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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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they will be challenged and that's what people expect to us. they want the questions answered. that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue to use. oh, i'm on a site and don't hear your top stories on al jazeera. the on security council has been warned that chemist on is heading the catastrophe. united nations and voice as the conflict has entered a more destructive phase after the taliban sees the provincial capital of the ranch . it is the 1st 50 to fall to the group since the us began pulling out the last of its forces on the amount to get it to james bates has moved from couple the fall of suresh is significant. now it's the capital, the provincial capital of nero's,
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which is relatively small in terms of population desert province in afghanistan. but it is the 1st provincial province to fall. also west remembering that it's on the border with iran, again, of the taliban taking border areas. which of course, is very bad for landlocked country, not a very significant border crossing, but it is, was telling you that in terms of what's going on legally, remember in the south of afghanistan, thriving drugs, trade, which the government says it's against. but over the last 20 years, it's pretty clear to me both the government and the taliban have made money from drugs. prosecutors in the us have charge to people from me on more plotting to attack the countries and buster to the un quite bo tongue has been an outspoken support of the democracy movement since me on most meditate receive power back in february max vaccination. dr. under wayne, off kindest on is aiming to nakeila more than 3000000 people in 6 days. $15000.00
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vaccination centers, offering jobs to people aged over 2025, including many in rural areas. but the dash is one of the lowest in the vaccine rollouts in south asia. argentina's relaxing current of us restrictions on reopening schools, even as it passes 5000000 cases. the government says infection and mortality rates have dropped for more than 8 consecutive weeks. nicaragua is electoral tribunal has disqualified the main opposition party from taking post in november's presidential election. it's the latest move in a crackdown on the opposition by president daniel ortega's government. the columbia panama have agreed to work together to stem the flow of migrants stranded at the border around $10000.00 cuba. haiti, and west africa stuck in the columbia bought a town near coakley. as the headlines. let's go back. i
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know all you know, katy social join the whole more towards shushing social all john shows a social voting. you know you one day or 2 more you know? sure. you will not want to have to miss bonnie turney. i think she missed one on the night just so you know, for sure when you were in such can bring one in kind of counting. stephanie, go to do a night and then on the day,
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not cut dental school. so when you actually got cancer, you are not sure. so i can show it to you. do you like me to watch? oh well he johnny, she meets the show much didn't come on. katy bunk. can such come come to me. i'm going to say no such, but actually to me not to guillotine, against the box. do you really love this? i know and you want to know the source source does not for your present use. i know for not,
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but out of english much you got digital kind of data chasing a fleet edition was i don't get to know what is one of them. i started talking you, i mean, can you me a much done though you look at then wash. i've got a, she sugar, she to cut down then we're digging in my stuck me because you also get ice davis keeps going on and so i said
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good thinking listen, you know, it depends on what can i do, but then i can feel my sensitive pilots got on here because you need to get and i just want to just sort of all i know can you just only and i got on i know i know what the i'm sorry you did not want
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the sure go media kitchen does to juggle you need what don't do, i do want to do stuff. what does she gain of tardiness? hi vanka not well said took sugar. de la kids don't push the dinner at the time, any hurrying. they stay, you know. hundreds will you or does her are already in a 90100? she'll sit what church can do. so the question you take is i have a container ship mid or in the
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quote at the sun ingram. i need to know course a little hi. sure. stay kind of them who do this, you could do them all month with every month that you could just, you know, hug almost under what do you want them to you later. mac which are not getting touched. yes. and all the day with them. i think it almost she would fill in then all of them stuff. the nick. i know how come i found you. then they looked a long time i sent to you the email those 2 months. got
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me only that, say, no, no, you can the almost data. so no cookie, no yeah, you give me a closet, you shouldn't take it. so you have on the system with you and you know, you know, you got to know what to do to this do you want us to because she only so, you know, she's got the good to go look at the courier, not more stuff. sidney system. got it,
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got it to scan, got the funny homepage and describe it to you. i mean, if they say seeking east or west bank on the united the, you know, no gosh, gotta get that done. this guy won't go better. but joseph said, look the same as you can me on the phone by anybody sight bunk unless she didn't do you unless you join me call her get me. don't know how you sort of got us. i think most of them will not cycle so you can either nice have daddy can you know, i don't blame you on a blank. i mean he joni informal and you know you've got a toy tie, show me. thank you for that he, he and i thought he saw sandwich study smart on old danny
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w bunker that marcia she married that a 5 on the wind, him a he joined from already got me and i already got remark there much when shannon kennedy and once you got what he must cigar. would she go on? yeah, to me and i can be unable to me. she was also a more my own or you could walk me. i more all took the odour you made through digital travel. told me to call to call her
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back and let you know so, so i don't have the model dog getting further here, but she's got a lot any case in so that set up the global in put this book on the visual. forget about him, a lot boca was on show that i should be in the timing on the hutch or that i was publish. kathy, i'll come to you early. who shall bring up with all of us. do you want to
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email us? i need us. but he doesn't tell us what you're going to need to have to go to. sandy knows that it had to go out and then he suddenly showing in a dental office. so i could get the social most estimate of what the ship will cost a lot sky home will give me some illema hunter. should i stick? i mean guy did get going to be so good thing. i mean i today,
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what does she let me go on? and he said, well, you can see this. she is again genuine milk. up at the more shocking, i must say, with a local toyota scoop to deny me. i still this quarter due massage shove therapy, lee. however, i would, i guess i had to meet the truck, i gosh, i'm not out the r knuckle, not the hands so she can call any any messing car one nissan. would you get new or seen the scan? gaddy messing with that sheet or this email which see say, but what much there will be must i know out of the gate. i thought she should the main gate muster at the start to have the key key. no shocking up that i don't. i know here unless you up that that we never got. he stood there more. sure. if
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guinea must none. the use no car, let me put a gauge like you need my no, he didn't mind. he even, i stuck in case you didn't both buddy dick dare, men come with the lives of them in touch. how much for this case, you didn't use any cause of the item each but neither one gender to me the at the original because you and i got the right. you know so sure. you, you believe, you know, when you, when you got it. i mean, you watch kids. i'm all right. so june egan.
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we just got you at your control this monday. did you go up there? do you want to hear him up on this guy? did you come for the car? oh, when are you going to shoot me? in on the line. i know what you're scared, scared shave. what do i you must get it or not a very scared of this sort of thought. it's an under key case. go. we're not in
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me as what does she most commit day? subject to my son in law is when i took you at the scuttle, could you and i said or done job be addition momento, what i must of the 100 nettle you door jago monday. well, to you, the new i see that the did when you get on the show, got the door at us. you know, i don't recall that i know that that additional door shut in. no, no doubt, but then no, no, come into some i don't. well, she was, i got my so you additional net that the kind of a she'll get started tonight get the wall. but i'm, i'm more than any me
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some of the whole sort of got me going to go machine. i got really lucky to have finished here. i don't want to not going to go home. i got negative chuck saturday day, saturday more. thank you. i think on a gun to look at the moment my stuff. ah, with me, i get a lady to put her to me did not do them all for no show you in the law on or hung the united day. ma'am, when he gets picked up on the prosecutor's theory, the 5 articles of clothing were in the me, so tank submerged in me. so for a month before they were discovered, and if that had happened, that would have implications for how deeply discolored the clothing should be. so
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kind of sounds i believe doesn't know, you don't get, you're going to have to sit out on crashing enough to be honest with others. good sake. i know session you any more minute. what about what i don't believe in the assessment? what immediately? nobody's the what it didn't get into more then we'll, whatever you guys guys took when the session did extend his neck assessing. not that they're gonna cut it or is it just that i did them this this or it even told me that you didn't know about this. all sort of got to do a walk of what to do to get the message all but what i want to get started that job. no, no shushing. good. good. how did you did it? she'd want to you so that you can watch stuff
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with me. so don't let me so i know she did the commodity musket. it was that debt. i know mother, i'm wondering, i said, groaned, i've got several either you eat it, it seem you can watch them all day. when gret so much of the funnel with the navy, no, no more quit issue. and then what do you mean? you don't do it, you know, the vinyl. you should, i would need, you know, when you hopkins out of the yes. and how can you make on that you so don't need to get it on that to go to equal to their book. but at the much night
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the ah. busy the ah oh oh oh oh,
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the new one in the moon. i don't know. ready where to go, you will do nothing with it all out of the country. what do you mean? what you don't know full price? he said, when you get them all love to go about it, you are a little hard on all night with him lately. are you up on all or some food? you don't not know. so if you could call me back
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when you get this today. so let me know how come i don't want to go cuz i did get my stuff, but i just had to come out of school cuz i didn't get my stamps. i could a case like this happened today. yes. yes, yes. okay, well, that's very clear. thank you. rated, she's actually very lucky today. i don't know cation. she was there, but some of the items that
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covered in case that's going to go. katie said and done was going to cause an occasional simon, when i stood out, you got my dna. me, katy, did you want somebody short short to keep them in there for their support? they're going to get you started data. do you, do you want me to come with you? she said she can also know where she can be during on for you to meet for tyson finish. didn't know you are
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a little hard to hear your mom most the there's a little really and i think she did. she vision come you who grew by you did that? did that are good to go them another 100 credit, the more money go got on the mac, and i didn't know the musket or more my home. i'm wondering if you will do that. when you clarity, you want me to be good. you can pull up your
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menu normally. i mean jeremy directed me to skip norman kindly knew that i was just so no dizzy today. you can already see your one by 330 or no. all right? not kill. no, no,
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no, jim. what do you set this? come up and i guess. so let's get to get in the senior started. let me ah ah ah. jewish passenger, elephant conservation colleagues have become friends, but with civil war or descending famous now protect themselves, escaping deep into the rain for old back to the western world for the elephant surviving the poacher is a lifelong challenge. now to the last a revel militia,
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elephant pot, a witness documentary on our to 0. hello, good to few are, temperatures have popped up the cross sullivan. so we're all above average here. aleppo, 39. bay route. 33 and ramallah. we've got you in for a high of 35 degrees on saturday. you know, for pakistan was southern portions of the country are winds have died down a bid. so that includes for karachi. but toward the north, we've been dealing with fighting rains, especially long, bordered with african. it's done, homes damaged and reports of some deaths. here as wall. take you to turkey were fire ravaged areas of antelli, a province, a few spits of rain here, but also thunderstorms, which could be dangerous. if we do get relief, it will be short live back into the hot sunshine, and those winds will be gusty as well. or the next 3 days for areas like man, i've got ok now for the tropics of africa. we've got our storms coming and go in
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some heavier pulses through that bordered shad sedan spilling into south sudan on saturday. so pictures are above average for namibia and botswana. have her own a hive 20 degrees on saturday, cape town 19, but we're going to disrupt this weather pattern with some rain and when it will move in late on sunday, and persist through monday with a high of 16 degrees. that sure whether updates or ceo later the ah, in 2011 al jazeera gains rare access to the young gang film academy. and some of north korea's brightest young stars. what did it take to serve a national propaganda machine? a compelling portraits of the privileged lives of the countries elite,
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rewind, north korea. cinema of dreams. analogy 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wow. don't know how you take it, will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i prevent up galveston from descending into a situation of catastrophe. you in one of the dangerous turning point of the town about capture the 1st african provincial capital fight to take up the me when i don't hobby when i'm come all santa maria, this is the world news from al jazeera to people and arrested in new york accused of plotting to.


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