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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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here guy, by the put he's on purpose. if i said i'm going, i'm the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, the has a lot of fires rockets from lebanon into israel 2 days after they tried to fire over the border. ah, hello one can all maria here in doug. this is the world news from al jazeera, looking it up kind of stuff. we're a bizarre is burning in central lush, the guy, one of the cities when government troops are fighting to repel the taliban. also,
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greece wildfires burning on the northern edge of athens, all things 1000 more people to flee from their homes and china choosing the u. s. of violence, interference for granting temporary refuge to people from hong kong. ah . so starting with the breaking news, this, our in israel, i don't defense system has intercepted 10 rockets, which had been fired from southern lebanon. the siren sounded in northern israel and in the occupied golan heights. after these rockets were, fight has been, has claimed responsibility. on wednesday, israel conducted their strikes against targets in lebanon, in response to rocket fire. then what is on her way to the border area now on the phone for us? what more violence i was in a welcome. i like you mentioned has belong claiming responsibility. say their
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troops who are responsible for launching these rockets. now in their statement, they mentioned that they targeted an open area around israeli military outposts, which is really very telling. a us what they are trying to say, and this is what we understand from sources close to has the law is that this is a message to the israelis. it is 1st of all in response to israeli air strikes early on thursday is really airstrikes targeted. some areas and so there's nothing on in response to rocket fire. 9 from southern level. 8 targeted israel on wednesday. so the message below is giving the israelis right now is that the, this is a warning. the ball is now in your courts. the rules of engagement have to change if you decide to carry out air strikes,
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which have not happened since the 2000. 5 and 6, a war between has been on israel in the past when there has been cross border fire, israel respond with artillery shelling and not the air strike. so as well as saying that the rules of engagement have now changed. and now the ball is in your court either there will be call after this incident or an escalation. so the situation is precarious. a minutely marked escalation along the border. these are 2 long time enemies who are now sending messages to each other, but many in lebanon will also tell you that this escalation is undoubtedly linked to what is going on in the region. the regional escalation to like as well because lead on is entangled, has been of course, being an ally of, of iran. but for the time being, it seems that hezbollah is keen on not opening a front and has been telling the israelis this is a response, is really air strikes and the ball is now in your court. then just tell me about
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the areas where this is happening on the border. is it? i mean, there population stand there. a lot of the pictures we're looking at right now seemed to be sort of a lot of empty land, but you can tell us more about the geography. yes, empty land. both of them have been very careful both the israelis and has the law to avoid any casualties. a first of all, sure, bosh shabba forms these, this, this area is considered by lebanon as occupied territory. the israeli, see this is part of the goal at height. the united nations is still not determined because syria has not given maps to prove that this is living on lebanese territory . but the bottom line is for husband to choose to target ship off for the area that lebanon considers occupied territory. it too, is trying not to escalate the situation that didn't decide to target. for example,
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israeli population center along the border. and even the israeli air strike early on thursday did not targets hezbollah positions. they said near hezbollah position, so both sides really treading carefully because any, any wrong move here could lead to all out war. and we've, we've said this time and time again over the past few months when there has been cross border flyer, each side is not in a position now to deal with an all outdoor, especially love on. for example, a very precarious situation. the economy has all but collapse the lot. the does ignite a war, it already has. a very few friends in this country, if you like, blaming it's worth for, for controlling that decision on whether to launch or, or, or piece in lebanon. so right now, the indication is that both sides are treading carefully, trying to avoid an all out escalation. but of course the situation is precarious
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and this is a bullet border. thank you more would say heard a later as she gets closer to that border area. the pictures we've been looking at the i and ms rose. i don't defense system intercepting 10 rockets that have been fired by has well i has villa has taken responsibility for that from southern lebanon as they and it says a warning shot if you like, but also a possible sign of escalation after what we've been saying earlier, in the week i onto the news and fighting in the center of lash guy, one of the afghan cities, the taliban is currently trying to capture. i've got some governments and special forces and us as strikes, helping troops on the streets. thousands of civilians have also fled to the neighboring city of kandahar. james bass is diplomatic. it is a incapable keeping an eye on things what's levies out of laska james heavy
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fighting continues in the provincial capital of helmand. we understand that the fighting right now is around the afghan intelligence headquarters and around the prison. some suggestions about might be trying to break into the prison so they can break out the prisoners, which include, we believe some taliban detainees for the government. clearly they've been messing troops around, laska guard, they have the superiority yet they cannot remove those taliban. and there is a real fear that this could be the 1st provincial capital to fall to the town about . and they say that every time they try and clear some area they managed to do so, but they can't hold it in the taliban. come back. so i think the stakes are very high here for the government. but on the taliban side, i think the stakes are high as well for those fighters who are in alaska go because how are they going to get resupplied given the number of african government special forces and command those who are now surrounding the town. and i think these sort
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of battles, i think, will have an important impact on what happens next with regard to afghanistan, because remember, all of this is going on while they're supposed to be peace talks taking place in doha. so what is all happening? i think is, is changing the balance of power if they do come back to the negotiating table. taliban certainly have, i think the upper hand right now we've seen and all international communities has been surprised by how much ground the taliban have taken in recent weeks. but if the taliban can't actually take any urban areas, then the government will turn around. i think those piece talks and say, well you control the desert, you control the places where no one lives. you can't take the urban areas. so i think it's a very significant time, and i think that partly explains the increase in the fighting. certainly the international community are pushing both sides to go back to the negotiating table . they do not want a military solution. they keep saying there is no military solution,
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but of course there are, some observers will say, that's exactly what the taliban, the doing. there is a military solution for them and they are pursuing it. james, can you get the big picture for me here? not just the fighting in afghanistan and other parts of that kind of stuff, but also you mentioned pe stokes and the un security council meeting as well. yeah, well i think we're going to be looking very closely in new york. well, i'm mainly based and seeing how security council is going to respond to what's going on the meeting called by the so called pen hold. is it the security council that's no way and it's stony. it was remind you that they, when there was a mission here called ice after the norwegians were in the north of, i've got to stop the stones. they only had a small number troops, but they were exactly what we're focusing right now. last got the capital of how the estonians were base in helmand. i think you got to have an interesting dynamics around the security council table about what's going to happen next in afghanistan . what has been interesting is everyone has been talking to the taliban. the u. s.
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of course have a deal with a ton about the you've been talking to tell about the russians have been talking to the child about the chinese have had extensive talks with taliban. the remember china very close out of pocket st on which is the one country which has some influence over the taliban. but i think some of the patients with the taliban and the piece process is beginning to wear a bit thin. and i think that's particularly true because of what we've seen in the last couple of days here. and i'm going to stop that attack on the defense ministers home. that's the kilometer from where i am right now. and that was the 1st attack in cobble for nearly 4 months, big attacking, cobble, talked about and say it's part of a new campaign to, to attack and target key government figures. i think some of the international community will be unnerved by that and will be perhaps reconsidering whether they should be having this diplomatic outreach to the thought about. if the tell about are going to pursue actions like that. rather than coming back to the negotiating
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table, the talks and go on to off the stalled, and we keep hearing word, they could restart in the next couple of weeks. james base with multiple hats on today reporting from cobble and of course i thought diplomatic editor. so as james mentioned the security council due to meet later on friday to discuss i've got a son, the diplomat under pressure, not only about the current conflict, but what kind of shape the country is taking from the you and in new york christian salumi reports with hundreds of thousands of afghans being displaced by the taliban . recent offensive against government forces, un aid workers are sounding the alarm on human rights abuses in afghanistan as civilians. not to mention more than 1000. you and employees get caught in the crossfire. unicef, so today is outraged by report that a 12 year old boy from sheer into gob district in far province, suffered a brutal flogging by a member of an anti government group. women in particular are at risk from violence
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and the loss of basic write a letter signed by prominent feminist and rights activists calls on the security council to authorize a peacekeeping force. under resolution 1325 which demands the protection of women in armed conflict. women are at risk, we're being women. and we know many of the things that are happening. i will not repeat the litany. what has happened to women during the advance? so the primary thing is to get a cease fire. betty riordan, who work to get the resolution passed in 2000 says it also promises women a seat at the negotiating table. the protection of women, an armed conflict is not just some lofty un ideal. it was enshrined in international law right here by the un security council, which is under increasing pressure to help stabilize the situation and afghan,
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a stan. but the council is unlikely to authorize a peacekeeping force, given that any mission would have to be approved by the 5 permanent members who all have veto power. there is no real danger, a sprint of extra prism and terrorism in countries surrounding us. there's no doubt about that. hi, ida is a former un envoy for the region. he says with the withdrawal of us forces, the taliban needs extra incentive to negotiate. he's calling on the secretary general to appoint and the security council to get behind a single un appointed mediator for peace talks has been fed for long time that you should be going to live only goes here some way that doesn't work. you know, you have to put somebody else in charge here. council meeting on friday to discuss the situation. but civil society groups say it's action not dialog afghans need the most christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations. well, in the news ahead,
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efforts to reassure people in the philippines where false news and rumors caused to crush vaccination, sent an elliptic spirit takes root in rio, 5 years on from the games. we visit the legacy project that is defined expectations . ah ah hello there, let's start in south east asia and things are looking rather wet and windy for northern areas of the philippines. and that's thanks to tropical storm loop that's moving its way across the south west of china. but it is gonna throw some powerful winds and some flooding rains to the most northern islands of the philippines. and we have got some severe flood warnings out there. elsewhere across indo china, those monsoon lanes continue to inundate me in mont and southern areas of thailand
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. as we move further south, it is looking a lot more settled across indonesia and malaysia that we will have some showers and of course, plenty of sunshine as we move further south to australia. it is looking rather fine and why high pressure keeping things rather settled. but we will have the arrival of wet weather to the west, a weather system coming in, and that's bringing rain to perth for the south though, we are expecting a few showers and the cloud cover to remain. but for the weather and windy weather we have to look to victoria and to tasmania, particularly on sunday, and the hope across the tasman. see, this is where we're seeing the rather unsettled whether we go to whether assisted bringing a winter re next to the southern parts of the south island. and by the time we get into sunday, it will be the north island seas that wet weather, the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more
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small. to continue the change all around, shape my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. oh the ah. so these are the top stories on al jazeera breaking news. in fact, we're israel's, i'm time defense system has been up to 10 rocket, 5 from southern lebanon. sirens founded in northern israel and the occupied golan
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heights up to several roberts were fired. has the law has claimed responsibility for fighting in the middle of lush? regardless is one of the afghan cities, the taliban is trying to capture, has got tons of government and special forces and you at that strikes, i helping out countries on the street. now, china has condemned a us offer of temporary refuge for people from hong kong. president joe biden says any one from hong kong residing in america will be allowed to stay for another 18 months because of what he called by james ongoing crackdown on freedom. he's adrian brown in hong kong with more on china's reaction. while this decision by president biden will effect tens of thousands of hong kong people now living in the united states. so now be allowed to remain there for 18 more months. what's not clear is what will happen at the end of that period. now many of those people fled hong kong following the imposition of the draconian national security law. more than 13
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months ago. and president biden said that law was limiting academic and media freedoms hate and hong kong. and of course, has led to the arrest of more than a 100 individuals, including leading figures of the pro democracy movements. now, in the past few weeks, president biden has also been warning us businesses about the dangers of operating in hong kong. and of course, the united states has been flapping sanctions, not just on chinese individuals, but also chinese entities and china has been doing the same thing to the united states. it is a reminder that hong kong finds itself in the middle of a proxy war, being full between the world, 2 leading superpower on both an economic and diplomatic front. us find, find the pricing for another destructive day with hot and windy weather forecast to whip up the file. once again in california, we've got this report from john hendrick. he has been in town that while it's been
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wiped out. california is largest, active wildfire exploded, engulfing the gold rush. you're a town of greenville and threatening several others. a sheriff's office stores b strows, saloons, gas stations, homes, all left and embers. it's 800 residence appear to have escaped following a mandatory evacuation order. over the last 24 hours, we've had explosive fire growth, driven by winds out of the west and south west meter and ologist have given a red flag warning where we have historically dry conditions, low humidity, low fuel moisture, combine those winds. that drove the fire. as we drove through marriage and passage to reach greenville came another evacuation order for taylorsville. then one after the other for clear creek time town walker lake and the list goes on. the dixie fires been burning for 3 weeks, fueled by dry conditions and high winds,
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taking out an area the size of new york city. even with $5000.00 people battling the blaze, it's only 35 percent contained on wednesday. it was the 8th largest fire in california history by thursday. it was 6 across the country, it's shaping up to be a record breaking fire season out. pacing 2020, the worst year ever recorded. 26000 firefighters are battling 100 blazes. in 14 states, we still have to keep our head in the game because we saw the peak months ahead of us with no indian site firefighters said they're battling the dixie blaze one day at a time. the priorities today are to aggressively attack fire perimeter. north of greenville, greenville still has active fire and a structure assessment going on at the same time. we're still continuing to fight the fire to our firefighters and our aerial resources are working in concert. drop,
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retarded, and water. well, our ground crews and dozers and heavy equipment and engines are working to provide structure protection. some fires response by lightning strikes, a local utility. pacific gas and electric says its equipment might have sparked the dixie fire, which shows no signs of abating john hendrick, al jazeera, greenville california. there a wildfire burning across parts of greece as well, and the force more evacuations. neither capital athens find find has continued their efforts to the night to stop the flames from reaching populated areas, the prime minister urging people into a bay evacuation order than not to try to defend their own hard name. to start off with the support from only hours after an announcement that fires north of athens had been put out, the blaze was back and bigger than before, the order to evacuate. the small town below came suddenly, when the church bells began ringing people panic. and all the storekeeper could do
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was head up hill and watched the fire closing in. today's fire is overwhelming, isn't it? because it's impossible that after yesterday's fire that everything is burning again, burning whatever's left. we came to the high ground to try to get a sense of how bad this fire really is. and for the last several hours, we've watched it get bigger and bigger, spreading, wider and faster the water dropping planes and helicopters seemingly have little to no effect on the blaze. as the fire spreads closer and closer to build up populated areas. and now we can see that the town of korea neri is burning on the ground. the fire didn't stop there. the aircraft that have been dropping water over the fires have only about another hour to go to be able to operate safely to try to put out those claims. but the heat is so high over the fires that the water has been evaporating before it's been hitting. the ground to the helicopters have been flying lower and lower to try to get to the fires to try to get as close as possible to put out these flames. all people can do it seems,
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is watch the hillsburg and wondered perhaps if their homes might be next off, the bush and vinny thought over what is happening now is crazy. there were a 10800 fires in all of greece yesterday. if it crosses the national road, it will spread to the other force there. when the severity of the situation was brought into sharp focus on thursday night international address, prime minister to jago smith. so talkies warned the worst was not over, that people in greece must brace for dry, difficult, and extremely dangerous days ahead. by nightfall reports confirmed the worst. the fire had jumped the highway spreading to both sides of the national road. the wildfire seemed to be everywhere. everything at the moment seems uncertain. one person said it feels like her country is under attack zane basra b o t 0 north athens. at least 8 people have been killed in the wildfires raging across much turkey opposition parties have criticized president typo on government
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or a lack of preparedness. authority contains nearly 205 over the past 9 days. the several are still out of control. tens of thousands of people, including tourists, have had to move to say for areas where it's good to go up. and current of our news in the philippines is reported a record daily increase in new cases on friday, more than 10 and a half 1000 of them and helpful authorities are still trying to reassure unvaccinated people that they can leave a hose after some false reports caused panic, large numbers of people, q that vaccination. then the manila had of a new lockdown which started on friday. rumors spread that unvaccinated residence would be deprived of aid payments and banned from leaving home, but to be lows in manila and some people are allowed out under special circumstances. or is this is already the 2nd time that the philippine capital is
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going through this enhance community quarantine. what this means is that only essential workers will be allowed to go out. only essential businesses will be allowed to remain open. only one member of each family will be allowed to go out to buy essential goods. now what you saw there, what happened on thursday here in metro manila, it's a little bit of a situation where people where misinformed president, to turn in his last speech had said that he wanted and vaccinated people to not be able to go out. and if their go out, they would be escorted back home. but a lot of people, especially essential workers, they have to go out, they have to go to work. and so yesterday, thursday people were scrambling to get back. so i needed to is there is a supply shortage of vaccines here in the philippines. so there were limited slots
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and people were worried that. 6 they would not be able to go out, would not be able to go to work, and they will not be able to get the financial aid the government promised damage. so that's what happened on 1st. on thursday, malaysia, daily infection can't stop 20000. the 1st time cases have doubled in the past 3 weeks despite the national lockdown listing outbreak had sparked growing public anger over the prime minister's handling of the pandemic. and then you've got a straight to weigh more than half of the population. i now subject to various lockdown rules. the most popular state new south wales was seen in the record. rise in 9 covered 19 infections, almost $300.00 of them. and then to the south people to find restrictions to protest against the sick that locked down in melbourne, victoria of the city trying to track the origins of what it called mystery. meanwhile, israel is government is quietly changed its border rules, which could now prevent expense from leaving. currently,
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australian citizens and residents need permission to leave the country. but a strange living abroad who come for a visit will no longer be exempt from that rule. corruption scandals, political crises, recession that kept brazil from fulfilling many of the promises it made for the olympic games in rio de janeiro 5 years ago. but one pledge has been realized, a forest dedicated to the athletes, monica united reports 5 years ago. this was barren land and many thought it would remain so another broken promise from rio de janeiro summer olympic games like cleaning up the beautiful and still very polluted when i bought a b. but as the world is watching the olympics and tokyo, the athletes forest and rio de janeiro, it's finally blooming and even expanding this forest, it's an important legacy from the olympic games the rio because we have here right
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inside of the west, part of the city, $13000.00 trees inside of a future, a green corridor, the reciting right now to be for the next 10 years. it took an uphill battle to fulfill the dream, which began as the 2016 olympic opening ceremony with athletes for waiting feebly of $207.00 brazilian native tree. each one representing a different country. they were taken to a private farm until the necessary preparations could be made to plant them in 2017 . but the economic crisis, corruption, scandal, and politics got in the way. the seeds of hope would have been buried in the past had not been for the insistent group of forest engineers who had continued to nurture them despite the lack of public funds and of the large food. not because i eat it took us 3 years from 2016 to 2019 to turn the athletes forest into
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a reality and find a home for the plot. each country that participated in the 2016 olympic games have been told to him in the forest indicating the species that represents and its part in this global environmental project. or you and a half ago all plants here were this size. now many of them are more than 3 meters high athletes. forest occupied 80000 square meters, a space equivalent to 8 football stadium. and another 20000 square meters are being cleared to plant more threatened need to be she you don't lose the spot too soon. we won't have to do much to keep the forest from growing up. he says the trees already producing seeds which are being dispersed with the wind and move ripen in the ground. nature will take care of the rest to maintain this environmental
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footprint of the real olympics, monica, you're not give all just eros rear diginero than his whaler is making a 1000000 to one change to its hyper inflated currency. 6 zeros will just be eliminated from prices when the new bought about bank notes are introduced in october. the new $100.00 bill, for example, will replace the $100000000.00 bank note. say weren't mean much as most people pay for things in us dollars. anyway. ah, so the breaking news, this half hour has been israel vine don't defense system intercepting 10 rockets fired from southern lebanon. cyrus founded in northern israel in the occupied golan heights, after several were fired, has below had claimed responsibility.


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