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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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market for the rich and powerful i was one of the leading specialists to work under cover. just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's held something like one in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many other exciting brazen example. i've seen the men who sell football on a just me oh hello i'm. i am live in london. a quick look at the headlines now. a taliban has captured the southern afghan city of zuraw. this is the 1st provincial capital to fall to the group since they started focusing on urban areas and kinda st on the range of borders, iran and it's a significant trade route for the government video really by the taliban shows them on the streets around the city as it was captured,
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bought suggests about 20000 people who fled across the board of from nimrod province into iran. its latest fash point in fighting between the taliban and afghan security forces. fierce fighting is also continuing in alaska, gar, and the city of cher bohannon. meanwhile, the un special envoy for afghan is, john says the conflict is entered a dangerous new phase with at least a 1000 civilians killed in the past. month alone. speaking at a security council meeting, deborah lyons, when the country will descend into catastrophe. security council members don't take action that ghana stan is now at a dangerous turning point ahead lies either a genuine peace negotiations or a tragically intertwined set of crises and increasingly brutal conflict combined with an acute humanitarian situation and multiplying human rights abuses.
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i do believe that the security council and the broader international community can help prevent the most dire scenarios. but it will require acting in unity and acting quickly. and our other headline, thousands of people continuing to flee the fires there. incinerating great ways of greece and turkey. temperatures in greece have dropped below 40 degrees for the 1st time in nearly 10 days in part country. but high winds, the forecasts and fire fighters, the athens have been going door to door urging people to leave the area. the fire emergency in turkey is now into it's 10th day with 36000 people taken to safety across the province of move law. and fire breaks also been created an effort to prevent the flames from reaching the n a coin power plant. this is the 2nd facility to be threatened this week, while have more on all those stories for including of course, all the latest on the fighting in afghanistan,
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that will be in the news. our 2100 g empty. i will see you then august on just the united states is ending in 20 year military present enough kind of done with what it meant for the country. one of the one piece showcasing new zealand trailblazing environmental policy, $82.00 with the country of all credit. from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest developments at the corona virus pandemic continue to spread around the world witness showcase of award winning documentaries that bring world issues into focus through human stories. with political and economic tension writing down be a hope to the pose as a country to define the future. august on i just in 2017, a book was published called the great level. it's written by walter shuttle and austrian historian. he provides
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a detailed analysis of the forces in history that have proved powerful enough to transform society and reducing equality. he writes for different kinds of violent ruptures, have flattened inequality, mass mobilization, warfare, transformative revolution, state failure, and lethal pandemic child spaces is that shock events highlighting qualities and justices and absurdities. bringing them into public consciousness in ways that can force processes of change where clearly know when near whatever transformative change this corona virus pandemic might lead to. were still in the shocking phase where every way you look, it's glaringly evident that the social and economic qualities that surround us much deeper, more pervasive, and much more problematic than we thought. the
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in india, the 2nd most populous country in the wound, the 19 treated looked down, sent shockwave across the nation. it became instantly obvious that the virus is much more brutal on those who have less. who marginalized was systematically impressed. i spoke with alter an activist ern daddy really who has been spending looked down at a home in delhi where it's behaving with society exactly the way behaves. the body amplified diseases live to inequality, caring so near to maggie in the read it displayed it all on a single day. the day are and he's speaking about is march 24th. when an 8 p. m prime
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minister or inger moody delivered a televised speech and announced a strict nationwide locked down. would it be odd that od bought out by some one day to make some warner logged on when a data, a country of 1300000000 people had just 4 hours to prepare for a period of stringent physical distance. it would be a shock for everyone, but particularly if you are among india, we were doing for us to prepare for this most punitive law down in the whole world . since it was the 24th of march, people hadn't got this salary. landlords in the crowded gentlemen from the city that demanded their grant. of course they were not so people just began to walk. the vast majority of the 10s of thousands of indians walking amidst the locked down were internal migrants, men, women,
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and children who gravitate to the school work, picking up informal jobs in construction, manufacturing, waste, collection and scrap sorting, with businesses closed in mass transit at hope. this massive, floating population of laborers was left to drift with no choice, but it was the biggest mass movement of people in the country to the partition of india and pakistan in 1947. this was like a chemical experiment to be the city tooting working on in sprawled across the hive in network of india. men, women, and children have been walking at all in such awful way home. my con, every now going to pass on the f bomb. you get to me the buddy i went out and walked some of to the bordo when i asked him
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what their idea was us to suppliers and what happened. they said, what does it matter? because we don't have food, we don't have water, we don't have any way to escape. so whatever it is for us, this is the problem. and some of them will pretty angry about the fact that you said, why didn't they just stop the rich people when they're the ones who are bringing, why didn't you just lock them in and not all of them are or style to more government. so one of them says maybe nobody told him about, you know, maybe he doesn't know about. and that was really heartbreaking. the government did announce a $22600000000.00 relief package to hand out cash and food assistance to the poor. however, it was only implemented $45.00 days after the lockdown began. and then when you miss bureaucratic hurdles and getting aid to people. according to the stranded work
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is action network relief organization that conducted a survey of more than 11000 migrant workers in the weeks following the lockdown. more than 90 percent had not received any russians from the government. on may 26, india supreme court admitted that there had been quite inadequacies and certain lapses on the part of both the national and regional governments before i don't get it done that they didn't even help them. and then you'll see that all the people out there and the government doesn't fund submitted to broadway every day. they're completely their faith. bridgewater wilson is one of india's most relentless activists for the countries poorest and most neglected people. when i called him, he was in the midst of organizing the distribution of food packages and russians just then tell them, want to be there with their family and your role in the flight. 64 international
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flights will be operating from thursday for one week to evacuate. indian started in 1200. when the board want the book back to their own. why do you, how much prorated? but we are not giving it. if we're going to want to, we want to actually actually, i'm not understanding the very read the war isn't us, that we are not considering them of the didn't at the heart of any lockdown is the need to stay indoors, stay at home, stay at home, and cannot sit and get up when a good man, but for millions of indians, not only can they not afford to remain indoors without a daily income to ensure the survival. there is no home to physically distance in. in the indian census, the latest form was conducted in 2011. the homeless accounted under the seemingly contradictory title,
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houseless households. the official definition is bracing in its bluntness. these people who live in the open on roadsides pavements in pipes and flyers and staircases, or in the opening places of worship, railway platforms, the official figures put in the homeless population at around 1770000. however, civil society organizations estimate about one percent of india's urban population is homeless. that alone is 3000000 people. and it doesn't even begin to count those who are homeless in rural areas, the imagination of the prime minister and the government. i'm this world that offer a lot downs and i'm so don't you saw this contagion somehow done not. it was the poor guy excited from imagination, but you fear that he wanted to you on monday, you did not go to speak to that. people read very as it comes that you just
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unplug them. i just have done nothing before declaring why not where did that plea? there is no way that i think that people don't, that you're going to be making a whole country as a one day. i mean, if you look at places like the, which is the biggest room by where we're loc compress 2 to 2 square meters and $200.00 people ship toilet the y. oh, so sure this things are locked down. so most engine means physical compression for new coverage. and there was plenty of the jeopardy indian poor marine. it was the endless flu, viral images and videos online that illustrated just how sharply inequality cuts through society. food is taken in new delhi. listen, a month after the doctor had been announced, made clear what was already obvious for that for so many indians,
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there was no possibility of staying in doors. distancing themselves on a train platform in the eastern state of b. ha, a video was filmed, the child, unaware his mother was lying dead of starvation. they just made it back to the state. after days of cross country travel. and then there were the videos of people being ill treated by authorities. some of it seemed to be nothing more than power trips like police in the state of per day punishing people for violating lockdown rules when in fact, been out on the street was the only place they could be. and this video taken at the border between 2 states, showing people being hose down in diluted bleach as some sort of disinfection process after they traveled days to get there. to get to pick the leg to how we kill and all that being our men and the children that all covered and the dish is on the mission by the diversity we are creating
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a human being like very human. that is not, not the gravity for someone to think of just thing, not the new object that picks a lot to how people seeing other people who they think off below this issue and, and when you speak about people thinking of others as being below the station you are referring to the cost system, right? the sort of social classification of people, the engine that runs in the social hierarchy, which is given sort of divine sanction cost. so you do have a society which prevented the divining mastery. and then really kind of green hierarchy to do what total is the idea of inequality. any nicotine, you somehow institutionalizing this,
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you all have someone to chris and someone to be oppressed by. that is, what does this water campaign for the rights of india's legions of manual scavengers? these people who physically enter and clean last sections of the country, sewage system, often without protective gear. he has an up close view of what it means to be a dollar or the lowest, a lower cost in the grip of append in more stuff that that is the we are all the way in the cycle. if you're doing what we got into and doing the actually the additional cleaning of the hot sun every day, you know, be when it can flow. that is no good. that is nothing. but we are making the big one. so we will bring them into one of the division and you throw
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the this is all must be up. if it does what is waiting on the 20 when i get off b, c, b, t c must isn't c, l is not sort of josephine at martinez is a historian and gender equity activist in spain. i spoke with her to understand how coded and inequality work in an economic and social context. completely different to that of a country like india. but we began with some of the issues that have played out similarly in both countries. for him, mostly in us
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who asked me what you see, national what amount what amount of what i have learned maybe not believe it but i know the time, you know, people are gone. we see, let's see that let's it's out of
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the can then it was really hammered home, some of the realities of the imbalances and divisions that exist in our societies. for instance, laid upon the hierarchy of label divisions between blue color and white color, non essential, essential workers of politics, gender women form a vital segment of frontline workers. according to the un, they make up 70 percent of the global health and social care workforce. recent data from italy, spain in the united states, showed a $2.00 to $3.00 times higher rate of cobit infection among female health care workers compared to their male counterparts. women also perform more than 75 percent of unpaid care work, and almost 80 percent of domestic work locally affect largely dominated by migrant workers and other marginalized groups of color match the guns in finance on
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a lot of that or to the meals that are sick i know some critics how much would it cost to put on it so that is that is and they'll tell me see if there was a government decrease declared these people essential workers, didn't they? why did it start backlash? and she said, they don't notice, it tells me that it took it,
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but it shows that people who necessarily are inequality leaves the shop imprint wherever it's measurable. and it's also map of all take the city of buffalo now, where residents of poor neighborhoods have been $6.00 to $7.00 times more likely to contract the virus than those in wealthy areas. in april, the rate of infection in the market area of some survosity was $77.00 per 100000 inhabitants. meanwhile, just 6 kilometers away. look at this. the rate of infection was $533.00. in our prep, the oregon and sun here it said delivered jets working class satellite towns just outside of buffalo. now the rate of infection was even higher still at 604701 per 100000 inhabitants respectively. manual franco is
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a professor of epidemiology and public health at the university of color and madrid, and then john hopkins school of public health in the us. i asked him what might explain the differences between the neighborhoods. one of them, what is the quality of housing and the amount of people living with you within the same household unit where we know so far is that you live in a small last 56 people. it's pretty much impossible to keep the social distance thing that we are right now encouraging people to get the way our cities are segregated and organized nowadays. and you doesn't matter if it's madrid, barcelona london or new york is some people get to choose or to pick where they want to live and others don't get to choose. and that's because of also where he started to reasons. it's not a fancy area with that, with lots of renewal, then the perfect pays were low income people and kneeling against going to come on list. so at the end, you have an, a mixture of low income, elderly people with immigrants from different countries of origin getting to live
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in these areas where we are seeing high rates of infection market, the money went up, initial value, also my guess is rota. paula mas now, she says yes, but it shows the familiar bonus, it be when my shortest, how will love gets on and we'll talk again tomorrow we tend to think that if they were photographs the picture, one moment live, they were stuff. that's the reality of our students are vibrant and one of the highly dynamic and those dynamics sometimes meetings for the better sometimes means
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or the worse, the real social distance in terms of health, in general and very particular in this and demick. how are we stratified and how are we layered and organized on our site? at the end of 2017, the world health organization issued a report in which it said, at least half of the world's population, cannot obtain essential health services. and each year, large numbers of households being pushed into poverty because they must pay for health care out of their own pocket. what the w h o report was pointing to was that preexisting inequalities be they poverty, race, or gender? they will compounded by the fact that the systems and institutions that are meant to provide a safety net for the public have been chipped away up for decades. making them increasingly unable to provide the services they were created to deliver the fuel up only going to the book, but also what it was me,
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let me pick up miracles because i'm be in that got a come on they last they did for homosexual. really, really in a health emergency before you know how when again, that is something that has been undermined over the years dr. this is the total. how can i you seems to consider that people have a right to him. i mean almost a 1000000 to die. every year or diarrhea and he had ration. ringback you have a 1400 d,
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died of to work. so all of these crises deepening now because they're not being get well, no matter where you work or what country you're in. we're all at risk of the corona virus. however, that doesn't make the pandemic, the great level of some would have us believe it does not even add inequalities, because although the virus doesn't discriminate our current social and economic structures do that 2017 book i spoke about at the start of all this, the great level, the also head side appendix is a force that could in the long run, even out to many qualities. how was it in the historical data he studied? it was a catastrophic loss of life that pushed the changes. many more people have died of covert 19 than should have, but if anything is going to push for reform and change post grown of ours, it's going to be the acute, an inescapable realization that are unequal systems not only unjust, a completely unsustainable. in the early months of this year, irene daddy wrote
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a piece calling this pandemic a portal. i asked him what she meant by that. so what, when i said the damage to the portal, i said we can choose either to walk to driving the car or not could you do to buy yours and then we can go to like, leave it in new imagination right now. those who are responsible for the data ideas are consolidating and they have to begging to drag all of this and all of us with them that comes to people dying of scolded poor people who have never cared about who have been out of the hands. and now, because just because it's contagious, because the half of the effect can reach, that is the reason. but perhaps you can really move towards the situation in
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which reject do not allow the lender to continue. we have a good imagination is not going to fall into. i'm not going to have to fight news news. ah, ah, in 2011 al jazeera gains rare access to the young gang film academy. and some of north korea's brightest young stars. ah, what did it take to serve
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a national propaganda machine? ah, a compelling portrait of the privileged lives of the countries elite, rewind north korea. cinema of treme analogy 0. 0 hello. there were a tracking out tropical storm loop. it has it throws buckets of rain tor fuji ad province in the southeast corner of china. but look at this, it's starting to veer toward the east. it's going to crash into taiwan and places across the island could see about $500.00 millimeters of rain over the next few days. we are also keeping tabs on tropical storm bear and a look at this. it's going to just grades by the eastern portion of tokyo that says sundays. so just in time for those closing ceremonies at the olympics, you know, for the philippines, the northern islands, there are flood advisories in play for just how much rain has been falling all
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influenced by the southwest monsoon. but we're starting to see it dial down just a bit. next i want to take you to australia and the se, porsha. we've got some cloud cover, a few spits of rain for victoria. but a weather front is coming in for western australia and you know the name of the game, right, per se, your winds are going to pick up each and every day. so by tuesday we could see gusts about 75 kilometers per hour. in cross the tasman, we do have a disturbance. it's going to envelop both islands snow from 2 to 500 meters, so tricky. travel around those mountain passes and we'll see the winds with up to 88 kilometers per hour. the ramirez in molina families, the pain, is unbearable. 4 of their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died and come,
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but the neighbors and family members in session, they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister by the me to pay the you know, said the forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello mary. i'm was watching the news, our life from london coming off in the next 60 minutes. a major territorial victory for the taliban in afghanistan. the group captures the city of the runs the 1st
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provincial capital to full. meanwhile, un security council members that healthy afghan complex has entered a delia and more.


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