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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2021 2:30am-3:00am AST

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the boss to be able allow to, to live this area they're gathering, they are right now. it's happening as we speak. they're hoping that they will be allowed to get on those votes on saturday, on sunday, as i said before, when you talk to them, they say they're desperate. the need to get out of here. they need to be able to find a new way of life. ok, today's a book, they're bringing us the very latest from the corporate in columbia. theresa, thank you very much in deeds. ah, this is al jazeera, quick tonight, over headlines for you know, the u. n. has been born, that of can astonish heading for a catastrophe. so serious that that it would have few if any parallels the century comes with taliban captured its 1st city. the provincial capitals are ons. so for us and the 2 troops withdrew at ghana. stan is now at a dangerous turning point. a head like either
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a genuine peach negotiation or a tragically intertwined set of crises and increasingly brutal conflict. combined with an acute humanitarian situation and multiplying human rights abuses. i do believe that the security council and the broader international community can help prevent the most dire scenarios. but it will require acting in unity and acting quickly at least 56 was far as burning across greece. one person has been killed, the major blazed just north of athens, as for tennyson's to flee far as moving towards lake marathon, a capital main water reservoir. in turkey, tens of thousands of hexes of forests have been destroyed in it's worse world wildfires ever drawn, physician scorch. lounge chart holds rent, tours,
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resorts of murderous firefighters in the us are trying to so california is big a small, far reaching it's kind of quincy. so called fix the far is already destroyed much of the time of greenville and israel says it's ready for an escalation on the lebanese border after an exchange of far, which has belong. issues aren't, don't defense system intercepted several rockets formed from southern lebanon, rainy and back. has says the barrage is in retaliation for israeli air strikes. was targeted southern lebanon a day earlier israeli military foreign bank with artillery and that's you up to date, to keep it here. on al jazeera risk and it's all, it's up next a by something was going to change. anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barriers. no one said until we are all say we're looking at the
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world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just around me ah, i use use
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who are in a latin american country, rich and precious minerals, ion, capa and gold. it has seemed steady economic development in the last decade. while the number who live under the poverty line has half to 20 percent of the population, many still take desperate measures to make gold one of peruse, main mineral exports for centuries minus had been picking the andes to pieces all with the same dream. carlos 1st truck gold, 14 years ago used to work in the coffee and kept on taishan almost nothing.
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now he continues to work hard, but the pay is better. almost $600.00 a month, twice the minimum wage improve. he decided to get his brother involved in the gold mining business, and more recently his son and nephew as well, the small family works in abandoned mine. the company that used to excavated left as the mine was not producing enough profits. we see each working day is filled with the mine is crumbling around them a lot, but i feel, yeah, lemme, they moved up, but i, lima,
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and pope soon that us marla presumed moran then we were the consortium today in the 4th is that up on are you now let's go in the form. don't just put them in there during the time and the exploitation, the mind produced hundreds of kilograms of precious metal. now the family barely find one and a half kilograms per year. that is going to extract thing. the gold with a pickax would take too much time for the men, drill holes to place explosives and says that they have no meter yet. this is mandy. doesn't get
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a lot but up on his jaws. but they believe it or not, but on. ready ready ready ready the other muslim windows on the on. ready ready the. ready explosion releases toxic gases and there's so much to us at the end is unreadable. the one hour later,
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the as settled down around them, the little body carlos and his family extract around 5 tons of minerals every month. within that, just a 125 grams of gold. not a huge amount just enough to get by get in with the government to see who's come from body on my sense of betty, already known as our guns in the navy. but it went to see who did, and my seeing and 11 don't along the music did tell us that he hasn't given god or how long was the audio is why they got
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every year in peru and estimated 171 tons of gold and 4000 tons of silver, a mind a country also rich in many other minerals, as well as oil and gas. this tremendous source of income has helped build a stronger economy. but despite all this, infrastructure is still developing. ramos, because syndrome is a winemaker. when he's vineyard is 35 kilometers away, at the other end of the car, was he canyon? a gaping valley, 3 and a half kilometers deep. it's a 35 kilometer journey along one of the most dangerous parts in the region are central is one of the few locals who own the vehicle. so he also works with
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a taxi try hey. * andrew drive carefully, he trusts his driving abilities, and his 20 year old truck, he knows a dangerous road requires concert at the, at the southern stuff for us. cuz he got a little love for you. i've got to get him up. the truck is approaching 40 kilometers an hour, but it also made me get into it more than i mean i and i got it and
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we will not. i mean, at the end of it from by and because if you do the job fair, boston us out of office, you know, up by you know, mother in the midst of the me or got a lot about it, but that's just wishful thinking. the road is many 8 years old, and it's already a major improvement and used to take him 2 days to get to his vineyard. on the back of the new, the biggest problem is the cliche rocks.
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trumbull easily says, you know, the way consillio you know, the southern don't just yet. your mother calling to john wendy. what i said possible car. yeah, i can almost i just don't want most of them. i don't know that but the bad. but the doe who also fiddle with me, the better you know, i don't know, i starting it, this is, this is just yours. oh
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guys. and we are then we are way hopefully we'll, we'll meet at the top. you guys could get there and you know, solicit into survey in the quarter was the canyon is worthy of its nickname. the devil's mouth. read nothing better than real, but it will open up. it's got a got modernity about that. yeah. yeah, no matter what you mean by that is maybe this of this did you say to me for many making ends meet him, peru requires hard work and
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a strong will condition often be this man's work takes him to the middle of the desert and the pocket peninsula, this involved barren expanse borders the pacific ocean. not would it be for beach with a hard cliff edge. if he wants to caribbean fullness to coca, we'll have to climb down that way. but in
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a 16 me to defend with no safety measure. well, apart from the short mom, i was away from me. it's like what i didn't, you know what? maybe chicago
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is possibly the only fisherman mountaineer in the world. ah, the good news in this place is a natural reserve, teaming with fish. net fishing is forbidden. only fishing rods are tolerated. consequently to coca has almost no competition every year your your thing,
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if you don't come with me on average. the fisherman catches close to 20 kilograms official day, but today he catches none. the strong waves in the sea lions seem to get off the fish the money
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but to cook his day is not wasted. he also collect see weed that he sells the market at 66 years old, the succession is becoming increasingly difficult. chicago's spends weeks at a time in the doesn't he doesn't have the means to pay for the petrol for his motorcycle to drive 35 kilometers home every night. ah
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because i'm around when i'm invited up because i was able to come your ah, gloomily the value you know, so you're going to call it. but i think you must humor, by the way, you out of a couple of minutes. it will get you to the wall. her room has many riches. some require a particular sacrifices to exploit them. these men had to asia island centuries situated along the peruvian coast, with the
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info into the ones. but it is more loaded in the north union is the receipt of the guy that you want me to do with your company. i don't know if you must, one of those who can enjoy the work and almost double the minimum wage. the working day begins at 5 am the what the, what is
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this digital fingerprint reader is the only modern day equipment the rest of the time the men use century old tools don't get done with because of the they're all here to harvest guano. more commonly known as the droppings. it's one of the best natural fertilizers in the world. pelican, granite, comorin 1000000. the birds flock to the peruvian islands. it takes between 10 and 15 years to do got to meet a thick layer of done. the,
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the harvesting is done by hand machines a forbidden, they would scare off the bus and damage their natural environment. the working conditions have a terrible smell of the decaying but dropping almost unbearable level was my you know, i went on like i thing is the most challenging aspect. the dust is constant and nobody escapes this task.
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he is in one female bloom. i feel what is the nose selection? i love you. look for that. i'm almost all the men have it's 50 tons of drop in the day. because the each bag
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weighs about 50 kilos. the low cost or no? no. it's going to so low cost for somebody to keep it move out of the vehicle. but the hoping that these men might be able to cope. but at what cost the island is swarming with takes carried over by the buds to where to visit with me to see just the style. of course, you know
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the government provides work because with model nobody wisdom. my 1st experience could say, you know what the linda linda did law the local one advantage cities workers is that their expenses are paid. they are fed and housed, but conditions are extremely talk me. there's no fresh water on the island. a time to come to weekly to deliver at
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the precious liquid is a rush and only 8 me to the day to wash and do laundry. the trick is to put your clothes on the floor as you shower. i allowed one, nathan, to know when the one working days over there is almost nothing to destruct. they have to find their own entertainment. yes, i am a lawyer, but of course i must consider the floor too that he got up to give us. i said, i can you think it's, but it's an i've got to susan. mm mm
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mm mm. of that of the community on. okay. well if it gets worse than that, i mean up to see that a lot. 1 of, i mean, i think on the going to in the city, but other students still love me that the and that is a case hello. he come into mr. what under the rules economy is projected to continue to suddenly grow. still for many fighting and living comes to high price. with
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freezing winds and rugged terrain can at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who braved the con corridor, that is no choice combating the impossible to sell that goods in isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes risking it all i've got is john on al jazeera ah ah ah, in the wake of the criminal race, right. how much can someone take before the class?
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the fight recognition is crucial. we needed corner heads to prevail, brothers in lieu of angry fable. and that was said, the religion and the thing that was community one was to be just respect to al jazeera, explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punch on al jazeera, on august 12, there goes to the pole in what approving the hotly contested election at the country, grappled with economic trouble. and in the 19 day with al serra, the latest update, and in depth analysis of what the future may hold for the country night in america is a region of wonder, a joy tragedy and yes of violence. but it doesn't matter where you are. you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition you're away. no
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country is a light and it's my job to shed light on how and why me . ready haven't been trying to capture their 1st provincial capital enough chemist on the withdrawal of foreign truths, prompting warnings over catastrophe from the un ganna stand is now at a dangerous turning point. a head like either a genuine peace negotiations or a tragically intertwined set of crises. ah.


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