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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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after agreeing a deal with passenger men, former barcelona football star wave to the fans. they had gathered to greet him at the ball. he made the journey from spain with his wife and 3 children being reported, he's agreed a 2 year deal with an option to extend to 2024. ah, if you did get around them now at the top stories, the governor of new york state, andrew cuomo has just resigned. in the past 20 minutes, he had been under intense pressure after the state attorney general alleged he had sexually harassed multiple women call denies the charges, but as apologized for offending his accuses. and i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let the government get back to governing. and therefore that's what i'll do. because i work for you
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and doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you. because as we say, it's not about me. it's about way with ask and talks on the way here and how the taliban has captured is 7th regional capital since friday. in the province of thought, the u. s. envoy, the ref canister is holding those talks with tyler bond representatives. wildfires are continuing to ravage lance parts of the greek island of area. why fight is on now into the 8th day of baffling the flames. it is the most severe of hundreds of flies which have scorched large areas of the country. efficient 2nd, there is people call the rule. baldwin have approved a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill. it is the largest investment in the country's roads, bridges, and railways, and decades. that vote comes off the months of negotiation between democrats and
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republicans. you and as hell, the briefing on to me am on nationals have been arrested on charges of plotting to kill me. animals, un ambassador joe mo turner was appointed by the post civilian government. as openly criticize the military jones since had ceased power in february, the military responded saying it has nothing to do with it, but they are demanding his removal. a chinese court has rejected an appeal by canadian man sentence to death on drug smuggling charges. robert schellenberg was given a 15 year jail term in 2018, but he was re census to death. 2 months later, prince prince andrew is being sued in the us for alleged sexual abuse. virginia euphrates says the prince assaulted her when she was 17. those, all the headlines were back with more after football rebels. me.
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ah ah, ah, i'm going to get some people. a month on the docks in the community. i don't want you to buy this. you bought it, divide by the i don't give me the
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the full bonded by going up him to but it was, it was on to you know, the candelabra. i hope and i gather yugoslavia another a young professor with the phone when he saw no buzz each ah, in other terms cold bed and live and love this us too much. can
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i be able to do justice. schekman dollar, cosmetic. she was very bus, a goose, it love you. religion. salty crib. your bus given year knocked your new book with me. but you know, meek godsa could only do reveal it order from now to get the bill for and
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grab it out. will commercial dollars for the throne or close same year, shall you don? grab the bag. rog, soni cauffron. it's recorded on miti by deval. since it has been the shows who can click on what he's your as you days the slot, you can use me to not lose auto docs. could be technically if you still some facility issues that in the model. don't know v fucker to get into his cause. poly says this isn't on the, on the bhaskar seizures to ma, soccer field since you get it denise, if you would. the g o. s. u m m, you spoke the whole, i mean just florida. all i think that out for you. yeah. the whole, you know,
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because you know, there are, they will because for them to move when they didn't, you need to only keep us. let me put you in a little early to see sit down. tell him who should i quote this from connected and he connected a bill in it but it was he can he had a book to put him on to me and i guess it was he said he will be off until they dont group group you to with the or the, the new different dynamical to do the mobile via glue decrease the general dollar
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the or the operator or foot on, you know, you don't quizzical body when i was, i need this years because, i mean i'm under this house, i was putting, gotta supposed to hold for the doctor a couple of our a nissan yet. oh need some will go out. so don't non off on be
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a funnel with your cars particularly look, see, all of you all know well and it's not funny valley. can you from this point to thought amy on, on me, on a few to the with them was that would they want the the you know be some because i have no control of the family cuz he's only got the got the critic also in the really on the for
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a little bit of leverage. dr. taken with me stuff. gotcha. that's, that's different. yeah. okay. love to follow up with us about it is you want to put you on a much different way that you love about this tool is john to kills. who failed again on i flew she comalla just do the 2nd. i see this on the the, the news
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you moved men, new laptop. how's the id on them and you spoke, but she just say is, can you say no, you know, you can use it is any days to you to defer? did all of the counselors kill one part? no, no, no. it neely, if you dissipated, acquitted you the local police. he doesn't have the ultimate, what are the next thought it up, all of them, not for not of any from a go on a meter to get class. i calculated it more than i
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was comfortable. i mean, if you think of it or look at the school was done for more than in the get walkers on the think on inches, i wanted to tie down know him cool. thought said i looked in the truck. i dies on porters more. dr. was odd, but i could see if it's in the truck or below me are quite a dealer with dollar duct and i'll call over there are there. yeah. see i'm going to buy the little they're not the right. the wiley
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all the bill. i'm, you know, i was on a lot or other lou law. your truck was call a civilian c knutson. i'll here for about a mostly federal bill because i had not when you live in new york, tell me sound like the may call me the note need you to in or out. it took us, you know, mom, none of the shifted every 2 of them and i thought that job would could do, said requests on the phone said they call up whatnot. danika that
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the reduced him squabble a matter if it was you know what might have see me quit my office. i was over there actually a gordon or? yes. what? yes. believe last look coming guess for him? i'm not going to see marie cuts where you coach now for you. we're not going to ask for that. yeah, because we'll need other people off. it obviously are
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not trying to pull us. i don't get training will be local that will nick or nibble on. when are you on the table? they will booker. here. this will be brad nathan. he left on the stucco, highly palo arching palazzo plaza, the site booklet, but i feel not unique idea of the chinese a lot here. and i thought why i thought too long. yeah. to call to support the golf course. the very nice luck that
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was table for me, you know, you know, figure out just the small deal. talk the my similar, i'm all with the team and up in the finance and we throw bro photo car guys out there in a promotional try tomorrow. all 5 most get out of yes tomorrow is because we need to go farther than i do. a lot of that about for the neighbors that i get. this is a 20, not only us dollars with us, it's the support. it's all it, all of his fun story about the because it doesn't go, the tickets will be recorded. because when he was only genuine, i spoke to me with the similar show that the list, remember the smith sits hello the, the me, the, you know, some of the get i will call the finished on the phone with actually because those
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are which the book today and, and get the contract. it is up to the final 15. does anybody with us to this? i don't know if a study be really awkward boots on the to team up the media as of yet configure them. we're just trying to cover the need. you're going to support that nikki beach in thought and what he end coxa panache that you posted to dr. you. you would also pro probably yes a little to no scope. are they only though that you some of the just reported sort of dominant. so on the front area to clean them with an obstacle to the next to it is all like who put together a nitrogen and more than a single hub talk before he did, he can she did it by lizards. said if there's any sort of the some able to
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fiddle here in tandem. repub luna? miss me? maryan in a promotion may live 1000006 countries in port type where it minister 1414. 0 no, no. it still is as soon as picked. i'm a lot of big illness. you'll be bustle marshal. the low people of course, knew says he was at the middle isn't typical me and a zoo was okay. big mom. when will he come up? she'll feel vis
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anything for this. hello, the go not to bother you for sports going around with team 13. what's my me me my money vetch. notch and cock, or that are going to fit the energy. so gets a little volume that you or the young are small. if they don't have chloe at be on. yes. see, go know me yesterday. yes. but check up a think i did. i don't need to read the doc with the all of it live. there's 0. you guys are you that while
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while you're on the was on the budget stuff very much. the prod you recall most according to put it put together those on was us not to all the all i like to be a is a model to the carlos. well leo leo, oh they meet then as he gets a night and he yet not the year kneecamp positive and love need to write in no need for be lost or they're
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not not on the phone what's all right, what's that quote the bill of peach road to the last one or more every single if you're almost always on i will quit and i said, is it in the me or is part of me for
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building for the getting wireless. oh, this will call you faith because of the see this is louis louis. ivy and boy are yeah, body running and i delivery all in all with our counselors in the course. i'm not going to talk it off with the new the not really early on and even difficult to get various values on the
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on the phone with all of them. because i wanted to see why my, the, on the side i was on the, on the one you don't even to was tell us the notion of, you know, rena. they can unlock yard super. the
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one is doing a full bar backlash. new new for the bottle in the game tonight, but i really none of nicki person nickel, pull the weather up though. just for millionaire. a post ski skipper, or stephanie thought with terry corbett and everything with neighbors in that. not, not a little nice if it's a lot less than a not a tiny thing or he was few either or they can off it out or walk with the port. they're just like him and they will stay below the
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a who they, you know, a deal for all of the some cars i was just possible career seen as no go for the lawyer. i mean, some police party boy, that was a lot nicer post or the sunday night or no, he's for night through the news
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because it won't matter, quoting oh, no, not in the, on the face of the back of the on top of the i bought a many bill sets on my eyes are that i felt like look out for the for the money. yes. we may. you have it clear as an e mail me already said it came out to quit quote in the team. they kicked it in us. yes, i did all of the choir, cool. the you cry,
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topo, sport. he see only crucible by his part to me. clear? mean, do they talk to me? i was also going to continue as well. somebody and was the guest john come can tell it to gummy. sy, evil gotcha saw evil when i when a military coup over through chiles, marxist president, one stadiums became prisoners and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. one man publicly refused to accept the dictatorship episode for a football rebels. explore the life of carlos casale,
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the football whose personal story swayed a vote, but altered the history of his country. carlos casserly and the demise of a n day on al jazeera. mm ah frank assessments were it was a game freedom, surprising informed opinions what you saw happening in market there was there was also petune is the critical debate here. it's not between any other group. we are confident here that 4 years re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera,
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my name's a place where this is the can truly call. busy it home, people, groups, thing you know, wanted me to ones you know, you'll enjoy money when i do a 1000000000 and is just for the prize. is my name here? yes. yes. where we know my nigerian on i'll deserves who's the health of humanity. is it the stake? a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across the board as to speed up the development of tests, treatments and the vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the
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ground in the ward and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h. making a healthy a world for you everyone. ah, ah, another set back for the afghan government, the top on capture, it's 8 provincial capital since friday. and emergency talks in the heart to stop the violence in afghanistan ended for the day. we'll have a live up thing a lot haven't speak of this is just a live also coming up.


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