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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2021 10:30am-11:01am AST

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all of us, of course, still goes yes, because my friend, i am the reason and that's all what can i do now? to be here and to talk and say the names like 600 age. he's the owner of for the gallery, where i worked for 10 years and he's in the prison already for one year. the future and location is actually in prison, screams of the silence to have become a little less silent by expressing their feeling to art that fastened al jazeera in the hate. ah, the r and these are the headlines. the taliban is captured. that's gonna stand. northern provincial capital condos, another defeat the government fight of the tactile sunday morning and took the city off the hours of intense fighting. he is more from cobble with charlotte bellis.
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it's happening incredibly quickly. i talked to the taliban even a few weeks ago, and they were surprised themselves how quickly they were gaining territory. it really is taking everyone by surprise about how quickly these provinces are fooling . so if i start with condos, this is incredibly significant. we talk to a local journalists who confirmed to us that has fallen that they are a taliban in the police compound and intelligence compound and the governor's compound and the eviction commissions office. they've taken the prison, they're released prisoners and that they're flying the taliban flag in the seem to of the city. 3 large wildfires burning across greece threatening several towns and cities. people on the 2nd largest island via and joining fire fighters to cancel the flames. over in turkey, heavy rain is actually brought some relief for emergency crews fighting those 5 in the south. they've been burning through the vast areas of forest across the region . for 12 days, 8 people have been killed. at least a people are missing in the state of california is disabled dixie wildfire burns
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largely out of control. 5 of them from greenville, the historic gold mining town. devastated last week, one of the nigerian school girls kidnapped by an arm 7 years ago has been reunited with her family. ruth and a lot of poco poco was among more than 200 students, conducted by book in the school in the northeast, in town of tobac can talk to 14, she was written last week. saudi arabia says vaccinated foreign pilgrims will soon be allowed to visit islamic holy city becca. that announcement comes 18 months after the kingdom imposed border restrictions over covered 19. and the ceremony of the tokyo olympic games as you to take place in the coming else. kept 2 weeks, evelyn pig action watched by tens of millions around the world, but of course very few of them in person. because of the panoramic. up to that, with a headlines on al jazeera, the latest edition of the inside story is next. on august, 12th them there goes to the poll in what approving the hotly contested election at
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the country, grappled with economic trouble and the income. because the 19 say with al serra, the latest update, an in depth analysis of what the future may hold for the country. the challenging the monarchy in thailand, processes are breaking a long standing bu by calling for reform. what spock this latest anger against the ty, king and government, and how will they respond? this is inside thought. ah, ah. hello, welcome to the program on has i'm seeking for the past year. thousands of people in thailand have been holding protests. they've been angry at the government and the
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royal family in particular. but a worsening covered 19 crisis has once again renewed that anger and led to mass protests on the streets of bangkok. many say officials are not doing enough to keep them safe. protesters are demanding a change of the entire political system. they want reforms to vague laws that could see a person jail for up to 15 years. for publicly criticizing the monarchy. on the one year anniversary of their rallies, protests lead to say they're working on new strategies and will try to introduce new legislation i. this year shall be the last year that we will discuss monica reform. after this, whatever will happen will happen. you can't stop the sun rising, you can control what people believe in. we are here to fight to build a better future together. this year we will fight with strategies. we will fight with goals. not only will be 53 protest to bring pressure will also fight to propose laws and parliament will bring in our guess shortly. but 1st, let's take
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a closer look at what the protesters are demanding. on the top of their list is the resignation of prime minister prices. john ok. he's a former army general who came to power in a crew in 2014 and want to disputed election in 2019 demonstrators. also one reforms that will limit the powers of the king that includes reversing changes that give him personal control over a vast royal fortune worth tens of billions of dollars. they won parliament dissolved and new elections held, as well as the rewriting of the constitution, which was drafted by the military. and they're calling on the government to end its intimidation of dissidence. ah, all right, well let's bring in our guess. now they all joining us from thailand in bangkok, jade donna vondik, chairman of the faculty of law at the college of asian scholars. he's also former
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advisor to thailand's constitution drafting committee. in con ken david stretch was historian and author of truth on trial in thailand, defamation treason, and less majestic. and also in bangkok we have a private rajan for a writer and columnist for the english news publication, hostile dot com. all right, welcome to all of you. so if i could start with you private or john for just just tell us what's what the situation is right now. they're particularly in, in the, in the capital bank cock, and where things stand right now with these protests, which, as we said, began as, as, as a protest against the government's handling of cobit 19, in particular, the prime minister. well, i'm currently at 25 minutes before 9 pm bank of time, and because few is 9 pm. this is the coven. 19
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a few from 9 pm to 4 pm in order to minimize the possible infections. and as we speak, the riot police are mopping up the area where the traitor has retreated. that's around the area called victory monona. i think we expect some continued confrontation and to go on at least for the next hour or 2 by a few remnants of the demonstrators who will refuse to just go home. so that's the situation, but tomorrow there's also another protest by a different group that will also call for the resignation of the prime minister general. are you done, osha so this pipe? cobit 19, particularly the delta varian, while thailand is now seeing an unprecedented number of daily new infection at the
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range of about $20000.00 class per day. today, it went beyond 21000 and the best today. for the 1st time above the number of the finger of 200, till the demonstrator have decided that there will convert and they did. and they have refused to simply just go home without making the message clear. for the police, a lot of gas have been used, including rubber bullets as well as water can on lace the chemical that would cost your skins to irritate. so the police are using heavy tactics and one. on the other hand, a police wine has been burned down to late this afternoon. so that's the situation . and we do not expect the demonstration to cease in the foreseeable future. so
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this could become a weekly, thanks to this pie, the widespread outbreak of the delta barrier of corporate. indeed, and i suppose this is, it gives you an idea of the level of anger, of people out there that these, that there is no, no sign of these protests. bating, despite the, the pandemic going on and the rising number of, of infections. so david strikes us, if i could ask you, then, is, is, is that adding to the, the long term grievances that people have about the system in, in thailand and particularly in particular the role of the monarchy. i think we have to go back maybe even a few decade, maybe a decade and a half and look at the 2007 coolie against the democratically elected government. and the one that removed tax in
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general from from one or 2006 and, and then the new constitution was, was made. and the toxin cited forces still won the election. and then there was some back room deals done by the military. and then there were protests against that government and call for new elections that led to the 2000 and cracked out. what happened during this time actually from 2008 or 9 until 2014 was a real opening of ty, society in a way that never had done before. people had access to information and there was a bit more freedom to get to talk about the role of the monarchy. and that all ended in 2014. and this new with
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a could retire. and the new constitution, which is very and democratic, almost impossible to change under current conditions. and that led to new elections, which have been, as you said in your introduction, were contested. and then one of the parties that was most popular among the younger generation was dissolved in february after was dissolved the kobe crisis. and, and protest sort of disappeared for a while. but there was a real reopening of internet space and discussion about the monarchy that that thailand has never seen before. that led up to this now one year anniversary of demands made about the monarchy not to overthrow a good one. but to reform the monarchy and make a truly constitutional monarchy as envisioned back in 1932
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ad j donavon. the fact that there is even a discussion going on right now in thailand, about the role of the, of the monarchy. is that in itself, perhaps a sign of progress? i mean this, this would have been unthinkable. wouldn't it more than a year ago? well, let's say this is a discussion or even at the whole the credit system on the monarchy. i think that can be said partially as having some progress in having some sort of reform to democracy with the king as a under the constitution that can be accepted if it's a discussion or if it's a criticism at the most. but what is witness in this country? it's not a discussion, it's not a credit, but it's a big value. it's
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a fame, me, all the use are not acceptable. if you are calling for reform or monitor, then the society all will have to discuss this issue together. and you will have to listen to the polarization of the society. so side ideas of what the want of key means. countries as a whole, not only to those people who call themselves a market, not to those people who call themselves new generation. not to those people who don't want to keep it. but then the whole country and not only within the country, you will have to open eyes to what all were at on. not only what has been done in france, what people in france, what some people were saying. and this is just one issue. you have to separate the
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issue of monarchy, reform, or reform to the constitution when whether to out general for you. whether it has to see can be a prime minister with all the people. why mr in the country and legitimacy to administer the country. the 3rd one is that what is happening with the cobra? 1900 built a barrier and whatever where and then we have a situation. where do we have to do something with it? and do we have to find a way which is better than the present government will be doing oil has been doing and will i live people that do it better than i do? i think these 3 issues will have to put in 3 will have to be put in 3 problems and will have to be buying it and will have to be separate and separately. and i don't
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think that a conscious demonstration point, which is becoming a riot will. so a lot of these issues and did it coming back to the question is asking whether or not this is a progress i this is i think this is not a progress. and this is under developing the country so it's not progress to to, to even did did debate the role of the monarchy. i mean, not, not, not, not defaming the monarchy, not calling for their removal, but just simply having a debate at this point, as i see, it's not a discussion, it's not a big baby. it's not even a criticism, but it's the payment, evaluate, demonic. so i think it has gone out of the level out of what can be called promise david, strictly what's your, how would you respond to that? well, i mean there's been a law in place since early 1900 century,
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but strengthened after who in 1976. that makes the penalty very high for any discussion or mention of the monarchy. so talking about let really know. yeah, the less mad to say law and the, the, the discussion of the king and the monarchy and the royal family have all been completed. so it's, it's really quite impossible to have any sort of debate in thailand under this law where all segments of society in all the country can talk about this law and what they want to do with the institution of the monarchy since november of last year. there have been more than 100 cases. ready taken against this, the student protesters and they captivate the soft possible debate under the present
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parliamentary system. there is no way for them to, to, in bring a debate into, into parliament. and there is no so they, they really don't have any other than the internet and protest. and it would be great if there could be a country wide discussion about what to do about this law. what to do about the monarchy. but that's not possible under current conditions, a profit. well, john, for what, what specifically are people calling for in terms of, in terms of reforms of the system? obviously there's, there's a lot of anger right now about covered 19 in the way the government in particular prime minister. they want him removed. but what, what else are they calling for to, to address their grievances and will that be enough? well, for example, the sol factory,
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a company which produce the vector vaccine offset, astrazeneca is actually owned by the crown here in thailand, so it's owned by the brow. and unfortunately, this company, which is called sam bio signs, have failed to manufacture the target amount of vaccines in which we have originally anticipate that. so this leads to a very slow roll out of vaccine. currently, only 6 percent of the population have been fully vaccinated. and now simply because the company is owned by the crown of the king, the press are very reluctant to be very critical towards the company. so this is one of the example which made it clear why the younger
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generations really won a more transparent and accountable monarchy institution. not unlike the say of the united kingdom or even japan. and they feel that without that space too freely discussed in a critical way on a, you know, mainstream public platform without the risk of going to prison. then that is very little that we can do to improve the situation as far as you know, as far as the monetary institution is concerned. so they want, well, what they want as simple, you know, in the united kingdom, you can mark the queen. some british people may disapprove that, but that's part of the region. while in thailand, actually the ty press cannot write negative names about the monarchy this you know, self, censorship is prevalent and this is more unfortunate. so what's happening is that
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the younger generation pushed the debate on to social media and it says, you know, they defamation, you know, that from atari remark, it's prepped to being used. i saw, you know, terrible graph the t attracting the king. but partly that's because these younger people feel that there's no freedom to, you know, discussion about the role off the pi monarchy in common, simple and straightforward manner. it's not really possible, unfortunately. so this is one of the area where they want to see it change and of course the last and majestic as one of them. and people like i know whom new sites, you know, some of the protest leader. i think if there is no room for reform of the monitor, the situation is more and more people among the younger generation will be
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attracted by the idea of a one thing to try and pylon into a republic. so, effective or take, you know, are we going to deal with the institution yield itself and reformed itself to a point where more people would be satisfied or will it continue to stifle critical debate? and of course, including definitely already remarked as well. so this is an area that has to be address. however, the elite has always been very dependent on the prowl when this a cool, one of the most often cited pretext or justification for the qu, including the one stage by pre, you'd back in 2000. and 14 is to protect the monarchy institutions. so you see the military and a circle of leads who are really collapsing around the pallet and put them any
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meaningful change that would make the palace more transparent, may not be too back to that interest. they want to maintain the status quo, unfortunately. well, let, let's put some of that to j. donavon and then what about this argument better? hold on. so let me, let me just put the question to you 1st this, this argument that this, this should be seen as an opportunity for the establishment and the monarchy to, to, to address people's grievances and look at, look at some reforms. because if they don't, and they simply respond with, with more force, they risk alienating more of the population and, and that in turn may be a threat to their very survival. well, i think it can be an opportunity to disgust. but as i said, it will have to be in a reasonably rational wave of discussion. or if you want to ask for the aid,
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then it has to be a debate. but what happened now and what have seen throughout this country at this moment and for quite some time, especially as david put it a little bit before. busy the outbreak that was not a reasonably rational discussion that is on the carry, on the way in which we put it, that the young generation where we call them. so the young generation wanting if i'm terry for what they want. as i said, it's not going to society as a whole, and then what we would say is quite of a threat that faith is don't want to use, not listening is not willing to talk. or if this whole country is not ready to be re as it is
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a democracy with the king as it might be transformed into republic. well, cooper. when i was talking about england, i would want to use the word king, one of the where the king said i can find, like you've never bought before. because that is on the monitor. people who want to want you to stay and they want the republic, they will fight, like they're never part of all. it's not only the new generation and only the people who would want to demolish the monarchy. you can bite other people can do also. so i don't think this is simple and i don't be, this is bothering me and this is progress in this country. so don't talk in a good way. and when kimberly was saying about the fan, bio lions and linked to them want to get it might be a crown company, but does it have something to do with the outbreak of 1900? really?
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is it something to do with the way in which a ration has been that ministry, the coal, with $900.00 situation so badly? what is the administration problem on? if can what's around going problem? does it have anything to do with call me back? seen if the company lands to the ground and if there is no actual bag. well no, i can prove no actually evidence raising the issue this way. it's very unfair because magically the king ok and very clear. so i don't think we put together this way and i think you have to divide the right from each other. probably respond to some of that briefly. ok to bring you. well, hold on. just let's just, let's just, let's talk speak 1st thing. wells. yes, i mean gate did j as right, you know, to acknowledge that actually we do have
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a deep this agreement in ty society. now, what kind of platform, what kind of wayne, you can, people of different political ideology could meet and talk. that there's a very few and that's more unfortunate and probably because even the, the press the media which should act as a public forum for the exchanges that cannot function normally or in a normal way simply because there's no really no room to be really critical off the monetary and this is most unfortunate. i think i totally agree we need to talk. and the disagreement and the royalists, the old pro royalists, will defend the crown with their live. there is no doubt about that. okay. but you have to acknowledge that they also people who want now to turn pylon into a republic and they're not just one thing to see a reform. so tyler has gone that fine. that's why you're seeing these people on the streets solving it's close explosives against the king. you know, i mean,
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you have to sense i as a journalist, i just posted a, a photo on twitter early. i just afternoon and i have to be phase. some of the messages are graphically painted on the containers that have been used as an obstacle to block the demonstrator from a bouncing who, the office of the prime minister. you know, i can leave whatever they want to say about you. so i left that, that you know, explicit again for you. but under the law, i have no tries but to the face. those words. and if i'm like in the united kingdom again, if you you could say you're not to hell with the queen and you dont need to go out of prison. ok, there are programs mocking the queens. i think it's called the prince. right. is this that's not possible then. so that's that's, that's the problem. we're gonna, we're gonna have to leave it there. a good discussion now gentlemen,
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thanks so much for being with us. jade donavon and david strip was and private raj, an for thanks very much for being on inside story. and thank you. as always for watching, remember, you can see this program again any time by visiting our website edges era dot com. and for further discussion, you can go to our facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j inside store. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is a j inside for me. hasn't seen any entire team here, but now i us lobby. a disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction, one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle. episode 3 of football rebels entered the world of footballing legend press drag push each to
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win from coaching boys football to teaching young men life, frederick push each of the siege sarajevo on al jazeera. the height of english football lies in elicit market for the rich and powerful one of the leading specialist work undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. it's hard to tell some people when magician has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the brazen example i see the men who sell football just with more than 200000000 cases because of 19 worldwide governments. a batting fight, fresh wave of the virus and newberry, and there has been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from the human coast to political and economic pool out. i'll just bring to the latest on the pandemic.
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this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to democracy. special coverage, and i'll just sarah. oh, the the things in quinn does out through it becomes the latest after city to fall to the taliban. and just the past few days. i hello, i'm can maria here in ha, with the world news for me. i'll just hear greece's wildfire turn forest to ash, town in cities are still on the threats in what the prime minister is going and nightmarish something.


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