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o, the boys are age between 8 and 14, and many were competing in sports. they'd never previously participated in dublin. and i said that i played badminton and came in 1st place. we feel happy and at ease . what are the most after the judges? announce the winners. it was time for the middle ceremony and more cheer and then like it took you equivalent fireworks for the close to the proceedings. a very different games to tokyo. but where the taking part was just as important as winning a metal pull. brennan, i'll jazeera ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines, the afghans caliban has claims control of 3 provincial capitals on sunday. they say they've taken tony con, sorry, paul, and couldn't do. so. has shaheen. this the taliban international media spokesman?
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he says they won't piece, but government aggression has force them to fight. our response is clear. we want a peaceful solution of the issue that we are we waited on for the last one year. but unfortunately, you may have seen that the, the head of the company administration fee that he announced military strategy for 3 months and 6 months. and after that, they started ban bangor, cities, hospitals, clinics, schools, if at least of 4, huge far as a burning of control in greece. thousands of fled villages, north of athens, when turkey has brought some relief to foreign fighters battling places there. but at least 6 floors are still raging. tens of thousands of people have been forced
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from their homes. bella russians living in exile in ukraine has held a memorial for an activist who died under suspicious circumstances. they rallied a site, the bell origin embassy to remember the tale she shows found hanged in a park and q on tuesday. police have opened a murder investigation for both of us thought leah, no mercy has confirmed. he talks harry centureman. he broke down in tears as he said, good bye to parsa luna, a club he'd been with throughout his 21 year career. and the limpid games have a wrapped up with a show, a fireworks display over the main stadium in q u. s. metal tables followed by china and japan. the next games will be held in paris in 3 years time. and the dates they stay with us, talk to l. just era is next. something was going to change. anything really changed
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. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against that barrier. know what to say. so we are all looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there on the be attacked on the 17th of october, 2019 shocked mexico. this in low drugs called to, to go over the streets of the northern city of cooley account, with a devastating array of high powered weaponry from machine guns to a 47. it's so great to met who's right,
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going drum to the teeth, despite street gun control, gang members, smoke weapons across the border from the united states. about 70 percent. the gun sees demit coke, the trace to the us successive mix. can governments have asked us to do more to stop the weapons flow? those cool fraction of growing louder because of the countries highest, moderate record one of the highest worldwide. but how we met script policing? it's border and dealing with those weapons. once they're in the country, we talked to an army trust, the hitman and the wife of the victim of gun crime to try to get some ounces. ah,
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the sin lower cato, which was led by what keno, chapel guzman before his capture. an extradition to the u. s. remains one of many largest and most powerful criminal organizations. a need guns to reinforce that dominance. we've been told of so called stash houses near the border where weapons are stored once they've been smuggled in from the united states. so we arrived message kindly just across the border from california to try to get access to a stash house and speak to the gum runner in charge of it. off the days of waiting, things began to move. we finally got the green light to visit one of the many stash houses, the sinaloa called ho has where they keep the guns they smuggled across the border from the united states before distributing them throughout mexico.
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with what happens here in this house play up a little they will get on both wonder any more on one of our month was it so point god will be all of those again, look and i must get an article one or 2, but i they come with a key to them, but i did a comment, is this one of the nice stash houses that the lower cato has around here, or there quite a lot of them across the border. joe adam who was gone, but it didn't give me something for his own. you don't waste a thing more than i'm i don't know for a while. no can meet with him because he's by my area, but i will see some of the guns from for the cartel for internal use, then others of the guns you seldom who do you sell them to sell them to other
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criminal groups? numerous, i me was no one is i'm going to think there are no that was elementals, i me was a, come i get, i mean, i will, i will include them under which are my, i angry or any a play a little and then way out of mouth that among where he was here as it more living, you let them i for the player. how easy is it to get them across the board or from the united states to mexico? about love to the defense. it is all been divided. she's a family on the cloud, you know, i want to meet in the city. why was he done? i am and i was up north and boy got on donations and those are the louis gale and the muslim world i in my mind a game on
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a little because i think part of them were worried about you, you groceries or what you might of boy in the united states, legally the new didn't you bring about guns when jesse a lot of the moment a we saw that for us. so when we made the journey from the us into mexico, on a busy thursday night on the mexican side of the border, there were no passport controls. we saw no boot officers and just to customs officials checking the long lines of cars were already for were in mexico.
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would you say that the police have really focused in trying to stop what you're doing or not really for handles in a way. and i know that again, well, you may say again on the or loves it man or committee with them or not because you're part of the quick meal and you know, but i mean federal law and we are no good. no one in 4000 is that foreign minister must abroad to said that the guns from the us, the most flooring issue and the government as plans to strengthen border security. we asked for an interview with him amex coach customs agency to discuss those buddha security plans. we didn't hear back. meanwhile, weapons continue to flow across what type of guns do you bring back? usually? air quiz. but i was going to start out with my unit or they're just
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a little better. what they seen as well is a lot of eric is going to, i mean, he said there's a lot, lot of latin america, simple as an avalon like they have you ever had problems with the mexican authorities or the mexican police for what you do to, to the new for them to the gym and not all will know the lesser matter. so what happened that would come in a group go only and look better when when you be back in, but love, i'm a need to make on as it how would it affect your business? if suddenly the buddha got close to guns and you couldn't smuggle them in from the u. s anymore. he said i love and elegant randall with a problem that they didn't know bad the while you pins. ok. so you know what i
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thought about the warehouse, could you get them from now in this sort of quantity? not all of them. if i think was all my time, anita is my father k. get it back to mexico in a moment. it's got a record, murder, right, lots of violence. do you think the and if guns weren't readily available, if they couldn't come over the border from the united states that would lower the murder rate in the country that would stop some of the violence pins. ok. dollars in dim book work a lot in because i didn't in the scene, i am, i don't know much at the level of la la, but many of the weapons to pass through this stash house destined for the similar cartels gunman. we met one of them at a hotel, him
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a colleague. his job is to protect the cartels contain and other us it and kill its enemies. he says he was there on the 17th of october when met can so just capture the son of a chapel of video clues, man and coolie can only for the cartels gunman to force them to give him up. joe, rest by the day is post coffee. there is a big jump. it was a humiliation for the mexican government and another potent sign of sinaloa cartels power yet that awful. but i got a bill in a lot from soon as we did a little bit, but on us,
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hopefully i'm different than boy affordable gone out the sooner the better, whatever it is that on the border board, which i was a out of my la la city for to get in, and i said, of course, as they cannot settle, cast up any young woman that i'm going to put i consequences, he didn't get by what sort of what sort of weapons, what sort of guns do you and the people that work with you use someone, let us pause for him, blow out for like, know what and what and they seeing will be and they are just gotta be single mom and i so so much i'm a lot of those are not you were looking several miles out. yep. i wonder them into the input. i've deleted the people who are most me in the in the middle got on,
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but at the boat that i was going to get it was whether the guns come from william in to 1000 in the, near the new you. so sometimes get weapons from the police or the military seat. i mean, as far as the sort of idea, but the watch can though, and i in the phone. i mean i'm, i'm was at the book and got him in love but ends up with a little bit of a c, y, t m. and that's allow me that if you disarm them and you take their own by the full 70 ok let of pallet, i mean, does it sometimes also happen? we've heard the police in the army not officially, but also officers or soldiers, also sell their homes, sometimes to organized crime. c, as in kimball. well, i can go as mano could play muscle,
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could be entropy. got them as part of what i was getting to know them when i got a bill to be put and he says unit from me and say, come graphically, itemize the condo in the me. so let me move on anything that would be cool on payment on a condo, and so as to whether you buy as much to say, yes, i live on these. i don't know my modem, which always in the or they call me. so nathan, arlene, which i was a no, no man dental oil. and this is going from a few years ago. but i mean, when the, when i, when i mean in clear, come with what happened that time. when most of the people there in on the side of the cartel with american guns and seek out of the both boys, how to do love the all those was, it was and now mom, our current, the burn, this confrontation between because tell him the government in calia can that
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would've happened if the lower cartel hadn't had this easy access to weapons no sooner. oh that, oh no. he says he's, he's, he's a point in mother. he's in the middle of my name was i don't know, we're mostly used when mentally are mom, so you know what the value of the animal cc invoice i'm on a was it but it with the vision. see no, he says, i don't know what the, what the a woman boy can see it a lot of the files and you see it, he's up to see where i can pick out how many people have you killed with, with your weapon here. like when there was, he says he'll come behind, are we talking about tens of people or hundreds of people to have an idea of space
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feet by that space. and given that a lot of people would say, including the mexican government, a big, powerful to blame here at these weapons arising from the united states. would you so subscribe to that? would you take the responsibility to the desk you've caused just for yourself? no, you can possibly i will not be political out of them are being yours. so you him out in the me give us the dodge and then i guess it was a good guess it will give but i'll get or when i left, but it's all been. ready before lucky cheryl might be voted to get it but many innocent people are also being killed in the crossfire. this burnt out call was a wakeup call to the neighboring united states. this is for the record needa and for my grandchildren or bert shut up. 3 women and
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6 children were killed. last october, all of them jewel american, a mexican citizens. american made bullets were found at the scene, and the guns were probably made in the states to that story made headlines worldwide. but similar stories have happened all over mexico for years. 6 murders a day on average, were recorded into one a last year. it's just over the buddha from san diego in southern california. met can say the cities full of us guns. ah, yvonne's husband is one of many shot dead leading her to bring up full year old michele and 10 year old danny alone. then a like for she only hearing one more last of giving you my love and granule is there in a normal battle,
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natalie. and we'll see the, i don't know how we will see a way or some mean freedom of suffolk. the money for going on mika is saying that all the me in the money was going to some of whom to say some of the sun, if you don't get that high low, the whole saw last is say in those is for someone a to me i mean for those like it was a little boy you how do you think your story and the story of your family might have been different without this influx? have guns coming from the you estimates for your go, where are you further in the border to either myself as you know though, in marcia, where am i feel? so seeing my sales guy seen where put us on this up, but a feel for you to think when that is in your day though. so,
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but i learned graphically, i'm a little that was a study i'm going to pass will get relevant. they will, we are no, no, no, no, we haven't. one of the notice on know last is it possible but begun the killed him came from the u. s. c. part of a post. all of our most little self needle influences fleming element was kind of all the i don't really communicate to say about like if i will not really gun he'll, you know, not the, the say will not already kind of bring them also thought of moving in the yeah, i'm us, you get all that in a is unusual to see people carry guns here. me what your persona, diana. melissa. while he is persona that i am i. yeah. please says have you got us in the us and left a message for the person in
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a d n a there for you guys as well? not him. what happened when you tried to follow up with the authorities for that? yeah, i think i'll get a little see me in the 50 then the employee, the bill in the near all his brothers when we lateral meant the no no no going to want to live near only going to lay guff normally sit them in football and he said well, he does, but again, not a good way. no says on. i can probably, i mean, no matter spell your thing. i want to say that, but i me, but i me see cursing phone system been for me say well, the day on the bass. but in the middle of the here is what happened to your husband . an isolated case here or the more guns in the neighborhood, more people getting killed by mafia nichol castle. yeah. okay. we'll do momentum. the audio the door says the audio from where you from one to so i last
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saw the audio, the hello mean really for me was the noise a and they will miss barnett being the employee and process not for you guys could seem to live because on the msl of guzzles but isn't, is good. ok again, 232 solomon day. those 32 part out. but i could be in, in his much yellow my field that are holding hands of mexico state attorney responsible for t, one told out jesse or the staff wants to deal with the daily murders. but they're overwhelmed or another for a month because get the normal 2nd buckle for nick on fiscal year has kept and it was moved around that bulk of the scholars. anton says north can also get on that that all of us on a put his have a 10 most and back alley for them. yeah. and there was pretty metal what is on the,
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when they got a pathos, expedient, this part of his can phone says that amazon prime a deal and one of the areas that they say he handles that as he info 6 p. the in this for a fee schedule, he says that men can drug cartels, which have long relied on buyers in the us to get their weapons for them. and now using different tactics on a in different this part of that in the 1000 meals lake element they call, but i'm in part of last month law schools and i make equally a killer solomon in a 1000 needles. no 2nd problem. water. my 2nd part of this a does this all matter my last equal sign, the contract handle, i can make equal a middle you can your display on the particles case. a company will not allow others to people. go not clocks on what single p s s on focus, e s k is impossible for us and already can us out of muslim equal cars mostly for
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and part of this. and so, so neil's this method i suppose to buy the guns in different parts and then to assemble them and met craig to avoid detection is something new. because before we'd heard about stroll, buyers buying guns and then those guns been smuggled over. but this, this, this method of buying guns in different parts is that something new that we're saying she is a long way. i will say, well, now, on your medical, but i got into some of it in particular, in joker champ, i was in the local museum, is that people the case a and some love a recording. i mean, even though, said she to a muslim, come you lose the one you may, you an employer, the animals and they love me, she's the one. why is it that they're doing things in this new way? joker ok if a must fussing pork one person up later on at the end and so she knows come prone up. yes. are you not a new control while you keys still? and tom says yo playdoh compound and also the out of my son,
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a 1000 niels seems better measles in england. he's through he and not a part of this 1000. 0 boy, a compressed canyon does is going and then there was another south, adams and wellness, another kid him and not the name of mine that other a 3 or a lot of my work. and he said here, not that i know metal not really not know you and i'm and there are the difficult sir parts of guns bought in the us and then assembled and met the scope of the crossing, the poorest buddha. what impact would it have on the homicide right here in p one or if suddenly became a lot more difficult to get guns over the border from the u. s. to mexico. joe crocker. she to we don't impacts impacts. so more importantly, a just away and who knows a 1000 or poorly couple to meet that i was hoping which was i knew you meant to call it a or me seals and squalid a lot delinquent. this for us,
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i don't want to get into it or more as well. now for mom we 5 less out of most glad. okay, so my question that i'm an article muslim you see use we've been crossing over the border from the us to mexico and it's the see of cause with maybe just one person from customer, just checking all of that. it's very, very easy to get across. and there's not a lot of checks on that. how does that affect the job that you're trying to do and keep the murder rate at down here because it seems like you could just get across a gun very, very easily. put him in to see can that will no problem. i was told a story comment, maybe she'll get a lot to the at the may, he could get his out of network in particular data was working with the side of the news and says, she's the only factor to be
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a month. so i was just sort of erica for the forensic, it'll get to the old a can be our la foreman can make or if he be us will be he done this. yes. was purpose going nationalist as i don't can be on with more radical can get the soonest. if i have no immediate answer inside to the dilemma facing mich can lord postman agencies in combating weapons truck king from the us? they tighten up the border and reach damaging business and tourism. will it remain business as usual? ah, me. the in 2011 al jazeera gains rare access to the young gang film
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academy, and some of north korea's brightest young stars. ah, what did it take to serve a national propaganda machine? ah, a compelling portrait of the privileged lives of the countries elite, rewind, north korea. cinema of treme analogy 0. the virus is indiscriminate. get those living in poverty far more vulnerable to the dangers of covert 19 ollie re examined the reasons for this disparity. the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought dos whether lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change because of the effect that can all hail the locked down, expose a privilege and poverty during a crisis on a jesse, on august 12, bambi or go to the post in what to proving the hotly contested election at the
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country, grappled with economic trouble, and in a code 19 day with al serra, the latest update, an in depth analysis of what the future may hold for the country in each and every one of us has got a responsibility to change our patients for the better the more we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, who is incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituency assembly here and getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say the reason this is really important service that they provide the city we say we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to
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deal with people who left behind me. ah another 3 provincial capital fall as the bond advance intensifies in afghan. ah time sammy say that this is al jazeera alive from the hall. so coming up was 5 rage for a 6 say on brief, the 2nd largest island devouring forest sand encroaching on more home.


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