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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2021 7:00am-7:30am AST

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not just in the main news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. ah, wall 5 in northern california, 4000. and believe that homes as they destroyed property in several towns. ah. time money inside this is out there alive from joe. so coming up to gray and rebels . take control of law li bella. unesco will heritage. sites sacred for millions of the therapy is orthodox. christian chaos and confusion in the philippines where thousands rush to get vaccinated africa over 900 delta variance weeks across se asia tech giant reveals plans to scan american i phone the
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images of child sexual abuse, triggering concerns about privacy ah as well. fire burn in more than a dozen us states firefighters in california are struggling to contain its biggest blaze, the so called dixie fire is forcing thousands more to flee their homes after burning for nearly 3 weeks. now it's leveled most of a historic town. as john henry reports from northern california, california largest active wildfire exploded, engulfing the gold rush, or a town of greenville and threatening several others. a sheriff's office stores b strows, saloons, gas stations, homes, all left and embers. it's 800 red,
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appear to have escaped following a mandatory evacuation order from the last 24 hours. we've had explosive fire growth, driven by winds out of the west and south west meter and ologist have given a red flag warning where we have historically dry conditions, low humidity, low fuel moisture combined. are those winds that drove the fire? as we drove through mountain passage to reach greenville came another evacuation order for taylorsville. then one after the other for clear creek town walker lake and the list goes on. the dixie fires been burning for 3 weeks. fueled by dry conditions and high winds, taking out an area the size of new york city. even with 5000 people battling the blaze, it's only 35 percent contained on wednesday, it was the 8th largest fire in california history by thursday. it was 6 across the country, it's shaping up to be
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a record breaking fire season out. pacing 2020, the worst year ever recorded. 26000 firefighters are battling 100 blazes. in 14 states, we still have to keep our head in the game because we saw the peak months ahead of us with no indian site firefighters said they're battling the dixie blaze one day at a time. the priorities today are to aggressively attack fire perimeter. north of greenville, greenville still has active fire and a structure assessment going on at the same time. we're still continuing to fight the fire to our firefighters and our aerial resources are working in concert to drop retarded, and water. well, our ground crews and dozers and heavy equipment and engines are working to provide structure protection. some fires were sparked by lightning strikes, a local utility, pacific gas and electric says its equipment might have sparked the dixie fire, which shows no sign of abating john henderson. al jazeera,
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greenville california greece as prime ministers, urging people to obey evacuation orders. as emergency crews baffled dozens of wildfires for a full day, he says unprecedented conditions have turned the country into a powder keg. an intense heat wave and brown fueling blazes, including this one north of athens, which we ignited off the 5 vises had bullshit on the control. same bas, wrong. he sent us this report. only hours after an announcement that fires north of athens had been put out, the blaze was back and bigger than before, the order to evacuate. the small town below came suddenly, when the church bells began ringing people panic. and all the storekeeper could do was head up hill and watched the fire closing in. today's fire is overwhelming, isn't it? because it's impossible that after yesterday's fire that everything is burning again, burning whatever's left. we came to the high ground to try to get
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a sense of how bad this fire really is. and for the last several hours, we've watched it get bigger and bigger. spreading wider and faster the water dropping planes and helicopters seemingly have little to no effect on the blaze. as the fire spreads closer and closer to build up populated areas. and now we can see that the town of korean airy is burning on the ground. the fire didn't stop there. the aircraft that have been dropping water over the fires have only about another hour to go to be able to operate safely to try to put out those claims. but the heat is so high over the fires that the water has been evaporating before it's been hitting. the ground to the helicopters have been flying lower and lower to try to get to the fires to try to get as close as possible to put out these flames. all people can do it seems just watch the hills burn and wondered perhaps if their homes might be next off the bus and vinny thought of the what is happening now is crazy. there were a 10800 fires in all of greece yesterday. if it crosses the national road,
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it will spread to the other force there. when the severity of the situation was brought into sharp focus on thursday night international address, prime minister to jago smith. so talkies warned the worst was not over, that people in greece must brace for dry, difficult, and extremely dangerous days ahead. by nightfall reports confirmed the worst, the fire had jumped the highway spreading to both sides of the national road. the wildfires seemed to be everywhere. everything at the moment seems uncertain. one person said it feels like her country is under attack. zane bus robbie old to 0 north athens, and if there is to grey and rebels, have seized control of the ancient town of lally bella in the north and recent weeks tpl, i find this have targeted the strategically important are far region as well as i'm hara where larry bela is located for the rebels. it's a symbolic victory and also a significant incursion south. the town is
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a unesco world. heritage sides are sacred for millions of ethiopian orthodox christians. it's known for the 12th century churches carved out of rock. u. s. a cooling on rebels to protect as cultural heritage. malcolm web has been following developments from nairobi and neighboring kenya. residents and others have told us that fighters from the degree region of entered the historic town labella. there were rumors that they were closed on local residents over the last week, some of the residents that they've had gunfire at night, but they say it's normal to to have some gunfire at night there. but then just in the last few hours, resident said they could see the, the gray and people's liberation from finances getting close. and then just to show a while ago, they say, can control of the town to town with a population of 20000 people. but it couldn't be of greater religious and cultural and historical significance is 800 years old,
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full of ancient church and in a holy site for years, millions of orthodox christine. but it is also, as will appears to be a significant incursion on the part of the grand people's liberation funds from the north, coming into the territory of the enemy. they've been fighting with a mar of militia to the south, and now it seems they have taken control of the town as well inside the enemy territory. but it, careful to remember that in this conflict there on contingent front lines to speak of the people control the town here and other, other control the town that we can't, we can't guess how much surgery is taken. but certainly this is as far as we've known, they've take, they've taken the town into the enemy's territory so far, that conflict could have been spreading into the m r afar regions in the last few weeks. let's take
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a current look at the con sleggs fighting between the national army and the grand people's liberation front began in november of last year. that's when prime minister abby had sent troops against the t p. alas, off the he said it attacked army bases. by the end of november, i'll be announced. the military operation. integrate was complete. the government had taken over the regents capital mckelly. but the conflict took a ton 7 months later, when to grand forces retook mckelly and force governments soldiers to withdraw. well, since then, the rebels have pressed into a far region which is in the east and hora, which is in the south for thing, over 250000 people to flee. david shin was a us and bass the to pass on a former deputy chief of mission at the american embassy in sou dawn. he explains why the t p a left may have wanted to target this particular location. i don't think there is any particular military value to the capture of la bela by the grand
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defense forces. the town is not far from the border side. it's not a long distance for them to go to me. the only explanation would be the fact that very early on in the conflict back in november of last year, the militia and the sample government forces captured the world heritage site of ox, which is the location of the, the auction, former oxen kingdom, inside western te gray and they, they still hold that location up to the present day. it is very difficult for the grand forces to know apparently recapture ox own. so i think they probably made a decision to take a lot of bella and are using this as
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a tit for tat mode that we will be la la la. if you got us back. ok, so the 2 grand defense forces are great. they have to be very careful if they decide to go much outside of the region, i don't think they have any particular interest in remaining for any length of time outside of t gray that they are interested in retrieving as much of western t gray as they can and i really see this move into la bella. there's an effort to do that. the security council is due to meet in the coming hours to discuss the rising violence in afghanistan. as the taliban makes further gains, pressure is mounting on the united nations to do more to help resolve the conflicts . kristen salumi has more with hundreds of thousands of afghans being displaced by the taliban. recent offensive against government forces. un aid
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workers are sounding the alarm on human rights abuses in afghanistan as civilians not to mention more than 1000 un employees get caught in the crossfire. unicef today is outraged by report that a 12 year old boy from sheer into gob district in far province, suffered a brutal flogging by a member of an anti government group. women in particular are at risk from violence and the loss of basic write a letter signed by prominent feminist and rights activists calls on the security council to authorize a peacekeeping force. under resolution 1325 which demands the protection of women in armed conflict. women are at risk or being women and we know many of the things that are happening. i will not repeat the litany of what has happened to women during the advance. so the primary thing is to get
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a ceasefire. betty riordan, who worked to get the resolution passed in 2000, says it also promises women a seat at the negotiating table. the protection of women, an armed conflict is not just some lofty un ideal. it was enshrined in international law right here by the un security council, which is under increasing pressure to help stabilize the situation and afghan, a stan. but the council is unlikely to authorize and peacekeeping force, given that any mission would have to be approved by the 5 permanent members who all have veto power. there is no real danger, a spread of extremism and terrorism in countries surrounding of the system. there's no doubt about that. hi, ida is a former un envoy for the region. he says with the withdrawal of us forces, the taliban needs extra incentive to negotiate. he's calling on the secretary general to appoint and the security council to get behind
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a single un appointed mediator for peace talks has been said for a long time that you should be going to lead of all negotiations a way that doesn't work. you know, you have to put somebody else in charge here. council meeting on friday to discuss the situation. but civil society group say it's action not dialog afghans need the most christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations, still ahead on ours. is there a po for hong kong as in the u. s. wanting to escape? john is growing crackdown on defense and a cloth of their own. we meet palestinian students striving for academic success in gaza and the face of the daunting challenges. ah, ah, it's time for the journey the winter sponsored by cattle airways.
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hello there. we've seen extreme heat across parts of europe and north africa and that's extended across into the live. anton, this was the scene in gaza. city as people escaped to the beach, to try to get away from those hot and dry conditions. now, temperatures are above average here, but not only here across the northern areas of saudi arabia, as well as iraq and q weight sitting up in the high forty's. it's for the south, the things are slightly cooler. we've got a southern breeze kicking along the coast of yemen, an oman, and that's brought temperatures down slightly. we're also expecting some showers across western areas of yemen in the mountainous areas, as well as pots saudi arabia. but for heavy showers, we have to hop across to that central band of africa. we've had really active thunderstorms across this area. we've seen flash flooding in sudan. we could see some of that in south sudan where those rains are going to for heavily, as well as chad the central african republic, and part of the demo, democratic republic of congo. now for the south of this, it is
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a lot hotter and dryer. within temperatures slightly above average for namibia and for what swanner before south africa, things are looking slightly cooler. and it's going to be cloudy in cape town this weekend. sponsored pay cut on airways. join the debate. do not have vaccines reaching those who are most nice and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community how an array of different stories. no topic is off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new, wasted, the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. oh,
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are you watching out their minds on top stories? this? our california is largest fire high level, most of a historic gold rush year. a town greenville was home to buildings, more than a century old greece is prime ministers urging people to obey evacuation orders as imagined, decrease battle, dozens of wildfires for full day. he says, unprecedented conditions of turn, the country into a powder keg and he gets to grand forces. he sees the ancient town of banner rock hewn churches. are you unwell? heritage sites in sacred to ethiopia, millions of dollars which more
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than $13000000.00 people in the philippine capital are headed back into a 2 week lockdown as a friday to slow the spread of the delta variance. the current of ours. there was chaos across manella on thursday as 1000 tact vaccination centers trying to receive shots before restrictions came into effect the philippines as seeing south east asia. second was code 19 outbreak after indonesia has been reporting more than 8000 cases a day on a be low has a laces from manila. of course, this is already the 2nd time that the philippine capital is going through this enhance community quarantine. what this means is that only essential workers will be allowed to go out, only essential businesses will be allowed to remain open. only one member of each family will be allowed to go out to buy essential goods. now what you saw there,
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what happened on thursday here in metro manila, it's a little bit of a situation where people where misinformed president, to turn in his last speech had said that he wanted and vaccinated people to not be able to go out. and if their go out, they would be escorted back home. but a lot of people, especially essential workers, they have to go out, they have to go to work. and so yesterday, thursday people were scrambling to get back so needed. the problem is there is a supply shortage of vaccines here in the philippines. so there were limited slots and people were worried that. 6 they would not be able to go out, would not be able to go to work and they would not be able to get the financial aid the government promised damage. so that's what happened on 1st, on thursday, and in malaysia daily infections, top 20000 for the 1st time on thursday. cases that have doubled in the past 3 weeks
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despite a national lockdown. that wasn't an outbreak has sparked growing public anger over the prime minister handling of the pandemic. kevin 19 has left thousands of people unemployed on homeless in bangladesh. several charities are struggling to stay open despite a growing number of families desperate for help. katy lopez heard a young has this report this is one of the few food charities still operating on the streets of duncan. in a day it will feed more than 2000 people, many unemployed because of covered 19. they include security guard drivers and domestic workers. and among the group, there's also more homeless children. we just put our money. you can tell to the adults that there is no from that. but how can you tell that a little children over the last year and a half kids who come here?
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they've become our family charities, like men cannot depend on donations, bangladesh for shut down because of the pandemic. last year there were hundreds of volunteer groups. but corona virus fatigue has got in and people are now let's willing to donate. not everyone here is without a job, but many have seen their earning slashed a little over a dollar a day. for my money, i'm a poor man. for months i've been suffering the effects of lockdown. there is barely any income why i come here to eat without guilt. as the delta vary and fuels of surgeon inception, some people have had to leave their jobs and take care of their sick relatives. many businesses, schools and government offices have shut down and hundreds of thousands of people are now unemployed. around 4 and a half 1000000 people in bangladesh work in the textile industry. but colbert 19 has force many factories to close. while the government has allowed some to reopen
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a full recovery seems a long way off. for workers, there is some hope, but they don't know how long it will last them here we can eat without worrying about the next day. before i knew about this place, i spent 2 days lying inside a pocked bus. literally starving. many are left wandering. the streets of the bandwidth as she capital hoping to like the can provide with often their only meal of the day. cause hello this with a young al jazeera australia is also struggling to contain coven cases, with more than half the country now in locked down. the most popular state new south wales reported a record 291 cases on friday. the state of victoria and use of a 6 locked down target process in melbourne. top restrictions also in place a long march of australia, east coast china is finding its west outbreak of cove in 19 months,
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driven by the delta variance is reported ac more locally transmitted infections in the last 24 hours, math testing is taking place in the government has imposed new restrictions. they include the temporary suspension of entry and exit permit for non essential travel . the u. s. is offering temporary safe haven to thousands of hong kong citizens who are currently in america. this is in response to china's crackdown on democracy. president joe biden signed a memorandum allowing residents to extend the visas by up to 18 months. beijing has moved to stifle opposition in hong kong following protests in 2019 against a sweeping national security law. rosalyn jordan has more from washington from its 1st days in office. the by the ministration has been very critical of the way that china treats the residents of hong kong damaging. in the bio administration's
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view, hong kong experienced with democracy, now the administration has decided to allow those hong kong residents who happen to be here or the united states, to live and work here for the next 18 months. the state department spokesperson, net price explains why on thursday p r c authorities, i seek to use the tools that they have given themselves. and that includes, of course, the national security law and other legislation to make arbitrary arrests, politically motivated prosecutions, of opposition candidates, and politicians, activists and peaceful protesters with the goal it seems, or certainly the end result of creating an atmosphere of fear of self censorship, of repression. among the general populace, and our measures to day are a response to these and other actions by the p. r. c. and other hong kong and hong
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kong authorities to undermine again what was promised to the people of hong kong. and that is the high degree of autonomy state department officials awhile that this may not be the only time that this program is put into effect for hong kong residence. and they also say that people who come to the united states after august 5th could possibly be added to the scheme. but they say, what's really important is trying to ensure that beijing does not continue its repression of political opponents and hong kong or crush hong kong experience with democracy. apple says the next update to its operating system, ios 15 will include new safety measures to protect children from practices. it will enable technology on the device itself to scan and identify images that may contain child abuse, report them to authorities. ensure is editor at large was seen as he says,
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the company has plenty of questions to answer about how it plans to protect people's privacy. i don't know whether apple knew it was waving into this debate when it did this, but what makes apple an interesting company is that it is sold itself as kind of a bastion of privacy amid a mess of the tech industry. right. and so part of the question that we're all asking is if apples definition of privacy includes the ability to peer into my photos app, where does that end? right. and also, even though right now, yes, they're using a database from the national center for, for missing exploit children. what if suddenly they're convinced by the chinese government to add the gentleman square 10 command to that list. and suddenly those people are being reported. that is where it starts becoming a problem. to valuation. coaches have been stripped off their accreditation at the tokyo in lympics soft and ledge attempt to force one of the teams,
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printers to return home. christina simonelli sky says she was taken to the airport against her will. on sunday, she took refuge in poland this week, after she publicly criticize her coaches, she said she feared for her safety if she returned to bella. ruth, now studying for exams is difficult. the best of times, but it's been especially tough this year, palestinians, even some garza who have course faced the complex power cuts and a coven 19 outbreak. so when results arrived, there was much jubilation. you miss, i had reports from gaza. that malice, teens. students are celebrating what they call tell g he their high school exam results. pictures were quickly posted as social media, with the twin sisters may and munna among the 1st pallana florida high and i see other civic icon describe to you, my joy, sign god. when results are released,
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everyone started screaming and chanting, we all quite of happiness. if the city of pride for parents and sons i want the had to for all was little from now despite the challenges and difficulties we've been through, we can guard that. we've passed them all the entire g. he's on one hand and the results are on another the, the month before the exams in the middle of the corona virus pandemic, and having to cope with constant power outages. everything suddenly stopped for a student sing godsa. when israel launched air strikes against palestinian armed groups in the strip, more than 240 people were killed and almost 2000 wounded homes and schools were destroyed. but a month later in june, this year, students sat for their final exams. it probably had some random hello with po. might we accept this year with all its weakness and bitterness?
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i was afraid i wasn't able to provide my friends with the piece and quite the needed with. thank god they were able to succeed despite it all, a joy is indescribable. better than a wedding. there's no joy, like the joy of success that has she exams are so important for policies. students. results can determine where they can study in the future may and wanna share their experiences as passion for learning any occasion and a determination to gain their diplomas and make a contribution to a better future for all god since last night, donna mitchell was nope, along. we could bring out to create a generation from within. there are lots of examples in gaza to consider as role models. and we can definitely lift her gaza strip the every year. hundreds if palestinians students are offered scholarships at universities in europe, the middle east and asia,
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but they faced many obstacles. chief among them is getting travel permits from israel to be able to leave. what many describe as the open air prison? that is garcia. they often have to wait a long time for the approval, the delay jeopardizing their chance to study abroad. there may be not shame for tennessee garza universities is elsewhere, but there is no doubting enthusiasm and will have to do to improve their career prospects and their lives. you may see al jazeera got down. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. california is biggest.


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