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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2021 10:30pm-11:00pm AST

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and reminder now that you can always catch up any time on our website, the details of the latest moves to the taliban. there are enough kind of stone. and also you can watch us live by clicking on the orange live icon on 0 dot com. ah. or one of the top stories now to 0. a brutal and rapid offensive by the taliban is overwhelming afghan forces with the group now claiming control of a 50 provincial capital in just 3 days. the city of telecom is the latest to fall for the groups. most significant again has been condos by fighters of seas. most of the city. it's home to 340000 people and provides access to mineral rich northern regions and the capital combo some 300 kilometers away. the government says it's launching counter offensive. if you focused on a given sliver of time at any given moment,
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a problem may have fallen under the telephone control, but i think the situation remains completely fluid. our response is clear. we want a peaceful solution of the issue that we we waited on for the last one year. hundreds of firefighters battling for out of control. wildfires across greece. flames have cut right across the 2nd largest island of india. and hundreds of people have been forced to flee verizon stand by for more of accusations. after taking many to safety by sea rain has brought some respite for emergency crews battling. wildfires and neighboring turkey fires have been burning through the vast areas of forest across the southern and southwestern region. for 12 days, at least 8 people have been killed. north korean leader kim jong owners deployed
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the military, 2 areas recently hit by heavy rains amid concerns over economic crisis and food shortages. thousands of people have been displaced in the countries north and vast tracts of farmland have been flooded. protest against me and mas, military government have broken out across the country demonstrations and mocking the anniversary of the brutal suppression of not prizing against the previous winter. in 1988 video posted on social media showed progressive marching through mandalay, calling for the release of political prisoners, a restoration of democracy and an end to military rule. as a top stories, do you stay with us talked routers, era is up next on the back straight after that with more news. thanks very much. watching bye for now. news news. news.
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news. news. news be attacked on the 17th of october, 2019 shocked mexico. the sin, low drugs called to to go over the streets of the northern city of cooley account, with a devastating array of high powered weaponry, the machine, guns, 21847. and so right to commit cruise royal game drum to the t, despite strict gun control. ah, the gang members smuggle weapons across the border from the united states. about 70
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percent of the guns seized emit scope. the trace to the us, successive mexican governments have asked us to do more to stop the weapons flow. schools, fraction of growing louder because of the countries highest, moderate record. one of the highest worldwide. but how we met script policing. it's border and dealing with those weapons. once they're in the country, we talk to an army, trust the hitman and the wife of the victim of gun crime to try to get some ounces . ah, ah, this is la carto, which was led by what quino chapel guzman before his capture. an extradition to the
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u. s. remains one of the largest and most powerful criminal organizations. a need guns to reinforce that dominance. we've been told of so called specialties near the border where weapons are stored once they've been smuggled in from the united states. so we arrived to measure carly, just across the border from california to try to get access to a stash house and speak to the gum runner in charge of it. off the days of waiting, things began to move. we finally got the green light to visit one of the many stash houses. the sinaloa called ho has where they keep the guns they smuggled across the border from the united states before distributing them throughout mexico. with what happens here in this house
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where they will get on both gondo anymore on lazar mom was it. so when god wont be able to locate and i must get another one or 2. but i the last a come with a gay, a refill on, but i did a comment. is this one of the nice stuff? houses the, the scene lower cato has around here, or there quite a lot of them across the border during my adam who was on the 0 give me stumbled for his own. you don't waste the thing or then i'm, i don't on the montana for a while, no mutual bulky because he's done my area up with some of the guns from for the cartel for internal use, then others of the guns. you seldom who do you sell them? to you sell them to other criminal groups. numerous i me was no one is i'm going to think there are no, that was elemental. i me was a come i get. i mean,
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i will, i will. i like include them when under, which are my i angry or a play like a little and then way out of mouth that among where he was here as it more letting them i was on the player. how easy is it to get them across the board or from the united states to mexico? about 2000 defensive because i don't want them devising. she's a family on the 5th, isn't cloud, you know, i want to meet up with you on day as opposed to the done? i am and i was up north and boy got on donation, and those are the, those gale and the muslim world i in going to mandolin my game on fail if there was something 5 of them were worried about you, you groceries or what you might of boy in the united states,
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legally the new didn't you bring about guns? when does he go bothering? kind of thought he was a little ment. ah, we do that for us. so when we made the journey from the us to mexico, on a busy thursday night on the mexican side of the border, there were no passport controls. we saw no boot officers and just to customs officials checking the long lines of cars were already for were in mexico. the would you say that the police have really focused in trying to stop what you're doing or not really? boy handles in a way and i know that again, well,
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you may say again on the will love as a man or committee with them and i'll pick your point of it with me, but i will miss federal law. i know we are no, get no one in 4000. if you thought minister, marcello abroad. the said that the guns from the u. s. the most flooring issue and the government as plans to strengthen border security. we asked for an interview with him. mix codes, customs agency to discuss those border security plans. we didn't hear back. meanwhile, weapons continue to flow across what type of guns do you bring back? usually? air quiz. but i was going to be limited to just what they seeing as much as well in a lot of got those again say one or 2. i mean, he said there's a lot, lot,
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lot of latin america, single as long as they have you ever had problems with the mexican authorities or the mexican police for what you do to do it, then you bring them to daniel to man. not all will not, they say, no matter what happened that would come always in the get the oil better. couldn't you be love? i'm not going to make it. how would it affect your business? if suddenly the buddha got close to guns and you couldn't smuggle them in from the u. s anymore. he said, i love intelligent randall with a open that they are in my, you know, bad the while you pins. ok. so you know what i thought about it, where else could you get them from though in this sort of quantity? not all of them, but as you know,
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my time on ada is almost 5 k. get back to mexico in a moment. it's got a record, murder, right, lots of violence. do you think the and if guns weren't readily available, if they couldn't come over the border from the united states that would lower the murder rate in the country that would stop some of the violence your pins. ok, was that it wasn't a wild la la la, i didn't, didn't see my hands. the guy who gave mike delilah by law many of the weapons to pass through this house destined for the sin lower cartels gunman. we met one of them at a hotel in a colleague. his job is to protect the cartels curtain and other us it and kill its enemies. he says he was there on the 17th of
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october, when mich console just captured the son of a chapel of video men and coolly account only for the cartels gunman to force them to give him up. by the day it was to the gate costs are much worse than the jump. it was a humiliation for the mexican government and another potent sign of the sin, lower cartels power yet that awful. but it's got a bill isn't a lot from soon ways we did a little bit, but it's on us. hopefully i'm boy affordable going out. the sooner the better, whatever it is at the border board, which i was going to say,
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i want to go to my la la city to get in. and i said, of course, as they cannot settle, cast up. i'm not any young woman that i'm going to put i consequences, he didn't get by what sort of what sort of weapons, what sort of guns do you and the people that work with you use my mother to us was for him blow out. most of them are like know what and what and they seem will be and they are just they single mark and i so so much i'm a lot of those are not you will against most out. yep. i wonder them into the input . i've deleted people out of most in the in the middle got on, but at the boat that i was going to get it was whether the guns come from william in to 1000 in the, near the new you. so sometimes get weapons from the police
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or the military seat. i mean as far as the sort of idea, but the other watch a gun though, and i in the phone. i mean, i'm, i'm with the broken glass i need to hand in left, but ends up with a little bit a little bit of a c, y t m. and that's allow me that if you disarm them and you take their own by the full 70. ok, there's a balance, i mean, does it sometimes also happen? we've heard the police in the army, not officially, but also offices or soldiers also sell their homes, sometimes to organized crime. c, as in kimball. well, i can go as much. i can mano, could play muscle, could be entropy, got them as part of what i was getting to know them when i got a bill to be put and he says unit from me and say, come graphically, itemize the condo in the me. so let me move on. anything that was
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people on payment and he thought he was so bear with me as much to say yes, i live on these. i don't know my modem, which always in the or they call me so not an alley which i was a no, no amanda, and oil. and this is going from a few years ago, put them in last year when the book. but i want to mean in clear, come with what happened that time. when most of the people there and on the side of the cartel with american guns and seek out both boys, how do i do it? i love the all those was it was and i'm our corner of the burn, this confrontation between because tell him the government in clear can that would've happened. if the seen a lower cartel hadn't had this easy access to weapons no sooner. oh that,
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oh no. he's, he's, he's a mother, he's in the middle of my name was i don't know, we're mostly used when literally our mom so you know what, the value of the animal c. c. invoice. i'm on a was it but it with the reason. see no, he says that i don't know what the, what the a woman boy said a lot of i don't see it. he's up to see where i can pick out how many people have you killed when with your weapon here. like when he says he'll come behind, are we talking about tens of people or hundreds of people to have an idea of space, see by that space. and given the lot of people who would say, including the mexican government, a big, powerful to blame here at these weapons, arriving from the united states. would you so subscribe to that?
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would you take the responsibility to the desk you've caused just for yourself? well, you can also in the i want to be for to go out in years. so you may think about it then, i guess, but don't guess it doesn't get broken or well, but it's all been there for several mile per bit bought a book, but many innocent people are also being killed in the crossfire this burned out call was wake up call to the neighboring united states. this was for the record needa and for my grandchildren or bert shut up. 3 women and 6 children were killed last october, all of them jewel american american citizens. american made bullets were found at
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the scene, and the guns were probably made in the states to that story made headlines worldwide. but similar stories have happened all over mexico for years. 6 murders a day on average, were recorded into one a last year. it's just over the buddha from san diego in southern california. met can say the cities full of us guns. ah, yvonne's husband is one of many shot dead leading her to bring a full year old michel and 10 year old danny alone been in full. she only hearing one more though alas, of giving you my love and granule is there in the normal bed, or when the, sorry i will see the rad or not have a way or some in suffolk girl that the money for going all mika is
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thing of them in the monday i was going to some of whom to say some of the service. yeah. you don't get that high love the whole saw last is say in those is for someone a to me, i mean for those like it was a little boy you how do you think that your story and the story of your family might have been different without this influx of guns coming from the you estimates could where you're going to go for it in the border to either myself as enough though. and marcia is my feel, gasoline my sales guy. so seen this one, know this up, but if you're going to think when they're on the maces and nuclear llc, see them and they go. so, but i learned traffic where the mass rolled up was a study with a little book or possible government. they will, we are no, no, no, no, we haven't part of it,
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then it is. no less. is it possible that the gun that killed him came from the u. s . c for a post all of our most love it all in a self will needle. influences plumbing element was unable to communicate, to say a break, if we will not allow me to gun, we are no, no the the say will not already gone through all of our moving in there. yeah. i'm us, you get all that in a and unusual to see people carry guns here. me for what you persona dire marita while his persona that i am i yet please says have really gotten in the by lowering left. a lot of them in the, in a d n a is there for you guys as well. not him. what happened when you tried to follow up with the authorities for that? yeah. same. i'll get nothing in the bliss at the then the employee,
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the bill in the near all his brothers when we lateral was meant to no, no, no. going to want to live near only going to lay the gus? no, no you sit on them for me. say will it out, but again, not a good the push into the way. no says on i can probably, i mean, no matter spell your thing. i want to say that, but i mean, but i me see her phone system been postponed. me say well the day on the bass, but in the middle of the here see is what happened to your husband. an isolated case here or the more guns in the neighborhood, more people getting killed by mafia nichol castle. yeah. okay, we'll do momentum. the audio, the audio is door says the audio from where you from one to so i last saw the audio, the hello mean we for much of the noise a and they will miss barnett being the employee and not for your,
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for some cousins, could go in there live with this on the marcial of gasoline, but isn't, is good. ok again, both solomon day, those 32 florida. i've bought a board that are good being in his much yellow field that are holding hands of mexico state attorney responsible for the one i told you, sir, that you stuff wants to deal with the daily murders, but they were wound when i left for a month because the animals i came back for an confess caliah has kept then it was which i read that whole bulk of scholars. anton says north can also get on nothing that all of us want to know. a put his he a 10 most and back alley for him. yeah. and there was pretty metal what is on the nation. and they got to pay to say expedient. this part of his kind of on says that amazon prime a deal and one of the areas that they say he handles at this in those expedient.
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this for a fee schedule. he says that met can drug cartels, which have long relied on buyers in the us to get their weapons for them and now using different tactics for me. but i'm in a in different spot as at the end of the 1000 meals lake element. but i'm in part of last month law schools and i make equally killer solomon given us those needles north. a confirmed water ma 2nd part of this a does this all matter my last equal sign? the contract handle i can make equal a middle you can your display on the particles case, a company will not allow others to. people will not block on capital single p s s on focus e s. k is impossible and already can assist us out of muslim equal because i must ask for it. and part of this and so. so neil's this method i suppose to buy the guns in different parts and then to assemble them and met craig to avoid detection
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. is that something new? because before we'd heard about straw buyers buying guns and then those guns been smuggled over. but this, this, this method of buying guns in different parts. is that something that's new that we're saying? she is a long way. i will say, well now on your medical protocol in for some of it in particular in joker chem presented also museum is that people the case a and some love a recording name and said she to him also come you enroll him on your menu and then employ the animals and the machine can be one. why is it that they're doing things in this new way? joker case, a must fossil for k, for quite care person up later on at the end and tells you know, come prone up here. so you know how you control volume case total and tom says yo playdoh compound and also the out of my son a 1000 heels seeming better measles in england, or he's through he and not a part of this 1000. 0 boy, a compressed canyon does is one and then there was another stuff. and when i say
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another payment, not the name of my net other a 3 or a lot of my pocket book and not putting said here, not that i know metal not re, not know you and i'm and there are the difficult sir parts of guns bought in the us and then assembled and met the scope of the crossing, the poorest buddha. what impact would it have on the homicide rate here in p one or if suddenly became a lot more difficult to get guns over the border from the u. s. to mexico, jokers shipped over on impacts will impact all more importantly, a dressed away. now who knows? there's towels a lot of pulling up for me that i hope which was daniels. he meant to call a or me seals and squalid. a lot delinquent. this for us, i don't want to get in the butler says, or more. and so now for mom we find seemed to be less out of us. a glad. okay,
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so with that i don't want to call muslim. you see use we've been crossing over the border from the us to mexico and it's a sea of cause with maybe just one person from customs, just checking all of that. it's very, very easy to get across. and there's not a lot of checks on that. how does that affect the job that you're trying to do in keep the murder rate at down here? because it seems like you could just get across a gun very, very easily. what you're going to see can that not problematic with those? i am a case study come into laurie, she'll get a loud cody at the vehicle, putting it in your pocket for the last one on data was means walk, it was out of the news and says city and then when in fact, we had a moment. so i was just sort of reactive differently to get to the phone a can be our la foreman can make or receive a us will be sheet and this yes was purpose going nationalists,
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as i don't can be on with more radical, can actually stay in a step i have no immediate answer inside to the dilemma facing mich can lord postman agencies in combating with instruct king from the us? they tighten up their border and re damaging business and tourism? will it remain business as usual? ah, me, i lose
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energy to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. freezing winds and rugged terrain can at times seem impossible. but for africa on traders who braved the con corey door, that it's no choice to matching the impossible to sound that goods in isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all i've got is john. on al jazeera
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the u. s. has withdrawn the majority of its troops from america the longest war, leaving the battle for control the africa military be able to hold its ground against the common and the afghans to help the american war effort relocated to the u. s. the future hold for that special coverage for not going to san on al jazeera . my name's a place where they can truly call it their home groups bringing on to me to ones you know, you'll enjoy paid money when i do a 1000000000 and it's just for us to rise in managerial yet where we know my nigeria on august the me holding the powerful to account as we examine the us this role in the world on al jazeera,
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this with hello non tenure and under the top stories era, a brutal and rapid offensive by the taliban is overwhelming. african forces where the arm group now came in control of a 5th provincial capital in just 3 days. are advancing across northern provinces and say they've taken telecom and sorry for the grips. most significant gain has been condos at home to 340000 people. and provides access to mineral rich northern regions and the capital cove or some 300 kilometers away. charlotte, bella.


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