the things that are happening. i will not repeat the litany. what has happened to women during the advance? so the primary thing is to get a ceasefire. betty riordan, who work to get the resolution passed in 2000 says it also promises women a seat at the negotiating table. the protection of women, an armed conflict is not just some lofty un ideal. it was enshrined in international law right here by the un security council, which is under increasing pressure to help stabilize the situation and afghan, a stan. but the council is unlikely to authorize and peace keeping force, given that any mission would have to be approved by the 5 permanent members who all have veto power. there is no real danger, a spread of extremism and terrorism in countries surrounding of them. there's no
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doubt about that. chi ida is a former un envoy for the region. he says with the withdrawal of us forces, the taliban needs extra incentive to negotiate. he's calling on the secretary general to appoint and the security council to get behind a single un appointed mediator for peace talks has been said for a long time that you should be going to live on own negotiations the way that doesn't work. you know, you have to put somebody else in charge here. council meeting on friday to discuss the situation. but civil society groups say it's action not dialog afghans need the most. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations, iran's new president has pledged his country's nuclear program, will always be peaceful and won't produce weapons. it brian racy said he would take steps to lift the sanctions, which have devastated the economy shortly after he was integrated. ali has some
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reports now from town. this was a growing, right? you see the final step to becoming the new president of iran, the ceremony, and early indication of what his foreign policy might look like. there was only one delegation representing to us from the european union, but many leaders and officials from south america and africa, and more significantly, the countries out on the wrong racy says that supply oddity not to be got to montana, he wants jenny horn interference in the region won't resolved any problems, it's a problem itself. i extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood own regional countries, especially our neighbors. how many lazy criticized us sanctions on his country up to for my us president donald trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear. the what he stressed iran nuclear program is completely peaceful. he saw the policy of threats and sanction can't prevent iranians from seeking their legal
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rights, including the right to develop nuclear energy sanctions must be nullified and we support any diplomatic effort that fills that goal. sanctions are adding to iran hardships. android, he says rebuilding the economies and main priority is appealing for cooperation from all iranians to get the country back on its feet and says, his government will wage a war on collection. it's not going to be an easy task for. therefore, engaging others is physical to what he aims achieve. submitting it's kevin is in a few days and then the parliament will have to get each minute stuff. a separate company. i should just to members of the valuation and then pick team involved in trying to force a sprinter to return home from the take your games happened strips if that accreditation, christina simonelli sky took refuge in poland this week. she says she was taken to the airport in tokyo against her will on sunday,
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off the publicly criticizing her coaches and says that she feared for her safety if she returned back home to better bruce. one of the most prominent foreign businessmen in russia has been found guilty of embezzlement by moscow. court american michael calvin was arrested in 2019 on charges. his supporters say we're brought by a politically connected business. rival, john hall has the story. michael. calvin once flew high as one of russia's biggest foreign investors. now the u. s. businessman stands convicted of embezzlement. the verdict of moscow court. so far, the judge as the prosecutor did earlier, has simply repeated the phrases and arguments from the december, 2019 preliminary accusation. ignoring hundreds of documents, testimonies and expert witnesses that were presented during the trial over the last 7 months. but it's not over yet. i hope tomorrow the judge will address the
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real facts. hope dies laugh as they say, and russians call these arrest and 3 trial detention in 2019 shocked rushes business community already reeling from western sanctions and, and economic slump supporters claimed the charges against calvin company bearing vos stock lacked evidence. and that the country's judicial system was being used by a politically connected rival. even prominent russian business executives voiced concerns that the jailing of one of brushes, few remaining major foreign investors might deal a fatal blow to business confidence in the country. a sentiment echoed by calvin himself as the trial wore on in march. i think it raises a lot of questions because people who know me know that i been one of the most positive foreign investors about russia. always defending rush
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does image in the international investment community. and so many people felt like if this happened, michael calvin could happen to anyone. but question mark over the case and it's motivation when oh, bar to success. it was backed by president vladimir putin himself, who publicly supported calvin opponent in the banking dispute that formed the background to the case. during the trial, michael calvin had said he hoped to remain in russia and that he was positive about the investment environment. a view that will likely now have changed. jo, no whole al jazeera on this is al jazeera, these huge help stories. california is biggest wildfire has leveled. most of historic gold rush, or town greenville was home to buildings. more than a century old.


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