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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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foreign investors about russia always defending rush does image in the international investment community. and so many people felt like if this happened, michael calvin could happen to anyone. but question mark over the case and it's motivation when oh, bar to success. it was backed by president vladimir putin himself, who publicly supported cal these opponent in the banking dispute, the form, the background to the case. during the trial, michael calvin had said he hoped to remain in russia and that he was positive about the investment environment. a view that will likely now have changed. jonah, how al jazeera ah, this is al jazeera, these are top stories. california biggest wildfire has leveled. most of his story. gold rush, or town greenville was home to buildings. more than a century old. the circle dixie fire has been burning for 3 weeks. 40000 stiffly.
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their homes, john 100, is that? well, this is the center of greenville and most of this town has been wiped out. this happened about 24 hours ago about this time on wednesday when the winds kicked up to over 60 kilometers per hour. that just allowed the fire that was already enormous about the size of new york city to explode. and when it did it over ran this town, you can see the skies have cleared now, but that is because the fire is consumed much of the fuel that was here. all this dry timber and of course the town itself and just move you on. grease has prime ministers, urging people to obey evacuation orders as emergency crews battle dozens of wildfires for 4th day. he says unprecedented conditions have turned the country
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into a powder keg. an intense heat wave and droughts and fueling blazes, including this one north of europe. us 2 grand rebels have sees control of the ancient town of labella fighters have been targeting the strategic offer region as well as i'm horror. where lolly bella is located. the town is a unesco world heritage size and is sacred for millions of european orthodox christians. the u. s. a cooling on the rebels to protect its cultural heritage. more than 13000000 people in the philippine capital heading back into a 2 week lockdown to slow the spread of the delta, a variance of cobit 19. there was chaos across manila as thousands packed vaccination centers before restrictions came into effect. okay, those are your headlines coming up next on all to 0? is people in power? something was going to change. anything really changed?
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this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barrier. know what to say. so we are all say we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be, the devil is always going to be in the house. the bottom line when i was just around me is north korea. one of the poorest countries in the world managed to evade un sanctions and pay for it nuclear weapons program. the answer is through a secretive government organization known as bureau, 39, which obtains foreign exchange by any means possible to fund kim john and regime in the 1st 2 episodes investigating how it's done. we reveal how money laundering and slave labor raise cash for kim. ah
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the north korea, the pariah state. a dictatorship shrouded in mystery. every day the official newspapers praised the heroic deeds of the deer leader. time seems to stand still here. ah, no, korea has the 4th largest army in the world. for 3
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generations, the kim family has ruled the country with an iron faith. but how does the regime manage to survive despite the via un sanctions and how come kin don't own has enough money to threaten the world with the most powerful weapon of all time? the nuclear bomb, the far from north korea ramco broy, a history professor is working on answers to these questions. he says, our image of north korea is wrong, isn't what it said. it is just look at the country functions and at the highest level. what is the main goal of, of the government of the regime?
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i should say. it's to make money is made cash for kim. what intrigues me personally is how north korea managers to make money. one of the questions we are stuck with is where does the money go? how much money does north korea make for north korea's leadership? questions like these a dangerous, the north korean regime? send a letter of indictment under my name to the government. charging me with 3 capital crimes. the worst of the 3 was the accusation that our research, my research was my name and damage the supreme dignity of the supreme either. this sounds like it's a funny crime right? damaging the supreme differently. if somebody in north korea kerisha death, county remco broke his investigations, threatened to disrupt north korea's cash flow. the country is internationally isolated because of its nuclear program. without legal sources of income,
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the regime has taken to raising money illegally. ah, new york, the seat of the united nation. since 2006, the u. s. has imposed 9 rounds of sanctions against north korea. these measures the monitored by an international panel of experts. the panel consists of 8 members, including ex intelligence, military, and financial experts for their own safety, they work in secret, only the coordinator, hugh griffith is willing to speak on camera. the sanctions have a tremendous impact on one level on north korea. it means that the economy can flourish in the way it would, they can't ship coal legitimately, they can't ship iron or legitimately foreign currency is very important to any country. and no matter how of talking to economy, you need foreign currency to buy the goods that are essential for your population
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or your elite group. so foreign currency is pretty essential to north korea survival. the question is, what's more important to the north korean leadership, developing new ballistic missile program or seeing their economy flourish, the regime decided to go for the bomb in 2005 is officially announced that it had nuclear weapons as a protection against attacks from the outside and to strengthen its power on the inside. young in the city of the chosen brand, new apartment block line, spotlessly clean avenues. here is where the unions upper class reside. only those who are considered loyal to the regime live here. those who want
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to enter the capital from the outside need a permit. don't you chose from young young's economic research institute? he's authorized to talk to journalists, for example, about the sanctions. what i'm going to do, what we can do is we'll enjoy, i'll get tagged into how, how we send it to the house and haven't i don't or didn't, we won't be considered. we parked in thomasville high school. her non done work when he started things going on, but he will case so i plan that i was from, you know, getting on the sanctions at, at a half and put north korea are extremely strict. i mean, just from enough in a country that has been sanctioned for diversity him or more strictly in the same time they no longer working. there is
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a huge problem with our policy and using sanctions to try and half the regime modifies behavior because we're not saying the one entity that earns most of his money that keeps the flood financially that keeps his life. many high ranking defected from those career talk about a secret government department that said to administer the regime secret funds allegedly can, is some. and his son, kim jong, set it up in the late 19 seventy's and equipped it with wide ranging powers, its tasks, securing an independent power base for the kim's, and raising money for the nuclear bomb. and the leaders personal luxury, its name bureau, 39, only 200 kilometers to the southeast. south korea is high,
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promote and capital. around 25000000 people live in the metropolitan area. about half the population of south korea. among them, most of the 30000 people who managed to flee from north korea. ko young one was a north korean diplomat. he escaped in 991. later, he was deputy director of south korea's institute for national security strategy. few people know more about the kim regimes workings than he does. cujo needed from you and young age. she what i saw northern van with his own young nibble's food. she was fair, even when i saw him, she of course, she does wonder sony goal june guys goes to school. she didn't. kim joan air. she's out or come down and talk to any
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prominent north korea next and all. tell you that bureau, 39 is absolutely crucial in earnings, refuse for screen regime. it's absolutely fatal. pick of the way everything collapses. here in new york, the united nations imposed and monitor their sanctions against north korea. and entity is important as bureau 39 should be heading the list of band organizations. office $39.00 is normally talked about by north korean defectors. we don't really see office 39 in our investigations. instead, we're looking at the north korean banks and the shell companies traditionally operate overseas in 3rd countries to generate foreign currency. and then that money is sent back to north korea. bureau, 39 south nursery has not called bureau 30. you know,
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nobody identifies as somebody who works for bureau thursday night, so it's very difficult to slap sanctions on people you don't really know are active kinshasa, the capital of the democratic republic of congo. since the 980 s, north korea has been procuring foreign currency here in the heart of africa. co young one witnessed a particularly spectacular case at the time. i call them in 2 ways and they call writing and got that a lot or is that it has all continued doc, you tell us that it is sure where to go, who will last? that'd be bumble. we're all job in chris thomas to the pounds over on because on the gun in that a lot are going to be me to take. i thought that it will share that how they called up samsung bird. usually jupiter,
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it was all of us but we had to get pie all combined with the little toil countries. the product as you go purchase with a call to check the product actual katrina because you got one from pushing it through our goal bureau. so she 9 never acts openly, but it's fundraising activities span the globe. i ankle, what in can bodya world? heritage might over 2500000 people visit the old can their temples every year. they'll phase for the tourists. foreign exchange for cambodia. ankle, what operating company, and more than $100000000.00 in 2018 tourism is by far the largest industry here
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a lucrative business also for north korea. right next to the entrance to the temples. a museum that opened in 2015 as it caught is a 3 d painting that picks the history of the command empire. in monumental images, throngs of tourists that guided through here every day. so. 7 7 by the pinta they for not caught me. hey, tiffany pen 10. let's how one. yeah. and from one to painting. then that's what income stand them. so convincing un sanctions, north korean not only built the complex but also financed it. in return, the north koreans collect all the revenues for the 1st 10 years after that. ringback they share the profits. the north korean c o doesn't want to appear in front of the camera. but he says the museum makes about $7000000.00
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a year in the entrance fees alone. cambodia and north korea have maintained close relation for decades. can is sewn and cambodia is king noted on c. no, we're good friends. a solid basis for today's business ties that contravene un sanctions. in the evening when the museum closes, the north koreans throw another set of doors open for the hungry tourists. they don't want cameras in the restaurant. so we film in secret the menu boast north korean specialties, such as coals noodles and see cucumber. the prices are surprisingly high by cambodian standards. a main cause costs up to $50.00. in particular, tourists from china and south korea, visit the restaurant. the young women who serve here mostly students from pyongyang
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and they live and sleep above the restaurant and are often not allowed to leave the premises for years. every evening, at the same time, they changed their costumes and get ready for the big show. ah, i the there are 130 such north korean restaurants worldwide. 3 of them income buddha said to make several $1000000.00 a year. but the waitresses don't get paid for their work. the dollars flow directly into the regime secret coffins. no other country
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exploits its population as systematically as north korea. north korean work is deployed worldwide, even in the european union and poland. here we encounter north korean work brigades on a building site. they've been promised good wages and decent working conditions, only to be treated like slaves. in the evening after a 12 hour shift, the work is driven to their barracks. they are monitored round the clock by north korean state security. still one of them decides to talk one's on the ocean. the concern is just sail
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late and then we can get to kish mental took 82017058. i saw one checked, i will put over to someone to call my son a. she mentioned the king, i'm not sure. who's the thoughts on here guys? you go on something in a come on get, did you get your chinese fishing? gotcha. it's $200.00 in there. what is it all playing it go? 100 tumble, a knowledgeable, couldn't eat, or money had all gone on while you're on the wish. enjoy you him pin up to with an actual tow told i need to talk to him about honey or him. you have to kinda, i guess you'll already hunted shoes, you know, going to hold bucket and they have to get him on a credit or start on
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a 30 day money for subsidy. you go ahead and book you up to the modern slavery, north korea, and well trained workers to poland, to toil in shipyards and on construction sites. the work has families held hostage in north korea. if the work of flea, the family at home is often severely punished. the work is only about 90 euros per month. the rest goes to the regime cash for kim, largely unnoticed by the international community. north korea has sent labor is all over the world up 285-0000 all about 40000 of them are in russia and up 280-0000 in china. north koreans also we're can q wait, malaysia,
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cambodia, mongolia, oman cutter. the united arab emirates and an african countries under un sanctions. these workers need to go back to north korea, but the practice still continues. experts estimate that the regime makes up to $1000000000.00 a year this way, all the time. she will have the pony boy, you know, don't have to then have she pushes daughters come, she call, she has 100 milligram and he's all 3 in which are defective. say that bureau, 39 is directly controlled by kim john own. it manages the leadership secret accounts, the so called palace economy, wherein pyongyang is bureau 39 located and how many millions flow into its coffers.
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when we ask the north korean official, he and his translator pretend not to know where his host bureau. 39 is one of the best kept secrets of the king regime. only north koreans who escaped can talk about it openly. me secret location. we meet a man who used to work for bureau 59. he was based in china, his task smuggling foreign currency. then he escaped his position with so important that today the north korean regime threatens to kill
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him. this is why he had plastic surgery to alter his face even so he only wants to be film from behind. can we just have a going to right, and you could probably take a general cause. busy more than you mean they're going to see now there's some more, more working behind on the run to run a day with no, there's a 30 minute history that vines into the ground was young. one will be more just read out and that you are going to or will, i will do 100 on time. she done a ways to understand bureau $69.00 and the capitalist structures of north korea. it's important to understand its history. in 1991,
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the soviet union breaks up north korea loses one of its most important trading partners. while many former socialist states now rely on market economics, the kims continue to isolate themselves. when kim jong il takes over from his late father in 1994, a famine breaks out the great famine, mid ninety's wedding or a fresh start to death. the public distribution system collapse. witnesses described seeing mountains of dead bodies and in the streets, anywhere between $1.00 to $3000000.00. there are 3 in states. so what happens is the north koreans now knew that if they wanted to survive, they could no longer trust or rely on the states from then on the rural population, in particular, had to be self sufficient market to, to emerge all over north korea. they're called jung,
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that done. all sorts of currencies are accepted, especially american dollars and chinese, you on today, they're a countless of these markets throughout the country. $400.00 of them, or even officially licensed and provide tax income for the regime. mainly food in goods from china about it. and so here we can either speak to to united total would be to join. but there was that chloe more to go. lunch, post prudes your school, retain. good among that to talk with your point. so to me, because i'm not, you don't mean that i mentioned in the new i voice so the regime try to control the market that it knows it come. because if it's on the market without having in place and other public distribution system,
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people die of hunger and north korean are not going to let that happen again. they know what happened last time. ah, and that's how north korea really changed from a socialist country with a economy and ruins to a capitalist country with a hybrid economy that luke socialists, but really is really capitalist ah, the biggest profit from these black markets up young, young officials because of fan loyalty but mainly out of financial self interest, the regime allows them to trade. over the year they've become rich. they sell luxury goods, smuggle raw materials and invest in real estate. they called don't you, money lords, they enjoy the luxury and the freedom that the regime grant. but their loyalty
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comes at a price many don't you hold senior government positions including up bureaus, $39.00 like this man who's been hiding. and so since he escaped, born in the ninety's, he experienced town or korea developed increasingly capitalist structures. before his escape, he was responsible for exports bureau, 39, most lucrative business, fearing the regime is revenge. he too doesn't want to be recognized when you go any shows on it. and so him, well you don't go on using bio, you know, even though she didn't tall she could took him on there, which is what must have again, tv show and then get you done. and then tom gill,
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mill turtle. boy. okay, so i'm going to tell you down and we'll continue though montoya to. ringback china western under luncheon in that respect at least north korea go get us a no different from their counterparts in the west wave rather than what they need to do on how to get them that who. ready angel u, as in boy and tell you how to read it with cash or live guys of the prove it to teneo in the next about 2 investigations. how insurance comes computer hacking and illegal sales? keep the money rolling in the, the
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north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe bureau. 39 is involved in everything that makes money for you to carry different passwords, say, contacts, and the money. this year and it goes straight into the conferences leadership a to park, people empower investigation bureau, 39 cash for can park to on a jazzy into london is one of the most important issues in the world. and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects
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their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage. because we know that all the audio has interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. ah, wildfires in northern california, 4000 believe the homes as they destroyed property in several towns. ah, my money and this is out there alive from jo will so coming up to grey and rebels. take control of law li bella, unesco world heritage site sacred for millions of the therapy is orthodox. christian k.


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